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Top 5 airlines serving Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta Ordaz

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29635 reviews

Pros: Clean and friendly staff
Cons: All great

Cons: The wifi was challenging to use. Otherwise, it was a fantastic flight.

Cons: Seat cushions feel a little flat.

Pros: The crew & plane were solid!
Cons: The gogo inflight entertainment was super buggy (kept losing the movie and making me restart from the beginning) & they ran out of popular food options early.

Cons: No internet no tv monitors food was all out of stock check in lady was RUDE

Pros: Flight crew was nice.
Cons: They were careless with our luggage. 2 wheels on my husband's suitcase and 1 on mine were broken off. We have flown before with other airlines, never has our property been damaged before.

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: I dislike cramped, crowded seating. Alaska could reconfigure and lose a row or two to allow for more leg room and customer comfort. I wouldn't fly Alaska if I had another choice.

Pros: The customer service rep was polite
Cons: They cancelled my flight the night before claiming ‘weather’. It was fine flying weather at my origin, destination, and layover airports and forecast to remain so. All other carriers were flying. The re-booked me not on a later flight, but on the next day with not one, but now two layovers.

Pros: It was cancelled.
Cons: If it had happened.

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: Plane was delayed for some reason, and I found out about the delay through Kayak, not at the Alaska counter or gate. Annoying.

Pros: Wonderful quick flight!
Cons: N/A

Cons: All good

Pros: crew was amazing, timely boarding and deboarding
Cons: comfort and food

Pros: Got drinks and snacks to passengers quickly.
Cons: There was a long delay to defrost the wings, it took a long time for the team that does the defrosting to get to the plane.

Pros: How nice the crew was

Cons: Didn’t have audio on my seat .. compensated with free snack

Pros: It was a smooth flight - crew was really nice.
Cons: Nothing - it was all good

Cons: Sketchiest landing ever. And the crew definitely didn’t communicate that our plane was having problems...

Pros: Honestly, I guess the seat was fine.
Cons: 2.5 hour delay, poor service on the plane, late drinks, no compensation for the delay.

Pros: The bombardiers are old planes but fun. The tray table was broken on one side making it unusable. This is a prop style plane. Not very staff.
Cons: Very noisy but tolerable.

Pros: Great crew! On time professional Food average. Excellent pitch for the Alaska Mileage plan and credit card
Cons: for a 1 hour flight, you could add more frequent services from Reno to SJC. This will help remove traffic from the roads during long weekend and encourage more travel to Reno/Tahoe area from those of us who don’t prefer driving in traffic

Pros: Alaska is great
Cons: Internet cuts off after crossing border. Need to get a Mexican Internet deal

Pros: Easygoing, no issues, received with some frozen margaritas, can’t ask for more...

Cons: We arrived at the airport 5 minutes (NO more than that) after the one hour check in time to fly international going to Mexico. We were told we had to wait in line to speak with someone to print a boarding pass. There was an extremely long line with only two employees helping. We then asked if we could get our money back being that if someone has specially helped us with our case only being 5 minutes late to check in, but they declined. We had to book an entirely different flight and still have not gotten our money back. It was very stressful and unprofessional and had someone actually helped us, we would’ve arrived at our destination at the proper time we worked so hard for. I know my boyfriend and I weren’t the only people with his problem because two other families ran into the exact same avoidable problem. It felt very unprofessional. It ruined a familys vacation and caused the poor children to cry because of the lack of accommodation. We would love our money back but not sure you guys will even do so. Very disappointing.

Pros: In time, friendly check in.

Pros: it made it on time.... we travel / fly a lot. First time with Alaskan an was far from impressed
Cons: All out of food... morning flight an no warning or anything g. We could have ran an got something before boarding started .... they drive the cart by with what I guess... the only 2 options of each category for the first 10 people... to then say... o sorry we have nothing.. An no compensation for it but sorry.... do u a humus pack for 8 bucks.... then one second later when my wife decides she wants it... they say they just gave away the last one... it was redic. Not to mention weren't even all the way in the back Glad to see a few people up front able to eat...

Pros: Easy checking in and boarding , it was an easy flight in.
Cons: That my plane was let on boarding and it was delayed by 1.

Pros: Crew was very Nice. Perfect, smooth landing
Cons: Seats were too cramped. Too much anxiety, couldn’t manage on a longer flight

Pros: That I get a free carry on
Cons: That I didn't know about the flight being delayed till I got there and didn't know exactly when we would board.

Pros: Fast and quick. Service was great

Cons: The delay of 45 minutes to about an hour inside the plane.

Pros: Great crew.
Cons: I didn't try the food or entertainment.

Pros: Todo menos el servicio de internet
Cons: Que se paga para tener acceso a internet y te das cuenta que al cruzar la frontera ya no puedes tener acceso,y después te das cuenta que el servicio es solo para Estados Unidos.

Pros: - quick boarding - quick off-boarding - friendly staff - smooth flight
Cons: - wifi wasn't available for most of flight due to area coverage - babies crying but out of the airlines' control - food options were minimal but not a deal breaker

Pros: My carry on was simply put underneath with the checked baggage. Then it was easily ready for me to grab for the next flight.

Pros: The complimentary wine was thoughtful.
Cons: Turbulence coming out of Reno almost made air sick for a bit.

Pros: The flight attendants were extremely nice and informed us about the cool deals they have for ski season in Oregon and Washington. I will definitely be flying Alaska a lot more!

Pros: Crew was friendly and professional. These small planes are never exceedingly comfortable, but we had a very pleasant flying experience despite that unalterable fact!

Cons: Delay boarding

Cons: Noisy slow aircraft. Very expensive for a turbine a/c.

Pros: Great staff!
Cons: Difficulty accessing seating. By the time we were able to access the chart all 4 of us had seat assignments all over the plane. We had to upgrade to sit together. And we made our reservations back in January!

Pros: The weather in Reno. I didn't however make it to Seattle.
Cons: I did not like the fact that I arrived at the airport at 11:15 AM for a noon flight and by the time I got to the front of the line was told that 11:20 AM was the cut off time for that flight. I do not like the fact that the ticket agent Was quite rude and uncaring and unhelpful. The Epitome of poor customer service for a terrible policy. she almost seemed to gloat over the fact that she could not or would not help me join my family for a dinner in Seattle.

Pros: Friendly Crew! Comfortable Seating! Genuine!

Pros: Cabin was nice and warm during flight. Crew were kind and easy to talk to. Planes ran on time too. Well done.
Cons: The fact that it's owned and operated by Horizon,which meant smaller planes were cut (via a corporate choice), off from having wi-fi. Seriously? Why only give a few planes wifi access and then proceed to market your flights including wifi?? It's rather deceptive. :( This is a let down and ethically kind of stinky!

Pros: Nothing stood out as excellent except that we got there on time.
Cons: I have usually flown with Virgin America. Uncomfortable seats both along your spine and on your bottom. After boarding the plane, it was very stuffy...no air from the vent. After take off, very little air thru the opened vent. No built in screen as compared to Virgin for movies, music, and a flight map....it's about $10 to rent a tablet to watch things with Alaska. Just before landing they played a commercial advertising their credit card....Oh no, I don't want to listen to commercials on the flight. That will probably cause me to book with another carrier in the future. I HATE COMMERCIALS.

Cons: My fought was canceled with no costumer service answeringvtge phone and I had to re book my next ticket

Cons: Really? Flight from San Jose to Reno delayed 1 1/2 hours. Return flight delayed 1 hour, then canceled altogether. Both flights delayed or canceled due to mechanical problems. Yes, you did provide a $250 credit, but I lost a day's pay from work. Luckily, my family has a place in Truckee . Felt sorry for so many of the passengers whose travel plans were greatly changed by Alaska's mechanical problems.

Pros: The crew was really nice and the flight was overall relaxing. We didn't feel anything.
Cons: Our flight left an hour and 10 min later. We weren't notified it was delayed until we boarded the airplane that we had to wait a few minutes because of saturation of flight because holidays. We have to pay for luggage. Overall Alaska Airlines was not organized.

Cons: The man sitting next to me was coughing and not covering his mouth. I am especially concerned given the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Pros: Leg room
Cons: Not sitting in an airplane without AC for 30 minutes after everyone loaded

Pros: Delta Comfort Plus is always great !

Cons: Nothing. Perfect flight.

Pros: Friendly flight attendants. I appreciate the complimentary bag check for my carry-on bag to the destination.

Pros: The agent at the bag drop was very helpful. We had two reservations and she took the extra step to call someone and helped check our luggage all the way to destination. Thanks for the wonderful service. Flight attendants were all smiling and very friendly. A very special treat that we got two snacks each which were very much appreciated as it was an early morning flight and we didn't get a chance to get breakfasts.

Pros: That I was able to change flight within the delta app
Cons: There was a big delay.

Pros: Entertainment was up to date.

Cons: The boarding was processed by one agent. He did a fine job but took too long to board. Needed to have 2 people managing boarding the plane

Pros: There is Nothing that like
Cons: If you allowed me to get in this flight everything would've been fine.?

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: We reserved exit row seats and when they changed the plane they gave our exit row seats to others.

Pros: The crew was great. Flight was on time. Although crowded, boarded went smoothly.
Cons: Checking bags in Reno was a bit chaotic. Only one representative was there to assist when we arrived an hour before the flight. When others arrived to assist, people went directly to counter and were helped before those of us who had been waiting in line. My seat back screen did not work .

Pros: Delta did a great job getting our checked bags from an overseas arrival to this flight. Boarding smooth.
Cons: Seats are cramped in coach. Fact of life for all carriers.

Cons: It was perfect.

Pros: comfortable flight
Cons: N/A

Cons: at last minute itinerary was changed.. instead of routing through Brisbane, was now routed through Sydney. Flight from Sydney to LAX was delayed by 4 hours, then missed flight LAX to LAS... overall long delayed arrival. Checked the route through Brisbane, and those flights we're all there, departed and landed all on-time... so wondering what the reason was for the change of the itinerary without a cause (no cancel or delayed flights through Brisbane)

Cons: Delayed

Pros: N/A
Cons: Chinese Eastern did not try to help and solve my problem.

Cons: Sat on the tarmac for 20 Minutes, after taking off late. Arrived to my connecting gate 10 Minutes prior to scheduled departure with no delta attendants in sight and watched my plane sit at the gate and pull away with no way to get on board. Now I’m waiting unnecessarily for 4 hours on another flight.

Pros: Ease of boarding and deboarding
Cons: The flight was delayed (naturally) so the crew was rushed and inattentive. No pre-flight beverages in first class, and then no follow up service once aloft unless you asked. Makes me wonder why I’m paying extra for mediocre service.

Pros: Overall, flight was great.
Cons: The couple next to me were a little on the plus size. A little tight for my flight. But I was ok

Pros: Internet, seat.
Cons: Tv screen, sound .

Pros: Very friendly gate attendants helped us fix the problem that our frequent flyer number had not been entered on the boarding pass. This may have been because of the booking co., Just Fly.
Cons: Would have liked more seat options, like when I book on Delta's website. Didn't have enough advance warning.

Pros: Not much
Cons: Seats very uncomfortable no room to move

Pros: Great Movie selection!

Cons: My flight was delayed several times and had to rebook. Total delays were > 6 hours.

Pros: Once inside the plane every thing was excellent. Very confortable. Great costumer service.
Cons: They changed the gate it was unclear and hard to find someone to tell us where to go. Once we found someone the lady yelling at everyone where to go was very rude and rushed. Once we found the second gate the crew at the desk was very nice and helpful.

Pros: Not crowded?
Cons: It's a 6A flight from RNO to SLC meaning you are up really early to get to the airport, checkin and wait. There's no Delta lounge, so you're stuck trying to find something to eat and somewhere to sit well before our flight. The exit row seating does help, but the seats didn't recline making it a bit more uncomfortable.

Pros: Flight attendants very friendly.
Cons: Being next to lavatory.

Pros: The flight entertainment and crew were great. They had a lot of the latest movies available to watch, though I'm not sure you'd be able to watch if you didn't have your own headphones (I did). The crew were friendly and helpful. I got a cold cup of coffee when it should have been hot, and they corrected it immediately.
Cons: They charge you for everything: sitting in an aisle or window seat ($15); checking one piece of luggage ($25); for food, even on a five hour flight, save for complementary snacks like a granola bar or pretzels. I paid $11 for a tiny sandwich (it fit in the palm of my already small hands). I will definitely get good at the airport next time. It may be just as expensive, but at least it will be filling.

Pros: Smooth flight. On time and took me from 20 degrees to 80

Cons: The flight was fine, but there was no onboard entertainment. Fortunately the Wi-Fi worked so I was able to stream.

Pros: Great friendly crew
Cons: Seats are getting smaller, expensive food

Pros: Was short and easy to get in and out of both airports
Cons: What ever happened to a free drink on international flights ?

Pros: Good clean aircraft. Fairly comfortable seats. Even had a power outlet in my row. Not too bad for an aircraft from the late 70s.
Cons: for some reason, i had to pay to gate check a bag. It didnt seem like anyone else did while boarding my flight.

Pros: Everything was great, flight attendants were awesome
Cons: Nothing

Cons: The leg room is ridiculously small.

Pros: Easy flight from check-in to boarding to deplaning.
Cons: Nothing really! No entertainment and nothing but almonds eaten.

Cons: We waited 3 hours for the tarmac in Seattle On Christmas

Pros: It was a great flight.

Cons: Force me to take a bad seat

Pros: Crew was friendly and efficient
Cons: Very minimal legroom. Screaming children behind me kicking my seat during flight

Pros: Easy boarding, great service from the flight crew, and excellent food and drink service. Seats were comfortable and plenty of entertainment options for a long flight

Pros: Every thing went well

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: These people are reprehensible. They refused to cancel and refund our tickets when the bride-to-be in a wedding we were supposed to go to was diagnosed with cancer and the wedding was cancelled. Every customer service person we dealt with was uncaring, incompetent, and completely useless.

Cons: Bathrooms filthy..crew surly, no good option for food on three hour flight but cookies and pretzels.

Pros: Crew was as helpful as they could be. Even though they didn't have much info about the delay, they answered questions and stayed calm.
Cons: 2 hour delay. Got a free bottle of water.

Pros: When we landed and I was able to get off the plane
Cons: The guy in front of me reclining his sea before take off and the crew not correcting him so I had to which I did. He told the crew "he had the right" Crew refused to correct him because he was on a buddy pass so the rules didn't apply to him.

Pros: on time

Cons: This flight was on a Transavia codeshare with Delta and a real downer after coming from a Delta One business class segment. An uncontrolled mass boarding, crammed in seating, no amenities and charges for a drink of water made this a pretty crappy flight. The crew was nice though.

Cons: Plane should have been clean due to Covid rules, but was not.

Pros: Free reschedule of flight.
Cons: Flight was cancelled for no reason.

Pros: The crew was great, comfortable
Cons: I was on a long business trip heading back from India. The flight was delayed leaving India which would have made me miss my connection in London to Phx. Fortunately the flight from London to Phx was delayed (because it was delayed arriving into London) and I was able to make my connection. Especially when we had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal, there is no way I would have made my connection. While I know there are reasons for the delays, it is frustrating. After a long week of traveling and 21 hours of flying- ones patience does run out.

Pros: American really exceeded our expectations on both overseas flights on this trip. Good food, nice service, plenty of in-flight entertainment.

Cons: It was a quick and perfect flight.

Pros: Easy boarding, smooth flight, friendly staff.
Cons: Small plane, kept hitting my head on overhead bins

Pros: The service
Cons: The food

Pros: Nothing. Have not flown American airlines for the past 15 yrs because they always managed to have mechanical problems, delays, etc. Flew with then for the first time since, and again, mechanical problems. They kept us inside the plane for two hours. Because of that delay I missed my connection.
Cons: The hotel they put me in (Holiday Inn Airport) is like going back to the 70’s. Horrible experience overall. Needless to say, not flying American Airlines ever again.

Cons: Checked baggage untimely, causing me to miss the train

Cons: I have an american advantage executive credit card that allows priority boarding but at santo domingo’s aieport they didnt let me do priority. Terrible customer service from check in crew at the airport and no individual tv’s its boring

Cons: I had almost two hours to make my Moscow connection. I almost missed the flight! The bus transfers are awful. I will avoid this airport if possible. M

Pros: The fly it was on time
Cons: The food it was very bad

Cons: The seats could be bigger.

Pros: Just ok
Cons: No customs forms on board. Big inconveny

Pros: Boarding experience was excellent as we used a wheelchair.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Great service and entertainment options

Cons: Disgusting Food. Extremely uncomfortable seats: unable to recline far enough, my knees on back of seat in front of me, unable to sleep at all the entire trip. This was American Airlines, not British Airways. Cheap headphones kept falling out of line in port. TERRIBLE FLIGHT, Never Again!

Pros: The direct flight was great and made up for the rescheduled flight time in Memphis.
Cons: Original Flight did not depart on time.

Pros: Frequent updates on lightning in the area ( causing delays). Full service on board while we were wIting for weather to clear. Very good i flight service.
Cons: Just the weather — so nothing anyone can control

Pros: Made it to destination
Cons: Gate changed without any notification

Pros: Comfort, promptness, and food.

Cons: The original booked flight was about 12 hours before the rebooked flight. We got up at about 2:00 am to leave for the airport at 3:30 am for a 6:30 am flight. We were all packed and booked our ride and shuttinlpg down the computer at the last minute when we noticed an mail after midnight telling us the flight was cancelled. We called and were told there was nothing they could do, due to connections and this was entirely their fault. Approximately 12 hours later we took a “red eye” thus arriving a day late for our hotel and car reservations. We were charged baggage fees and not sure if our priority boarding will be refunded.

Pros: The trip was fast and efficient. The crew was very friendly and we had no issues.

Pros: Nice new aircraft - clean and comfortable. Entertainment selection and system is excellent. SFO airport is clean and efficient
Cons: I DO NOT like JFK airport. The signage is poor and it's difficult to figure out where you need to go. There aren't enough monitors and people in the airport are rude (including staff)

Pros: Crew
Cons: Seats are small and not ergonomic

Pros: Despite a departure delay due to necessity to off load some passengers due to nonfunctional seats we arrived 20 minutes early.
Cons: The seats are too narrow, which I can tolerate for about an hour.

Cons: They did not have any customs and immigration forms on the plane so everyone had to pick them up as we got off the plane and fill them out before proceeding to the customs area. It was very inconvenient for all passengers since there was not a good area to fiill out the forms and it slowed everyone down. First time I can ever recall the airlines not having the forms available before we landed

Pros: Entertainment, courtesy, flight attendants, and service
Cons: Just being confined. But that's the nature of that beast

Cons: Have to pay for wifi use. Entertainment used to be included in flights and was apart of your airfare.

Pros: I loved the crew on my trip
Cons: Nothing everything was grate

Pros: Nice seats, friendly staff and crew.
Cons: Boarding groups are not clearly announced-and with the threat of checked baggage this makes people angry and spiteful to other passengers. They forgot to bring the immigration forms onboard, only had the customs. They didn't give us pens/pencils to fill out the customs form. This made offboarding confusing and messy. What entertainment? No screens.

Pros: Everything was crew, drinks and the flight was great!

Pros: Crew and promptness. Roomie seat.
Cons: No cellphone charger. No movie screen at the seat.

Pros: Flight went well despite some bad weather
Cons: Seating was uncomfortable and narrow. We had seats at exit door in an effort to allow for more leg room but even that did not make for a completely comfortable ride. Even on a bus you have enough room to sit without elbowing your neighbor. Cannot say the same for planes these days.

Pros: Great crew!

Cons: No in flight entertainment and no electric outlet on the flight. Very basic airline.

Pros: Everything. In flight entertainment was great and service as shops.
Cons: No issues.

Cons: Everything

Pros: It was good fly can't complaint the attention was great
Cons: When I was flying to Arkansas from NY they didn't give anything to eat

Cons: Should be allowed one checked bag per person at no charge.

Cons: Boarding was slow. Flight to Chicago which was at the same gate took way too long to board. Could not figure out the problem. Took WAY too long to get wheelchairs to unload passengers off the plane that was to take us to Dallas. Sat on the tarmac for additional 20 min. Delay cost me an additional 2 1/2 hours later in Dallas and FIVE hours in London airport!!

Cons: At the last minutes was told to go to seat next to the bathroom coz the airline made a mistake and have my seat to the other person. So unprofessional and disappointing.

Cons: 3 hour delay...and no voucher for the delay

Cons: One hour delay sitting inside the plane with no pilot!! And to top it off, the air conditioner was off!! Will never fly American ever again.

Pros: Crew and boarding was great.
Cons: Three trips around complex on train because of gate changes. Could have spent a short while eating, relaxing, instead of frantically thinking I was going to be late and miss my flight.

Pros: The leg room on these flights is becoming a joke. I purchase upgrades seats always and was appalled on this trip how aa seems to be trying to rip off customers more and more with any trick they can come up with. My extra leg room was barely acceptable for any flight. I can't imagine those behind me.
Cons: I really will avoid AA at all costs now. Just feels like a rip off every time I fly with them and their crew is rude.

Pros: Not much
Cons: All flights delayed and missed last flight in Charlotte costing me my hotel in wilimington and had still waiting to get on itto purchase an additional room in Charlotte. Staff in no hurry to assist!!!!!

Pros: Fast shuttle to our hotel
Cons: Heat

Pros: Very good and safe
Cons: Everything was great

Pros: Easy bording
Cons: Everything was good

Pros: Drinks and snacks were fine.. Entertainment OK
Cons: Flight was 40 mins late. Plane was older than Noah's Ark.

Cons: The rubber chicken in first class was awful. Drinks and wine were good. Service was excellent.

Pros: I enjoyed purchasing a full fare first class ticket for my vacation
Cons: I didn’t like being bumped off my flight and being placed on a later flight in coach section. No refund for lesser service.

Cons: Sat on the runway way too long. Hot. Cramped plane

Pros: We had a 1pm connecting flight to SF enroute to Los Angeles and it was suddenly cancelled without any notification. Luckily, Kayak had notified me about the cancellation and we immediately called United to take the next flight out. The earliest was at 5:50pm and we didn’t get back to LA till 7:50pm. The 5:50pm flight was late and therefore push everything out...
Cons: No communication from United... the crew and staff was fine, it was just the lack of communication that was disappointing! Not to mention, I had my dog boarded at Doggy Daycare and I’d missed picking her up due to the late return back to LA.

Pros: The flights were on time
Cons: Packed together like animals on the way to the slaughterhouse for a 6 hour flight. And they charge for the tiny screen entertainment. They will happily allow you to swipe your credit card. Fly Jet Blue if you can- extra space between seats, free entertainment, comfortable flights.

Cons: Seating is very tight and amenities are nada.

Cons: The crew was the worst ever!!! Very rude ladies who spent more time on their phones then serving the customers. They sucked

Pros: Nice crew and smooth travels. Good snacks and coffee.
Cons: No drop down or seat screens.

Cons: i had no space & couldn’t move because passenger next to me should have been required to purchase TWO SEATS!!! I could not move entire flight & he had armrest up & took up my space & full plant so i could not move elsewhere. my neck is still killing me because i had to turn my head to stay away from his face. i will NEVER fly united again.

Pros: Easy very organized loading.
Cons: Really nothing

Cons: Very turbulent flight

Pros: Our flight was delayed leaving RNO, and the check-in agent moved my seat up to the front even though I had the new "Basic Economy" so I'd have a better chance running to catch my connection upon arrival. She also put my backpack in one of those plastic bags. DCA did not do the same for me.
Cons: Small CRJ, so seats were smaller as expected. Short flight though.

Pros: Getting off the hot tin can!
Cons: Plane was delayed because the AC was not working right. It never really cooled down much during the flight. They need to get their act together

Pros: Flight was on time
Cons: I am a small person, 5ft 4in 110lbs. The seats are not comfortable and very cramped.

Cons: Flight turned out to be 3 hours total instead of 1 1/4 hrs because of delays at both ends

Cons: Sat on the tarmac in Reno for half an hour because of flight control delay from SFO.

Pros: At least we didn't crash and die
Cons: I've flown with United before, and I've only had nothing but trouble. Decided to give them one last try, since their flights were a few bucks cheaper. Big mistake. They canceled my return flight last minute, and scheduled a new one over 24 hours later. Thus causing me to have to book a hotel last minute, as well as now being AWOL, since my Leave paperwork only lasted until my return date. Had to explain to the chief why I won't be at formation. I'm saving myself the trouble and never flying united again, even if I have to spend more money. United isn't even reimbursing me for the hotel. They basically told me to go f**k myself and file a complaint. They can eat a d**k.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The united staff kept skipping the lines to drop off the bags. They didn't care when multiple people in line said they were skipping people. After paying once for my checked bag they tried to make me pay again. Asked to see in writing what they were trying to explain and the manager couldn't do it. They never gave me my ticket stub for my checked bag. So if it hadn't arrived I wouldn't have had anyway to find it. Very disappointing staff in SFO. Seemed aa if no one at SFO was happy to be working there or even worse didnt know what to do most of the time. VERY different than the DEN united experience.

Cons: Every flight delayed 2 hours plus

Pros: Plane was 1/2 full; almost all tourists. Clean and ahead of schedule
Cons: Snacks are really weak - and I paid for them!

Pros: Same exact as above
Cons: Same as above

Cons: Tight uncomfortable seating

Pros: Flight out of Reno was delayed due to congestion / back up at LAX. Ground staff patiently helped all passengers reschedule connecting flights / explain options.

Pros: I loved how easy it was to book the flight.
Cons: I cancelled my flight within 24hrs and received no refund because I booked through priceline. However, there was no restriction or clause listed on the ticket stating that I had to cancel through priceline also. It really should not matter who I cancelled through, if I canceled within 24hrs the refund should be given. Also, the debits from my account said United as well as priceline taking me to United's web page to make the purchase. So of course one would think cancelling through United's site is appropriate. I'm very disappointed in United and will consider all other options (Airlines) before booking with them again. PS - United customer gave me the run around for 3 days knowing that it was their policy and they were the company who's keeping my money. Absolutely ridiculous.

Pros: It was quick but full

Cons: The tv broke

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Airplane went to the wrong airport and caused 3 hour delay . Missed my connecting flight.

Pros: First of all, I was excited to get to Puerto Vallarta! Unfortunately, we had a delay due to a child who got sick as the plane was backing from the gate. The crew was fantastic and had paramedics load the plane to check on toddler. The family deboarded and United crew cleaned the throw up. The pilots kept the passengers informed and we proceeded with the flight. The flight attendants were fantastic, particularly the brunette attendant who remembered me from a previous flight. Best flight attendant ever!! Thank you United!!!

Pros: One flight, we sat next to ssomeone with a cat in her lap that threw up and pooped the whole time. The second flight a drunk man yelled the whole flight.

Pros: I arrived at the aurport 1 hr 20 mins before flight - plenty if time to check in and make it to gate at a small airport ad Newark is. Wanted to check in online - the United System did not allow me to. Had to wait in line - long line due to holidays. I raised my hand and asked for assistance given the impending 1 hr cut off time for check in. Was told I should go to the special assustance line. Well, guess what - that line which was meant to be express service for fliers with special situations was moving with the speed of a tortoise - slower than the general line. Only 2 flight assistants were servicing, both incredibly slow. When asked politely that I need special assistance as I was approaching the 1 hr cut iff fir checkin, the United lady yelled at me instead of speeding up her slow motion. Bottom line, I missed my flight on a tiny airport dedpite arriving 1 hr 20 mins before flight. Had to wait 14 hrs overnight at the airport to catch the next flight because the United Airlines personnel are lazy, slow, inefficient, rude and no customer oriented. Terrible service.

Cons: No food. Horrible service

Pros: The courteous ticket agent at the counter in Reno-that's all.
Cons: Getting stuck, having to change plans. SUCKS!

Cons: The flight I purchased was over booked. I had to leave a friend behind and travel on my own. I will never use United Airlines again.

Pros: I was on time. I liked the view.
Cons: I don't like when they leave me at the gate in my wheelchair. I don't like it even more when they take the wheelchair. I feel really uneasy when I am left at the gate. So I have the wheelchair pusher let someone know from the gate that I am there and will need assistance. Once again being sexually assaulted going through the metal detectors. Outside of being foreign most of the United employees seem like complete morons. Also there was that same bag in front of me. So my legroom was restricted.

Pros: It got me to Boston!
Cons: Uncomfortable seats!

Pros: It got me to boston, the pilot etc did a great job
Cons: Uncomfortable seats, even in Economy plus

Cons: Our flights were all cancelled or delayed and they gave us nothing to apologize. We lost 2 whole days of vacation and the cost of our rooms. All of the customer service people were rude. One lady in particular was so rude I had to walk away from the desk. The movie on the plane skipped and was unwatchable. I hate this airline and would pay more to fly another one.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight was delayed for almost 5 hours and then cancelled. This delayed my trip with family to Missouri and inconvenienced many people. On top of that, due to cancellation had to stay in hotel without my luggage and my pills that I have to take daily. Worst experience ever!! I need compensation for all this mess!!!!

Pros: It was a quiet and smooth ride.

Pros: Did everything you scheduled and nice crew.
Cons: On the 3 hour and 18 minute trip to NY in the coach section the seats have hard plastic armrests and a paded armrest would make your airline the cats meow. Give the coach section a little comfort please.

Cons: The flight was over one hour late in leaving and while I appreciate that is beyond the control of the flight crew, one steward was quite rude as we were quickly trying to board as she prioritized serving the first class cabin rather than get us all on the plane. At the very least she could have used commonly acceptable language such as "please, thank you and excuse me" but rather chose to use "wait". As some of us where desperate to make a tight connection in SF, focusing on getting people on board and the plane off the ground should have been the crew focus.

Cons: I had no indication that my flight was actually with united and not air canada. I almost missed my flight as a result. Was incredibly stressful.

Pros: It was a great experience overall

Pros: Everything worked. Smooth process. But online check in didn't work well for us.
Cons: Online check-in.

Pros: Peaceful
Cons: The crew workers attitude

Cons: Late take off and had to wait for ground crew when landed

Pros: The on board crew did a good job but didn't have much to offer us.
Cons: No more seat back pocket. Its aolid plastic now & nothing fits. No meal service on a 4 hour flight. That's ridiculous. No check in counter. Just a sea of people fighting for kiosks to self check in. Bad enough there's no more ticket agents, they could at least have an organized line.

Pros: I was very pleased with Captain and crew, very friendly and helpful.
Cons: Seat comfort was the only issue I had.

Pros: Air crew, specifically, is very nice and accommodating.
Cons: Bare minimum airline, get what you pay for; airline gets the job done for shorter flights. Wouldn't advise taking them for longer flights, or if you are tall, or both of these factors UNLESS you upgrade to a seat with extra legroom. I promise, you wont regret coughing up the money for the extra comfort.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Company lied about why flight was delayed in order to avoid costly reimbursement

Cons: Flight was deayed for 3 hours. Terrible communication. 25 dollar voucher was given as compensation. I missed work and still have to pay my babysitter. Never again.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Always postponing the damn flight

Cons: Frontier is a joke. They cancelled the whole trip and left my dad stranded at the airport. F that airlines! Never fly frontier

Pros: The customer service was extremely friendly.
Cons: The line to check bags was over 30 minutes long. Boarding was slow, the plane was late on both legs of the trip. Everything costs extra. If the the flight is one price, don’t forget to add an additional $74 for checking one bag there and back

Cons: Very uncomfortable seats

Pros: The only thing I liked was the man who was boarding us because he was hurrying up so much. No doubt because he was hearing complaints back to back after the flight was delayed 4 hours.
Cons: The plane was delayed 4 hours and you still had to buy your own drinks and snacks, the plane was ungodly uncomfortable, it was past midnight and the flight crew would not stop making announcements or turning on and off the lights. Frontier nickel and dimes you so much. I will never fly frontier again and I'm telling my friends and family to never fly them either.

Pros: Prices are good but luggage fees are crazy

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Late departure

Pros: Easy booking process and easy boarding
Cons: Booked through vacation package and Frontier was the only option. Nickel and dime you for everything. Extremely uncomfortable seats and no customer service unless you pay. Would only fly on a very short trip.

Cons: Worst flight ever had Frontier Airline front desk at the Denver airport are so rude and disrespectful

Cons: Spend the extra money to get treated like a human. The savings aren't even that great after they nickel and dime you for literally everything. You save pennies to have the worst flying experience of your life.

Pros: The online price.
Cons: All of the hidden fees.

Pros: The price.
Cons: The seats don't recline

Cons: Everything cost separate..

Pros: Boarding was swift
Cons: I checked to see how much it cost to pay for my 2 checked bags online, it was 25.00 each. This was on a Sunday. Come Monday I went to pay for my two bags online but now it cost 35.00 per bag, WOW!!!

Pros: Friendly staff, fast and enjoyable flight experience....
Cons: Frontier oversold two tickets and was looking for volunteers, witch delayed our departure, although pilot compensated it on the flight

Cons: Seats are too small

Pros: Arrived at airport at 940 pm which was great because we were early but didn't get off the plane until almost 12am due to an airplane being worked on at our parking gate and also had to wait for local sheriffs office to board the plane to escort a lady off the plane when we finally did park and during that time the flight attendants were yelling at the paying customers because they had their phones out. One flight attendant even smacked a phone out of someone's hands! Will take a miracle to get me and my family to ever fly frontier again. Worse flight experience ever.

Pros: Very uncomfortable, otherwise acceptable

Pros: The crew was very friendly.
Cons: The seats are terribly uncomfortable.

Cons: At the time I received this survey, (3 hours after my flight was scheduled to leave) my flight had not even arrived to O'Hare and I had no information about when it would arrive or what caused the delay

Cons: Ended up being more expensive than other airlines after the bag fees at check in and on top of that, there's no televisions, seats don't recline. Stewardess' were nice but that's about it. I won't fly with them again. Flight was also delayed 3 hours

Pros: Frontier is cheap. Thats about it.
Cons: Everything except the staff and price.

Pros: Frontier is best kept secret ever. I plan to fly with you a lot in the future if the deals continue to be as good as it was for this flight. No hassle checked and carry on baggage fee was really great. I also must boast that the seat selections for me and my wife were outstanding!!
Cons: That I had not been hearing much about Frontier for the past several years.

Pros: Checking my bag was quick and easy but it would have been better had cash been accepted.
Cons: Charging for a coke? Seriously?!?! The stewardesses were not very personable and ate and chatted amongst themselves for most of the flight.

Cons: Cheap seats, hot plane, no space, Nicole and diming and shaky landing

Cons: Charge for carry-on bags. Charge for seats. Nickel and dime website trying to upsell you on every screen. Seats don't recline, uncomfortable.

Pros: I liked their crooked tactics in extracting money from customers
Cons: Everything, the agents at the counter were rude, when all the other flight companies allowed my carry-on they charged 60$ extra, the Seats were the most uncomfortable, there isn't anything known as legroom. I wasn't given water to drink because of which my sinus hurt.

Pros: They let parents with children under 3 board first along with those that need help. That was a plus for me since I was traveling with my 2 years old grandson
Cons: I had no complaints

Pros: Fare is cheap
Cons: Seats do not recline. You have to pay for everything, even the choice of seats. Water was not even served on 5+ hour flight!

Pros: Nothing. Will never fly with frontier again
Cons: 1. You have to pay for carry on bags, more expensive than checking a bag. 2. When checking in and getting the option to pick my seat, all of the normal seats were taken and had to pay extra (not for an extra legroom seat) but just to be closer to the front of the plane. 3. The seats are uncomfortable 4. No drink service during the flight. 5. Ended up paying 2/3 the cost of the original ticket in fees the day of my flight. 6. Our flight was delayed 30 minutes, but the front counter said Nothing about it being delayed or what time what time we were boarding, updates, etc. If I could rate them less than a star I would. Terrible experience and terrible company ideas. I will not ride when them again because I don't want them to think this is acceptable service from the airline business. I hope they go out of business soon.

Cons: I didn't get to take my flight , because a family emergency had occurred and there was no way for me to cancel or exchange my flight . Very inconvenient . Never buying from here again .

Pros: Space on the plane seemed to comparable or a little better than other airlines.
Cons: Plane arrived late at gate yet flight schedule was still shown as on time. Check in kiosk did not work so I went to a desk assistant. Desk assistant printed out boarding passes but when I went to board, gate attendant said that I didn't have a seat. I need a system that is much more user friendly (i.e. Southwest). I will probably look for an airline other than frontier next time.

Pros: we arrived 15 minutes early
Cons: our gate was changed and we had to wait in the plane 20 minutes after landing

Cons: The seats

Pros: Arrival and departure time was good
Cons: Most uncomfortable flight seats I ever remember riding on

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I expected because of the cheap price of the plane ticket that I would have to shell out some money for my baggage but I assumed that Frontier followed normal airline guidelines and allowed customers a personal item and carryon. It was not until the time I decided to check-in (I decided by the way, the intermediary site did not notify me of a check in or anything) that I discovered that carryons were not included. It was during checkin that I also discovered that picking a seat, any seat, cost money. I have never before encountered this, not on any airline. When I got on the flight the tray table turned out to be slightly smaller than my hand, which as a fairly small woman, is not very big to begin with, so it was entirely inadequate to support my laptop. I did try but I could not even get the screen open at an angle which allowed me to view it. Lastly drinks on the flight were not complimentary as I have experienced on all other flights. Perhaps I am spoiled but I found it highly disappointing that I could only be expected to receive water. In summation, never again will I fly Frontier

Pros: Nice crew. That's the only thing.
Cons: 9 hour delay. Literally. Seats were plastic and thin. Nice crew, but overall an AWFUL experience. Also an airline that charges for everything. From carry-on baggage to drinks other than water. Not worth it.

Pros: Low cost
Cons: Seats were not comfortable and didn't recline , cost for carry on bag. No complimentary beverages offered.

Cons: Flight leaving Milwaukee was delayed due to technical problems. Got on the plane an hour late, sat on the plane for over an hour, had to get off the plane and wait in the terminal for 2 hours therefore missed my connecting flight and have not arrived at my final destination. There was nothing offered for the trouble or inconenience (snacks, drinks, etc.). I had to miss an important meeting and never want to fly Frontier again.

Pros: Being on time and boarding.
Cons: Charges for selecting seat.

Cons: Had to pay for check in a bag and carry on bag Had to pay to be seated

Cons: seats too cramped, website not accurate on baggage fees

Pros: Only thing i liked is That we didnt crash
Cons: -$40 fee for personal bag that was slightly over regulation -one hour delay PLUS 2 hours stuck on runway in the airplane without access to water nor could we stand up out of our chairs for bathroom -finally when they were serving food and beverage only paying passengers had first access to food and water even if the crew had to walk all the way to the back and then back to the front to serve and charge them, it took about 45 minutes until they started serving water (of which the second cup of water they needed to charge for supposedly although we got "lucky" and they gave us a free second little glass of water)

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Employees were indifferent to passengers. More concerned with their cell phones

Pros: The price is cheap!
Cons: You should serve slight snack like other domestic flights in other airplane like juice, soda or pretzels or peanuts! Or at least just drinks! NOT JUST WATER!

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta

Airlines flying from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Yosemite National Park to Puerto Vallarta

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