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FAQs for booking flights from Wisconsin to Israel

  • Most visitors from Wisconsin will not be allowed to enter Israel. Entry to Israel is permitted to Israeli citizens; permanent residents; foreigners married to an Israeli citizen or permanent resident, travelers visiting a first degree relative, and foreign citizens with essential reason.
    Foreigners who will enter Israel are required to have a travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage.
    More details can be found here.
    Read more about travel restrictions for Israel

  • Visitors from Wisconsin will need to quarantine for 14 days upon entering Israel.

  • Visitors from Wisconsin must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours before departing to Israel.

  • Travel Authorization Form
    Foreign travelers must apply to obtain an electronic approval 10-21 days before departure to Israel.

    Entry Statement Form
    Must be submitted no more than 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

  • Masks: Recommended

    Restaurants: Open with restrictions

    Bars: Open with restrictions

  • Yes

  • Your flight ticket price will generally be cheaper if you fly to Israel on a Thursday and more expensive on a Monday. On your return trip to Wisconsin, you should consider flying back on a Thursday, and avoid Mondays for better deals.

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  • Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Israel from Wisconsin up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Top 5 airlines serving from Wisconsin to Israel

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DeltaOverall score based on 29827 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Crew was polite and very helpful.
Cons: It would have been great to reiterate to passengers to remain seated when deplaning, until the passenger in the row ahead were approximately 6 Ft away.

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Pros: Crew was polite and very helpful.
Cons: It would have been great to reiterate to passengers to remain seated when deplaning, until the passenger in the row ahead were approximately 6 Ft away.

Pros: great flight, good social distance and empty seats in between
Cons: really nothing, it was as good as possible in these times

Pros: Very punctual! We arrived on the exactly time as estimated.
Cons: Very poor snack options

Pros: Most humorous crew I have had in a long time. Had regular beverage service, coffee service and a water service!
Cons: I can’t think of a thing.

Pros: Good flight

Pros: Reliable Airline - on time - kept up to date on flight timing - Great crews. Good stuff.
Cons: Good stuff.

Pros: comfort plus really makes a difference
Cons: include at least 1 checked back with comfort plus or some kind of discount.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Delays

Pros: Crew was great, comfortable and clean
Cons: One plane didn't have TV screens on the backs of the seats, which would have been nice for the 1 hr 45 min flight

Cons: Unacceptable delays

Pros: Boarding was easy, plane clean, snacks good.
Cons: Small plane but that’s not really fixable

Cons: Waited in the runway and then taxied forever

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Very short flight. Not much to say
Cons: Not much to say

Cons: They lost my luggage & made me miss my connecting flight

Cons: A 7+ hour delay!

Cons: .

Pros: Original flight delayed by more than 2 hours. Rescheduled and got to Bos with a layover
Cons: Delta rescheduled me automatically and I woudl not have found out if I did not call their re-booking center.

Pros: Clean plane with nice navigable entertainment.
Cons: Crew was chatty with each other & joking with one another but almost rude about serving us. Ran out of sandwiches for purchase at lunch flight & simply threw snacks at us. Made “ exhausted” comment about getting a lime wedge for a margarita & then went to rear of plane to chat with other flight attendents. Worse, we booked with kayak, but actually the delta/ Aeromexico flight was booked with vayama. When one flight changed departure time, we no longer had our great pre-selected seats & couldn’t check in online. We had to work it out with delta & then aero Mexico t. After 30 min on the phone we got the last 3 bavk row seats near the toilets & cackling, aging flight attendants. No reclining or real food made for a lousy 3 1/2 hr lunch flight. No apologies, smiles of sympathy. Just snacks tossed our way

Pros: Courteous staff.
Cons: Having to check a firearm inside and having it looked at by non-tsa personnel.

Cons: No offers of sandwiches on a 4 hour flight. Smooth flight - very good crew.

Pros: Smooth flight in time. Didn't realize would have to go thru another TSA security check point. Otherwise smooth flight, great communication from the captain.
Cons: Cramped seats and the food wasn't that great. Plus final meal was served late which lead to quick eating and feeling rushed.

Cons: App did not work for entertainment.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I never got to Cabo. It took 2 hours for Delta to de-ice the plane in Milwaukee. Because of the long delay we missed the flight to Cabo. We asked Delta to book us on another flight to get us to Cabo today, Delta reps said nothing was available. Delta gave us a discounted coupon for a hotel in Atlanta and rebooked us on a flight to Cabo tomorrow.

Pros: The snack was nice.

Pros: Everyone did try to be helpful but it seems that no one at Delta really knew anything that was going on today
Cons: The fact that I missed yet another connection because of a Delta issue. The difference is that this time there was not another connection for me to go to and I was told I would be provided a hotel in Atlanta which was not the case. I had to transfer to a flight 2 hrs away from my home only to still be on the floor of Atl airport because they are unable to appropriately de-ice planes.

Pros: Planes were new and nice
Cons: Booked together seats were separate and kept getting emails and alerts we were bumped to standby only to call in and be told it was not the case.

Pros: Online app to watch movies made the trip fly by. Pun intended

Cons: The special meal I ordered was delivered to someone else. The entertainment system wasn't functioning properly and no English susbtiles we're offered for any of the movies, unlike my previous Delta flights (for some reason there were only Chinese)

Pros: I didn't like much about this flight.
Cons: Flight left late. When we landed the sky bridge was broken so we had to walk outside, which isn't a big deal but it took a while sitting on the runway for the stairs to come. Then we proceeded to baggage claim and waited a few minutes and one of our 2 bags was there. The crew member then said "that's everything. If you're missing bags come see us." Well about 5 people on a small flight had to see them. My bag was stuck in JFK. I was told id have to come back to the airport tomorrow. At this point id been traveling for close to 24 hours. Im not a happy camper. I usually fly JetBlue and this has never happened with them. Delta acted like its a normal thing with them. I paid 25 dollars to check each bag. How can both my bags not reach their final destination together and how come this seems like a normal procedure for Delta. I paid you for a service and now I have to drive back to the airport or wait for you at home to deliver my bags whenever Delta feels like it. I probably won't fly Delta again unless I absolutely have to.

Pros: Boarding was good, crew was friendly and we were on time.

Pros: The baby

Pros: The almonds and Fresca

Pros: I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person.
Cons: Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey.

Pros: Nice plane, smooth flight, flight was on time in spite of the disaster in Houston.
Cons: There was food listed in the book but it was never offered. On a 4 hour flight, this is too long! Wifi was broken...I bought a $20 pair of earbuds in the airport specifically to watch movies and was never able to use them.

Pros: It was quick and on time relatively smooth flights with little turbulance.
Cons: Economy seats are too small you literally can't move your elbow without hitting the person next to you. And there was no point at which we weren't all touching legs.

Pros: Even with the weather being bad, the flight crew handled the situation really well. No one on the plane freaked out which was awesome, so I'm happy with the way they handled it.
Cons: The weather was pretty nasty so we had to be re-routed to Cleveland to get more gas before landing in Columbus. It definitely wasn't the airline's fault, but it still was annoying. Thankfully I didn't miss anything!

Pros: On Time

Pros: One of The crew members a guy from Texas was nice
Cons: The female crew Members were taking loudly and a lot during the flight it was difficult to sleep as a result. The food was low and very very bad

Pros: The plane was not so new or good
Cons: The plane and the atention

Cons: Zero communication to the passengers as to why we were delayed for almost an hour sitting on the plane

Cons: Late taking off

Pros: Quick, efficient boarding. Good crew. Comfortable seats. On schedule.

Cons: Board the back of the plane first

Pros: On board crew was helpful and polite considwring our circumstances.
Cons: Our flight was delayed 3xs (non weather) they said we would miss our connection (I didn't think we would) THEY rebooked a later flight. Of course we landed in time for our original flight. They refused to let us back on our original flight. Put me in touch w/ the help desk who after talking in circles admitted it was their mistake but he had no authority to help. FINAlly & only because others missed their flight we were given the option to go. Crew misplaced our luggage and sent it on a flight we were never supposed to be on, and the bad experience with delays of hours on end continued coming home. (Mechanimal non weather) WE WILL NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN!

Pros: The crew, as always, were fantastic.
Cons: Being delayed for hours because of bad weather 5 days ago is unfathomable. Delta needs to fix the IT scheduling issues causing the frequent delays.

Pros: Everything was decent, good entertainment, nice crew, etc.
Cons: Nothing was bad.

Pros: Ease in finding another connecting flight get to Miami when our connection was delayed.
Cons: Time between connection should be 2+ hours

Cons: Paid for Comfort+ at the Kiosk. My app said I had a Comfort+ seat, but at boarding found out I had two (yes, two) non Comfort+ seats assigned to me. Had to call and tweet to get my payment for Comfort+ back. All in all a very poor showing for Delta's seat assignment and reservation system.

Pros: The good the crew and the bed
Cons: The overheads were noisey and loud and made it difficult to sleep

Pros: .
Cons: .

Pros: The seat wasnt comfutable
Cons: I

Pros: Punctuality Pleasant crew
Cons: No food on the flight! Due to some problems with the catering service, only a small sandwich was available.

Cons: No WiFi despite paying. No Kosher food despite ordering.

Pros: The food was very good and the crew were great.
Cons: Due to security concerns and having to go through security again, the flight was delayed.

Pros: Having a seat on the plane after it being delayed over 5 hours,
Cons: Leaving on time.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Entertainment

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: Seats, entertainment, crew attitude

Cons: Any entertainment

Pros: Great staff and food
Cons: Comfort was not great and no entertainment options whatsoever

Pros: Crew did their best to make us happy.
Cons: I felt duped by Lufthansa by the so called business class, where my legs barely fit, there was no entertainment, and there was no real difference at all from economy except for not having a person in the middle seat. It was equivalent to economy plus at best, but charged at business rate.

Pros: The crew was intuitive and caring. Very nice and polite
Cons: The is no good reason why we had to wait 1 hour in line for security as only two Security booth are active. I believe there is a room to increase the number of security mabhines and personal in that specific gate

Pros: Same crew. Really nice flight smooth and professional

Cons: Boarding from terminal f sucks

Pros: Crew was nice.
Cons: Late departure. No entertament .poor duty free on board , no tabaco / alcohol as promised on the web / on board magazine Slow service.

Cons: Boarding from terminal F. Very far away located. Then transfer by bus to the main terminal 2. Two floor climbed by stairs. Then gate changed. Passengers who arrived later accessed directly through main terminal 2 to the gate. No entertainment on board at all. A321 plane is not comfortable. 15 min. delay no so bad.

Pros: The crew were good, polite and attentive.
Cons: Getting through security and to the gate was downright bizzare. We were directed to the special F gate, where we had to stand in the freezing rain in front of a locked door without any explanation. This is after already packing our jackets in. Then we got screened and just as randomly told to go to the main terminal, where we got screened a second time, just as stringently (pulling everything out, padding down the kids). No explanations whatsoever, the craziest experience, completely messed our plans to get a bite up, I wish we were given some information ahead of time that we are going to be sitting in a single room zone. The flight was ok, but hellishly hot all the way.

Pros: Crew was nice. Lufthansa crew is usually good, so no complaints.
Cons: Even the crew said that the plane was too crowded, and that they should have used a larger plane for such a full flight.There was no entertainment on the plane, unless you provided your own device. My flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was on a very large plane so I have no complaints, but, the plane chosen from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv was much smaller, and packed to the gills, with passengers, and luggage, and crew. The crew themselves remarked that the type of plane used for this flight was inappropriate.

Cons: For people who are going frequently to the US because of the small airplane from FRA_TLV A321 It is not worth for me buying Primer Economy since it is mixed and in British it is all the wayTLV-PHL 2 airplanes with primer economy

Cons: LH flight from Seattle was late, and I barely made it to the LH connecting flight to TA. Landed in Tel Aviv, but my one bag didn't arrive with me. Looked for the Lufthansa desk, but there is no such thing. They have farmed out the task of dealing with lost luggage and masses of confused to irate people to another firm. There were approx 40 people trying to get some information from 4 ladies, one of whom was new. They were unable to deal with many reports at a time. How about take a number and we'll call you up in turn? Instead it was like a push and shove pressure cooker just to find out the status of said missing bag and make a report. I was dealt with last. At this time, I was exhausted and angry. The ladies were very good and very kind. They informed my ride of the delay, and told me that the lost bag would come on the next flight. They took me out of the area to get a drink and a bite to eat. We waited. It came. We drove to my destination a few hours away. Never have I had to deal with such a time consuming shambles to find out the bare minimum of information. I finished the trip and will never fly with Lufthansa again.

Cons: To Whom It May Concern, My name is Eliezer Korbman. I was a passenger on LH403 with service to Frankfurt, Germany. Upon reaching cruising altitude and prior to dinner service, a Lufthansa stewardess reached across my midsection, activated the reclining mechanism and forcefully returned my seat to its upright position - waking me up to eat. (You may conduct your own investigation, but there was no prior announcement.) I politely declined, but was later denied dinner and breakfast. To clarify, I was unable to eat or sleep. This is utterly disgusting service. I am incredibly disappointed in Lufthansa for the way that I was treated aboard LH403. Unless I can be persuaded otherwise, I will be taking my business elsewhere. Garbage service! Shame on you Lufthansa!

Cons: Took a few time to ask for my kosher food. Crew couldn't locate me on the list, than the were out of kosher food, gave me regular breakfast, which I couldn't eat more than granola. It was pre-ordered, and I called to confirm a week ahead.

Pros: The crew were very helpful and polite. The seats had plenty legroom. The food was excellent.
Cons: We started boarding much later than originally announced. We may have arrived with little delay, however. No entertainment was available, which is not that great considering that it is a three and a half hours flight.

Cons: Being put in a distanced place for boarding

Cons: the food was not kosher chicken with milk at the first flight the past was owerfull

Pros: all the flights were on time, the service was wonderfull

Pros: I found the seats roomy - plenty of leg room. They were very comfortable in the way they leaned back. The food was very good, even though the meal was a simple lunch. The plane was very clean and bright.
Cons: There was nothing I did not like. In fact, I felt: "This is the way flying aught to be."

Cons: The business class seats is exactly like the economy seats

Pros: Nothing
Cons: An hour late

Cons: Needed entertainment

Pros: Great planes.
Cons: Flight attendants didn't want to help me find space for my bag. There were many small pockets so I asked them to help arrange so we could fit my bags. Without even looking they said there's no room. 'I can't do that' is what I was told. So who can?? (Maybe she was a transfer from united)

Pros: I like the service and food. 45
Cons: I like food and service and they had things that make it different. 48..

Cons: the seat

Pros: all was perfect and helping
Cons: nothing all are fantastic

Pros: None
Cons: Overall experience - will not recommend this company and will suggest another company

Pros: Food is very good for airlines
Cons: No entertainment set unless you have a tablet

Cons: The business class is not really a business class, and the chairs are not comfortable. Moreover, there was no entertainment. During the boarding there was no distinction between Business and Economy class. There should be an opportunity for business class to board at any time.

Pros: Handling crew was great . Seat was comfortable!!! Meal was very good and tasty
Cons: The security in Frankfort was hard and unbelievable. Don't recommend to do connecting flight throw Frankfort and then continue to midel east.

Pros: nothing
Cons: its was very very bad bad bad bad its a shame for them very not good bed bed

Cons: No entertainment Slow boarding

Pros: the food was good,the crew was effective
Cons: the sits can be more comfortable

Cons: The plane was extremely small and uncomfortable. There were only two lavoratories for 60+ people, the other two being reserved only for the 10+ people in first class. As a result, throughout the whole flight there was a long waiting line in the plane's aisle, causing the crew to complain angrily in German, thinking we wouldn't understand what they're saying, because they couldn't go through easily.

Pros: Very nice crew
Cons: Boarding and take off was late, probably the fault of destination airport

Pros: I want to have it. I was expecting a serious and major company as yourself to provide it in a 3.t hours flight. This is how low cost / charters looks like.
Cons: I area where we did the check-in is horrible. I understand there are security issues but in Frankfurt airport it is much better then Munich and I expect you to find the answer how to have both needs.

Cons: The meal was served rather slowly. I think there ius a place for improvement there.

Cons: we were with 2 kids (1 Child and 1 baby). They ground crew did not allow us to board first (like usually). We had to wait until the economy boarding, it became too crowded and was hard to reach the airplane with the kids. regards

Cons: the waiting before the boarding, the Frankfurt airport gate for telaviv is different from the other gates, no store, no drinking water except one small counter that sell water and other food in very high prices, I except to have at least free water in the gate, excepsialy when we wait their more than hour an half

Pros: Everything was OK

Pros: Very nice airplane and pleasant crew

Pros: Overall a nice and good flight
Cons: Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting...

Pros: Yes
Cons: Nothing. Flight was amazing

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Internet

Pros: A flight was delayed due to weather conditions and we had to sit in the plane for almost an hour, BUT information sharing from the Capitan was sufficient and on-time. Very good job from pilots. Leg room in economy - I was positively surprised, very decent leg room! Thank you for providing it.
Cons: I flew economy and all was good and appropriate to the level.

Cons: When its rain we shouldn’t walk to the air plain

Pros: Customer care was super supportive
Cons: Inflight sandwiches

Pros: Great airline

Pros: Boarding was quick and flight was calm
Cons: The coffe and breakfast.

Cons: The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines.

Pros: Crew helpful. Food good.
Cons: Better range of movies please

Pros: Great plane and staff
Cons: Delayed

Pros: The crew is really welcoming
Cons: The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard

Pros: Crew was very engaging and service was good.
Cons: My seat was horrible. Right at the door, crammed, and no place to store my carry-on luggage.

Pros: Service is awesome. Food is great.
Cons: People with short connection are affected by the 15 to 25 minutes delay.

Cons: This return flight was much better than the flight going to Amsterdam. I believe the biggest factor was the type of aircraft. The old 747 just didn't meet expectations. The newer 777 on the way back was much more comfortable, with better amenities.

Pros: The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly.
Cons: The seats could have been bigger.

Pros: Awful
Cons: Everything

Pros: Time was excellent even considering a connection delay they had. Very polite crew members. Good entertainment options.
Cons: Cabin was crowded. Leg room was scarce, short seating space. Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler.

Pros: The crew!!

Cons: Too much light in the cabin because of too many screens on. Should have a separate part of the cabin with screens off allowing one to sleep more easily.

Pros: short, sweet and to the point. 1+ hour flight is usually an easy hop.

Cons: Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced.

Cons: Still waiting to board after missing this connection had to be booked on another airline

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Food and one bathroom out of service makes an awful flight

Pros: Boarding was quick, Flight on time....just a regular service and plane
Cons: Terminal 3 Manchester is not worth staying longer then necessary, loud music, crowded....old

Pros: Delayed flight but staff apologized as for safety reasons.
Cons: Very late arrival

Pros: The staff are the best European crews I have encountered. Naturally friendly, professional and fit looking. Nothing is too much trouble

Pros: Very friendly crew

Pros: Good efficient flight crew friendly and helpful

Pros: Staff both at the airport and in the plane were professional and welcoming. Depsite short distance sandwich and drink were offered.
Cons: Nothing to be honest . All positive.

Pros: Crew was courteous and polite! Entertainment system had some great movies at no additional cost.
Cons: Poor communication between delta, KLM and Air France meant that I couldn’t check in online and get a digital boarding pass. Furthermore I couldn’t use the check-in kiosks because my name was listed as Reidmr instead of Reid, which meant that my boarding pass did not match my passport. Overall this caused unnecessary delays that were compounded by the fact that I couldn’t use my TSA precheck. My main problem on the plane was that I had to struggle to get water served to me. It’s always so dry on planes and I would have liked to be able to get more than one tiny glass of water at a time. Also, would have loved a window at my window seat. Plus no WIFI!?

Pros: Very little if any.
Cons: Aircraft was not very clean,the staff seamed quite harsh at times when speaking to customers. The food was really quite poor but it was a short flight to be honest. Overall not as pleasant as the China Southern flights. I would not like to choose them again unless i had to.

Pros: Everything. Staff incredible.

Pros: That we didn’t crash
Cons: Everything! The crew was rude, no entertainment whatsoever, late boarding, late departure and bad experience with the check in process both in app and on website.

Cons: Pet was left behind at vacation destination as pet's reservation (made and confirmed through KLM) was not found at check in. Waiting for Customer Care to help get pet home and take responsibility for situation and getting no response. Very dissapointed, considering law suit.

Pros: I was upgraded to Buisness so, no complaints
Cons: No Marlboro light cigarettes on the duty free shopping cart

Cons: One of the senior stewardesses we're very rude. Whether it's her personal opinion or KLM's policy, it's unreasonable to think that a 3 years old child could or should hold her pipi over 20 minutes, while they slowly and inefficiently trying to give out food. Several parents were there with the request to let us through to the toilet with small children and she smiled in our face and said "no, we will finish first and than you can go". She might be not fit for the job anymore, but KLM can't afford this kind of treatment.

Pros: Crew service
Cons: Flight delayed.

Pros: Night flight so no entertainment allowed sleeping
Cons: Kosher food could be improved

Pros: I have no complaints about the air crew. They where pleasant and attentive. Plenty of free entertainment. The food was good.
Cons: my only complaint is the USB ports didn't work on any of the chairs that me and my family where assigned to.

Pros: Flight crew on flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town were probably the most friendly and enthusiastic I've experienced and no, they were not all young. The plane was spotless throughout the flight. They were always coming around with water and juice and they genuinely seemed to care about all the passengers. The Flight back crew were just the opposite. More like the old lazy farts you get on the American carriers or BA or QF long haul. Whoo have been there for the long haul and should have stopped ages ago.
Cons: The Entertainment images on the screens promoted Beauty and the Beast, Batman Lego movie but neither were on the system! Food quality was rubbish

Pros: Food and drink service
Cons: Boarding pass facility

Pros: The crew were very friendly and accomodating, plane was clean and boarding amd disembarking was efficiently handled.
Cons: 55 minute delay was not welcome.

Pros: Having exit aisle made a huge difference in comfort Crew were EXCELLENT
Cons: Food was not very good Tasteless and rubbery

Pros: If you would like to learn more you can call me 628.600.8825 Very dissapointed

Pros: The flight crew were kind, polite, and attentive.
Cons: Bussing to the plane was a bit odd, but the crew remained organized in doing so. When we arrived to the plane, they had both entrances open so that those sitting near the rear of the plane would enter from the back. Plane was a little chilly, but I have come to expect that one most flights.

Pros: Service of the staff was great
Cons: Turbulence, with all our technology we still cannot avoid this?

Pros: Such a delightful flight.
Cons: Departure late by 25 minutes!!

Pros: Boarding was simple and fast!
Cons: Online checking did not give me the option to change my seat. This could have been better.

Pros: Crew was late, which caused me missed my connection flight, and layover for 10 hours at Heathrow Then on my delayed flight, I was seated on a worth sit. Thank you British Airway. Hope this my last flight with you. Kobi
Cons: Get your crew arrive on time to their flights. Kobi

Pros: Glad to have flat beds and not the fake B class you sometimes get in Europe
Cons: Not crazy about this seat arrangement in which every other passenger faces backwards.

Pros: Friendly Crew
Cons: The timing of the food service vs hours of flight

Pros: Comfortable, good service and on time
Cons: N/A

Pros: Food
Cons: Ac

Cons: I was surprised that BA charges for drinks like water. Flight from London to Warsaw is an international Flight after all. I may understand that food is not served but to pay for water is not a right thing to do. I asked the crew about this and I was told that bc other airlines charge for drinks/ food, BA also ask passengers for money. I have not had to pay for my drink like water on any other flight. I fly with all big airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa, LOT, etc

Pros: Food ok and crew nice.
Cons: The flight was bumpy for 5 hours from USA to England scary ride

Cons: Missing information of my flights, such as seat and others

Pros: Amazing crew, kind and patient

Cons: The seats rows are too close - high density. The flight was late.

Pros: Nothing the worst customer service I ever had
Cons: The flight was canceled due to mechanical difficulties and British airways delayed helping us for 2 hours and then told us to use the phone 800 number to book a different flight. we needed to connect in London for the flight to Tel Aviv. The man on the phone barely spoke English and set us up with a flight that would not get us to our destination in time for our religious Sabbath Friday night. When we tried to explain the situation he hung up on us. We called back and tried to explain again we either spoke to the same man or another Indian man whom also spoke unintelligible English and he also hung up on us. In the mean time my wife spoke with the counter agents and they tried to find us another flight but by now other airline counters were closed. An hour later I tried the 800 number again and spoke again with the same Indian guy, when I asked to speak to a manager he gave me a hard time then finally said ok, put me on hold which I stayed for a while and realized he just put me on hold indefinitely. Finally after being in the airport for 9 hours we found a flight from United and a family member booked it online for us which we took to Tel Aviv and got us here only 2 hours later than our original flight which had a 12 hour layover in London and we were going to spend time touring but did not get to. As far as I am concerned British Airways has done a horrible job and no one should ever fly with them again. Unfortunately our flight home is with them I hope it goes smooth.

Pros: The crew is friendly. Relative to some other flights I've had, the Economy section is not terrible.
Cons: If you are fairly tall, don't expect to be able to catch some sleep. The earphone socket is located right next to your leg, so expect to break your cable.

Pros: Food was decent
Cons: One of the worst business class seats - worn and cramped. Boarding was pandemonium Crew was unfriendly

Cons: British airways new I'l be late , they could send someone to pick me up from the security point, so I could have been on time.

Cons: Screens were difficult to maneuver. In some instances wouldn't open.

Cons: not much room. cant explain the boarding. too complicated and required going down stairs.

Pros: Legroom
Cons: Boring entertainment selections

Cons: 5 hours delay, and at 2 of them we were on board. Terrible food. We asked to walk outside, by foot, in the snow to the aircraft. Terrible flight.

Pros: Crew and entertainment are excellent
Cons: Food is mediocre. Temperature on the flights to and from Tel Aviv is very cold (needed blanket and shawl both directions).

Cons: Business class configuration on BA 777

Pros: Ground staff and crew excellent Boarding was confusing and not announced
Cons: The breakfast was kind of gnarly - the eggs were oversalted and slimy, like worse than the usual airplane meal

Pros: Great crew, quiet flight, good food,

Pros: the staff
Cons: aircraft, food, entertainment

Cons: 12 hour delay. Very disappointed with British airways

Cons: My suitcase didn't arrive at the airport in Bologna with my flight. I am still waiting for it and inside I have all I need.

Cons: Freezing cold cabin

Cons: It gave me a different return date

Pros: The crew are always nice, trying to compensate for the lack of service provided by the company. sadly, its not enough anymore.
Cons: Everything.. Check in was a nightmare, only one representative for over 50 people. and much more horrible behavior from once a great company, today nothing more than an over paid low cost one.

Pros: crew attentive to passengers and always with a happy demeanour.

Pros: Efficient and convenient.
Cons: The cleanliness of the tray table has crusted food stains and the magazines in the seat pocket had gum all over them.

Pros: Same
Cons: Same

Cons: The food.

Pros: Direct filght
Cons: Limited entertainment options

Pros: Staff were nice
Cons: Disappointed with the food choice

Pros: NA
Cons: It is a very short connection time and it is the second time I've missed it. Now according to the schedule I should be arriving Tel Aviv at 11:30 pm instead of 3 pm. And the wait in London is very long.

Pros: For the back of the bus, the seat was still pretty comfortable and I did manage to sleep. Boarding was easy, The entertainment seemed great, thought I fell asleep
Cons: I didnt' manage to get a good seat. I sat in the middle row, last row of the plane. : ) Also, i must have fallen asleep, but I was never offered even a cup of water.

Pros: the flight was very comfortable and we had a very pleasant flight. The food was very tasty, and all in all the flight was very high standard.
Cons: there was some air hosts strike so service was slower than expected, but all in all the crew was able to attend everybody's needs. landing was a bit rougher than usual.

Cons: Their own employees didn't know that the flight was delayed, though their app had sent out a notice, and they refused to let me go through security, having already given away my seat more than an hour before the flight actually left. Then they refused to admit responsibility and do anything to help except to continue to put us on standby on their own full flights, knowing we wouldn't be able to get on one of those flights for at least a few days. They did finally give us a hotel for just one night and that was only after we kept reminding them that this was all their fault.

Pros: I was late to the flight due to an accident and I have got a new flight quite easily
Cons: I have got a seat that can take t back, no one told me in advanced this is the situation and the flight attendent keeped telling me why it can't be done instead of looking for a solutioni

Pros: Nice new airplane (787). On time. Good food. Plenty of fluids served.

Pros: The cabin crew, as always, were unfailing patient and polite and as helpful as they could be. Given the situation with the IT problem at BA, it was amazing that we were scheduled, and took off on time and arrived in Tel Aviv on time. Congratulations to all!
Cons: We were at the back of the plane, which was pretty difficult for my 6'6" husband and his long legs. We were told every seat was full (because of the IT problem). However, after takeoff it became apparent that there were some empty seats, but they weren't offered to us. One man was asleep across three exit row seats, for example. We had two seats in a three seat row, which would have given us a bit more room, but a woman was moved to the window seat with us, to accommodate a religious man who didn't want to sit next to her. She was very nice, but the whole situation was annoying and distasteful. And, unfortunately, the food was just as bad as our last flight.

Pros: Great food, great entertainment, short flight that went smoothly
Cons: Cabin temperature a bit high

Cons: Food Accommodating bags when space is available

Pros: the crew was grate, brakfest was good .

Cons: baggage was lost


Cons: we order kosher food for the flights, on the first flight we recive only for 1 pessanger so on the way back we call few days before to the airlines company to confirm that is kosher food for both passengers and they confirm and again we didnt recive only 1 passanger recive for flight over 20 hours way to be with out food

Pros: British Airway's service is cordial and comfortable, which goes a long way to making the entire trip the same. Obviously they have no or little control over potholes in the air and wind turbulence.
Cons: The flight was scheduled to arrive 2 hours before our connecting BA flight departed Heathrow. Unfortunately because of loading delays on our original flight, we arrived in Heathrow 40 minutes late. The crew said that 60 minutes is the designated minimum but we used all of the 80 minutes plus, and it airport was NOT crowded. If BA is connecting to BA, then you have a responsibility ahead of time to address this problem and keep connecting passengers from getting overly distressed in a strange airport.

Cons: With Covid they could hand out a bag containing water and a snack.

Pros: The crew was very accommodating, personable and the communication was good.
Cons: It's not really fair to blame the crew or the airline forother nature, but my biggest frustration with flying is that the flights always seem to get delayed for one reason or another.

Pros: I managed to slip ahead a couple of rows into what I guess was a slightly upgraded seating area. This resulted in my flight being very nice. But had I not been able to pull off this minor theft, I think it would have been miserable. Sitting up straight, without the seat ahead of me reclined, my knees touched the back fo the seat in front of me. It felt like I was sitting at a table in a kindergarten classroom, not a chair meant for an adult. In the upgraded seat I was very comfortable. Staff on board was friendly and helpful throughout the flight.
Cons: I haven't flown American Airlines in quite a while and one gets quite spoiled flying on Emirates or Qatar or Singapore or Norwegian or whatever other airlines. It's easy to forget how utterly mediocre AA is. The food isn't great, the air quality on the flight is terrible and leaves you feeling oily. They don't air-condition the plane until after everyone is boarded so the whole process is hot, sweaty, and unpleasant. Many of the staff are flat out rude to people (I was never on the receiving end, but I overheard what I considered very abrasive tones to others). And so on. Ideally I'd fly on other airlines I think.

Pros: Flight attends are very friendly.

Pros: Everything was on time considering the heavy Holidays travels.

Pros: It was acceptable.

Cons: Truth is they practice in like cattle. I ended up sitting next to a ginormous woman. It was a very uncomfortable flight from DC to Charleston. Come on American you're better than that quit using such small planes!

Pros: The new premium economy seats were really nice.
Cons: Check the pillows in premium economy for any stains. I had a pillow with several 2-inch yellow/red stains on it. There were no more pillows of those pillows, so the attendant gave me one from business class.

Cons: The flight was delayed for over 2 hours because of a reported maintenance issue with the aircraft but was originally delayed because of not having flight attendants available. When the flight attendants did finally arrive they all had an attitude of wishing to be anywhere but on this flight. The lead flight attendant even got into a verbal altercation with the gate agent demanding help getting people's bags into the overhead compartment because she was "injured" & not supposed to be at work. All in all a quite dissatisfying experience but not an uncommon one with this airline & this airport. I will use both only when I have absolutely no other options.

Pros: Seats we fine
Cons: Delay 2 hours

Cons: A toilet had no water. The internet was not working for the whole flight

Pros: The window seat of this plane is so closely placed to the window that you can hardly sit straight up and down. Food is non existent and one drink offered in 4.5 hours is bad service
Cons: Virtually everything

Cons: We have arranged for a wheelchair assistance and there was none available and we had to wait an hour after the flight landed for a wheelchair!

Cons: Nothing!!

Cons: Flight was delayed by 2 hours, Captain came on PA after boarding that it was technical. Gate agent were not good at giving updates prior to boarding

Cons: Commuter jet boarding at DCA is going to stink until the new terminal is completed. Just is.

Pros: The flight crew was terrific, and the pilot provided good information on the cause of the delay, and expected deoarture and arrival.
Cons: We were 80 minutes late leaving Portland. Fortunately I did not have a connecting flight and the late arrival was a nuisance and not a problem.

Cons: Such tiny seats.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: AA cancel flights recurringly and has no ability to help their customers. Got I flight cancelled yesterday, and was move to another flight later (10:30pm) that supposed to leave ate (3:30pm). After several delays, they started boarding us at 1:00am, but the boarding process so messy and confuse, the plane couldn’t took off before 1:40 by 1 minute and they had to cancel the flight with 200 people inside the plane. An absurd! Flight was rescheduled to today at 10am and obviously took off 1h delayed because AA can't organize simple things to expedite the boarding process.

Pros: Anything
Cons: LATE!!!!

Pros: Flight attendants friendly.
Cons: So many rows of seats crammed in and no where for people to put their bags. People from front of Llane had to go to rear to place and retrieve their luggage. Maybe space the rows a little better or retire these older planes.

Pros: On time, kept informed.

Pros: Like my AA rides > 90% of the time. The usual prob is sketchy gogo service.
Cons: Nogo gogo

Pros: Competent crew; flight arrived on time with my luggage.
Cons: Plane was jammed full; so much so that even passengers like me, who paid to check one of my bags, still had to put my one carry-on under the seat in front of me instead of in an overhead compartment. I expected some legroom because I paid to check my bag. Unfortunately because of American Airlines I had next to no legroom. I'll be avoiding AA where possible on all of my future travels.

Pros: Clean plane. Excellent service. On time.

Pros: The flight crew were all very nice and attentive. The on-board entertainment kept me busy during my waking hours. I appreciated the complimentary blanket, pillow and earbuds.
Cons: The quality of the food selections were ok but could have been better. The remote for the tv screen did not function well with the games. Also, the seats were very hard, sleep did not come easily.

Pros: Personalities...loved their job. Great to talk to.
Cons: Bosrdunf staff at DCA. No communication in crowded area

Pros: For the long flights business class is the way to go.

Pros: Great flight!
Cons: N/A

Pros: Boarding was prompt, flight attendants polite and accommodating.
Cons: If I am in business class and platinum status, why can't I use the lounge - which is only available to Platinum status going to LA or SF, Latin America but not to Cancun. American Airlines needs to change this policy.

Cons: I wish they have two sheets. I don't like to sit next to stranger. And hard to go to bathroom

Pros: We landed early, it was fairly comfortable in coach for a very tall person, and there was good communication from the flight attendants and pilot with the passengers. A very pleasant experience overall, from someone who is a nervous flyer!

Pros: Very friendly staff, clean airplane, great flight! Our original flight was delayed, but we still made it right on time for our connecting flight! I didn't realize when I was booking the flights that American lets you bring a carryon no charge, but United does not. You have to be a "Special" customer with them in order to be allowed a carryon, so we ended up paying an additional $50!!!
Cons: I was a little unhappy we were delayed, I had a meeting in Charlotte planned, but these things happen.

Cons: Switch our seats that we paid extra to reserve, was not a fan of this! Internet also didn't work after we paid for it. However they did make things right already.

Pros: Flight was on time (actually early) and smooth. The crew was very friendly.
Cons: Right after boarding Zone 5, the crew called for Zone 6, and everyone rushed the line. Zone 5 had not yet completed boarding.

Pros: This was the same crew and pilot from the flight I took to LAX. His landing was so smooth, I woke up pleasantly upon landing!

Cons: Missed my connection in London due to a computer malfunction that took over an hour to remedy. In getting to London, I was automatically rebooked, but with a flight that got me in 10 hours later than expected. I asked customer service about alternate flights, with or without connections, that might get me in earlier, but was given a quite curt, "that is not possible," and turned away. Even if that was the case, which seems unlikely given the multiple other flights arriving in Luxembourg from European airports earlier in the day, it was not particularly friendly.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight attendants were Garbade

Cons: [1] the "group system" boarding process arranges passengers in an aleatory way making the process totally chaotic. For instance last groups are the last ones to enter the aircraft and don't easily find space for the hand luggage. They have to accommodate bags under the front seat making the already uncomfortable trip more painful. Also this process may delay the departure time. [2] Food service is terrible. no options, specially for kids or people with food restrictions. Not even the payed ones offer healthy food alternatives. [3] No comfort at all for a flight that departs little before midnight and arrives at 7 am at its destination. They forgot about the pillows and blankets you find in other airlines. [4] at the end, when I collected my baggage I realized 1 wheel was missing from one of my suitcases. I informed the airline and 3 days later I receive an email saying that the airline is not responsible for damages that include wheels and other "baggage accessories" I did not rate the flight poor because at least it manages to arrive to its final destination...

Pros: I was traveling with an infant and the staff was so helpful. I will definitely fly AA again.

Cons: Everything

Pros: Crew friendly and efficient.
Cons: Flatbed width tight

Pros: Quick, easy, great crew

Pros: Again, this flight was on time departing and early arriving. It was nice to be home a few minutes early. Thanks for that.
Cons: Nothing you can do about this one. I don't like the little planes, so that's on me.

Cons: Next time dont delay my flight 11h!!!!

Pros: Courteous
Cons: No snack

Cons: Everyone excellent

Pros: Watched movies most of flight and the wine was free. The pilots got us there safely.
Cons: They never called for groups, except 1st class. After they boarded it was a free for all. Wasn't allowed to check in online, had to wait until I got to airport.The seats just keep getting smaller and smaller. The microwaved tv dinner they served was horrible. Someone pooped on the bathroom floor.

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