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Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,765 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Seats on Air Canada Rouge are awful."

Cons: "We had a two hour delay. First the aircraft was late. Then it needed repair and another aircraft had to be brought up. After a 10 flight from Frankfurt and a 3 hour layover in Vancouver, I was not a happy camper!"

Pros: "There were no hiccups and we arrived to the destination on time"
Cons: "Dirty seats, seemed like they had not been cleaned"

Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "The flight attendants ignored us. There was no legroom. There were no free snacks. It took forever to get our drinks."

Cons: "Planes for 30 yrs old. I thought i was gonna due due to engine failure"

Cons: "Overhead bins were tiny."

Pros: "That we got back safe during a snow storm."
Cons: "The staff were not friendly. I politely tried to give two flight attendants my garbage as they were collecting and because they already passed me they looked at me and ignored me. It’s also crazy that you pay so much for a flight and then have to pay for luggage and a meal when it’s a 4-5 hour flight. Flight was delayed twice. Which I can understand due to weather."

Pros: "Great service from flight attendants. Flight was smooth once airborne"
Cons: "Delayed Flight Seats seemed very small for an Air Canada Plane"

Cons: "Small seating"

Pros: "good crew"
Cons: "light in bathroom didn't work and was so small i couldn't help my three year old go without leaving the door open"

Cons: "Boarding desk woman was really cranky. Telling passengers to remain seated unless their zone wasn’t called. On board WiFi didn’t work so no entertainment. Hate that I have to pay extra to get normal leg room. The standard seats are brutal and the paid seats not much better."

Pros: "Our seats were much better on this flight than our longer leg. I was much more comfortable. The entertainment was just as good as our international flight."

Pros: "It is always a pleasure to fly with Air Canada! The staff is always friendly and helpful and they provide great in-flight entertainment."
Cons: "Not enough bathrooms on this plane, constant line for bathroom."

Pros: "0"
Cons: "Because of the delayed flight out of Lisbon I missed this flight and was rerouted to Vancouver. I had to go through customs and re enter the airport going through security to board the Vancouver fligh. Slept in a hotel for four hours, paid for by Air Canada, went back to the airport through security again and flew to Portland."

Pros: "Loved the staff. Very friendly. Planes were clean and most of all, got to me my destination. On time!"

Cons: "It was delayed by 24 minutes."

Pros: "It was a direct flight."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable flight I can remember in last couple years. My knees were squeezed into the seat in front, and when they reclined, the seat was like 1.5 cellphone lengths from my face. The particular route from SD to Toronto squeezes 15 more seats on this popular plane, making it the least knee room I can remember. I wouldnt say Air Canada has less legroom as a generalization, but this route and plane assigned has the least. I guess if you're taller, do a little research on the planes for your routes. No actual wi-fi was kind of annoying. You can access some content, but no real internet connection."

Pros: "We were eventually given meal vouchers. We also ended up staying an extra night on their coin since we had to miss our connecting flight.We were treated fairly but slowly. We would have had an eight hour transit in Vancouver but with the new flights there was one hour connection. With the replacement flight also late our luggage did not make it and we were not informed until we reached Australia."
Cons: "There were little babies and young children waiting with their parents to board this flight. Would have liked more consideration for them but the little ones all behaved so well! Updates were slow and then we had to pick up our luggage and wait in an area where there were no seats so we had to sit on the hard floor (or stand) for a long time."

Cons: "Was not on time, old air craft."

Pros: "The price was outstanding. The entertainment was excellent. Staff very friendly"
Cons: "Food was really bad. I mean we left France and that's the good capital of the world, but none of it made into the plane."

Pros: "The process was ridiculous to get booked for a flight that morrow and get to hotel"

Pros: "Upgraded to Plus after our flight was delayed and we had to go back home for a night... Live 45 minutes from the airport and had to have a friend drop us off and come back to get us. Friendly staff for the most part. Some seemed a little stressed out, but its understandable as the job is probably stressful. Especially before christmas."
Cons: "Slow boarding, crowded plane when boarding- rushed to get us on the flight."

Cons: "Lost suitcase"

Pros: "Friendly attendants made up for the defective entertainment system."

Pros: "Smooth, great crew"
Cons: "Nothing, it was great"

Pros: "May not fly Air Canada again!!!"

Pros: "The flight itself was great, smooth and quiet and we arrived ahead of time"
Cons: "The boarding was way too slow"

Pros: "On-time and quick boarding."
Cons: "Not enough leg room - similar to most airlines."

Cons: "One man wanted me to check an empty carry on bag I travel for 10 years with this high quality foldable carry on bag, it is a tight in their test cradle because of the wheels but it does fit. Even a passanger offer me is support telling the agent he was not reasonable after getting the bag in and out 4 times he still wanted me to check the bag in ? After 10 min arguments he said ok put it on the floor ! I could of put 2 of my foldable bag on the top storage if I had 2.... it was a connecting from same airline a much smaller plane which accepeted the bag . Very unpleasant ! Some people like to feel in power."

Pros: "No delay. The plane came half an hour early which is ok. There was no complimentary food but drinks were offered. It would have been nice if peanuts/cookies/chips were offered. There was no entertainment so the rating was 1star. Emails were sent to inform us of changes in schedule and also to check in on line. Leg room is good as we can stretch our legs (I guess you can say that we are not that tall) we wish to travel again with Air Canada in the future."

Pros: "The experience on the flight from san diego to Toronto was excellent from curb side there all the way to baggage claim in Toronto. The service by ground staff on both sides was excellent, The staff on board was helpful, efficient and very polite. In flight Entertainment was good too, unlike on the way to San Diego when the choice was so limited it was not worth my time to use it."

Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "No leg room, no snack for a 5+ hour flight, a bit messy, no entertainment, not too comfortable"

Pros: "Excellent crew"
Cons: "Economy seating is no longer designed to fit any passenger who is even slightly above average height."

Pros: "Friendly airport and flight attendants. Ease of checkin."

Cons: "Our connection in Toronto was toooooooo short for seniors 70 years old."

Pros: "There we're many open seats due to a problem with connecting flights, so my son was able to stretch out across the middle chairs to sleep."
Cons: "the food portions we're small, and we only had a small muffin towards the end of the flight. Ive never left an international flight hungry before. I was shocked that we did not have an actual meal at the end of the 8 hour flight."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly and was quite organized."

Cons: "When you roll up on clerk at the check-in counter and she's already eyeing your carry-on bag you know you're gonna have a problem. My bag was purchased a month ago and I made sure it met all major airline specs so when she immediately told me I'd have to check it, I told her it would fit no problem in her little mold. She insisted that it would not and I'd have to PAY to check it. I picked it up and easily popped it into the mould but my zipper snagged on the way in and she said that I was not allowed to "force" it in. I then easily lifted it in and out twice without the zipper snagging. Then she insisted that I weigh it. 22lbs is not much at all so I figured I might get caught here but to my surprise I was only at 23lbs. So she immediately said I would have to pay because I was over weight.... BY 1 LB! So I opened my bag and took out bag of carrots and put it back on the scale. She was so pissed that she couldn't charge me anything that she never made eye contact for the rest of the process. She then said that because I had my cat with me I could not sit in the row I had booked because it was an exit row. I insisted that it was not an exit row as I had just flown on the plane four days earlier with my cat in the same seat. She refused and moved me to a row with less leg room despite my having paid for the upgraded seat (I'm 6'4"). Upon boarding, I confirmed with the flight attendant that my original row was NOT an exit row. It was behind the exit row and there are no restrictions for that. One terrible staff member is all it takes to ruin a flight. Air Canada Rouge also happens to be a soda can with wings so that doesn't help."

Pros: "The fact that there is a way to have on board entertainment but this was clitchy. Hot snack was welcome. Pillows and blankets. Direct flight from Casa."
Cons: "Rude and filthy airline hostess. Having greasy hair and being rude is totally unprofessional. Requesting that a sleeping passenger bring their chair to upright position so that the passenger behind can have a snack? It doesn't make sense.This flight was not full at all and we were strongly urged to check our carry-on due to this. Well they didn't apparently see the fragile sticker as our latern and ceramics were damaged and the bag came out on the main conveyor. Also the door wouldn't open for baggage upon arrival so we were delayed an hour?"

Pros: "Clean airplane Helpful crew Overall great experience"

Pros: "The crew are very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Seats are very small with little legroom. My husband is 6"1 and sat in a middle seat. His knees were jammed into the seat in front of him. Full flight so he could not be reseated. There is no entertainment system which was ok since it was a red eye flight. I've have flown on many local and international carriers and the space on this aircraft was amongst the smallest I've come across."

Pros: "This is the only part of my round trip with Air Canada that went without a glitch ... the plane was on time and the airport staff I encountered in Toronto was nice and helpful."

Cons: "Delayed 20 minutes"

Cons: "Long time to get service."

Cons: "The flight attendants were inconsiderate of the wishes and comfort of the passengers. Food and drink were offered for sale in tourist class shortly after takeoff in the morning. Since I had just had breakfast, I asked if the food and drinks would be available later. The answer was probably not, which indeed was the case. This was on a five hour flight. When I did want food and drink, I had to go to the attendant at the back of the plane. I was able to have a drink delivered to purchase a drink, but the one food item I wanted was not in stock. (This was from the beginning, and was also the case on the outgoing flight a week earlier. I was informed that I could not use my noise cancelling headphones, designed and purchased largely for flying during takeoff and landing, but had to use ear buds, which I did not have, do not like, and as a senior with hearing aids find uncomfortable. Thus, I missed the benefit of their noise cancelling feature and much of the movie I was enjoying. On the earlier flight, one of the two toilets was unavailable, causing long waits, but the attendant in the front of the plane refused to allow me to use that toilet, which was available. When I protested, she answered the same way perpetrators of crimes against humanity did "I am just following orders." Where is the concern for the humanity of a senior citizen? Also the previous flight connections was scheduled too closely so that with security and border clearance, I was barely able to board at the last minute, thus causing a great deal of stress, no time to ear or use the toilet at the terminal, once again unhealthy stress and discomfort, no concern for the humanity of the passenger."

Cons: "We were stuck at the back of the plane with the kids who don't behave."

Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats."

Pros: "Efficient boarding, plenty of overhead space for suitcase despite being the last boarding group"
Cons: "Information about passport presentation inconsistent with instructions received at online checkin. Seats are small and uncomfortable.Flight attendants monopolized aisles for more than half the 4 hr flight. Weren't flexible about allowing people to use the restroom and move back to seats."

Cons: "It was warm in the aircraft the entire time. Right after we departed beverages and food was served. A small thin cup was offered for a beverage. We were on the plane for 5+ hours (including a delay at the beginning). The beverage cart never came by again only a stewardess once with a liter square bottle and cups for water. I was parched upon arrival to Toronto."

Pros: "Crew always smiled"

Cons: "Free food was lacking for a 5 hr flight. Pretzels and a pack of cookies."

Pros: "Lots of leg room!"

Cons: "Naplaćene su mi torbe u San Diego po 58$ iako je to bilo uračunato u cenu pri kupovini karata !!! Za torbu od22kg(48),i torbu od15kg 116$! Nije korektno!!!! Brukaaa!!!Sramota!!Nikad više sa tom compani!! Never again!!!! Never!!!!"

Pros: "On time departure and arrival, smooth ride"
Cons: "Again 30 minute delay to get internet working. At least this time they communicated the issue."

Pros: "The flight was very good and no problems were encountered."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about."

Pros: "Short and sweet no problem"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "It was quite average, nothing special.They severed some drinks and you get a bag of pretzels. The staff was very friendly and nice. It was only a 1 1/2 flight, so the only entertainment is magazines."
Cons: "The legroom was fine for me, but if you are about 6ft tall or over, you will feel a little cramped. Try to get an exit row seat if can."

Pros: "plane is new/crew was friendly"
Cons: "no legroom/food was horrible; worst ever on any flight I have taken to and from korea. Worst"

Pros: "professionalism"
Cons: "At boarding/check-inn there was inly one young women to handle the crowd of passengers boarding. She was over worked, but did real welll!!!"

Cons: "I had charged 300$ for my extra luggage this morning at the checking never happened to me before usually I paid 100$ but never that much... I will never ever flight with United again for sure."

Pros: "Everything was perfect."

Pros: "I am lucky to check-in earlier with United, staffs at counter is very nice and courtesy, he was able to book an earlier flight so I could catch up on time with my scheduled flight to China, I was boarding the United 9:45 but its departure was roughly around 11:15 am"
Cons: "Flight delay that could affect my international flight connection Which I had only 1:05 between flight"

Cons: "Made me take off sweater out of my bag cause my bag was 0.5 lbs over weight."

Pros: "Flight was on time and luggage was not lost. In flight meal service was better than average."
Cons: "in the last row battling for share if the armrest."

Cons: "United and SAS are really separate and hard to manage reservation. Seats changed from what I purchased and it was uncomfortable. I don't think I will do a mixed airline flight again even though they quote them as a Star Aliance. Also, flying through Chicago ORD is not great. The international terminal is completely separate so you have to take a train, pour out water, enter security (and they don't have a TSA Pre). All around uggh."

Pros: "This reflects first leg flight from San Fran to Chicago."
Cons: "Cramped and uncomfortable"

Cons: "they canceled the flight and put us on american airlines wich was terrible"

Cons: "Flight was delayed until the next morning because of weather"

Pros: "Bad weather caused my flights to be re-routed, but United did wonderful in arranging for an similar arrival time to my final destination. I am very grateful for that. I can't judge the airline on something they have no control over."
Cons: "The bad weather that caused my flights to be re-routed!"

Pros: "The Stroopwaffle"
Cons: "The hour delay"

Pros: "We arrived safely on time."
Cons: "Bathroom is too small. Announcements were anxiety inducing. Sick people on the airplane spreading germs."

Cons: "Don't like being squeezed in, but it is what it is"

Pros: "Crew were nice and flight was on time."
Cons: "I didn't know i needed an app before i will be able to enjoy entertainment on board, so i had to pay for internet to be able to download the app to be able to watch movie. PA system wasn't gud."

Pros: "Both flights were great! They left on time, the one from San Diego left earlier than scheduled. Kayak was most informative with flight info and upon arrival, indicating the bagage claim number via email!"
Cons: "N.A. Everything was great."

Cons: "There is nothing more disappointing than having your flight delayed after a long week when all you want to do is get home to be with family."

Pros: "Seats were comfy, and the snack (caramel-filled waffle cookie) was a nice little treat."
Cons: "I didn't know to download the United entertainment app in advance. Once I found out at boarding, it was too late."

Pros: "Every time the winds shift south they get delayed or cancel flights to smaller airports."
Cons: "Multiple gate shifts, lack of communication with customer. Blaming flight cancellation on weather at destination when that wasn't the case at all. Geez don't lie it's not necessary! Had to take flight to Portland extra two hours of ground travel. No reimbursement. Weather issue you can't blame us. Funny the 737 had no issues departing SFO to PDX."

Pros: "I like the complementary soda. The boarding groups system is smart."
Cons: "I don't care for the wifi options. Loud children."

Pros: "Friendly and courteous crew"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Even with rough weather the flight was comfortable and only delayed 20 minutes. The flight crew kept us well informed."
Cons: "No complaints. I did ask for a seat belt extender and never received it but managed to keep it buckled although it was a tight squeeze."

Cons: "Crumbs, fruit peels, and other debris all over the seating area in my row. Seemed like united was more concerned about getting plane back in the air than creating a sanitized and comfortable experience for the next passenger. Simply disgusting conditions to spend 4.5 hours of your life."

Pros: "Great seat"

Pros: "Window seats on both flights saved me on my overnight flight. Thanks Kayak!"
Cons: "The second flight had a pretty old plane with smaller seats."

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Middle seat"

Pros: "no snacks unless you pay"
Cons: "seats are too tight"

Pros: "That United got me to where I wanted to go."
Cons: "That airline companies are so strict about making changes & the cost involved. I couldn't believe the price to change a date on a return flight. I went to Alaska airlines & bought a one way ticket for $30 less than the price of the change. Better times & schedules too. I was at one time a premier flyer almost a 1K status flyer with United. Now, I don't even bother. United Airlines Suck!!!!!"

Pros: "This leg of the trip was fine, on time and they provided blankets! Satisfied, but the mobile version of this rating site does not allow me to change the rating to higher."

Pros: "Kyak Notified me every step of the way basically dummy proofed my flight don't know if other sites do this as well but got gate change notifications and all changes!!"

Cons: "Seat was very uncomfortable. The video screen could not be turned off and kept waking me up, bad on an overnight flight."

Cons: "The flight seemed very unorganized. Once we had to make a random refuel in Canada I knew something was up besides the bad weather excuse they gave. The crew didn't seem to be able to pass any information along and gave either misleading info if any at all. There was no food or snacks given with it being a 5 hour flight to a 7 hr flight with the mishap to get more fuel."

Pros: "That I got bumped to first class on my flight the next day."
Cons: "I had a 47 minute layover scheduled. I had an hour delay on my first flight and they didn't hold anyone's connecting flight, which ended up being the last flights out for the night. By the time we got hotel vouchers, our bags and a shuttle to the hotel there was less than 4 hours to actually sleep. If I had known how slow the process was I would have opted to sleep in the airport so I got more than 3 hours of sleep."

Pros: "I arrived alive."
Cons: "United Airlines has one job, to move people from one location to the next. I'm concerned that United thinks it's in the data transfer business or the package hauling business or some kind of "gotcha' Internet business. There were never enough people at United to help me with my problem. Those real human employees that I found were mostly overworked, over regimented and procedure focused."

Pros: "Friendly stewardist"
Cons: "My flight was delayed for close to four hours. Staff at the airport did not keep us updated about the flight changes. Nothing was offered to passengers as compensation for our missed family activities, wasted time away from out loved ones, etc. This is my first time flighting with United Airlines and I did not have a good experience."

Pros: "That being said, I liked that they has Moscow Mules for purchase. The gate agent was very kind & helped check my husbands bag as the overhead bin space was full. The crew was fine."
Cons: "My first beef with United is that I needed to change my flight 36 hours after purchasing it & wanted a 200.00 change fee for a 79.00 flight, it was more cost effective to purchase a new ticket to with another airline than change my ticket. Silly really."

Pros: "Smaller plane! Easy board, quick flight"
Cons: "Seats are packed in, no wifi, arrived way early sat on tar mat no fresh air my chest was hurting from the smell of jet fumes until we finally pulled into a gate!"

Cons: "Waiting for 3 hrs past boarding time for crew to arrive. Waiting on plane for 11/2 for plane to b de iced. Waiting for crew to get permission to fly because they went past hrs to fly"

Cons: "The fact that they kept delaying it by 30 minute intervals for four hours until eventually it was cancelled. Oh and now the new flight is delayed 30 minutes."

Pros: "I liked everything feel comfortable flying by air plane"

Pros: "The seats from San Diego to Dullas airport were fine and not too tight"
Cons: "The fact that there was no entertainment system on our way back when there was one on my way to San Diego (even though it cost 7.99$) And the wifi was 15.99$ !!?? Seriously??! It's 2015 .. There should be no flight that lasts that long and not have an entertainment system !"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from San Diego to Leipzig

Airlines flying from San Diego to Leipzig have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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