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Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29638 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Alaska crew is so much better than the others. We will always fly with Alaska Airlines whenever possible!

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Pros: Alaska crew is so much better than the others. We will always fly with Alaska Airlines whenever possible!

Pros: Seats were comfortable. The food was very good. We pre-ordered a cheese plate and a wrap. A few weeks before our trip, Alaska Air changed the flight times, and we decided the connection time was too tight and so changed to a later connection. The agent we talked to about the change was very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. It's a good airline, typically rated as the best or second-best of the US airlines. As far as we can tell, its high rating is accurate.
Cons: We originally had chosen our flight from Boston to Seattle to connect with our flight from Seattle to Sitka with an hour and ten minutes between them. However, Alaska Air changed the schedules of both flights, leaving only 45 minutes between flights. That is barely enough time to connect (the flights left from different terminals) if there are no delays. We thus had to change our plans not long before our departure to another flight to Sitka that left 5 hours later, forcing us to kill a lot of time in the boring Seatac airport. Apparently Alaska Air is notorious for changing its flight schedules. Travelers should keep that in mind when arranging flights and try to choose first flights that arrive soon enough that several alternative connecting flights are possible if Alaska Air changes the flight times.

Cons: My bag was lost, but I think that was more of an American Airlines issue than a Alaska one.

Pros: FA moved me to a better seat after seeing me stuffed between 2 other large individuals. Very considerate!

Pros: The crew was professional in every way,
Cons: There were a couple of individuals with oversized carry-ons that held up boarding as they tried repeatedly to get the carry-ons into the overhead bins. Utilizing a carry-on sizing tool in the gate area would have identified these two oversized carry-ons PRIOR to boarding and could have kept everyone safer. Instead, passengers behind the offenders were waiting while the bags were opened, items removed, and another attempt made at stuffing them into the overhead bins, all while passengers already seated were subjected to even more compromised social distancing in enclosed spaces.

Cons: First class seat broken. Didn’t recline. Crackers not food. $20 for Internet that’s constantly buffering??? Junk money grubbing company.

Cons: No food and seats broken 1st class leg and upgraded seating. I paid extra for broken seats that won’t recline on Alaska ar.

Pros: We landed 45 minutes early and the pilot took us over the mountains so we had an excellent view

Pros: Everything

Pros: This flight is generally convenient.
Cons: The flight was late due to a late arriving aircraft. 1:15 late. I wish Ravn could avoid this. The pilots were skilled but there was quite a bit of turbulence.

Pros: Liked the WiFi and entertainment during the whole flight.
Cons: The fact that I really wanted some water and the stewardess passed me not even asking about the water. Just asked the couple across. So I politely waited to be asked too, and they just passed our row like we don’t exist.

Pros: Great crew and smooth landing
Cons: Nothing all was well

Pros: Very friendly staff. Very convenient layover switch at airport.
Cons: Little personal space in seating. No video monitors— need to use own cellphone to view videos. Need to pre-order meals if you want them.

Cons: I was in the middle seat between two heavy ladies . I had no room to move. They lost my sis in laws luggage

Pros: Even a short period of travel they are helpful and entertaining people
Cons: I just don’t like giving only a 1 pc of biscuit and a 1cup of soda or drinks for almost 6 hrs of travel. At least they must give a 1meal dinner or lunch and or breakfast

Cons: Uncomfortable flight due to turbulence. Hard seats. Majority of passengers checked in baggage were taken off in Honolulu before take off and did not make it to Anchorage.

Pros: service excellent
Cons: Alaska lounge sub standard

Pros: I didnt die.
Cons: That they fed me cookies all day. Better tasting water. Variety of free snacks.

Cons: On the leg from Seattle to Anchorage there was a significant time delay due to a “medical situation” I suspect a young female passenger had a few to many drinks and puked all over the back of the plane prior to take off. It happens and is really no ones fault but her own. I guess being the smug person I am I would like to see Alaska be compensated by the young lady

Pros: I always enjoy flying with Alaska Airlines.

Pros: yes

Pros: Everything
Cons: N/A

Pros: served some great refreshments even while serving was going on they made it easy to sleep

Pros: It was great we had a nice Tailwind that got us in 50 min early . Space in seating was more than adequit.
Cons: Their wasn't anything I disliked.

Pros: First class is the best in the industry.
Cons: It would be better if this, the last flight of the day, left later

Pros: Entertainment was great
Cons: I thought I had reserved an aisle seat but I was in the middle when I boarded.

Pros: Excellent Crew - I flew standby, so have great gate agents and flight attendants makes all the difference when you’re hoping for a seat. In flight they are professional and personable and keep you up to date on what you need to know! Plus, I’m always happy when my flights have USB ports so I’m fully charged when I deplane.
Cons: I always want more leg room or a little more room under the seat in front of me. But I didn’t upgrade for a roomier seat and there was more than enough overhead space, so truly can’t complain about it!

Pros: Always a pleasure when I fly with Alaska. Need to make this a regular thing.

Pros: The lavatory was clean.
Cons: They changed my seats without telling me, even the day before my itinerary said I was in the first row of First Class by the window with my partner's seat right beside me and they switched it because of some policy that forbids dogs yet couldn't let me know that in July when I booked this and spoke to a representative on the phone to confirm I was even allowed to bring a dog on board. And even then they made me feel like it was not possible and had to stow my dog below in cargo because only one dog could be in the First Class section, and again I was never told that in that moment I couldn't have my dog in the first row. Also, the representative was very clear I had to have a health certificate for my dog to fly and not only did that cost me a large deal of money and time at the veterinarian's office, but no one ever even inquired to see it. I wasted time and money for no reason other than the incompetence exhibited by Alaskan Airlines, and it's surprising to have such consistent subpar service. Especially when you're paying for First Class. Also, your food on flight had several allergens in them. Even your choice of cookie for passengers had two different types of soy. This is a common food allergy. Needless to say, I'll be flying with another airline for my trips to Alaska, as this is not my only one planned.

Pros: In my flight form ANC to FAI the check in was seemless. I was given a bag for my car seat. I was able to check my pack n play no issues. Checking my bag
Cons: My flight back my cab driver was late. I got there at 530 first of all the baggage drop lady was rude and looked me up and down before choosing to talk to me. I was told they didn't have bags for my car seat and that I missed my flight. By the time I scheudled a new flight and made it through security to wait for my 9 am instead of 6 am flight the flight I was suppsosed to be on was boarding. Also when I checked my bags after being told I had to call the 1800# instead of use the customer service desk I was told that I had to pay for my pack n play. When it was not charged on the way up.

Pros: I was in first class so that's the better experience. I would have been even unhappier in coach.
Cons: Seat, despite being first class, was not comfortable I asked for a blanket before takeoff and was told there aren't any on board. No blankets for an 8 hr red eye??? No pillow either. Flight attendants never asked if I wanted another beverage after initial service. It was an 8 hr flight. The first class meal was a tiny cheese plate. I was starving. For a $900 1 way ticket, I expect more of this airline Flight attendants seemed like they didn't want to be there. Wasn't feeling the love. it was a 12:30am flight. We are all tired, but c'mon. Smile a little.

Pros: the seats were much more comfortable and the fans worked. I had a way better flight.

Cons: My luggage was off loaded in Juneau and staff was not very helpful in providing information on claims etc....Very disappointed with Alaska Airlines.

Pros: Average flight...
Cons: cramped, pay for everything, flight was packed, asked to check carryon's because there wasn't enough room.

Pros: Friendly staff and crew. Will do whatever they can to help
Cons: TSA is a necessary unpleasantness. Would not want to fly without them, but still no fun...

Cons: Flying with my husband and daughter. All of our seats were split apart even after calling to fix the issue. When I went up to the counter, the lady told me too bad, she couldn't ask someone in an isle seat to switch, but I could do it myself if I wanted. My daughter is 2, can't exactly sit by herself. Food service didn't begin until almost 2 hours into a 3 hour flight but it was in no way due to turbulence. After food service, no trash service came around until about a half hour before landing. Slowest moving crew I have ever seen in my life. Also, the bathrooms were beyond disgusting. I will never fly Alaska again.

Cons: Customers should be made aware that animals are on the flight before boarding to safe guard against allergies.

Pros: It was a beautiful flight. Everyone was kind and accomodating.

Pros: Alaskas great cheese plate
Cons: The heat was high, we asked the male steward many times to request the heat turned down, people were removing as much clothing as possible. It was very hot and sticky and smelly. The descent to landing was to fast when near the runway, and we crashed hard like a carrier landing. I would inspect the gear and wing spats for cracks. The fuselage bowed like a banana, it was evident looking down the tube sitting the back. How about a breathalyzer or something, everybody knows the drunken pilots, the can't be fired and they know it, so it takes years to sober them up at our expense. The pilots who've been caught drinking are not trying to get better, they just whine that the others who haven't been caught yet are even worse drunks. Everybody who flys on Alaska has heard it from the same old Alaska born drunken pilots. How about less drunken bush piloting and get your drunken pilots who've been busted in the last few years to shut up and stop telling everyone that all Alaska pilots are drunks as defense of there drunkeness.

Pros: As always, check in and boarding was fast and courteous. Flight attendants were friendly and very professional.

Pros: Short and direct flight from kona to anchorage, love it
Cons: Internet was down at the airport, caused delays, but all good , I have always hsd pretty good experience with alaska air

Pros: Easy transition.
Cons: You have to pay for food and entertainment.

Pros: Pretty standard Alaska Airlines flight. Crew was friendly, boarding process was smooth.
Cons: The new interiors on the 737-NG aircraft are fitted with vents which are pretty inadequate. They don't open very wide and then don't provide very much air at all. Headrests on window seats in the exit row don't move. Interior of the cabin was dirty. There was hair and stains on the tray table. No free in-flight entertainment. Since there's relatively no equipment cost to airline to allow streaming to personal devices, this is pretty disappointing.

Pros: Captain's flight commentary good Crew fine. Plane fine.
Cons: slow, untimely, disorganized boarding Couldn't get seat assignment online or at airport.

Cons: My wife cleaned the seat headrest with a disinfectant wipe and it was very dirty.

Cons: I think that food should be served with flight and just add the cost on the ticket.

Pros: They were very friendly and accommodating.
Cons: That you have to purchase entertainment on a 6 hour flight.

Cons: Who ever made my reservation did not put in seat numbers is now my wife and I are not sitting together. Also Alaska airline charges for everything. So they suck.

Pros: Luggage didn't arrive with us- Personnel were very helpful in finding our luggage and getting it to us even though it was an American Airlines error and not Alaska Airlines

Pros: Clean safe comfortable plane seats. friendly staff.
Cons: A small credit for miles as the Wifi didn’t work.

Cons: The cookies and snacks are terrible. A single sandwich would have been better and not cost that much more t For the airline

Pros: Timeliness
Cons: Seating

Pros: Super crew. Reasonably good food. Liked how safety conscious crew was.
Cons: Nothing. Great job everyone

Pros: Easy, fast, simple. Not crowded.
Cons: Nothing!

Pros: Crew is amazing, seats are pretty good.
Cons: On time, baggages checked in and were made available on time.

Pros: Use my built up miles for the SEA-ANC leg of our trip, as to physically price it out as one ticket usually increases the fare by 300-600 u$d depending upon time of year. As it was the tail end of an already long journey (OKA-ICN/ICN-SEA), booked the First Class Cabin. Every mile was worth it.
Cons: N/A

Cons: Food really bad on both segments.

Cons: It could have left on time or they could have told us they weren’t leaving and let us get some sleep.

Pros: The entertainment was nice.
Cons: If the screen wasn’t behind the seat. I could hear the tapping of the person behind me.

Pros: Early arrival. On time departure. Good selection of movies

Cons: Plane very late. Boarding was chaos

Pros: It is a short flight, no inflight service but we boarded quickly and deplaned the same.
Cons: Had to wait for some of the flight crew but that isn’t anybodies fault

Pros: No turbulence
Cons: Cramed plane

Pros: Everything

Pros: They were very helpful. I hurt my leg and am on crutches and they were extremely helpful to get me to my next gate in Minneapolis and to get me to baggage claim in Philadelphia.

Pros: Flying and going fast, plus the people are kool too.
Cons: That it was a short trip.

Pros: Attendant was very good at explaining ground staff members actions to a fellow passenger

Pros: Easy, fast boarding. We arrived early too.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Everything was perfect, everyone was nice, there was lots of room, the crew offered snacks frequently, WiFi had a great connection and there was a wide array of entertainment.
Cons: There was a problem with the plane that they told us after we boarded that delayed our plane an hour. But hey, better safe than sorry!

Pros: Flight crew was awesome

Pros: Very good flight. Nice staff that seemed to enjoy their jobs. Great smiles and personable. Modern and clean plane with WiFi and charging outlets
Cons: There was a mechanical issue that delayed departure. Fortunately I did not have a connection to make. The crew made sure to communicate with everyone onboard frequently so we were aware of the situation and progress. They handled everything well which was reassuring for my peace of mind.

Pros: Alaska Airlines is way overpriced and way less comfortable than Delta. I’m a Delta loyalist forever now!
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: That i survived
Cons: Cramped no entertainment cofée was nasty

Pros: The snack was nice.

Pros: flight was canceled

Pros: On time with no drama

Pros: N/A
Cons: 2.5 hour delay for no apparent reason at first (supposed mechanical issues with plane) and then waited on plane at gate for a missing pilot who never got picked up from his airport and got stuck in Chicago traffic trying to get to O'Hare. Eventually had to take pilot from another flight before leaving at 8:45 when flight was scheduled for 6:00am.

Pros: New Boing 717 aircraft. Short flight time. I needed and got very good special assistance.

Pros: From friendly staff on the ground to check us in, to helpful flight attendants, Delta has once again convinced us it is one of the better airlines . Will fly delta again.

Pros: I LOVED the free movies. Great idea and newer movies. Finally was able to watch a movie I'd wanted to see for a long time.
Cons: Flight was packed which always makes for a more cramped ride. Again, boarding. Flight boarded late and just seems boarding from the back to front would be faster.

Pros: The gate crew was great, so was the flight crew. My journey home was quite calming.
Cons: The delay, I know it was due to storms.

Pros: I love the media that is INCLUDED in the price of your ticket on Delta Flights. That sets Delta apart for me.

Pros: The staff and crew were great help all along the route and the planes were well kept and clean.
Cons: One of the legs did not have the free wifi available, but they mentioned that before takeoff and were very apologetic that it had not been added to that plane yet.

Cons: When they called for passengers with infants and those who needed more time they also called for anyone who wanted to check their luggage. So of course people cut right in front of me as I was about to scan my pass. What is the point of asking us to come up if they are just going to let people jump in front of me.

Cons: The air conditioning was broken so it was sweltering the whole time. Staff didn't even mention it or apologize. No leg room. Bags took longer than 20 minutes to arrive but we didn't make a fuss since we were just glad to be finished with Delta. I'll never fly Delta again even if it costs me more.

Cons: Didn't stick to zones when boarding customers. Gate agent basically let anyone board during pre boarding and priority boarding, why even offer it if you aren't going to make people adhere to the rules.

Pros: Friendly staff/ comfortable seating.

Pros: The stewards/stewardess were very helpful. The trip was very pleasant.
Cons: Great customer service from all staff. Mannerisms, snacks, and safety precautions.

Pros: Great crew and passengers

Pros: Gave plenty of food and snacks
Cons: Seat didn't recline, no changing station for my child onboard (but charged me a full price ticket)

Cons: Delayed 2.5 hours

Cons: Food choices

Pros: Reassignment was pretty easy.
Cons: No accommodations were available for overnight stay due to delayed flight.

Pros: Low price.
Cons: Delta provided no information as to why the flight was late. No earlier flights on other airlines were offered.

Cons: Plane was dirty when boarding and older than usual with a broken intercom speaker above us - squawking volume that rang every time the captain or seatbelt light came on. Staff were loud throughout this evening flight where everyone tried to get some shut eye. NOT kid friendly. overhead bins didn't fit the standard carry on correctly requiring everyone to place them sideways with wasted space and therefore not enough luggage room for everyone, crowding an already fully booked flight. A few more reasons why we'll never fly delta again

Pros: Seated my husband I together (finally) at very back of plane next to window (not our preference).
Cons: My husband and I although booked together were seated in middle seats 9 rows apart. We atrempted to change our seats online at KLM (not possible), online at Delta (didn't recognize our KLM purchased flight), in person at KLM counter in SVG, in person with THE Delta rep at the check-in gate in one could help us due to different systems used for seating for each company that the other one doesn't have access to. Flights booked by one company and operated by another seem common enough that this system needs to be improved. - Silver KLM travelers Also WAY too hot on plane.

Pros: The staff was friendly and curtious

Cons: Enforce your baggage size and number limits. A significant number of passengers take bags onboard that are oversized.

Pros: I think they've really stepped it up and it is obvious they want a good customer experience

Cons: more organized boarding

Cons: No weather delay

Cons: Never heard the announcement for boarding resulting in me missing my flight. If it were just me I’d say all my fault but there were 12 people that did not hear the announcements.

Pros: Flight was generally smooth. Bags arrived in good time and undamaged.
Cons: Announcements were too loud and far too frequent.

Pros: It was a short flight but it was clean and comfortable. The boarding process was organized also. Crew was friendly and helpful.
Cons: Everything was good.

Pros: We didn’t crash
Cons: Customer service . Better baggage service , hot food , non canceled flights

Cons: If delay to much pls let customer out of plane

Pros: Flight left on time.
Cons: No charging points at seat and armrest headphone jacks did not work.

Pros: Ice cream sundae was yummy. Good amount of entertainment options.

Cons: More Space between seats would have been nice


Cons: Flight attendants were NOT personal at all. Did not say hello or even greet passengers. Totally acted like they did not want to be there. Made me feel like we were nothing but a bother to there. Hate all the interruptions advertising the credit card. Very annoying!

Pros: Flight attendant called in sick flight delay for 1.5 hours leaving Tampa, could not make connection and all other flights overbooked until tomorrow.
Cons: If I did not have a 24 hour delay in arriving!!

Cons: Leave on time! On this round trip there were 4 segments and 3 of the 4 flights were late!

Pros: WiFi
Cons: Had to take shuttle to other side of airport which took over an hour. Very very poor experience. Also, Seats had no room pull down table.

Pros: More space in these seats than in other flights I’ve taken

Pros: The crew skipped me for breakfast and i had to ask for food.
Cons: The food was not very good. Bread rolls stale and inedible. The rest of the flight was good.

Pros: crew were top notch
Cons: plane did not connect to a jet bridge for boarding or exiting no charging area no WIFI

Pros: Fast quick flight. Bags out quickly.
Cons: Seats are far too cramped for someone who is 6,2.

Pros: Crew was very nice. Plane was clean.
Cons: Tight squeeze into seats. TV selection wasn’t mainstream programs - nothing of interest to an older person.

Cons: A two-stop flight turned into a three-stop flight and lost connecting flights!

Pros: seat space (paid +$180)
Cons: There is no USB port or power plugs

Pros: Friendly Staff

Pros: The customer service/ticket agent skipped her lunch break to get us on the plane. She went way beyond the call of duty. We will be eternally grateful.

Pros: IFE very good
Cons: No legroom

Pros: The professionalism of the crew and the cleanliness was excellent!
Cons: The seats weren’t very comfortable!

Pros: Absolutely none of it
Cons: The entire experience was the worst flying experience of my life

Pros: The option to hear the flip down LCD screens. Though I didn’t use them.
Cons: The lady next to me taking up my seat and a quarter of each seat to her side. The person in front of me never putting their seat all the way up. Couldn’t hear the crew when asked a question.

Cons: Why is coffee such an exorbitant request?

Pros: Check in at the airport counter was quick and helpful.
Cons: - Online check in did not allow me to check in my connecting flight with American, and the American website didn't either. - Seats were way too tight with cramped space. - Airport in Lima does not provide a vip lounge. - Boarding was delayed 20 minutes from the stated time

Pros: Nice plane
Cons: Slow set up of gateway upon arrival

Cons: Flight was delayed for hours- weather related, but at other destinations- so this flight had to wait to be rescheduled. Also they weren't able to give any idea when the flight would be boarding- they just kept sending text alerts that it was delayed another half hour and no updates were listed on the screens. When the flight finally left, after I had been waiting for over 5 hours, we were told that they would be flying low, so there would be no beverage service. It would be nice in these situations to simply have bottled water to pass out quickly, or make the announcement prior to boarding so people would be able to bring their own beverages.

Cons: I would consistency with the flights. The plane I took from NYC to MIA had individual montiors and served a variety of snacks. The flight from MIA to NYC had on pretzels and you had no options for entertainment.

Pros: I liked that you could watch TV and movies from your personal device without a charge.
Cons: That the flight was delayed.

Pros: I like quick flight,
Cons: The delay but hey that's how it goes.

Pros: Their service is useless. Processes are in need of a major overhaul. They have become too big for themselves and have not adopted the customer-centric value that prevailing companies have incorporated and are implementing. I predict that they will not be around in the next 10 years if changes are not made.
Cons: Kayak should be more particular who they partner up with as being more selective will bring more value to your brand.

Pros: Dame coments
Cons: Same coments

Pros: We hit a very bad bout of turbulence. They were concerned as to our wellbeing and comfort throughout the flight.

Pros: Ability to avoid storms in order to provide a less stressful and safer flight. Actually arrived early!
Cons: Did not like having to board from the tarmac.

Cons: Baggage took 1 hour after arrival1

Pros: Flight attendants were awesome, aircraft was clean and seats were great.

Pros: Beach pool fishing n company
Cons: Heat

Pros: The aircraft was not well maintained, middle holds were small and could not accommodate a normal hand bag. A side hold had to be taped to close it.

Cons: I did not like how I requested a same day flight, was presented with a low fare, so I took it, and it was deceptively a different day months in the future. . . This is not a flight I feel I should have paid for, as I feel I was deceived

Cons: Previous flight was cancelled so I never made this one.

Pros: Same as above "loved everything" excellent flight!!!
Cons: Nothing

Pros: I liked that the pilots didn't have any trouble with flight
Cons: I didn't like how there was wifi available, but it wouldn't work

Pros: Food was good and staff was nice.
Cons: Plane was old, seats uncomfortable like all the cushion in the seat had been worn out, and a bathroom was out of order so we had to wait in line for the other one that would quickly run out of paper towels.

Cons: Having to pay $50 to check bags when if I had been able to to Ak Air check in they would have been free

Pros: It was nice to have TV screens for the flight.
Cons: I asked for headphones several times and never received it.

Pros: Weather delays and the Boeing 737 problems a little out of their control. Some things could have done better, but some good employee efforts.
Cons: Small planes are subpar.. Food useless. Baggage fees. When things go bad you're on your own.

Pros: The view.
Cons: Landed early by a bit. Made to wait on runway 30 minutes before we could park at gate. Figure it out United - maybe if you worked with your airport partners better they’d help you the 1 or 2 times you’re actually early.

Cons: Delays

Cons: Check in crew was so inflexible, and demanding. She wanted me to open a careful-sealed box just to take a pound out. Whrist my other luggage was only 48 pounds! I understand it is part of my fault not to be careful when weigh the boxes but she should have asked nicely. I would rate 0 for the bad behavior. This is not a first time I have bad experienced with United Airlines. I would not recomend this airlines.

Cons: Seats were super small, people kept bumping us, and so did the crew, without even say sorry

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Not much
Cons: Everything

Cons: Old plane----moldy and smelly.

Pros: Great coastal views
Cons: O issues

Pros: Getting home safely!!

Cons: Extremely small plane. No tv in headrests or on plane, Not enough room for everyone's carry on, no usb charging ports, don't offer unlimited snacks and beverages. They did not offer ANY drinks or snack on this flight which is ridiculous.

Cons: Basic Economy fare will flag at the kiosk for check-in. I'd rather have a warning to indicate no Carry On bag allowed, and flag at the gate for them to check. Both legs of the trip caused an extra 5-10 minutes to wait for help to proceed

Cons: They should board the plane from the back to front, it just makes sense to do it this way, less people out if place and it would board faster

Cons: My flight was delayed (not due to weather) almost 4 hrs

Pros: My experience with Air Canada was all around pleasant. I would definitely fly with them again. Any negative aspect during my travels was due to their partner United Airlines.
Cons: If flying within the States we used United Airlines; a partner of Air Canada. The flight itinerary changed numerous times before our departure, including two days before we left. The change added an additional layover, and put us at our destination nearly 6 hours later than out original booking. This meant we lost a decent portion of the first day of our honeymoon. However, we were forced to stay an extra day when our return flight was cancelled. After spending 8 hours in the airport we were informed that our Monday flight was cancelled, and the next available flight would not be until Wednesday! United Airlines let us down on the way to our destination and on our trip home. Air Canada was great, but I dread having to use their partner United Airlines.

Pros: Everything was perfect....

Pros: American Airlines
Cons: Dear United Airlines, It is my dearest wish that reading the following inflicts upon you at least a fraction of the stress, frustration, and pain that I have been through traveling with you today- you absolutely abhorrent excuse for a company. Due to your incomparable incompetence my arrival was inexcusably delayed almost 12 hours. An account follows: For a company who's customer service is already hanging by a very thin thread you would think that you would be doing everything to make your flights as smooth and pleasant as possible. Shall I elaborate on the utter frustration and boredom of being trapped in the San Francisco airport facing not one, not two, but what became SEVEN delays? Delays that have been caused by runway maintenance- a condition which someone in your company would have known about well before I got to the airport and that you simply did not plan for. A almost FOUR HOUR delay that could have been easily avoided if you just had things together and scheduled your planes around the affected runways. And let's not forget the additional delay caused when your flight crew simply couldn't be found to come to the gate so we could start getting underway! But no, I think the absolutely outstanding quintessential experience that defines flying with United airlines is this: After the above delays myself and my fellow passengers were finally able to board our flight- only to be told by the captain that there would be another brief delay while we waited for ANOTHER crew member because one of the pilots was near the end of their union hours. We sit on the plane stuck for another 20 minuets or so, only to be told they can't find anyone, and can we please get off the plane because our WHOLE FLIGHT is CANCELED. The kiosk I get to try and fix this is uncrowded but understaffed and run by clearly undertrained employees. The ones I'm dealing with keep having to ask each other for help, and give advice/plans that contradict one another. One of theme even takes what seems to be a personal call while 'assisting' me. When I finally get ahold of a supervisor I have to plead to get the next flight out of this godforsaken place, which I am reluctantly given as its with one of your competitors. Talking with other customer and airport staff is sounds very much like you are delaying/canceling flights for your own personal gain or at least not correcting flights around the situation to squeeze more money from the situation) it becomes quite clear that you are not only still incapable of accepting any real measure of accountability but entirely disgracefully unorganized.  Almost 12 hours later I do finally make it home- thanks to American Airlines.  Only to have the utter displeasure of one last interaction with United wherein when I pick up my bag your employees insist that I was delayed due to the weather and it wasn't your fault. It was entirely absolutely your fault.

Pros: ?
Cons: The worst cheesburger ran out of my first 3 choices

Pros: Kansas City airport has to be the worst in the country. Over an hour to get through TSA.
Cons: I was to be in Kansas City at 4PM and did not get in until after 11PM. Two planes with mechanical problems. The return flight was ahead of schedule all the way.

Pros: I liked that we didn't crash into snowy mountains. I like that we landed.
Cons: OMG. First class seat "broken" - wasn't really able to lean back because it went "too far" into row behind me. Nope - that's actually how the chair is designed. Was asked to sit upright the entire 7 hour flight. IFE spotty at best. It kept rebooting and kicking me and others out. I guess food was "okay" as I honestly don't remember it at all. This is my last of 10 years at 1K with United. Moving airlines this year.

Pros: Boarding and crew attendants were courteous and helpful. Flight left on time and arrived early. Luggage arrived and my time inChicago was short.
Cons: Seats crowded but I was fortunate to not have a person in middle seat. Implied tv was free but system kept asking for my credit card.

Cons: Getting bk to anchorage @midnight instead of the origibal time of 2:00 due to not having a fuckin pilot in new orleans

Pros: On time, smooth flight. Good personnel, friendly. Seats were OK, managed to get some rest.

Pros: That we didn't crash.

Cons: Legroom

Pros: I'll always contact kayak for my up coming flights

Pros: United delivered us to Anchorage so late that we missed the very last flight out of Anchorage to Homer. We had to pay for a hotel room and full price tickets to fly the very next morning. Because United delivered us to Anchorage so late, we had to spend so much money on the hotel and next day flights. Until this point I have always been happy with United but I don't think we can go with United anymore after this.

Pros: The flight crew on this route is one of the best that ive ever had the pleasure to have been served by. The ladies were extremely helpful and were always out helping serve the people
Cons: The cost of the entertainment and that it didn't work all the way. Lost like the last two hours of the flight, not very good especially having to pay for it

Cons: Missed it due to delays

Pros: Small airport, comfortable seating, polite crew
Cons: Snack wasn't my style

Pros: Flight was fast!
Cons: Bad food and drink service

Pros: Couldn't really figure out your Wi-Fi system so I just read a book
Cons: It's not really easy to set up your Wi-Fi system through the United app

Pros: stewards left me alonee to sleep
Cons: Over crowded back half of the plane... With the first 10 rows basically completely empty (only 8 people in the front 60 seats) That flight to anchorage arrived an hour early which is awesome, but we had to wait 45 min on the plane "for an empty gate" they said. There were at least 4 empty gates I could see from my window in the sand terminal we ended up deboarding at. Very frustrating

Pros: Customer service was excellent,very friendly.
Cons: Delay of the plane and every show you have to pay for even the flight map, that was very disappointing.

Pros: The staff was very helpful. When overhead storage was full, bags were checked at no additional cost.
Cons: Had trouble with the highly advertised entertainment. On the trip from Rapid to Chicago, the entertainment wouldn't work. I was fairly comfortable in my aisle seat, but think it I had to be in a center of window seat, I would have been very uncomfortable.

Cons: The flight was delayed over an hour, which caused me to run to catch my connection.

Pros: The communication was great. The taking off and landing was great
Cons: The food was mediocre and I was not given a choice. They ran out of chicken and the only food they had left was pork that seemed like can food. Breakfast was dry croissant with yogurts.

Pros: Crew was nice. Lots of selection for movies.
Cons: Drink service was so slow. Literally had to beg for drinks

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Plane was delayed Missed connection in Denver Then while on plane about to take off, pilot realized plane lacked fuel to make our destination My 4 1/2 hour flight took 9.... Terrible experience

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The fact that the person next to was in my seat as well

Pros: Fantastic service

Pros: I liked when I got home 12 plus hours later than I was supposed to!
Cons: The three canceled flights and 7 delays that I was out through were awful!

Pros: quick easy boarding
Cons: Old plane. Magazines were old and missing several pages.

Pros: My flight was rescheduled so I hope I did not get charged for another flight.

Pros: Because of our incident in LV, This flight was out of Denver. The flight attendants were fantastic! The staff was very helpful, and was able to get seats together.
Cons: They had issues with the wifi, so there was no entertainment.

Pros: Flight was on time, workers were courteous, gates were easy to find.

Pros: Very good

Cons: The fact that the tv is on constantly without the option to turn it off is annoying. The viewing length to passenger is too short to really enjoy (Probably not your fault). PLEASE permit us to turn it off. The constant repeating of the Dish commercials while in dead air space is so annoying I will never consider Dish as a provider.! Please play more than one entertaining video than repeating the one about alligators (crocodiles?).

Pros: Smiles and service
Cons: Limited leg room

Cons: Pilots capabiliy. Excellent smooth landing. Friendly crew.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from South Dakota to Anchorage

Airlines flying from South Dakota to Anchorage have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from South Dakota to Anchorage

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from South Dakota to Anchorage

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from South Dakota to Anchorage

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from South Dakota to Anchorage

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from South Dakota to Anchorage

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