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Sep 9 — Sep 161
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American AirlinesOverall score based on 48364 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The food and the crew totally good"
Cons: "Maybe the toilets, need to be clean at least once in a flight"
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Pros: "The food and the crew totally good"
Cons: "Maybe the toilets, need to be clean at least once in a flight"
Cons: "A little discouraged that AA doesn’t offer a TV in the headrest for 1st class customers"
Pros: "Crew was super nice"
Cons: "Airline to be more user friendly with connecting to free entertainment"
Pros: "Crews are fantastic. Just only assigning seat u need to buy so that you seat besides of your companion."
Cons: "If the travelers has 2 to 3 more companion let them seat together."
Pros: "Good crew, appeared to work we’ll together."
Cons: "Could not figure out how to plug in ac for charging devices. Should have some educational label somewhere on that."
Pros: "Crew was efficient and pleasant making for a good experience."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Original flight came in 1.5 hrs late. Missed connection, then sat on the tarmac for 2 hrs before taking off because the pilot was late."
Pros: "Nothing. I missed a family members funeral and no one at the airline cares. I ended up staying home because the flight was delayed 8 hours."
Cons: "Customer service didn't even try to find connecting flights and informed us that there were no other flights going to Phoenix. Which was a lie. I will never book with American again."
Cons: "Other than at meals, No crew around to distribute water on a 9-10 hour flight. Crew not very nice when we were asking for water. Completely dehydrated on arrival. Ground crew very charming."
Pros: "Flight attendants were two hours late"
Pros: "Attentive crew. Traveling with 2 seniors in their 80’s. Thank you."
Cons: "Nothing. Perfect."
Pros: "Crew was very friendly"
Cons: "Seats were extremely uncomfortable, and hurt my back very much."
Pros: "The flight got me there"
Cons: "WiFi was too slow to be able to watch anything. Seat small and uncomfortable. Flight attendants not friendly."
Pros: "Even though looked like I had selected a seat assignment they were not booked. On first leg of trip had to wait until a couple agreed to be bought off their seats before we could be boarded. Very misleading."
Cons: "Boarding could be improved if they would start boarding from the back of the plane to the front after boarding 1st class and Priority this way people would not block the passage when putting their luggage in the top compartments. The crew was not very helpful because I almost went into a hypothermia condition because the air in the cabin was extremely cold. When I ask for a blanket one of the stewardesses said that AA would no longer have blankets in flight which I prove it wrong when I saw in the flight Mai-SDQ blanquets all over the cabin. The soliton they gave me was that they would ask the crew to raise the temp in the cabin, I had to make the request three times and I had to tell the stewardess that if not raising the temperature in the cabin I could have gone into an emergency hypothermia crisis. I had to take another shirt from my carry-on to put it over my shirt to warm me up."
Pros: "On time and the staff was great"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for whatever reason. Did not give us a reason why. Also boarding was very haphazard. They just boarded all groups at once to try to make up some time. Almost did not make it to our connecting flight in time"
Cons: "I didn’t take my outbound so they cancelled my return flight without notifying me. I had to pay $200 to buy my seat back. American is about as bad as spirit.."
Pros: "For this flight I was seated in first class (I scheduled it this way; it wasn't due to a last minute upgrade) and the flight attendant was very personable and attentive :-) Service was wonderful and the meal was great! Of course, the flight attendant made sure to keep our beverages topped off as needed. It was a wonderful experience"
Cons: "The boarding process for just about any airline is nearly identical. It always seems like it takes longer to board than expected even if, in reality, it's not an unreasonable amount of time. The only think I didn't care for was that overhead storage in the area I was sitting was just about full by the time I was seated which meant that I had to store my carry on a few rows behind where I sat. This meant that during off-boarding I needed to go against the flow of people to get back to my carry on. All in all, it was a minor inconvenience."
Pros: "Our pilot was great. Kept us informed, was pleasant and got us in early. I appreciated the extra information he provided regarding expected turbulance and arrival updates."
Cons: "There wasn't individual entertainment unless i used my own device."
Cons: "We are letting too many people with the flu, travel. This in turn is spreading it to other places and getting too many people sick. We need to control this more. I don’t have an option after spending all this money on if I can stay healthy or not, and that is not ok."
Pros: "It was on time. Flight crew did a very good job and were very nice. The Meal was excellent as was the coffee. Overall, service was excellent."
Cons: "First Class needs a total redo as the seats were not as nice as on newer planes. Rest room in First Class is way too small and cramped. WiFi did not work well, and there were no individual screens on the backs of the seats. The First Class on this plane was really bad and needs some rethinking by American."
Pros: "Great service!"
Pros: "I would like if for my return from Paris to Chicago, Chicago Seattle I would be greeted by the personal and offered to flight first class without extra charge to compensate for the bad experience on my way going in. Thank you"
Cons: "I was told I would be able to choose the seats only 24 hours before the flight by going online. I tried to choose the seats online but could not have access to the site. I then called the number provided to ask for more help, and was told that I could then only choose the seats at the check in time. I was at the airport 2 hours before the flight schedule to book my seat and was told them that I could only choose the seats at the gate. Once I got at the gate I asked the person to please give me a seat at the aisle for medical reasons but after waiting until the boarding process had started I was giving a middle seat. Not only I was treated as a stand by passenger that had not purchased the tickets I was put nt on group 8 and at the moment of boarding the gate personal aggressively grabbed my carry-on bag because they insisted there was no more spaces in the compartment above heads. Once I got inside of airplane I saw many empty compartments available for carry-on luggage. I wish I had not purchased my ticket with Iberia Airlines operated by American Airlines. It was not a good, pleasant experience and do not recommend. I wil certainly avoid in the future and not travel this way another time. Thanks"
Cons: "Our bag was never transferred to the continuing flight. Then it took a week to catch up with us. When we complained to American they just passed the buck to the final carrier, but I think the mistake was theirs."
Cons: "No food or entertainment offered at all - for a 5-1/2 hour flight. Seats uncomfortable. I don't like how it feels like you're nickle and diming us - charging for every little thing, including what seat you sit in."
Pros: "Crew was great, boarding went well, smooth flight."
Cons: "On a 5+ hour flight, they only served soft drinks and a small biscotti. What happened to an actual meal??"
Pros: "The air stewardesses were extremely cordial and continuously asked if the passengers needed anything many times during the flight. It's a small gesture but I appreciated it very much. Free wifi (for movies/in-flight entertainment) was also a plus."
Pros: "Food was good, crew was friendly, cordial which is not good at all on flights by United Airlines, Delta American Airlines and Air Canada. Flight from Miami-Sao Paulo was nice and no too long as when I fly through Toronto by Air Canada or through Chicago by USA airlines."
Cons: "Unable to sleep on the redeye from Seattle to Philly owing to a loud, constant alarm for the entire flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed because of weather. No fault of carrier."
Cons: "My screen didn't work and the flashing ads gave me a headache"
Pros: "All the staff were super friendly and warm. The customer service was top notch - beyond beyond amazing. The seats were comfortable. And the cups for our complimentary beverage weren't kids sized! I received a normal cup! The whole experience was a breath of fresh air."
Cons: "There was only one *tiny* negative... baggage. It would have exceeded my expectations if baggage was included instead of an additional fee. But this is wouldn't deter me from flying with American Airlines."
Cons: "We were told the overhead was full, so we had to check our bags, but once we boarded there were complete compartments empty. I suspect they were just trying to depart earlier."
Pros: "Customer Service at SEA was great. we were checking bags directly to Madrid and they were very helpful"
Cons: "I had paid for a Bulk head seat Row 7. But since we had a in Cabin pet, my wife was moved down to Row 18 and a much smaller seat. I need to get a refund for the price I paid."
Pros: "Speed from Seattle to Charlotte. We made up for some lost time. Two empty seats beside me because I changed my seat assignment when attendant announced flight was not full."
Cons: "The plane was 2 hours late in arriving for pickup in Seattle. This was difficult for passengers with connections in Charlotte. I was fortunate because CLT was my final destination. Plane carpet was dirty."
Pros: "Crew were friendly"
Cons: "Ac was broke on plane, no wifi or entertainment options, lots and lots of being kept in the dark waiting and waiting after already boarding the plane or landing on the runway"
Pros: "Kind and attentive crew"
Cons: "Was a bit delayed"
Cons: "Your plane needs outlets to charge electronics. Unless your gonna show movies on your flights, ppl need a way to entertain themselves for the flight. If they burn through all their battery power, it's an inconvenience to try to charge it in the airport when they land. All of the outlet Chargers in Chicago, Seattle and Philly were broke as well. The U tied wing was amazing. Your prices are great but to keep ppl from rather paying more just for one or two more luxuries, try fixing this."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Too many levels of passengers"
Cons: "My flight was changed 3 times-- always pick a window seat and was changed to aisle seat. The attitude at the ticket counter was "you're lucky to get any seat", flight was overbooked, the boarding process and deplaning were absurd with all the people bringing on way too much carry on luggage !!! It takes almost 30 min to get off the plane!!"
Pros: "It was very inexpensive and on time. And it was much more comfortable than those budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier, etc."
Cons: "The snack choice was unappealing."
Pros: "arrived alive"
Cons: "If you're remotely claustrophobic this is not the flight or aircraft you want to be in. When the flight was booked and paid for I was under the impression that I would have a seat on the plane. As it turned out in order to board the plane I had to pay extra to secure a seat. If this is not a "bait and switch" operation I don't know what would qualify."
Pros: "AA has been good to me--- Gold card a big help."
Cons: "The LAX concourse could at least 2 more coffee shops in addition to Starbucks.The wait was 40 minutes at Starbucks to get a cup of coffee!!! Get on the ball LAX!! We need our caffine in the morning."
Pros: "They switched my flight promptly when I missed my connection."
Cons: "I missed my connection for no apparent reasons. When asked for compensation they said there was nothing they could do and cited reasons Regarding the boarding and deboarding of a special needs passenger."
Pros: "It was great!"
Cons: "I would not change a thing the flight was wonderful and the stewardess Virginia great"
Pros: "Seats were fairly comfortable"
Cons: "No in flight movie"
Pros: "The flight crew was helpful"
Cons: "I got stuck in Dallas overnight with no place to stay and no compensation"
Pros: "The flight crew were really good and efficient. The plane was a new 737 and was beautiful and clean when we boarded."
Cons: "The boarding was rough. Very slow. Too many folks with carry ons. Pressure from the gate crew was put on those last in line to hurry to make gate departure time although it was fthe folks on the plane with carry ons that were keeping us from boarding. I paid the money to check a bag but folks with over sized carry on got their bags checked for free at the plane entrancewhen they ran out of room in the cabin. They ran out of room before more than half the plane was boarded."
Pros: "Nice crew. Smooth process overall."
Cons: "Seats were tolerable for a short flight but not for much longer."
Pros: "Spirit airlines was great."
Cons: "The flight was late"
Pros: "I LOVED that we got in 30 min early to DFW!! Woot!"
Cons: "I didn’t like waiting an hour in baggage claim for my luggage to finally appear"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Cost, staff, comfort, everything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Plane uncomfortable"
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "What was called a boarding pass at online check-in was not accepted at TSA, had to go back to kiosk, wait in line and get another boarding pass. Was"
Pros: "Cleanliness, comfort"
Cons: "Paying for my carry on bag. Being unable to choose a seat sitting next to my family without paying extra."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "too expensive, i should have flown Alaska, thought i'd give you a try flights were late, left late and arrived late round trip charge for water? this is ridiculous - a lady was choking behind us and the attendant would not give her water unless she paid, very inconsiderate"
Pros: "Boarding was smooth, easy and fast."
Cons: "An attendant offered me a drink. Then after I asked for water, he condicendingly told me it would be 3 dollars. 3 bucks for some water?!?! Ridiculous. Also, hope you don't have an bag you try to carryon and not pay for. It's like you had just killed someone and the whole town is after you with pitchforks and torches. They gouge you for any baggage at ridiculous prices. that's why the flight tickets were so cheap!"
Pros: "Flight started and reached on time."
Pros: "The crew was funny"
Cons: "Title"
Cons: "No room to move. Not adjustable seats. Even water was charged."
Pros: "The flight crew was courteous and efficient. Check-in personnel were courteous and informative as they received changes."
Cons: "Details regarding billing, including undisclosed and misleading statements resulting in a total fare charge greater than any other airline I compared. Multiple changes in the schedule, including delays, moving previously delayed departure times to an earlier time, change of departure and arrival gates and baggage claim areas. Most of the changes were not learned in advance."
Cons: "The flight was late. They even don't offer regular water on the flight. What if I forgot my water do I need to go thirsty for over four hours"
Cons: "One bathroom broken. Then pilot kept having to use bathroom and crew had to block it off. Was annoying and kept waking us up on the red eye. Flight was rough and we had so many turns upon landing. It started to get a little concerning"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "After adding the $50 each way for each carry on bag this airline is more expensive then the Delta flights that come with free carry-on, snacks and entertainment. Also didn't like the very public transportation look/feel of the airplane interior."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that my first flight was cancelled due to our hurricane harvey but understood. My BIGGEST complaint was the fact that the airline said they would be working with flood victims with rescheduling are flights. But when you called in to reschedule your flight you had to take it within a certain amount of time and come back before a certain time even though you did not have a home to come home to. I do not find that working with flood victims. I offered to take any flight anytime of the day any day of the week sometime in October so I could get a home because I didn't have a place to live and still don't and was told that I needed to take my flight within 7 days of my original flight and I had to be home by the 20th of this month or it would be an additional cost to me. I explained to them I don't have the money to pay an additional cost and I thought you guys were working with us and I was told we are I don't see how I didn't like the fact I had to pay for a carry on and a seat on the plane. I didn't like the prices for other luggage. Cost way more than other airline. I didn't like the fact u had to pay for ice water or a can of soda which is free on other airlines. Seats where extremely uncomfortable. Very hot on the plane. No tv or any other type of entertainment. And fight was delayed."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "management"
Pros: "When the lost luggage was returned (nothing missing) they put a cute tag on it that said "I missed you". But the aggravation was not worth the humorous picture of a bag with open arms. May I suggest that future passengers don't check luggage in more than 2-1/2 hours in advance. I suspect that they may not yet have a cart to accumulate luggage for your flight."
Pros: "Views"
Pros: "Everything is business-like: money talks."
Cons: "Again, money talks."
Pros: "Liked the crew - polite and sense of humor"
Cons: "having to buy snacks"
Cons: "I missed my connecting flight in Detroit due to my flight leaving late from Baltimore because of bad weather in Chicago. Spirit did not have any other connecting flights until 2 days later. They offered no assistance. I needed to be at my destination the next day for a wedding, so I had to purchase an additional ticket out of pocket from Southwest (staff was very helpful). I recommend removing Spirit Airlines from Kayak."
Pros: "Everything was great. Friendly staff and clean environment"
Pros: "They got me to my destination"
Cons: "Realistically, the ticket itself was inexpensive, but all of the hidden fees, are a clear representation of the company's priority being the clients money, not their client's comfort."
Cons: "Delay after delay! Got on board, no air working they finally let us off to fix then reboard. Thankfully the plane was my connection so I got home that night. This was my first and hopefully last Spirit flight. At check in the staff was unpleasant, poor attitude and no thank you. On board they certainly did not go out of their way to accommodate guests. The final minutes of flight was spent trying to push their credit thank you! The money saved on the ticket was spent on my bags, seat reservation and snack...not worth the uncomfortable experience. No entertainment and expensive low quality drinks in a tiny seat that doesn't recline is not worth the small discount."
Pros: "The crew during the flight was pleasant."
Cons: "They say why're the cheapest airline around, and that's the worst ways. The flight itself isn't expensive, but they charge $30 per bag you carry on and more for checked bags. They don't offer free water on long flights, and they make you pay for any and all beverages. Nothing is included in your flight. Their new planes, while 'green' and fuel efficient are unbearably uncomfortable to fly in. The seats are hard molded plastic with about an inch of padding and aren't adjustable T all. Flying more than four hours was pure hell, seated upright. Also, be sure to pay for your bag at the ticket counter. They charge you twice as much at the gate if you don't remember. And it's printed on your boarding pass, so don't think they're letting you off easy. It's a trap to get you to pay more."
Cons: "Didn't like the extreme added on expenses. $57 for a checked bag to Seattle. No seat reservation fee going to Seattle. On the return $47 for a checked bag. Had to reserve a seat for the return. The fee started at $18 the website went down and upon getting back online the seat reservation fee increased from $18 to $20 in a matter of 1-2 minutes"
Cons: "Never EVER have I flown with an airline that charges you for carry-on luggage. If I would have known this and all the other extra hidden fees, including (extra chargers for checking passengers in..etc) I most definitely would have picked a different airline. To make matters even worse, they never once told me while checking in at their airline counter that they charge for carry on luggage. So.. when I arrived to my boarding gate, they announced that all carry on luggage was an additional fee of $100.00, unless already checked in at the counter for their base rate of $60.00 FOR A CARRY ON.... In order to board my flight, I had to pay $100.00 for one tiny little suitcase. I was beyond aggravated. It felt like this airlines entire intentions were to scam every passenger that boarded. At one point on the flights, as the flight attendants were going through the emergency procedures, a passengers behind me said "You will only give us our oxygen masks, for an additional charge" I will NEVER fly with Spirit Airline again. Every employee that I came across during my travels were incredibly rude, and very unhelpful. Spirit does have cheaper flights, but after all the up-charges you end up paying way more than you will if you just book with another airline."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Our luggage was dirty."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and I liked the sense of humor mixed in with the overhead announcements"
Cons: "Upon checking in I was informed that my backpack counts as my ONE free carry on and I would have to pay $50 to check in my tiny suitcase or $55 to have it as a second "carry on." Since when is a back pack a carry on? Boarding was delayed for at least 30 minutes with no explanation given to us. Very bare minimum plane with no entertainment other than what you bring with you. Any snack or drink costs money, no cash."
Cons: "The seats were so close together my knees were bumping into the seat in front of me. The people in front of us were able to move their seats back, but we were not able. The stewardess said that most likely the seats in front of us were broken. Either way, not a comforting feeling. I am fine with paying extra for food, but water should be free and readily available. 35 dollars for a carry on seems steep too."
Pros: "Got us from point a to b safe"
Cons: "Need to work on seating it's far too crammed"
Pros: "Courteous staff. On time boarding, takeoff & arrival."
Cons: "I'm a size 6 & was seated next to a small 7-year old and still found myself crowded."
Pros: "Great new plane, great price and service"
Cons: "The website did not allow a boarding pass without setting up an account, however, there were no directions to this fact on the website. Thankfully, the fee for checking without a boarding pass in was waved."
Pros: "My college kid carried an empty suitcase on the plane in order to get some things from home. He was charged $55 for an empty carry-on. It was also $10 for a boarding pass. They don't have a way to create a pdf and show and scan it. I won't book this airline again. I could have booked Delta and would have ended up saving if I had understood the charges."
Cons: "They lost our checked-in bag. The customer service call line was all automated so we couldn't talk to someone in person to see if we could track our bag."
Cons: "Felt worse after a 2 hour flight than when I fly to Europe. No space. Seats don't recline. Bags took 45 minutes to show up. Awful. Never again."
Pros: "easy boarding, easy flight, and on time arrival"
Cons: "tried to purchase carry-on bag before check-in and i was charged the higher check-in charge. I also could NOT pay for my carry-on bag without signing u to ne a member and giving them all my personal info that I did not wish to give. Too many non-consumer-friendly aspects to getting involved for the first time. The discounted rate, after all the hassle and extra charges was no less than other bargain websites could get me on more reputable airlines"
Pros: "They are cheap, and it's obvious where they are making their money."
Cons: "I got to the airport about an hour before my flight. I went up to the kiosk to print my pass and went through the whole thing just for it to tell me it was having an issue taking payment. I moved over to a few other kiosks just for them to do the same thing. Finally got one to take my card and it tells me to go see an associate to get my pass printed. I go see them, and the lady spends at least 12 minutes standing there typing without telling me why she wasn't printing my pass. Eventually she stops typing and tells me it is now too late and the gates are closed. She basically strung me along just to get me to pay the extra 100 to reschedule my flight for the next morning. When I told them that I couldn't afford that and asked why it took so long to print my pass in the first place she just told me to call customer service to try and get the fee waived. This was already almost as much as my flight cost in the first place. So when I call and explain my situation how it was technical difficulties or something causing me to miss my flight, I was ignored and told it would be 200 to reschedule my flight. Which is insane because that is more than my flight was in the first place. So that was my experience with spirit, I'll never fly with them again."
Pros: "The crew was so nice, coming by to take trash and letting us switch to unused seats so we could be with our party."
Cons: "Took a long time to take off after boarded. No food/drinks were complimentary, and they were all extremely expensive."
Cons: "The flight over all was fine, but its a little frustrating that you have to pay for a carry on. I've never experienced that with another airline. The low prices of Spirit are actually the same or more as other airlines after you have to pay the hidden fees."
Cons: "I wasn't allowed to board my flight because I didn't check in online so I missed my flight. I was only offered a rebooking fee of 100 dollars and that expired after an hour (the only other flight was the next morning) and then my only option was a purchase a whole new ticket. Spirit employees misgendered repeatedly after I corrected them and I haven't heard from their customer service complaint department since I filed a complaint 3 days ago. Never flying with them again. Suggesting no one else do the same."
Cons: "Spirit airlines is VERY misleading. Yes it was the cheapest flight as stated but then there were the hidden costs. baggage for one luggage or carry on? Ridiculous when other airlines don't charge for the first one. A little overweight? A huge hefty fine. Pay for your seat?! There were no free seats at all!!! No complimentary snack or drink??? Charge for water!!! Ridiculous! The seats were like being packed in a sardine can and no recline which I had a terrible headache when the we finally landed! By the time I had to pay for the "extras" I could have flown first class on another airline! Never again will I will flight with Spirit and will highly recommend anyone else not to also!!!"
Cons: "Tried to change carry on bag to a checked bag....found NO WAY to accomplish that. When doing the initial booking site skip the ability to do bags at the time of booking"
Cons: "I missed my flight because I had the wrong flight info so ended up buying another ticket and booking a hotel!!"
Pros: "Nothing about this airlines."
Cons: "Their exorbent price for even first carry on. That too when it fitted size limits. They hide facts. Kayak should tell it's customer that extra carry on bag fee would apply. I ended up paying close to 100$ for this airlines. No other domestic or international charges this much. Seats don't recline in this plane. Seat booking is nearly mandatory so customers end up paying every step of the way. Never flying again with these."
Cons: "I would walk before I flew spirit airlines ever again"
Pros: "I really appreciate the Flight Crew making me feel comfortable and finding me a seat with more leg room!"
Pros: "There is nothing which I can like about spirit airline"
Cons: "Spirit hidden charges and they will tell you to pay for even small hand bags at double price."

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