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Low season

AprilBest time to beat the crowds with an average 18% drop in price.

High season

AugustMost popular time to fly with an average 29% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$655(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$494or less

Good deal one-way

$391or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights to Changsha from Seattle for $391 or less one-way and $494 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be July, August and September. The cheapest month to fly is April.

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Top 3 airlines serving Seattle/Tacoma Intl to Changsha Huanghua Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 29,398 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Amazing"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "It was fabulous as always! Thank you. I love Delta!"

Cons: "Too hot. Bathrooms were dirty. No leg space in comfort+."

Pros: "Great seat and always on time."

Pros: "The cabin was to warm"
Cons: "The cabin was to warm"

Cons: "Roomier"

Pros: "Just a great experience Delta is still above the rest excluding Hawaiian"
Cons: "Cant think of anything"

Pros: "Everything! Thank you"
Cons: "Nothing. Thanks"

Cons: "Food really bad on both segments."

Pros: "Good access to charging, good food"
Cons: "More space:)"

Cons: "No room to move, too hot, no sound when trying to watch movies."

Pros: "The crew was amazing."
Cons: "Cleanliness"

Cons: "Compared to Virhin Australia crew, Delta staff seem almost poorly trained in comparison. For example, Drlta crew don’t check your pass, don’t immediately move down the aisle to move along tourists busy discussing their seats and then line up for Boarding seems chaotic at best."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Departure delayed by 1hr30"

Pros: "The website delivered everything I needed."
Cons: "More discounts for frequent users."

Cons: "N-S"

Pros: "The food was improved and the seat was comfortable."

Pros: "Awesome prompt and courteous service."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "WiFi on board."

Pros: "."

Cons: "Did not serve the food we asked Limited choice of movies"

Pros: "I loved flying delta comfort. I’m going to do it more often."

Cons: "Old cramped untidy and limited drink service"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Multilpe delays"

Pros: "This was our first time flying Delta and it was a very pleasurable experience. Boarding was very straight forward and the seats allocated comfortable. A surprise for us was being asked if we would like to move seats from the back of the aircraft to Comfort Economy (we think it was to do with weight balance! but appreciated very much none the less). The flight attendants were very professional and helpful, as you would hope all attendants on all airlines would be. We'd gladly fly Delta again anytime."

Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Too many announcements"

Pros: "Alaska Airlines is way overpriced and way less comfortable than Delta. I’m a Delta loyalist forever now!"
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Nothing really"
Cons: "Flight delay further to the 30 minutes additional 20 min due to crew being not there"

Cons: "We waited 3 hours for the tarmac in Seattle On Christmas"

Cons: "Too crowded."

Cons: "No drink or snack service. No trash pick up. No option to purchase or rent headphones"

Pros: "Fast and efficient boarding again! Most impressed!"

Pros: "everything was very nice"

Cons: "As a Platinum AFK/KLM Skyteam member I was NOT allowed to use the Delta Lounge. On the flight the meal choice was poor and the staff were not really geared to serving regular clients. The movie choice was poor. I expected better!"

Pros: "Enjoyed food and movies.Woul"
Cons: "Would like more comedy or romance movies. Becky"

Cons: "Late and missed my international connection"

Pros: "Free entertainment and free food was unexpected and very welcomed, especially given the trend of charging for more and more features."

Cons: "*Again, my first choice of main off the menu, in Delta One, had run out. *Not a fan of the Delta One seats."

Pros: "Clean & modern aircraft Comfortable seat Proactive customer service"
Cons: "Delayed departure (due to Air Traffic Control) Finding my bag damaged on arrival More refreshments would have been nice"

Pros: "Very friendly and helpful staff."

Pros: "This was a first! The flight attendant (sorry I didn't catch his name) was very attentive and assisted us in first class as needed. He actually addressed us by our name and that made me feel like I was not just a passenger!"

Pros: "Very attentative."

Cons: "Aircraft was smelling bad! Hygiene is the key"

Pros: "EZ play newer plane nice staff"
Cons: "Power plugs did not work in seating row and air vents did not work"

Pros: "Helpful staff. Never felt rushed if I had a question. The special meal (VLML) was excellent. Tasty, filling and nutritious Plenty of foot room in economy."

Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "We disliked that our baggage was lost and we do not have it two days later."

Pros: "The in flight entertainment was great with live tv and a assortment of current movies to chose from."
Cons: "Nothing at all"

Pros: "Nothing. Delta sucks!"
Cons: "Poor management prior boarding"

Cons: "The flight was delayed by 3 hours making me late for the next two flights and ultimately costing me an entire day longer in transit. While I understand these things happen, Air Canada's response to me asking for help was abysmal. Ultimately, they didn't care and told me it was my problem. Sadly, one of the first people I talked to really did want to help and arranged flights that would have gotten me back on track but he was prevented from confirming the changes due to management. I will never fly with Air Canada ever again."

Pros: "Cancelled 30 minute flight up to Vancouver which reaulted in missed flight to Australia. Air Canada the refused to put us on another flight. Went round and round for 5 hours with Air Canada until they finally put us on 3 separate flights getting to our deatination almost 48 hours late.Horrible"
Cons: "Notify passengers if short flight has more than 20% chance of being cancelled. We could have easily driven to Vancouver. If flight is cancelled, then own up to it and put people on next flight."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Boarding in the rain is definitely not a good experience! The flight delayed so long that some of us who had connecting flights had to run from gate to gate (including clearing Canada customs) within 20 mins. Last but not least, Taipei Taiwan should NOT be listed as China."

Pros: "Boarding was easy and efficient"
Cons: "We paid an extra $100 for each ticket for premium seating, supposed to be a step above the basic coach ticket with more leg room (my partner and I are 6'+), but our seats were no different than anyone else's. In fact, the seating chart the agent provided for selection when on the call to add this was not for this plane, as it turned out. We will be requesting a refund!"

Cons: "Unreliable flight, always late, not staff at the check in terminal"

Cons: "Food was mediocre, I’d expect a bit more for the price paid."

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Took 3 hours to get our drinks. Completely out of inventory with food and snacks. Very hot on the plane . WiFi didn’t work/ they charged for headphones which i haven’t even heard of. My tray table was completely crooked , i had to place my drinks on my husbands table. Overall, just terrible."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was unable to board because I didn't have an ETA - I was unaware of this requirement until check in. I was only transiting thru Canada - the ground staff were horrible."

Pros: "Boarding, service, entertainment we're all good."
Cons: "Early morning flights from Toronto to Boston are a bit bumpy usually. Pilots do their best to maneuver around those."

Cons: "2 hour delay. Missed the connection in Vancouver in which crew could not be found and were not helpful. Ended up using another airline's counter for help to catch another flight out. Luggage was left in Vancouver. Eva Airline helped with luggage location and shipping to final destination."

Pros: "Wifi was great with very little disruptions. Service on the flight was expedient and frequent. In seat entertainment was excellent"
Cons: "I had the only seat on the row with no power for devices. All seats have USB power, but I was working on a laptop and had no AC power. The other seats did. This seems to be the case for the window seats on the right side of the plane and the aisle seats on the left side of the plane."

Pros: "Air Canada's airplane cleanliness is second to none in my book. That's why I always fly with them... Or rather flew..."
Cons: "The unending stream of excuses and explanations failed to convince me that this was anything but mismanagement that caused a delay of 5 hours. We'd be told something, and told the exact opposite, or a contradicting statement 15 minutes later. You botched this one bad Air Canada."

Pros: "the crew was very kind with getting those with close connecting flights off first."
Cons: "it was an hour late."

Pros: "None"
Cons: "Better luggage Service"

Pros: "movie selection on international flight was great."
Cons: "Had a serious delay, which was not acknowledged in anyway. We just waited near the gate for a long, long time. Also, for one of my flights, my group number was never called. I asked the flight attendant about it (when I passed through the gate after most other customers had boarded) and she flippantly responded with something like, "Yeah, maybe I didn't call your boarding zone. I don't know. Whatever." This left a terrible first impression on me."

Pros: "Nice plane."
Cons: "WAY too hot."

Pros: "Nothing. NOTHING."
Cons: "It took two hours to check my bag at the airport. The plane engine needed to be jump started, and I missed my connection flight to Paris. I had to spend an entire day stuck in Toronto, sick from terrible Hotel and airport food, cheap vouchers for terrible food, I missed my traveling companion who made the flight to Paris. I left my hat on the plane after the terrible flight in which they refused us any basic courtesies for the numerous passengers who were about to be stranded, and then the grooming crew kept my hat instead of turning it in to lost and found. Best part? Customer service told me that since I booked via Kayak, that I was not a valued customer and that they would not extend any courtesies to me for destroying my work trip itinerary."

Cons: "Took forever to board"

Pros: "Friendly service is so important to me - and the staff and flight crew at Air Canada met all my expectations. I had the displeasure of flying United on the way to Seattle and I must say the service at Air Canada is far above!"

Pros: "Short, comfortable seats"

Pros: "The seats were fairly comfortable for such a small plane."
Cons: "There was no meal on an international flight of more than four hours."

Cons: "Flight delayed again and again. Waited for hours at the airport until they cancelled the flight."

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Food was terrible especially for Prem economy. Chicken dish very bad. Difficult to get a second glass of wine with main meal."

Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Cons: "Numerous people had oversize carry on luggage that should have been checked. The passengers like me had smaller than regulation carry on but there did not seem to be room in the overhead compartments."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "I was too tall for the seats and the person in front of me was unable to put there seat back, they wanted me to trade with someone else but the. I just would have been a problem for someone else. The steward made me feel as though I was at fault because I should have payed the extra 100 to have emergency exit seating, they tried to get me to sit in the very back row of the plain and sit sideways across the two seats which means I would not be able to sit next to my fiancé. The whole thing was embarrassing and very rude, maybe people of 6'6" should be charged for emergency exit!!"

Pros: "I was not charged overweight for going over by 2 pounds since I had a Business Class ticket connection to my final destination."
Cons: "For an almost 4 hours, 400 USD international flight I would have expected to have at least a snack to eat a one luggage to check in on the price. I am an international traveler which doesn't have a choice but to carry a suitcase. Not to say that once on board I was requested to check in my carry on because there was no room on the plane and that I had to travel with my personal item on my feets since there was no available room at the over the head compartiment since I was identified with Zone 5 boarding."

Pros: "Service in the cabin was great."
Cons: "Can't think of anything"

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"

Pros: "Comfort. Individual screens"

Pros: "Superb experience all around....comfortable, clean, good entertainment, on-time, good food curteous crew!"
Cons: "Nothing- we will definitely travel with you again!"

Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "This was an overnight flight and we had our seats changed to the back row without being told. The seats would not recline and when the seats in front of us reclined for the entire flight, the screen and chair were about a foot from our faces. This was hands down the worst flight I have ever had. The flight crew Wulf not move us as the flight was full, and despite there being more than half of the first class seats available, they would not let us sit there. I will likely not fly air canada again given this experience."

Pros: "Food was good, service good in business cabin"
Cons: "We left late, and despite it being obvious we were going to leave late, all the information posted at the gate and on the web said on time. Why is it that airlines don't tell the truth about departures and arrivals times?"

Pros: "Didn't have much good with air canada. Some of the worst customer service I've experienced. Flight was fine."
Cons: "Boarded an hour late, made us miss our layover even though they said they were holding our following flight to Tokyo. The both of us along with 10 others on our flight got to the gate 10 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave and they wouldn't let anyone on. Missed the first day of our honeymoon trip along with unrefundable hotel fees. I travel a lot and never had an experience like this before."

Pros: "I accidentally left my tablet behind when I disembarked. The crew located it and brought it to me speedily while I waited in the baggage area. I'm truly grateful and impressed. All of the flight crew were delightful and thoughtful."

Cons: "The flight from Vancouver to Seattle on the 31st of July was delayed by two and a half hours, the return flight on August 5 topped that by one hour resulting in a delay of more than three and a half hours and a missed connection flight to Port Hardy. I had to stay in Vancouver over night and my husband had to pick me up in Campbell River. This meant a car drive to and back Campbell River of six hours instead of one hour to Port Hardy."

Pros: "The flight was less than an hour. So I don't expect anything."

Pros: "Crew was great!"
Cons: "Why is there no TV?"

Pros: "NIL"
Cons: "40 min flight delayed for 1 and a half hours. Missed connecting flight. Staff was extremely rude to the hordes of people inquiring about missing their connecting flight, and were given different instructions."

Cons: "You"

Pros: "That the plane didn't crash."
Cons: "When I flew to Toronto the plane left 15 mins late but arrived an hour an twenty min late. No turbulence or trouble, just late. I stepped off that plane to my connector to Paris when boarding was suppose to start but that plane was on an hour delay. The food is just horrible, anyone who has flown knows this, and on both flights first class was the only priority. They got to everyone else when it was convenient. This was my first time flying with Air Canada and will certainly be my last. I'll happily pay a little more for the other airlines. So if you fly with them, good luck to you."

Pros: "New plane lots of comfort"
Cons: "Canadian airport very confusing got lost twice even with directions."

Pros: "Normal economy flying, you get a seat and line to the bathroom. I am thankful we are not traveling the old ways. I am over expecting too much when you don't pay much for it."
Cons: "Paid for breakfast but did not get it. However, I did not say anything to the attendant."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "When I arrived in London my bag was not on carousel. I went to help desk to find out my bag was put on the next flight for some reason. No explanation given and no real accommodation given except telling when the flight would arrive. I guess I luckily only had to wait an hour, however it shouldn't be that way to begin with."

Pros: "I never could take this flight as Air Canada, with its unwelcome policy, needs a transit visa to change flights in Toronto. The sad part is, vayama and Air Canda (mis-spelled on purpose - deserves even less respect) do not even offer a partial credit if I want to cancel. Never am I going to use any of these or perhaps visit a bass-ackwards country like canada"
Cons: "I never could take this flight as Air Canada, with its unwelcome policy, needs a transit visa to change flights in Toronto. The sad part is, vayama and Air Canda (mis-spelled on purpose - deserves even less respect) do not even offer a partial credit if I want to cancel. Never am I going to use any of these or perhaps visit a bass-ackwards country like canada"

Pros: "Air Canada has the best food, most leg room for economy class and super efficient. I will be using Air Canada often in the future."

Cons: "Delayed for almost 2 hours but keep saying just 50 minutes late"

Pros: "standard short hop flight"
Cons: "Check in was ridiculous. I went through al the on line procedures and was even able to print out my luggage tag at the kiosk... but then had to wait in line for 45 minutes just to drop my luggage! I came more than 2 hours before as instructed, but the agent at the "baggage drop off" (really the all-round agent for both checking in and baggage drop off) did not show up until less than 90 minutes before the flight, and then there was only one to handle what had become a very long line."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "I booked a seat to be seated right next to SO. However, upon check-in, they changed the seat without telling me. Fortunately, we were able to exchange seat to be seated together."

Pros: "Nothing. It was a horrible experience."
Cons: "They could have checked in our bags but didn't. They could have been more courteous. They could have checked us in through to our final destination (Seattle) but didn't. I will never fly China Eastern again."

Cons: "Terrible food and no vegetarian options. Seats were uncomfortable."

Pros: "Everything went smooth and the flight was uneventful"
Cons: "Online check-in did work for me. I had to wait in line for ticketing."

Cons: "Even in business class ,every time have to ask for more wine and flight attendants just not care enough ."

Pros: "The crew is amazing."
Cons: "The quality of the food could be better."

Pros: "Remarkably few in flight announcements, which made it easier to sleep on the redeye. The bathroom was kept pretty clean."
Cons: "The food was pretty bad. The flight attendants were helpful, but not friendly. The other flyers were pretty active all night, with quite a few seat changes, which was distracting."

Pros: "Straightforward, get-what-you-pay-for experience. Fairly standard seats, personal entertainment options on the trans-pacific flight, but not within asia. Food served on all flights. Check-in at the airport was also straightforward."
Cons: "Would not recommend connecting in Nanjing, as the airport handles international transfers a bit oddly. Expect to wait in a group in a handful of different lines, while being herded quite closely by a customs agent from point to point, passports collected when you get off the plane."

Pros: "The combination of service, quality of the flight and the outstanding price were really a hit."
Cons: "All in all, we were very happy."

Pros: "Left the airport on time, arrived on time, good flight, good service onboard."

Pros: "Aircraft was clean and fairly comfortable with adequate legroom for avg height people, though tray and screen placement can be improved on."
Cons: "PVG airport gates could deal with more seating, at least double... and better handling of delays."

Pros: "The service is phenomenal. They served so many meals i felt like a bear in hibernation, waking up, eating and going back to sleep."
Cons: "I don’t have anything bad to say. The service was really good."

Pros: "Left on time."
Cons: "Food very unappetising. Poor movie selection"

Pros: "nice service"
Cons: "all passengers of economy almost boarded but we had to wait for a minibus to take us to the plane, this is ridiculous"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Turbulence most of the time Crew not courteous"

Pros: "Friendly crew. Great seats in business class. Enjoyed the entertainment options, and wifi was available if you pre-order before flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed an hour. They changed our gate without much notice or information. The boarding was chaotic. No vegetarian option, but they tried hard to accommodate me which was nice."

Pros: "Did not like the airline or personnel at the airport at all. Not helpful. Treated like ssssssss"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "The check in experience was awful. We have a layover in shangai and found out we have store our bag in a pay locker. He almost didn’t let my friend on as she had 8 clean pages on her passport but none of them were clean on Front and Back side. He said Indonesia would not let her. That was untrue. And we were in business class no less."

Pros: "Check in was ok at Delhi airport but the person on desk was new for his job as I could experienced."
Cons: "Wheel chair was requested at Shanghai Pudong Airport but it was not provided even after at gate .They sa8d its not available. i had to walk down. I had to remind them for Asian vegetarian meal. Zip lock tag strip was not placed on my suit case ."

Cons: "Bad airline"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Food."

Pros: "Their flight attendants were kind and the flight was on time"
Cons: "The plane was uncomfortable. The real downer was that somehow they lost a whole cartload of bags for a while, perhaps took them to a different carousel or something, so many of the bags from our flight didn't make it out until probably more than an hour after we had landed."

Pros: "Nothing spectacular to mention."
Cons: "Airline scheduled only a 30 minute layover between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Obviously I missed it. Waited 3 hours for airline to put me up in hotel. Hotel was extremely sketchy. I'll never make the mistake of traveling with this airline again. Worst travel experience in many years, and I've been some rough places. Food was Terrible, too."

Pros: "Good flight!"
Cons: "None"

Cons: "12 hours late and lost my bag!!"

Cons: "Worst flight experience I’ve had"

Pros: "I was very late to the airport and expected to have to make arrangements for flying the next day. The customer service agents on the ground at LAX still got me checked in on the flight and escorted me through security to the gate in record time. I am so grateful to them for that. The plane was newer and in great shape. Lots of entertainment and the crew onboard was very nice. My one complaint is that they expected us to keep our phones turned off the entire 14 hour flight! That really surprised me! Other than that one thing, I had a really pleasant experience and will feel confident flying them again in the future"
Cons: "No use of your phone is allowed at any time during the flight! I had to hide mine so I could listen to Spotify"

Pros: "The price was unbelievable!"

Pros: "We didn't crash, and the crew spoke some English."
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, the movie options were limited, I couldn't get English subtitles on e flush movies which I needed because the only headphones one could use were the provided ones (due to the jack), but the sound quality was so poor and airline so loud that I couldn't follow. Also there was no menu or schedule to anticipate meals, and I was left hungry even with what was provided (14 hour flight). Certainly not Emirates."

Pros: "The tickets were a great price, the staff was great, the entertainment selection was great, and overall I'd give the experience an A-"
Cons: "The food wasn't good and it was really hard to request the vegetarian option."

Pros: "The flight attendants were very attentive. Not super friendly, but polite. And they gave me a vegetarian meal, which I really appreciated"
Cons: "They were VERY street about no cell phones or laptops even though I was on airplane mode. Plus, they even advertised wifi for the flight. On a 12 hour flight, I was mildly annoyed."

Cons: "Bad leg room no food and drink options no entertainment"

Cons: "The only thing that I don't like I don't get any assistance from them how to get the connection to stay in the hotel when the flight landed from Hong Kong to Shanghai before Midnight, and my next flight from Shanghai to Boston in the mid-day, I was so tired and exhausted. It seemed they don't have good connection and communication."

Pros: "The overall seat & comfort was great. The food was presented very nicely and of decent quality."
Cons: "It was clear the pilots were smoking as every 30min-1 hr the cabin would fill with the smell of cigarette smoke. I read this on previous reviews online and found it to be true here. Made for unpleasant trip as it made my eyes and throat feel uncomfortable."

Cons: "Obsessed with having cell phones turned off rather than airplane mode. We were just trying to swap our SIM cards and got scolded like children"

Cons: "After I became upset because my video monitor did not work the crew offered to move me to a balkhead seat. But they would not allow my wife to sit with me. At the time there were six empty seats in balkhead. It was more important that I sat with my wife. This was a very poor decision made by the crew. They knew I was not happy. It ruined my whole experience on China Eastern."

Pros: "The attendants were very helpful, a meal was served with ever flight (even during domestic flights within China), the aircraft was clean, blankets were provided, and I felt very safe. I had an overall excellent experience with all of my China Eastern flights from LAX to Shanghai, Kunming, and Kathmandu."
Cons: "My only complaint, during the whole experience, was with the Kunming airport. They ushered overnight layover customers into the basement floor, which smelt of gas and was very cold. We were expected to sit and/or sleep on crowded seats and concrete floors. This is not a complaint about China Eastern, but rather the Kunming airport."

Pros: "Staff, crew, pilots, attention. Great overall as always"
Cons: "I would have really liked a blanket. I went from 85F and sunny to 50F and raining..."

Pros: "Plane was loaded quickly, and efficiently..pulled away from gate a little ahead of schedule. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Food just Ok...bread rolls always served at the end of the meal,instead of with the meal."

Cons: "Website doesn't work Customer service unreachable by phone Not able to check large baggage (musical keyboard) without prohibitive fee (1000 usd +)"

Pros: "Compared with airlines in the US, here you actually get food, even for a short flight"

Pros: "Crew were very friendly and efficient. Flight was quick."
Cons: "Delayed on the ground at Shanghai airport. Only got 1 small packet of peanuts to eat so I was really hungry. So maybe give a roll or something a bit more substantial."

Pros: "Seats were quite comfortable and was given blanket and pillow. The best part was the entertainment system, had a lot of good movies and the touch screen was definitely the smoothest I've experienced so far."
Cons: "Food wasn't that good. Crew was alright."

Pros: "I was able to sleep for most of the flight so I was comfortable"
Cons: "There was a rude male attendant who just put my seat up without asking me. It was when food was being served, not during landing or takeoff. Also the food was just okay on this flight. The previous flight to Shanghai the food was really good."

Cons: "Long flight. They don't like anyone opening the window shades but I would have liked to see the Alaska coastline we flew over."

Pros: "Managed to get a seat in a good spot which more legs soace"
Cons: "Chinese regulation forbid the use of any cell phone during the entire flight... even in flight mode!!! This is utterly frustrating and annoying, especially when the flight is 15 hours long!!! Also food was meat only, no possibility to get fish or vegetarian"

Pros: "Very affordable. 40 hours of flight time on 4 flights total for $500. Entertainment was good. Food could use help .!75 overall okay though."
Cons: "Food and lack of wi-fi"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My "flight 6790" wasn't a flight but actually a bus. It was over 100 miles to Shanghai and we didn't know this until we got to the airport. We almost weren't able to get our luggage because we didn't have a plane ticket for our next flight yet. The attendant at the bus stop said there was no bus that goes there. So we asked for the train, she said there was no train that goes there either. "So HOW do I get to Shanghai to catch this next flight then?" I asked. And she said she didn't know. Nobody would help us and everyone was being rude. We ended up having to spend $100 for 2 of us to take a cab to the next airport an hour away to catch our next flight. We weren't the only ones in the same situation, there were 7 of us total trying to find transportation to the next airport. Between the 2 cabs it cost us $400 just to get to Shanghai to catch our next flight. Shanghai airport personnel were perplexed at why they would send us to Hangzhou China and then tell us our next flight is an hour away in Shanghai. The air crew members were very friendly and accommodating but the airport staff were horrible, and whoever scheduled those flights like that.......I mean come on, seriously? It said FLIGHT 6790, not bus. If we knew that we would have booked a different flight, and we were misled into not doing so."

Pros: "I like most non american flights. Everyone is nicer and accommodating"

Cons: "They didn't let me in the plane, because I need a visa for transient China. I asked them before and they said no. I can't understand why you sell a ticket more than 24 transit when a visa is need it. And you don't specify tha"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Cancelled flight without reason. Terrible hotel and tried to make all travelers share a room. Breakfast at host hotel was three packs of crackers. No flight u til next morning and further delayed by two hours on tarmac."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Seattle to Changsha

Airlines flying from Seattle to Changsha have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Seattle to Changsha

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Seattle to Changsha

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Seattle to Changsha

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Seattle to Changsha

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2 stops
Multiple Airlines
34h 10m
2 stops
Multiple Airlines
25h 35m
3 stops
China Eastern
28h 20m
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