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Pros: "Emirates deserves its reputation for providing an overall enjoyable experience"
Cons: "New Jersey airport is seriously lacking in functioning systems"

Pros: "Flying on economy Emirates was a fantastic experience. It should be the industry standard."
Cons: "The entire experience"

Pros: "Better food than out of Newark. Crew helpful as always."
Cons: "Legroom is poor but unlike the Newark-Athens leg, I was able to get an aisle seat that allowed me to stretch a bit. Choice of English language movies is poor. Depending on the price I would still prefer the Delta non stop flight from US to Greece because of the movie choices and ease of use of remote control."

Cons: "The food selection was limited and not tasteful!"

Pros: "In flight crew were pleasant"
Cons: "I was made to pay excess luggage because my carry-on was 1kg overweight. I was very depressed because of this treatment and the ground crew in Lagos were abusive when I complained and they threatened me that I would miss my flight if I didn't comply"

Pros: "The cabin crew was attentive and helpful."
Cons: "The flight seemed crowded and did not have enough room for carry on baggage."

Pros: "Emirates is a true Customer Service oriented airline. It is a relief to know that in this age of carriers that charge you a lot and treat you like you are paying a bus ticket there are airlines that still know the key to success. Boarding was fine and not dependent on local personalities. You can tell the company cares about training. The food and entertainment is excellent. Seats are still a little smaller but they try and make up with it with other perks. Flight crew was polite, smiling, and accommodating no matter the time. Pillows, blankets, snacks, etc. all given without having to ask or be charged. We were also given these little self care packs with toothbrush & paste, eye pillow, socks, and earplugs! Overall it made a long flight over night very comfortable."
Cons: "Nothing!"

Pros: "Good selection of movies. Nice staff- some of which were able to handle difficult customers better than others."
Cons: "Both flights to Athens and returning to New York were very delayed. As a result, passengers were annoyed and staff members looked obviously stressed as well. On the whole my impression is that this airline keeps up appearances very well but is in fact somewhat disorganized."

Pros: "Everything was amazing, from check in to deplaning. I’m going to sign up on their frequent flyer program."

Cons: "Boarding was chaotic"

Cons: "Newark airport is depressing. Lighting in boarding area is simply awful. Also, cab fare to and from NYC is much too high. Midnight departure time of the flight to Greece is inconvenient. It is just too late. Getting through customs at Newark is a chore. There are not enough computers for passengers to report what they have to report. Also, many passengers I saw did not know how to use a computer."

Pros: "quality and friendship"
Cons: "Electronic Entert can be more accessible More access to news"

Pros: "Once on the flight everything was great! Flying stars"
Cons: "Online check-in was a horrible experience and a waste of time. I was never able to check in before getting to the airport. Website kept kicking back errors when trying to check in."

Cons: "Presssigned seats were horrible. Middle 2 of the 4 seater."

Pros: "The service the movies the food"

Pros: "Flight tracker should be upgraded, I expect the mileage covered was way off. Also, I don't want to see commercials while I follow the flight. The forward camera was cool."
Cons: "Crew should keep eye on the toilets. The waste basket was backed up."

Pros: "The staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. The plane itself was clean and there were plenty of bathrooms. It was great to have two free meals, drinks and entertainment making a 10 hour flight go by faster. I love the eye masks and ear plugs to make sleeping on a plane easier. All around success and would fly again with them!"
Cons: "On the flight home the crew seemed a little confused who was in charge of my row. I had to go get myself the customs forms and a pen. Also the front of the plan was extremely hot compared to the back."

Pros: "Meals and free wine were positives. Also the travel toothbrush and toothpaste were nice. Entertainment with movies and tv had a lot of variety also."
Cons: "It took 45 minutes to get out bags! Crew bags came out immediately but customers stood around the luggage belt for more than 45 minutes b/c thats how long it took to get our bags and many people were left. Very annoying after a 10-hour flight that lands late at night."

Pros: "The staff & the service"
Cons: "The entertainment set up was dated and malfunctioning"

Pros: "we were travelling with kids. They pulled us from the back and put us in the front since our group of 6 had two small kids. They were extremely nice to us in athens."
Cons: "I just wish there was a snack in the middle of the service."

Pros: "Crew members were great. Was on time and early."
Cons: "1. Seats seemed tighter than I'm used to. 3-4-3 setup from ATH to EWR. I flew it today. 2. Food: standard. Not ethnic which I was expecting for a Dubai airline. 3. Color scheme: overhead lighting was your yellow incandescent light bulb color. Made the interior feel dated. However the ceilings had tiny lines like stars. This was a nice touch."

Pros: "More legroom in economy class for the 10 hour flight between Newark and Athens."

Pros: "Overall a pleasant and comfortable flight."

Pros: "5000 channels. Entire Alien movie series :) Also food was excellent."

Pros: "The service of the airline. The food was good."
Cons: "The seats were very small and tight. Most other long haul flights the seats are much more comfortable."

Pros: "The crew was fabulous. Beautifully dressed; impeccable makeup; very professional. Very friendly, helpful. PILOTS were amazing!!! GREAT FLIGHT, LITTLE TURBULENCE. LOVE the stickers found in the bag with the earphones, ("WAKE FOR FOOD", "DO NOT WAKE FOR FOOD", etc) but they were never mentioned by the crew. Found them by myself. I think more people would use if they knew about them. LOVE the gift bag with eye mask, etc. Very welcome gift."
Cons: "Seats are too small. Very difficult to stand up and get out of your seat. Even young people have trouble getting up and out into the aisle. The aisle is TOO NARROW! At least one seat on each row should be eliminated, as well as one row to give economy class room. I was on the aisle (seat D), and was unlucky to have a woman and her husband (seats E & F) ask me to get up several times (because passenger in seat G was asleep). I was not at all happy with the movie choices; they were mostly modern and violent. Food selection was unavailable. Menu choices were chicken & fish. Chicken was NOT AVAILABLE."

Pros: "All the Air Team Crew were really friendly. On the first connection to from Nairobi to Dubai, I sat next to a fellow passenger who was nervous about the moderate turbulance that we hit. At the end of the flight, as we waited to disembark, a lovely Attendant stood next to us and we had the most warm friendly conversation I've ever had in all my years of flying. She made us feel like friends as she gave us an insight into her 'high flying' lifestyle while being professional. Unfortunately I can't remember her name as I would have loved to give her a special mention but she was so lovely."
Cons: "I didn't have much to dislike but I do recall not being woken up for a meal even though I had my sticker on the top of my chair. I was sitting on an aisle seat. Other than that, this was my first flight with emirates and it was truly awesome!"

Pros: "The fligh went smooth"
Cons: "The food"

Pros: "I love the value for the money and the friendliness of the staff--will definitely fly this airline again!"
Cons: "They ran out of a meal option, which meant that 1/4 of the plan didn't eat because they didn't like or couldn't have the other option."

Pros: "Times were great! Food was decent for airline food comfortable seats great selection of movies"
Cons: "I liked everything"

Pros: "I can't believe how nice this was for getting such a good price. Good space, Tons of movies, super attentive staff."

Pros: "Nice food. Fast boarding. Liked the small bag with travel products."
Cons: "Crew gathered blankets 30' before landing while the cabin was really cold. Crew didn't ask if you want sth to drink and were just passsing by with the trays.Movies didn't have english subs while at the same time sound was bad."

Pros: "Great flight even in economy! Two good meals, personal entertainment with close to a 100 movies to select from and great service by the crew."

Pros: "Lots of movies to watch -- when the system was actually working."
Cons: "The food was THE worst I've ever had on any flight ever. And they served the same food for both meals... chicken, fish, or pasta for dinner AND breakfast... the latter which was at 3am of the time zone I was coming from. Both my kids (5 and 7) REFUSED to eat any of the food except the brew& butter, despite starving. My row and row behind me lost power during the flight so we had NO entertainment, and could no longer charge our devices for the rest of the 11-hour flight. They offered us magazines, but we had no overhead lights to be able to see. The crew managed to reboot the system about 2 hours after the first meal, so we enjoyed some entertainment, but after a little while, the movie and sound stopped working. After about an hour an announcement was made that the entire entertainment system would be rebooted. It started working around the last hour of the flight. Not relaxing at all."

Pros: "Business class upgrade was available for this flight, and it was well worth it."
Cons: "The food was mediocre, at best. Odd food combination choices. I don't expect gourmet on a flight, so don't try to pretend you're serving it."

Pros: "Entertainment was good, boarding was OK. Leg-room much better than on competing direct flight US carriers, and aircraft cabin better maintained."
Cons: "Food for kids terrible, just not edible taste-wise. Catering is better flying out of Greece than on same flight returning from U.S. Bathrooms need to be cleaned and restocked during flight."

Pros: "Very courteous and attentive And always with a smile! A great way to travel, it's hard to go back to other airlines after having experienced Emirates!"

Pros: "the attention, the comfort, the large amount and options of movies, shows, entertainment channels; the food was good. and most of all the smooth flight and experienced pilots"
Cons: "none"

Cons: "Fantastic customer service and attentive staff"

Pros: "Food, comfort, service -- all excellent for the 10hr flight from Athens to NYC! Hands down better than any other airline I've flown with for same number of hours and distance."
Cons: "While there was much in the way of options for entertainment, navigating the system & touch screen was a pain. Often the mouse doesn't follow your touch and you end up clicking things you didn't mean to click + having to press multiple times."

Pros: "Finally, a great airline with a direct flight from New York to Athens and very reasonable fares. I hope they keep it that way. Also, Newark is a much better airport to fly to and from than JFK."
Cons: "Crew was ok but could have been a little better, and the drinks selection could be improved."

Pros: "Highly recommend Emirates"

Cons: "Food baf"

Pros: "Compared to the cattle car feeling of many airlines today, Emirates feels like gracious luxury and hospitality, and that's for economy class. I will try to fly with them as much as I can. First rate experience. Very good ticket price and a convenient non-stop route- unlike some low fares that want to add hours and hours to your travel by routing you through the home country of the airline. Great entertainment choices. Some TV functionality issues for a seatmate, but he was able to change seats. cabin crew was multinational, multilingual, and warm and professional. It reminded me of the way air travel used to be."

Pros: "The food was great"
Cons: "The fleight was great too"

Pros: "The food, the crew, the attention to detail."
Cons: "The entertainment interface was average, I've seen better."

Pros: "The staff, food, everything! Best flight and airline ever"
Cons: "Nothing!"

Pros: "Overall was good"
Cons: "Didn't live up to expectations. Halfway through a 10 hour flight the entertainment system went down. It took a few times of calling the stewards to actually communicate the issue and inexplicably the system was never reset until 15 minutes before landing. I understand things happen but communication was lacking and slow."

Pros: "Great plane (new) Good food Boarding was very very smooth"
Cons: "The crew was OK, some of them where a little "grumpy" There was no WiFi on the plane (not even paid, although I asked again and again). The excuse was that the plane was new and they did not have the time to install WiFi..... the bad thing is that I was counting on the paid version to keep up with work (as I did on the other flight) but was unable and there was not prior notification on that."

Pros: "Crew was nice very polite and helpful that is why excellent rating. Comfort was as good as that can be in economy class, very good food and decent entertainment."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit inconvenient as the plane was not at the gate and bus ride was used to access plane."

Pros: "Regestacion online"
Cons: "I am middle size person ,but size between chairs not enought"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst service, disgusting food, no organization, pettiness with measuring the size of a carry on (including the wheels) at JFK and charging $100 for international standard sized bags (less than 21.5 inches), racist behavior from the flight attendants against anyone who is not Russian, little to no communication with passengers, flight attendants started arguing with people for no reason"

Pros: "Crew were friendly Boarding was pleasant Everyone was helpful"
Cons: "Entertainment was very hard to navigate and to follow"

Pros: "The service is awesome"
Cons: "It take some time to board as there is a need for a better birding procedure"

Pros: "Was excellent"
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Everything was fantastic"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Was really happy"

Pros: "Good flight, departing Moscow wasn't so bad even with the wintry conditions (JFK on the other hand...) Flight staff was friendly and well dressed, video worked, needs were met. Wasn't cold on the flight though I did sit by the window seat so the temperature was adjusted accordingly :) Overall, very pleased with Aeroflot. Would I do it again? Already have a trip booked in two months!"
Cons: "Two go-rounds due to wind sheer in the airport environment."

Cons: "The temperature in the plane before take off was very cold. I was dressed in a warm sport suit and got cold. My daughter was shievering in 2 sweaters. Blankets were sold not given to us only after take off. We had to wait 40 mins to take off which is fine in a busy airport, but couldn't get blankets when needed."

Pros: "The crew did the best they could"
Cons: "The entertainment system was not working for a duration of 10 hour flight. Not even headphones were available. Food could be better relative to other airlines."

Cons: "Thanks"

Cons: "The baggage was LOST!!!!"

Pros: "Great food, stuff and free movies"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still in Berlin"

Pros: "We upgraded our super basic seats for 4500 rubles ($80 in April 2017) for exit row seats, which made a world of difference for a 9 hour flight. Entertainment, food, staff were all great. Toilets were clean and not smelly."
Cons: "One of our checked bags arrived in NYC safely, the other (checked in at the same time!) did not make it. While the delivery service was prompt and easy (we got it by 3pm the next day w/ a call ahead from the driver), it was nerve racking and inconvenient and inexplicable"

Pros: "As always a friendly flight crew. Anyone who flies knows airline food is not great but Aeroflot does a good job. Aeroflot gives the best value for a direct flight to Russia. Always on time and usually a smooth flight."
Cons: "My flight home was not as comfortable as was my flight to Russia. The seat felt well used but I made the best of it with short walks. I know this is not Aeroflot's fault but my seat mate was very large. Although he was a nice person he had an unpleasant odor. I would have liked to change my seat but the it was a full flight. Maybe next time I will try an upgrade on my flight."

Pros: "The crew could be friendlier"

Pros: "No time-wasting connections and good service."
Cons: "Airport procedures at JFK tend to take too much time."

Pros: "Huge delay. We had a toddler and weren't offered the seats behind the wall, which is for people with kids. There weren't even people with kids sitting at those seats. Next time will fly with finnair."

Cons: "U guys cancel my flight"

Pros: "again, the crew and plane were exellent"
Cons: "the food was uneatable i would recommend serving rice in stead of pasta and hard-boiled eggs instead of the omelette, these were the worst dishes. i understand the many calculations that go into making these on0board meals. if you take a look at swissair menu you will find many great things. on the other hand, the cold cut meats and cheeses were very good, i would reccomend putting more russian delights such as potatos and meats in simple form, more butter, and of course beer over wive, which was also not good. thank you for reading so far!"

Pros: "I had a very comfortable seat from Moscow to NYC, with room for legs and no one next to me. Connection was short (in a good way). Suitcase delivered for me."
Cons: "The flight from Moscow to NYC was OK but food was medium. TV series were no so good. Old stuff or uninteresting stuff."

Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "Bad food"

Pros: "All the worker need raise. Keep it up. I flight a lot.. from now only with u........."

Pros: "The flight was on time and stayed in the air."
Cons: "the seats are as wide as a bus. if you are over 5'6" you will be miserable. The bathroom was not cleaned as we boarded the 10 hour return flight from moscow to JFK. The toilet seat was completely covered in urine as was the floor."

Pros: "Love this airlines. Economic is extremely comfortable"

Cons: "The flight from tlv to ny (1 stop in moskow), included 3 meals. 1. Identical. 2. Frozen - non eatable. 3. all - meat. no dairy breakfast."

Pros: "Excellent and helpful staff"
Cons: "I had a long layover (about 8 hours)"

Pros: "Food is very good, some fly attendants are nice. Airplanes are good. Landing and take off...excellent."
Cons: "The SVO Airport crew aren't friendly if you speak english. If you are in Moscow SVO and you speak Russian, then they are's obvious. Washington DC phone line is a disaster. Some speak English, some speak something that sounds like English. The biggest problem that this Airline has, is one word: Standard. Some employees are nice and speak english, others are a disaster. I remember a fly attendant: Nadesda flight attendant SU100, from Moscow to New York 9:50AM. Feb 10,2016.,she had a very bad mood the entire flight with everybody. But SU 101 from JFK to SVO 14:25, Jan 22, 2016. flight attendants were amazing. There is no standard, it's like playing the lottery...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Pros: "We had short connection and everything went well"
Cons: "I think Aeroflot can do better job on food. Drinks so limited."

Pros: "excellent crew, very helpful always had refreshments and snacks on hand"
Cons: "Food could use some upgrade"

Pros: "Pilots are the best!!! Soft landing!"
Cons: "Question- why the wine didn't serve at flight from Almaty to Moscow? ( departure- January 24, 2016, at 6:...AM . )And only served from Moscow to NYC."

Cons: "I did not see a blanket in my seat. The crew staff told me she was sure there was one blanket for one seat. I trust her. But there was no extra blanket in the plane. As the plane if full of passengers, I had to spend 11 hours with no blanket. No one took care of this issue for the whole journey. Other aspects are good though."

Cons: "Потеряли мой багаж."

Pros: "Entertainment is pretty good, lots of movies."
Cons: "Seats are too small, not comfortable at all."

Pros: "Super company!!!"

Pros: "Very attentive and friendly crew"
Cons: "Entertainment system in busines class was not working"

Pros: "Great experience overall. The crew was very helpful."

Pros: "There was a large variety of movies and shows to pick from to occupy the time on this very long flight. The airplane is new and there was good amount of leg room between the seats."
Cons: "Boarding was a mess! There were people all over the place trying to funner into a single line because there was only one general boarding announcement. Imagine all the passengers trying to board at the same time pushing each other out of the way."

Pros: "They helped me with a wheelchair. They were attentive to my needs and kind."
Cons: "The seats were too close and not very cozy. Food was tasteless. Ear phones were hard and painful. Entertainment was very bad."

Pros: "Wish there was more leg room"

Pros: "Good movie choices"
Cons: "Food was terrible. No leg room at all. My husband is 6 feet tall and his knees are always touching the front seat but in this plane he had to keep them sideways for 9 hours! Boarding was a mess. They let everyone in together without separating people by seat numbers. People block the aisles trying to put their bags in the overhead shelves. It took us 20 min to get through the plane to our seats. After arriving to JFK we waited for our bags forever."

Pros: "Economical ticket price, comfortable seats with decent recline, good movie choices, they give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "Crew has no personal skills and are generally uncaring/ rude. Their English is poor and it is virtually impossible to understand announcements. The cabin is very crowded - seats are jammed in and the aisles can barely accommodate a roll on bag's width. Food is bad! On a 10 hour flight, they served me the exact same food twice and I did not have a choice in the matter. The salad was frozen solid as was the bread and butter. The lease that they can do is defrost the food!"

Pros: "It was great flight."

Cons: "time allocated for transfer was very short and pressing, it was hard for me to make this connection as there is a very long distance between arrival and departure terminal/gates, so I had to run, and being 72 years old, running is no longer my thing."

Pros: "Had a decent selection of movies and things to keep you entertained."
Cons: "Security and airport personnel are mostly rude and unpleasant. Flight attendants were ok. For a 10 hour flight, the seats were very tight and uncomfortable. For sure the worst I've been on for such a long flight. I'm 5'11" as a reference. The food was sub-par, but it is airplane food after all. Boarding was chaotic due to people/families having way too many little carry-on bags. I would only use Aeroflot again for short, cheap European trips...maybe. For long flights, no thanks."

Pros: "I liked when the flight landed"
Cons: "The food was tasteless- good thing I brought my own"

Pros: "Staff at check in, boarding, etc were very curtious and helpful."
Cons: "Food and entertainment system are awful."

Pros: "I had finally great person sit next to mine :) Food was ok but can be way better for that kind of money."
Cons: "Lack of leg room!!!!! And 10Mb of internet is $5???? Really? What to do with 10Mb... one hour would be ok but 10Mb is useless and expensive useless."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Stavropol

Airlines flying from Stavropol have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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