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Top airline flying South America to North Bend

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

United Airlines
Overall score based on 67,868 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "The flight was delayed for almost five hours."

Pros: "Movie choice"
Cons: "Man flight was rude for me reason"

Cons: "The plane was very cold"

Cons: "Take off could have been better. It was delayed, but pilot helped resolve the problem; so, it was fine."

Pros: "I would love to take off and make it to my destination next time instead of sit in the airport for 8 hours strung along by the employees saying the plane will be fixed."
Cons: "Everything."

Pros: "The whole experience was fine, as expected for today’s standard."
Cons: "Boarding would be better if the window seats go first, followed by middle seats then aisle seats."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "H m"

Pros: "All flights were on time or early and luggage made it to final destination with me."
Cons: "Wish they had another snack option besides just pretzels."

Pros: "None."
Cons: "Brussels Airlines flight was operated by United Airlines. United Airlines lied and charged us $120 when out should have been free for luggage. United Airlines are a bunch of rapists. United airlines screws people. Do not fly United Airlines. I called United Airlines to verify baggage policy before i flew and they said follow brussels Airlines bag policy. Liers. United airlines is the worst Airlines ever...DO NOT FLY UNITED AIRLINES."

Cons: "Delayed 40 minutes due to delay in inbound aircraft. Slow turning around added a second delay."

Pros: "I paid for extra space and it satisfy my needs."
Cons: "The personnel service during the flight was mediocre. In my opinion they don’t know what is customer satisfaction. They have to show that they like what they do with a simple smile. They are not doing the customer a favor . That is their job a good customer satisfaction"

Pros: "no chaos at boarding, decent seat space, smooth landing, solid breakfast"
Cons: "no real lunch/meal, just a small sandwich before landing."

Pros: "A flight attendant went out of her way to bring my wife some nuts from first class, since she said she missed having the packages of nuts and pretzels in economy."
Cons: "The stand-by for business class upgrade process is anything but clear."

Pros: "Arrived on time"
Cons: "Narrow seat"

Cons: "Plane had very little luggage space. I'm explorer card holder boarding should be priority I was in group 2. Food was not of good quality hence lot of people left it. 3. Sets were too narrow."

Pros: "They fixed it quickly so I'm over it."

Pros: "Easy, no probs. Clean & on time."
Cons: "Nuttin. All good."

Pros: "I was excited to hear about the private screening"
Cons: "The connection was horrible and the movie stopped every couple of minutes"

Pros: "I like the seats in the plane."
Cons: "When we were bording, we had 5 bags and one very small handbag. And then the bording the lady who works there told us that we couldn't have more then 5 bags, because we are five people. She count that small bag as one. In addition, I realized that because we have different race, she did let us go."

Pros: ""ONLY" 2 delays this time."
Cons: "There were "2" delays."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact I was unable to reschedule my flight due to medical reasons. The ticket I purchased was nonrefundable. I wasn't asking for a refund, I was asking to reschedule due to medical reasons of which I have a letter from my Cardiologist as proof of my condition. I saw my Cardiologist Baxter D. Montgomery, M.D. phone: 713.599.1144 on June 9th and was treated for uncontrolled Blood Pressure. I was advised to reschedule my flight after a follow-up appointment on June 23rd. On June 10th I Called United to reschedule my June 11th flight and was referred to at 800.678.0998. I spoke to Albert and explained my situation and was told that I couldn't reschedule. I asked to speak to a manager and spoke to Jane who only confirmed that I couldn't reschedule and nothing could be done. Not allowing customers with verifiable medical excuses to reschedule their flight is a shameful business practice."

Pros: "That we landed safely!"
Cons: "Temp was cold, they had no blankets to use, ran out of hot meals by the time they got to our seat"

Cons: "The gate changed several times"

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Service was fine."
Cons: "I find most United flights are late."

Pros: "Flight was as expected. Nothing outstanding, except for the low cabin temperature."
Cons: "It was very cold on the plane and the crew was able or willing to do anything about it. All else was good."

Pros: "The food was great"
Cons: "Boarding was slow"

Pros: "On time."

Pros: "Got me on an earlier flight, nice guy at the desk."
Cons: "Seats way too small, no food, no on flight entertainment"

Cons: "Didn't happen"

Cons: "No captions in the movies"

Pros: "Due to weather delays "not able to accommodate" Service representative had an attitude. I understand there are a lot of issues, but it's their job in customer service and if anyone should be upset it should be the customer for not being able to make their flight as scheduled."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "The boarding made it so much easier for me."

Pros: "It wasn't a big plane, so the seats were on the smaller side. Nonetheless, it wasn't terribly uncomfortable. Fast boarding process."
Cons: "North Bend's baggage handling is very slow to unload the aircraft and get the baggage up to the turnstile. This is a bit odd, considering there is only one aircraft on deck at any given time requiring unloading."

Pros: "On time and got all our luggage"
Cons: "Took a while to offload luggage"

Pros: "On time, good service very attentive crew"
Cons: "Ice cream desert served was Toffee flavor, ugh..."

Pros: "Meal was served right away and then we were not bothered for quite a while in the middle of the flight."
Cons: "Seats could use a lumbar support"

Pros: "Everyone was pleasant."
Cons: "I was not aware of the shortage of legroom on economy class."

Cons: "food was lousy, comfort level of the seats for a long flight was aweful"

Pros: "Attendant attitude"
Cons: "Noise in the cabin. Food was only two options, none vegetarian. Bathrooms locked all the time."

Pros: "No entertainment/ food offered as it was a short flight."

Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Arrived late....broken seat"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and nice Free wine and beer"
Cons: "NO individual screens - we had to use the United app on our own phones/devices, but the wifi kept going in and out, at some point for 2 hours, which was really disruptive. Streaming these movies on our devices killed our batteries. Fortunately, there were outlets, but that meant chords of all kinds across the seats and being tangled in them every time someone went to the bathroom. Seats/rows were very narrow"

Pros: "All good."
Cons: "Instead of a full can of soda with glass of ice, just recieve a glass with v ice and a bit of soda from the can."

Pros: "My bag 14 lbs over limit. Cost me $125.00 more. United is rip off."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "2-3 hour delay kept delaying, snack was nasty, drink yeah right it was a sip. They take a can and split it between four people. So unorganized and rude."

Pros: "The crew was very unrespctful spasialy her name is nachelle"

Pros: "the nice crew"
Cons: "the Economy Plus was not that great ,I was in the center seat .I was unconfortable."

Pros: "Checked in through united app - said see agent for seat assignment. This was a connection from Orlando to Milwaukee"
Cons: "I went to the gate agent who was rude, no smile - just said "I have to get checked in I will call you". I waited . She beckoned across for my name. Then called me up with her finger. She asked if I had a ticket (hadn't looked for my name correctly) she told me I'd have to wait until all had boarded and a volunteer gave up their seat. I did get on(last one)- Never a smile or an explanation. Will not fly united again. There are plenty of choices."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from South America to North Bend

Airlines flying from South America to North Bend have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from South America to North Bend

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from South America to North Bend

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from South America to North Bend

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from South America to North Bend

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