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Top airline flying Zaporozhye Zaporizhia Intl to San Francisco

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Turkish Airlines
Overall score based on 22,951 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Everything was more than perfect. Thanks Turkish Airlines."
Cons: "On board internet must be faster."

Pros: "The food was SUPER DELICIOUS! The seats were comfortable, the movie selection is great, and the staff's care and commitment to customer happiness is unmatched!"

Cons: "Policy"

Pros: "The service is excellent and they do everything in their control to make a long flight comfortable."
Cons: "It's a long flight - nothing you do about that."

Pros: "Better than average in flight service. Excellent in flight entertainment"
Cons: "Poor customer service. What the Turkish airliines claims to provide for passengers with long stopover (free tour etc.) on its web site did not happen. We got inconsistent and not helpful information from different Turkish representatives. Tight seat configurations. Uncomfortable for a 12+ hour flight."

Pros: "Comfortable flight, friendly flight attendants, food, usb port to charge my phone, and the in-flight entertainment"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "This was my first flight with Turskis Airlines and my best experience with flying to Europe. The food was excellent; we had two hot delicious meals (best airplane food I ever had). The crew was the best - professional yet friendly. TA airfares are cheaper than other airlines so I could spend one day in Istanbul. That alone is worth it!"

Pros: "Turkish airlines is the worst of the worst."

Pros: "Amazing service and comfortable environment. The really take care of you"
Cons: "Boarding Process could be a little streamlined. Guess we are used to the regulated process"

Cons: "My flight was cancelled two days in a row. When i tried calling the 800 number call center, it didn't work. When i called the Turkey phone number, the communication was bad. After 3 days of being stranded i went to the Turkish Airlines office and they were not able to help me with a new flight or a refund so that i can purchase another ticket home."

Cons: "I have never had a worse experience with booking travel and I vow to avoid Kayak and any related services. This has been truly one of the most terrible travel experiences. The flights were changed (not a big deal) and I was told I was due a refund. After three 1-1.5 hour calls no such refund has come and both agencies says the other is due to provide. I am furious and will never use Kayak or Justfly again."

Pros: "- nice treats around take off (turkish delight and Superman v Batman Chocolate cake) - good in-flight entertainment selection"
Cons: "- service was slow and steward/esses took awhile to respond to service calls; were not that friendly - trash wasn't picked up"

Pros: "Private TVs and lots of movies! :-)"
Cons: "Little leg room and food was not good"

Pros: "Fast, efficient, confortable, nice flight attendants, good food."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The plane was very cold"

Cons: "The seats were so small for such a long flight. I realize that's the case with alll planes, but I was suffering. Everything else was great. The people, the entertainment, everything."

Pros: "flights on time.."
Cons: "Our pre-ordered meals were not served"

Pros: "Great crew service and food. Great entertainment features."
Cons: "Wish services in Istanbul airport was better. Had to take a bus to the terminal and transfer directions and gate services was confusing and not very good. But this is not the airlines fault."

Pros: "My wife and I try to travel internationally 2 or 3 times a week to various parts of the world. International airlines tend to be better than the US-based ones, and Turkish Airlines was no exception. We flew from SFO -> IST in March 2016 and they were really milking the fact that they're in the new Batman vs Superman movie with ads on the in-flight magazines, a fancy bat-shaped trifold menu, on-board amenity bag, and even showed trailer after the safety video. At Istanbul, we saw another plane that was completely wrapped with the Batman vs Superman logo. Haha The service was very good, food was good (they even had the chefs greet people as they got on and off the plane), and they had a great selection of movies/entertainment. Despite all the hours I have flown, I'm not good with sleeping in economy seats and while the seats are good, I still can't sleep in these. I'm about 5'-10", average build, and didn't have a problem with legroom or seat width. I like that they also give out this little amenity bag with fluffy slippers, earplugs, lip balm, and I forget what else. It's embroidered with a Batman vs Superman logo on it. Not bad! Earbuds are also free, but I don't know the quality because I used my own. After taking off, they'll serve a meal, pass out drinks (fresh lemonade is only available when originating from Turkey), and then dim the lights and leave you alone. A couple hours before landing, they'll pass out drinks and and another meal. I didn't try, but you can request a cheese sandwich and drinks any time. The only difference with this airline is that everywhere else, the flight attendants will ask people to right up their seats during meals. They don't here and you have to ask the person in front to please sit up so their seat isn't all in your face. Turkey actually has a city called Batman (near the Syrian border), and some ruins called Metropolis (near Izmir). No, Turkish Airlines doesn't actually fly there so their ad copy is a little wrong. We didn't get a chance to visit either of these places, but it would've been cool to check them out."
Cons: "Not anything to do with Turkish Airlines, but being based in Istanbul, the International airport (Ataturk) is still under construction. I don't know which flights used the jetway, but all the flights we took from there (international and domestic) required boarding a bus between the plane and the gate."

Cons: "Connection was too long to Dubai"

Pros: "great movie selection."
Cons: "was asked to show up 1 hour before boarding to a "secure area" with 5 different ID checks... however, once in, no restrooms available and boarding took a long time and was delayed."

Pros: "Everything from service to entertainment to food was first class."

Pros: "It was to hot on the plane , I told them 3 times and still nothing chaged .... I don't think I fill fly with them on the future."

Pros: "Food and entertainment system were amazing. Everything else was at the level of good international airlines. Not at the Singapore Airlines level but far better than US carriers and at the British Airways, Qantas level"

Pros: "For a 13 hr flight on economy class, it was excellent. Cabin crew was very polite. Food was tasty. Boarding was descent. Nice collection of music and movies. Best of all wifi on an overseas flight. Live TV news channels."
Cons: "Seats are kind of small and narrow on economy class but I guess that's in most airlines."

Pros: "Great selection of movies. Really got a kick out of the Batman vs. Superman stuff! :)"
Cons: "I was a bit tight in my seat, and when I went towards the back of the plane, I saw a number of people had a whole row to themselves. It would have been nice if the spacing was better so more of us could be less cramped."

Pros: "A real plug under each seat - great to work on a 14h flight seat pitch better than most airlines No-fuss attitude makes things easier in general"
Cons: "cleanliness is a different standard from, say, Lufthansa but not botheringly so. Turkish telecom wastes your time in trying to get on the Istambul Airport wifi - impossible."

Pros: "The touch screens and little care packages we got once we were on the plane were great. The food was really good, too, but they ran out of one dinner option before it got to half the plane."
Cons: "The entry to the plane in Istanbul was complicated--double checking at the gate for security and then also the boarding entry. The lines were crowded and disorganized and began late. After we were on the runway, we actually turned around and went back to the gate to let one sick passenger off. the flight attendants went up and down the aisles multiple times opening bins and asking people if the luggage was theirs or not before we could leave the gate again. It was really disorganized and bizarre. The flight itself was fine. The flight attendants weren't overly friendly, and they were missing during longer stretches, leaving passengers to find refreshments on their own. Beyond that, things were thankfully uneventful."

Pros: "Great airline but the food is restaurant worthy."

Pros: "In flight entertainment system offered a wide selection of movies and games, as well as flight info. Good frequency of"
Cons: "Not much leg room in the seats. Bad gate setup, multiple security checks before boarding and having to go in a bus to the actual plane. This might be the airports fault more than the flight."

Cons: "No complaints"

Cons: "food was served cold i had flown them before and the food was good , this time is was terrible - basically not edible, so during that very long flight I ate almost nothing and to top it off the food was served cold staff did not speak english well at all"

Pros: "Very friendly crew relatively comfortable airplane some of the best food up in the sky"
Cons: "had to board bus from terminal to airplane. too many checkpoints from security lines to the plane. some of those you can understand in a plane heading to the US. BUT some of them are totally useless and unnecessary. alos putting too many stickers on your passport. Turkish have to keep in mind that if every airport has done the same my passport will be covered up with stickers by now."

Pros: "Entertainment system was great. I asked for an extra legroom seat when checking in (because I'm 6ft+), and this request was entertained for both me and my wife."
Cons: "The 2nd meal didn't have any protein and didn't taste very good. The seats are generally tight for anyone who is taller than 6 ft."

Pros: "Although a fairly long journey, we were all very comfortable and treated very well by the staff."

Pros: "I liked the flight attendants. They were all VERY pleasant and accessible. They were all service oriented and felt that they honestly wanted to ensure that they flight was as comfortable as possible."
Cons: "Total chaos boarding. It was hoarding cats in a pen. NO organization what so ever. The serving of the food was a nightmare.... the food was served in sections. the hot plate first ... 5 minutes later... the hot bread... then yet another 5 minutes later... the drink. No water to be had. Was in the air for a full 5 hours before they brought the cart around for water/refreshments. Horrible."

Pros: "I thought the crew was very good and more helpful and friendly than the average cabin crew."

Pros: "The crew and food were good"
Cons: "Connection in Istanbul is bad. Lines were long and not orderly. Bad experience overall. Flight out of Istanbul was late. The reading light did not work. The crew was very nice and service was good. Again, luggage did not arrive. This time 2 out of 2 pieces. One piece arrived a day later the second took more than 48 h."

Pros: "Lost luggage"

Cons: "They cancelled my seat because of overbooking but they can not explain why? I was able to change my ticket two days later. Unexperienced staff, such a caos at the thy counters."

Pros: "I liked the coach video screens and entertainment system. Screens are large and easy to use, as is the touch screen interface. Lots to choose from. Good system! FAs very friendly and helpful. Quality staff on board my flight."
Cons: "My IST - SFO leg was VERY long. Considering the length of the flight, nowhere near enough water was handed out. About 3 hours into the journey a single pass was made through the cabin offering bottles of water but that was the only time it happened in a 13 hour flight. FAs were happy to give water - in single doses in a cup when asked but service could be improved. Better service would include 3 passes through the cabin at regular intervals offering full bottles of water and not just a cup."

Cons: "Seats 24a/b were next to exit door. Airplane is pumping out cold air literally right next to your feet. Crew was not willing to change temperature. Was not willing to offer comparable seats somewhere else in the plane despite having space. So, we were cold despite layers of blankets throughout the 13 hours of flight."

Pros: "Awesome access to English movies that made a 13 hour flight from Istanbul to SFO bearable. There was more space than most coach seats and their 2-bags free checking policy meant there were fewer lines in the aisles and more room in the overhead compartments. Being used to US airlines, having two meals and a wide range of free beverages (including fresh-squeezed OJ and wine) was a treat."
Cons: "My only complaint would be the lack of any US TV programs among the many video offerings on the longer flight -- there was no video on the 2-hour connecting flight. The food on both flights was just OK, but it had a smattering of lots of East and West so everyone could find something."

Cons: "I traveled on the same airline from SFO to IST 10 days ago and loved it. However, this flight from IST to SFO was terrible. The crew probably was trying to do their best but it didnt work. - I was feeling sick so i pushed the attendant button 4 times to get someone to come by. - When they did come by and I asked for some tea, they got me a lukewarm tea! Seriously. - The toilets - When I used it mid-way, it was terrible. It needed restocking and actual cleaning the pot since the flush couldn't take away all of the solids i guess. Gross."

Cons: "seats too close for knees were cramped when the seat in front of me leaned back. i'm only 5'4" so I really felt for the people taller than me...other than that the flight was wonderful..."

Pros: "Boarding in SFO and Crow in general"
Cons: "Boarding in Egypt and ground service and support in Istanbul Online service needs to meet as least the other Airline services."

Pros: "Good selection of food offered."
Cons: "Both meals served were cold/warm. Rush delivery with poor execution on heating the food. Also suggest Turkish get Ginger Ale on board. This helps some travelers keep calm."

Pros: "I found TA to be great in every detail--schedules kept, cabins well-appointed, food exceptional. Will use them every time I can from now on."

Pros: "Friendly staff."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Zaporozhye to San Francisco

Airlines flying from Zaporozhye to San Francisco have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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