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Turkish Airlines
Overall score based on 22,953 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "NA"
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "The flight was quite good, with pretty tasty food, plenty of food and drinks, chairs reclined quite a bit, little extra and gifts for kids, slippers, socks, ear plugs."
Cons: "Boarding prices very disorganized. No announcements and a crowd sprig where everyone just pulled at the gate. Very few announcements in general."

Pros: "Great choice of recently released movies."

Pros: "Crew was nice. I was really thirsty and I kept asking for water. He should have just given me a small bottle. Also need more than 4 Bollywood movies. This was a returning flight after 2 weeks and it had the same 4 movies which I had already seen."
Cons: "I had a 14 hour layover in istanbul airport. Arrived at midnight and flight wasn’t until 2 pm the next day. I just assumed that they would give me a hotel. Come to find out thats wasnt the case when I landed. Given all kinds of reasons/excuses. The guy at the transfer desk told me”you should have known that your layover was this long since you booked it”. Will have second thoughts about flying Turkish again. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Might stick with Emirates or Qatar."

Cons: "I contacted Turkish Airlines 4x times before my flight to learn how to deal with excess medical baggage, mobility assistance, and meal assistance. The Customer Call Center claimed to have made all of my necessary reservation updates for all of my special meal, medical, and mobility assistance needs. They did not! When I arrived at Check-In, there were no notes about any of my requests, nor services prepared to facilitate them. I spent over 30-45 minutes escalating the situation to the Shift Manager who had to contact the central call center and her own manager, just to find out what to do about medical baggage, what's permitted, etc. I was embarrassed for their employees, who not only didn't know their own company policy on the matter, nor were they aware of the industry standard. After much arguing, yelling and threats, the Check-In desk agents finally allowed my excess medical baggage and equipment without extra charge. I still received no mobility assistance to begin my travel after Check-In to my departure gate, nor were they prepared to offer this to me in Istanbul. Again, after a long wait, much yelling, screaming, and arguing, I was finally provided mobility assistance just in time for my flight. I almost missed my flight due to Turkish Airlines not putting my request in the system, nor caring enough about the traveler to do so at Check-In. When I arrived in Belgrade, 3x pieces of my luggage were destroyed and unusable again, medical equipment was damaged, and I filed a claim with Turkish Airlines. They tried every way possible not to pay, but finally offered a meager claim, nothing close to what it cost for the damage caused or to repair or replacement the destroyed luggage or medical equipment. Turkish Airlines is the Grey Hound of travel, sure they might be large, offer many itineraries and frequent travel, but their quality, customer service and professionalism leave them amongst the bottom feeders, still 3rd world in mentality, form and function. No honor, no integrity, no class. No reason to ever fly with Turkish again, and I'm happy to tell everyone I know not to fly with them!"

Cons: "They are not considerate at all . It was a pain till they find Me another flight. The flight won’t take off till the next day And the lay over in Los Angeles is 7hrs . It’s a 2 days flight. They didn’t even try to take the time to find me a sooner flight because there were other upset customers waiting. So disappointed on how poor the help desk at Turkish airline."

Pros: "The movie options and quality of the screens was excellent. That's what got us through the flight."
Cons: "The food was horrible and served at odd times. The people around us smelled really bad so we had a rough time. I know it's pout of the airlines control but it really made the whole flight difficult."

Pros: "food was fine"
Cons: "seat comfort is a real problem in this configuration of the 777-300er. all the more frustrating over a 13 hour flight. foot rest either hampers foot room under seat (when down) or digs into shins (when up.) There is NO comfortable seat position with that footrest. Every Economy passenger would be much better served if the footrests were completely removed."

Pros: "Very spacious seats, attentive and friendly crew, delicious food selection and presentation of food, fresh food offered for snacks, outstanding lounge in Istanbul"
Cons: "Extra security check before getting on the plane during which my 11-year-old son was separated from me since they had different lines for males and for females."

Pros: "Entertainment was excellent- choice of movies, music and ground cameras,"
Cons: "Food was average; no snacks or snack service which made for a long time between meals on a 12 hour flight. The flight purchased was from Venice to Houston with a connection in Istanbul. The required passport recheck and gate location at opposite ends of the terminal made this a mad dash to catch the flight. It was too little time for comfort."

Cons: "Seats on 777 are to close. Both times I have flown Turkish air, we sat on the plane for well over a hour on the ground before we pushed back from the gate."

Pros: "Nothing important"
Cons: "Nothing extra ordinary"

Pros: "The food"
Cons: "That the anytime snacks that was offered was not available for passengers"

Pros: "Staff courtsey"
Cons: "Some of the food"

Pros: "The included meal/drinks is always a bonus on these shorter flights and makes a difference."
Cons: "I had a pillow of my own and so it didn't matter too much, but I noticed the lack of a pillow on this early morning flight."

Cons: "poor customer service and lack of speaking english made the trip very challenging. I don't think i will travel with Turkish air again."

Pros: "Friendly attendants, newer plane with comforts seats even in economy. Great food and amenities."
Cons: "Smelly passengers with body odor. Screaming, crying children that poo every couple of hours. A/C WAS INCONSISTANT drspite several complaints to cabin attendants."

Pros: "Space inside the plane. There were empty seats that increased the comfort."
Cons: "Lack of courtesy inside the airport and in the plane. Countless passport checkups, poor communication during the flight."

Cons: "Just as bad as it was from Rome to Istanbul"

Pros: "Cost / value, part of Star alliance group, nice lounge at Istanbul. Decent food, drink and entertainment on board."
Cons: "Boarding a bit of a zoo. Long lines at passport control."

Pros: "The movies and the gift to the kids were good."
Cons: "The attendant should make more rounds in such a long flight."

Pros: "Boarding was tedious with like 6 checks of your passport but being safe is never a bad thing. No cost alcohol is always a plus and the food was good. Staff was super nice and accommodating."
Cons: "I intentionally chose an empty row but people kept shuffling. so many folks were standing blocking aisles. I think staff could do a better job to prevent that."

Pros: "Turkish delights on-board"
Cons: "Chaos at the Istanbul terminal. Connecting flight was literally a mile away. We had to run through the entire terminal only to miss our connection. No help/information from the airline. They made us walk even more to get us transferred to hotel for a night. Their crew repeatedly lied about how to get new boarding passes as they were busy and didn't want to do it for us. Sent us to another transfer desk. No veg. food option even after making a special request. They said sometimes those mistakes happen. You can't call the crew from your sit to get snacks. They make you get out of your middle sit and walk to the back of the plane to get a sandwich. The boarding process at the Istanbul airport is even more chaotic. They have their own security (after having done security at the o origin in Rome AND at the IST airport), which requires standing in an hour long line and getting profiled and judged by the airline staff."

Pros: "Really amazing except for..."
Cons: "Stewardesses did their jobs, but as far as checking on passengers at non-food and assigned drink times, they were sitting in the back drinking coffee and talking. On top of not making rounds, there was no call button to summon a stewardess. Twice, my husband who was ill had a "coughing attack" and needed a glass of water... there was nobody was available. A passenger had to go and get them from the back. Perhaps due to this being a 13 hour flight, this is not a normal situation for them, but to go three hours at a time without taking a stroll through the cabin seems unprofessional. Otherwise this airline really does amazing service! I did not realize that such airline service still existed. American ones should pay attention!"

Pros: "Food was good. Staff very friendly."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Excellent service."
Cons: "Istanbul airport takes some getting used to."

Pros: "I like the comfort of the interior, the entertainment."
Cons: "I did not quite like the food. The macaroni dish, I did not like particularly. Didn't eat it at all. Chinyere"

Pros: "The entertainment and food was excellent!"
Cons: "Waiting on the Tarmac for 1+hrs"

Cons: "The flight TK 119 (Khi - Istanbul) reached Istanbul late by half an hour. The layover at Istanbul was 1 hr 25 m. The distance to reach Gate 504 was terribly long. I had to run all that long distance to reach gate. After passing thru security checks, etc. I was completely exhausted. All that trouble to be dropped from plane on the runway and then using bus to reach terminal building and vice versa for the onward flight TK 33, was a terrible experience. The layover time and the lengthy and tiring procedure need immediate revision and rectification. Instead of comfort, passengers get high blood pressure and exhaustion. Very troublesome experience."

Pros: "Love the "welcome aboard" Turkish delight. Enjoyed the pide sandwich snack."
Cons: "Offer water or any drinks instead of us having go to the kitchen area. Would be better to offer drinks in bottles instead of a glass. Also, bring snack offerings throughout cabin. I was traveling with 3 children. Could you think about offering food to the passengers with children first? This would help in getting them settled into the plane instead of waiting for their food -- which for them seems like an eternity."

Pros: "The price, wonderful service, plenty of good food. Great entertainment selection"
Cons: "I wish there was a little more leg room, specially for such a long flight."

Pros: "Food and entertainment."
Cons: "Disorganized boarding and lower than average leg room"

Pros: "The food was great, had chance to sample some Turkish cuisine. Way better food than any meal you would get from an American-based airline. Entertainment was excellent, great variety of TV shows and movies. The flight attendants were attentive and helpful. The Batman v. Superman theme was a nice touch. Decent leg room in economy class."
Cons: "Because we fly an older model 777-300ER, there wasn't a personal a/c nozzle, so it was a tad warm on the plane. They should fix that whenever the plane goes in for maintenance."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "In flight entertainment and Wifi is amazing"
Cons: "Cabin crew service and ground staff service is below par. Next time, I will stick to Air France."

Pros: "The service provided by the airline crew was magnificent. I enjoyed the entire flight from my departure point to the arrival point. Turkish Airline is my to go airline herein henceforth. I will implore prospective travelers to give the airline a shot (try). I can unequivocally attest that the decision to do so will not be regretted."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Great customer satisfaction reach on time"
Cons: "Great customer satisfaction reach on time"

Pros: "Crew was nice, cordial and helpful Food was good, I wasn't asked for an optional meal in the second serving. Also there shouldn't be an 8 hour gap in between meals for pasengers in a 13 hour flight Entertainment was amazing! so many options to watch so many things."
Cons: "Flight was at 80% and I wasn't allowed to change seats. The seats were bigger, but still not enough room space for someone that's 1.85 mts.(13 hour flight was tiring) Boarding was a nightmare, it took HOURS, starting by the very unorganized control which asked more questions than the American control."

Pros: "ditto from above"
Cons: "On all the flights the food was slow but on the way back it was much worse... I selected vegetarian but on the way back there wasn't a vegetarian meal for me so they said they would put something together... when they came around with drinks I asked for water and they were 'out' then they forgot I still didn't have anything to eat or drink so after an hour I went to ask if I could have something. 20 minutes later she finally came with food and I, again, asked for water and she pointed to the tiny cup on the tray (which contains like 3oz)."

Cons: "Good flight with excellent customer service"

Pros: "Everything aboard the flight was great - roominess, comfort, punctuality, etc. Getting to the plane was another story."
Cons: "Boarding process in ISt was a zoo. Crazy check-in process, leading to a 3-flight set of stairs down to tarmac - crowded coach was hot - long (10-minute) coach ride from one end of ISt to the other - then climb a tall stair case into a 777, one of the largest aircraft around. Did it not qualify for normal direct boarding via a jetway?"

Cons: "4 HR ground hold only partially made up for with faster flight time"

Pros: "Everything other than what we wrote was fine. Seats were good, it was comfortable etc."
Cons: "When flying any flight, it's nice to have entertainment. When the entertainment doesn't work on long hall flights it's a problem and it was not working on this 13+ hour flight. Also, we dont like complaining about not having wife 36,000 feet up in the sky, but if it's offered, we would have expected the crew to be familiar with it. When we asked for help with the wifi set-up, the crew seemed to be unable to help with that and we were left with no wifi the entire flight."

Pros: "Entertainment screen was new and user friendly with many options. The food was surprisingly tasty. Accessory packet had niceties. Flight attendants were very helpful. I would consider Turkish Airlines at the top of my list on my next trip."
Cons: "The sandwich snack available at all times could have been 100% whole grain to be more healthful."

Pros: "Everything. For being Economy the flight was very comfortable. The staff was perfect. I enjoyed everything"

Pros: "Loved the inflight camera. Last time I saw something like that, it was on an Emirates flight. Loved it."
Cons: "I was late to this flight, because my previous flight got in late. I boarded the plane and asked a flight attendant (male) to help me with a different seat. I needed to swich, as I need to have my legs lifted up otherwise the flight is really painful. I even told him I pay for any upgrades, but he said he can not do anything at the moment and he will get back to me later. He was quite rude as well. No smiling or showing much care. Well, he never got back to me. I tried to ask an other attendant ( female). She said they are out of space. She wasn't even trying to look around or try asking people at the exit to maybe switch. She just right away responded with a no, and left. Didn't even ask if she can help with anything. Later, when I got up for the bathroom, I looked at the economy plus section. There were only 10 people sitting in the approximately 50 chairs. Plenty of rooms. The food was great but I didn't have a choice as they ran out of chicken by the time they got to serve me. Some items were not available at the flight, as shown on the menu. There wasn't much English tv shows to choose from or maybe I am wrong for comparing Turkish to United or Delta. Overall I didn't have a good impression, but hey, you get what you pay for...right?"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Rverything"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "food was very good here, the vanity set had useful staff and the gave my three-year-old a special bag with toys etc."
Cons: "no problems"

Pros: "Crew was nice very polite and helpful that is why excellent rating. Comfort was as good as that can be in economy class, very good food and decent entertainment."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit inconvenient as the plane was not at the gate and bus ride was used to access plane."

Pros: "Regestacion online"
Cons: "I am middle size person ,but size between chairs not enought"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst service, disgusting food, no organization, pettiness with measuring the size of a carry on (including the wheels) at JFK and charging $100 for international standard sized bags (less than 21.5 inches), racist behavior from the flight attendants against anyone who is not Russian, little to no communication with passengers, flight attendants started arguing with people for no reason"

Pros: "Crew were friendly Boarding was pleasant Everyone was helpful"
Cons: "Entertainment was very hard to navigate and to follow"

Pros: "The service is awesome"
Cons: "It take some time to board as there is a need for a better birding procedure"

Pros: "Was excellent"
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Everything was fantastic"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Was really happy"

Pros: "Good flight, departing Moscow wasn't so bad even with the wintry conditions (JFK on the other hand...) Flight staff was friendly and well dressed, video worked, needs were met. Wasn't cold on the flight though I did sit by the window seat so the temperature was adjusted accordingly :) Overall, very pleased with Aeroflot. Would I do it again? Already have a trip booked in two months!"
Cons: "Two go-rounds due to wind sheer in the airport environment."

Cons: "The temperature in the plane before take off was very cold. I was dressed in a warm sport suit and got cold. My daughter was shievering in 2 sweaters. Blankets were sold not given to us only after take off. We had to wait 40 mins to take off which is fine in a busy airport, but couldn't get blankets when needed."

Pros: "The crew did the best they could"
Cons: "The entertainment system was not working for a duration of 10 hour flight. Not even headphones were available. Food could be better relative to other airlines."

Cons: "Thanks"

Cons: "The baggage was LOST!!!!"

Pros: "Great food, stuff and free movies"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still in Berlin"

Pros: "We upgraded our super basic seats for 4500 rubles ($80 in April 2017) for exit row seats, which made a world of difference for a 9 hour flight. Entertainment, food, staff were all great. Toilets were clean and not smelly."
Cons: "One of our checked bags arrived in NYC safely, the other (checked in at the same time!) did not make it. While the delivery service was prompt and easy (we got it by 3pm the next day w/ a call ahead from the driver), it was nerve racking and inconvenient and inexplicable"

Pros: "As always a friendly flight crew. Anyone who flies knows airline food is not great but Aeroflot does a good job. Aeroflot gives the best value for a direct flight to Russia. Always on time and usually a smooth flight."
Cons: "My flight home was not as comfortable as was my flight to Russia. The seat felt well used but I made the best of it with short walks. I know this is not Aeroflot's fault but my seat mate was very large. Although he was a nice person he had an unpleasant odor. I would have liked to change my seat but the it was a full flight. Maybe next time I will try an upgrade on my flight."

Pros: "The crew could be friendlier"

Pros: "No time-wasting connections and good service."
Cons: "Airport procedures at JFK tend to take too much time."

Pros: "Huge delay. We had a toddler and weren't offered the seats behind the wall, which is for people with kids. There weren't even people with kids sitting at those seats. Next time will fly with finnair."

Cons: "U guys cancel my flight"

Pros: "again, the crew and plane were exellent"
Cons: "the food was uneatable i would recommend serving rice in stead of pasta and hard-boiled eggs instead of the omelette, these were the worst dishes. i understand the many calculations that go into making these on0board meals. if you take a look at swissair menu you will find many great things. on the other hand, the cold cut meats and cheeses were very good, i would reccomend putting more russian delights such as potatos and meats in simple form, more butter, and of course beer over wive, which was also not good. thank you for reading so far!"

Pros: "I had a very comfortable seat from Moscow to NYC, with room for legs and no one next to me. Connection was short (in a good way). Suitcase delivered for me."
Cons: "The flight from Moscow to NYC was OK but food was medium. TV series were no so good. Old stuff or uninteresting stuff."

Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "Bad food"

Pros: "All the worker need raise. Keep it up. I flight a lot.. from now only with u........."

Pros: "The flight was on time and stayed in the air."
Cons: "the seats are as wide as a bus. if you are over 5'6" you will be miserable. The bathroom was not cleaned as we boarded the 10 hour return flight from moscow to JFK. The toilet seat was completely covered in urine as was the floor."

Pros: "Love this airlines. Economic is extremely comfortable"

Cons: "The flight from tlv to ny (1 stop in moskow), included 3 meals. 1. Identical. 2. Frozen - non eatable. 3. all - meat. no dairy breakfast."

Pros: "Excellent and helpful staff"
Cons: "I had a long layover (about 8 hours)"

Pros: "Food is very good, some fly attendants are nice. Airplanes are good. Landing and take off...excellent."
Cons: "The SVO Airport crew aren't friendly if you speak english. If you are in Moscow SVO and you speak Russian, then they are's obvious. Washington DC phone line is a disaster. Some speak English, some speak something that sounds like English. The biggest problem that this Airline has, is one word: Standard. Some employees are nice and speak english, others are a disaster. I remember a fly attendant: Nadesda flight attendant SU100, from Moscow to New York 9:50AM. Feb 10,2016.,she had a very bad mood the entire flight with everybody. But SU 101 from JFK to SVO 14:25, Jan 22, 2016. flight attendants were amazing. There is no standard, it's like playing the lottery...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Pros: "We had short connection and everything went well"
Cons: "I think Aeroflot can do better job on food. Drinks so limited."

Pros: "excellent crew, very helpful always had refreshments and snacks on hand"
Cons: "Food could use some upgrade"

Pros: "Pilots are the best!!! Soft landing!"
Cons: "Question- why the wine didn't serve at flight from Almaty to Moscow? ( departure- January 24, 2016, at 6:...AM . )And only served from Moscow to NYC."

Cons: "I did not see a blanket in my seat. The crew staff told me she was sure there was one blanket for one seat. I trust her. But there was no extra blanket in the plane. As the plane if full of passengers, I had to spend 11 hours with no blanket. No one took care of this issue for the whole journey. Other aspects are good though."

Cons: "Потеряли мой багаж."

Pros: "Entertainment is pretty good, lots of movies."
Cons: "Seats are too small, not comfortable at all."

Pros: "Super company!!!"

Pros: "Very attentive and friendly crew"
Cons: "Entertainment system in busines class was not working"

Pros: "Great experience overall. The crew was very helpful."

Pros: "There was a large variety of movies and shows to pick from to occupy the time on this very long flight. The airplane is new and there was good amount of leg room between the seats."
Cons: "Boarding was a mess! There were people all over the place trying to funner into a single line because there was only one general boarding announcement. Imagine all the passengers trying to board at the same time pushing each other out of the way."

Pros: "They helped me with a wheelchair. They were attentive to my needs and kind."
Cons: "The seats were too close and not very cozy. Food was tasteless. Ear phones were hard and painful. Entertainment was very bad."

Pros: "Wish there was more leg room"

Pros: "Good movie choices"
Cons: "Food was terrible. No leg room at all. My husband is 6 feet tall and his knees are always touching the front seat but in this plane he had to keep them sideways for 9 hours! Boarding was a mess. They let everyone in together without separating people by seat numbers. People block the aisles trying to put their bags in the overhead shelves. It took us 20 min to get through the plane to our seats. After arriving to JFK we waited for our bags forever."

Pros: "Economical ticket price, comfortable seats with decent recline, good movie choices, they give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "Crew has no personal skills and are generally uncaring/ rude. Their English is poor and it is virtually impossible to understand announcements. The cabin is very crowded - seats are jammed in and the aisles can barely accommodate a roll on bag's width. Food is bad! On a 10 hour flight, they served me the exact same food twice and I did not have a choice in the matter. The salad was frozen solid as was the bread and butter. The lease that they can do is defrost the food!"

Pros: "It was great flight."

Cons: "time allocated for transfer was very short and pressing, it was hard for me to make this connection as there is a very long distance between arrival and departure terminal/gates, so I had to run, and being 72 years old, running is no longer my thing."

Pros: "Had a decent selection of movies and things to keep you entertained."
Cons: "Security and airport personnel are mostly rude and unpleasant. Flight attendants were ok. For a 10 hour flight, the seats were very tight and uncomfortable. For sure the worst I've been on for such a long flight. I'm 5'11" as a reference. The food was sub-par, but it is airplane food after all. Boarding was chaotic due to people/families having way too many little carry-on bags. I would only use Aeroflot again for short, cheap European trips...maybe. For long flights, no thanks."

Pros: "I liked when the flight landed"
Cons: "The food was tasteless- good thing I brought my own"

Pros: "Staff at check in, boarding, etc were very curtious and helpful."
Cons: "Food and entertainment system are awful."

Pros: "I had finally great person sit next to mine :) Food was ok but can be way better for that kind of money."
Cons: "Lack of leg room!!!!! And 10Mb of internet is $5???? Really? What to do with 10Mb... one hour would be ok but 10Mb is useless and expensive useless."

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