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Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: With flying there is nothing perfect all the time. I was able to sleep on the flight and had a place for my carry-on luggage. I wish unboarding was mad less complicated.

Cons: Less announcements about masks we get it We don’t need instructions on hand washing Drink service needed

Pros: Comfortable and safe flight.

Pros: Competent crew
Cons: Too many people, especially children running up and down aisles during flight. Not adhering to COVID guidance. None of the crew addressed this ☹️

Cons: Communicating take off time!!! It changed multiple times by one three hours and ended up flying the next day!

Pros: Very professional crew. Nice equipment. Very pleased.

Pros: Good movie selection
Cons: Always late to depart. Seating was cramped and uncomfortable

Cons: Im paid for confort. But give a economic. Maybe mix with golairline.

Cons: We had to take a shuttle bus from the gate out to the plane, this made boarding very chaotic. The seats were not very comfortable- they needed more padding.

Pros: Flight was mostly uneventful, which is great! Right after takeoff we made a complete circle and no information was given as to why, but we assumed it was air traffic.

Pros: Missed it
Cons: Give back money

Pros: Just the crew was super sweet and amazing. Everything else sucks. My seat won't recline and the flights get delayed all the time. Worst was the state LaGuardia is in right now.
Cons: More on time performance would be great from Delta. Seats that actually recline and not get stuck. Screens in all the seats to enjoy entertainment.

Cons: They were delayed. They wouldn't let us keep our checked sized bags which slowed us down even more. Our next flight left without us while we were waiting for a gate to open so we could get off the plane. There were no more flights so we had to fly to an alternate city and rent a car to get home.

Pros: The flight crew was friendly and communicated well. They also had a friendly attitude.
Cons: A 1 hour wait for wheelchair assistance in Houston and then a 30 minute delay for wheelchair people to take my mom to baggage claim. Then the wheelchair attendant kept complaining she wouldn't receive a good tip to take us to the Lyft pickup area.

Cons: The flight had over six hours in combined delays!!!

Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: More water offered by crew

Pros: New plane, video in every seat
Cons: Organizing boarding better. Confusion in rules.

Cons: Overall: pretty good.

Pros: I always love long international flights because of the hot towel and other fun extras you don’t usually get. The meal was excellent and there were plenty of entertainment options for everyone.

Pros: Everyone was very courteous, the plane took off on schedule and arrived at our destination early. Also got a complimentary upgrade to Comfort Plus.
Cons: Ticket price was a bit much, the seats and aisle inside the plane are only made for skinny people. Aisle was barely longer across than my foot, and the guy next to me was a bit bigger than average, leaving me to have to scrunch in my seat the whole flight. Lots of elbows, butts and hips knocking into my shoulders as people boarded.

Pros: The staff & crew were friendly. I liked having access to free entertainment. I liked being able to see the tracking of my checked bag (notifications).

Pros: Plane and staff was comfortable
Cons: Weather delays resulted in me being rebooked on a flight nearly 6 hours later, even though there was a connection within 2 hours

Pros: The flight was probably only half booked, the crew was awesome, very attentive and accommodating. Legroom at seat 13A was plenty. Also the fact that messaging is free is convenient.
Cons: No food to purchase. The flight was over dinner time. Boarding - the ground staff’s announcements weren’t very intelligible.

Cons: Ran out of fuel and had to divert to Birmingham. Disappointed. Turned into a 3-4 h delay. When we got to ATL our gate was occupied. All in all very poor service. Delta is better than this.

Pros: I liked the flight attendant in first class. Unfortunately I was not in first class
Cons: I did not like the attitude of the obese old man (I, too, am an obese old woman) as I saw it toward some of my cabin mates.

Cons: Seats are hard to get comfortable in. Headrests are awkward

Cons: It takes time and worries to find the air train and Aeroflot registration.

Pros: How they take off and land
Cons: The price versus other companies

Cons: Flight was delayed by 2 hrs. Annoying!

Cons: sitting next to a large dog and the wifi not working given i prepaid for it and actually selected the flight because it had wifi i fell hours behind on my work

Pros: I love Delta airline this is what airline I pefer to go with whenever I fly anywhere they are the way for me such happy ppl and so much help.
Cons: On one of my flights the Wi-Fi was down so it killed my entertainment but the flight wasn't long so it wasn't so bad for me

Pros: Boarding
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Crew was kind, entertainment and food were good
Cons: Seats are really tight

Cons: Very uncomfortable flight. Seats are to close to each other

Pros: The space we had, the breakfast provided, the movies/TV shows available, and the staff.
Cons: I was a concerned when I couldn't select seats during check-in and was informed that our seats would be assigned at the gate. After boarding, it made more sense since it wasn't a full flight; I could understand that was likely done so the plane would be weight-balanced. It just caused me some concern the day before.

Pros: N/a
Cons: Delta costumer service was terrible. Cancelled my trip twice. They lied to us saying that they were going to give vouchers for hotel, that we were going to be automatically booked for next flight and that our bags would arrive with our flight. Waited 7hs to talk to an agent in the airport. 24h wait in Atlanta had to sleep in airport. They wanted me to wait three days in atlanta. They forced me to check a carry on because they didn't have room in the plane. They told me my bag would arrive with my flight. It never did. I still dont have by only bag. Unbelievable.

Pros: gate personnel delivered bad news routinely
Cons: contingency planning was zero to get flight crews to next flight...

Pros: The crew were friendly and efficient. The seats were narrow, but as to be expected. Meals were fine. Will fly Delta again and again.
Cons: Flight Minneapolis to Detroit was delayed which caused us to miss our original flight and go out a day later.

Pros: Boarding time and schedules were as expected or faster and good attention from the flight crew.
Cons: Breakfast was mediocre for First Class.

Cons: I had to take different flights due to the delays.

Pros: Flight was on time
Cons: I don't get it.. why airlines have no pride? Tickets are expensive! Fuel is lately cheap.. a Don't get it.. why do they keep crying and act like poor helpless companies? You are connecting 2 major cities in the US... can you please have some pride and offer a Nice airplane and not a crappy old one? Can you have some service going beyond just a soda? It doesn't make sense! When you fly in Europe with any major airline company (not low cost..), no matter how long or short the flight is, minimum you get a sandwich and abundance of drinks.. not with Delta (or any other american airline company).. pontless. We always get treated like cattle.. but they like keeping the prices of tickets expensive, don't they???

Cons: see above

Pros: Rebooked to Atlanta because of a delay.
Cons: Delta notifications and Kayak notifications were giving me conflicting information, however once I arrived at the Houston airport a Delta representative clarified my issues.

Pros: Flight attendants were cordial. Absolutely friendly. Caring.

Pros: The crew was friendly, fast & efficient.
Cons: It should have been made clearer that we had to check in at Delta & not Virgin Australian . We waited 45 min. in a holiday line we didn't have to. It was also difficult to find Delta at the Sydney airport. It was hidden in the back. We shouldn't have to wait 30 minutes for customs to open at LAX at 6 AM. I didn't like having to pay $2400 for a ticket when you dropped the price after the Paris incident & I found the same ticket would have cost me only $869. I should be reimbursed the difference. I also don't understand why we had to wait till 10:15 to sit inside the gate area. Directions for boarding should have been clearer.

Pros: When we were landing!!!!
Cons: To crowded, seats to to!!! close need personal space not everyone baths!!##!!

Pros: There should atleast one checked luggage
Cons: Too expensive and baggage charge is additional which does not make any sense

Pros: On time Roomy seats Efficient boarding with carry-on checked through if needed Clean plane

Pros: Not much I liked at all for the rave I’ve been hearing.
Cons: Crew needs attitude adjustments, as well as the whole aircraft could use a makeover - it’s completely outdated. Plus, the layover in Istanbul was horrible! There were people not wearing masks, and airport staff wasn’t even enforcing any safety even if they saw wrong things happening.

Pros: Great service! Very safe flight!
Cons: Warmer food, maybe... but safety was great.

Pros: The food
Cons: My seat wasn't working properly and wasn't comfortable.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Food was late and terrible seating arrangements were horrible they placed my infant in a different section don’t recommend it if you are old or traveling with family

Pros: Turkish continues to go above-and-beyond to provide all of its passengers with a quality experience. Meals were actually good (I opt for the Vegetarian offering) and Economy seats are perfectly fine.
Cons: Both ground staff and inflight crews border on rude, but I choose to believe it's a cultural thing and not a corporate or personal failing. Really, it's a coldness more than anything. No warmth or empathy. Planes are showing their age, particularly in the seat monitors. Screens have dead zones with inoperative icons. Also, quite a few seats were literally falling apart. But, when you fly to more countries than any other airline, some wear-and-tear is to be expected.

Pros: Probably best economy class service and amenities and timings.

Cons: They dont give water when u ask for it, everything else was good

Pros: On time
Cons: Seats are not very comfortable. Narrow and hard.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I sent my old grandparents trusted them to take care of them but they were treated very badly and had a horrible trip

Pros: Service, professionalism
Cons: Food is good but very bland.

Pros: Love the food, service and movies.

Cons: space little cramped but maybe same with other airlines in economy.

Pros: Everything went perfect.

Pros: Food
Cons: Leg room especially between Houston and Istanbul fo

Cons: My husband's passport expires in March of 2018, 4 months from travel dates and we weren't allowed to travel because it has to be 6 months. We booked our tickets in August of 2017, Turkish Airlines could've told us this. During booking, they ask for passport expiry date, what's the point if you're not going to tell us in advance and wait till our travel date to tell us this information. We couldn't travel on our vacation as planned and we were charged an additional $3,000 to change our tickets.

Pros: The ground and flight crews were outstanding. Boarding was easy in Houston. I got to see the flight crew handle a medical emergency and saw that they were well prepared, efficient, and concerned. The food and entertainment were fine. I felt like the seat space was better than on British which I often use. I had an empty seat next to me however. I was impressed that the flight crew moved a taller gentleman to a premium (exit) seat to accommodate his extra tall stature. He didn't ask, but they wanted him to be comfortable.
Cons: The airport in Istanbul is pretty manageable. They changed the gate on us twice for the connection, which meant a bit of walking. But the crowd was pretty manageable compared to LHR.

Cons: Alaways delays

Pros: Paying only half of what other USA airlines offered we had a one stop trip from (IAH) Houston to (TLV) Tel Aviv and were served two meals with offerings of other food if needed. I don't know what was served but it was good yet very different from what we eat in Texas. Then we had a 2 1/2 hour layover in (IST) Istanbul Turkey which gave us plenty of time to get off the plane, shuttle to the terminal gate then walk around the airport for about an hour before heading to the next gate for our connecting flight. The crew was very pleasant and the flight very smooth.
Cons: The landing in Instanbul Turkey was very poorly done, by far the worst I've ever experienced but the rest of the flight and connecting Turkish Airlines flight to Tel Aviv was great. The seats are very cramped but not much different than any other economy seat I've had on any other USA airline. The price of the ticket more than made up for the seat.

Pros: Food was good on both flights.
Cons: Seating was terrible. We were in the 2nd row of the normal seats on the right side of the plane. The space between the rows of seats was much to tight, so I had to turn my legs to the side to fit into the space. I am 6'. However, I noticed that the row across from me had about 4" inches of additional space so I am thinking that the row I was on was set in error. This needs to be fixed. Also, they were much to late in turning on the air conditioning as we loaded and waited for takeoff.

Pros: The food and boarding went fine.
Cons: There was no air in our section of the plane. The entire flight from Houston to Istanbul was miserable. It was 85 degrees or higher, and every chance we got to complain to a flight attendant was met with dismissal. We were told they were trying to fix it, but really there's nothing they could have done, and they shouldn't have made it sound like if we just waited a little the problem would get fixed. Not only was it hot, but there was no actual air flow of any kind, and as a person with Asthma this was extremely uncomfortable. Our section was right behind the first class section, and the flight attendants kept trying to keep us separated with the curtains, even though the only way we were getting any air was from that cabin. We consistently requested them to leave the curtains open in the hopes that some air would make it's way to us, but there was little change. Some families with newborns were moved to first class, and some passengers were able to scout out and find other available seats throughout the plane, but for the majority of us in that section, we had no air, and were treated very poorly for as much discomfort as we were going through. There was no apology and little acknowledgement to the problem at hand and I felt personally very disrespected by the whole experience.

Pros: I was very impressed that I am already looking to travel again with the airline on my next travel!

Pros: Movie selection was great
Cons: The seats were stained and especially very tight on legroom.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: all of it

Pros: Flight left on time. Crew was friendly and was multilingual. Entertainment on our personal monitors was good.
Cons: Overall it was a good flight but since I was not familiar Turkish Air, there were some glitches. Although I'm not wheelchair bound, I have great difficulty walking distances with fear of falling. I was never offered some assistance by the Houston airport or the airline at this point. The seating on the plane is difficult to maneuver for a disabled person. The flight was OK except for cramped spaces. The flight left on time and that was good considering Houston had just gone through the hurricane.

Pros: The food, when you get what you ask for, isn't bad
Cons: Rude attendants, running out of food frequently, not getting options, intermittently working entertainment with poor choices.

Pros: Very uncomfortable seat. Very narrow walk way to lavatory.

Pros: They went above and beyond to ensure comfort

Pros: I like the food in the air craft it was good, but the crew seemed not wanting to speak inglish The are more willing to serve turkish speakers, They were not even able to solve seat problem. that I and my next seat guy decided to solve the issue by offering our seats to them so that they can sit together, the crew spoke poor english and we were held up by that seat problem, ask that crew member they will tell you what happend, After we gave up our saets to random girls who were also angry about turkish airline, we were able to take off for nairobi And yes the coffee store by the cafe nero and nearly all business refused to give us a wifi And turkish airport offers wifi to only those who have a turkish phone number that is so very low Shame on turkish airline for treating us the give us a free rides we are their bussiness and we will make sure that we stop giving our bussness It looks like they took their customers for granted and we will just tollered it but I will not and many people whom I know will not It is simply desaster... 0% service from the time you come to the airport untill boading time I had to ask about 5 deffrent men to tell me if where I was terminal. One but none of them know what i was saying And at the time my flight was sopposed leave 7:50 so I was freaking out And no one helping at that crtical moment I finaly got the delay flight info after running somany times up and down the road

Pros: The seats were comfortable, food was ok . Staff were friendly
Cons: The service was a bit relaxed, with kids I had a little hard time getting attention promptly

Cons: Headphones did not work for first half of flight. flight attendant was unconcerned. Very little legroom

Pros: The boarding was fast and smooth
Cons: The food

Pros: That I heard great things about Turkish Airlines
Cons: Staff at the gate and on the plane were rude. At the gate, I asked if there was an isle seat or an emergency row seat available (because I have long legs and long feet) and he said he would check and see. Well, he failed to inform me if any of the seats were available, so I sat in a window seat to Istanbul and a middle seat to Venice. I had to pay $160 for an extra bag to Venice. I asked if the airline allowed military members to check a third bag for free, I was laughed at, and told that US military members get charged more because we're not in the Turkish military. So as you can see, this trip started off horribly. My flight attendant seemed like she was having a horrible day because her attitude and customer service was bad.

Pros: The food on board was better than average.
Cons: The whole operation was shabbily done. Because of a Turkish airlines' flight delay, we wouldn't be able to make our connecting flight to Venice from Istanbul. So the agents booked me and my traveling companions on DIFFERENT flights the next day, long after we had paid to be getting to Venice. It took a long time and a lot of work on my part to get our tickets corrected to all be on the same flight, and the whole thing was very unprofessional. The lower price for Turkish airlines is not worth it when you have to spend an entire day of your vacation sitting in the Turkish Airlines airport hotel because Turkish Airlines can't properly get you to your destination on time.

Pros: Food, crew
Cons: The flight was delayed 1.5 hours so we missed our connection.

Pros: The crew was very nice. The entertainment quite rich.
Cons: Since the flight was very crowded, they didn't let me bring in the cabin my garment bag, I had to stuff it in the suitcase.

Pros: food was good.
Cons: When I got Istanbul Ataturk Airport, they left me in baggage area with my wheel chair. I had to carry my two luggage through the exit door.

Pros: It is very hard to separate the hassle of air travel from the airlines so the size of your seat and the many security checks that infuence our opinion are beyond their power. The food, service, little overnight packet and staff were excellent.
Cons: The general hassle of air travel. Small seats, little space and the herding thru security and long lines. You really have to be slim and trim to fit in the seats and walk the long distances from one gate to another. Great motivation for getting in shape and loosing weight.

Pros: Comfortable plane Good food Excellent entertainment options Friendly service
Cons: Turkish flights always seem to be late in boarding

Pros: Food was good. Entertainment was great.
Cons: Flight was delayed but that wasn't the main problem. Went to the wrong gate for my connecting flight, Turkish air rep at the gate checked my boarding pass, didn't say a word about me being at the wrong gate. Tgere was no announcement of any kind (found out later, Turkish sir doesn't do announcement at the Istanbul airport. No clue as to why). Thought, tgere was another delay and by the time I asked, it was too late to catch my flight and that's when I got a full dose of every single person w Turkish air trying to stiff me with the most outrageous penalty for changing Nguyen my ticket. Started out at $1114 on a $758 ticket, then went down to $925 and if I stay over night, down to $750. Seriously? Rude, talking down at me and telling me that if I don't pay the penalty, my return ticket will be cancelled. I keep getting bounced from one person to another being told to wait here and wait there then I finally got so sick of all of it, bought a new connecting flight online, spending the night in Istanbul and will see what will happen w my return flight to the US. I call this 'theft' as if i buy an entire new ticket from Istanbul to Cairo then back to the US online, it will cost me less than the penalty they're trying to get me to pay. Shame on you Turkish airline!! You'd think w all the issues they're having w tourism in their country these days they'd care about not doing this kind of mistreatment of their clients.

Cons: Too long

Pros: great!

Pros: Direct flight from Houston to Istanbul. Ran on time, and food was good.
Cons: Seats were crammed in as close as possible. I've never had such little room on a flight this long. This is a really long flight, so I'd probably see if I could find a more comfortable airline next time, even if it cost me a little more cash.

Pros: From extra free bag, to all the little things they give you to make you feel much more comfortable, to the scrumptious meals and constant attendants attentiveness to passengers needs. Loved everything!!! Especially the way we can follow our route on the screens.
Cons: Nothing at all

Pros: Flight attendant cared a lot about the older lady sitting next to me, was grateful when I helped her. Food was excellent, screen size and selection of viewing material was very good. We were on time and the little comfort bag was very good, lip balm!
Cons: Nothing that I didn't really like, the price was good and the service excellent.

Pros: The people were very nice. Polite and friendly. The entertainment was good as well. I was impressed with their vegetarian food, for airplane food.
Cons: The boarding process and the crew handing out drinks and food seemed unorganized. Not sure if they were understaffed. However, they still remained nice even though you could tell they were stressed.

Pros: Food and in flight service
Cons: Flight boarded late, boarding process was chaos, and we took off two hours late. This in turn made us miss our connecting flight. We had to spend the night in Istanbul, forfeiting our luxury hotel in Venice. They wouldn't let us get our bags in Istanbul so we were unable to get toiletries or change of clothes. I will be seeking reimbursement for Venice hotel, Istanbul recruited visas, and travel inconvenience.

Pros: Ecellent food, service on board, on time departures,
Cons: Huge Plane and only 3 WC

Pros: The service was excellent. We actually got upgraded because my wife had status on United which was AWESOME.
Cons: The interior of the planes seem a little outdated. The seats were cloth and had a slightly strange smell to them.

Pros: Great price, service, food
Cons: they just skipped me once to offer me a drink, but they were very nice when I requested it

Cons: Flight from Houston to Istanbul got delayed; Turkish Airlines representative confirmed that flight will catch up on time and I can reach my connecting flight on time, however changed my ticket for the connecting flight so I would leave Istanbul next day - without informing me about the change.Once I realized changed "date/time" in the ticket (VS what I booked) and complained about it, all Turkish Airline representatives were acting line they don't understand English...this is unacceptable. I ended up spending the night in the Airport.

Pros: inflight staff are good but on the ground staff at airport need a great deal of improvement
Cons: Delayed arrival at Bangalore by more than 1 hour.

Pros: Staff was very good
Cons: Plane was very warm

Pros: Business class upgrade
Cons: Sitting in window next time

Pros: Helpful crew Good food
Cons: Our luggage came back damaged and open !

Pros: No delays.
Cons: The entertainment monitors were SUPER laggy with response. Image quality wasn't great.

Pros: Crew was very professional and efficient! Flight was fairly on time
Cons: Selection of movies was not the best I've experienced

Pros: There was nothing to like.
Cons: The time to catch the next flight at Washington DC and Frankfert was too short. Walked about a mile and half between two gates. Request to change the time slot

Pros: Good
Cons: More varieties of whisky on board

Pros: Loved the food and drink service.
Cons: Did not like how far back the seat in front of me went. Causes a cramped ride.

Pros: Yes, everything was great

Pros: snacks and entertainment

Pros: Great film choices, short flight time - no delays. The flight was relatively full but I experienced no discomfort and the food was good. I think they ran out of one option but this didn't bother me as it wasn't my choice.

Pros: Online check in, easy to board. Flight was on time.
Cons: I wish there was a vegan option for the food/snack onboard.

Pros: Everything.
Cons: The rolls that came with the food. Too hard - not fresh enough. No big deal, just saying....

Cons: No entertainment

Pros: No food or entertainment
Cons: Delayed run to the gate.

Pros: Flight, crew, arrival were good
Cons: Security in Frankfurt was overwhelmed, so we were transferred to a set of security gates which is very far from the A gates. Had to take 2 slow elevators (no escalators!), go through the underground walkway connecting B and A sections and finally walk to one of the outermost gates to board. We were bused; our bus waited next to the plane for quite a long time full of people and without AC. It was a very unpleasant experience.

Pros: A regular predictable LH flightqq

Cons: Flight was delay for almost a hour.

Cons: Cancelled then delayed then had to stay in Frankfurt and was a day late

Pros: There was plenty of room, great staff, no worries whatsoever.
Cons: The food on Lufthansa has definitely slipped since the last time I flew them a couple of years ago. The main courses are just plain bad. Everything else is good

Pros: Great service. everything was on time, or early. overall pleasant experience.

Pros: It is comfortable. Some of the crew are very nice and friendly!
Cons: The food is not tasty, and some of the crew are not nice!

Cons: I was unable to make a pre-flight meal selection. Lufthansa customer service indicated I would have vegan options on board. Not the case.

Pros: Crew was very friendly
Cons: The food was not that great

Pros: I liked that if I asked for something the crew would get to me rapidly. Extra leg room.
Cons: Boarding process: just a lot of confusion. Inflight crew service poor: the was no time to have any brain reaction when they would pass by with coffee or anything...and when I asked for coffee the answer for a gentlemen of the crew was: coffee already passed by. Really!!?? Make sure that +$1200 are spent well. Rude or inattentive crew members shouldn’t be on flights that are that long...I had to nsist to have a miserable cup of coffee. Movie selection was poor. USB port didn’t work. Shame on you!

Pros: Easy boarding comfort seats
Cons: No entertainment at all it is 2017 not from all countries but still need any kind of entertainment for a 3.20min flight

Pros: The people behind me had made a tent to shade themselves. Main offenders of the heavenly light were those random people who would open their window. So I guess there is not much I want Lufthansa to do about that.
Cons: Their needs to be a window somewhere for us center-of-the-plane people to take pictures

Pros: The Staff and the available entertainment at the seat.

Pros: The entire crew was very professional and friendly, and I could tell that each one of them really liked their job. I am a seasoned traveler and have flown in the past on every major and minor airline, and I have to rate my flight LH424 from Munich to Boston as one of the best.
Cons: I cannot think of a thing that I did not like.

Pros: The service and food was great.
Cons: The bathrooms were pretty disgusting, with urine on the floor. Perhaps they could be checked on and cleaned.

Cons: Took a few time to ask for my kosher food. Crew couldn't locate me on the list, than the were out of kosher food, gave me regular breakfast, which I couldn't eat more than granola. It was pre-ordered, and I called to confirm a week ahead.

Cons: Not there. Still in germany

Pros: Excellent service, on time arrival, a great experience! Everything was easy with Lufthansa, which soothed my jitters and helped me relax (as much as is possible!)

Pros: The aircraft, an A320 was stable but cramped and entertainment depended on prior download of the Lufthansa app. Crew was very efficient and professional.
Cons: Cramped. Seat did not recline AT ALL and very hard. No entertainment unless you downloaded the app beforehand.

Pros: Everything was perfectly on time. Pilots were excellent and crew very attentive.
Cons: Food was ok

Pros: Free wine; flight was on time; movie and TV shows are good; crew gives out water constantly. I prefer Lufthansa over any other airline.
Cons: I do not like the big metal boxes that take away your leg room.

Pros: The staff was professional all the way from check in to boarding to flight attendance ...
Cons: I liked everything .. everything was done professionally.

Pros: Smooth flight, attendants were attentive
Cons: Seats way too close when reclining You sh know the ingredients of meals served Why not serve real fruit? Apples bananas etc Unable to check in online ...thus had poor seats and no upgrade opportunities

Pros: The airplane did not crash
Cons: Eh, it was ok

Pros: E-mail notification on change of gate

Pros: nothing
Cons: for 4 hours flight the crew decided to give breakfast at the first hour instead of the last. everybody was asleep and in fact no body had breakfast. the boarding was late the aircraft was missing and cause additional delay... TERRIBLE

Pros: Cleanliness of the plane, brand new plane, delicious food, real silverware, Plesant crew, love the entertainment
Cons: Chaos when getting in the plane. First come first serve which could lead to problems. Everyone wants to get in the plane at once

Pros: keep going

Pros: The food was good compare to other airlines & the service is good too. I would like to recomemd.for my friends if they ask me which airline to choice.
Cons: Check in only before 24hours before the flight is not good enough since so many people are book.

Pros: Great food options, blanket and pillow, and free movies was the best

Cons: My connecting flight was very close in time and even when I told a stewardess while I was exiting the plane, she made no effort to get me any help to arrive at my next gate faster. This resulted in my having to run to my gate after waiting on the long line at customs and I barely made my flight. Had I not been as physically able, I would have missed my flight even at my normal fast-walking pace. This should not have occurred- I should not have to run to my gate from one flight to another especially when I raised this concern to an employee of Lufthansa as well as a customs officer.

Cons: At too high

Pros: Food was delicious, service was amazing

Pros: My original flight was cancelled and then my flights after kept being changed without notice to me.
Cons: There was no space for my knees. The crew was terribly rude and pissy with all the people. There was one younger stewardess that was kind and smiled a lot, but the older woman and the men were incredibly mean to everyone.

Pros: Salimos a tiempo . El business es muy confortable
Cons: La comida horrible . No se limpian los baños

Pros: The crew is excellent but the seats are not comfortable enough. There should be a way to balance money and comfort,not just placing people in seats they do not fit into
Cons: Nothing,just the seats. Cleanliness was perfect

Pros: The plane size & comfort was excellent. The staff were very friendly
Cons: N/A

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Internet

Pros: Staff were professional and polite.
Cons: Despite zone boarding, boarding and disembarkation were very slow. Passengers like me with flight connections were very anxious regarding missing these.

Cons: Delay due to strike

Pros: Flight arrived on time
Cons: No food provided "due to a strike the previous day". Not sure why this would impact on providing a sandwich or snack particularly when champagne was still available for first class passengers.

Pros: Excellent crew, good food & movie selection.

Pros: The crew were excellent and seats were comfy.
Cons: Headphones for the entertainment centre.could have been better. Sound quality not great.

Cons: Travelled business class and was ace experience

Pros: Slow service.
Cons: Better communication!

Pros: Great plane and staff
Cons: Delayed

Cons: KLM was not prepared to get wheel chair passenger off plane. Cost me delay of 1 hour. I will never fly KLM again.

Cons: Late departure. Rush to connect.

Pros: the trip was excellent and comfortable. LOved the windows that shaded out rather than the having to pull down the plastic blind. entertainment on board top notch screen huge One hostess , Helen was absolutely fantastic and the best I ve had on my many trips. I will recommend KLM whenever I can
Cons: the headrest is hard. Apart from that- all was fine

Pros: Entertainment was amazing
Cons: Seats a bit hard

Pros: The crew
Cons: Seat comfort

Pros: KLM staff is great

Pros: KLM was a great experience compared to Airitalia. The food was good, the flight attendants were very helpful.

Cons: The flight was cancelled and had to be rerouted on United Airlines.

Pros: Friendly staff, great service on board. Way better value and service compared to the tacky Irish competition flying the route. Delta all the way

Cons: Not enough leg room

Cons: wasn't able to take the flight since I missed it

Pros: Crew where awesone and the choice of entertainment was fantastic
Cons: Seats way to close together

Cons: Our lougage did not arrive

Cons: Flight departed 35 minutes late

Pros: The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. All meals and snacks were delicious.

Pros: The aircraft felt clean and quite spacious (decent legroom). Cabin crew was friendly and everything went as expected. Bonus points for the Beemster cheese sandwich (I was totally disappointed when they served the food, but more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cheese - I even bought some afterwards, from the Albert Heijn just outside the security area).
Cons: Very odd queue separation at boarding. Passengers were divided in 5 lanes, depending on their seating area withing the plane (for a more efficient boarding, I presume) but, by the time we all got to the actual aircraft, we formed another queue in the boarding bridge so it didn't feel like any time was saved or anything.

Cons: The cabin crew was racist! She asked me to move from a seat because she wanted another guy ( obviously from her country ) to take it! Rude and racist.

Pros: Flight was delayed for 15 min resulting in passengers rushing to make their connecting flights.but staff kept passengers informed.
Cons: Flight departing late.

Pros: Food was just fine, movie selection very good
Cons: Uncomfortable seat cushions, lights were truned on too early (1.5 hours before flight landed)

Pros: Crew was very nice and helpful, entertainment system worked well and had good choices
Cons: Seats were not very comfortable, it was uncomfortably hot and there was not air conditioner vent above like most other airlines

Pros: Premium economy service was good.
Cons: Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Especially the bulkhead in premium economy.

Pros: Airlines issue
Cons: Profiling certain customers

Pros: Boarding was a breeze and the staff were lovely. Online check was very simple and easy to navigate.
Cons: The amount of extras you have to click no to while checking in online.

Pros: My bagage broke
Cons: I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it

Pros: Good efficient flight crew friendly and helpful

Pros: Service provided by the staff
Cons: The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly

Cons: una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen.

Pros: Flight was on time and quick and comfortable

Pros: Wider seat than most business class
Cons: Row 6 in business is after the first 5 rows and Galley and restroom. Very awkward

Cons: They didn’t let us board the plane. Allegedly the plane was changed and make us travel by train!! They offered us a compensation but we haven’t heard from them yet. Not good experience at all.

Pros: Price
Cons: Klm flight has very congested seating Getting information about eticket was pain

Pros: Free wee cake.
Cons: Nothing in particular.

Pros: Service was good
Cons: Delay

Pros: Excellent service and comfortable flight
Cons: Flight delay roughly an hour

Pros: Overall very nice flight, even comes with free drink and snack

Pros: A nice short flight
Cons: We had booked business on our flight to Milan, and it was extremely disappointing that on this sector they put us on the last seat in the back of the plane. There were plent of seats on this flight that had extended legroom. A bit of a mystery, why Westjet elected to put usin the last seats on the plane?

Pros: They flew full speed to catch up with the delays.
Cons: Departure was scheduled with one hour delay. When everyone was boarded they mentioned a leaking toilet. It took them 1,5 hours to disable the toilet. In the mean time, no drinks, no snacks, nothing. So we should depart at 18:00 but it became 19:30. Our first drinks and meal was no earlier then 21:00. The crew should have anticipated better that the technical problem would at least take one hour and give everyone a drink at least.

Cons: Flight was delayed 4 hours. was not able to make connecting flight in Amsterdam. No flights from Amsterdam to final destination in the US. Lost one full day. Had to stay overnight. What a cluster mess. Will never fly with KLM airlines and would not recommend. Will spend a little extra money and fly on other airlines......very poor, disorganized, and horrendous flight experience. Buyer beware.

Cons: Helpful flight attendant, kind check in attendant

Pros: Good airline

Cons: More room. Not losing our luggage at the end.

Cons: Forferdelig innsjekking, lang kø, kun en person som skulle håndtere alle. Bag drop aksepterte kun en innsjekket bagasje for 2 personer selv om vi skulle kunne sjekke inn 2 hver.

Cons: Delayed flight - 2 1/2 hrs. No advance info. Departure gate change after check in. No Info at original gate. Unfriendly staff. No apology. No explanation for delay. Food substandard, even for cheap airlines.

Pros: Great selection of movies.
Cons: Sitting on runway for take off for some 40 minutes.

Cons: Tiny, hard, uncomfortable seats and cramped conditions, just about the worst 8 hours in my life

Pros: The staff and other guests are always so polite! Getting the SAS Lounge Pass is always smart.

Pros: The crew was great and the food as well
Cons: Boarding chaotic and Newark airport is very inconvenient. No signs to terminal B and the sky train with the compartment system is not very functional. I am tall person and sitting in the middle of the middle row was very inconvenient wilh not enough leg space.

Cons: Check-in was a disaster. Took almost one hour for a trainee to check us in. Printed 8 bag tickets (for 2 bags) and after we complained was told there was no line at immigration, so should be okay. Guess having a 3 year old wasn’t enough for us to get any compassion or expedited service. At gate. No early boarding for children.

Cons: Mid day flight , no food or snack , how cheep will the airlines go?

Pros: All went well !! On time friendly staff .

Cons: Not enough characters to express my disappointment.

Pros: I liked the movie selection! I also like the spacious size of our seats! There was just the right amount of leg room for the time of the flight. Also, the meals were served in a timely manner!
Cons: The breakfast entree was salty and a beverage was not served with our meal. The gap between the entree was too long for enjoymenty. My friends and I were thirsty when we were eatinmg. Also, the wine selections were not the standard fan favorite. Not many enjoy Zinfandel or the white wine they were serving.

Pros: A female pilot! Nice crew. Clean bathroom.
Cons: No complimentary peanuts or cookies! Paying for soda or juice. Very tight legroom. Window wouldn't close.

Cons: I paid for internet but it never worked

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Tried THREE hours to get a phone picked up to cancel my flight the day before this scheduled flight. My friends booked with Expedia the exact itinerary and were able to reach a human and we're told that SAS always reimburses for cancellations. I finally emailed vayamas/kayak to cancel and 5 days later received a reply that there was no cancellation refund. Apparently Kayak provides a no communication/no refund policy. My travel companion had the opposite experience with Expedia.

Cons: I was unable to check in over the mobile app nor online. Had to do everything at the ticket desk in both the US and overseas. Made me feel as though I didn't have a reservation in the system.

Pros: This was one of the best airlines we've flown. Great food, plenty of room, friendly stewardesses and good service overall. We will definitely try to book with SAS again.
Cons: Nothing. There was nothing to not like. In fact they fed us too much!

Pros: I was able to get to my destination safely b
Cons: Planes are old. No conveniences at all - none. Charged for one piece of luggage (my only piece) at the gate. Security process extremely slow. 1.5 hours early to airport and I made it on board by 9 mins. There plane sat for 20 mins on runway before departing.

Pros: Movie selection
Cons: The flight attendants were rude. Not once was water offered. Only one drink cart for >8 flight.

Cons: As above.

Cons: This is our third delay with this airline on this trip and all they will do is send you to their service center which in Copenhagen is located so far from the gates it's a joke. Once again they are doing their best to discourage any interaction with their customers.

Pros: Good choice of movies.
Cons: I was seated between two families with two babies on board so there was little room for me to rest since there was a lot of movement.

Cons: They charge me €70 for my bag and it should have been free!!

Cons: Bag drop line was over 45 min. Only 2 attendants. Flight was late taking off. Baggage fee was outrageous. Site said 1 free bag, but that is carry on only. Checked bag was €70!!!! The flight was only $85.

Cons: Although it was entirely SAS's fault that I missed my connection in CPH, they refused to reroute me on another carrier. They routed me on another SAS flight to ORD, and from there back to BOS. Hence my arrival was delayed from 3.20 PM to 12.130 AM after midnight.

Pros: Very comfortable 11+ hr flight. I also had an empty seat next to me so maybe that helped? The food was great.
Cons: I wish the landscape cameras worked the entire time!

Pros: Quick flight easy on and off.

Pros: The thoughtfulness and competency of the personnel. I needed wheelchair assistance and found that every was very attentive to my needs and very competent, especially the ones assigned to get me from place to place. Even in Rome, where we had to deplane on the tarmac, I had a young woman and a young man to assist me and they helped me in every way possible.
Cons: I needed a gluten free meal and found it rather dry and unappetizing.

Pros: The non stop to Copenhagen from San Francisco was excellent. We departed on time, arrived on time.The seats in coach were much more comfortable than other airlines. I will fly SAS again.
Cons: I think if there were a few choices for the dinner service I would have been happy.

Pros: Great experience overall except for one flight attendant for inbound flight to Copenhagen - his attitude was a bit too casual although he was friendly.
Cons: wifi - never worked

Cons: Delayed departure. Temperature in cabin was uncomfortably hot while waiting for departure.

Pros: •Food was good •Wide variety on entertainment system
Cons: •Second bag was $120 •Boarding by group number would be more efficient

Pros: Quick and easy, nice cabin crew. I experienced no difficulties before or during this flight.
Cons: We did not get food in this flight, it was not necessary because it was only a 1h 25m flight, so I cannot rate it.

Pros: Nothing honestly
Cons: My luggage was lost and SAS staff was the least helpful I've experienced from any airline. In fact, each employee was so uninterested in helping me that I went in a circle of speaking with 3 different representatives before being helped.

Pros: No delays, early landing which made my 50 minute layover seamless.
Cons: I have no complaints

Pros: The entertainment module is great!

Cons: No individual seat control of airflow. The plane was very warm and there were no vents at each seat.

Pros: Smooth flight - outstanding airport

Pros: Polite crew, decent space allotment, decent food-well balanced meal. Entertainment was good, quite a few big name movies.
Cons: I wasn't served my second meal/snack, for the second time on my experiences with SAS.

Pros: Leaving on schedule and arriving 20 minutes early. The crew was very helpful to families with children.
Cons: The air conditioner was blowing cold air on my head through the whole trip. No way to control it. Or stop it.

Pros: Old airplanes, no cellphone chargers, my monitor didn't work at all so they gave me an Iphad......
Cons: Old airplanes, you have to pay for alcohol....

Pros: same as above

Pros: Checking was simple . The waiting area was comfortable. The flight seats were convenient, and we arrived early.

Pros: Love the fact that the plane was clean and new!
Cons: Wish we had more movies and more tv-shows,

Pros: The airplane and individual tv screens were great, more choices of recent movies would be better. Cabin crew was nice and flight was smooth throughout. Even with a 2 hour delay the captain was able to make up 1 hour in our 10 our flight.
Cons: Requested water and flight attendant infromed me to go to the back and get it myself. When I did go to the back, both were on their mobile phones. Would hope to have water go around more frequently instead of me having to go to the back and get it myself, especially on a long flight.

Pros: The plane was clean and comfortable - I'm happy with the leg space.
Cons: Plane was late by more than 3 hours, the crew was not helpful at all and I didn't plan to have a 20h trip instead of 14h (missed my connected flight). I was traveling with a small (well behaved to add) child and didn't receive any extra help or positive attitude. Very dissapointed.

Pros: Our original flight was to be from Hannover to Copenhagen to Chicago. What we got was Hannover to Copenhagen Stockholm to Chicago. The flight team was cold and offered nothing for our inconvenience. Our meals were delayed (I feel for the diabetics on board). When we go to Chicago, an announcement came overhead thanking us for our patience. Little effort too late. There should have been a personal apology for the flight crew to every passenger. It would have cost them nothing to do this while they were passing out drinks or meals. At the very least drinks should have been comp-ed for the Copengagen to Stockholm leg of the flight. This was a bad situation, yes. But, SAS missed numerous opportunities for service recovery to ensure my future business.
Cons: Flight crew was distant and didn't seem to appreciate what a huge inconvenience this was to people. Many people missed connecting flights. I am not diabetic but this was a horrible situation for people that have to plan and schedule their meals.

Pros: Modern plane with big screens, PA system that one could understand, water bottle available from the start, friendly crew, on time, difficult landing at low visibility well done, checked bag ready when I arrived for pick up.

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