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3 locations in Greater Northdale
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6.0 GoodApr 23 2021
The staff was difficult at the airport, we had to pickup are car at a different location(On Nebraska) and to get a Uber to that location. Once we got there.....The young lady was very helpful. Was concerned on drop off because we originally was to have a car from the airport but the young lady state we could drop off the car at 3909 hillsborough ave. Which was ok but we still were inconvenienced on a expense of getting a Uber.Making sure that you have enough vehicles to rent to customers. All three locations next to enterprises did not have cars to rent to customers. Customers were pissed off and being turned away without any assistances.
2.0 MediocreApr 20 2021
Enterprise accepted my reservation for a Sunday return to a location that is not open on Sundays. I walked to the Dropbox to find that “due to security issues” they do not accept drop offs after hours and if you drop the keys, you are liable for anything that happens to the vehicle. My flight out was before they opened on Monday. I spent 90 minutes on the phone trying to find someone who could tell me what to do and ultimately, no one had an answer for me. National chain submitted a ticket with the branch I was using in HOPES that they wouldn’t charge me if I returned the car to the airport the next day. Apparently the national brand has no way of contacting branch managers in instances like this and they also don’t have authority to waive fees on behalf of stores using their name. The entire experience was extremely inconvenient. Luckily I didn’t miss a flight because of it but as a young female renting a car alone, I did NOT appreciate sitting in a car in a bad part of town (bad enough for them to blame no drop offs on security issues) for 90 minutes. It has been 2 days since Sunday and I still have not received a call regarding my experience, though I’ve left multiple messages. I’ve had great experiences with Enterprise in the past but the lack of competence I experienced from the team this past weekend will cause me to take my business elsewhere going forward. I know mistakes happen but a large chain should have a much better internal communication system and plan for things like this. Very disappointing.
2.0 MediocreApr 19 2021
It was ugly and stressful experience. Everything could and should be better.Everything
4.0 OkayApr 12 2021
With some hesitation my issue was resolved.My rental car smelled of marijuana and after waiting for an hour I asked for a discount instead of waiting even longer for them to get another car in. After leaving and having the car closed up for an hour, the smell was unbearable. I was not comfortable driving my children around in that vehicle. After several phone calls, they were able to replace my vehicle. I was very disappointed that I lost almost a day of my vacation.
2.0 MediocreMar 23 2021
I had a rental a car reservation for my business trip. The night before my flight. Enterprise called and cancelled my car. Thwy explained they had more reservations than they had cars. It was extremely hard to find another since i found out it was spring break for others. Thank God Fox rentals pulled thru for me. Unless something changes, I've rented my last Enterprise car. I've even purchased Enterprise used cars for my salespersons.
2.0 MediocreMar 20 2021
They cancel my reservationUpdate their availability
4.0 OkayJan 2 2021
Did not rent The site office was closed and understaffed. They ran out of vehicles. Went elsewhere
2.8 MediocreOct 13 2020
Drop off at airport was a breezeThey over booked and had no cars when I arrived. Reservation was made 5 days in advance and made multiple excuses why they could not honor my reservation. After expressing my disgust with their service, 2 hours later they finally decided to get me a car get me out of there. ABSOLUTELY no customer service
8.0 ExcellentMay 9 2020
Easy drop off. Vehicle new and good condition. Friendly employees. Check in and out was efficient.Pick up. I had to wait approx 20-30 minutes for the car to be washed/prepped for pick up.
4.4 OkayFeb 19 2019
Staff at location was HORRENDOUS. Took Uber specifically to get to that location, ended up walking out (never done before in my life) and went to different location.Employees need to care about work, so lazy.
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3 locations in Greater Northdale
Locations in Greater Northdale
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Recent reviews
6.4 GoodJul 31 2019
The staff was very helpful, and even offered choices of coffee, hot chocolate, etc.Be very careful when using I put information in that I was arriving in Tampa and the rate for five days looked good at $175 including fees. The non-changeable, non-cancellable rental was a Hertz location 9 miles from the airport. Adding $46 in Lyft rides plus a toll road. NotHappy
5.6 OkayMar 21 2019
Car was in good condition and had no mechanical issues.Pick up was slow, inconvenient, and confusing. A different car was provided than I had reserved. Some audio features in the car did not work. I returned the car with the same amount of fuel as when I received it, but was still charged a refueling fee.
2.0 MediocreAug 7 2018
Poor serviceAgent tried to be helpful but she was clearly impeded by company policyWe rent from Hertz quite often because we are loyalty members in Tampa our rental was at their off site location. They would not transfer the reservations to the airport without an additional $327 charge for a 4 day rental. Very disappointing service I will review on Trip Advisor
10.0 ExcellentJun 5 2018
Quick serviceThe ease of picking up and dropping off the car and the friendly staff.
7.2 GoodJun 1 2018
The cost.The hassle in dealing with the Hertz call center concerning the drop off. Each person had a different spin. Alex at the local rental site was very helpful. He was the only person with intellectual honesty. In the future, I shall use the same site.
2.0 MediocreMay 30 2018
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH KAYAKWhen I searched for a rental I entered Tampa International Airport for pickup and drop-off. They gave me a price, it looked good and I booked it. When I got to the airport, thinking everything was arranged and budgeted for, the car place told me the car I reserved was off site, about 30 miles away (and that info was in the SMALL PRINT of the deal from Kayak. He told me 3rd party vendors do this all the time and mislead the customers without alerting them to the offsite location. I was so upset, and didn't' have time to uber to the other location. I ended up having to rent on site at the airport and pay more than double what Kayak had said I would pay with Hertz. I was crying at the airport. I tried to call Kayak and I could not find a single human person to answer a phone. It was all automated or online. Nothing that could help me. I will never go through Kayak or a 3rd party again. It was a horrible experience and I felt very mislead. I ended up with a car from Advantage, not Hertz. That experience went well, except the cost was more than double what Kayak said I'd pay. Hertz would not honor the price that Kayak said I'd get, because it was an offsite location.
7.6 GoodMay 2 2018
Wrong officeNice car for price....unlimited mileageKayak sent us to a different hertz than the airport..fortunately the airport hertz was able to get us a car..but we had to return it to veterans ford hertz office..a $20 uber ride from the airport.
10.0 ExcellentApr 30 2018
Service is very good. The workers are friendly and professional work.Everithing were exelend.
3.2 MediocreMar 28 2018
First time using KAYAK. I thought I was renting at the airport. Turns out the facility was 10 miles away off the airport. It was NOT clear the car was offsite ( and I rent from HOTWIRE monthly which is MUCH clearer). As a result I had to take an UBER from the airport to the offsite to collect my car and an UBER from the offsite to the airport because the rental agent would not let me change the dropoff location without charging me a lot more money. He said the rental company and HERTZ were different companies. Hate KAYAK and HERTZ. Will never use again!! And car was dirty
7.2 GoodNov 11 2017
The price and location was very convenient.Didn’t have options or variety. Only one person at counter and when I dropped car off had to wait because the only attendant was out to lunch .
Rated #3
6.9 Good (7 reviews)
2 locations in Greater Northdale
Locations in Greater Northdale
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Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleAug 8 2021
When we arrived at Tampa airport to pick up our car, the was about 3 hours long and barely moving. There were limited employees working. This also happened to me last year at the St. Louis airport. While standing in the Avis line, I got on my phone and reserved a vehicle with Thrifty for a cheaper price. I walked over to the Thrifty counter and had my vehicle in 20 minutes. While standing in the line, I tried to reach Avis by phone, but that was impossible. I am sure that the phones were off the hook. I was eventually able to cancel online, but by that time it was after my check in time, so Avis is still charging me $50 for a no show. Do yourself a favor, and avoid Avis/Budget no matter what. I am sure that I am not the only one feeling the impact of their horrendous business practices.
10.0 ExcellentApr 21 2021
Friendly serviceCar had slight maintenance issues
6.0 GoodApr 17 2021
Staff was good the wait was very longPrice way too high!
2.4 MediocreJan 24 2019
The Avis location at Citrus Park Mall was a nightmare. The car was dirty, stains over the seats and multiple empty bottles and cans were left in the car, the smell was also disgusting. The lady in the counter was beyond rude, treated me like garbage. I’d never rent from them again, sad Company.
8.0 ExcellentJan 4 2017
Easy peasyGood value , quick service, good car. A little weird at drop off as no one checked the car out so it kind of felt open ended. I documented with photo to prove no damage etc. no issues otherwise.
Rated #4
5.5 Okay (14 reviews)
2 locations in Greater Northdale
Locations in Greater Northdale
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  • 5.5
Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleOct 11 2021
Worst experience with a rental company; awful customer service and lack of communication about company policies and hours of operation. Never again!
7.9 GoodSep 14 2021
Pick up was simple and quick. I dropped off at a different location but was confused about what I actually needed to do to drop the car off. I ended up going to the airport counter and everything was taken care of simply. I feel there should be a bit more instruction for the drop off part in the email just to avoid confusion.
10.0 ExcellentMay 4 2021
very quick processvery tight facility and office
2.0 MediocreApr 12 2021
Kayak allowed me to book a car at closing. We were delayed and so the car wasn’t available and was rented to someone else the next day. Kayak should at least warn if you are booking a time that is the same as the store closing!
8.0 ExcellentMar 28 2021
Notified day before rental to pick up vehicle at airport instead because the airport site did not deliver the vehicle to the satellite location. When trying to pick up was told cost would be over an additional $1000.00 and would have to bring back vehicle two days early. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! After much debate, original booking location arranged to get the vehicle delivered and honored original booking details.
10.0 ExcellentDec 8 2018
Very quick and professionalI got there and the associate was ready to help. He moved very fast and efficient. I almost considered NEVER renting from Budget Car Rental again based on my experience at the 6742 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141. But the drop experience at this location will help me to make sure I thoroughly check the reviews of others before I rent from a rental car company again.I was a bit confused because as soon as I got to the location I saw an Avis car sales sign. But I was looking around, I saw sign showing car rental to the right of the building.
2.8 MediocreSep 12 2016
Car was full of fire antsWhen we picked up our rental car we've noticed plenty of fire ants running on the outside of the vehicle. As soon as we opened the door we saw some on the floor and the seats. When we told the rental person, he told us that they are only on the outside. So we took the car due to our time limit. Soon enough, those insects started biting us, and they are also crawled into our luggages. So we took it back right away and we requested another car, or at least a full clean. We were told that there is no other minivan at their location and they are unable to clean the car. Since we didn't have any other option, we took it to the nearest car wash. When they cleaned the car, they told us that there were lots of food underneath the seats and they were covered with thousands of thousands of ants!!!!! We were not only upset about it, but our suitcases were ruined as well as we were covered with ant bites.... When we went back to the rental place to complain, we were told that both of the two people who rented us the car were fired over the weekend due to many complaints, but we were also advised to complain through email. We are very upset with Budget rental, so we aren't planning on renting from them again.
4.0 OkayJun 11 2016
Car was not ready when we arrived. Customer service was a disaster. They failed to informed us that they would be closed on Memorial Day.
8.8 ExcellentMar 2 2016
No hard sell for extras at the remote pickup location.
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  • Some car rental companies in Greater Northdale which have updated their car rental health and safety policies due to COVID-19 to make sure vehicles are clean and disinfected include Hertz and Enterprise

  • On average a rental car in Greater Northdale costs $39 per day.

  • The average gas price in Greater Northdale is $3.63 per gallon over the past 30 days. Filling up a gas tank costs between $44 and $58, depending on the car size.

  • Car rental companies onsite at Tampa airport include Executive Car Rental, Alamo, Hertz, Fox, Sixt, Thrifty, Enterprise, Ace, Dollar and Budget.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from Tampa airport to off-airport locations include Alamo, Hertz, Fox, Sixt, Thrifty, Enterprise, Dollar, Budget, Advantage, and Avis.

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  • In Greater Northdale, cars are most frequently rented at Hertz 15625 N Dale Marby Hwy (2 miles from city center).

  • On average a rental car in Greater Northdale costs $276 per week ($39 per day).

  • On average a rental car in Greater Northdale costs $1,182 per month ($39 per day).

  • Finding the right price, understanding the add-ons and staying up to date with policy changes can be a challenge. That’s why KAYAK has produced the ultimate guide to renting a car to help you cut though the jargon and make the right choice for your rental car. Find tips and insights for how to book your rental, what car rental insurance you’ll need, how to deal with a car rental agency and what extra fees to expect (and avoid!).