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UIO — Colorado
Feb 16 — Feb 231
1 adult
0 bags
Wed 2/16
Wed 2/23

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DeltaOverall score based on 30284 reviews
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We flew First Class to LA from Denver on the Delta-branded contract airline - Sky West. On the way back, we flew First Class on a Delta Airlines owned jet, and the experience was so much better. The flights should have been comparable; but unfortunately cost-cutting by Sky West was evident.

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We flew First Class to LA from Denver on the Delta-branded contract airline - Sky West. On the way back, we flew First Class on a Delta Airlines owned jet, and the experience was so much better. The flights should have been comparable; but unfortunately cost-cutting by Sky West was evident.

Cons: "Wouldn’t change a thing! I don’t always fly! But when I do!! I fly delta!!"
Cons: "For options none. No drink carts at all. Had coffee once after I asked. Poor quality entertainment. Just a huge waste of money."
Cons: "The main economy seats were far too narrow."
Pros: "I always have a consistently good experience on Delta. Everything was great."
Cons: "My flight was delayed almost 3 hours. Not good. Once in the air it was fine."
Pros: "Everything ok. I was hoping to buy food but glad to see almonds as one of the free snacks. Delta seems to be upping its game a bit lately."
Cons: "No US carrier seems able to master smooth boarding without standing waits."
Cons: "1.5 hour reason given!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and completely packed so our family could not get seats together"
Pros: "Love the fact that the head rests move to support your head better."
Pros: "The seat was great, I wish all seats on the plane were that comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing, everyone was great"
Pros: "The male crew member was excellent. He was responsive and speedy with trying to find a solution. He gave me a few flyer miles for my trouble and was empathetic, which is rare."
Cons: "The tv/monitor didn’t work so there wasn’t any entertainment for the majority of the flight."
Pros: "The crew was great and super nice!"
Cons: "Screens with games, more leg room, and not having kids behind us messing with tray tables the whole flight."
Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "I am 6' 1" tall and weigh 220, so not out of the ordinary and I felt like I was stuffed into a sardine can."
Pros: "Not comfortable a little but scary on the flight to Detroit. Way better coming back to Denver"
Cons: "Better screens for in-flight movies. More legroom or upgrade options."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Boarding at JFK.Always messy"
Pros: "Good entertainment selection and great crew"
Cons: "Seats are more uncomfortable relative to other airlines"
Cons: "First delay notification: 1 hour 20 minutes 1 hour later, Second delay notification: 3 hours 15 minutes 2 hours later: Third delay notification: 3 hour 50 minutes Fourth delay notification: 4 hours 25 minutes Fifth delay notification: 4 hour 32 minutes No explanation for reason. Last time flying Delta."
Pros: "Early and middle seat was open!"
Cons: "Coffee tasted like fish. :("
Pros: "Delta cramps people into these planes and forces you to put your bags under a seat because they stuff at the overhead spaces. They nickel and dime you for every single thing. There was even one person I saw who had to pay for his headphones to listen to the onboard entertainment. I think Delta should quit being so cheap with the profits they make and give it back to your flying customers. It borders on gouging."
Cons: "Delta cramps people into these planes and forces you to put your bags under a seat because they stuff at the overhead spaces. They nickel and dime you for every single thing. There was even one person I saw who had to pay for his headphones to listen to the onboard entertainment. I think Delta should quit being so cheap with the profits they make and give it back to your flying customers. It borders on gouging."
Pros: "Entertainment choices were excellent, many new movies available, so I was able to see movies is been meaning to watch. There were drinks available."
Cons: "The air vents barely trickle out any air anymore. No relief to be had. Airline crews say hi and goodbye but that doesn't make them friendly."
Pros: "The crew on the airplane was great. We had 2.5 hours turbulences but the crew started to give out drinks as soon they got the ok from the pilot"
Cons: "We went in LGA to the Baggage drop off and the employee there was super rude. On the flight to New York with Delta we had to check our carry ons at the gate because it wasn't enough room for bags in the we asked when we checked our one suitcase if we can/should check our carry ons to avoid having to do it at the gate. The delta employee told me sure no problem. He checks in my one suitcase I purchased gives me the tracking paper and says ok have a good flight. I asked him so what is with our carry ons and he told us that that would cost 25$ and we can't check those in at the drop off?!?We ended up taking the carry ons with to the gate and then off course there wasn't enough room on the airplane that we had to check it in. And surprise it was free?? We had never issues with Lufthansa, icelandair etc. with checking our bags at drop off to not needing to carry it around and than still end up to check it at the airplane. Every airline has been more than happy that we volunteer to check our bags that they don't have the trouble at the gate."
Pros: "We boarded close to on time, no hassles. Allowed my husband and me (retired military) to board early, thank you."
Cons: "LAX security is awful. We never left the airport (arrived LAX from Sydney AU) yet were forced thru security again. Had to remove shoes, was scanned and "frisked" by TSA to get to Denver. To go to Australia, Denver TSA waived the removal of shoes, skipped the scan for the metal detector and no one touched me, ditto for LAX on the trip to Sydney. Where's the uniformity or standards for TSA?? Why did I have to be subjected to this garbage on the way home?? This is why I despise flying. It makes no sense to me. This ruined what was a great vacation."
Pros: "Not much. Boarding by "zone" works ok, but is no quicker than most other boarding methods."
Cons: "Boeing 767-400ER seats had no leg room for 6'+ traveller like me. The entertainment system was so old that there were no 115v outlets or USB ports. On a 7-hour flight, that is a significant problem for travellers today with multiple electronic devices. Finally, we were not told in advance that we had to go through security twice and through US Customs BEFORE leaving Dublin. So, the 6-hour layover at JFK was a complete waste of our time as we did not have to go through Customs there."
Cons: "Very little leg room."
Pros: "JFK to Denver the flight Attendants were once again great. Lots of entertainment choices again. The usual rough air coming into DIA."
Cons: "From JFK to Denver the seats were to close for leg room by an inch or two. The temperature was hot most of the flight."
Pros: "Love the built in tv’s with free entertainment."
Cons: "The plane got delayed on the runway and the shut the engines off so the plane got super hot, but even after we got up in the air it never cooled down. Normally I’m freezing on flights, but I just sat sweating this whole flight. It was terrible."
Pros: "The seats had plenty of leg room and the crew was was very kind."
Cons: "My seat was uncomfortable and I was seated in the only row of the aircraft without entertainment for a four hour flight. Then on top of that the passenger next to me removed his shoes and you could smell his feet from a mile away but the flight attendants never requested for him to replace his shoes."
Pros: "The staff really helped me out getting on standby so that I didn't have to wait for a 9 hour layover. Overall great experience and great staff."
Pros: "Excellent piloting and cabin crew."
Pros: "It got me home, eventually."
Cons: "Poor communication, a 6 hour delay followed by a 7 hour layover (during which we had to sleep on an airport floor because Delta couldn't offer us any hotel vouchers). Gate agents disappeared after 7pm becuase they were due to be done with their shifts when our flight was originally supposed to leave at 6 pm. It felt like we were trapped in the movie The Terminal. Oh! And our bag was misrouted, because that was just how things went those 2 days. All in all a 6 hour trip turned into 18 hours. I could have driven home in that amount of time!"
Cons: "My daughter was stuck in SLC for 5 hours because there 1 cancelled flight and 1 delayed flight. It was very upsetting not knowing when she going to arrive in Denver."
Pros: "App is good and convenient to use."
Cons: "The app went down just as we were getting ready to board and luckily i had a printed pass and it took some extra time to check in."
Cons: "We left late, it was delayed then maintenance issues. Twice. Seating was very tight and uncomfortable, no movies or entertainment at all. U.S. flights are the worst. Even on short flights with aeromexico outside the U.S. you get movies and food. Zero stars for comfort, food and entertainment."
Pros: "Crew was all very nice"
Cons: "Flying is always uncomfortable"
Pros: "When deplaning in Denver, I was impressed that the captain was the staff who got behind my wheelchair and offered to push me up the walkway :)... New aircraft, kind staff, shorty flight!"
Cons: "Nothing disappointed, butt i didn't have any good besides pretzels."
Cons: "Excellent service excellent pilot"
Pros: "Overall, the flight was very smooth and I thought the crew did a great job."
Cons: "I know this is a federal regulation, but I have to mention it as it is part of the boarding process. For the life of me, I can't understand why it is necessary to go through security again after re-entering the country. Understandable that I have to go through customs, but going through security again is ridiculous."
Pros: "Free in flight entertainment"
Cons: "One of my bags went to Santa Fe"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "This is my third flight this year with Delta and every time we wait for the "crew" to get off from another flight. And as soon as they get there we can board. It's getting very annoying. Fix it."
Cons: "I'm tired of Delta making it IMPOSSIBLE to experience benefits of my loyalty. I flew literally AROUND the world in the past 6 months and it STILL doesn't qualify me for anything more than Silver elite? Seriously? When you use a voucher because of their error to lower your ticket price, but still pay cash for it, why does that then automatically exclude you from upgrades? Poor customer loyalty, in fact, non-existent these days."
Cons: "long wait and delayed flight"
Pros: "Delta gave me a free rum. It helped. We arrived on time. Thank you."
Cons: "I am not sure why, but this was one of the most chaotic boardings I have ever witnessed in all my years of flying. 5 hours in a middle seat that did not recline. Need I say more? Cold tasteless chicken sandwich a a stale muffin for breakfast."
Pros: "WiFi, good flight attendants"
Cons: "Would like to see Direct TV along with Delta Suite so can watch live TV"
Pros: "One male attendant from the first class cabin - super sweet and attentive to our needs even tho we're not seating in the premium cabin"
Cons: "Junior attendants in economy comfort seat - so lazy and whiny!"
Pros: "From the Ground crew to the Flight crew, you can feel the genuine care and thoughtfulness of everyone! They even remember you, if you fly often enough, and let you know how much they appreciate your business."
Pros: "plane had individual movies for free with each seat!"
Cons: "I've only experienced delayed flights with Delta ... and this was no exception. It wasn't weather-related, nor a late flight delivering a plane - just no ground crew to service the plane between flights."
Pros: "nice snack"

I missed my flight waiting for PCR results. I was hoping that a circumstantial accommodation could be made to help me get into the flight, as I was trying to get to the gate a little over an hour before the flight was scheduled to take off, but I wasn’t allowed. I do understand it’s atypical, but it could’ve been possible for someone to help me get to the gate with a little over 30 minutes to spare…not easy, but not impossible.

Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Ticket agents were friendly knowledgeable and helpful"
Pros: "The crew was kind. Movies were available, as well as a charging port for phones."
Cons: "We were prohibited from bringing water onto the airplane. However, this didn't seam to apply to all water bottles. My empty plastic water bottle had to be discarded, however, my friend's 32oz metal water bottle with water in it was allowed on the plane. She was able to get her water bottle filled during the flight, but my water bottle was tossed by the staff prior to the flight. How does this make sense? This was a 7 hour flight during which only 3 times were we given a small cup of water. That is crazy! Airplanes make you feel so dehydrated, and three small cups of water is not enough for 7 hours, that is absurd. Please, just like all other airlines and flights, allow people to purchase or fill their water bottles (regardless of the material of the bottle) prior to the flight so that they can remain comfortable."
Pros: "Crew was great, boarding was relatively easy and smooth. Seemed to be enough overhead storage."
Cons: "Seats are super small, as are meals. 2 bathrooms for 100 passengers. If you have an older aerobus be prepared for shared screens and tops 1 movie in a 4.5hr flight. Could use more beverages."
Pros: "Onntime and very goid service"
Cons: "Panamá boarding room"
Pros: "Good crew. Very responsive to requests."
Pros: "The crew was amazing."
Cons: "Temperature control could be better so we don’t all freeze."
Pros: "Very good crew."
Cons: "Baggage slow"
Pros: "In time, friendly crew."
Cons: "Entertainment options are limited."
Cons: "The mini TV screens are hard to see if you're seated very far back. And it's also hard to see the mini screens if other people have their window shades opened, so the personal screens for longer flights seem like a better alternative."
Pros: "Crew was nice, seat was comfortable, food was good"
Cons: "Going through security again at the gate was tedious and I couldn't bring my water on the plane"
Pros: "Crew was great seat was v comfortable but good choices were not good .and the entertainment system was v mediocre .make sure u download something to watch on your phone prior to the flight .also u can pre-order vegetarian meals"
Cons: "food choices and entertainment could have been better"
Pros: "Realmente contento con el servicio del crew de Copa.recomiendo"
Cons: "Recomiendo usar Copa para todos los viajes hacia sur America......gracias."
Pros: "Honestly nothing."
Cons: "Poor boarding process with no water or bathroom available after security at gate. Flight attendants were lazy. Did not provide drinks until 2 hours into the flight or good service. Additionally, did not tell kids playing on iPads with volume full blast to use headphones during take off and landing."
Cons: "The problem was some other travelers. A family traveling with 2 one of them a toddler. The family arbitrarily changed there own seats which created problems when the rightful passengers arrived. The toddler was unusually fussy and cried a lot. Not COPA's fault but bothersome non the less."
Cons: "More entertainment options"
Pros: "I was in need of a wheelchair, but seems like nobody cares. I could not go to the restroom, because the disorganization of the wheelchairs transportation. Almost lost my connection!"
Cons: "They need to be more organized and be more efficient with our disable necessities."
Pros: "Getting off"
Cons: "The crew should be bilingual, not leaving an hour late and avoiding being the 6th plane to take off"
Cons: "I didn’t know I need an app downloaded ahead of the flight in order to watch movies. They did not have seatback screens on this flight"
Pros: "Very good ride,thank you.Good attention from staff"
Pros: "Let me think..."
Cons: "I called Copa Airlines and the person on the phone told me they had NO online checkin. She told me I had to drive to the airport (SFO - 60 minutes from my home) to check in!!! Poor information. Bad food. Smells awful, cheap. Poor wine. Don't serve anything rather than bad food. They seem rather disorganized. Captain and copilot were okay. They landed the plane."
Pros: "Unhurried and happy flight attendants who care about my comfort."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "-Nice breakfast snack after takeoff -More legroom than most coach seats -Efficient crew"
Cons: "De-planing could use some improvement. People who do pre- boarding due to disability or who have small children slow down the process of others trying to get off the plane."
Cons: "Once again the plane was delayed, thank God this time I made it to my connection."
Cons: "same issue"
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Pros: "Plenty of seating in waiting area. Good seat good flight"
Cons: "Seats didn’t recline but I managed to sleep the first hour anyway"
Pros: "I liked how accommodating the staff was with seating for my family, as I was traveling with two young children and we weren't seated together. There was more leg room than most other domestic air travel companies I have been on. There was no upgrade charge for every little thing, such as blankets, pillows, etc. We were fed on each flight, and alcoholic beverages were at no additional charge. The exit tax to leave Costa Rica was included in our ticket, which I was not aware of until I was leaving the country. (nice surprise). Over all, most other airline companies in the USA have made changes that improve their bottom line, but they have completely ruined any favorable aspect of traveling with their airline (American Airlines, Frontier, Southwest, Delta, etc). Copa has done a great job of providing great service and cost for travelers. Please do not change your business strategy by removing some of the above mentioned benefits I enjoyed in order to improve your profit margin. It is refreshing to know there are still air carriers out there that retain the service that is hoped for by most travelers. Also, Roxana and her entire flight crew were outstanding. Thank you , I will fly with you anytime I have the chance."
Pros: "Love the legroom. Crew is friendly. Cabin is clean."
Cons: "Food is not good. Bring your own snacks and enjoy the legroom on the plane"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and attentive."
Cons: "The seats are terrible! On a long flight (5+ hours), I would expect lay-flat seats. These seats just reclined and had an elevated footrest. Not very adjustable. I probably would have been just as uncomfortable in coach."
Pros: "No stops"
Cons: "Food and that they didnt project any videos or offer airplugs to listen to music"
Pros: "Smooth flight. Extremely friendly crew."
Cons: "No complaints. Great service."
Cons: "My seat would not recline and when I mentioned this to the flight attendant, she said it was because it was an aisle seat. Safety was her reason. Other aisle seats I have had did recline. The result, was back pain. I have repeatedly tried to have my last two trips to Chile and Colombia register frequent flyer miles on Copa. I was not able to figuire out how to do this on the web site. When I asked for help at the Copa counter, I was told it can only be done on the web site. Fortunate, my recent trip to and from Ecuador did register frequent flyer miles."
Pros: "The food was great!"
Cons: "It had one movie and one show for the whole plane."
Cons: "Entire row was skipped over for food service"
Pros: "Overall good safe trip"
Cons: "Long trip"
Pros: "several meals offered"
Cons: "seemed disorganized and crowded at times"
Pros: "I got the lowest price for the dates I wanted with Copa, 2 checked bags, short layovers, and full meals on almost every leg. We had in flight entertainment, a very friendly, welcoming and attentive bilingual crew on all legs, and... basically everything I would want in a flight. My 84 year old grandmother who flies almost yearly said this was one of her best airline experiences"
Pros: "everything went well"
Pros: "I liked the quick processing, food, and entertainment"
Cons: "My Luggage was lost and sent to Medellin, Colombia, when u arrived to Quito, Ecuador."
Cons: "They took me to another city, Copa was suppose to pay for my transportation to my final destination and I have to pay 200 dollars from my pocket, traveling almost 24 hours"
Cons: "No organization and you should not sell more tickets than you can in an air plain. Just one persone attending the counters."
Pros: "The personal was constantly there to help you out with anything. Some of them could not be so serious all the time."
Cons: "There wasn't any type of entertainment, the magazine onboard could have a crosswords puzzles, sudoku, or any other type of game. One of the male flight attendant hit me while going thru the cabin and didn't apologize, in fact he didn't turn around to say sorry."
Pros: "They gave food."
Pros: "Customer service for COPA was marvelous. They even made sure our niece flying in from Texas sat with us and the boarding pass and luggage area were super people."
Pros: "Ver y good"
Pros: "The attention at the cointer ii was good."
Cons: "It needs to be more careful in checking the laggers when there are 2 passengers. My laggers were registed with my friend name and hers with my name. And my lagged was pick to be check but it has my friend's mane. So she went down for the chequing no problem,but be careful in the future"

Delayed flight, missed all my connections. They re-routed me on a 20 hr series of flights, charged me $230 for one extra bag, because of all the steps in the new flight that THEY set up because of THEIR delay. Absolutely unhelpful/unempathic counter help. This was easily one of my worst trip experiences, and I fly a lot.


American's movie selection is not great and the user interface for selecting a movie is really not easy to use.

Cons: "Too much to write down. Start at the counter and work yourself to the plane. I hope you get it right eventually, I’ll be flying Southwest"
Pros: "Can’t say that...crew was professional but lacking good service attitude.No smiles, Nothing special."
Cons: "Feed me"
Cons: "Less crowded."
Pros: "Crew was great, pilot was amazing through the rough turbulence. Thank you!"
Pros: "Nothing. You’re horrible."
Cons: "You could have been on time. You could be accountable. You ruined my wife’s 40th birthday by failing to fulfill you’re end of the deal."
Cons: "The flight was very good. The landing sounded rough with a lot of braking. Crew were really friendly. The food was expensive but fresh sandwich. Plane was beautiful. Lovely flight overall"
Cons: "No deberían cojerse los artículos personales de los pasajeros"
Pros: "Considering it was only a 2.5 hour flight, the snack was fairly good."
Cons: "To many delays."
Pros: "Ddd the pilot just start working for American Airline? Worst landing ever in many years of travel working for FAA! The guy need to get more training for sure."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable American airlines is the worst"
Cons: "I was asked to change seats. Glad I didn’t pay extra for my seat. All flights should include WiFi, and or entertainment, and better snack options. Flights out of and to Burlington are very expensive!"
Pros: "Flight attendant was beyond excellent, Yaniel, who smiled and greeted me helping me to my singular seat on the right side of the plane. He was very professional and kind, with a very well appearance and a fantastic attitude. He was quick with delivering my snack and coffee. Very pleased!!!! First flight attendant to ever make the trip as exceptional as possible. Thank you Yaniel very much."
Cons: "Unbelievable wait times at LGA. Late arrival of plane, extremely late departure at over an hour passed original departure time. Waste of money choosing that ticket and time frame when it was clearly not a concern of American Airlines that I was missing my rides, late getting to CMH etc."
Pros: "Great service and sweet attendants"
Cons: "Person next to me was a little large and it was uncomfortable."
Cons: "Delayed for mechanical."
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "More than 3 hour delay, entertainment system audio did not function and the flight path was set to Palm Beach instead of Orange County."
Pros: "I loved the attitude and helpful approach of the female flight attendant working the AA gate for the flight I took from DFW to COS last night (6/13). Truthfully, it was almost like I was back with Southwest. She was kind, calm, polite, efficient, and capable. Very rare in my experience with American Airlines yesterday. Interacting with her was refreshing."
Cons: "Getting home to Colorado Springs at 11:30 PM, taxiing for 15-20 minutes, and then waiting another 20-30 for checked luggage! Never have I waited that long during and after a Southwest flight! AA could truly learn something from their more modest counterpart. I have all but decided to resume my drives to Denver every other week rather than risk more and more time and poor experiences with AA flying in-and-out of Colorado Springs."
Pros: "I found the crew to be nice and friendly and the breakfast was good."
Cons: "It seems like American Airlines has lived up to its reputation. More seats in a plane and less comfort. On top of that, the entertainment system has not been upgraded since the 70's. TV monitors in the middle and everyone has to watch the same thing. Of course, the sound system did not work for one entire side of the plane so I could only watch the movie and not hear it. If you are not going to have individual monitors for each seat, allow your passengers to what from their mobil devises like almost all other airlines are doing."
Cons: "Food was terrible and the audio was broken for the entire plane and couldn't watch the movie they played on the flight."
Cons: "Still waiting to get to the terminal."
Pros: "Everyone was nice"
Cons: "No gluten free snacks. Flight was late"
Pros: "Good service . Timothy was excellent . Hostess ."
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "entertainment monitor for my seat did not work at all. also on all flights: I was not aware one needed one's own headphones to hear entertainment."
Pros: "Food, cleanliness"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "don’t know! didn’t get to phoenix because of plane issues"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and quick."
Cons: "My departure changed three times, The first change was an 82-minute delay, then a 2-hour delay, then a 30-minute delay. Overall, the final departure as only 30 minutes after my initially scheduled departure, but it caused a lot of frustration."
Pros: "Average. Expectation for US airlines are so low this flight score average."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Rickity old plane. Needs updates badly. No drink service options. Cash only bar? Hello, this is the 21st century calling the 20th... You can have your plane and payment methods beck."
Pros: "La organización para abordar y salir del avión es excelente. Muy buena atención de los empleados. Avión limpio y con opción para entretenimiento y cargar los equipos electrónicos. Muy buen vuelo."
Cons: "Nothing bad."
Pros: "I was in Business class and had some room to spread out."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by almost three hours. Crew provided NO service, but it was a late flight."
Pros: "I am happy to have made it to my final destination."
Cons: "This was a disappointing experience to say the very least. The boarding process in Quito was chaotic to say the least. The AA staff did not make an effort to maintain any kind of order. My husband and I are both enrolled in the AA frequent flyer program and had at least 6 people cut in front of us while on-line. When we finally approached the AA representative, Dayana Gómez, She was rude and not helpful. Our seats on the UIO-Dallas flight did not even recline. We sat completely upright for the duration of the 6 hour overnight night flight into Dallas."
Cons: "American refused to board me becouse LAN did not send the reservation to AA system. Flight was full and AA did not even talk with me about what to do. They just unloaded my bag allready checked to MIA.. After two hours standing at LAN counter they changed my flight to Lima and than to Miami. I came to Miami 12 hours late, very disappointed by this service. According to AA my ticket was never confirmed by the airline !! How can you sell it to customer ??"
Pros: "I liked that the internet connection was free because I am a T-Mobile customer."
Cons: "Boarding the plane was a bit clumsy. I felt like everyone was tripping over each other since the front of the plane was boarding first."
Pros: "We didn't crash."
Cons: "No safety briefing for infants, rude gate staff, primitive fleet, terrible customer service at all levels."
Pros: "The guy at the check in counter was awesome, even though his English wasn't great. He upgraded me to the exit row seats since my legs are long; usually you need to pay for this. The seats were huge and comfortable, though the arm rests didn't move, so you could stretch out (the flight wasn't that full)."
Cons: "One flight attendant was basically rude to everyone. She was so comically unfriendly that people on the plane were actually mocking her (for good reason). She refused to explain to us how the emergent slide worked. We asked because the visual instructions on the door were different from those in the seat back pamphlet. In fact, I still don't know which directions are the correct ones (they were contradictory)."
Pros: "plenty of leg room. very little turbulence. fight staff was very professional. staff was very responsive to assist me in finding my passport which I had left on the plane after I had left the plane and gotten to my connecting flight."
Cons: "I wasn't pleased with the snacks. I recommend changing to different snack options; perhaps fruit snacks or nuts."
Pros: "Staff was friendly and flight was timely."
Cons: "Bad smell on the plane and 20 minutes of turbulence."
Pros: "Personel attitude and excelent service"
Cons: "The 2 hours delay to deppart and the small room in seats."
Cons: "The touchscreen on the plane was awful, 10 touches to make it work at least."
Cons: "No food, no good entertainment"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and peofessional."
Cons: "Boarding and then 20 minutes later, deboarding, due to no crew showing up for flight! We had to wait over an hour to board again!!"
Pros: "The flight was on time, and the crew was friendly."
Cons: "The boarding was very disorganized and took a long time, and there was no silverware on board, which I needed."
Cons: "Everyone excellent"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "It took so long for me to leave this airport. I got there around 11:30pm and my flight wasn't till around 9:45am the next day and so when it came to that time they had cancelled my flight so I got another ticked for around 2pm and they didn't board that flight till around 4:30. My experience there was to much to handle. I was supposed to get to Colorado Friday night but didn't even get here time Saturday afternoon. Really upsetted me because I leave wednsday so I don't have enough time to be with my boyfriend. I honestly don't think I'll be flying American Airlines again"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice and the plane was on time."
Cons: "I tried to switch my flight to an earlier time. First, they charge $75 (Southwest is always free). Second, the gate agent charged me and let me board, but her boss came on the plane and pulled me off because I wasn't Executive Platinum status! The plane took off with an empty seat and I had to wait two more hours for the first flight. When I complained to AA about it, they sent me a $50 voucher. I don't plan on giving any business to AA for the rest of my life."

Flight attendant’s accent made her almost unintelligible during safety talk. Otherwise fine.

Pros: "He united crew in Chicago were awesome, they got us on a much quicker connection home! Great customer service"
Pros: "Flight was quick"
Cons: "better coffee"
Pros: "Entertainment options were very good."
Cons: "Basic economy rules are really poor especially for passengers that travel for business every day. On the one hand, the airline tells us we are very important to them by assigning us with special gold privileges and on the other tells us we are not important to them. It is confusing at best."
Pros: "Amazing amount of legroom! Very comfortable seating, even in economy."
Cons: "I would like to see passengers behave better. One lady pushed in at boarding and went ahead despite the checker telling her she was out of order, Another passenger used both underseat storage in front of him and under him so the person in back of him had no place to put things. Staff should try hard"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Cheap seats. And why were we not seated together when we booked way in advance?"
Pros: "Quick, not overcrowded"
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work when I paid for it"
Pros: "The plane was clean, the pilot and attendants were pleasant."
Cons: "Rules are rules. Yet, at least ten people brought on more than the designated one carry-on bag and purse. Flight attendants shouldn't have to deal with those poorly mannered passengers who think they deserve special treatment. Otherwise, it was all fine."
Pros: "Never made connection since first flight was deplaned"
Cons: "Never made it"
Pros: "Helpful staff and smooth flight. No connections or Hassels"
Cons: "Snacks"
Cons: "No movie without paying"
Pros: "Safe landing. Open seats."
Cons: "Late take off. No one to take my bag by the plane so it stayed on the ground and then they had to come in the plane to decide if each carry on stowed under was safe."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "They were very friendly and helpful to unapproved toddlers and while we waited on the tarmac for incrlemnt weather (not United’s fault)."
Cons: "I can't review this flight because the itinerary change and last minute cancellation of United Airlines' flights."
Pros: "organuzed boarding"
Cons: "Flight attendants and captain constantly talking at us. We need some quiet!"
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "Seating and maybe some different reading material"
Pros: "The staff and crew were great."
Cons: "I flew round trip to Bangkok from Chicago last year for $460. Why does one way from Fargo N.D. To Green Bay, WI cost $480?! My flight said it was late on the screen (6:40) but actually flew on time. I think a kid missed his flight because of it. My connecting flight in Chicago was way too tight because of a LONG delay waiting to unboard. Had to run, yes run through ORD to get to terminal 2 from 1 within minutes to catch my flight. It was too stressfu and expensive."
Cons: "I was in a window seat with my leg next to a vent that was pumping out extremely hot air the entire trip. I was told nothing could be done. They give $1k vouchers to passengers that move to later flights bc of oversold flights. What should I get?!"
Pros: "On time, crew was very friendly"
Cons: "Leg room not sufficient"
Pros: "Wi if!"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "No free meals"
Cons: "Very bumpy ride....but I realize that can't be helped"
Pros: "Generic regular flight"
Cons: "Pay for all entertainment and screen was hard to turn off. Didn't have optional flight tracker"
Pros: "Bigger jet, more room. I was able to keep my carry on with me in the over head bin. Friendly staff. Very clean cabin."
Pros: "Stroopwaffle!"
Cons: "Cramped plane. Not enough space. Late boarding and then sat on the tarmac for a while."
Pros: "Everything was on time. Had enough time to get breakfast before departing. The stroopwaffle is awesome."
Cons: "Very cramped plane. Very hot in the cabin. And veneration wasn't good, cabin smelled like farts. The bathroom door lock was broken and didn't close all the way either. Had to gate check my bag again."
Pros: "I had a terrible time flying from IAH to Pensacola with United. I was flying on Christmas Day and there were not enough employees from United to help the customers. One of United employees completely disregarded me when I needed help, and I ended up missing my flight."
Cons: "S"
Cons: "Cancelled and automatically booked with no option for a refund unless I waited seven hours in line at 1 AM. Ridiculous especially given demver's proximity to the springs. WEBSITE NEEDS A STREAMLINED REFUND OPTION FOR AUTOMATICALLY REBOOKED FLIGHTS."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled so I'm on stand by for who knows when"
Pros: "Both flights were early landing which was nice everything moved smoothly"
Cons: "I didn't have an assigned seat in the 22nd flight so when they called I asked about they said wait for ur flight to be called so I went and Sat back down til they called me by name so almost missed my flight because the communication with the staff needs improvements"
Pros: "I was too sick to wait in the airport between flights and my husband came up to Denver and picked. Me up."
Pros: "Speed and friendly staff"
Pros: "Flew on Delta Airlines"
Cons: "Had to run to Delta and barely made that connection."
Pros: "Updated interior. Those new seats make it feel like a lot more room."
Pros: "There was one really nice flight attendant but it looked like she had to do everything! I never saw the other person who was supposed to help her."
Cons: "We were stuck on the Tarmac when we arrived for an hour. They said it was because of lightning but the storm had passed in 20 minutes so for 40 minutes it was just raining. We had no idea what was going on."
Pros: "Larger plane, great comfort. Nice staff!"
Cons: "You have to pay for wifi, nothing to look at during flight."
Pros: "I had an empty row."
Cons: "Waiting for boarding an extra 30mins. Waiting for departure an extra 30mins. All after having my gates switched, and walking accros the concourse just to get to it."
Cons: "The 2 hour delay"
Pros: "I like that they waited for me before they took off"
Pros: "Great"
Pros: "Everything was perfect"
Pros: "I got a super cheap fare for this short flight from PHX to LAX. Staff was courteous and the flight went smoothly from start to finish."
Cons: "Was unable to figure out the free entertainment offered. Was a short flight so I didn't really worry about it."
Cons: "Boarding was 15-20 minutes late, no one at the counter. Bumpy flight due to turbulence due to weather."
Cons: "I specifically booked my trip based on a 6 HR travel time. Because I was re-routed, it tacked another 4 hrs onto my trip time. I could have driven to where I was going for a fraction of the cost. It's so frustrating to fly now a days, the massive crowds, grumpy airline workers and delayed flights. I'm going to start driving more... Sick of the hassle with commercial flights."
Pros: "Female pilot was the best I've ridden with"
Cons: "The delay was horrible."
Pros: "Nice flight"
Pros: "We left Chicago very late. The plane had not been fueled before boarding. We waited what seemed like an eternity. while the pilot apologized repeatedly it was still ridiculous to have to wait that long for the plane to be refueled when it should have been done before boarding."
Pros: "Was never in Chicago."
Cons: "Was never in Chicago but my stuff was."

Didn’t even get to use the flight because Spirit sucks ass.

See earlier remarks

Pros: "Yes"
Pros: "I liked getting off the plane and leaving those incompetent employees behind."
Cons: "First, I was charged an extra $55 for an overweight bag when I’d already paid $30 to check it in the first place. Then, every employee I encountered acted like a miserably underpaid two year old who was forced to be there. Slight advice: if you didn’t make the price of the flights so “cheap,” you wouldn’t have to overcharge for any and everything else related to the stupid flight. The incompetent, unpleasant employees just added insult to injury. THE worst airline I’ve ever had the displeasure of flying with."
Pros: "Price"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Spirit is the below cheep. The seats are bare basic do not lend back even a little. They advertise as the low rate fare, but by the time you add in the carry on luggage fee, I could have used a different carrier. They charge even for water $3.00 for tiny bottle. The planes rattle during take off and landing. I would only fly Spirit again if I had an emergency to get to and had no other choice. I would pay 50.00 for a better plane. They put two more rows of seats in their plane-cramped, cramped"
Pros: "I had very low expectations of Spirit Airlines... from their reputation and things I read online. But my family and I had a GREAT experience yesterday. Our bag check process went smoothly and the staff was very courteous. Everything went smoothly for boarding and my husband, my son and I all sat together in the same row. Everything couldn't have went smoother and i really wondered what all the fuss was about Spirit airlines??? We had a really great experience and would do it again. Can't beat the price, even if you pay to check a couple of bags ahead of time."
Cons: "Everything. Glee spirit one other time and completely regret it. Haven't flown with them in 4 years. I remember why now. Flight was originally cheaper but by the time you pay all of there fees to get on the plane you're not saving at all. And once on the plane everything costs a fortune so now you've spent even more. They are never on time in my experiences and don't feel the need to give the paying customers updates. After several hours of delays you get the pleasure of being absolutely crammed in their crappy aircraft. NEVER AGAIN!"
Pros: "The flights themselves were pretty easy and on time."
Cons: "We were traveling with a 2 year old and it was our first time purchasing him his own seat. We did tons of research to figure out the most efficient way to travel with our little guy and decided to bring his car seat on the plane since he travels so well in it. As long as there's a tag or some sort of label on the car seat stating that it is approved for air travel you can use it in a regular plane seat. The first boarding agent was completely unaware of this rule and acted like he was gonna make us check it at the gate. My husband insisted that he would not do that and that it was allowed, so the guy said "well you can try, but it's probably gonna get checked". Once we were on the plane, no one said another word. Feeling like pros by the time we were boarding our return flight home, we installed the car seat in the middle so we could sit on either side as we had on the way to our vacation. This time the flight attendants informed us that we had to install the car seat in the window as it could block the person sitting in the window seat from an easier escape in an emergency. Again, my husband explained that the person in the window seat would be me and that we had installed it in the middle on the way to our vacation, so she said "oh, okay then". Minutes later a second flight attendant came through telling us the same rule but enforced it. While I can appreciate their reason for the rule and the fact that they eventually enforced it, I was baffled at how many employees did not even know their own rules about car seat travel!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I did not like the fact that I paid my ticket 2months in advance, and when I got to the airport 2hrs early, I was told that I was late and the plane was already full. How can it be full when I had a two months reservation? It seems like they sell the same seat to more than 10 people and then they gamble on the first person to sit in it. How can a company that is run by a human being be so greedy? I have learned my lesson. There were 4 more people who the same problem as I. When I called Customer services, i was told that there is nothing that They could for me because they are not at the Airport with. I asked if they could put me in another flight and they refused saying that I have to buy another ticket. What I do not get is why Spirit is still in business? Someone warned me about them, but I thought that maybe it was that one time, but I was disappointed big time. My sister lost a baggage with spirit 2 years ago and they never helped. Spirits have lost me as Customer and I am sure that I will not be the only one. They make their tickets cheaper to lure people into buying them, then they still their money without even thinking about humanity. I had to buy another ticket and I am flying tomorrow. Worse company ever. They do not deserve to be working with people. People should never trust Spirits, it is beyond the worse."
Cons: "Did not like that it feels like a bait/switch to shop for flights, then highly up charged for things that should be included. Like being charged to check in... Isn't that covered when a ticket is purchased?? I purchased through Kayak and find out later that we can save money by doing everything ourselves online or at kiosk. Then watch all staff sit around and socialize while we over pay. Why have a staff at all? I had to pay to sit in exit seat then asked to assist in emergency. If occupying those seats... Why do we have to pay extra? I guess not what I had in mind. I will choose different airline next time. I paid more to fly my bags than it cost to fly myself. Don't understand!"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Being charged for baggage"
Pros: "The flight attendants were friendly and the airplane was very clean. The space underneath seats was roomy enough that I could easily fit my bag. Flight was very affordable, especially for a holiday weekend."
Cons: "I did not like that I was forced to create an account with Spirit to check in for my flight. I have never had to do that with any other airline, and the experience was frustrating. I also would appreciate if they would give water for free in flight. I understand their policy is to require customers to pay for extras, but water would be nice. There was also no explanation about which security line to get in when I bought the "bypass security" option and no one to ask when I arrived at security until I had gone through the full line. An explanation when the ticket is purchased would be helpful."
Cons: "We were delayed for about three hours but there were no announcements or screens displaying that information. There was no indication that we were even at the correct gate. People had to walk up one at a time and ask to confirm what was happening and that we were all at the correct gate. Two hours after our flight was supposed to take off, there was finally an announcement letting us know that there was a delay and our gate would be changed so we needed to move out of the way so another flight could use the gate, but not to too far because they didn't know when or where our flight would be leaving from. It was chaotic and disorganized for no reason. I understand that delays happen but the lack of communication was unacceptable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I bought this ticket directly from spirit. They scheduled my connection such that it would have been impossible to make. Apparently this was an "unforeseeable circumstance", so I was offered no accommodations even though there were no alternate flights available until two days later. The agent I spoke with changed his story about what could be done every time we spoke, and when I requested a refund, he was unable to print a receipt or any kind of confirmation paperwork or email whatsoever to prove to me that my ticket had been refunded. He was also unable to tell me the amount of the refund. I simply had to take his word for it that Spirit would process my refund for an unknown amount within 5 business days. Needless to say, i have doubts. This was absolutely unacceptable. I was forced to pay for an alternate flight on a different airline, and pay for an airport hotel for the night. I am beyond furious with spirit airlines and I have received unimaginably terrible customer service."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The price of the flight was relatively inexpensive, however, after paying for a second carry on, checked bag and overweight checked bag (40 lbs not 50 lbs), this flight was WAY more expensive than other carriers with the same luggage. The bag fees were never explained during the booking process. The flight was delayed almost 2 hours due to other Spirit delays to Ft. Lauderdale, thus, instead of paying hotels and rebooking Spirit customers, Spirit decided to wait until every passenger boarded -- not caring that customers were missing connections in Denver. The ticket agent in Ft. Lauderdale was a right miserable so and so. I'll never use Spirit again."
Cons: "I know Spirit offers low fares and in return you pay for everything else, seats, carry-on bags, boarding passes (if you don't print yourself), drinks, etc. In knowing this I did my due diligence before this flight to make sure I wasn't going to be charged for things like the size of my purse (I measured it), etc. Upon check in for this flight, I was informed that I owed $30 because my checked bag was 43 lbs and Spirit has a weight limit of 40 lbs. The other customers in line were just as shocked. To me, the standard is 50 lbs. With that being said, in my research on Spirits website this was not clear. I think this sort of fee should be much more prominent. I am a "prepar-er" if you will and for me to not know this charge was coming tells me Spirit most likely makes a lot of money off of passengers regularly having to pay this unexpected fee at check in. The ticketing agent told me it happens daily after I asked him. This feels a bit like a scam, in my opinion. Spirit will say "It's on our website" and I'm sure it is but again, I don't feel like this charge for a weight that's standard is 50 lbs is clearly called out to passengers. I'm fine with no frills, I'm not fine with unexpected charges that I feel are under the radar until the 11th hour when you have no choice but to pay or repack. Uncool, spirit."
Pros: "The flight crew were very nice and professional"
Cons: "The check in process was horrific. Their website was not working so I was forced to spend more to print my boarding pass at the airport. I had no idea Spirit was going to be so uncomfortable. I really think a disclaimer in large print should be available prior to booking with them. Something like Attention: the flight you are about to book comes with very small, unpadded seats crammed closer together than most airplanes. You will be physically touching every person you sit next to. Even if you are a skinny person. The seats do not recline there is no Wi-Fi or on board entertainment. You will be nickel and dime to death so that in the end you won't actually be saving as much money as you tjought."
Pros: "We got there. Eventually."
Cons: "First of all, delays. Both flight we took for this trip were delayed, one by a good 7 hours, the other almost 2. That's a rate of 100% for us. During the wait, no explanation, or worse, some BS about the weather. The other companies did not experience any delay due to weather... The flight attendants might as well not be there. At least we wouldn't have to suffer stupid jokes. You get what you pay for, however in this case when you tally up all the fees it is not that much cheaper. Last, the website is downright crappy, starting with password security, to layout and speed. Getting anything done is a chore, and the policies are of course well hidden. I don't think we'll fly spirit ever again."
Pros: "On the opposite side of the helpful/friendly spectrum -there was one employee who heard my story and offered to let me use one of his free flights if I was charged for some reason. He waited while I went through the ticketing process again. That was VERY generous. I wish I had taken his name down."
Cons: "Did not receive a notification that my gate had changed to an entirely different terminal and I missed my flight. There was no way to even know/find where my new gate was located. They only had one Spirit employee at the gate that was on my ticket and she was busy checking the people in for another flight. Ladies at the correct gate were not friendly or helpful. Paid $200 to stay overnight in a hotel and I missed a day of work. The check-in/ticketing area for Spirit was a madhouse."
Pros: "Terrible experience. didnt like much other than the plane was newer. Stewards on plane were nice."
Cons: "We did not have to pay for a carryon bag on departing flight. However, agent for return flight would not let us go through security unless our boarding pass indicated we paid for a carryon. So we had to pay $110 for two carryons. When we were boarding, the gate agent indicated those that paid for carryons could board before those that did not pay for carryons. Apparently, not everyone paid for their carryon, but were forced to pay $110 or we couldnt go through security. We will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "First we are flying due to a death in the family. We pay $60 per ticket. Next we get to the airport to check in to find out we had to pay for our seats even after we pay for our seats already. Then we find out that our small carry in bags are another fee. $55 dollars for each bag. So needless to say we had questions so we decided to check in at the counter in person. Oh she answers our questions the. Proceeded to tell us that because we checked in at the counter (because of questions and hidden fees) there was another fee of $10 person passenger. So we get onto the plane. To find out that if you want anything including water, it's at lease another $3.00. For water? Are you kidding? Then we get comfortable in a plane that is sized for a small child. The hear not once, not twice, but three times about a credit card. I am appalled to be bugged three times about a personal finance. Jeez. I didn't pay that much money to be sold on a credit card. I would expect this from a time share. And finally when the plan landed it actually rattled. Sounded like the wings were going to fall down off. So needless to say you have lost our business. We will never fly with Spirit again and neither will my family members."
Cons: "I flew spirit to Detroit last week, and after getting delayed 18 hours I finally made it. Now, currently sitting at the airport, my spirit flight home to Denver has been canceled at least 10 minutes after we were suppose to have boarded. I have been at the airport for 5 hours and have been yelled at to stay back from the counter and not to ask questions or else we would just be delaying the process. After about 2.5 hours of waiting, we finally got a number to call to re-book, which still took over an hour. This has been THE WORST airline experience I have ever had. If I were representing this airline I would be ashamed of the horrible service it provides. I genuinely believe I deserve a full refund for my flight (even if it was re-booked)... not just given an apology voucher because I promise I will never fly spirit again."
Pros: "About the only thing that I can say I liked is, the boarding process went smothly for me & my luggage was on time."
Cons: "Where to start... paid more in bag fees & to get an isle seat for each(4)flights than I did for damn plane ticket! Flights delayed 4hrs another flight in same trip delayed 2 hours. Staff wasn't interactive/friendly I'd say 6/10 were nice. Asked for an isle seat the person helping at counter, said I'd have to pay to upgrade. Seriously- upgrade for isle seat!! I paid to have an isle seat on all 4 flights(I'm a disabled vet who was injured in the line of duty) I need easy access to toilets I'm unable to crawl over people, in turn need idle seat). Paid for isle seat all 4 flights- just to see the flights were super empty, people were sitting where they wanted anyway. Thanks for taking my $ for the seats tho spirit:-|. Staff wasn't that friendly compared to other airlines I've flown on. Not food. No entertainment on flight. Not worth it. If they don't do better business they won't last long I feel. There is potential just needs some work!"
Pros: "Well, it got my mom here in one piece."
Cons: "Everything else. The time has come where the price does not outweigh the discomfort, stupid fees, and rudeness."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "We were thrilled about our cheap round tickets, but what seemed to be 440$ ended up being 800$ with all spirit airlines inconvenienced us with. They gave us only an hour an a half to go through customs, get our checked bags through customs, and board our connecting flight. This is nearly impossible even if everything goes perfectly. After a 20 minute flight delay we sat on the runway in bogota for an hour, not even giving us a chance to catch our next flight. We got to Florida and stood in line for 2 hours to wait to talk to someone about our missed flight. They couldn't get us on a flight to Denver until 8pm the next evening and couldn't offer us any help with accommodation. They gave us a slip that was supposed to give us 40% off on select rooms, every hotel was booked so we had to call 20 different hotels to find an available room with absolutely no help from spirit. Not to mention the terrible inconvenience the service is selfish and inconsiderate, you have to pay for everything along the way- food or drinks(even water) on the plane, a selected seat, checked bags, etc- and the seats are the most uncomfortable piles of plastic with no recline tiny tables and no leg room. I will never fly with this airline again."
Cons: "I chose this airline because it had the lowest cost....I thought. Then when I went to check-in online I discovered that I would have to pay extra for my seat. Not just preferential seating, but any seat. And since I didn't check in until a few hours before boarding the only options left were $18 seats. The airline website said that I didn't have to pay for seats and they'd assign them when I got to the airport, but there was no guarantee I'd sit next to my husband. Will never fly this airline again for that reason."
Pros: "The staff and crew were very courteous and kind and helped ensure that everything went well."
Cons: "I didn't enjoy the fact that checked bags were 40 a piece, and that I was limited to one carry on. I booked through a third party site and it wasn't made clear to me that this was the policy. Though it is certainly my responsibility to read and understand the fine print, I've had such a pleasant experience with other airlines that I didn't think I needed to. My fault entirely, but I will not make the same mistake again. Further, I met with some friends at the airport on the same flight, and Spirit lost their expensive and irreplaceable scientific instruments. Though I imagine and hope everything will be okay and the boxes will turn up, Spirit apparently has no process for tracking bags. That isn't acceptable to me. Though the experience was overall smooth (minus paying 80 dollars unexpectedly for round trip checked bags) I will gladly and confidently choose other airlines over Spirit in the future."
Cons: "Did not receive application to get refund on flight, now after i called several times i am told that its too late to receive my refund. I couldn't fly due to medical issues and no one helped me resolve this issue or get some kind of credit so I could possibly try and schedule for another trip. I paid for insurance because I was afraid that with my health issues, I may need to cancel. No one helped me fix this and no one called me back to resolve it. I was transferred all over the place and was told to call multiple people to get the issue fixed, just to be told to call someone else. I am very mad about this situation and will not be booking through this site or with Spirit airlines"
Cons: "I didn't like the baggage policy. I didn't like the check in policy or the fact that they don't support TSA precheck because they hope to sell you on an additional fee that will get you through a prority lane. I didn't like the seats which are hard plastic, close together, and don't recline. I didn't like the mini tray table that wouldn't support my laptop so I couldn't work. I didn't like that Spirit falsely advertises with the tag line "LESS MONEY, MORE GO" when the base fare for my connecting flight on this sub-par airline was more expensive than a direct flight on a better airline-before the other fees were added."
Pros: "The price initially"
Cons: "The spirit luggage check in delayed me (the 120 minutes early I was there) before the flight - standing in line - by the time I got to the ONE gate agent she said I was too late to catch the flight and admitted it wasn't my fault but I would have to pay an additional $170 to book the next flight which was the following morning. Down hill from there. It took me an hour waiting on hold to speak to someone on the phone. The representative & then her supervisor could care less, by that time the rebooking charge had gone up to $215. It cost me $300+ to last minute book a low price room for the night, taxi back and forth from the airport (I had already returned my rental car). That doesn't include the return flight I paid for on a different airline or the refund I should have recieved for the RT trip I already paid for. Shameful (non)service spirit!!!"
Pros: "Not much good to say about this. We didn't crash and we did arrive on time. That's it."
Cons: "Firstly, I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my scheduled departure. For whatever reason there were some 400 people in line for the bag drop (200 in line, and 200 more in the pre-line which I sh!t you not was a thing) and since spirit always takes 15 minutes a person for this process that should take 15 seconds I barely managed to finish up by the time my plane was boarding. Of course I was then told my flight would be departing from a different terminal and had to sprint to make it by the time the door was about to close. And I doubt I need to bring up the uncomfortable and cramped conditions found on every spirit flight (though they were particularly unbearable for a flight of this length) but here we are. Since my attemp to arrive early and buy dinner in the airport had been thwarted by spirits incredibly slow line system, I starvingly decided to buy a snack box. This consisted of almonds, fruit snacks, crackers and a mint that were fine, as well as cheese spread that was the consistency of water and Oreos that were somehow soggy. In case the hangry tone of this review doesn't give it away, I'm was left very dissatisfied by this BS waste of money. Spirit airlines MAY save you a couple of bucks (only if you buy your bags online ahead of time and maybe not even then), but they will probably cause you severe mental trauma and may shorten your life by 4-6 years."
Cons: "This shouldn't be under a cheap category. Considering that I had a carry on, I ended up paying and additional $120 for baggage. On my return flight I sat next to someone who for sure was on some sort of methamphetamine or heavy upper and could not sit still for a moment. or stop scratching herself. There is no phone line at all that gets you to a human to speak to... at all! So asking for specific flight details was impossible. To get a bottle of water on a 5.5 hour flight was $3 which is inappropriate. The seats do not recline and are small. If you do not pay for you carry on a head of time they will charge you $100 which is basically robbery. I will never fly spirit ever again."
Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "Both of our flights were delayed for two hours with no explanation. Other airlines didn't seem to be having the same problems. It is rediculous that they charge for bags and that they are the only airline with a 40 pound weight limit when all of the others are 50 pounds. They charge $10 just to print the boarding passes at the airport. All of this they claim saves you money on the fare, but with all of the nickel and diming that they do to you after you purchase the ticket, it is much more affordable to go with another airline. I will choose some one else to fly with next time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I wasnt allowed on my plane when it wasnt leaving for 43 minutes after i had arrived there. I would have been there the RECOMMENDED hour and a half early if i hadnt run into heavy traffic. Unfortunately, I only had 43 minutes before the plane left denver and the crew told me that i was late and wouldnt even give me the opportunity to try and get to the aircraft before it left. Then they told me that i could pay almost double what i had origionally spent on the flight to wait 4 hours for the next one with a 6 hour layover for thr connecting flight. I had then asked if it was possible to be reimbursed, the guy at the counter started laughing and said no it was my fault i was late. I have never been treated with such disrespect before in my life. I just dont understand, because no where does it say that if you're not there 50 minutes prior to the flight that you forfeit your flight. 50 minutes, i was there 43 minutes prior. Now i wont be able to visit my family for another year because i used my vacation time for that aweful experience with spirit ovwr 7 minutes. Then when i called kayak to explain to them what happened, they told me there was nothing they could do over and over again. Absolutely no help from either party."
Cons: "In the last 30 minutes of our flight we hit a HUGE patch of turbulence that dropped our plane a considerable amount of feet. It also rocked us all around and about and passengers were screaming because of the terrifying jolts and movements. After this very un-nerving turbulence had subsided Spirit airlines decided not to say one word to the passengers the rest of the flight. There was no voice at all that said, "well folks we apologize for not seeing that patch of turbulence," or "we apologize for how bumpy that was," or even a simple, "welcome to Denver" once we arrived. Spirit airlines did not take the simple steps in reassuring the customers that we were safe or taken care of and I was very uncomfortable being on board my flight. This flight has left a bad taste in my mouth and will choose to pay more next time for a SouthWest flight compared to a cheaper, sketchier, Spirit flight."
Pros: "Was able to get a flight on relatively short notice at a decent fare and without having to switch between carriers."
Cons: "Baggage restrictions and fees are absurd. Standard carry-ons are charged for (you can bring your one 'personal item' free of charge if it's small enough). A single checked bag is $51. Most carriers offer your first checked bag for free. Add $50 to your fare for a bag and see how competitive Spirit really is. No complimentary snacks or beverages---a soft drink is $3. Seats are very tight, unless you pay for an upgrade. Need to fly fast and don't need luggage, or expect basics like nuts and a cup of soda, then Spirit may be a cheaper carrier. Add the 'ala carte' items-like luggage-and the fare becomes average."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "On top of the long lines, the flight was cancelled without any explanation 20 minutes before boarding. We were forced to walk all the way back to the airport entrance, but weren't helped at the Spirit ticket counter. Instead, we were given a card with a phone number to call in order to try and book ourselves another flight. We weren't able to get a flight until the next day with a different airline. It was a very disappointing experience, which created a terrible start to our trip. We will never fly Spirit again due to the unprofessional manner in which we were inconvenienced."
Cons: "I checked in online the night before, but did not print my boarding pass. When going to check bags, I waited in line only to find out at the counter that I have to print my boarding pass at a kiosk - if they do it for you they will, of course, charge you. Ridiculous. When I went to print the boarding pass, I got charged again - apparently it did not go through the night before for some reason although I was never alerted. So I was charged more now for paying at the airport vs. night before. Not to mention, two charges showed on my account."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I arrived 2 hours before my flight and needed to drop off my checked bag. I waited in a huge line at the detroit airport. I made it into the roped section of the line then a "last call" was made for Denver flights and they went to a different line. I was told (with a bunch of other people) that since we were into the roped section of the line we should stay. Then all the denver passengers behind were brought to the front and the people that were told to "stay in line" got screwed and failed to make the flight due to simply trying to check baggage. Approximately 30 of us were told to go down to the spirit office to rebook flights. The office workers were no help and very unsympathetic to the fact that people's travel plans were ruined. I ended up having to rebook a new flight from a different provider that day to protect my other plans at my destination."
Pros: "I fly Spirit when I need a ticket within 10 days because the price is always the cheapest."
Cons: "On this flight, I received an email saying the plane was delayed. When I got my boarding pass at the airport, it had the original time with no delay, so I checked the departure screen and it said delayed. The gate also said delayed BUT they were loading the plane at the original time. Most of us get on the plane before the door closed but we were unloaded back to the gate after 20 min because the plane engine had an error light that wouldn't turn off. It ended up being delayed 1.5hr. These things happen but it just makes the uncomfortable Spirit flight (I'm 6'3" and don't fit in the Spirit seats very well) that much worse. I didn't buy food or entertainment so those star ratings are not applicable to me."
Pros: "Overall this was a bad experience. Spirit forces you to pay $55 for a carry-on bag. I suppose I should have known this already, and I'm sure it was in the fine print of my ticket. So partly my own fault. But when you add in all the fees Spirit nickel and dimes you for, you could have purchased a ticket with a better airline for same price. In addition, the boarding process was slow and the staff was unprofessional. The flight attendants were rude, the seats do not recline at all, and I could feel a hard metal piece inside my headrest. I asked for a pillow but the flight attendant said none were available. I will not be flying Spirit again unless there are absolutely no other options."
Pros: "The flight crew was entertaining and made jokes about how bad the level of comfort was. They also joked about the fact that Spirit is a "no frills" airline."
Cons: "Safety is, of course, the first priority. We arrived safely. The major issue I had was the lack of comfort. The seats no longer recline at all. In addition, there is almost a total absence of legroom. Seriously... There was more legroom in the back seat of an old school Mitsubishi Eclipse then there is on Spirit Airlines. Most important; however, is the width of the seats. The seats are so narrow and uncomfortable that they cause actual pain. It was so uncomfortable that many people on my flight ended up standing for almost the full 3 hours and 45 minutes. My son is 6 years old and he weighs 45 lbs. the seats for him perfectly. There was no hope that a fully grown adult could sit with even a modest degree of comfort. Spirit bills itself as a bare bones airline and claims to save the consumer money. Between the $10 charge per ticket to check in with a gate agent, to the "pay by the pound" system for checked luggage as well as carry on bags, to the $$$ every time you get a glass of water during the flight, Spirit Arline's doesn't pay. From now on, I'll spend the money up front so I can be on another airline. I'd rather pay up front than feel as if I'm being nickel and dimed. Also, spending up front will get me tickets on American, Delta, or United where the seats are at least bearable."
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "The checking in process was fine, as Long as you added your carry on bags within the same process for a smaller fee. However, the "random seating" option that you choose is not actually choosing a seat; therefore I was denied boarding even when I checked in and my seat was given to someone else. I was told nothing until the plane left the terminal and I was told to "get comfortable" while waiting. An hour later, I was given the option to fly the following day home to Denver with 3 layovers, and a full day of traveling. Its hard to travel this type of airline when they have complete disregard for personal plans and do not communicate with their customers the hidden fee's. Bare fare is a way of saying you are paying for the possibility of flying, not even a guaranteed seat."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues at 1030pm after waiting for 4 hrs. We were all sent to the front desk, got there, and no one came to help us for 30 min. The guy from the gate actually had to come up, I felt so bad for him. He gave - few people at the front of the line cards to call to rebook, but the phone number didn't work so I just called the help line. But most people didn't know and weren't told they could do that. Instead the guy helping us had us form two lines, one for rebooking and one for refund that didn't move for the next half hr. They didn't tell anyone in the line they could call someone so they just waited. The worst is that they told everyone Spirit would not be offering accommodations. It really seemed like a "we aren't going to deliver the product we promised and good luck figuring out what you'll do now." By the end of it, I was just happy to get a flight for the next night. I'm not sure what happened with everyone else once that flight was filled because there were no others. Between the astronomical bag prices and the worst customer service I've ever seen, I won't be flying with Spirit ever again."
Pros: "-The employees are very friendly and helpfull."
Cons: "-everything cost extra -only 18kg allowed (other airlines minimum 20kg, for FREE!!) -only 1 personal idem (other airlines at least 2) -Extra bags (also suitcase) are really expensive!!! -it cost even more if you don't check in by yourself -even if you want to sit you have to pay, should I stay in the airplane???? -water in the airplane cost 3dollars!!!!! (other airlines for FREE, PLUS snack!!!!!) -on my site (WHICH I PAID FOR!!!!!) were used tissue!! -worst airline i've ever flew with! never again!!!"
Pros: "Some of the crew members were friendly. The other half were not."
Cons: "Spirit dropped us off in Grand Junction with no TSA agent and no information given for 7 hours-no ground transportation options, no hotel offering, no food voucher, and NO ONE there to even tell you how screwed you were. Absolutely unacceptable. We were en route to Denver and told the weather was bad so we landed in Grand Junction. Our baggage was left on the plane and we were told before exiting that another crew was on the way there to take over because the current crew had met their maximum hours. The onboard crew told us that the TSA agent inside would have more information for us. We exited the plane and entered a tiny airport with no gate agent and two security guards struggling to answer our questions. We were told that we had more information than they did. Then we waited. For seven hours we waited. No information at all. Our entire flight crowded the tiny cafe that had just closed, forcing them to open out of the kindness of their hearts. They weren't ready for that kind of volume so simple burritos took an hour and a half to receive. After three hours pizza arrived...from where (possibly Spirit, but doubtful) we don't know, but most of us and already ordered from the cafe. We watched the hours fly by with no one telling us anything. I called Spirit's 800 number four times before finally reaching a real person. That real person put me on hold and finally after fifteen minutes told me that he had no information about any rescue crew coming to take us to Denver. He was supposed to be the one with information, right?!!! Long story short, we left LA at 1pm and after being rerouted, we finally arrived in Denver at midnight. Biggest joke of all was when we landed, I received a voicemail that my bag was waiting for me in Denver. How is that possible, I wondered. Turns out, my bag missed my initial flight, caught a later flight, and luckily (ha!!!) our flight was rerouted for 7 hours so my bag got there before me. If the fact that you get a tiny discount for booking Spirit, but then pay through the nose for carry-on bags, checked baggage, printing your boarding pass if you forgot to (really???), any and every beverage and food item...isn't bad enough (does everyone realize Spirit is more expensive in the long run??? I do now!) Life is too short to fly Spirit. Period. Pay the extra $15 for a real airline. Oh...and my fiance had to uninstall and then reinstall his seat belt buckle because it was improperly put together. Seat belts were flimsy, seats don't recline, seats look like polyurethane over folding chairs. I can't say enough about how horrible the Spirit experience is."
Pros: "The plane got me to my destination and back without major incident"
Cons: "I bought my ticket through Kayak thinking what a great deal! But what I didn't know is that they would then nickel and dime you the rest of the way. When I went to check in I found that I needed to pay $40 if I wanted to bring a carry-on (each way! I suppose it's possible I was going to leave my bag somewhere?) and then had to pay to pick a seat. None of the seats were actually free, which leads me to believe my original ticket price was like a cover to a very overpriced and boring club. Nothing else is included, not even water, so either prepare to pay onboard or be well-stocked (but not too well-stocked, because if your bag is over weight you have to pay more.) The planes themselves were old and rickety and made some weird noises, which didn't inspire much confidence. The spirit credit card was pushed on me multiple times through my online check-in, my additional seat/bag purchases (note: don't offer someone a credit card while they're already annoyed at your company) as well as throughout the flight. I finally fell asleep only to be woken by a long, blaring pitch to sign up for a credit card. This was my first and last trip with Spirit."
Pros: "Overall the web site looks like it was successfully intended to be attractive and it contains all the needed info."
Cons: "*Promising to answer a question "within 48hrs" is NOT OK when it is about checking in. *We SHOULD NOT have to register in order to be able to check in. Why is more than conf # and name needed unless it is to be shared or sold? *The needed info is scattered in many places on the site eg bag size, weight, and prices. *I was charged the "at checkin" price when I used the add baggage link before starting to check in; b/c I was within 24hrs? Purposely didn't start to check in yet so I wouldn't get the higher price."
Cons: "Their web-site is horrible! Tried multiple times to get my bags pre-checked and seat selected. Never worked. Refused two different credit cards that worked fine at the airport. But at that point I was charged extra due to the delay and needing to have things handled by a counter person. Also had trouble getting my boarding pass printed. The web site kept circling back to the same "Print your boarding pass" page. Tried calling customer service. Was routed through a maze of choices that never offered talking to an actual person. Finally found a way to trick the system and couldn't understand the accent. Will never fly Spirit again if there is any other choice. Hassles are not worth the potential cost savings."
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