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Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Bundle your flight + hotel and save!

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Nice crew. Flight was delayed but delta notified us and handled it best as they could.

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Nice crew. Flight was delayed but delta notified us and handled it best as they could.

Issues with luggage, gate agents and flight. Delta has really gone down hill. But the flight agents int he sky were kind and professional. Also enjoyed the entertainment--but shouldn't be charged for headphones.

Pros: "Crew was super friendly and cool!"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "The crew amd aircraft was wonderful"
Pros: "Good service amazing crew clean airplane good cleaning protocols"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Cons: "We had a 2.5 hour delay because there was someone missing in the crew. It sounded like it hadn’t been properly planned for the flight so it was frustrating. However, once that person showed up, everything was great and the crew was very sweet"
Pros: "Very courteous"
Pros: "Not one of my good experiences with Delta. Two hours delay in the flight"
Cons: "Information on the flight delay as communication was. at least very poor. Also A 220 was ok but First Class was so so"
Pros: "Crew and service was amazing"
Cons: "Paid $28 for internet and it didn’t work"
Pros: "Nothing remarkable"
Cons: "Delta was ordinary"
Cons: "The website could work for starters"
Pros: "Nothing three hours late I went to dc and then took the train"
Pros: "I didn't fly from Minneapolis to Los Angeles"
Cons: "I didn't fly from Minneapolis to Los Angeles"
Pros: "Comfortable aircraft. Great crew."
Cons: "can't think of anything"
Cons: "Pay close attention when boarding in Cabo as they board multiple flights out of the same gate and it could be easy to get on the wrong bus."
Cons: "The coffee could’ve tasted better."
Pros: "Service by crew. I was flying economy but it was par to business class."
Pros: "For a puddle jumper jet it was amazingly comfortable. Even had enough room to put both feet and a carry on bag under the seat. And the seats were more comfortable relative to the competition (eg. United and US Air)."
Cons: "Seats can always be more roomy but that is a problem with all puddle jumper jets."
Cons: "Overall it was a great fight on time boarding. Earlier arrival to norfolk than advertised Excellent crew. This is my 3rd time flying Delta I’m impressed."
Pros: "The plane was very new and clean; entertainment options and food were very good; it was a good flight."
Cons: "At baggage drop-DCA: Charged me for a bag when I had a status that allows 1 bag free; she would not listen, made me pay for it in order to check my bag and then told me to go over to customer service and ask for a refund."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Very small plane"
Pros: "Was gud"
Pros: "Had a great experience with Delta all around. Seating and crew were lovely, in flight entertainment was great. Overall, very pleasant experience and flight was on time."
Pros: "food was great. the plane was very comfortable and i also like the fact that there was free movies and wifi inside the plane"
Pros: "The plane left on time and arrived on time."
Cons: "I did not like the fact that the food they served made my child sick. But hey, that is a given. Most airplane food sucks. But it shouldn't make a person sick. The flight staff was okay, but not nearly as professional and friendly as the crew flying to Lisbon. Thankfully none of them ran over my foot with the metal cart."
Pros: "Didn’t major it on the flight. Sleeping in Atlanta. Not the house I paid for in totrtola."
Cons: "Terrible planning. Didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Took a stupid path. 10 minutes cost me a day."
Pros: "Everyone is working the gate and on the plane were amazing!"
Pros: "good flight and pleasant staff"
Cons: "no vegetarian option in business class therefore nothing to eat for me for whole flight. also sky lounge very poor"
Pros: "Mobile entertainment was great and the crew was lovely."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed, which is a understandable part of travel. But what made it worse was that we didn’t have any visibility on our actually departure time. We were first told our flight would be delayed an hour, then the departure time was moved up 40 minutes without any clear messaging. We caught an email from Delta, but if we hadn’t, we might have missed our flight. The plane was also abnormally loud on board, and the air pressure seemed to fluctuate throughout the flight, making the experience uncomfortable."
Pros: "Long haul business class seat."
Cons: "Wheelchair service. Poor services at China airport. Connection flight is very small and seats are poor! They made pay to use the lounge at NY airport although my ticket is business class !!"
Pros: "Coldest flight I’ve ever taken. Not sure why I paid $60 to fly in comfort when I had to endure the arctic temperatures. Free WiFi never worked once either."
Cons: "That I was going to be charged $125 for oversized luggage unti"
Cons: "Delta"
Pros: "Nice flight and good staff and service"
Pros: "Giid free sandwixh. Very good entertainment system. Good seats."
Pros: "Seats were very comfortable. Was able to recline back and had excellent leg room. Area looked clean and organized."
Cons: "Captain didn't say much before or during the flight like most do. Not a big deal-it was a short flight."
Pros: "The staff is very friendly. Most pleasant airline I've flown with."
Pros: "I like the fact that I was issued a credit for my flight. It was booked in error and had to be cancelled."
Cons: "I don't know how to use my credit."
Cons: "The main cable seats although newer were not very comfortable."
Pros: "Comfortable flight with pleasant staff. I slept most of the way."
Cons: "I was satisfied with this flight and did not experience and discomfort during it"
Pros: "It was good"
Pros: "all flights were right on time. service was excellent. crew was very friendly. Comfort+ seating was excellent very comfortable"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Not anything"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and travel delayed by 24 hours."
Pros: "Clean aircraft, boarding area, and friendly flight crew."
Pros: "Good snacks and movie selection. Seats were spacious and comfortable"
Cons: "Delayed flight, confusing boarding, and not the friendliest flight attendants"
Pros: "Flight departed on time, arrived early! Boarding was smooth and effortless. I absolutely don't mind paying a little extra to fly on Delta vs the "low cost" carriers. Thanks Delta!"
Pros: "Personnel and crew handled the problem in a professional manner doing everything in their power to make the best of a bad situation. Another plane was provided within a reasonable time frame."
Cons: "Four hour delay. Boarded and then being told after 40 minutes that the problem was not fixable."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth and fast. The crew was helpful with a wheelchair passenger, and get everybody else on board soon after. We depart the gate a couple of minutes early, and arrived almost half an hour early."
Cons: "The first class seat were not much more spacious than the comfort+ ones. Choice of snacks were limited as it was a short regional flight. No overhead or seat back entertainment, but you can stream from the media server through in flight wifi."
Pros: "I love the crew! They are so kind and helpful. Feel like been friends forever. And they have the hardest jobs in the world! Seats are comfortable love the Westin bedding and drink selection"
Cons: "They ran out of Port wine :("
Pros: "One male attendant from the first class cabin - super sweet and attentive to our needs even tho we're not seating in the premium cabin"
Cons: "Junior attendants in economy comfort seat - so lazy and whiny!"

The flight was exceptional. I have NEVER enjoyed a flight as much as that one. Happy Holidays to the flight crew of Flight 4763 from RIC to LGA on December 23, 2021. 🙏🏾

As ALWAYS, the seating is cramped. Due. To the fact, that it was a short flight, it was tolerable.

Cons: "No masks"
Pros: "The crew seemed to make the best of their situation"
Cons: "The airplane was old and very cramped. Needs to be replaced with a more appropriate plane."
Pros: "Flight was so smooth"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The employees were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "We haven't made it to Rochester as intended. It is covid time and our flight had mechanical difficulties. The airlines has provided vouchers for hotel and dinner."
Pros: "On time with a very pleasant crew."
Pros: "The one gentleman who came to the RESCUE at the ticket counter was AWESOME!!! AMAZING customer service, friendly, and helpful - I had someone else but it was a pleasure watching him take care of others! (He was wearing a tobagan and ear muffs making him look like he had Mickey Ears on!)"
Cons: "Only 3 people handling check in - ALL of the self service machines needed a restock on bag tags so we were all in line for tags and the one attendant at the Bag Drop kept telling us all she couldn’t print tags. WORST experience at RIC in years!"
Pros: "Comfy seat, nice crew"
Cons: "Hour delay before departure; 30 minute delay after landing before we reached gate; 15 minute delay to get carry on bags!"
Pros: "The crew was exceptional. The seats are very uncomfortable. It feels like you are being packed in a sardine can."
Cons: "The airlines need to take into consideration, the Price that passengers pay for an airline ticket, only to be restricted in those uncomfortable positions on the average of 2 to 3 hours."
Cons: "Certain crew members could've been a bit more approachable and friendly."
Pros: "great stewardess"
Cons: "extremely cramped old plane with no wifi. Really folks?"
Pros: "There was a hood vibe from crew. I believe the good nature of the crew had a positive effect on me and follow travelers. A pleasant experience."
Cons: "I can't think of anything that would have improved the experience."
Pros: "as expected"
Pros: "Food was not too bad and I liked that they had snacks/ beverages out near the bathroom area for people to eat/ drink in the middle of the flight."
Cons: "Wish bathroom had been cleaned more frequently. Ran out of toilet paper a few times and floor was wet. My seat was broken so I could not recline back for 17 hours and since the flight was fully booked I was unable to move seats. It made the already long flight even more uncomfortable"
Pros: "The boarding process was quick, seats were comfy, staff was very nice."
Pros: "Healthy snacks, better quality food"
Pros: "Stewards were good."
Cons: "Mechanical problems and incompetent repair people who forgot to fill out paperwork delayed our flight by 3 hours. Because of this I almost missed my RESCHEDULED next flight and my bag was gate checked to baggage claim."
Pros: "The crew was very nice and the flight attendant so helpful. We travelled with our 3 kids, one in a diaper. When we realized we left our diaper bag at security in the airport, he offered to help us find a diaper by asking other passengers with kids. They were very generous with diapers and wipes and it wasn’t great to experience the kindness of strangers."
Cons: "We couldn’t get the free in flight entertainment. The WiFi wasn’t strong enough. The snacks were fine, but looking back I don’t think there was any food offered for sale."
Pros: "Flight attendant gave me a free beer!"
Pros: "Good seat though cramped."
Cons: "Cramped. I don't like in flight credit card offers."
Cons: "They left our laggage out in the rain at some point of our trip and the contents of our suitcases were soaked. Ruined a dress my wife had planned to wear to a wedding because the red suitcase bled through to the dress. Underwater, etc was soaked. The extent of it we didn't realize until unpacking the suitcases later. Totally disgusted they could have left our suitcase in the rain uncovered (or perhaps dropped them in a puddle)."
Pros: "Good legroom on economy"
Pros: "Flight loaded on time left on time and arrived on time. Crew were all very nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight."
Pros: "On time and no hassles."
Cons: "Uncomfortable old dirty aircraft."
Pros: "The plane was far more comfortable than the one we flew on from Boston to Rome."
Pros: "NOTHING AA IS THE WORST. This is my 2ND AA experience within a 5 month time period and the first experience i tried brushing under the mat as it was bad however this one TAKES THE CAKE"
Cons: "The airport staff after TSA are RUDE! I was suppose to leave from one destination to another, last night. AA rebooked me without my consent and assumed i would be ok taking a later flight 24hrs later. After hassle, i thought i received a perfect flight which would get me to my destination A WEDDING at that in time. However, i have been rebooked over 5x in under 24hrs and still at the airport from 9hrs later! They do not compensate you and do not even extend the offer!"
Pros: "The 737 was excellent. Boeing still makes the best aircraft."
Cons: "Being rescheduled from an 0830 departure to a 0530 departure, which meant I had to get up at 0300 to get to RIC by 0400 for TSA and check-in. As originally planned I would have arisen at 0500, still early, but not nearly 0300. The equipment had no individual entertainment screens. So we were stuck with whatever was on the common screen...which was bad."
Cons: "Plane was delayed all day and when we finally boarded we were told it was due to an engine problem!! Not good!!"
Cons: "When will the airlines stop cramming so many people in planes with seats that are too cramped. Especially when you are on a regional flight, with a seat crammed in a corner that does not recline."
Pros: "Had the fortune to sit with a passenger that had a service dog"
Cons: "Takeoff was delayed Two hours and 17 minutes with NO explanation."
Cons: "Our luggage was ruined and our stuff inside in bubble wrap was smashed to bits!"
Pros: "I was last getting on the plane and I didn’t want to check my carry-on and the flight attendant found a spot for me! Nice, quiet flight."
Cons: "The drink cart skipped me! I was definitely awake too. When I got his attention I finally got my drink but I didn’t get a napkin or pretzels offered either. WiFi was iffy and never loaded for me."
Pros: "On time departure & arrival; helpful staff at check in & at the gate; plane was comfortable."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Nothing. I will never fly American again."
Cons: "Both flights delayed. Over six hours late."
Pros: "The pilot was great about keeping us up to date on the possible route change and exactly how long we would be sitting on the runway, new arrival time, etc."
Cons: "We sat on the runway for 35 minutes with no offer of a beverage (though there was going to be beverage service). Then just before take off as the flight attendants were snacking in the back, we asked about a possible drink and they said the flight was going to be too turbulent to serve anything."
Pros: "Very friendly staff, clean airplane, great flight! Our original flight was delayed, but we still made it right on time for our connecting flight! I didn't realize when I was booking the flights that American lets you bring a carryon no charge, but United does not. You have to be a "Special" customer with them in order to be allowed a carryon, so we ended up paying an additional $50!!!"
Cons: "I was a little unhappy we were delayed, I had a meeting in Charlotte planned, but these things happen."
Pros: "When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! The plane was undergoing maintenance but they found another plane and did not have to cancel the flight, and ultimately got us to our destination safely. Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 4 hours so my half day of travel became a full day, half of which was mostly wasted at the airport. Would rather have been with my family than sitting at the airport."
Pros: "Gate agent at DFW helped with a seat change so my wife and I could sit together--excellent seating in the exit row"
Cons: "We didn't have hot beverage service due to turbslsnce and the attendant never came back to offer my 84 year old mother another choice"
Pros: "I liked how quick the flight was to New York"
Cons: "Once boarding the plane and searching for my seat number , all of the cabin went pitch black . The lights went out for not more than a few moments. When the lights came back it was problematic and dim then fully lit to flickering off and on. Whenever it "seems" to have any electrical or mechanical failure. It's natural as a passenger my first thought is it's a Bad omen . I had genuinely lost some faith in the plane ."
Pros: "Crew, clean"
Cons: "Flight delayed as we were pushing back from the gate."
Pros: "The professionalism of the crew."
Cons: "The flight left late and they did not explain why their was a delay. The landing was not smooth. It was a rough landing."
Cons: "So delayed that I was going to miss connection to talked my way onto a direct into New York"
Pros: "Security checkpoint was very quick, being a Sunday morning, and we departed on time. Everything was very normal."
Pros: "Quick flight."
Cons: "Crew was rude and illogical."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, will never fly American Airlines again"
Pros: "The crew was courteous, friendly, and efficient"
Cons: "The flight was overbooked by ten, leaving the possibility of my reservation not being honored and missing the flight."

Great price and on time, don’t let the bad behavior customer return, restricted them for life.

Pros: "Amaizing crew, the food was awesome above all it was served hot, I liked that."
Cons: "I have no complain, I enjoyed flying with them and will do so next time"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Not let babies on planes"
Cons: "Stop pretending I can take a carry on. I'm boarding last, and guaranteed I'm going to have to check my carry-on."
Pros: "Th Roland was very good as was the entertainment from BOS to SFO, but may as good from SFO TO OGG. They plane was older smaller and the entertainment ability was lacking from SFO TO E"
Cons: "The maple crisps were excellent from BOS to SFO. The pretzels were boring from SFO to BOS."
Pros: "Quick and easy flight"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Plane boarded late for unknown reasons then once hosted left late due to maintenance. Seats were mediocre at best, WiFi was over priced for the length of flight, pretzle bags were incredibly small and beverage options all involved a cup, no small bottles of water even."
Pros: "Efficient crew and easy boarding."
Cons: "No frills but ok."
Pros: "Eventually got to Chicago"
Cons: "Missed my connection"
Cons: "Very poor help in Amsterdam in how to make connections"
Pros: "Modern plane, better legroom than most. More headspace. seats were comfortable. Special meal was delivered."
Cons: "The auxillary power while waiting was not working so it got quite warm in the cabin. Audio quality/ability to understand crew was not so good. Bathroom could use a cleaning mid flight. Not the friendliest of crews...very mechanical, no smiles. Flight map stopped working and would not log on anyone's screens mid flight."
Pros: "Almost everything"
Cons: "We got off the airplane from Singapore to Houston. We almost missed the fight from Houston to Tampa because we didn't have enough time"
Pros: "Boarding was fast and easy"
Cons: "Cramped seats"
Cons: "Cramped, not enough room for carry-ons"
Pros: "Quick and uneventful flight."
Cons: "My reading light didn't work."
Pros: "Liked that there were outlets"
Pros: "Excellent y"
Cons: "I have no complaints. Service, check in etc. excellent. As a matter of fact, I will rather fly United than Lufthansa"
Pros: "Quick, easy flight with a really nice flight attendant."
Cons: "Really small and uncomfortable plane. I feel like they should phase these small planes out. Seats are not wide enough for a regular sized guy."
Pros: "On time!"
Cons: "Nothing - it was fine. We got home!!"
Pros: "Fast loading/unloading."
Cons: "No drinks. No entertainment."
Pros: "Boarding was quick. The flight didn't take as long as listed. Overall satisfied with the experience"
Pros: "757 first class was excellent"
Cons: "First time using 1st class, now I am spoiled. United coach seats are to small"
Pros: "Kayak did not notify us of a flight cancellation and we were delayed by one day and out over 450$."
Pros: "That I landed safely."
Cons: "Shady practices with "convenient" Basic Economy. No carry on allowed and charging for a carry on. Flight was delayed twice. Total of a 2 hour 20 min delay. I could've stayed home and slept longer...."
Cons: "Ear phone jack didnt work,paying more every time i travel for less,extra to check just one bag,extra to watch a movie,uncomfortable conditions for 4 hours,extra to eat anything,becoming a joke"
Pros: "The movies were good - glad it was free and nice selection"
Cons: "US Pre-clearance in Dublin was ridiculous. I don't know what else to say about it. They were even holding us going down the escalator to the actual screening part. It was just one crazy queue to another. Will definitely make me think about ever going through Dublin again."
Pros: "Rhe crew again"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They are never on time, we had to stay in Chicago and miss two days of vacation because there was no flight crew. It seems they can never get their act together, and it never changes."
Pros: "It was good. Very nice flight attendants."
Cons: "The plane was delayed 4 times...but I was kept updated."
Pros: "United had gotten the idea that they should charge more for their flights. They've done it by inventing a new "basic economy" class which costs just what it used to cost to fly economy, only you don't get to pick your seats, don't get to bring a carry on, and can't check in for your flight without one of their staff verifying your personal item isn't secretly a carry-on."
Cons: "Being treated like a third class citizen because I'm poor."
Pros: "Nice employees."
Cons: "Mechanical delay in fargo caused me to miss my connecting flight to Eugene by 5 minutes. Got to Denver airport asked the gate guy to call my connecting flight gate to see if they could hold the door for me, he said you got 10 mins go. I ran 30 gates and the door just closed and missed my flight. I am 25 weeks preg so my running time is slower then normal. Then they rebooked me on a flight that had an additional connect and arrived 4 hours later then expected. By the time I got to my new flight gate- it was delayed so would miss my next connecting flight. Long story short it's 3 hours past when I was suppose to leave and settled for s flight to PDX tonight getting in at midnight. My friend From eugue is picking me up in Portland tomorrow. It has been an unsuccessful flight. Almost cancelled and went home......"
Pros: "Comfortable , quick. For us it was great not to have to stop at another hub and walk all over to another gate and plane."
Cons: "United promises 1 free bag per passenger if booking w a united points credit card. Well I've never had this problem b4 but would not proceed thru check in w/o paying $25 per each of us. That was using kiosk and a real live person. That really frosts my - well, u know. Now I have to fight online, not even w a real person who would understand , to get $ back. I hope!"
Pros: "Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection."
Cons: "Seats were small, very little leg room also,"
Pros: "I would give a 1 star ! Cancelled flight and by the time we reached home it was 2.30 in the morning ! Which is unacceptable ."
Pros: "not much. only bless the gate agents for being able to rebook the plethora of travelers like me who get stranded."
Cons: "United Airlines constantly overbooks so you either don't get on, or you make the connecting flight. On my recent trip, I had to be rebooked on both flights to my destination, and both flights home. They really suck."
Pros: "United delayed departure from ROA due to a crew and mx scheduling problem. Unable to make BOI connection. Not back until next day."
Cons: "United reflowed aircraft and aircrew to other "more important " flights."
Pros: "Delayed 3hrs due to awaiting the aircraft. Was given the option to change flights with no more flights to HNL tonight"
Pros: "Flight attendant very personable."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "United does a great job! Happy to still have a little snack, and a comp beverage."
Cons: "Only thing seriously missing is the free music channels, and on this flight, not even any free personal device entertainment."
Pros: "Literally nothing"
Cons: "Late boarding, 2-hour delay, overhead bins were full so 1/3 of the plane had to return to the bridge to surrender their carry-on bags to their final destination, the extra leg room I paid for was non-existent because there was a giant plastic thing blocking my foot area, the "touch screens" for entertainment were more like punch screens and the sound kept going out VERY frequently. The two hour delay caused almost half the plane to miss their connecting flights, myself included, and now my carry-on bag with my phone charger, clothes, toothbrush, Cologne, and basically everything I needed, was on its way to my final destination while I was not. The airline gave me vouchers for a hotel and two meals, $10 each, and a plane ticket that I couldn't use cause I had important appointments and meetings to be at, so I had to spend $177 to get a one-way car rental back home."
Pros: "It was lit and cozy"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The plane was on time."
Cons: "Leg room is terrible. My knees were being pushed into hard plastic for 3+ hours."
Pros: "Better leg room than I recalled last time I flew this airline! No claustrophobia! Much better than our overseas leg. Airline attendants were sweeter than sugar which was a nice change after Air NZ. Purchased meal (sandwich)was reasonably priced and satisfying"
Cons: "The entertainment system was nice but would like to have seen more choices (and episodes for sitcoms). It was a 5 hour flight and the wifi wasn't very strong compared to similar flights, so we were very reliant on the entertainment system."
Cons: "Air quality"
Cons: "The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side"
Pros: "Legroom and seat size were terrific. For me, movie selection was great--best of 2015."
Cons: "Luggage was delayed--apparently not transferred in Munich to United flight. Fortunately, it was only a 24-hour delay and contents arrived intact. But the explanation of what I could purchase to meet my immediate travel needs (toiletries, intimate garments) was indefinite and unclear and subject to reimbursement only if approved. Boarding was subject to additional security for flights to US in Munich airport where passport was checked yet again and stupid questions were asked and passengers were shuffled through a long queue."
Pros: "Crew was very good, plane was clean."
Cons: "Although we all know we have less seating room with narrow seats and barely enough room to get in and out of seats, this particular plane has taken this to an extreme."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Every thing Air plane brake down at the runway was 105 D outside V hoot and we inside my be was 120 degrees for like one hour me and my wife got sick after stay in bed 5 days V bad trip Badim KHOURY"
Pros: "nice crew feeling safe had my luggage very fast (in the airport)"
Cons: "airport was VERY packed! I arrived to the gate 10 minutes before my flight. I asked for window seat (I was not able to make my seat online because of my passport) and they wanted me to pay 10 minutes before the flight for a window seat!! fortunately the plane crew let me sit on window seat since there were lots of empty window seats. The food was not good. The crew was trying so hard to give as less as possible. They were asking "do you want...?" before giving anything. You either need to be awake the whole flight or there is a good chance to miss meal!"
Pros: "Boarded ontime"
Cons: "Sat on runway in hot plane for 45 min"

Great services

Don’t like the a la carte

I did not like anything. It was cramped loud, and the fact that we had to sit on the tarmac for an hourd half and then the airline lost our luggage made for a bad start to my busniess trip . Needless to say, I will never be flying frontier again .

Pros: "Great customer service."
Pros: "Definitely can't beat the price, especially for a non-stop flight halfway across the country. I had plenty of room in my seat even with my backpack under the seat. The drink and snack selections are pretty decent."
Cons: "Delayed to start and it took a while for all the bags to be loaded. Once we arrived it took over an hour from the time we touched down to when our bags arrived at the baggage claim. Ended up finally leaving the airport an hour and a half after the time I was originally supposed to arrive."
Cons: "Getting off the plane my stroller wasn’t there. Then I was directed to 3 different places before I could find it near the baggage area. The reason I had the stroller... to help me Navigate an airport with little children. Totally defeated the purpose. Never again frontier. You all suck"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, the plane looked to be newer nice and clean amd flight waa on time"
Cons: "The one "personal" bag policy is insane! I was caught off guard and had to pay for a small carry $50 @ the counter before boarding. If I were aware I could've paid in advance for a lower price and brought a large suit case. Thank God it was a short, 2 hour, flighr because it was not a comfortable seating, it was VERY crammed! AND snack and/or drinks during flight are not complimentary. It was really hard to understanding the crew member giving the emergency instructions over the PA, had a very strong accent."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed, unexplained turbulence, one work toilet, strange staff..."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed twice after boarding, we had to sit in the plane for almost 2 hours. I dont think frontier is worth the price anymore, you definatley get what you pay for. I had to check a bag both ways because a checked bag is cheaper than their fee to carry on a bag. There were no complimentary drinks or snack even after having to sit on the plane for so long. I requested an aisle seat and got stuck in the middle. Overall, think I will be paying the extra for any other airline than frontier."
Pros: "Clean plane, great customer service."
Cons: "You have to pay for a reclining seat, only the first theee rows have them. You have to pay for even soda drinks. Ok for shorter commutes, but a 4+ hour flight is miserable."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and lap trays were small; all beverages cost money to purchase"
Pros: "We arrived in Denver 44 minutes early!"
Cons: "Seats were not the most comfortable. No charging jacks that I could find."
Pros: "The whole plane was sick of how uncomfortable the seats where they did not lay back they where hard the tables could not even hold r drinks I will never fly again after my return trip him and I’ll make sure no one else uses them this was the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever had and my longest flight 5 hours the whole plane was not happy then they want to charge a arm in leg for every single thing this is sad"
Pros: "The online check-in and efficient personnel made the flight as easy as possible. The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "There is no free drink or snack service provided."
Pros: "Nothing positive to say about this whole experience."
Cons: "1. I do not like the surprise fees for bags or in order to pick your seat. 2. Flight was delayed out of Indy. 3. Sat on the runway for 40 minutes once we arrived in Orlando."
Pros: "The airfare was cheap with no frills. If I had not brought my own food and snacks and beverage, I would have starved on the four and a half hour flight."
Cons: "You over charge for baggage, and that explains why the airfare was. There were no complimentary snacks and the only complimentary beverage was ice water, on a four and a half hour flight."
Pros: "Nothing positive"
Cons: "I wasn't allowed to board because they closed the flight. I didn't realize you have to pay an additional fee to get your seat assignement to even get on the flight. I've been delayed a full 24hrs. That on top of $40 fee to have my carry on. At this point, my $175 plane ticket has ballooned to almost $245 which is more expensive than other flights where they treat you like a human being. F this company."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "The seats are poorly designed. Not accomendate to our body. Very awardkly to sit and rest."
Pros: "It was on time"
Pros: "It was a direct flight The seats were okay, they're just a bit narrow and one passenger can use the arm rest at a time It would've been a better experience without the sassing attendant. - it would have raised the rating to a 4 Rating 1 - 5 = 3 "Okay" Can't give it a 5 because no complimentary beverage was mentioned Nicely priced The rest of the crew was pleasant Yes, I'd probably use Frontier's services again"
Cons: "One flight attendant sassed a few passengers and threatened to throw others off the plane because they were having a good time and laughter, she wore a large cross pendant and a "Canada" pin. The way society respond to human emotion, today, is very disappointing. It's like the uni-brow guy from The Lorax is on the loose. So, yes, I was forced to pay a $12 fee if I wanted to sit down during the outbound flight. All airlines: You must allow a carry on at no additional cost, transparency is key. We are not flying to fulfill an eight hour shift with only the clothes on our backs and a coin."
Pros: "Flights were on time."
Cons: "Upon arrival to my destination, my golf travel bag came out of the oversized luggage area with the zipper wide open, my things rolling around, and my golf bag (within the travel bag) was completely broken. The interior bag is permanently filthy from rolling around uncovered, and the bag stand is broken beyond repair. When I left, the bag was securely strapped down with extra padding around the clubs. I received them dirty, broken, and unsecured. Upon my return home, the golf bag is now missing. The gentleman at the Frontier desk was doing his very best, but there were several travelers with missing bags and he was the only one trying to help anyone. Horrible service beyond the man that took my claim of lost baggage. I would never suggest someone traveling with golf clubs through Frontier. There is about $4,000 worth of equipment that I am now missing with no certainty of recovery. I'm going to hope for the best and follow-up meticulously."
Pros: "Nothing. Well, the flight attendants had some jokes."
Cons: "No free water. Disorganized with the baggage. Lots of delays. No internet on board."
Pros: "Everything about these 2 flights that my husband and I went on, they were both late flights, late arrival and baggage took forever."
Pros: "I am frustrated"
Cons: "I am devastated frustrated and decide not to use frontier. the airline canceled the flight and never informed the clients and never apologized which cost money, time and above all destroyed my dream meeting and business schedule. the cancellation cost me to cancel and bear the cost of my car rental and hotel."
Pros: "Quick boarding, flight was on-time or early to both destinations."
Cons: "They get you with low airfare, but then must pay for seat and carry on bag TWICE. Uncomfy seats, rude flight crew."
Cons: "No complimentary snack or drink (provided by basically every other airline). Also, no free carry on (also provided by basically every other airline)."
Pros: "I had neve flown Frontier before. The boarding experience was orderly, fast & efficient."
Cons: "There was no free wifi"
Pros: "The crew on each flight was very nice and friendly."
Cons: "In both going on vacation and coming home there was a 2 plus hour delay both time for no reason. "Bad weather" isn't an acceptable excuse when there isn't any bad weather where the flight left from nor where it's landing. My husband and I will not be flying with Frontier again due to the lack of service Frontier provided when it comes to travel."
Pros: "Price."
Cons: "We were supposed to depart at 11:59pm but apparently theyu didn't have a crew to finish the ground work and load all the bags so we had to wait. Also, some woman got thrown off the plane. Crew was very rude. Seats are the most uncomfortable."
Cons: "I did not like having to pay for my carry-on bag twice!! I thought it was paid for when I originally booked my flight. On my return trip, I was told I had to pay another $30 for a carry-on. This was unclear at booking. To have to pay $60 for a carry-on is unconscientable !!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Price"
Pros: "Are you kidding?"
Pros: "The crew was nice and helpful"
Cons: "I was just insanely terrible, the flight was delayed 5 hours and I didn't get the delay notice until I was already in the airport."
Pros: "Nothing stood out above any other airline"
Cons: "I was charged $85 for a carry-on and a checked bag, unknowingly because I didn't know my backpack did not count as a carry on. They took my money just the same! Everything about this flight was awful - comfort, convenience, price. Most likely my first and last Frontier Airlines experience."
Pros: "The flight attendants were responsive and helpful!"
Cons: "I. Seats didn't recline 2. Waited 30 minutes to deboard because gate was occupied 3. Waited over an hour for my luggage to get to baggage area."
Pros: "I'd rather take a shower at auschwitz than fly frontier again"
Cons: "Everything. Literally everything"
Cons: "The crew made us move from the seats I booked without a good explanation"
Pros: "Budget before adding bags"
Cons: "Bag costs Delay Airport I was stuck at - Chicago Very basic plane Poor info in airport - unnerving"
Pros: "Horrible customer service"
Cons: "How they spoke to me and they couldn't tell me where my bags were. Customer service was horrible!"
Pros: "Boarding procedures are straightforward. The seat in front of me could not recline."
Cons: "there was a problem with my reservation which required me to use the Frontier call center. A very time consuming and unpleasant experience. There are no healthy / fresh / unprocessed food items for purchase. All beverages must be paid for. The flight attendants' levels of courtesy match the budget level of the airline."
Pros: "How cheap the flight was, and that it went when it said it would to where I wanted to go."
Cons: "It's a bit offensive to be charged for drinks. Either don't offer them, or don't charge for them. Have one free drink,a dn one free snack, so that the people who took your cheap flight and are broke don't have to eat their hands.. Also, the whole, not even one free carry on will make me think twice before booking with you guys again. Fortunately I was able to pack über light, and that was my one item. And I get that weight is fuel, and fuel is money. But seriously, that felt kinds rude. Glad I checked in on line and found out in time to repack."
Pros: "Plane was clean and of a newer Airbus series."
Cons: "For all the same reasons everyone else complains about Frontier Airlines, The TSA Pre Check non participation, the paying for carry-on luggage, the seats did not recline and paying for everything but water."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very unorganized. Front desk should have a line or two to help people whose flights are closed to its departing time instead of waiting 30-40 before flight time. Your staff knows better... security takes over 30 minutes."
Pros: "Trip was cancelled. Don't overbook flights on important holidays. What a travesty it was to cancel the special event due to not being able to get there."
Cons: "Earlier notice of flight cancellation by Frontier Airlines would have helped. The Charlotte Airport was close to chaos due to the lack of management of the many people there trying to be processed. This experience was a nightmare and I have lost all trust in Frontier Airlines going the extra mile to make things work smoother. It is known that holidays will have more people in the terminal. Plans by all airlines and the airport should be in place, including hiring more workers, to make the flow and the flights work better. Sometimes cancellations can't be avoided, but there should be a better alternative than being told that the next flight will be seven days later."
Pros: "Low fares"
Cons: "All of the hidden fees"
Pros: "Early Arrival"
Cons: "Paying for a seat"
Cons: "Charge for everything- assigned seat - carryon baggage"
Cons: "All Frontier flights were cancelled for 2 days straight, therefore I had to book with another airline."
Pros: "We got to Florida really early."
Cons: "I'm tall so there was not a lot of leg room. We checked in at home and it didn't work so we had to pay again when we got our tickets."

The crew was amazing!

No notification of a delayed flight!!

Our flight kept on getting further and further delayed to the point that I was worried it would be canceled. I asked the attendant at the gate if there were alternative flight options and she said I had to call Spirit. The phone experience was horrible. The first representative told me that there was nothing he can do to help me find an alternative flight or arrange a hotel stay. He transferred me to a supervisor who was even less helpful and was actually condescending, telling me to stop worrying instead of offering any reassurances or answers as on what to expect if the flight were to be canceled.

Pros: "On time departures and crew was very professional"
Cons: "I wish that Spirit gave some kind of complimentary snacks/drinks for people that pay more money for the “Bug Seats” (like a business class style seat)"
Pros: "The crew was lovely. The seats ate not much comfortable."
Cons: "Needs cushioned seats."
Cons: "Not one single thing."
Cons: "The delays, the flight as a whole, and the airline NOT losing my bags!"
Cons: "Having entertainment on the flight."
Pros: "The boarding"
Cons: "I realize it’s an economy airlines, but to have to pay to get water seems a little extreme."
Pros: "Simple plane"
Cons: "Could have been on time. Missed connection. Spirit blamed weather and rebooked me next day 24 hours later. No meals or hotel took 3 hours to learn that I was on my own. Don't use Spirit not worth it."
Pros: "Yes was really nice"
Pros: "Nice crew. On time departure."
Cons: "Seats a little more comfortable."
Pros: "Price was good. No frills as no tv or food...not even peanuts. Plane left and landed on time. Free personal bag size was good."
Cons: "All was as I expected so no complaints."
Pros: "Customer service was good and no delays"
Cons: "Nothing that I can’t think of."
Pros: "Clean new plane"
Cons: "Not much legroom."
Pros: "I liked that being we had a new born we were able to board first"
Cons: "The flight was bumpy , the pilot had the plane going down like a slow falling roller coaster , had me so sick instead of gradually lowering the plane. Our flight was delayed and our gate was changed, when we arrived to the gate originally the staff was very rude with their responses."
Pros: "Flight crew was great"
Pros: "The price initially was a good price for direct flight."
Cons: "I think the charge for carry on is rediculous, customer service was not impressive as well as friendliness."
Pros: "New plane nice crew"
Cons: "Small tray tables"
Pros: "Fast boarding due to less carry on luggage"
Cons: "Bare minimum airline. I am 6‘1“ tall and my niece were firmly pressed against the seat in front of me. I could feel every movement of the young child in front of me. Leg room under the seat is also tight especially if you have a personal item stored there. On one of my flights I chose to pay extra for the emergency exit row for more leg room."
Cons: "Horribly uncomfortable"
Pros: "The two flight attendants were pleasant. At least there was that after this nightmare."
Cons: "Spirit was so incredibly disorganized that we almost missed our flight. The line for bag drop was the same to talk to an agent. It was out the door and down the street! No one could give us any information - they just said to join the back of the line. This is a pitiful excuse for an airline with disorganized lines and no communication. Plus the desk person was so Rude and charged an arm and a leg for us going over the weight restriction. She was hateful, and wouldn’t even cut us the slightest break after we waited 2 hours. Never flying this horrible airine again. You end up being more expensive than the more expensive airlines! What a waste."
Cons: "Absolutely no customer service or reasoning. You giys send us into Hurricane Irma, despite all warnings and devastation."
Pros: "Nice and surprisingly comfortable. It was my first time flying with Spirit and I wad a little apprehensive but they were very professional and everything went smoothly. Crew was entertaining. We even arrived early!! Sweet!"
Cons: "No frills. Paying extra for carry on and printing a boarding pass is outrageous. On the other hand it made me travel light. No crew at any spirit gate if it wasn't boarding. I wanted to ask someone a question about a friend who was coming on another flight and couldn't find anyone."
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice, plane was clean"
Cons: "Two hour delay, paying for luggage, paying for food and drinks. I thought I was getting a good deal but with all the add on's I probably didn't."
Cons: "carry on baggage $65 per piece ripped off"
Cons: "I never took this flight because first flight was delayed and I woudl have missed this one. Booooo."
Pros: "The crew is very polite and professional. The flight was on time and early to arrivals."
Cons: "Did not like having to pay for seat assignment. Although it said you do not have to pay and the airiline would seat you, your website would not let that. would not let you exit the site until you paid for the seats. The tray tables behind the seats are extremely small and fragile. The seats seem smaller than usual."
Cons: "They cancelled our flight and left us stranded in St Thomas! After waiting 4 hours in line at the airport they told us they would refund the money for the return trip only. No hotel, no food and no flight home. I will NEVER fly Spirit again! I can not believe they would treat people the way they did us!!"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "After 7-8 hours of delay after delay they boarded everyone onto the plane, let us sit there for 5-10 minutes and then asked us get off the plane. They then proceeded to tell us due to weather our flight would be cancelled. I stood in line for 2 hours for them to tell me the next flight our was not for another 5 days. They also did not place me in a hotel, thankfully I had a friend that lived close to the airport and I was able to crash there. I asked for my money back and rebooked my trip with Deta airlines. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way."
Pros: "A few (very few) helpful clerks in the end that got me a seat home."
Cons: "Other than the usual Spirit surprise up charges for basic services included in other airlines (which should be factored into the Kayak search engines more clearly from the start), the seats did not recline and minimal leg room made for a very uncomfortable flight from FL to CA. The topping on the cake was a cancelled flight getting home Ft. Lauderdale to St. Thomas. The 1250pm flight was delayed to 6pm due to weather even though several other flights were flying that same route at that time. Then the 6pm flight was cancelled due to weather. It was the lack of professionalism, accommodations and communications that followed that were horrendous. They would not address the group directly so we had to find out from the people at the front of the line trying to rebook that there were no seats available until Saturday and Sunday. It was Weds. They were not going to accommodate us in any way with the exception of refunding us for that leg. In my case that would have been a little over $100. Flights on other airlines were over $700. Families who could not afford that cancelled their vacations to St. Thomas. People, like myself, that were simply trying to get home got booked on Sunday flights. They put us on stand by but were unwilling to give us seats that were available. Finally, on Friday with making enough fuss and talking to the right people they reluctantly gave us seats. It appeared that because we had seats on Sunday that we were in no way a priority. Very disappointed, mostly for everyone who was trying to visit my island and said they will never come here. Thanks Spirits."
Pros: "I made it safely"
Cons: "Two separate delays"
Cons: "It didn't happen. Cancelled."
Cons: "Again, the seating is not comfortable"
Cons: "I did not like the fact that my original flight from St Thomas to Ft Lauderdale was cancelled. Which essentially changed all of my travel plans. I do however understand that Spirit is a sub par airline. Therefore, I will no longer book any flights through them."
Cons: "This flight was cancelled, Spirit was unable/unwilling to book me on a flight on a different airline and I had to pay $344 out of pocket for a Jet Blue flight the next day. This was on Thursday, Spirit offered to get me to my destination on SUNDAY! They also did not pay for my hotel room so I had to pay for that out of pocket as well. Will never fly Spirit again. Spend the extra money and go with someone else - you'll probably end up having to spend it anyway!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Awful, no comfort whatsoever. Flight delayed"
Cons: "Had to cancel late. I can understand having to pay for the fare. Not for the prepaid baggage fees. Not cool!"
Pros: "The Crew was awesome! I was assisted very well every time I had a query no matter how silly to someone else the question may have seemed."
Cons: "The natives of St. Thomas which has nothing to do with the airline or its crew was extremely "ghetto" loud and annoying. It's definitely a turn off when flying and for this reason i will be choosing another airline when traveling USA"
Pros: "You sent EIGHT DELAYED DEPARTURES all with different times as to when the flight was leaving , gave everyone one package of cookies and then sent a voucher for $50.00 with a TWO MONTH Expiration date!!!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! The voucher doesn't cover the ADDITIONAL COST of the seat or even the luggage!"
Cons: "Lousy delayed an hour which made me miss Flight from st Thomas to st Croix. Slept outside airport on sidewalk. Will avoid your airline. Will pay to not fly spirit"
Pros: "Very easy. Very cheap"
Cons: "It was as expected. No more. No less."
Pros: "The price of ticket."
Cons: "What where these people thinking about the seats & tray tables? They need to go back to the drawing board!"
Pros: "Fairly low ticket price for short notice"
Cons: "Bag was 12lbs over weight limit, and the cost for that was overwhelmingly expensive....... $50 to check the bag, THEN another $55 for being over the weight limit (only 40lbs). $55 was such a extortion price."
Pros: "Easy process online. Easy check in"
Pros: "Plane clean and recent. Price competitive for this flight."
Cons: "Seats basic as all other services."
Cons: "On time. Fast check in"
Pros: "Got an exit seat 90.18 for round trip"
Cons: "2 hour delay seats uncomfortable 4.50 for a half glass of coke"
Pros: "Even for 3hr the seats are very uncomfortable"
Cons: "As my flight was 3 hrs later, I lost my connection and had 2 pay $185 for a hotel room."
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