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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Qatar AirwaysOverall score based on 11092 reviews

Pros: Crew professional. Clean. Safety and security and health prioritized.
Cons: food could have been better.

Pros: Crew was amazing

Pros: So welcoming and so caring
Cons: Food

Pros: Yes

Pros: Breakfast was good; the first meal was average

Pros: Crew was excellent. Really helpful people.
Cons: Seats are so tight and close to each other.

Pros: Everything normal as expected on an economy class nothing special.
Cons: Firstly If the meals we pre booked were actually given to us. Secondly what’s the point of giving menus to coustomer to choose their meal when food availability is limited. Don’t set false expectations to your customer when you can’t deliver on them.

Pros: Quality aircrafts and entertainment.
Cons: Service and helpfulness of attendants.

Pros: It was an ok experience, improved by the head of attendants at the end
Cons: Service was poor at the beginning, but improved to Qatar service as I complained to the supervisor of the attendants Julia

Pros: Attentive crew, good menu
Cons: Providing in-ear noise-canceling headphones instead of the typical around ear noise-canceling headphones

Pros: Many movies (entertainment) I got front seat with leg space (comfort)
Cons: Some water dripped from the ceiling on flight 736 Doha to Montreal, seat 37a. I am usually hungry on long flights and would have liked more food.

Pros: We received friendly attitudes with lots of soft drinks. Upstairs in the airbus was good as my seat was near the emergency door, where I had room for my long legs. I was given aisle seats on both return flights so I could move about more. The meals were lovely. The airbus was good for peace & quiet from crying children.
Cons: I had left an expensive style of neck/travel pillow i left in my Perth rental car but wasn’t supported to pick it up. I had to arrange for the car rental firm to post it. We had over 3/4 hr to fly. We were boarding. It’s a shame there wasn’t a quick way of getting my pillow to me without customs bureaucracy. It was a simple mistake. A toilet was blocked and temporarily unavailable. Some passengers were taking a long time and queues were building at different times.

Cons: Houston airport qatar airways check in office has 4 counters and 2 were for people who electronically checked in and they were only a few and other 2 counters were for the huge line. Need more counters. Doha airport has majority of Indian national personell at check in and luggage checkins. They have to learn some manners and be polite with people. Rudeness is a turn off passengers who are tired

Pros: Smoth flight

Pros: Stuff is Fantastic, food is delicious, a lot of leg room, got to love Qatar Airways. No wonder they’re number one.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew and comfort of the flying ship is excellent.
Cons: No one stopped several children from screaming almost the entire flight. I’m thinking they need to put all families with children younger than 8 behind a partition. HAHA!! Just kidding. But that was very frustrating.

Pros: The groynd services in US and Doha are excellent and quick. The check in process in India is very slow
Cons: Our first time traveling on Qatar. Will definitely love to travel again if the fares are reasonable.

Pros: US airlines should model Qatar. New plans with exceeding long courtious staff who are happy to make your flight as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
Cons: The food was actually very good, nothing was an extra charge and the flight attendants were wonderful. US airlines should really do a better job!

Pros: Great service
Cons: Food was average

Pros: All around great airline. Comfortable for super long flights and completely accommodating.

Pros: Flight was good n easy

Cons: Great service. Courteous staff. Professional and well groomed crew unlike some US carriers. Decent beverage and food offerings in biz. Badly outdated IFE system.

Pros: Excellent flight , seats, food

Pros: Fantastic. Crew was the best part! Very accommodating and nice. Looking forward to my next flight with them.

Pros: The lack of passengers on this flight gave me an amazing amount of room. Really makes the flights enjoyable when I can spread out.
Cons: The food could use some work. The quantities are perfect. But the quality is definitely lacking

Cons: Same as above

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Such an uncomfortable flight. Poorly organized, was a total chaos. Will never fly Qatar again!

Pros: Much better than the flight from Mumbai to Doha. The crew was attentive.
Cons: Meals could have been better. The good didn't compare to business class on other airlines.

Cons: Good

Pros: Food was good for once
Cons: They said they would fix the sound on my sons t.v. but that never happened so we had to swap seats and one of us didn't have any onboard entertainment although we asked about it 4 times

Pros: First time I got ice cream on a plane
Cons: Low calorie meals were horrible.

Pros: Everythinగ
Cons: Nil

Cons: Didnt have food My mother has diabetes and she had one meal in her 14 hr flight Unacceptable

Pros: The was very hospitalty
Cons: Every thing was amazing

Pros: 'Low cal meal for you?' Sorry embarrassing. Nothing low cal really bread butter potato corn thing ... kinda gross, just ate rice which is not low cal. Still waiting for my luggage ... driver will now have waited over an hour... sorry ...

Pros: Good legroom with respect to others airlines.. the plane is clean.. multiple bathroom so no long waits Dinner was tasty.. however the breakfast was not.
Cons: Cheap headphones will not isolate sound from airplane engine for such an expensive entertainment

Pros: Plane was perfect
Cons: Transit was just tedious very long line , had to wait for along time. The crew have very strong accent which makes difficult to understand them, but they are very nice and helpful

Pros: The food and service was great
Cons: The bathroom could be cleaner :)

Pros: Punctuality
Cons: Food quality - lot's of sugar in child meal. Entertainment system slow. We were forced to move the seats into upright position half an hour before landling on a night flight.

Pros: The food and entertainment systems were good. The staff on the plane were pleasant.

Pros: the flight was very comfortable . the movies were very good.

Pros: One of the best flights in the past 5 years! 5 gold star service!
Cons: Wonderful friendly and helpful crew and check in staff. Excellent food and service. On time departure and arrival. Help with bags during the check in process.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Was forced to purchase a return ticket or was not allowed to board the plane. Had to pay 850.00 dollars. In process of requesting a refund.

Pros: Everything

Pros: 2 bag checks allowed and being giv n th option to check in an additional carry on at no charge.
Cons: Boarding was hodge-podge. Seats are way too close together for a long haul...person's tray in front of me was in my face the entire trip and she didn't bother inclining throughout so had to eat my meals like a contortionist. Cramming more seats into a finite space seems to be what all airlines are doing these days. This of us whom are above average in height are forced to insure a more painful and uncomfortable flight as a result.

Cons: Food choices could be better.

Pros: ***You're asking me about a flight that hasn't happened yet. I'm rating my flight FROM LOS ANGELES TO DOHA, 10/23/2016, here: Flight attendants were very good, helpful, gracious. For a long flight the restrooms stayed clean.
Cons: The food was over cooked, and lacked freshness. I had to have the same meal twice because they ran out of the omelettes. Next time I will try Emirates.

Pros: The attitude of the staff

Pros: First of all I have taken Qatar airways to Europe and US HOVER when it comes to Third world like Asia and Africa the send thier most dirty broken airline!!in thialand the pressure was not right according to pilot we stayed on the run way 4 HOURS offered water wrf.? No one communicated with US I think your airline is typical Arab mentality unless you are white I. E American you don't give a shot about your costumers this is the second arb line I droped I will never take ur plane ever!! When I got to Doha all they did was through stupid voucher for food missed my flight no apology rude as staff disgusted y their behaviour and lack of care missed imprtant meetings NEVER AGAIN RACIST AIRLINE TREAT WHITES WITH RESPECT IT NOT BLACK'?? REALLY WELL I I'LL TAKE MY MONEY AWAY THEN I will make Co viols decision to never fly with u
Cons: Everything racist disgustinget and never will take this airline nasty dirty broke down twice stayed in the plane for 4 hrs no one apologised

Cons: Passengers were not always putting masks on and for unnecessary reasons

Pros: Good selection of movies. Lights changing color on ceiling through the flight
Cons: Need more water service throughout the flight!! So dehydrated! Couldn't get up and disturb my seatmate, but really needed more water!

Cons: Great flight back to the UK, flight crew were very pleasant and attentive.

Pros: Everything

Pros: Seats were comfortable

Cons: Kids food. Chairs weren't comfortable until I reclined it back. Felt like I was bending forward when in the upright position.

Cons: The seat recliners didn't work for 3 of our seats. The buttons were so hard and were not functional. 2 of the crew members were NOT welcoming while others were. Not expected from Emirates.

Pros: Entertainment was awesome. Lots of new movies
Cons: Flight was 1 hr delay and we missed our connection flight. That was the most frustrating from the trip. Crew and aircraft was okay nothing special like I expected.

Pros: Of the enormous amount of entertainment available, even I found something to keep me occupied.
Cons: Perhaps boarding.

Pros: Crew was amazing really .. best crew you may have... sear very comfort, the ICE is very amusing

Cons: Emirates didn't allow me to get onto the plane with my 7 lb carry on because of weight issues in the plane. After bargaining few minutes, they were not convinced and only let me get onto the plane with my backpack.

Pros: Fabulous flight and trip to Australia

Cons: seat was ok staff are very rude food was poor and cold on first flight

Pros: The plane left on time, the ride was smooth and journey felt safe throughout its entirety. I enjoyed the flexibility of the seats; the quality of the cutlery, duvet, headphones and the matteress provided. The ICE is a brilliant entertainment system; giving an array of films to watch and games to play. The cabin crew were polite, friendly and helpful, and gave an excellent service as one would expect from travelling business.
Cons: The interior of the 777-300 was outdated, especially knowing that 777's have gone through an interior overhaul, so I was unfortunate to not be on of those refurbished planes. The food and the Virgin Mojito was not the best as I did expect it to better considering this was a business class. And the ICE tablet and its remote is not the most userfriendly nor responsive to use, as it does get a bit fiddly.

Cons: No one answered on telephone offered for flight change nor got answer on my mail that i send asking for further instructions to change a flight date.

Pros: Entertainment and great inflight staff service.
Cons: Food needs a bit more innovation.

Pros: The crew was both friendly and attentive. I was satisfied with their interest.
Cons: I found the boarding experience in Dubai to be quite tedious. We were shuffled around here and there and getting on the plane itself was tough.

Pros: The food and entertainment on board was the best I’ve ever experienced on a flight.
Cons: The headset didn’t work properly so had to listen to music and movies through half the earphones.

Pros: On board crew personable and trying to do a good job. No one on the ground seems to have a clue.
Cons: Boarding is shambolic - no signs, no announcements, no disciplined queuing system. Business class sears old-fashioned, not horizontal, uncomfortable. Impossible to get to first class lounge until the Emirates desk opens (we had a 5-hour wait before we could go to security as we couldn’t go through until the desk opened to take checked luggage. They appear unfamiliar with boarding passes on the phone - wanted paper ones.

Pros: Air vents over seat, excellent entertainment and good food, comfortable seat. this route doesn’t seem to be too full for the long Hall flight
Cons: No foot rest - limited ability to upgrade. Bit noisy down the back but not to bad with noise cancelling headphones.

Pros: Onboard comfort and entertainment system
Cons: Boarding from Dhaka in business is worst than economy class from most location. There were mosquitos in the plane, food quality was not thrilling and crew was caring but needs a little more experience for business class.

Pros: Food and beverage choices were excellent!
Cons: Boarding at JFK was delayed a lot and not properly handled. I was in Business class, still there was no information about what would happen when. Onboard, the TV (ICE) and internet were struggling to keep up with user demand. Did not load or connect sometimes. Different crew members had same standard answer - try later. While sleeping in Business class, I was woken up twice by a rude crew member (Velma Ndubi). She even refused to tell me her name because she did not want me to complain. Her attitude ruined the flight for me.

Pros: Good service, great crew, comfortable seat and pitch.
Cons: The food was mediocre compared to usual standards.

Pros: Nice new Boeing 737 with great movie choices.
Cons: Boarding in Phuket was late and disorganized. The walk from arrival gate to baggage claim was over 1 km. Meal service ran out of chicken (but had vegetarian).

Pros: Crew was extremely accommodating and friendly.
Cons: Too cramped- very uncomfortable.

Pros: Emirates is an airline that knows how to pay attention to the details. Amazing airline.
Cons: The ground few in Phuket - specifically the check-in desk did not uphold the standards of Emirates. I felt like I was too much of a bother for them.

Pros: I liked the boarding process. And the food this time wasn't bad.
Cons: The crews have just been ok. There were maybe 2 that went above and beyond but the others are just ok. There is nothing outstanding about the service.

Pros: Nothing at all
Cons: Flighet delay

Cons: Flight was 15 hours long. Vegetarian food is not provided. We were unable to select food options online before boarding.

Pros: Good entertainment
Cons: Stawardess took too long to collect trays after we had least two hours.

Pros: After my request for vegan was apparently not put through, the crew bent over backward to find food for me - even giving up one of the crew members vegetarian meals. They even made the effort to notify the next leg of my trip (even tho that effort failed.)
Cons: My request for vegan food was lost.

Pros: Everything
Cons: I like everything

Cons: Bad experience my mother 73 years old and pre booked wheel chair but not provided in Dubai Air port while transferring time and also misguided us very short distance for walk. she faced lot of trouble to walk .

Pros: Loved the in-flight entertainment options. The food was excellent. They managed my gluten free options with ease and everything was delicious. The attendants were extremely pleasant and helpful.
Cons: I paid for the higher wifi bandwidth, but the service was spotty and some websites/social media wouldn't load. Even some texts wouldn't send. I wish there was more legroom between the seats for such a long flight. But the value for the overseas flight was still quite good.

Cons: Baggage collection slow still waiting

Pros: Reservation and boarding process are good. The condition of the aircraft is excellent. Onboard service is also good.
Cons: The taste of food served was far below standard. I had hard time eating their food. Emirates used to serve better food in the past but in recent time the quality has worsen.

Pros: Emirates doesn't fail! Great service!
Cons: On a long flight to Australia- the crew can occasionally tidy up the bathrooms

Cons: More varieties of veg food should be introduced. Seats have a bit of less leg space No wifi

Pros: The plane was nice. Boarding process was quick. Food and entertainment were great.

Pros: The team was fantastic. Always willing to help.
Cons: The flight was delayed and the announcements were not made to keep us informed. There was some chaos involved once the gates were open. This has to be addressed.

Cons: I didn't appreciate the service on board. It was slow and not as professional as usual. The crew seemed too young to know better. They only served water once which isthe #1 thing you should keep offering on a long flight like mine. I also didn't appreciate overhearing staff gossiping about other passengers.

Pros: Intertainment,
Cons: India to dubai had poor Intertainment system

Pros: Granted I was tired after being in transit for 24 hours, but this final of 4 long-haul flights was a real bummer compared to the other flights. Boeing 777 packed to 100% capacity.
Cons: Really cramped and squished compared to other flights. Toilets at DXB were filthy (I searched around for the cleanest, which was still disgusting), with the cleaning attendant standing around in the restroom doing nothing. Duty Free shops really expensive compared to European airports. Meal on board (breakfast) was really terrible (and that taking into account that airline breakfast is always bad), really the worst I've ever had on a plane, even the Croissant was chewy and very dry. Emirates has become a massive sausage machine people-mover. It has loss its finesse and exceptional service.

Cons: Business class was beyond amazing

Pros: The boarding was good, I needed a wheelchair as I had a heel problem , this service was very well done, the staff were helpful and obliging on the flight
Cons: The food was disgusting, I chose to have gluten free, the breakfast was the worse food I have ever eaten, the eggs were like rubber to eat, the fish was the same and the chips were grey and soggy with saturated stale oil, the bread roll was stale, as a result I didn't eat the breakfast and the main meal wasn't much better, I feel if the food was much more simple , fresh , and the fruit ripe instead of green , the meal would have been more appealing .

Cons: Inflight Entertainment System completely dead. Was offered a piece of chocolate from biz class. Haha.

Pros: Attentive staff

Cons: The plane was very messy and not well kept throughout the flight. The fight attendants expressed levels of frustration with passengers as if we were bothering them. Me and the the passenger next to me lost picture during a movie that were watching and had to have our monitors reset.

Pros: Great cabin staff. Ground staff was very helpful with my seat changes. I will fly Emirates again.

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Service was average aND the temperature unbearable

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