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The best way to plan and manage your travel on the go

  • Search hundreds of other travel sites at once
  • Plan your trip across multiple devices
  • Access mobile-only deals
  • The complete KAYAK experience when on the go


The tools to make the right travel decisions

  • Get the information you need to find the best flight, hotel or rental car
  • Sign up for Price Alerts to know when prices change for the flight or hotel you want
  • Book now or wait? Price Forecast lets you book with confidence
  • Unlock Private Deals and exclusive mobile-only rates
  • Save multiple search options to compare or share with friends and family


KAYAK Trips: Your free personal travel assistant

  • Organize your travel plans
  • Never forget your gate number or hotel confirmation again
  • Book using the app to begin building your trip’s itinerary
  • For reservations booked on other apps or sites, forward receipts to trips@kayak.com to add them to your trip
  • Share your trip details with family and friends


Manage your travel with confidence

  • Receive notifications when hotel or airfare prices change to book the best option
  • Receive real-time flight status, gate change and baggage claim alerts
  • Quickly access your travel plans on your Apple Watch

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