New Orleans car rentals

New Orleans car rentals

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New Orleans, LA
May 26 — Jun 2
Same drop-off
New Orleans, LA
Thu 5/26
Thu 6/2

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New Orleans car rental reviews and directory

From $129/dayRated #1
Best rated
8.1 Excellent (168 reviews)
5 locations in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
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  • 8.2
  • 8.1
  • 7.9
  • 8.2
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreApr 15 2022
I had a reservation for 361$ … when I got there they told me almost 800$ argued my way to 450$.
10.0 ExcellentJan 18 2022
Location was easy to access
8.0 ExcellentOct 18 2020
the whole experience was great....everyone was was al good....
8.4 ExcellentSep 7 2020
Helpful staff.I believed this location was at MSY, but it was not. I had to take a 25 minute Uber ride to the actual location. I will need to be more careful on selecting next time. I was sure that I selected MSY. :(
9.6 ExcellentAug 5 2020
The car was awesome, and the pick-up and drop-off experiences were seamless.
10.0 ExcellentJun 20 2020
This Enterprise location was fast and friendly. Loved the service!
9.6 ExcellentNov 27 2019
Speedy check in process
2.0 MediocreAug 13 2019
Staff member was incredibly rude and left me feeling opposed to never using this service ever again.
10.0 ExcellentJun 23 2019
Staff was quick and easy on pick up and delivery.
7.2 GoodMay 27 2019
Affordable, easy pick up and drop off.The car was dirty when we picked it up and only had a half tank of gas! There was gum stuck to the doors and trash tucked between the seats- yuck.
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From $81/dayRated #2
5.9 Okay (225 reviews)
2 locations in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
  • 6.3
  • 6.4
  • 5.7
  • 5.3
  • 6
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentMay 18 2022
I think the staff were amazing—courteous, informative, prompt. I’d return for sure.
2.0 MediocreMay 12 2022
Waited over 2 hours to get my car.
2.0 MediocreApr 8 2022
I rented the car. Went to pick up and no car was available and options to rent any other way. Ended up paying for a flight home later the following. Say a good experience.
2.0 MediocreMar 24 2022
Had to cancel because rental pick up location needed to be changed … neither Priceline nor Hertz would change the location. Very unpleasant experience.
2.0 MediocreMar 20 2022
No rental car at location despite having a reservation. I was left high and dry
4.0 OkayMar 5 2022
The ladies that are at your service desk in New Orleans at the hertz corporate center all need a crash course on customer service. They ignore you while u in front of them .they are extremely slow when servicing you They do not communicate with u at all on why u are holding on or waiting for them They have unprofessional conversations right in front of u as u are left waiting .. And I experienced this and I was the only customer at that time. They are the reasons why I won't uterilize your services again . I travel every week . Never experienced such dislike in years 😕
6.0 GoodFeb 6 2022
The pick-up and drop-off were quick and easy. There was not an explanation for the pick-up and drop-off times being other than the requested times. Seemed to be just default times. This cost me one-third of a day's rental fee for each of the two hours I was "late". To drop-off the car at the airport location instead of the downtown pick-up location would have cost me more than 150 percent of my actual 3-day rental fee. Each site is within 15 miles of the other.
10.0 ExcellentJan 15 2022
Staff very friendly and welcoming. Very easy drop off procedure
2.0 MediocreJan 3 2022
Despite the instructions I received for drop-off, and the holiday hours posted on the entrance, the office was locked and closed when I tried to return the car, and no alternative instructions were given to me or posted on the entrance. I called Hertz waited on hold for 45 minutes and never reached a person. Luckily someone in the same position as me who was had also been on hold was told by a Hertz rep that there was a key drop-off in the parking garage. Two days later, my contract has not been closed, and Hertz has put two $100 pending charges on my credit card, presumably for the lateness to close the contract. I was assured on the phone yesterday that the issue would be resolved, but i am still waiting.
6.0 GoodDec 28 2021
They were overbooked. Luckily they were able to get me a car from a different location, but it costed more and I had to commute
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From $85/dayRated #3
Most popular
7.5 Good (94 reviews)
2 locations in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
  • 7.7
  • 7.6
  • 7.5
  • 7.4
  • 7.3
Recent reviews
8.0 ExcellentMar 26 2022
Staff was overwhelmed with clients, but Alec was pleasant and helpful. Took half an hour for car to be prepped and washed.
10.0 ExcellentMar 20 2022
Fast pick up, easy return
4.0 OkayMar 17 2022
The car had several lights on the dash, and they knew and still gave it to us. When driving, the alignment was terrible an borderline unsafe on the highway. They were unorganized and frazzled. Someone else immediately returned their car, after driving off, b/c their car was making a loud sound.
4.0 OkayFeb 18 2022
We purposely booked a car that would comfortably fit the 6 of us plus 3 pieces of luggage. When we went to pick up the car, they did not have a car that matched that description, they were “all out of cars”. So instead we got a car that tightly fit 5 of us and one of the kids had to sit on and adult’s lap. Also we had to squeeze the suitcases everywhere in between the seat, and Neither safe nor comfortable. No adjustment in price was offered. It seems pretty basic to me that if you reserve a car with certain requirements it should be available at pick up. No?
10.0 ExcellentJan 1 2022
Smooth process, good service. Thank you!
8.0 ExcellentNov 15 2021
Tpickup location was closed when we arrived. Had to go back the next day to pick up the car. staff was helpful however somewhere between KAYAK and Budget there should have been communication regarding hours of operation.
4.0 OkayJul 1 2021
Not charging an extra day and not giving us a lower class car at the same rate
4.0 OkayMay 25 2021
That I was able to get a rentalPicked up the rental in New Orleans with low leaking air in the rear tires .. had to fill them on several occasions.. woke up the next morning to only 6 psi .. had to take the vehicle and exchange it 30 miles away .. just blew a big chunk of my day spent on vacation
8.0 ExcellentMay 10 2021
Houston staff was helpful and understanding.Pickup in New Orleans could have been better: the representative did not give us a chance to inspect the car nor did he notate the amount of gas in the tank. Luckily we took a photo showing the tank was not full when we received the car, because in Houston at drop off they were expecting the car to be full until we explained and had the picture as proof. We also discovered while driving that one of the headlights was out, which the New Orleans representative did not inform us/note down, but the Houston representative noticed immediately before we even told him.
10.0 ExcellentApr 21 2021
Quick fast and efficient with a credit card and done online. Promotion available after rental dropoffNot sure if anything slightly cheaper
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From $87/dayRated #4
6.5 Good (35 reviews)
4 locations in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
  • 7
  • 7.3
  • 6.5
  • 6.2
  • 6.7
Recent reviews
8.0 ExcellentApr 6 2022
The clerk at the counter was helpful but it wasn't clear if it was open when we arrived. The car we were given clearly had not been cleaned, with trash in the passenger door and food crumbs on the floor. It's no big deal but the person who came to acknowledge the situation barely apologized. We rented the car for only one day and the clerk indicated that his location was open only until 3 pm but that we could return the car at another location. Later during the day we weren't sure anymore if he had said we could return it at any time so we tried to call Avis in New Orleans, only to waste our time waiting for a national assistant to take our call. The line was poor and we were cut off before I could get the requested info, so we just drove back to New Orleans and returned the car before 5 pm (official closing time of second location in NO). Turns out there is a key box for after hour returns but it is not mentioned on the website.
10.0 ExcellentMar 26 2022
Nichole is a wonderful lady. A keeper!
2.0 MediocreMar 12 2022
Kayak listed a bunch of cars that were unavailable for the date I selected and allowed me to book one. Thankfully, the lady at Hertz called to let me know that the car (or any car) wasn’t actually available in New Orleans and they would let me know if one came up. I had to scramble to get a flight from New Orleans to Destin, which cost $700. It sounds like a lot of people in the back two rows of the plane with me had the same problem because of your company. I don’t plan to use your business ever again unless I’m forced to, and if I have to use your business, I’ll call the other party to see whether the stuff you’re selling is actually for sale. 🤬😤😡😠:(
2.0 MediocreMar 1 2022
Car wasn’t available, waisted my time
2.0 MediocreJan 30 2022
It would've been nice to know it was 30 minutes and a $45 cab ride away from the airport
3.9 MediocreOct 12 2021
They didn't have a car available for me when I had made a reservation a week in advance. I had to wait in the lobby until a car showed up. When a car finally did show up, I realized it had a leaking tire that ended up making me late to where I was going and I had to change the tire wearing a suit after attending a wedding. Why was this something that was missed? How was this not checked before releasing the car to me?
2.0 MediocreApr 12 2021
We received a call on the way to DTW airport Detriot by a man saying there was a mix up with our reservation as they were closing at Noon. Note I made this on March 20 and he is calling me on April 3. We cannot make it before closing as we land at 4:00 so he modified our reservation ON HIS OWN ACCORD to MSY and a new price of $1110 vs the $483.88 Cannot get any help at counter because it was made thru Kayak / Priceline and can’t get a hold of anyone. Finally I call Avis and she gets me an unpublished deal of $797.79. I received a reminder email on April 2 too. Someone did a bait and switch on me and owes me $313.91. I expect an email or call ASAP Jeff Murray (616)840-2039 or jjmurray7@aol.comSee above
2.0 MediocreApr 4 2021
Literally nothing.Everything. The guy was an hour and a half late then just said, “Oh well you shouldn’t have been able to book it earlier.” No apology, no discount... It ruined our whole day because we were two hours late after he had to drive us to another location because the one I reserved the car at apparently only had a 12-passenger van he kept trying to get us to take. There were three of us! We didn’t want the damn van.
2.8 MediocreDec 30 2019
Car was not ready. Expected wait was 45 minutes.Car should have been ready. Avis should have texted or called to let us know they were short of cars.
4.0 OkayJul 29 2019
Picking up and dropping off were easy.They charged me $40 more than on the original contract. There is no reason given on the receipt.
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From $59/dayRated #5
7.2 Good (5 reviews)
1 location in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
  • 7.6
  • 8
  • 7.2
  • 6.8
  • 7.6
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentMay 3 2022
These folks were the most helpful customer focused people I’ve come across in years. Smaller company with huge heart and great service.
2.0 MediocreOct 27 2021
Was unable to pick up car due to late flight arrival althoughI was told in advance that it would not be a problem. I had to make other transportation plans, including a $70 Uber ride. Was still charged for car and I never had the chance to pick it up.
10.0 ExcellentMay 9 2021
Teka was very friendly and helpful. This car rental company is off-site from the rental center to provide lower rates, so the facilities are sparse. The car was great and clean and it was an excellent experience.We had difficulty reaching the main number but were finally picked-up at the bus stop at the car rental center. The vehicle was great except for the dirty inside of the windshield.
8.0 ExcellentMay 7 2021
Pickup was great, Nick was very friendly and helpful. This is a budget operation, so the facilities are sparse. The car was great and clean, except for the inside of the windshield.The drop-off was on a Sunday, and handled by someone who was not an actual employee of the company. It was NOT a good experience!
6.0 GoodApr 8 2021
Just a heads up. This rental company IS NOT LOCATED AT THE CAR RENTA CENTER. You have to take one shuttle from the airport to the car the car rental center and the call them for them to come pick you up there to take you to their place. I specifically chose companies at the terminal to avoid this, but still got this as a choice only to be surprised once I got to the rental center that it was not there
From $55/dayRated #6
Cheapest deal
5.1 Okay (19 reviews)
1 location in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
  • 5.3
  • 4.9
  • 5
  • 5.5
  • 5.8
Recent reviews
8.0 ExcellentMay 7 2022
Lady that helped my when I picked up was to the point but very friendly! We chatted but got things done quickly and efficiently. Drop off was simple and quick.
2.0 MediocreApr 23 2022
The car was a wreck - scratches, torn upholstery and the engine light came one. Called to report it and was told that it was a “known” issue. The best thing about the rental was that the AC and the brakes worked. Also the staff was very friendly.
2.0 MediocreApr 3 2022
I never got the car! The rental place was CLOSED when I arrived and I couldn’t even get the car! Someone needs to call me immediately to process a full refund.
4.0 OkayMar 10 2022
The car was much older than expected. The radio was missing a nob and did not function properly. The car strongly smelled like marijuana. There were no up-to-date features in the car.
2.0 MediocreJan 4 2022
Worst rental experience! The price doubled at the office even if we took an insurance. No spare wheel and we had a flat tire! The worst!
2.0 MediocreDec 10 2021
In fine print, they only allow 150 miles a day if you don't have an airline ticket. Don't try to hid that with unlimited mileage on website. Use Hertz from now on. Ridiculous customer service and atmosphere. Run....
1.9 HorribleOct 14 2021
Car was falling apart, guess we got what we paid for
10.0 ExcellentJul 31 2021
We were so unsure of what we would other online reviews and read horrible things. But honestly, we don’t know why! This place was wonderful (yes, a bit sketchy looking from the outside, so don’t judge a book by its cover here!), the staff was amazing and friendly, and we got a new Kia that was great! Super! And the price?! Unbeatable! I couldn’t be happier!
10.0 ExcellentMay 20 2021
Very friendly staff. One staff member offered to even drive us to the airport for 10% less than an Uber so we didn't have to wait for one or move our luggage!The woman we signed out papers with could have talked a bit slower. She spoke so quickly we had to ask multiple times for her to repeat herself. But she was very friendly and helpful!
10.0 ExcellentMay 18 2021
Great price compared to others. Hertz cancelled my reservation as I was getting on the plane. Fine Found this last minute. No complaints.
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From $68/dayRated #7
Economy Rent a Car
5 Okay (28 reviews)
1 location in New Orleans
Economy Rent a Car
Locations in New Orleans
  • 5.6
  • 5.7
  • 5.1
  • 5.2
  • 5.8
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreApr 25 2022
Arrived at location. Was abandoned. Call. Told my car was in a accident and they were cancelling my reservation which was made months in advance. DO NOT RENT FROM HERE
2.0 MediocreApr 5 2022
Never again; Rented my car to someone else. When I got to pickup, they were closed. Left several phone messages but no one returned my calls. Also there were no cars available at any of the other rental car companies. Had to Uber to Biloxi $170 later. The worst experience ever.
2.0 MediocreMar 26 2022
Awful experience. Car was in terrible shape, 78k miles on it, and drove poorly. Rental counter is not on the airport shuttle loop so you have to take another shuttle to get there. Do not use this company.
2.0 MediocreMar 13 2022
I will not use Kayak for rental cars ever again. My travel was delayed and my car was given away. I was fully charged. Economy rented my car to someone else and got paid twice. Lesson learned.
2.0 MediocreFeb 13 2022
I couldn’t find the shuttle to their pickup counter. The car I was provided was really dented up a lot. It also had several maintenance messages that came up when started and not all features of the car worked (like cruise control did not work).
4.0 OkayJan 17 2022
Everything was perfect until drop off time. Spoke with the rental office twice on the day of drop off about how much fuel to leave in the car. They did say it would be after hours when I return the cat and to take an Uber. That was fine but they where not only closed, the IHOP was closed, and the Days Inn was also closed, the entire building was closed for renovation and that was not communicated to myself nor the other driver who was also baffled and calling. We just decided to leave the keys in the car because we had flights to catch. There was no drop box for the keys nor instructions on the door. Not happy about the lack of communication.
2.0 MediocreJan 6 2022
I would like a refund. They never sent me a comfirmation email or adress so I was left in New Orleans without a way to find them. Had to get a seperate rental car.
4.0 OkayNov 19 2021
The staff was very nice and professional. Getting to the location was a bit confusing as they were across the street from where all the other airport rentals were. The car was incredibly dirty and had cosmetic damage at pick-up (despite it being only 2 years old). Had issues with tire pressure on the second day of the rental and I had to refill one of the tires. The windshield wipers desperately needed replacing as well. Very good fuel economy though!
7.9 GoodOct 4 2021
When I made my reservation I was guaranteed a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500, there was probably some fine print somewhere that said I was booking an economy rental, but it wasn’t obvious. They went above and beyond to pick me up from the airport, they called earlier in the day to reconfirm I would still be there and gave crystal clear instructions on how to get to the car rental station where they were waiting for me at 10 pm. To my surprise, there wasn’t a single Mini or Fiat on their lot and I was given a Nissan Versa. I feel like the ad was a bit deceptive however their customer service is top notch.
7.9 GoodJul 24 2021
They were extremely helpful and overall it was a great experience. It is a little less convenient than using one of the larger rental car companies because you first have to take a shuttle from the airport and then the company will pick you up where the shuttle drops you and ferry you across the street to the Economy Rent-a-Car facility. It was a little bit of a hassle but well worth it for the price and the customer service was great - I missed the return hotel shuttle to the airport and they didn't make it my problem, they called the driver and had him drop me so I could take the rental car shuttle to the airport. It would have been nice to have received a bit more detail prior to arriving. They do send a text with instructions for how to get the shuttle and when to contact them to have the driver meet you at the shuttle drop off. However, I wasn't aware they would need my insurance cards for verification (understandable but I've gotten used to Hertz and Enterprise where you don't need those cards) so it was a little frantic at the counter as I tried to find the validation info they needed for my insurance. It would have been nice for that to be clearly stated in an email prior to getting the facility but that was the only thing I'd change.
Eagle Rent A Car
2 locations in New Orleans
Eagle Rent A Car
Locations in New Orleans
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2 locations in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
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From $92/day
1 location in New Orleans
Locations in New Orleans
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  • New Orleans is a cultural melting pot of diverse heritage, world-renowned music, exceptional nightlife, and culinary options. Renting a car will help you maximize your time in New Orleans; whether you aim to explore the varied wetlands that the surrounding lakes and Mississippi River have to offer, or would prefer to discover secrets spread across the downtown metropolis, renting a car is the best option. Aside from checking out the distinctive Creole-styled architecture in the French Quarter, ensure you venture across Lake Pontchartrain and witness the isolated beauty of Fontainebleau State Park and Mandeville.
  • The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is located approximately 4.5 miles from the downtown area and you can expect to complete the drive in about 25 minutes. Major rental companies such as Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and Dollar have a range of rental options to suit you; you can use KAYAK to find the best deal. Once you have collected your luggage, proceed towards the exit and take a right turn under the sheltered walkway towards the Car Rental Facility to pick up your keys.
  • Streetcars, commonly referred to as trams in other parts of the world, are present in the center of town and you must be careful while driving to provide the right of way and ensure you do not stop on the tracks. While drinking alcohol on the street is uniquely legal in New Orleans, having an open alcoholic container in your car while driving is not. Right-hand turns on a red light are legal in New Orleans unless otherwise indicated.
  • Like most major cities, New Orleans experiences rush hour delays at peak commuting periods of the work week. It is advisable to plan around the rush hour between 7:30 am and 9:30 am, as well as 4 pm and 7 pm. People come to New Orleans from all across the world to celebrate events such as Mardi Gras and the Jazz & Heritage Festival. During these festivities, traffic is particularly affected close to the French Quarter so, if you are in the city during this period, allow some extra time to reach your destination.
  • 25% of our users found rental cars in New Orleans for $73 or less
  • Book your rental car in New Orleans at least 1 day before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Off-airport rental car locations in New Orleans are around 52% cheaper than airport locations on average
  • Mini rental cars in New Orleans are around -84% cheaper than other car types, on average

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