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WUH — Washington
Sep 28 — Oct 51
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Tue 9/28
Tue 10/5

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  • The cheapest ticket to Washington from Wuhan found in the last 72 hours was $1,057 one-way, and $1,748 round-trip. The most popular route is from Wuhan to Seattle, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $858.

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DeltaOverall score based on 29854 reviews
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Pros: Crew was amazing. Very attentive and welcoming.

Cons: No baggage space in overheads. Despite being in an early boarding group

Pros: We flew from Anchorage to Boston via Seattle. If there had not been a delay in Anchorage, the flight would have been excellent. However, there was a mechanical problem earlier in the day with a plane to Cincinnati. Our flight was scheduled to leave Anchorage at 4pm, but Delta decided to take our pane from us and use it as a substitute for the original but nonfunctional Cincinatti plane. A ridiculous decision. The Cincinnati people already had missed all their connections, but now all the Seattle people missed theirs as well. When we finally got to Seattle 3 hours late (just before midnight), the desk agent said that Delta had no hotel rooms for us and also no hotel vouchers. We thus had to find a room and pay for it on our own. The next day, we had been rescheduled to Detroit and then on another flight from there to Boston. The flight to Detroit arrived nearly 30 minutes late, and we just barely made our connection. Had we missed it, we would have had to spend that night in Detroit. Delta did its best to keep the two of us together. On the Seattle-Detroit flight we were on opposite sides of the aisle in the same row, but that was in a row right behind a bulkhead, making it easy for us to walk over to each other. On the Detroit-Boston flight we were next to each other. Both flights were completely full, so Delta must have made some effort to keep us together as well as possible.
Cons: Delta should not have made the dumb decision to take the Seattle-bound plane and use it as a substitute for the malfunctioning Cincinnati plane. Delta should have provided accommodations for the stranded travelers once they arrived in Seattle.

Cons: Had unknown jump grade to much better seats No explanation given Too bad it wasn’t on a 6 hour flight

Pros: The crew members were nice and didn't bother while sleep when giving out snacks & drinks (I've had this done to me before, annoying). Plane was comfortable because it wasn't packed, so was able to have a seat empty in-between me. The entertainment offered was really good, the connecting to the Go-inflight WiFi was a bit difficult, but no biggie.

Pros: everything was just as comforting as it was pre-pandemic

Pros: Being upgraded was a GREAT surprise !
Cons: Nothing

Cons: I waited for over 40 minutes for someone to answer my call button. And then they just turned it off without asking me or anyone in my row if we needed something.

Pros: Quick flight with basic service.

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Nothing really

Pros: Pilots and crew were amazing
Cons: It was perfect

Pros: The crew was great and very friendly.

Pros: The little food packets were cool and convenient.

Pros: We've always enjoyed flying Delta and this trip had been just as nice as the previous ones we have taken through this airline.
Cons: Our stewardess/stewards seem to be incredibly cranky on this trip and very unapproachable. They must have been having an "off" day I guess.

Pros: Cleanliness. Safety. Friendly.

Pros: Crew was solid.
Cons: Don’t change my seat. Not on time. No food. Luggage with legally checked firearm sent to the wrong airport.

Pros: Pilots. Flight attendants. Space. Left and arrived on time.

Cons: Nothing that I can think of at the moment

Cons: The mask mandate needs to be voluntary ADA violation

Cons: It was actually quite good, Delta is by far the airline to use compared with the other airlines.

Pros: Crew was great, comfort+ definitely has more leg room.
Cons: Beer not guaranteed on flight for Delta comfort plus.

Cons: The flight was delayed by 3 hours because of storms in Atlanta earlier. This caused us to miss our connection to Fairbanks in Seattle, so we had to spend the night in Seattle at our own cost.

Cons: connecting flight left without 1/6th of its passengers. Stuck at airport now because of Deltas laziness

Pros: Crew is amazing and friendly

Cons: The cabin temperature was very hot

Cons: Flight into Seattle delayed, flight out of Seattle to Minneapolis delayed flights out of Minneapolis to Bismarck delayed. Ran from gate F to gate c24 arrived at 10:23 p.m. Slight to the park at 10:25 p.m. and they closed the door on me as I was running up there. Ran across the entire terminal to get there and they would not let me on. Last Flight of the night to Bismarck. Missed my uncle's 90th birthday party. Would not give me food voucher. Delta gate agent told me she would lose her job if she did not close the doors 8 minutes prior. However the Minneapolis flight waited for 15 minutes for people to board that plane. How does that compute? Why would they not wait 3 minutes for me rather than pay the money to put me up in a hotel?

Cons: Miniature candy bars are not sufficient for an hour and a half flight.

Cons: Food is always bad.

Pros: Good choice of movies but not all have subtitles, which comes in handy since phones are not really good. Food was great!
Cons: Seating pitch is just not acceptable for 10+ hrs long flight! I am tall (1.92 cm) but there are taller people than me and there is just no way they can sit in economy class seat! That is basically some kind of racism..

Cons: It made no sense to board an hour and a half before takeoff.

Pros: Every one but the gate agent at Detroit going to Seattle at 7:40 loading time on 4-11-19. She was mean and curt and would not get my seat corrected I had to sprint for at least a mile to even make it. We landed the same time they were boarding
Cons: The attendants on the Detroit to Seattle flight suggested I go talk to the gate agent to get my seat corrected. They said the flight was not full. So I did. To be greeted again by the mean agent you told me to take my rear and get it on the plane that the attendants didn’t know anything

Pros: Quick boarding process
Cons: Wifi stopped working halfway

Cons: Great

Pros: Boarded and left JFK on time and arrived 15 minutes early to Seattle. Love DELTA.

Pros: The nice staff and entertainment options.
Cons: I usually fly delta and have a great experience - unfortunately my flight from Detroit to Seattle was not. To start off, i was flying with two other people and we were not able to get seats together, and the whole seating process with delta is really difficult even when I had called weeks in advance to see if they could try and seat us together. I understand with main cabin tickets you can only choose your seat as you check in, but it would be nice to be able to request seating with a person/group you are flying with. I was placed in the very back row of a busy flight, and noticed that the horrible smell from the bathrooms which made it unpleasant. As said above, I normally have a pleasant experience.. but being a delta sky member I feel as though i do not really receive any differences as to a non-member. I hope this review helps for the next customers! Thank you.

Pros: I like Delta but this crew had such a shi**y attitude it was contagious. Yikes!
Cons: The gate staff and the flight staff. Rude

Pros: We boarded quickly, in zones. Staff were professional and courteous.
Cons: Perhaps more than just 2 episodes of some TV programs eg Goldrush. Also more current shows.

Pros: Delta has great seats, friendly employees and engaged managers and pilots. Even their customer service Center reaches out to help on suggestions. I am flying to Portland for School over 40 round trips and I am saving $4,000 vs Alaska Air. Plus I get miles and discounts with the Delta Amex Card. I am very pleased.
Cons: I don’t like harsh change in schedule fees but it forces me to plan. I wish the Seattle to Portland Eve flight landed in time to catch Portland Rail system at 11:50 PM

Pros: Tons of free entertainment on the screen in front of your seat! Movies, games, and details on your flight, all available on your touch screen. USB charging is also available.
Cons: No one told us they wanted everyone with a roller carry-on to.check their bags. An attendant told my sister that her bag needed to be checked. We did not receive this notification until we were at the gate, boarding.

Pros: I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person.
Cons: Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey.

Pros: The flight was quick and quiet with a kind crew and captain that had a great smile.
Cons: I didn't like the food.

Pros: Very on-time and fast, respectful crew.
Cons: The airplane was old and with no entertainment.

Pros: There were only two lines. The economy line took so long because there were many passengers checking in their fish catch boxes. So those of us with only one baggage were lumped with them. There was no option to tag your own bag if you alr day checked in, as it was the same checking and bag drop line.
Cons: If we were standing in line for a long time, I hope they can increase the number of counters. They can also dispense with the nonsense chitchat. It's not needed, just move it along. The roving staff should to remind those next in line to prepare their documents, it seems the lady at the counter had to ask for photo ID every time!

Cons: Tight seating

Pros: Nostalgic plane ride
Cons: Use more modern plane for these short trips. No drinks offered due to turbulence. Old Bombardier plane had no way of storing carry-ons other than beneath seat, thus limiting leg space

Pros: Roomier seats overall, the headrest screens and USB ports are great!
Cons: We paid extra for seats with more leg room and got the same as everyone else. Why the charge? Our departure was delayed. The plane had some sort of fragrance regularly coming thru the ventilation that irritated my sinuses and made me ill. The water for the only service on the flight (for coach anyway) was warm and tasted odd. Cabin temperature was too warm (multiple logical arguments can be made for cooler temps over warmer)

Pros: Crew was very professional but no explanation of why it took out 30+ mins overtime to depart nor why we were held from landing another 30+ mins.

Pros: Flight was not overbooked Flight left early & arrived early No delays from AC

Pros: My 15 minute nap
Cons: The male crew member seemed to be having a rough day.

Cons: Late flight the crew did.t care and many people missed connections. The customer service at the airport desk was understaffed slow and rude. They we're not helpful in trying to get new flights booked and I felt like it was asking a huge favor even though it was Thier delayed flight that made me miss my connection.

Cons: Seems like you are using a old plane- Seats for fabric, ver y close together- dis apppointed with this trip - both ways ..

Cons: Temperature varied widely throughout the flight. Entertainment system down for over an hour. No fresh food left for the back of the plane - Late departure.

Cons: Employees very poorly trained in dealing with problems. While our flight was okay, the previous flight was overbooked and a number of transferring customers were bumped because their flight was late. I understand this is common practice, but the employees handled it VERY poorly, even yelling at the passengers when they voiced their dismay at what was going to be a very long layover after a very long international flight.

Pros: Friendly crew, good food and comfortable seats

Pros: Service is good
Cons: Film selection is ok.

Pros: Flight attendant was great
Cons: Overbooked flight. Only able to board because someone missed flight. Delayed flight by over 30 minutes.

Cons: Flight was about an hour late due to crew problems.

Pros: It was fine. :-)

Pros: The price was good and connections were well-timed, and my seat-mate was a nice guy!
Cons: There was no food on a 5-hr international flight, the video screen didn't work well, and the flight attendant was having a rough day. And we took off at least 30 minutes late due to a couple of technical issues.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: Flight crews were great.
Cons: Ground crews and Air Canada's booking system caused no end of trouble. Weather started the problem but human error meant an incredibly stressful rebooking, requiring three agents at ticketing plus the IT help desk just to figure out what the agent I had reached over the phone had done. In Quebec City not nearly enough agents to check bags; huge lines, people being shunted to the front so they wouldn't miss their flights.

Cons: No legroom at all. Try to squeeze far too many passengers.

Pros: Our flight attendant, Sabrina, was fantastic. Quite friendly and helpful. You can tell she loves her job. She patiently answered questions and made the flight really pleasant.

Pros: Crew friendly and helpful. Short flight. Great service (got a soda and pretzels on a 30 minute flight)
Cons: Small, worn plane.

Cons: The space between the row seat has become too narrow.

Pros: Short flight. Simple. Smooth.
Cons: There was a short delay because crew was caught up in security.

Pros: It was a very short flight, but with all the weather issues in Seattle at the time, they did everything they could to get us off on time (maybe even early) to avoid air traffic control delays.

Cons: The last leg of our entire trip, and it was late. We left about 1.5 hours late and they had trouble getting the gate to the plane when we landed. A long trip home was made even longer. I was very surprised that there were so many issues with timeliness on AC flights. In our outbound to Athens, two of the three flights left late, and they had to rebook part of our trip to accommodate. And the return trip was more of the same. I expected AC to be world-class and it was more like a regional airline in terms of performance.

Pros: I was really tired and the plane was full but I could nap. Baggage came quickly.
Cons: No free meal because not technically an international flight I guess.

Pros: We liked the entertainment options and the crews were very friendly.
Cons: We didn't like not having blankets on the round-trip flights between Seattle and Toronto.

Pros: Not really stands out as a positive.
Cons: Overall came across as not up to the standards of other carriers.

Cons: I took AC from Toronto to Japan, and Rouge from Japan to Vancouver. There is significant difference in airplane and service.

Pros: Very fast.

Cons: I was very disappointed that the airline served absolutely no food to passengers for such a long flight. Other airlines serve meals and beverages to their passengers on trans-Atlantic flights. I doubt I will fly Air Canada again for such a flight, due to the lack of interest and care provided the passengers.

Pros: I flew Seattle to Vancouver to Montrail to Nice. Sept 2 2016 on the way home I flew Nice, Frankfort, Calgary to Seattle Sept 12, 2016

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Food from McDonalds would have been 10 times better than food they served. I ate only 2 bites and it smelled bad and made me feel nautilus.

Pros: Media and staff very good
Cons: Airport was empty, plane was empty. But still had to wait to get on due to filled with people who put suitcases away that sat near front but not first class.

Pros: I liked that I was able to pick my seat. I love the exit row.
Cons: Being woken up. But it was for a good reason. Personal safety.

Cons: Air Canada closed the door ten minutes before departure although the knew we were in the terminal trying to get to the gate. Air Canada charged us $315 for a flight two hours later.

Cons: For the price, the length and the fact that it was an international flight. I would have expected not to be required to paid for luggage and to have some food been provided to us. In particular, after the return flight was delayed considerably due to airplane issues.

Pros: Roomy seats
Cons: All the flights left late. Not enough room for carry on luggage. No free booze on International flight

Pros: Flight was on time.Seats were comfortable with adequate leg room.
Cons: There was no snack offered, just food for sale, and it was a long flight. Also there were several movies listed in the entertainment guide that were not available on the entertainment system. There were not many movies available at all.

Cons: It was cancelled.

Pros: I enjoyed the selection of movies that they had.
Cons: Seats are wildly uncomfortable and cramped. I guess that is what you come to expect from flying, but man does it suck. Longer flights, over 4 hours, should include a complimentary snack. It is a long while to go without food, and paying 5 bucks for a small pack of candy is a bit ridiculous.

Pros: Lovely crew.
Cons: Seating is tight for anyone with long legs over 6 feet tall.

Cons: Seats did not recline. It was one of the least comfortable flights I've been on in th past few years.

Pros: Their 787 is indeed a dream to fly! The flight felt much shorter than on other airplanes.
Cons: Their website didn't work for checking in, then their offices were closed most of the time, with no 24 hr support, leaving me high and dry on several occasions when I needed to check in, and when I needed to make a special meal request.

Pros: Always seems to happen with some leg of an Air Canada flight....and they couldn't find my luggage, so delayed my boarding at Customs, too.

Cons: 3 mechanical problems. Two missed flights. 16 hours late. Lost luggage. The crew sent us at wrong place, we were stuck in a room until 6:30 am. We had to sleep on chairs. Everything that could go bad went bad. Will never ever fly with Air Canada again. That is a promise.

Pros: Arrived safely and on time.
Cons: Cabin crew seemed too much like salespersons. Aircraft was overly air conditioned but blankets were available only by purchase

Cons: They overbooked the flight and would not allow me to board even though I had booked my ticket months in advance.

Pros: Flight was on time. Was able to move from my assigned centre of row seat to an aisle seat, which however was I'm the last row outside the toilets. Checked bag came quickly in Seattle. Descent was gradual enough, or something, that my ears, which normally hurt excruciatingly from about 20,00-10,000 feet, barely bothered me.
Cons: Check in, customs, etc in Toronto was a series of long long lines that took nearly 1.5 hours (not AC's fault but an unpleasant aspect of the trip). Plane was full and very cramped, impossible to get up and walk. The tv monitors on my side/half of the plane conked out midway through flight.

Pros: Air Canada's cabin attendents make the journey bearable. Keep these people at all costs, becauae they are doing a fantastic job.
Cons: I prefer the old-fashioned seatback monitor to rental ipads.

Cons: Air China Service was horrible. I missed my flight due to an accident and when I got to the airport they were rude, and did not try to give me a solution. I had no money and I did not speak the language and the only solution they gave me was to call costumer service with the coins I have left. I will never fly with Air China again and I hope the rest of the people do the same. Horrible horrible experience.

Pros: Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out.
Cons: Nothing really.

Pros: Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Great Flight seats comfortable and Flight attendants very attentive. Food was good.

Pros: Crew members, especially Cooper Pan, were excellent, friendly, thorough, accommodating. I felt like a special customer on this flight! Food was very good, and I appreciated the options of different meals. Also very little turbulence. Thank you, Air China!

Pros: The seats were super uncomfortable lame service
Cons: Everything bad hygiene dirty seats and airplane

Pros: I booked my business flight through kayak, but looks like kayak is using who’s has a nasty customer service. Even requesting meals cost money. Air China can’t do anything with my flight and are sending me to the I will never again book through kayak and will be reporting this
Cons: Don’t sell services through

Pros: Professionalism of the staff. The whole process was smooth.
Cons: Food. Tasted mediocre at best. It would be better if each economy seat had an electric outlet to plug in.

Pros: I liked the entertainment.
Cons: Better customer service from crew

Pros: Check-in was very fast. The food was a hot sandwich and a drink and was decent. Plane left Hangzhou and arrived Taipei slightly early, which was great. Seats reasonably comfortable. Crew was kind and caring.
Cons: Would have been nice to have some fruit.

Pros: Great price and reasonable to good service for a family on a budget, this worked well.
Cons: Both flights had delays based on weather, and it seemed the communication around it could have been better.

Cons: They should notify the customers that if Transit time is more than 24 hrs, they can't check in to the next leg flight, therefore they have to take their luggage

Pros: crew and general experience was great
Cons: baggage mishandling

Pros: Boarding was easy.
Cons: Food ! Tasteless and bald..

Pros: The stewards and stewardess’ were pleasant
Cons: Our first Air China flight departed 2 hrs late and then to top things off they lost my wife’s luggage on the way to Thailand. We had to wait in the airport for hours for it arrive on the next flight. The experience at Beijing airport was my worst experience in any airport. The Chinese staff were very rude. Just to transfer planes everyone must submit their fingerprints. I don’t think I will ever fly Air China again simply to avoid this airport.

Cons: The plane was COLD. The food was absolutely disgusting! The seats are small. Lacking in the movie department. I will not use Air China again.

Pros: Price
Cons: Transfer in Beijing gave only one hour between flights. Impossible to make with China's cumbersome security procedure. Why did they give us those flights? Told staff on plane that we had a tough connection. No communication or procedure to help make transfer. Got to the gate BEFORE flight was to take off but plane was uncoupled from ramp and NO STAFF present. Went to another Air China gate and could not get any help. No supervisors to help. Five people missed the connection. Had to wait over EIGHT hours for next flight and was offered NOTHING by way of compensation. Does not appear that Air Chine wants to live up to the country's status in the world. Very poor service.

Cons: See above...

Pros: Air China does have excellent economy class prices on trans-Pacific flights. The planes themselves are not bad, and the flight attendants have been good. Overall it could be worse.
Cons: Both their website and their check-in staff (at Beijing airport especially) can be terrible and frustrating. it is even difficult to manage flights that you book directly on their own website. The check-in staff are grumpy at best. Catering is as bad as it gets. The airline food is a throwback to the 1970s. Drink selection is poor--no fizzy water/soda water/seltzer. Only regular water, coke and sprite, and no spirits at all. Very bad wine and beer with only one choice for each: Great Wall wine, which is sweet and gross, and warm slimy swill beer. The airline could do better by upgrading the website system and having better staff training for customer service.

Pros: Crew was professional and helpful
Cons: No wifi. Food was just ok.

Cons: The food is not so tasty.

Pros: Easy no problems good staff

Cons: They didn't let me on the flight because they said I didn't check in on the flight to LA. And on the flight to LA I was there but they wouldn't let me on the plane. I wasn't being rude I was cooperating with them.

Pros: The plane was comfortable and the crew nice. Good food included. Even had a Western option, but I opted in for the Chinese one.
Cons: There wasn't much of entertainment, but the flight was short enough.

Pros: Arriving
Cons: Play flight attendants horrible food movie selection very poor

Cons: My flight from Shanghai to Beijing was delayed more than 4 hours, which let to missing the connecting flight from Beijing to JFK. Then the nightmare started. It was after midnight when we arrived at Beijing airport. The staff offered no help with re-booking and hotels. I had to spend the night sitting on the cold floor, hungry and anxious till the ticket counter reopened in the morning. The morning staff were even worse than the night crew. They were extremely rude, unprofessional, they lied and insulted customers. Very disappointed with Air China. Will file an official complaint.

Pros: Not near as bad as the reviews I've read. Service was good and seats comfortable.
Cons: food isn't great (but is it good on any other economy flight), nor is drink service (they really limit when you can order wine). Poor entertainment.

Pros: I was able to sleep most of the flight
Cons: The people next to me were annoying and smelled awful.

Pros: Goof food and service
Cons: The flight was delayed by 95 minutes, which screw up my schedule badly..

Cons: Had an issue with our tickets tried calling kayak and no answer Air China was unable to resolve the issue either. Won’t be using either one again.

Pros: The crew were nice
Cons: Again the food was terrible. And this was an international flight and there wasn’t even a tv for watching movies! So all you could do was sit crammed in your seat for hours!!

Pros: Friendly staff on flight. Low cost business class ticket.
Cons: Lost luggage needed for meetings, takes three days to recover. Coffee is gross, 3in1 powder. Only one water bottle on flight so I got dehydrated. Food is gross.

Cons: Even at check in in LAX, the staff didn’t speak English. They also didn’t code my ticket correctly so there was no wheelchair assistance (disabled) at transfer or destination. They could not accommodate food allergies- when I called the customer hotline they told me to pack my own food for a 19hr flight i.e. I had nothing to eat the entire journey !

Pros: Crew was great, aircraft was comfortable.
Cons: Each flight was late to take off. Food wasn't good and entertainment could have been better.

Cons: Restriction of using Kindle or Phone in aircraft mode for the whole flight. There is no technical reason for this.

Pros: I didn't like it , nothing to tell
Cons: 12 hours delay at departure, service very bad, overall very shity plane, thats,why ticket so cheap

Pros: free local beer
Cons: worn out seats, the children playing games on the monitor in the back of my seat so i had to deal with back of my chair constantly moving. clearly frozen to microwave meal. Late departure on both of my flights with them but shockingly, on time arrival for both.

Cons: Crew was particularly bad with English, wemleft four hours late, the food was dry and overwarmed, and we arrived to LAX with no gate, sat on tarmac for at least another half hour.

Pros: I like food ,drinks,and staff
Cons: What i didnt like was our baggage left with no keys, they all broke both keys we put in our check in baggage,just make us so dissapointing!!!

Pros: Only crew
Cons: 1 No provision for veg food cant use phone even in flight 3Even in this age buses ferry you from plane to the terminal,disgusting 4Security/immigration people lack smile on their faces

Pros: Good legs room.
Cons: As above , didn't know the seats and can't check-in.

Pros: The flight attendant was nice.
Cons: The "dinner" was a snack. I'm not a big eater but this tiny serving was a joke. I had planned to actually have a meal on the plane so I needed to ask for a second dinner. Seriously?!

Pros: Most of crew members are very nice and kind.
Cons: The entertainment system didn't work

Cons: Getting in contact with Air China for seat assignments was like pulling teeth. They also wake you up every 3-4 hours for drink services and food. The food is nasty, if your sleeping they should let you sleep instead of waking you up.

Pros: I liked the staff on the board.
Cons: The aircraft looked old.

Pros: Flight crew was great
Cons: Long delays

Cons: The transfer in Beijing Airport was very confusing and almost did not make the plane back home.

Pros: Everything was pretty average; no huge pros or cons.
Cons: Most of what they played on the screen were commercials; that was pretty annoying.

Cons: There was no organization to boarding the plane. People did not board by seat number.

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