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MCO — Martinique
Sep 23 — Sep 301
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 9/23
Thu 9/30
There are travel restrictions to Martinique.Learn more
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Low season

FebruaryBest time to beat the crowds with an average 2% drop in price.

High season

JulyMost popular time to fly with an average 6% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$732(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$686or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Martinique

  • Book at least 6 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Martinique is May.

FAQs - booking Martinique flights

  • Most visitors from Orlando need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter Martinique. Entry to Martinique for unvaccinated travelers are allowed provided that they have compelling reasons (personal or family reason; emergency health reason; and/or professional reason that cannot be postponed).
    Details of entry can be found here.
    Read more about travel restrictions for Martinique

  • Visitors from Orlando will need to quarantine for 7 days upon entering Martinique.

  • Visitors from Orlando must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken before departing to Martinique.

  • Current regulations for vaccinated travelers to Martinique: most visitors from Orlando may enter Martinique but may still need to provide proof of negative COVID test.

  • Health Declaration

  • Masks: Required in public spaces, enclosed environments and public transportation.

    Restaurants: Closed

    Bars: Closed

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Top airline flying Orlando to Martinique

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Air CanadaOverall score based on 24841 reviews

Cons: Being near the back of the plane we missed out on all the food options except for the chicken wrap which was horrible. You ran out of everything else.

Pros: It was too hot in the airplane, and we were sweating. No leg room, no screens, I asked for water and didn't get

Pros: We arrived safely
Cons: Flight was 3 hours late. Crew was disorganized & inefficient. Announcements were repetive & not helpful. Waited 2-1/2 hours on plane before departure because crew was terribly ineffective boarding passengers that were re-routed from another flight. No weather or mechanical issues, bad decisions.

Cons: 7 flight delays, over 1 hr 20 min to board, poor service, reboot entertainment system 4 times

Pros: Very convenient, good schedules, pretty much on time.

Cons: the poor Air Canada Rouge employee boarding the passengers from the gate was alone but it was hard to see her working so hard. There should have been 2 employees there as it was very busy and many had to wait. I had wheelchair assistance and was left at the wrong exit for my shuttle and had to walk quite a distance, which took me a very long time, and therefore added over an hour to my travel home.

Pros: The flight itself was ok.
Cons: The flight was delayed, and still late, I missed my pick up and had to get home by taxi. It was raining when we arrive, and they was no taxi available at we were standing outside the terminal in the cold.

Pros: Crew was friendly. Plane appeared clean.
Cons: Flight was delayed twice. Luggage was delayed coming off the plane. I assume it was weather related. One piece of our luggage was damaged. Not able to connect to entertainment app.

Cons: Flight back was OK but flight to Orlando was not. Travelling with s 94 yr old man in a wheelchair. Everything at Pearson is not conduscent to travel with a handicapped person. Poor layout, poor assistance, non caring people, long distances,, and final straw was air canada started boarding without calling for handicapped first. We had to stop them and then fight our way up the aisle with people all in the way. Terrible, just lousey. 3 and a half hours before flight we arrived and didn't even have a chance to get some lunch before flight. I give Toronto and air Canada the worst possible rating of any airport or airline I've ever dealt with. John O"Hearn

Pros: I was not given a seat assignment on an early 6:30am flight but was given a first class seat...that was a bonus because I was travelling with my dog so I had ample space.

Pros: Flight actually left Orlando early once all passengers were on board

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Almost missed my flight because an Air Canada representative insisted I could not use my visa debit card for the luggage fee. I then tried to pay cash, but he said that he didn't accept Canadian currency, so I would have to use the ATM to withdraw American cash. I did, and the fees were ridiculous. Then, he didn't have change to break the 40$ i withdrew into his $25 fee. I proceeded to follow him as he walked around for twenty minutes asking random people at the airport if they had change for a twenty. It was very embarrassing and stressful, as I already was in tears from saying goodbye to my partner. Boarding the plane wasn't a problem, but getting on a plane in Orlando, Florida with the air conditioner broken with a plane of 300+ was outrageous. It felt like a sauna in the airplane and the kids were screaming in discomfort, something a 20-something like myself wanted to do as well but had the control not to. It's a shame because we used Air Canada a lot to travel back and forth to visit each other, but with this last trip we will no longer be using this airline and will shop for alternatives who are worth the price of admission.

Cons: Difficult to cancel flight. Could not do on line and when I called I went through a menu that said that no one was available and to call back later. Didn’t even state what later meant. Subsequently ended up not canceling in advance since very little ability to call back once into work day.

Pros: Boarding was a smooth and easy process and crew was pleasant.
Cons: I'm only 5'2" rouge is advertised as comfort and the seats felt slightly cramped. Not sure how someone taller could be comfortable.

Pros: The crew was professional and friendly.
Cons: The return flight to Orlando was just shy of 2 hours delayed. It was delayed 30 minutes prior to boarding. Then we sat on the plane, at the gate for over an hour. The plane was absolutely filthy. There was food on the seats, on the floor, smears on the window. It was disgusting and I could not wait to get if that plane. I will not be choosing air Canada in the future.

Cons: Threat , people stoll my staff

Pros: Everything was great. Smooth, comfortable ride. I felt well taken care of

Pros: A great flight!

Pros: Not much.
Cons: They only had two people at the counter to check in passengers for two flights that took off fifteen minutes apart. they closed the ticketing/ checkin counter downstairs an hour before the flight was scheduled to take off. the same people moved up stairs to work the counter at the gate. it took us an hour and ten minutes to get check our bags. Once we got to our destination, only one of two bags was with us. the airline won't even deliver the missing bag to us. they will only get it to the destination airport if they can find it.

Cons: Boarding always seems a bit of a jumble. Everyone stands around for what seems like an age. They announce zones 1 and 2, then people with children, then everyone else, but we are all standing around and then trying to queue for a long time.

Cons: x

Cons: Paying for checked luggage. You should include that in the ticket price for ease of getting through check in. Plus there was not alot of wickets open during the check in period causing a mass buildup of flyers.

Pros: Service, entertainment and comfort were the best features about flying first class when we had actually bought a regular fare ticket!

Pros: Streaming movies
Cons: Pretty much everything. From boarding late, rudeness of crew, tight space of seats, no airvents etc. 1hour late as well.

Pros: Service was great. Food menu has improved greatly.

Cons: My daughter has a peanut and nut allergie and air canada still serves them on a plane. I found 2 nuts in my seat ..I had to wipe down my seat as well as my daughters

Pros: The in-flight staff were friendly.
Cons: We avoid Air Canada and after this flight that will continue. First, they wanted $400 for the return trip to guarantee that my wife and I sit together. To guarantee that we sit together and that it would be safe for her 28in femurs it would be $800. Then the Orlando leg of our trip was delayed by two hours, guaranteeing that we would miss our connecting flight. They would not make arrangements prior to departure, nor would they respond to any enquiries from any of the passengers about their connecting flight arrangements. On arrival in Toronto, as we pulled up to the gate, they announced that they had found alternate connections for all but 4 passengers that we would get more information outside. There was nobody at the gate. There was noone at customs. We did not know if we had a connecting flight, or if we had to pick-up our luggage. Nobody from Air Canada gave us any information. We asked security at baggage if we should go on to connecting flights or wait for luggage and were only informed that once we leave the baggage area we couldn't return. When we got to the terminal entrance for connecting flights, we were told (by security) that we could not enter without a new boarding pass. THEY directed us to the line for Air Canada (no indication if we were in the right line, but other people in the line were in the same situation. We finally got to the counter and were informed that we were on the last flight of the night and given boarding passes. Thank heavens that my credit card has priority pass membership. Delays happen. The way Air Canada handles it turned a minor annoyance into a maximum-stress situation. We already avoid Air Canada because they took away almost 50,000 travel miles for not flying for one year. We will work even harder to avoid them in the future.

Cons: No food options, only beverages. Checked luggage is extra. It's a shame we're constantly losing services with flights but the costs remain the same.

Cons: Late boarding again with Air Canada.

Pros: Delayed and still on time overall great experience

Pros: Better than driving 19.5 hours home comfort wise but much more expensive for 4 people. Would have driven if our stay was more than 10 days.
Cons: - Overhead storage was occupied by someone else sitting in a seat rows away so I had to store my carry on under the seat in front of me reducing my leg room even more than the cramped seat.

Pros: Crew met all the neccessary requirements at check-in counter and in- flight..
Cons: Seating was not comfortable and didn't want to pay extra to secure the appropriate seating.. Ihave travelled with Air Canada Jumbo jet in the past and found it was much better...

Pros: Departure was right on time. Arrival was right on time
Cons: Flight was a bit bouncy! Only got a free drink, no free snacks like pretzels or something.

Pros: Not certain the type of aircraft used for the flight from Orlando to Toronto, but it had more leg room and more comfortable seats that the flight to Orlando which was on an Airbus. The seats were a wee bit wider and the extra few inches of leg room made the difference between a completely unbearable flight and one that was "poor." (See comments about the crowding and heat.)
Cons: We were returning after a cruise, spent part of the day on a shore excursion before being dropped off at the airport 5 hours before our flight. There was no rep at the check-in counter until 3 hours before the flight which meant we had to sit in the terminal for two hours. If they could have had one rep on duty to check in early arrivals, we could have proceeded through security and spent time in the MCO Lounge which would have been more comfortable than the terminal. Once their check-in counter opened it took about 2 hours to clear that and security. Once on board the sold out flight, we were told it was too cold in the front of the plane; while in the back it was baking. For a flight departing Florida, I would expect the airline to have A/C running before we boarded.

Pros: Take off was on time. Boarding was orderly and the flight an landing were smooth,
Cons: The closeness of the seats was unpleasant. For an early morning flight a cup of coffee or juice is not enough. a few crackers would have been welcome, especially since the stores open a little later.

Pros: No snacks but love flying with Air Canada. Hope it continues.
Cons: Have to bring my own snack.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: Everyone was very pleasurable

Pros: good communication from pilots on delays. Good boarding process.
Cons: Light didn't work, food not available on menu, beer was warm. charged incorrectly for trio meal. flight was a little late

Pros: Almost everything about the flight. Easy check-in. Didn't loose my bag which is always a great thing.
Cons: The new app entertainment for Air Canada wasn't really explained by the crew but so I just doozed off.

Pros: Crew's smiles and helpful
Cons: Very small seats

Pros: The plane was a large one so it makes my trip comfortable with my 2 years and 2 months baby
Cons: it seems to be expensive to pay full ticket price for a 2 years and 2 months baby in addition to 1 small bag for the 2 of us.

Pros: Nice crew, complimentary drink during flight, I only brought carry-on bags so I didn't have to worry about tracking down any lost luggage, but I didn't hear about anyone else on my flight having a problem with their bags so eh.
Cons: There isn't much space between rows on air canada planes. I'm only 5'6" and it felt a little too close for comfort

Pros: Flight crew was friendly.
Cons: Horrible smelly crampy cloth seats, awful food, they don't offer complementary wine and beer for international flights like other carriers, no tvs in the headrest. The flight crew works slower then I have ever observed in my over 200 flights. Took them 1hr 40min to serve what they called "dinner", Delta and others knocks it out in 30!!! And don't get thirsty, You'll die of dehydration before you get a drop of water. They treat ice like its gold. 2 cubes for each drink. If u ask for more u get one more cube. Lol. It was just a horrible experience! I will never fly Air Canada again.

Cons: The fight itself was fine. Not great. Not terrible. But the airline lost my son's suitcase and has been entirely unhelpful ever since then. Now we have been stuck in a foreign country without clothes and toiletries for 36 hours and Air Canada's "helpline" has been anything but helpful. They can not find any information on the location of the suitcase and hope that they will find it in another 48 hours. Rediculous!! I will never fly them again and suggest that you save your money, effort and vacation by flying with another airline.

Pros: We eventually got here...6 hours late
Cons: Bottom line is that they appear to NOT service their planes well and Captain made poor decisions. Only flight on the board listed as "delayed" on a sunny cloudless day in Orlando. Never a raindrop and instead of leaving at noon, we left at six. 1. Took them 45 minutes to change a tire on the nose. 2. According to captain " a strange item was beside his cockpit seat and that took an hour. I assume he didn't recognize his empty Oreo box. How do you allow someone to drop a strange box in the cockpit. 3. Taxi out and a switch won't work. Sit there for 45 minutes. "We were able to reset it." Go 100 yards. Stop. "Need to do another reset." Doesn't work. Takes corporate 30 minutes to decide what to do. Return to terminal for maintenance on phantom problem. 4. Sit at terminal for a couple hours. No one allowed off. Beverages are all warm. Crew serves warm water and crappy sugar-bomb pretzels. Passengers get sick. Won't let anyone off. 5. Finally gets in the air. Crew has nothing but snacks; no real food. Beverages are warm. 6. EVERYONE misses connections.

Cons: We had a short time between flights. Custom wasn't to bad but having to get through security again was a mess. The security guard at first location told us the floor above was moving faster and had more doors. We were in a hurry and changed lines and the other was worse we walked up to gate right in time.

Cons: One of the bags came after 5 days as it was not loaded on our departure flight. What was worse, we were unable to get any information. Each time we called we were given conflicting information.

Cons: Trying to take off twice and warning lights came on. We had to sit in the plane for an extra 1.5hrs and an additional hour in the terminal. Third time was a charm

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Orlando to Martinique

Airlines flying from Orlando to Martinique have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Orlando to Martinique

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Orlando to Martinique

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Orlando to Martinique

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Orlando to Martinique

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Orlando to Martinique

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