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How long does a flight from Pensacola to Upper Bogue North Eleuthera take?
An average nonstop flight takes 22h 08m, covering a distance of 727 miles.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Pensacola to Upper Bogue North Eleuthera?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Silver Airways ($902)
Do I need a passport to fly between Pensacola and Upper Bogue North Eleuthera?

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Upper Bogue
Fri, Feb 9
22h 08m
Tue, Feb 13
20h 39m
Trip: 5 days
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Overall 6.6 Good
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Excellent 10.0

On time

Mediocre 2.0

This was the rudest and most unprofessional airline staff I have ever worked with in my life. I personally watched the lady at the gate check-in desk straight up lie to a passenger who she didn’t like personally. This passenger was late for boarding by 2-3 minutes (yet still 10 minutes before scheduled take off), and when he arrived at the gate the Silver Airways employee informed him that he would not be allowed to load since the door had already shut and the engines were already running. From my seat though, I could clearly see that the engines were completely still and not yet started. When I noticed this, I started paying closer attention. After pleading with the Silver employee in a civil manner, he began to become agitated with the lack of help he was getting. It was the day after Christmas, and the man was just trying to fly home to his family. The plane was still sitting at the gate, but the Silver employee said (in a very rude fashion) there was nothing she could do except change him to a later flight. 15 minutes go by, and the plane finally starts to back out of the gate. The man who had just missed his flight decided to take the Silver employee up on her offer to switch to the later flight, but when he asked, she looked at her computer and said there was no more space available on the later flight. Disappointed and annoyed, the man left the terminal completely frustrated because she had just offered him a later flight that didn’t have any room left. Or at least that’s what she told him. 2 Minutes later, another man approached the gate desk with the same problem, he missed the same flight. This time though, when she looked up the same exact later flight, it all of a sudden had plenty of space. She even asked the man whether he would prefer an exit row or a window seat. I was left completely dumbfounded. This employee had just told the previous man it was full, and now she was printing a boarding pass for this guy. It was obvious that she liked this man more than the last guy, and that’s why she was able to “help”. This makes me absolutely disgusted with Silver Airlines character and integrity. I will never fly Silver again, and I hope all who read this take my advise.

Mediocre 2.0

Customer service was horrible

Mediocre 2.0

Silver provided $10 meal voucher and overnight stay at Hampton Inn when flight was cancelled due to a maintenance issue with the plane. Agents were helpful and efficient in processing re-booking arrangements.

Flight didn't happen...maintenance issue with plane. Re-booked on Delta the next morning.

Excellent 10.0

Departed on time...arrived ahead of schedule. Great flight crew.

Pensacola to Upper Bogue North Eleuthera Flight Information

Flights Arrive in Upper Bogue North Eleuthera
Flights Depart from Pensacola
Flight Price $902
Distance 727 miles
Airlines Silver Airways
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