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TYN — Washington
Sep 28 — Oct 51
1 adult
0 bags
Tue 9/28
Tue 10/5

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Top airline flying Taiyuan to Washington

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
China EasternOverall score based on 6664 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: the flight attendants take a step forward to offer assistance. Very friendly throughout the trip. Seats are slightly roomy than Air Canada planes. Plane has wifi included.

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Pros: the flight attendants take a step forward to offer assistance. Very friendly throughout the trip. Seats are slightly roomy than Air Canada planes. Plane has wifi included.

Cons: Spoke better English

Pros: Fast check in&boarding Crew Seats space for legs Flying stable
Cons: Flight delayed Food doesn’t have any sign for halal/muslim food! Entertainment was boaring

Pros: Food and worker take care very good

Pros: Didn’t provide convenience to parents with baby/toddler to checkin and boarding.
Cons: Flight attendants are excellent, polite, warm, professional.

Pros: Movies and ability to stretch in back of plane

Cons: This was one leg of a 3 leg flight to Kathmandu. Whatever the rrason they substituted my contact number for my passport number and wouldn't issue my boarding pass, even showing documentation that the fault was theirs. After what seemed like forever they reluctantly issued the boarding pass after signing some waiver which I couldn't resd as it was in Chinese.

Pros: Nice new airframe, for what that's worth. Staff are attentive, friendly.
Cons: Atrocious legroom & my legs are NOT long; like being in a stress position entire haul. BRUTAL. Flown many airlines to SEA, this was so bad it shocked me. The food (every 'meal' was poor, gross all-around but the "bacon & eggs" ....the egg didn't taste like real egg, bacon left raw. Inedible. The one exception was the chicken breast, that was actually a good standard... but they never have enough for everyone, and the rest of the meal was inedible. Almost no snacks offered, variety of drinks non-existent.

Pros: The service was good and the temperature was great, The Crew was friendly and helpful. The restrooms were very clean and kept well. The entertainment was nice.
Cons: The boarding process is chaos and they do not follow their own rules. It is quiet discomforting trying to get to a gate and on the plane. The food was strictly Asian. The service for Liquids, drinking, of any kind was very limited. I took my own water on board to stay hydrated.

Pros: customer service
Cons: delay

Pros: The staff was excellent and nice . Looking after everybody same

Pros: same as before Staff excellent and nice with everybody
Cons: the foods

Pros: Stood in line from 11.45 for 2.15 flight. Just one junior person handled multiple airlines. Nom chinese passports were moved to the side and we got bording pass at 1.55 with a boarding time pf 1.45!!!. Two women had behind the counter had some personal fight and some ego clash on who’s responsibilty to serve the people held waiting in side. We couldnt make it on time... One bus for a a330 full of passengers. Horrible food

Cons: Our flight time was moved up by an hour, and we weren’t notified so needless to say we missed out flight and two night of hotel accommodations that were paid for and went unused as well as having to spend additional money to make new hotel accommodations.

Pros: Continue to keep up the high standards! Clean bathrooms! English speaking FA's! Boarding that is a breeze!
Cons: What's not to like? They have it down!

Pros: Very kind.

Cons: Flight delayed, ran out of beer, cut entertainment off way to early

Pros: Simple and on an older Airbus, it was fine for a quick trip

Pros: The ticket counter at Osaka refused to issue our tickets. They claimed our transfer time was too short and made us wait at the ticket counter at Osaka for hour and half. Only after my insistence they issued our original flights and we had to run to catch our original flights. They were not able to put us on different flights or make any changes to our flights schedule. During the waiting time we received no updates. The entire experience was infuriating and baffling because I still do not understand their objections to issuing our tickets. We made the connecting flight according to the original schedule.
Cons: The ticket counter agents did not know what they were doing. Everyone was inexperienced and had poor communication. We received no updates during the ordeal.

Pros: Very polite services from crew. The food served are well above US based airlines. Punctual and comfortable. Will fly again.
Cons: On line information checking and updating. No on Line check in services.

Pros: Better than expected. Crew was very friendly and attentive. Great value business class!

Pros: Everything about our flight went very well, and most were better than expected. The crew were very helpful. Our seats had plenty of room in economy. This were done very efficiently and with concern for value. The entertainment system was super.
Cons: Our Vegan meals were rather tasteless and uninteresting.

Pros: I liked the variety of movies to watch
Cons: Couldn’t use our phone the entire time. I wasn’t able to watch any of my Netflix shows that I downloaded.

Pros: The food served it was delicious.
Cons: Nothing to comment.

Pros: Comfortable flight, leg room ok, lots of free movies, 2 excellent meals given.
Cons: Flight was delayed one hour. Also, different legs of the flight are inconveniently scheduled. I had a 5 hour layover in Shanghai and a 14 hour layover in Kunming. Other airlines I’ve been on have offered a free hotel room when the layover is longer than 8 hours, but China Eastern didn’t.

Pros: Check-in counter staff
Cons: Crew was horrible, crew was stealing and stashing away half bottles of wine for their consumption. I saw male crew stealing & later taking it upstairs where they rest during long flights. Quality & Quantity of food was horrible but still acceptable due to low price tickets. The crew behavior was horrible for STEALING WINE for their own consumption.

Cons: They just gave out my aisle seat to other Chinese person without my consent, and put me into a cramped middle seat in the back. The crew didn't address my complaint nor care for my situation. They just care their own people (Chinese national).

Cons: Everything

Pros: The gallows laughter when we landed and the cabin attendant suggested over the PA that some of us might miss our connections and should go see customer service. (We landed four and a half hours late.)
Cons: the entire experience was spoiled partly by the fact that we were forced to wait over four and a half hours on the tarmac, and partly by the fact that the crew, in order to absolve themselves of responsibility, fed us blatant lies about air traffic control shutdown at HKG or about bad weather over Guangzhou. Both were easily disproved: a look out the window and at the internet showed (a) other flights taking off normally and on-time; (b) no bad weather in Guangzhou.

Pros: I have not even arrived . stranded in China
Cons: cancelled flight and stranded in China in a dirty hotel doing nothing all day wasting my time

Pros: Decent movies
Cons: A delayed flight ended up costing me a ton of money!

Pros: Cheap Friendly staff Smoothe ride Frequent beverage and meal service Blankets and pillows
Cons: No paper towels in bathroom Seats don't recline far

Cons: Also delayed an hour leaving.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Every thing

Pros: No hand soap in any is bad .after 20 min your meal then they server dinner roll ?

Cons: Long flight. They don't like anyone opening the window shades but I would have liked to see the Alaska coastline we flew over.

Pros: The food was good
Cons: They have wifi and charging stations, BUT THEY DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE YOUR IPHONE EVEN IF IT IS IN AIRPLANE MODE. iPads are ok, they said, but not iPhones. They are very rude about making sure your phone is off.

Cons: It actually was a nonexistent bus. We ended up having to take a taxi.

Cons: A fellow employee made 14 flights poor

Cons: The airline had 2 delays which created a very stressful connection. I knew my luggage wasn't going to make it, so I requested to stay longer to make sure my luggage was with me. I was told my bag was onboard after a woman looked at her digital device after scanning my bag check ticket. I showed up to Hawaii and NONE of my luggage was there. MY plan was to connect to the big island immediately. I was going to cruise around the big island camping and surfing. I had to change those plans because again I knew my luggage wasn't going to get to me. I bought an unexpected night hotel in Honolulu, only to learn the BAG still wasn't going to arrive the NEXT day. I had to buy clothes and toilette supplies. They offered me $50, which covered the taxi rides....I went to the big island anyway because I couldn' just wait and not get my luggage anyway. I filed the paperwork and spoke with the manager on duty and he agreed to mail my luggage home direct when it arrived to their possession. Four days later I received a call saying my luggage was in Kona. Terrible experience, I'll never fly with them again.

Pros: Crew was friendly Was as comfortable as economy is expected to be Really liked the power outlet. Entertainment options were adequate. Provided more than enough food.
Cons: Flight was delayed several hours. Passengers were asked to dump liquids at the door to the Jetway, without any forewarning.

Cons: Flight was delayed two hours

Pros: The staff on the plane was amazing
Cons: The customer service relations at the front desk to check in word is awful and unfriendly the flight was uncomfortable the entertainment controller does not work 90% of the time it was just a bad experience flying with you in general

Pros: Lie down seats, pillow and blankets very nice
Cons: In Business class: Food looked pretty but tasted awful

Cons: Service is extremely poor. Due to delay in issuing boarding pass, I missed a connecting flight from Kunming to Shanghai. I was even asked to pay extra fare for change of flight. After lots of harassment and argument, I got a ticket in an alternate flight.

Pros: On board was peaceful and uncrowded. Actually provided dinner!
Cons: Original flight was cancelled. Stood in a long line to re-book. Person said she put me on another flight and told me to go check in and check my bags. Person at check-in refused to do it until I go back to the first person and get my Ticket Number. Went back to stand in the long line again, she gave me the ticket number this time. It should be noted that the confirmation email did NOT provide the ticket number -- a big omission. After much unnecessary delay, entered crowded waiting area for many delayed flights. A cattle pen. An unusual plus -- they provided a take-out meal for those waiting through dinnertime. Flight was finally announced some 7 hours later. Crowded bus ride to the airplane. Not even third-rate service, very poor. No use of boarding ramp. I hope it is the last time I fly on China Eastern.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: The flight was canceled and when my secretary called your office your C/S rep did not promise a refund. I expect this handled properly and promptly.

Pros: Again, the crew was super friendly.

Pros: The flight was on-time for both departure and arrival. The plane itself was older and looked like it needed some TLC. The in-flight meal was surprisingly good, the service and and staff were courteous, and the overall experience was good. It was a simple no frills flight that fit my budget conscious travel.
Cons: The boarding process was a little hectic, but that might just be due to it being a busy airport. The plane wasn't super clean feeling, and I smelled cigarette smoke before we landed in Osaka. i suspect the pilots were smoking as I did not see any smoke in the cabin. There was no in-flight entertainment, but that's probably due to it being an older plane.

Pros: I had an isle seat and fell asleep the most of the length of the flight. 630$ what more do you expect.
Cons: It seemed as if there was a line outside of the door when I arrived at the airport. The transfer line in china has so many people in the line yet so few workers helping in the line.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Taiyuan to Washington

Airlines flying from Taiyuan to Washington have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Taiyuan to Washington

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Taiyuan to Washington

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Taiyuan to Washington

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Taiyuan to Washington

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Taiyuan to Washington

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