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  • United Airlines and American Airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Texas to Acapulco. Confirm policies on booking site.

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AeromexicoOverall score based on 9708 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Service was good, the overlaying in Cancun that I had to pay for just 4 hours of sleep was terrible
Cons: The overlay

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Pros: Service was good, the overlaying in Cancun that I had to pay for just 4 hours of sleep was terrible
Cons: The overlay

Cons: Check in it take more the 20 min. Because they have trouble founding the name even with confirmation num. In flight it was 1 person sick fully cover up from head to toe with out giving information to passengers ahead. My mom have heart problems and I was already concerned for her to travel and with no heads up of someone sick inside the plane my mom was more nervous the normal

Pros: Crew was amazing...
Cons: Will be better if we can get off the plane sooner and faster cause it really takes too long..

Cons: Better seats and better communication as it took so long to get our luggage, I would have been fine waiting but they kept changing the location where we were supposed to get our luggage from

Pros: Aeromexico is one of my favorite airlines. I like everything overall.
Cons: Honestly, in most airlines I have had traveled, there is a small thing to improve. The arm rests are very a uncomfortable.

Pros: Crew and entertainment
Cons: Seats

Pros: That it was not to crowded
Cons: That their was not much communication when it looked as our flight was not leaving on time

Cons: Food options and more beverage options

Pros: Nothing at all, we were left in Mexico with an under 2 years old boy. Reason, apparently we were late but we were not and simply Aeromexico probably oversold tickets and put others in our seats
Cons: To resolve our problem. Supervisor was so disrespectful and treated us so badly we had to get ao mad at them so we could get at least a hotel to spend 17 hours until our next flight which they wanted to provide

Pros: The crew was amazing. Made my mom feel welcomed and special.

Pros: El servicio en general de la aerolínea y el módulo de información de vuelos
Cons: Que hubiera un poco más de espacio entre asientls

Pros: Cool
Cons: Thank you for excellent trip

Pros: Crew was friendly , seats were comfortable
Cons: More extra peanuts

Pros: By far the best airline and best service in Mexico, great customer service at airports and on plane. Will be flying aeromexico from now on.
Cons: Customer service call center were rude and had no options to fix the problem with my seating, was reffered to email complaint center that has not returned an answer.

Pros: Luggage was found that was good
Cons: Horrible day nobody here to guide you or help you and then charge you an arm and a leg.

Cons: Delays!!

Pros: Nothing im loose my fly . Im sick 10 minutes before boarding. When to the restroom. They don't let me fly. Im explained wat happened. They don't return credits for my next fly . I have to buy another ticket. They don't understand when people it's sick.

Cons: We had an accident with a bird caught in the motor and no one told us anything for long time. It was really scary.

Cons: I actually arrived early, which turned out to be a mistake, because Aeromexico moved the gate to the farthest possible new gate location while I was away getting a sandwich, which was itself delayed. When I noticed the change, I ran to the new gate and waited 10 minutes while they talked to the boarding people, who wouldn't let me on. After several hours of bag retrieval, having to buy a new full price ticket, having my cards declined due to the price and circumstances, having to go through 2+ wrong directions for each step of the process, determining that maybe one employee in five could speak even minimal English in an international airport, I finally got on a Delta flight. In sum, won't be flying on Aeromexico in future.

Pros: Good entertainment.
Cons: The flight attendant was rude, they lost my bag and gave me $100 to cover $1000 worth of valuables.

Pros: Getting off the plane in Guadalajara!
Cons: Check in process at Tijuana airport was okay, what really made the trip unpleasant was the boarding process. Three Aeromexico departures within minutes, from a small enclosed area. No seating available, no PA for announcements, basically controlled chaos. granted the airport is going through renovations, but that is still no excuse for the poor execution of the boarding process.

Pros: Food was good
Cons: Customer service not good...staff not accommodating

Pros: Good entertainment - polite crew that was willing to help once on board the plane.
Cons: Boarding - Crew member came around to check passports but neglected to also check for immigration papers - caused one friend to miss his flight and myself nearly to miss my flight though we arrived two hours early. Checked my baggage when it didn't need to be checked / met appropriate baggage standards. Being loaded onto trams was a bit of an inconvenience - but not the worst thing ever. No vegetarian option for food - wasn't able to eat. It was indicated we'd be served dinner on board but not that there was only one meat option (I'm allergic to mammmal meat - beef and pork in particular). Most other flights give the option of meat or vegetarian dishes.

Pros: Sales rep understanding
Cons: Sales rep unable to provide compensation when company delays flight for many hours or a day

Cons: Ground staff in Lima was very unhelpful when they broke my suitcase. No offer of refund only a handwritten phone number to call in a few days. Handwriting was not legible.

Pros: The gate agents got me extra legroom in emergency row because i am very tall, at no extra charge. Airplanes were newer, very nice crew, on time.
Cons: The Mexico City transfer was weird, and inconvenient. You have to retrieve your luggage, go through Mexican immigration, recheck your bags, go through security again, and the layover was over 4 hours. You pay less, but it winds up being a very long, exhausting trip. I will take a US carrier from Quito to San Francisco, Reno or Vegas next time fir this reason alone.

Pros: We finally got home. Only 10 hours later.

Pros: Price, timing, efficiency

Pros: Everything went fine. The on-board entertainment was good.

Cons: The food was pretty terrible. I'm certain the yogurt we were given was spoiled. The plane also suffered from broken flaps, which meant we went in for a "high speed landing." Not ideal. Shouldn't these things be fixed before an international flight?

Cons: The airline

Pros: They gave me an emergency row seat and being tall that's great, the food was pretty good and we got free beer.
Cons: Boarding took along time.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Aeroport and the waiting

Pros: It's an average flight with so much area of opportunities.
Cons: The traffic waiting to take off.

Pros: Flight went smoothly, no delays. Friendly staff.
Cons: I got tired of getting crossaint sandwiches for each meal on flughts. Didn't like having to go through customs in Mexico when I was just catching a connecting flight.

Pros: It was a very pleasant n short flight! The crew was very helpful and polite.

Cons: Food, entertainment and space

Pros: The value for money
Cons: The fact you have to pay for Wi-Fi

Pros: boarding was good and easy.
Cons: got a non reclining seat and a next door passenger that kept pushing me with his leg onto mine

Pros: The food.
Cons: The system they have to check in is the worst. Why should you have to make a HUGE LONG line to print a boarding pass than go make another HUGE LONG LINE to check in your bags. On top of it all they charge $25 for the first bag you check in. WTF that's just being crazy. Soon they will charge people to use the on board toilet. The crew members were very rude, don't smile. They give you actitude when you asthem for something. Uncomfortable seats from the 80's. Smelly airplane. I wouldn't recommend flying with Aeromexico ever!

Pros: Initially all was good, only issue I had was seats were a little uncomfortable and food tastes old but crew was friendly and drinks were included so I'm a happy camper!

Pros: Efficient boarding process and friendly helpful staff.
Cons: We what on the runway for over 20 minutes without explanation as to why we were not leaving on time. Prior to this an announcement said they were refueling and we should not fasten our seat belts in that process. There was no announcement to say the fueling had been completed or who we were leaving later than scheduled. All of a sudden we just began the pushback from the gate.

Pros: The crew is really nice and accommodating. Boarding is efficient.
Cons: Some of their planes are old and need some upkeep.

Pros: The monitors and the beverages
Cons: See above

Pros: Great flight, comfortable

Cons: The flight was delayed and we had to sleep at Mexico City for few hours,no good information in Mexico and we had to go to different places to get information, been in that airport wasn't a good experience.

Cons: 1 hour delay

Pros: Everything was ok.

Cons: Terrible rude service, nobody could help me when I had all the following problems: -I didn't get the seats that where chosen and confirmed on ANY of my FOUR flights. -In my connecting flight to LA in mexico they made me go out of the connections area and re-check back in (as if I was checking in from my flight in mexico, which I had already done in Peru) and get searched again just to drop off a fragile bag. -Connecting flight to LA in Mexico they wouldn't let me take my carry on as a carry on even though it was within the size and weight, which I had carried on flight in my other three flights already with no problems. OVERALL GARBAGE

Pros: Very friendly personal
Cons: In Mexico airport personal where not helpful

Pros: Very friendly staff
Cons: Half hour delay for maintenance

Pros: The incoming flight was late, but we still made it to Durango on time.

Pros: .
Cons: Plane was too hot!! Ac nor working !

Cons: It was a very good flight

Pros: I paid for a full seat and the person next to me was so overweight, I had the use of less than 2/3 of my seat. My rifgt shoulder, neck and back was very sore when I got off the plane from lack of any movement.
Cons: Severely overweight people should not be forced onto another adult if they cannot fit in their own seat.

Cons: Very friendly and safe staff

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

Cons: The plane was ancient. Cabin was freezing, seats were rocks. Using an old short-haul CRJ for a 3.5 hour flight sucked.

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: turbulence

Pros: Amazing crew
Cons: Perfect

Pros: The crew did their job.
Cons: At least monitors to watch a movie since there is no food in first class...

Cons: Departed 1 hour late.

Pros: The flights seemed to go fast once we were in the air and it was nice the pilot was trying to get us there earlier because we had taken off late.
Cons: I upgraded to 1st class for both flights but the plane seating was very dismal and hadn't been upgraded in either of these planes for a long time. After we boarded the plane we were told that no drink, snacks or food would be offered. The attendant shut off the lights as soon as we got in the air and kept it dark in the cabin until 10 minutes before we landed. She never came around to check on us once or ask if we needed anything. I was so thirsty when we landed. I have decided that I will either go back to United Airlines or check out the 1st class options at American Airlines better next time. This might not have been their fault, I'm not sure what it was, but the flight was late landing and we took off an hour late as well which really put me behind schedule.

Cons: Awesome

Pros: Crew was amazing.
Cons: I had some issues with the Onboard entertainment in terms of connecting with the site. I typically do not have this problem with my airline of choice but choose you because of the proximity of my hotel to my desired departure airport as well as price.

Cons: Delayed for an hour and a half because of a flat tire

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Social distancing

Cons: My one hour layover turned into a 4 hour past 2AM arrival time.

Pros: The crew was nice
Cons: Cooler air! Hot as heck

Pros: Great flight, great crew, comfortable seats, good entertainment. I LOVE the AA 787s
Cons: Nothing

Cons: No social distancing due to all of the seats being booked. My significant other was moved from her seat to another one across from me which was unfortunate.

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: Snacks

Cons: Too cramped

Pros: yes, no on sat on my row coming or going

Cons: The flight was 2 hours delayed because there was a mechanical issue on the plane. We sat and waited on the plane for 1 hour while the Maintenance crew tried fixing the problem. After sitting there for one hour, they told us the problem wasn’t fixed and we have to change aircrafts. The other aircraft was all the way in terminal D (we were in terminal A) and the boarding process took a long time. Overall it was an awful flight and experience with American Airlines. I missed my mother’s birthday party because of the 2 hour delay.

Cons: Sat on the runway for over an hour. Lack of communication and lies..

Pros: Flight was not over crowded, allowing for proper social distancing! That is MUCH appreciated. Crew was wonderful.
Cons: The couple in front of me got in a physical altercation as well as the couple seated behind me. Both situations caused much discomfort and could have been defused faster by flight crew

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Served some type of anything

Pros: Very timely and efficient
Cons: Seats are really small

Pros: The crew &entertainment

Cons: Great

Cons: No food

Cons: Seat very narrow for an upgrade

Pros: The crew was rude
Cons: Everything

Cons: The plane was cold. The entertainment was mediocure. The staff was telling the people to get in their seats quickly as they had missed their scheduled time for take off. Yet, they 1st said we would board a little late because og clearing out the previous flight. And, no one could get carry-ons above their own seats and had to go back to then come forward. The attendants should monitor better what is brought onboard. I thought they were rude. And it took almost an hr to get our luggage at the carosel.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Never got on the flight!! This was a Christmas gift & they took the money when booked it and told me they needed credit card verification 2hrs before departure! Terms and conditions doesn’t say I needed the credit card when checking-in! They also NEVER notified us that I was needing that information! The person who booked my flight is overseas!!! They are the worst at customer service. Still waiting to hear back from them! It’s the holidays and they are absolutely careless! I must add that when checking-in the agent was rude, unprofessional and even mocked me! ridiculous!

Pros: Mostly really friendly crew members. Plane seemed new, first and business class looked lovely.
Cons: Wihout question, the most uncomfortable seat ive ever been in. It was obviously a newer plane, long haul flight, and thw configuration maximized space for more passengers. Width of economy seat was tightest I've ever experienced, with the arms of the seats literally right at my legs, nearlt digging in. The leg room was very short with my knees nearly touching the back of the seat in front of me. When i put my tray down, it actually rested on my knees, and was not level because it pitched up due to longer legs (and I'm only 5'9). This was a long haul, 8 hour flight. I've never beeñ so uncomfortable on a flight in my life, and have never counted the minutes I could get out. Seemed obvuous that meal service had taken a hit when corporate looked for places to cut expenses, its one of the lower quality meals. If compared with an international carrier, the food was really sub par. Mostly really friendly crew members, unfortunately, one who really didnt seem to enjoy the job any longer.

Pros: Crew were ok Captain was informant
Cons: Delay Heat on plane at 98 degrees upon boarding

Pros: Not much
Cons: Passengers brought hot food on board at Dallas. McDonalds and KFC odours were overwhelming for first 30 minutes.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: AA claimed the overhead storage was full and took my carry-on. Except I walked by at least 15 spots that easily would have fit my bag. They made us pay $50 to check-in luggage, but then didn't bother to put the bags on our flight. They also tried to charge us twice for the privilege of checking bags. They had no flights that would get us home on the same day, then claimed that since 12 hours had elapsed, we had to repay to check bags. During the flight, they had non stop commercials for their credit card. Ugh

Pros: Once I got onto the plane, it was fine. It was a short flight. Everyone was nice and they offered drinks and a small snack.
Cons: I was late to my first flight from Dallas to LR due to my flight from Spain coming in late. I got off the plane and there was also another connecting flight printed for me. I thought "wow that is amazing sevice! I am def going to brag on them." I should have done it myself... after a 30 hour traveling day.. I got to the counter to get on my second scheduled flight home, and it wouldn't let me on because something with my Rickey was not working on the computer. The person did not know how to fix it so I missed the flight. After calling a supervisor, and that said supervisor never showing up, someone else finally happened to walk by and helped the original person fix the problem. Finally after waiting 5 hours total, I was on my flight home. The first flight was amazing but this flight makes me question if I want to ever use American Airlines in the future.

Cons: I've flown a lot, and I really couldn't believe how rude the flight attendants were on this flight. They seemed very inconvenienced by their job. I gave a snack pack back to a FA bc of my allergies and she snatched it out of my hand while walking by me without even looking at husband's jaw dropped, he saw it too. It was unbelievable how rude they were.

Pros: Cabin baggage allowance.
Cons: No food, only purchasable snacks payable only with a card not cash. That incurs charges for those that are not US card holders! And extortionate prices. Wifi based entertainment so you need your own tablet/phone. Great if the wifi works - it didn't. Neither on the outward or return journeys.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Boarding-we boarded class 9 and had a carry on that was to big so all 3 personnel yelled at me and my husband with my daughter in my arms very loud and disrespectfully " YOU CAN NOT BRING THESE TYPE OF BAGS ON THE PLANE!" Mind you 3 people are saying this while other people were also waiting to board the plane! So I quickly say we do not need 3 people to tell us 1 thing and especially yelling at us like we were kids or criminals because it felt like we must have broke the law the way they treated us! That experience was horrible and ruined my liking for AA

Cons: Flight into DFW was delayed over an hour and ended up missing connection from DFW to SMF by less than 10 minutes because connecting flight left the gate early! We had 5 people in our group, including 3 children under the age of 10. Instead of taking off on time or just a couple minutes late (and oh by the way, the flight to SMF was scheduled to land early because of favorable winds) the flight left the gate early while we were sprinting from gate C31 to A17, missing the door closing by minutes and stranding our party for a three hour wait for an aircraft that went to SFO instead (75 miles away from Sacramento). As the coup de gras, our luggage didn't make it on the plane to SFO so now it's sitting in Sacramento awaiting delivery. I know there were a lot of upset people with the weather delays yesterday, but a bit of foresight or accommodation by American or a particularly savvy gate agent could have prevented the 5 of us from being among them.

Pros: It served the function of crossing the ocean. The crew was kind.
Cons: The airplane was outdated. It did not have personal entertainment suites at each seat. I haven't flown across the ocean without being able to choose my own movie in 3 years. Also, because of the outdated entertainment suite, the headphone jack is located in the armrest to the side instead of in the seat back in front of you. This caused me to bend my 3.5mm headphone connection at one point while I was moving my leg, because the connection jack is located below thigh level. The temperature was unbearable, and could not be controlled by the flight crew. Dressed for winter weather and roasted for the entire flight. I actually was dehydrated when we landed because I was sweating for 7 hours crossing the ocean.

Pros: Crew were friendly and helpful

Pros: The crew was not very outgoing at all and the seat was super uncomfortable.
Cons: I had to run to my flight because United scheduled two flights literally back to back and was very nerve racking

Pros: Plane was amazing! As always I will wish for more leg rim due to being tall. The food was wonderful and the entertainment was well varied and contained several new releases.
Cons: Leg room!!!!

Pros: Have delay and cancel my flight to dca

Pros: The female crew member was a bit abraisive. The wifi didn't connect to my phone.
Cons: Better wifi connection

Pros: The 787 was spacious.
Cons: Plane was delayed on takeoff and landing.

Pros: On time
Cons: Comfort

Cons: One of the csbin crew was very angry, rude snd confrontationsl to the wheelchsir assistsnt. He challenged her sbout not picking up my carryon from the foor where he put on the floor. She commented she did not like to work for Uunitd because they were demsnding and demesning. This united rmployee csme back 4 times as we werr behind each other when we deplaned. Twice he szid,"L'm dorry but....." finslly he adked fpr her nsme. Tsking out hid isdues on another employee was unvslled for and unprofessional.

Pros: Overall I had a good flight. I do not have any complaints.
Cons: No complaints.

Pros: Delta customer service rerouted me to an American Airlines flight that got me in only 4 hours late.
Cons: If I'd kept my original flight I'd have been over twelve hours late.

Pros: Staff was very nice
Cons: My seat was double booked and then I was moved three times while everyone else was also boarding. I was clearly treated as an after thought even with having checked in to the flight and confirmed my seat 24 hours in advance.

Pros: That United transferred my flight to another airline (American) due to a five hour delay.
Cons: I don’t think I’ve ever been on a United flight that wasn’t delayed for one reason or another.

Cons: United's flight was delayed five hours going to Nashville and on the return flight was delayed over an hour. I have yet to be on a flight with United that was on time. I've learned my lesson and will NOT fly United again.

Pros: I liked the flight was a fast one from San Antonio to Denver and that it wasn’t too crowded.
Cons: I didn’t like all the excessive noise from the plane and kids.

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: This was a smaller plane (4 seats across). Knowing this, they didn't bring enough luggage carts, so they only brought some of the luggage to the baggage claim and didn't tell us this. 5-6 of us waited and waited and finally asked someone who told us that they had to go back to the plane to get the rest of the luggage. Those of us still waiting got to wait another half hour for our luggage. Talk all they want, United just can't seem to get it right. PS: those of us who had to wait were the ones who got to the San Antonio airport the earliest and thus our luggage was on the plane first.

Pros: Gave us a hotel voucher
Cons: Late by an hour and made us miss our connecting flight then lost half our luggage and we had to wait 1.5 hours for it

Pros: No issues and it was on time
Cons: Not applicable

Cons: We sat onboard the aircraft for the longest time, a bit before we left, but then at Houston sat there for so so long, had to run across the entire airport, almost missed my connection.

Cons: Computers went down with United made us late missed our communication on what to do.

Pros: Mas o menos
Cons: En el manejo de mi maleta me rompierón una de las ruedas de la maleta.

Pros: The space of the plane since I volunteered to be at the emergency door I felt comfortable...
Cons: Not giving me my seat number because my ticket was not a standby ticket and I seem to think that the agent thought that I was on standby but I have to go to him several time to make him understand that my ticket had a confirmation number and I did a reserve and I needed a seat number it was not on standby when he checked it he said okay and I also explained to him that I was a military personnel ... The agent should treat us with respect you should have gave me a better information and just throw me away then going back to him several times for the correct solution...

Pros: Cleanliness, Everything
Cons: ?

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Chair spacing, being 6 foot and two inches, it was hard for my legs.

Pros: Experience
Cons: Nothing wasn't really comfortable


Pros: The flight was short and the crew did a great job.

Pros: Despite the recent incident United Airlines strives for ultimate customer service. There ancillary customer amenities truly are way above any other Airline that I've experienced in The Last 5 Years. When you first class and have access to the United Club room it is truly a very comfortable experience.
Cons: Nothing everything they did was amazing

Pros: Two hour delay.

Pros: We boarded timely, and quickly. All the staff were friendly.
Cons: Overhead storage in back seats, area was full of flight attendants belonging. Hard to find room for our 1 carry on. (I realize they need room too, but thought they had their own space)promot

Pros: Staff was nice
Cons: Uncomfortable plane

Cons: Hot hot hot

Pros: Not one thing
Cons: We were delayed due to computer issues, the two different mechanical issues, then it took over an hour to stand in line to get help. They had to hire a bus to take us to Houston, once I got there, I realized that San Antonio crew lied to me and had not booked me a ticket on the flight they told me, then they sent me to talk to Air Canada, then back to United. They had booked me for next day, but was able to fly as stand-by the same day.

Pros: It was on time staff was professional and friendly b

Pros: Crew took special care of my guitar -- much appreciated.
Cons: Small plane. Kept bumping my head when I got up.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Called customer service and lady was siper rude!

Pros: Nice staff and comfort.
Cons: I didn't like that when I got on and off my flights. When I asked for help because I am deaf and mute no one would escort me to the planes cabin or the right gate. Had to ask 3 different gates which way do I go because I cant hear and I was upset because I thought I wouldn't make my flight. My wife made sure that they put on my information in the system that they would help me, but I guess it doesn't work like that. In future I will make different arrangement so that I can get the help I need.

Pros: The communication via Kayak was great in notifying me there was a 25 minute delay.
Cons: Not seating with my kids but they loved the sense of independence.

Cons: I am TSA approved. I am Global Entry approved. The TSA pre- check did not appear on my boarding passes. I was body searched 3 times, had no privileges, my luggage opened and scrutinized.

Cons: Our flight was delayed and we almost missed our connection. Our baggage was not at our destination and the flight attendant at the counter was rude and barely helpful.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight attendees were very rude and the flight from Chicago to Louisville. The plane was delayed by an hour for maintenance, the plane was disgusting, very dirty and nasty.

Pros: United greeted at check in at airport

Cons: My flight was canceled numerous times. The only good part was that, after the 1000th cancellation, I was moved to a non-stop flight.My flight was canceled numerous times. The only good part was that, after the 1000th cancellation, I was moved to a non-stop flight.

Cons: It was a small plane and there was no entertainment

Pros: Flight on time.
Cons: Seats uncomfortable

Pros: N/A
Cons: I was unable to make the first flight and called a week in advance to change the first flight. I understood I would lose out on that but wanted to keep the return flight. I planned to buy a one way ticket out. Kayak and the airline both refused to assist and affirmed I would lose the return ticket if I failed to shoe for the initial flight. I had to buy a whole new round trip ticket.

Pros: The flight attendant gave our baby a banana, which was super sweet.
Cons: The flight was delayed for an hour and they turned off the AC for 20 minutes of that, which got uncomfortable.

Pros: Getting home
Cons: Delays delays delays

Pros: organized; smoothest landing i have ever felt/ or not felt, could not tell the difference between in the air still and rolling down the landing runway. Awesome Pilot.
Cons: your computer automatically slams internet buyers into a window seat, very cramped, ... no option provided at time of purchase visible without hunting it down.

Pros: The staff was so nice and helpful with everything I needed!
Cons: As a first time flyer, I had nothing to complain about.

Pros: Great crew. Weather delays, but my check bagged made it even with a tight connection at O'Hare. Nice new plane (EMB 175) with wi-fi and streaming movies and TV.
Cons: Snacks weren't that great (Zesty Ranch Mix). Some trash in my seat was not cleared out from the previous flight.

Cons: people completely ignore social distancing when boarding and deplaning. Not enough emphasis is made on this.

Cons: There were plenty of available seats to social distance however upon asking to be relocated they would only do an aisle seat for money. What happened to caring for others SAFETY?! I sent a Twitter message (with photos) and no reply. Shitty service and lack of concern for human health.

Pros: On time fight
Cons: Service airline should serve a least water to the passengers with charging them for it

Pros: Terrible! Terrible signage, terrible treatment, terrible organization!
Cons: Everything!

Cons: Volaris has no social distancing in flight

Pros: N/A
Cons: Customer service.

Pros: Amazing crew
Cons: More comfortable seats

Pros: Nothing Horrible trip, horrible service
Cons: Flight was delayed by 5hrs Hard to get clear information about the delay and when we were actually going to leave. Horrible wifi in Mexico Airport. They had all passengers board the plane and then decided to refuel, so everyone sat in the airplane for 1 hour at the gate before leaving. We didn’t even get a drink of water on the plane. We were sitting in the last row in the back of the plane and when the attendant got to us it was time to land so she just skipped our row. I highly dis recommend Volaris.

Pros: Airline reps were always available
Cons: They flew me from Veracruz to Guadalajara 3 hours later than scheduled. Instead of making an effort for several passangers to catch the flight from Guadalajara to Fresno (also ran by Volaris) they would not let us board the Fresno flight; even though the gate was still open and the last passengers were boarding. Instead, Volaris sent me to Los Angeles (they gave me the option of flying to Fresno, but 5 days later. I don't live in Guadalajara and that was not my final destination). In Los Angeles, I had to take a cab from the LAX to the Bus Station, take the bus to Fresno (spend all night on the bus) and take a cab to the Fresno airport to pick up my automobile. Thank you Volaris . . . great job!

Pros: The crew were really nice!
Cons: Better seats!

Cons: No more delayed because i flight every month and volaris delay

Pros: Great crew- fast boarding
Cons: More comfortable seats

Pros: short flight, fine seats
Cons: no free food or water, but thats a cultural symptom of capitalism.

Pros: nothing

Pros: The crew had good attitude.

Pros: The crew were absolutely amazing. They offered to tag my carry on free of charge as baggage. No issues whatsoever with stroller or car seat. Very friendly staff.
Cons: The plane itself was uncomfortable and would prefer complimentary snack or beverages.

Pros: Amazing crew!!!
Cons: Seats were hard

Pros: On time
Cons: Space

Pros: Nothing. This is like the 3rd time I fly with this airline and it’s always something.
Cons: Not having us sitting for 40 minutes because they arrived early and we couldn’t get out. If they get there early it should be something good for everyone but it’s actually the worst.

Cons: Everything was good. No problems or complaints

Cons: The flight was almost 2 hours delayed

Cons: I didn’t even get a chance to take the flight. I realized my flight was for 12am the day I was supposed to leave within 2 hours of departure. I asked if I could get another flight was told no! I couldn’t even get a credit since I didn’t call within 3 hours of departure. I would not recommend!!!

Pros: Flight was on time. Crew friendly.
Cons: The new seat design slim seats are so uncomfortable. They are really bad! To Volaris could @ least offer coffee, tea and water Complimentary.

Pros: good crew-efficient
Cons: uncomfortable seats-nopadding

Cons: There was hardly any space under the seats and between each row so it was pretty cramped. Because of this, the flight was not very comfortable.

Pros: El abordaje fue muy rapido
Cons: Que sean más puntuales

Cons: They need to look after their passengers. For example I was running 10 minutes late from when I found out that they were boarding the flight and none of the people from the checking stands where telling me what I could do or were to go. Especially if they are seeing me struggling with my luggage.

Pros: They didn’t let me on
Cons: They could’ve timed the connection better so I didn’t miss my flight

Pros: Efficient boarding-very pleasant crew
Cons: I was harassed while waiting to board the plane saying I had to check my Carry on because there was no room above in the plane – I told the individual I had some expensive medical device and she stated that it didn’t matter – when I entered the plane I did find more than adequate space to put my bag

Cons: More options to fly out of Chihuahua because Volaris is horrible.

Cons: Our flight was scheduled for a day before the day we actually left, so we went to the airport the day we were supposed to leave just so they can say our flight was canceled, we had no heads up before that, the airline had to give us tickets for the next day.

Pros: The staff were helpful in answering my concerns.
Cons: A little extra attentiveness goes a long way. My suggestion is offer light snacks and water. It’s a kind welcoming gesture.

Pros: Good crew
Cons: More organization toward boarding

Pros: The crew was SUPER nice and waited for me even though I was late and helped me get through security check and everything. Super, Amazing crew

Pros: Nothing really
Cons: Everything

Pros: The flight was pleasant and direct. Quite and a relaxed atmosphere.
Cons: The food aelecation was poor. No complimentary drinks or snacks. At a minimum shouldn’t this be a given?

Pros: The crew was helpful and professional. The plane was clean and orderly.
Cons: The flight was VERY late (about 4 hours late) with no reconciliation for the massive tardiness

Pros: Transportation without frills
Cons: The sre increasing their fees so no longer a low cost airline

Pros: Attentive, respectful, and on time! This airline has treated me very well.

Pros: On time, arrived early, good price, good service
Cons: Got to Acapulco too early in the morning to check in the hotel

Cons: There was no food or entertainment on this flight.

Pros: everything went well from check-in to the flight crew to getting a taxi.

Pros: Puntuales.
Cons: El procedimiento de abordaje es un relajo.

Pros: I only liked the price, the rest was awful
Cons: The system to check your baggage in wasn’t working and they had us standing in line for 40 min and when it finally started working, they couldn’t cope with so many (angry) customers.

Pros: Left on time and arrived early.
Cons: Was not offered water or snacks. Good thing i brought my own.

Pros: Buying the extra space is worth it.
Cons: Volaris didn’t tell us what happened and didn’t tell us we were going to board late.

Pros: The flight was just fine
Cons: The main problem was that when I checked in online, I tried to add on more piece of luggage—for a total of 2 checked in. But the computer ended up totaling it as 3 pieces of luggage. There seemed to be no way to change this online. So I asked them to change it when I got to the airport, but they wouldn’t. What was done couldn’t be changed. Another issue I have is with this review questionnaire. They are questions for rating the food and entertainment which the airlines don’t provide anymore. These should be removed from the survey. They should, however, ask how was the process of making the reservation, check-in, and customer service in general. Both from the airline, and any third party service like kayak or kiwi. I’m not satisfied with kiwi as they were closed when I tried to call them. So I had to just fend for myself and spend money needlessly.

Pros: Punctuality, friendly flight crew
Cons: Boarding was an unorganized free-for-all

Pros: Boarding from cancun was pretty good.
Cons: No free snacks or beverage

Pros: Volaris has good pricing and is mostly always on time
Cons: Boarding took forever and was not organized. They lined everyone up to check documents and then just left us standing in line for half an hour until boarding.

Pros: Very clean plane.
Cons: Seats don’t recline.

Pros: Seat super uncomfortable and no leg room
Cons: The airplane just seem dirty and disgusting

Cons: Water can still be free, I mean I know it’s a budget airline, but water?

Pros: Crew, new plane
Cons: Boarding

Pros: Clean new plane
Cons: No free food or drink. They give you a menu with overpriced sandwiches, then inform you they've run out. One look around the plane and you see no one is eating. You have to pay with credit card and wont accept cash, which is nonsense! Had to ask them 3 times for my cup of noodles.

Pros: Everything was perfect but the price
Cons: Price

Pros: We got VIP Boarding without choosing in advance.
Cons: Very little legroom, seats were not reclinable at all, not a single snack included. Cheap.

Pros: Cheap and on time.
Cons: No Wi_Fi on board so that could be better.

Cons: Terrible turbulence and very uncomfortable seats

Pros: The flight attendants were great. They gave very good service.
Cons: The menu listed sandwiches but they didn’t have any :( The temperature inside the plane was so stuffy and hot. I prefer warmer temperatures but this was terrible.

Cons: Seat space

Pros: Airplane was clean, crew was attentive and made for a peaceful ride.
Cons: Boarding

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Many things could have been better. There was no kiosk for check in, the crew was not helpful prior to checking in, multiple occurrences where a group member was stopped for no reason by airline crew member, there were at least two seats that were duplicated on the airlines part, there was a delay on the flight due to over booked seatings, seats did not recline, no phone charging services.

Cons: I was early to aborde and I wasn’t allow to check in due to apprently being late

Pros: I didn’t get chance to flight . They changed departure time . At the first time when I showed up at my gate 17A , 50 minutes before the departure there was a lot of people waiting for flight to Hermosillo , not the Cancun. ( wasn’t any information about Cancun flight on information display) When I asked crew from desk about my flight to Cancun they told that I need to wait for announcement . I left for 20 minutes , when back 20 minutes before my departure time on my gate crew told me that my flight it’s gone. I didn’t hear any announcement about it. They didn’t change me for another flight , only the told me that they can change my ticket for the flight which is 18 hours later.
Cons: Everything need to improve

Pros: Vivaaerobus staff lack more preparation, professionalism and customer service. the seats do not recline and sell them doubles
Cons: N/A

Cons: The flight was over 6 hrs late I arrived in the middle of the night... Never again!!

Pros: The plane was newer and clean
Cons: It was warm on the fight, it would had been better if the air conditioning was turned on the entire duration of the flight.

Cons: One check in booth for 170 passengers. Pathetic.

Pros: Boarding was really fast.
Cons: The airline isn’t honest about their delays and the seat space is too narrow, tall people don’t fit.

Cons: Delete 2 hours very bad

Cons: Waiting inside the plane with door open. It is ridiculous to be inside the plan for an hour before takeoff

Cons: Not good organization while boarding, too much turbulence, very uncomfortable seats

Pros: The plane was clean and fresh and the snack options were great
Cons: Maybe if we had more space between seats because the passenger behind me kept kicking my seat and I was unable to rest during the flight . It really irritated me and made the flight unpleasant . And there were too many kids being loud.

Pros: The only thing that i liked was that the flight was real quick
Cons: That the flight and boarding was on time and if there was a delay that they communicate with the passengers not just have us up thinking not knowing what the delay is for. Also our luggages took over an hour to get the whole experience here was ridiculous. Not happy at all

Pros: Bien la tripulación. El avión austero
Cons: Las indicaciones para subir al avion

Cons: Better staff

Pros: It was impossible to speak to anyone before the 24 hour cancellation period ends.
Cons: Have people try to help instead just telling them to call later or call the airline

Pros: I thought that the plane was very clean and the crew was amazing!
Cons: The overall experience was great. The only thing that I would have loved was if they had WiFI.

Cons: It was delayed by an hour

Pros: Everything was average. Nice new airplane though.
Cons: They lost my bag on a single non stop flight. 60 minutes in baggage claim until someone showed up. They needed 24-72 hours to find it. No idea when they would get it to me. No compensation for the things I needed ok vacation while they look.

Pros: Very friendly
Cons: All good

Cons: Flight got delayed by 1.5 Hrs I missed by further connection.

Pros: The crew was attentive
Cons: There’s always room for improvement

Pros: The crew
Cons: Seat could be a bit more comfortable

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They canceled my flight

Pros: Very helpful staff !!
Cons: Airline overselling tickets didn’t get a seat for me my wife had to travel alone and offered me a flight for the next day

Pros: This is a cheap ticket.
Cons: They tried to charge me for carry on luggage even though I was under weight and under size. They aggressively tried to take my carryon and told me I had to pay 41$ per bag or I could not get on plane. Only when I asked for a manager and found someone to interpret for me and show with a measuring tape and we did they allow me on... total scam - the gate attendant conned at least 15 people before us that had smaller bags that they had to pay (very aggressively in Spanish and many passengers did not speak Spanish so gave in and payed just to get on flight). Once on the flight- you can adjust your seat which for me wasn’t a big deal at 5’1” but any taller would be an issue. You pay for even water on this flight.

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: A 5 hour delay and absolut nothing of info about it from the crew. Really really shitty. No food. No water. No medical service for a sick baby about 1.3 years old. This is the worst experience ever.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Was horrible

Pros: Por favor mantener Los precious gracias

Cons: Departure ñate without information

Cons: Crew and personal at las very rude

Pros: There was a gluten free option for snacks! Thanks!
Cons: We were delayed and there was no apology given. We missed our next flight because of the delay. Bummer.

Pros: Good, friendly staff. Quick flight as far as in the air.
Cons: 3 hour delay, come on... tight fit. Everything else made it uncomfortable but it was a 98$flight so what are ya gonna do?

Cons: Paid for infant in seat not in lap and we had to hold the baby as they refused to give us a seat

Pros: The food, sunsets, beaches were amazing.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Due to heavy traffic we arrived 35 minutes prior to our departure and were not allowed to board the flight. The website clearly states that they reserve that right within 30 minutes. Their website also did not allow us to check-in online which would have also saved time. They simply told us no and said it was a lost ticket. When I questioned a credit, refund or an additional flight they said no and offered no assistance. Finally, they called security when I asked to speak to someone else.

Pros: According schedule
Cons: Turbulence

Cons: They never told us the flight would be delayed. I only found out by chance! Poor communication between airline and airport.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Texas to Acapulco

Airlines flying from Texas to Acapulco have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Texas to Acapulco

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Texas to Acapulco

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Texas to Acapulco

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Texas to Acapulco

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Texas to Acapulco

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