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AeromexicoOverall score based on 9856 reviews
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Crew arguing with passengers. TV set on my seat was broken 8F. I paid almost &40 to upgrade to a closer seat from the original. When drink cart came out attendant offering drinks only was speaking Spanish. My daughter in law doesn’t speak Spanish. I kept telling him and all he said was she must not want a drink and moved on to the next row. Worse flight experience ever. I flew over 100,000 miles so far this year on alaska airlines and was never treated this way.

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Crew arguing with passengers. TV set on my seat was broken 8F. I paid almost &40 to upgrade to a closer seat from the original. When drink cart came out attendant offering drinks only was speaking Spanish. My daughter in law doesn’t speak Spanish. I kept telling him and all he said was she must not want a drink and moved on to the next row. Worse flight experience ever. I flew over 100,000 miles so far this year on alaska airlines and was never treated this way.

I like that the flights were on time. However the transfer in Mexico airport was rather confusing Due to the fact the Aircrafts were remote.. once we reached the departure gate, we were bused to the aircraft. The hard part was getting to the departure gate. There was just no signs we just kept walking and walking and walking with no Teleprompter in sight. The crew using the PA system on the plane when notifying passengers needs to speak clearly and slowly! Their feeble attempt to speak in English is mumbled & unclear.

Pros: "Amenities."
Cons: "The person who was sitting next to me. Lol. Jk. The guy was a riot. I know you can't control that. Anyway, everything was great"
Pros: "Crew nice"
Cons: "The flight was delayed more than 6 hours...and they just dragged us along one hour at a time, effectively ruining our day"
Cons: "Better personal, they’re rude"
Cons: "I have nothing to complaint about Aeromexico is truly a good airline, friendly and. Has good customer service. We were very satisfied with our flight. Thank you"
Cons: "Did not get the sense that check-in staff was terribly concerned about getting us checked in quickly."
Pros: "I loved the attention of all the staff of aeromexico very friendly and helpful I am happy to have traveled with Aeromexico"
Cons: "Not being able to choose an aisle seat made the flight uncomfortable for me and my neighbors"
Cons: "Yes"
Pros: "The staff are very nice and accommodating."
Pros: "I’ve upgraded to executive and the service was excellent"
Pros: "All"
Cons: "."
Pros: "I prefers better fare options. Seat selection by pay, baggage by pay, no food offered even with payment option. On time flight was excellent"
Cons: "They don’t give proper time for transit and unorganized airlines."
Pros: "Everything was great"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "They charge for luggage"
Cons: "Avión muy incomodo"
Pros: "the food was great and the attendants were wonderful."
Pros: "Counter help was very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Buying through Vayamos, when initially going to AM website I was directed to go to Delta site. They rejected me, I called them, recording said they would call me back in more than 2 hours. Etc, etc A horrible experience."
Cons: "Horrible customer service and delayed all our plans"
Pros: "When coming to Mexico City we had to go they customs, even though it was a connection flight. We received a little paper from the immigration officer and I did not realize it’s importance. I lost it and could not board to São Paulo because if that"
Pros: "Not much waiting time to board , landing was on time"
Cons: "Was two attempts at landing time..didn't really know tbe problem the first time"
Cons: "Missed my second flight cause first flight was delayed and had to wait 5 extra hours to get another flight."
Pros: "ease, no delays, friendly staff, free movies and especially getting treated to a meal on the flight! Wonderful!"
Cons: "Paying an extra $25 per flight to book our seats in advance!! :("
Pros: "The services on the counter"
Cons: "My flight was delayed"
Pros: "After almost missing our connecting flight to Cabo, we got to relax for our last flight to our final destination with a complimentary beer and a snack, on board also had a movie playing and WiFi."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Good service. Nice to have a meal and drinks for still a relatively short flight. Seats were more spacious than I was expecting."
Cons: "Flights were delayed."
Pros: "Confortable seats, food on board and free! Nice service"
Cons: "Mexico Airport can be confusing. You have to be prepared to ask Aeromexico’s staff for help. They are very helpful though!"
Cons: "On my way to Lima I flew through Mexico City. It took over three hours to get through customs and caused me to get to my gate minutes before the flight closed its gate. For this reason I made note to upgrade my flight so I could be close to the front of the plane and get to customs as quickly as possible. Aeromexico made me check my bag which is the SAME bag I came down with. Same size, same Weight. Their reasoning for this was because they had a full flight, yet I had paid extra to upgrade in the first place and their policy states you can bring on one carry on to store in the overhead. I'll likely miss my connection due to this. I will never fly Aeromexico again."
Pros: "On time, smooth flight."
Cons: "very uncomfortable and tight seating. Almost impossible to eat with a passenger sitting next to you. No salt, pepper or butter with food. Dried out tasteless, inedible bun served with meal. Cabin crew a little indifferent."
Pros: "- Personal Media Station - Food - Water served at least twice - Fast flight"
Cons: "- Not enough space to fit my carry-on - No self service for check-in in the airport."
Pros: "This company still have the old fashion where the customer is number one!!, thanks the price are amazing and the ser is as well."
Pros: "The food and drink"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and TV for each passenger."
Cons: "Food is really bad. That sandwich can be eaten."
Pros: "Great customer service !"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I dint like the atention of the travel agent because I could not change the return and had to buy another tiket for my return, and Im afraid that would be a problem to ask him to reused my portuon , I didnt used."
Pros: "The entertainment was decent"
Cons: "The check in desk in lax is very unorganized and I think the staff was not knowledgeable at all. After checking in I was not given a boarding pass and told to get it after TSA check in, which made no sense."
Cons: "Need confirmation number on calendar to help with check in"
Pros: "Coffee, SMILES on faces of the Capt., Stewards, Professional Appearances by AM staff from beginning to end. (unlike American Airlines) We had a snafu at boarding and a Miss Gina Diaz in San Jose Airport was MOST super helpful."
Cons: "No movies, or shorts, even clips or old tv shows.... WAAAAAAAA"
Pros: "Crew was very nice"
Cons: "very small aisle and uncomfortable seats, the whole cabin felt very cramped."
Pros: "Bought two tickets weeks in advance but for some reason was put on Standby, was almost not allowed on my flight. Caused a high degree of stress."
Cons: "Staff gave no explanation as to why I was put on Standby even with Elite Plus status. When I called the airline they said I shouldn't be on Standby."
Pros: "Crew very courteous"
Cons: "Delayed for hours, no reason given."
Pros: "Enjoyed. The food, clean and spacious plane and friendly fight staff."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "On time!"
Pros: "Nothing. Never made it onto the flight."
Cons: "I booked a flight from LAX to Madrid with a transfer through Mexico City. There was an hour and a half layover which I assumed would be enough time, otherwise why would this even be an option? First my flight arrived in Mexico City late. I run off the plane and proceed to go through immigration and customs which really makes no sense since I am not even in the country for more than an hour at the airport, but I understand this is protocol. What made no sense was there was no separate line to allow people who were trying to make connections to at least skip the gigantic line, nor was there global entry. I ended up missing my flight, even though I arrived at the gate 5 minutes prior to departure. They would not let me on, and then gave me three options for future departures, none which were direct, all which left at least 6 hours later, and I would arrive in Madrid at 11 pm at night and miss an entire first day of my vacation. I was a solo female traveler, which made this even less ideal, as I do not like to wander around alone at night in a foreign city without getting my bearings first during the day. The guy was extremely unhelpful at the desk, and also proceeded the luggage tag of another solo traveler who was in my same predicament. Once I finally arrived in Madrid they told me my luggage was missing, icing on the cake. So now I am stuck in Spain with no luggage, and they still cannot find where it is. Will never take this airline again. They also refused to at least compensate me for a hotel since it was my fault that I booked through another company rather than directly through their website. Worst experience ever."
Cons: "People were mad and with attitude"
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Everything was excellent"
Cons: "The airport doesn't provide gate information until they literally start boarding. People mad dash to find the gate. Very chaotic system. Keep your eyes peeled!"
Cons: "Older plane, showing its age"

Someone left a bag under the seat in front of me. It was from the previous flight. There was a kindle and a cell phone in it. There was also an empty coffee cup under the seat across the isle from me. I find it hard to believe that they are cleaning between each flight but missed these items.

Ground stop at ORD delayed our flight out of Burlington. Arrived ORD with a few minutes to spare. Sure would’ve been nice to know that our connecting flight had been delayed. Would’ve saved some stressful running from gate to gate. Otherwise: all good.

I spent money on extra leg room and as I’m boarding the switch my seat to a regular seat. Horrible scam to get extra money from passengers. Never flying this crap airline again.

Pros: "A very new Eagle plane. AA staff was good about updating us re: departure delays. Waited to inform us of gate valet plans until the last minute."
Cons: "BTV Airport is very small so prepare to be in crowded waiting areas."
Pros: "Crew was great."
Cons: "No water or snacks offered on either flight down. Flight delayed in Charlotte for 3 HOURS due to mechanical issue with first plane. No compensation for such a long delay."
Pros: "On time/ early arrival Careful about cleaning"
Pros: "Great service and comfortable; well sanitized."
Cons: "TV screens for movies and shows."
Pros: "Appreciated the opportunity to upgrade at a reasonable price because the flight was so full"
Cons: "The "Miami based" crew were a little abrasive"
Pros: "Attendant was very friendly. Really appreciated her energy"
Cons: "Drink service was not as good as other trips."
Cons: "Smooth flight left on time and arrived on time."
Pros: "Easy boarding."
Cons: "No usb charger. Flight delayed."
Cons: "Boarding is slow and awkward, with too many passengers with carryons that don't fit. AA did not enforce size restriction on carryon bags, nor help maximize bin space. Mainstream carriers really need to rethink boarding procedures. I've been spoiled by the speed of Southwest and the attentiveness of SWA staff to the process."
Pros: "AA flights are always a pleasure. Staff is cheerful despite the early hours I fly out of Philadelphia."
Cons: "There is a complete lack of airport personnel at 3:00am and the fire alarm went off and sounded for about half an hour or so."
Pros: "Once getting on the plane, experience was great. 15/10 on the inflight entertainment option. Was not expecting that luxury and was super grateful! Flight attendants were amazingly sweet and helpful. (Cali and Stephanie)"
Cons: "the gate was never posted on the mobile boarding pass, online, the tv next to the gate or the airport boards (it was never posted anywhere). Everywhere said TBD or was blank when everything else was filled. I only accidentally found the gate because I knew my flight should be boarding so I went to all the lines and it ultimately was the unmarked one and I had to ask the person at the desk. I almost missed this flight because the lack of communication on what gate the flight was from."
Pros: "The crew was great, the plane was new with good tech and space in the seats"
Cons: "Terminal b at lga is a disaster"
Pros: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "Does basic economy not get beverage service? My husband who was in basic economy and two rows in front of me got a beverage. The crew skipped from my row, # 22 all the way to the back. There was no rough air that would’ve made them cut off or announcement made that service was being discontinued."
Pros: "some what and it could be better"
Cons: "the help you get from the crew and if they wouldn't make so many gate changes"
Pros: "Great crew - good attitudes."
Cons: "Delayed for an hour due to a log book issue."
Pros: "Quick flight good crew"
Cons: "More entertainment and snack selection"
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "4.5 hour flight to international destination and no meal provided. As usual, if you want a snack pay more. Slow chaotic boarding."
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "The seats were small and I’m 5’3"
Pros: "I was in business class and the individual cubicles were so comfortable. I slept well. The airline attendant was so attentive and helpful"
Cons: "Going through LAX what a mess"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "Long delay"
Pros: "The in-flight entertainment"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed because the plane was waiting on 4 fight attendants so because of that our flight got delayed. Then one of the crew members was done with his shift so we had to wait for more crew members which delayed our flight even more."
Cons: "No snacks"
Pros: "Boarding was a breeze and crew was friendly."
Cons: "Seats didn’t recline, TVs didn’t work, and no WiFi available."
Pros: "early flight. Smooth. Good landing. Friendly folks."
Cons: "No WIFI. Sat on Tarmac for 15 minutes upon arrival. No fault of anyone though."
Cons: "The delay"
Cons: "I went to the airport. I was told a 3hr delay. I only live 10 mins to the airport. So I went back home to only receive a notification that the flight has departed after 45 mins. I am now stuck here since that was the last flight back. The earliest flight available is next day at 12pm which means I am going to miss work and I have been on hold with AA customer service exactly for 3 hrs now and still holding."
Pros: "Staff was very kind"
Cons: "The seats"
Pros: "TSA PRE√ went fast and easy."
Cons: "Seats are miserable to try to sleep on an overnighter."
Pros: "Great landing, given there were issues with the flaps that slow down the plane. It was a short flight, so there wasn't as diverse entertainment as you would usually get on a longer haul. Typical AA biscotti and beverages."
Cons: "Airport experience at Hamilton. Arrived 2.5 hours early and we could not enter through U.S. CBP because we were too early.... We were told we needed to run our boarding passes by the check in counter agents prior to being able to go through for CB&P."
Pros: "Economy class seats better than UA."
Cons: "Economy class seats always have room for improvement."
Pros: "Staff did good jobn"
Cons: "No movie screens on overseas flight. I called day before departure and they couldn’t even tell me yes or no on that question."
Pros: "Best fligh I had in some time. Left on time, arrived early very attentitive crew (with smiles as they worked through the rear cabin - wish I had their names to give recognition for/to). Food rating should have had a ‘NA’ as I nor partner did not consume any food."
Cons: "Can’t think of one thing - unless a flying saucer could have delivered me like in about 5 minutes to Cabo! Ok - maybe one thing: charging for a checked bag on international flight seems rediculous (you asked)."
Cons: "The food options on the brochure were not available, flight attendants had bad attitude and negative vibe"
Pros: "Entertainment was good"
Cons: "Flight was late, seats was small, all time something smelled so much."
Cons: "We thought we were going to be flying on British Airways American Airways."
Pros: "I was so happy I could check in online and boarding was a breeze. I actually got to sit by the window when my original seat was in the middle. So nice of the ladies to suggest it to me."
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Pros: "Very nice flight. Nothing unexpected."
Pros: "Staff polite and helpful. No complaints/ Slept all the way"
Pros: "Leg room Kind stewards"
Cons: "No gluten free meal options"
Cons: "small plane so tight seating. Outdoor climbing of stairs to board om the tarmac."
Cons: "It was BLAH!"
Pros: "Food was better than expected - not a fan of airline food, but this was not so bad."
Cons: "Finnair was thru American Airlines. American had only a couple of check in windows open when we got to the Frankfurt airport - nowhere near enough to handle the number of people checking in."
Pros: "Everything was on time. Food and service were very good."
Cons: "My check-in bag was 5 pounds overweight and resulted in a charge of $200. I think this is outrageous."
Cons: "No Wi-Fi"
Pros: "Easy connections"

We were late getting to our connecting flight. The flight crew was immensely helpful in getting us on the plan and on our way home.

Pros: "good crew. plane was showing of wear. torn pockets and worn out seats."
Cons: "newer aircraft or refurbished one."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "More comfortable and spacious seating, more reasonable priced food for the quality you get"
Cons: "No room in the seats at all"
Pros: "The crew was typical, the seat was on the aisle, which I prefer, but kind of in the way and I kept hitting my head."
Cons: "The snacks are not good at all, next time I'll take my own. They should just quit serving them and charging us for them."
Pros: "I liked the lounge."
Cons: "The boarding process could've been better (no excess of gate changes, overbooking the flight, and kicking people out of their seats). Additionally, the food on board could've been better. My chicken was not chicken and lastly the airline's hard product could've been better, no IFE is a big no-no."
Pros: "The flight was excellent. My luggage dding"
Cons: "Having my luggage."
Cons: "Pilot didn’t show up, we waited 2.5 hours for him."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Not able to change our seat and I understood checked bag per person was included. The charged me 120 for two bagd"
Pros: "Non stop flight. The crew went out of their way to help us enjoy the flight. Food was available during most of the flight. The crew was friendly and enjoyed helping us get to our vacation"
Cons: "The entertainment system. I started watching a movie but couldn’t finish. Once the movie stoped I could not restart it."
Pros: "Flight was ok the first flight from Btv to IAd was not great the plane made a lot of noise during takeoff and landing sounded like the ceiling panels were going too fall off as well as other noises"
Cons: "Lots of noises crew were good . Price of luggage was outrageous"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No entertainment and meals being served in the row ahead of our seats."
Pros: "Lots of leg room!"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "The wafer caramel cookies were great but no substitute for an actual breakfast."
Cons: "You have to pay an insane rate for the Wifi. Access to and the United app weren't available so checking on connections was impossible."
Pros: "Flight was on time and fantastic!"
Cons: "They tried to keep changing it on us!!!"
Pros: "I am only 5'4" but the seat in front of me was broken. I had NO leg room. If you are going to squeeze your passengers in like sardines, the very least that you could do is make sure what little room you have left us isn't compromised by faulty equipment."
Pros: "the crew was great, flight was not overcrowded - smooth sailing the entire flight."
Pros: "Boarding seemed efficient"
Cons: "In flight entertainment didn't work"
Cons: "I couldn't believe they did not have no tv or some type of food for 6 hour flight"
Pros: "Noisy intrusive spoiled crying screaming kids kicking seats shaking rattles and crew was helpless"
Pros: "The plane did not crash"
Cons: "Customer service, being nickel and dimed, the staff told me if I don't like it to fly Jet Blue"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Poor communication and terrible management of bad situations."
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "We weren't happy about not being able to pick our seats before hand. Very frustrating not knowing if we had sets or not when checking in at the airport."
Pros: "At least they made an effort and it was finally resolved."
Cons: "Fact that the plane was not checked properly and was about to take off and go back to the gate."
Pros: "Non stop to Cabo"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating and leg room. $200 fee each way fro surfboards. Lost the surfboards on the way home."
Pros: "OK service, hard landing"
Cons: "Scheduled times were kept"
Cons: "It was delayed a few minutes"
Pros: "Nothing positive to say about United Airlines"
Cons: "Everything was terrible"
Pros: "I liked that we made it to Cabo in a timely fashion"
Cons: "I didn't like that I had to download an app to get free wifi."
Pros: "Wife is legally blind and asked for help deboarding plane. Flight attendant refused. A passenger in front of her helped her. This is terrible service."
Cons: "Everything."
Cons: "Service,and checking .. most people at ticket counter"
Cons: "I selected my seats day I purchase. I didn't get the seats I had selected. I prechek in online. I ended up the very back in a single row against the toilet which made me throw up 3 times. I don't get sick on flights. But the smell was so bad!,"
Pros: "The crew on every leg of the flight was very professional. Having one TSA entry point for eight gates at Brulington really slows things down, I realize this has nothing to do with United though."
Cons: "I wish instead of me when I missed my flight due to TSA that United themselves would have tried to get me out on another flight that same day. They assumed I wanted only one stop, when in fact it didn't matter to me so long as I wasn't stuck another overnight. I used Kayak in the terminal to discover a different flight that same day and was lucky to get on as each flight was fully booked."
Pros: "The plane was big and they made sure to keep you hydrated."
Cons: "Most of the airline staff were unbelievably rude. They wouldn't let me 91 year old grandfather get up to stretch at ask during the flight. They also told me to stay out of the way and sit down during a medical emergency when I got up because they needed a doctor."
Pros: "It was an ok flight. We missed our flight by 10 mins but got the next one at no charge."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early"
Pros: "For the past two years my travel has increased tremendously. United is the preferred airline: On Time Smooth check-in Friendly Leg room Wifi"
Cons: "United Airline's App could be more user friendly. Challenging to add my mileage to the MileagePlus program. Eventually had to go to the main website and navigate my way around."
Pros: "seats aren't so cramped."
Cons: "too cold. could have a few blankets on hand.."
Pros: "Good service, quick flight, food/entertainment N/A"
Cons: "Checked my carry on even though there were many open overhead bins and I explained we only had an hour layover in Dulles"
Pros: "Quick easy no delays"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "United is a poor carrier, there's nothing more to say. I struggled with my check in (I had just had a spine procedure done 48 hrs prior).... and by the time I got help from an agent it was 7:03 am, so... They wouldn't give me a boarding pass for my 8 am flight. Add to that an extremely rude ticket agent who couldn't care less about helping me, and almost seemed to enjoy my predicament, and that sums up my experience with this airline. I will never fly with them again, that's for sure; there's so many other airlines that actually care about their customers, this is not one of them."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "The whole arrangement going through Air Canada but flying United. I never got confirmation numbers from United at all. I had to call Air Canada to get confirmation codes for United. Getting confirmation codes from Air Canada had no real significance with United. United would not confirm seating. When United finally confirmed seating, the seats were not together. Then United changed the flight three times and never gave updated confirmation codes. The last change came the day before our departure. Then United charged another $138.00 for seats that were assigned and never informed us. I am still trying to get the $138.00 back."
Pros: "Easy."
Cons: "No snack or entertainment."
Cons: "We have to be delay check-in our baggage because at the baggage check-in was ONLY PERSON worked - She DID NOT Work as her Job - Just very Slow... Finally We need to left our baggage at the airport even we did as to pay for return for next fly ... Very Poor service !! any question about that just call me! I'm happy to answer all to make this clear Phone: 1 4023190490 Mr. Tuan D Mai Thanks for asking"
Pros: "Flight was boarded efficiently. Left the gate on time and got in early."
Cons: "Maintenance delays and rerouting caused me to miss my reserved ground transit in LA... United claimed on the phone I would be reimbursed for a taxi, but changed their mind when I sent them a receipt a few days later."
Pros: "It was a quick flight"
Cons: "Crowded not a lot of room"
Pros: "the staff was friendly and helpful, boarding was fast"
Cons: "The plane was a bit dirty, crumbs on my seat for the first flight but overall, not bad. There was no entertainment other than their magazine provided, so that is not applicable."
Cons: "United made no accommodation for a late-arriving connecting flight. The United schedule required changing terminals and a race to the next gate -- then closed the doors five minutes early even though there were passengers sprinting from the other terminal to make their connection. They knew the connecting flight had been delayed; they should have waited five minutes to let us on. The result was a nine-hour wait in Newark Airport for the next United flight."
Pros: "Friendly and efficient. All went as planned"
Cons: "Yea the tsa precheck was not being able to put on my boarding pass. Hooked me again ."
Cons: "Sticking to the timeline"
Pros: "The crew were kind and polite and helpful, no complaints about them."
Cons: "The seats were awful. 3.5 hours on plastic covered in cheap leather."
Cons: "The flight was delayed arriving to Burlington and then there was a problem in the baggage area that needed to be fixed. We were delayed over an hour leaving Burlington and then when we arrived in Orlando we sat on the tarmac for over an hour because, according to the crew, no gate was available for us"
Pros: "fast boarding"
Cons: "Bumpy as hell"
Cons: "Delayed over an hour. Worried about missing connecting flight."
Cons: "Flight was more than 1 1/2 hours late taking off after we had already boarded with only one update from captain explaining that there was a computer problem and he had no idea when it would be fixed but that they were working on it. When we finally did take off, we waited for an additional 30 minutes in Salt Lake while we waited for a gate and another 30 minutes to be allowed off after reaching the gate. Given the amount of time for security and early check-in protocol, I could have rented a car and only arrived an hour later to my destination without having to endure this flight."
Cons: "My brand new Wacom tablet that I received for Christmas was stolen out of my checked bag"
Pros: "Relatively well-priced"
Cons: "Delayed, lied to about reason, no entertainment, no compensation for time or money spent due to delay, bad customer service, late bags."
Cons: "I hated that I had to pay extra to bring a carry on and to choose my seats. Had to pay an extra 60 bucks on top of my flight ticket which I thought included everything and at least a carry on. Not impressed with having to pay for drinks and snacks either, nothing complementary except for a cup of water. Wont be choosing this airline again."
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "I didn't like the bag fees The seats didn't recline There were no entertainment options No complimentary snacks They charge to select seats together The cheap flight cost more than better airlines in the end due to bag fees and selecting seats."
Cons: "No Wifi... No outlets to charge phones, or electronics"
Cons: "Started flight 20 minutes late, apparently because crew did not show up."
Pros: "Overall experience GREAT! Have used all commercial airlines & Frontier experience was top notch. Great crew & flight attendants."
Pros: "The price and schedule choice"
Cons: "They try to trick you into buying other things and speak in a condescending way on the website. There's no entertainment not even a magazine. The seats which are super ridiculously tight don't recline and there's no cushion for your head. You have to pay $3 for a soda and the batteries are so small you can barely fit which is great when there's pee all over the floor. The outbound flight was delayed over an hour with no explanation and perfect weather. When I asked for more water in the tiny cup, she poured it half way. I guess they are really trying to save money. Makes me wonder they took shortcuts on safety to save a few dimes."
Pros: "Flight took off and landed on time."
Cons: "It took 2 hours to get our bags we checked."
Pros: "Great service"
Pros: "Quick boarding, fast flight, baggage was delivered quickly"
Pros: "The price was fair and the flight was direct."
Cons: "The seats are uncomfortable, charge per seat, charge per bag, charge per drink."
Pros: "Horrible conditions. Most unorganized company in travel I've ever experienced."
Pros: "Be prepared to pay $150+ to pick your seat and check your luggage, even your carry-on."
Pros: "The crew seemed nice, the plane was clean as usual. I fly Frontier when going home to visit family for long weekends several times a year, and the crews range from hilarious and upbeat to just polite and friendly. Never met a rude or "bad" crew member."
Cons: "Thankfully I know it costs extra to bring luggage, so we brought a bag to check for $40, but it cost even more for a carry on, and this information was/is (at the time of this writing), not easy to find or brought to your attention when booking and can be a slap in the face to unsuspecting travelers. Flight was delayed 50 minutes. Seats do not recline at all in the newer planes, the tray table is so tiny I saw people using their laps over the trays for laptop use."
Pros: "The flight staff was very pleasant and tried to make the best of a bad situation."
Cons: "Our flight #082 originally scheduled for 12/18 from Cabo to ORD was delayed twice and then once at the airport we were told the flight was cancelled, not due to weather but after hours, finally the Frontier personnel advised us it was possibly due to the pilot/crew being unable to fly because they were over their number of hours logged for the day. We were never notified that the flight was cancelled via text or email. Since the one hotel was over-sold at the airport, all of us passengers on the flight were forced to take cabs back to downtown cabo to try and find and pay for hotels on our own and then cab/commute back to hopefully get out the morning of 12/19. While we were able to fly out on the morning of 12/19, unlike Denver passengers,, the pilot apologized for the delay, stating the flight cancellation was due to an "internal communication meltdown" . The flight crew was apologetic, helpful and did their best to make the best of the very bad situation that Frontier caused by neither communicated to its staff internally nor to us passengers. However, it is unacceptable that all of us were left to incur many additional costs, missing work, and told that they could not approve any reimbursement . All of us were outraged and feel at the very least could have avoided f us to coming to the airport for a flight that could not depart, especially since there were two previous delays. In addition, we spoke to an agent at 6pm and they verified the flight would be departing on 10:00 pm on 12/18. (So, of course we then checked out of our hotel, an hour away in Cabo.) How ironic that the same situation occurred in Dec., 2015, with the flight being delayed and no communication from Frontier. I expect to be compensated for transportation, hotel, and additional expenses incurred for missed work, all due to the delay due to the “internal Frontier Airline company meltdown”. I would hope that Frontier would want to try to make an effort to show that this is not your standard treatment of passengers. I look forward to a prompt response to a very unfortunate ending and situation to avoid any legal action. Thank you in advance."
Pros: "The flight was fine"
Cons: "However, there are hidden costs, carry on baggage fees, fees for your seat assignment, etc. that quickly ballooned the price of the ticket by $180 ($90 each way). There was a very long line for baggage drop therefore we still had to wait even though we pre-checked and prepaid on line the night before departing."
Pros: "Arrived at the destination. Low cost"
Cons: "No wifi. Was my first Frontier flight."
Pros: "On time departure & arrivals."
Cons: "Limited cities of service."
Cons: "Paying $45 each way for a carry on."
Pros: "flight both ways was on time, early actually on the way back"
Cons: "cramped seating, $40 a bag ludicrous, if you are going to charge that do not let any carry on, make it all or nothing. People were chatting the whole night long, why didn't the staff ask them to be courteous and stop"
Cons: "Upon arriving to the airport none of the kiosks were working- very chaotic. A long line prevented us from checking in within the 45 minute timeframe Frontier requires so we missed our flight. Since they don't sister with any other flight companies our options were to purchase new tickets through another airline ($950) rent a car and drive 12 hours to get home ($450) or wait 2 days until the next flight out. The moral of the story is: you get what you pay for!!!!"
Pros: "On time going and coming!"
Cons: "Seats don't recline. Something is wrong with at home printinting of boarding pass. Wouldn't allow us to use Tse. Real bummer."
Pros: "Very professional"
Cons: "I didn't dislike anything"
Cons: "The food trays are spring loaded. This is the worst idea! Kids sit behind you and flip the food tray the entire flight. Frontier should remedy this."
Pros: "Pricing, scheduling, friendliness, efficient etc"
Cons: "There was nothing with which I was displeased."
Cons: "hidden costs the end-of-the-day, you are no low-cost."
Pros: "Left on time. Arrived early. Gate attendant changed my seat for me."
Cons: "Hard seats that don't recline."
Cons: "It took an hour and a half to get the checked bags from the plane to the baggage claim."
Pros: "Boarding cause we were late and had assigned seating."
Cons: "After landing sat on Tarmac for 45 mins waiting on a jet way to get off plane. Staff made rude comments over intercom system. Plane seemed a bit "cheap". No free drinks or snacks."
Pros: "Easy boarding process"
Cons: "Extremely narrow and uncomfortable seats Dog wandering in aisle and under my legs while I tried to sleep"
Pros: "I have nothing positive to say about this experience"
Cons: "Rude flight attendance and inattentive."
Pros: "It [the flight] did exactly what it is supposed to do; got me from A to B. No issues. No problems. Landed ahead of schedule even though another flight was delayed ahead of us. Simple flight."
Cons: "Not so much a dislike, but these flights aren't for needy people who don't know how to pack or fly. Frontier is best for quick trips when you don't need a lot of luggage, in flight snacks or entertainment."
Cons: "I was extremely disappointed with this flight because it was delayed over an hour."
Cons: "The flight still hasn't left yet - 2.5 hours delayed so far. 1.5 hours of which was due to weather, then an 'additional security check' and now, who knows? No one is telling us what is going on. I have had terrible luck with frontier the past 2 times I've flown. Hopefully I will never fly with them again."
Pros: "I didn't like too much to be honest.. the crew was friendly.. boarding was okay.. nothing is really standing out."
Cons: "Awful seats. They were WAY too small and I'm a small person (5'4ft 115lbs). They didn't even lean back and they were SUPER uncomfortable ... this airline is doing it ALL WRONG!!! The flight was only 3hrs long too.. and it left me with a very undesirable taste in my mouth.. the "complimentary" water didn't help.. they MADE me check my bag that would have clearly fit in the overhead compartment.. an extra $30 I wasn't expecting to pay.. the flight was so bad that I'm leaving the review.. I NEVER leave reviews.. so.. step up your game Frontier."
Pros: "The staff was pleasant"
Cons: "Flight delayed again and again over the course of 4 hours. Couldn't figure how to recline seats"
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Absurd wait time to check baggage, outrageous fees for baggage, then lost baggage!! Wandered around airport looking for assistance in how to file a lost bag claim ticket for half an hour because no one could direct me as to where to meet a frontier representative. I was told my baggag would be tracked and delivered within 24 hours, of which I'm quickly approaching that mark and I have no word whatsoever on the location of my bag."
Cons: "The tray tables are so small it was impossible to use them. We never were even offered water and the cost for a simple soft drink or juice is overpriced. Things we expect and get from the airlines are not available on Frontier. Shame on you!!!"
Pros: "I"
Cons: "Flight delayed by 5 hours. It's okay though. They gave us a ten dollar food voucher to make up for irreparably altering our carefully laid, costly plans. Sarcasm. Terrible service as a company."
Pros: "The crew was fantastic. They were funny, polite, and very professional. The boarding process was very smooth and quick."
Cons: "The seats are awful as they no longer recline and have very little padding making the trip seem exponentially longer than it actually is. Carry on prices are absurdly expensive ($45) at the airport for one little duffle bag that was barely too big to fit under the seat. Food and entertainment are no longer provided on short routes so you better bring something to do!"
Pros: "Pros: cheap direct no hassle flight"
Cons: "cons: the seats sucked but the low fare made up for it"
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