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CAK — Tennessee
Jun 16 — Jun 231
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 6/16
Thu 6/23

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Akron to Tennessee for the following prices or less: to Nashville $129 one-way - $201 round-trip
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Tennessee is August.
  • Morning departure is around 10% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47657 reviews
Airline reviews

Tha table was dirty. I had to ask a crew member to clean it up.

Read more about American Airlines

Tha table was dirty. I had to ask a crew member to clean it up.

Flight attendants not enforcing mask on some younger passengers

Late to board late to depart captain gave inaccurate information

Cons: "The crew was so rude"
Pros: "Crew wuz gööd"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable"
Cons: "One attendant looked and acted,like she had just gotten up after a rough night. Never smiled, watched people put jackets and even a fast food bag in the overheads without ever saying a word."
Pros: "Quiet, evening flight."
Cons: "Departure was delayed 30 minutes due to customs inspection of the aircraft. Not American's fault."
Pros: "The crew was very attentive."
Cons: "There were no power ports on this flight."
Pros: "Not much. I did arrive to my destination with my bags!"
Cons: "My flight was delayed boarding and.leaving the runway! There was very choppy communication as from the airlines as things changed. I arrived and hour late from an already late flight! The attitude of the attendants was not the best either. They seemed to be tired and it showed in their service."
Pros: "The entertainment options"
Cons: "The flight was delayed because of another flight before ours and there was poor communication."
Pros: "Pleasant and attentive crew"
Pros: "Normal expectations were met"
Cons: "It was fine"
Pros: "The pilot made up for a lot of time. The flight was said to be 1 hr 40 minutes about but we touched down after about only 1 hour in the air. Deboarding was quick."
Cons: "The flight was delayed three times. We eventually boarded and then spent another 30 minutes waiting to taxi. Another narrow plane with not much room."
Cons: "The seats were SO uncomfortable and my legs were cramped up into one position because there wasn't enough room for legs and knees."
Pros: "Landed safely and on time. Crew was nice."
Cons: "Cramped. Older plane missing USB plugs. Entertainment requires an app. Should have been cheaper for what I got which was a regular ticket for a 5'8" 160lb person."
Cons: "Rude and disrespectful"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Cold no food"
Pros: "Crew were ok Captain was informant"
Cons: "Delay Heat on plane at 98 degrees upon boarding"
Pros: "The boarding and flight were both good"
Cons: "Paid $10 for WiFi that wouldn’t even allow me to stream some music or open a web page"
Cons: "The flight and the entire process with American was just fine. What bothered me most was the rude treatment from security staff in Philadelphia. Compared to security staff overseas, the U.S. rates the lowest of the 55+ countries I've visited. It does not reflect badly on American Airlines, but it does give travelers a bad lasting impression. As an American, I'm embarrassed by their behavior."
Cons: "the usual garbage AA flights on CRJ's with poor on-time performance and frequent maintenance issues..."
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "AA has nine boarding groups, which queue up in two lanes. Each of the two lanes hold about 5 people, at most. This is ridiculous. It creates enormous crowds of people jockeying to be near the tiny lanes for when their number is called 5 or 10 minutes down the line. AA needs to reduce the number of boarding groups, lengthen the lanes, and provide more of them. No other airline boards this way. That's because this boarding method is stupid. Unsurprisingly, our plane took off late because they couldn't get everyone boarded in time."
Pros: "Much more room in seats than expected"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Uneventful"
Pros: "It was great! I got an entire row to myself."
Pros: "I got here."
Cons: "Everything else. American cancelled my first flight from MSP to ORD. And when I got to Chicago, it cancelled my next flight to Nashville. The flight I managed to get on departed two hours late. There was no explanation for each of these cancellations/delays. There was virtually zero inclement weather anywhere, save for most of the country’s temperature being nearly equivalent to the surface of Neptune. And, the surly, clueless Chicago-based gate agent was the coupe de grace in my search for a reasonable explanation after which I waited impatiently for this episode to conclude. American get your act together."
Cons: "I was forced to check my carry on and pay for it. I was not charged on my way to lax or my trip to Hawaii. Sad. And person was rude"
Pros: "The flight attendant was fantastic. Very friendly, very helpful, checking on all the passengers. He even loaned his phone charger to one passenger. It was a full flight and he was working hard, but had a smile on his face the entire time. Give him a raise!"
Cons: "the airplane was absolutely freezing. It was so cold, you could actually see the air blowing (like in winter). There's no need for that. Somehow European airlines manage not to freeze out all their passengers. It was less than a two hour flight but felt like an eternity because it was so uncomfortable. Seat size - this is absolutely the smallest it can/should go. I am pretty skinny, but even I'm running out of room and the seat backs could be made a bit more comfortable. Not only is there almost no recline, but the way they are constructed - they actually push my head forward - not made for short people."
Pros: "It was on time. Nashville airport is sparkling clean with very happy and warm staff throughout the facility. As opposed to Philthydelphia the city of Unbrotherly Love."
Cons: "We boarded an hour late and then sat in the runway for ever. Flight was scheduled to arrive in Nashville at 1137p we arrived at 148a! Ridiculous"
Pros: "Most things."
Cons: "Delayed flight!"
Cons: "First hearing news of my flight being severely delayed I asked the ticket agent if I should just drive down to DFW from Lawton he reassured me that the plane would get there with time I had to make a split decision to drive down very rapidly"
Cons: "Terrible airline. Will not fly them again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I didn't get home til 1am bc of this flight delay. A lot of the passengers were on the final leg of overseas travel, so we had a really hard time with the delays. Boarding was inefficient. Cree counted us like 6 times. Why is that necessary? Plane was old and uncomfortable."
Pros: "I changed my reservation in Hartford. Crew were extremely helpful."
Cons: "I ended up getting to my destination 6 hours after what I had planned."
Pros: "All good"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "The male server was great. The ice cream for dessert was magnificent."
Cons: "First class was awful- no drink service for far too long, didn't have my food order that I selected ahead of time, the female asian flight attendant was not friendly at all, the seat reclined at the back only there was nothing for your feet, the blankets were awful, and movie selection was mediocre at best."
Cons: "Plane size"
Cons: "The boarding was seemed unintelligent. Why would a passenger in a window seat have to wait until the other middle and aisle passengers board. I got on the plane and had to wait for the other two passengers get up and step into the aisle so I could take my window seat. I was in group 7 and apparently they were in a lower number group that was allowed to board before me."
Pros: "Overall friendliness of the crew"
Pros: "Arrived on time, left on time."
Cons: "It was inconceivable to me that I could not get a seat assignment until I actually checked in at the gate. While AA offered the option of paying extra for additional legroom, if you declined the offer, you could not obtain a seat. I know that it is getting unusual to have any sort of enjoyable experience on an airline, but the lack of transparency ("group two" for boarding is actually the fifth group to enter the aircraft) is totally unnecessary."
Cons: "That i booked a flight that departed 6:20pm on Alaska Airlines and found out i was put on a red eye American Airlines flight that left at 11:50 pm. In addition did not reciveve any notification of the change. Had to leave the airport because i thought i was leaving at 6:20 pm :("
Pros: "Everything was good"
Pros: "It was a very quick flight! I got some great rest and went right into work, ready for the day."
Cons: "They checked my carry on, and it ran me a little late leaving from Nashville waiting at baggage claim."
Pros: "I was welcomed and make right at home"
Cons: "Did not like having to stay overnight in Charlotte but weather can do that to a traveler."
Pros: "I liked the comfortable seats.. The crew working for American Airlines are polite and nice. From the very time to get the boarding passes and my luggage handling and all the hospitality, am really looking forward to fly more on American Airlines."
Cons: "There is not much to not like American Airlines as I don't have any bitter experiences till date and I don't wish to encounter too lol I would like more snacks beside Pretsels too and I wish to have a very good hot Fliter coffee or even green tea's during my flight ☺️"
Cons: "Seeing as this flight was cancelled and we had to wait as two elderly people until 3pm the next day to get another flight and American Airlines would not compensate in anyway. I would say that we will never fly American Airlines again nor will my family. This was not the only delay or cancellation because of American either. We spent 48 hours traveling because of delays and cancellations and still American would do nothing for us. I'm 66 and my husband is 72 (who also has had back surgery for five slipped discs) and we had to sleep on concrete floors and had very limited money to buy food. It was by far the worst experience of my life and I would encourage everyone to not travel with them."
Pros: "Service and friendliness"
Cons: "Person sitting next to me smelled awful. Several passengers asked to move because of how awful the smell was. This individual should not have been allowed to board for basic sanitation reasons."

The crew was fantastic!

The seats are small and hard. There are zero frills whatsoever. Everything you can think of costs extra. Beyond that we were surprised at how uneventful and easy the flight was. We only spent 3 hours on the plane (Boston to Florida), if it were more than that I might look elsewhere for a bit more comfort...

They don’t, as a policy, check bags to final destination. It’s not an option. I’d rather walk than fly with these clowns.

Pros: "The crew was very kind and friendly at all times, very professional and approachable."
Cons: "The seats are not comfortable."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Communication is always my #1 complaint with Allegiant. They delay flights regularly but there’s never any additional information...they just send you a text or email saying your flight is delayed, never tell you why, but they want you at the gate at the regular you sit there for hours with No further communication and the gate agents never come to the gate to let you know what’s going on or what to expect because corporate has gotten stingy with regard to compensating folks even when THEY are to blame for the delay. Two trips in a row, two weeks apart, they’ve done the same thing to us. I appreciate the low fares, but I’ve just about decided I’d rather pay more for good customer service because theirs just sucks."
Cons: "Pop and pretzels"
Cons: "We had a 40-minute mechanical delay."
Pros: "Easy and quick boarding."
Cons: "Should offer free water at least."
Pros: "the crew was very helpful"
Cons: "seats could have been a little wider"
Pros: "Quickness, efficiency"
Cons: "Nothing. I received all I expected."
Pros: "Crew nice. Seat okay"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Pros: "Love Allegiant!"
Pros: "Direct flight was very nice. Took off on time and arrived slightly early. Flight crew was friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Baggage check not staffed until 2 hrs before flight and then it's a 20-30 minute wait to check a bag. Seats were uncomfortable, but tolerable for 2 hrs."
Pros: "Crew was friendly, boarding process was easy, and the aisles are spacious"
Cons: "The seats do not recline and are not comfortable. Drinks and snacks are not complimentary."
Pros: "Crew was friendly, boarding process was easy, spacious aisles"
Cons: "The seats do not recline and are not very comfortable. Drinks and snacks are not complimentary"
Cons: "Unclear pricing for carry on bag, could have saved $30 by paying at the ticket counter (even though I was sent an eticket and boarding pass); got stuck paying $50 at the gate."
Pros: "The crew was great. We left on time and arrived on time."
Cons: "I wish water was free. That is the only thing I don't like. I understand it's a cheap airline so everything cost extra, which is fine. But come on, water should be free."
Pros: "Definitely the price. Fairly quick boarding process, just a little congested. Decent priced drinks."
Cons: "Not the most comfortable seats, but there was no one next to me, so it was okay."
Cons: "Good flight."
Cons: "it was very hard to hear the stewardess"
Pros: "Ticket prices are always the best. Even though The flight was delayed by 30 minutes we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 30 minutes but we were only 15 minutes later into the terminal"
Cons: "I cancelled this flight and somehow it doesn’t show in your records and now I cant find the cancellation.. I am not in Orlando.. last time I will use Kayak."
Pros: "Timing and ease of travel"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Early out and early in."
Pros: "The check in was fast and painless."
Cons: "my Luggage did not make it to Reno."
Cons: "Bags charge for 105$"
Pros: "I have never experienced this before. You stand in line to get a tag for your bag. Then you stand in line to check your bag. Then you stand in a Disney style HUGE line just to get to the escalator to take you to the second floor so you can go through security. Thank goodness for TSA precheck! That line was long but not very long like the other line."
Pros: "terminal small and easy to navigate"
Cons: "flight was late because of a "valve issue" in terminal, then on the plane pilot tells us its a computer issue and just needed to "reboot" plane computer because it's a computer with wings. Not sure if either of those reasons were true."
Pros: "After the delay, we were treated to complimentary soft drinks and snack mix. This was after sitting in the plane for over an hour, though."
Cons: "We spent two hours of the delay in the airport and then eventually boarded. However, another problem with the plane developed and we waited for at least an hour more in the incredibly cramped plane. The seats are bearable for a short flight, but they’re hard to endure with multiple delays. The boarding was also disorganized. There were two announcements: one for people who needed extra time to board and another for the final call. Nothing in between."
Cons: "Cut my already short trip even shorter. I used this airline twice now, and both times I was delayed."
Pros: "Didn't mind paying for bags, seat, snacks, drinks,.....but a 10hour delay!!!! UNEXCEPTABLE Will NEVER use this airline again!!!"
Cons: "10hour delay!!! No weather problem.."
Pros: "I arrived safely Tommy Destination"
Cons: "It was so hot boarding and unloading. There was no air. Staff was curt and not very friendly as of assistance."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for hours then canceled"
Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time. Boarding was OK."
Cons: "Not even water provided on flight. I miss amenities."
Pros: "While I enjoy the fact that Allegiant offers direct flights to Laredo at an affordable price, the planes really need to be updated."
Cons: "We really disliked that we boarded the plane and just before taking off they made us get off again and never did confirm the real reason. The planes really need better maintenance since this is the second time in two weeks we have to change planes due to problems."
Pros: "Their flights are always delayed. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. Not going to fly again with them."
Cons: "Entire flight experience."
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "The customer service. The plane breaking down and causing a 2 hour delay. The lack of compassion from the flight crew. The fact that the seats don't recline. The fact that our baggage was $222 one way."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed dor 10 hours."
Pros: "The price of the flight was cheap, but i know why. You ended up paying for your carry on luggage, ypu pay for seat assignment if you want to guarentee sitting with you party, you pay for soda. My flight was 1.5 hours late, due to mechanical problem. Plane was janky and it felt like it STILL needed repairs."
Cons: "Low airfare."
Cons: "I didn't like all the inconsistent additional fees, the reschedule, the delays, and gate swaps."
Pros: "Easy boarding, smooth flight, quick cart service, fast flying"
Cons: "Seats are so small I was window seat with two men who were jammed up so uncomfortably in their seats I felt bad. I was cramped cause they had no choice but to spill over in my seat. I understand safety is important but unless the plane is in middle of taking off or landing, or horrible turbulence anyone should be able to use the bathroom. We had landed and were just sitting and waiting on a gate to open. My fellow travler happened to be on her period n was told No she could not use the bathroom. After the 3rd time of her being sent back I got up with her and a tampon in hand n told the staff they had no choice she was using that bathroom. Of course they had to phone the captain and ask for permission which he ok it, but seriously , what are we supposed to do just sit in our blood. That was not cool."
Pros: "Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Plane was very clean and more spacious than any other airline coach seats. We departed on time and arrived 15 minutes early at our destination. Flight price was hundreds of dollars cheaper and the only airline which offered non-stop service from nyc to Knoxville, TN."
Cons: "Honestly i have no complaints."
Pros: "It's like taking the public bus during rush hour. Organized chaos. But I guess you literally get what you pay for so, yeah. The crew was awesome though. No qualms there."
Cons: "Disorganized boarding. Even the extra room seats are cramped. Bathrooms are a step up from a porta potty. DO NOT SIT NEAR THEM unless you plan on holding your breath the while flight."
Pros: "The flight attendants were very nice and helpful."
Pros: "We had kids wound up from Disney and caused all kinds of problems. Normally the attendants are irritated, every single one of these remained genuinely polite. I really thought the staff/crew were great. Other than that the flight was fine, a little late, but all went well."
Cons: "First Allegiant flight, so I did not realize the 40 lb bag limit. Made for a last minute headache during checkin."
Pros: "The Bacardi"
Cons: "How small the bottles are."
Pros: "Really smooth flight, quick and easy to Las Vegas..."
Cons: "Paying for checked luggage..."
Pros: "Staff was wonderful!!"
Cons: "I moved my seat when I checked in to sit with a friend and paid about ten bucks for a different seat. I didn't think much of it until I got to my new seat and realized I had paid to sit in a seat that was basically a bench that didn't recline and was right in front of the bathroom so it rattled every time someone flushed. Classy."


Cons: "Delay that caused us missing the connecting flight."
Cons: "Luggage was left on another plane. It was my surfboards, and clothes. the whole reason for this Trip is to surf and now I cannot."
Pros: "Great staff, smooth flight"
Pros: "Leg room and entertainment current."
Cons: "Seats to recline further."
Pros: "Great crews"
Cons: "Not sure"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "All flights were on time or early and luggage made it to final destination with me."
Cons: "Wish they had another snack option besides just pretzels."
Pros: "Easy short flight."
Cons: "Plane was pretty compact and crowded."
Pros: "On time. Flight attendant was exceptional."
Pros: "Everything went like clockwork"
Pros: "TV and movie choices should be according to 2018 instead of1980. Also TV should be from running Era"
Pros: "The credit was polite, hat was about it"
Cons: "We were delayed coming out bc the plane needed de-icing... IN JACKSONVILLE, but they were unable to get manager approval for de-icing and then the truck was out of fuel. Finally, the pilot moved the plane into the sun (which should have happened much sooner). During the flight, the cabin temperature dropped to low 60s and everyone was freezing."
Pros: "Plane size"
Cons: "Pilot driving way to fast"
Cons: "There was no entertainment available on this flight. It's a short flight so I don't expect any, however, I continued on to Phoenix that day from Chicago and that is a long flight. I expected free entertainment on that flight, as it was afforded on the flight on the Phoenix to Chicago leg of my flights earlier in the week. The Chicago to Phoenix had entertainment offered but it there was a fee, which I didn't appreciate and did not take part in. I looked around me as much as possible and didn't see anyone else pay for entertainment. Having in flight movies and TV available for feee is a great incentive for flying with United. If these long flights in the future are pay for view, I will not be flying with you when there are alternative carriers who do provide free entertainment. Thank you."
Pros: "Legroom - they held flgt"
Cons: "terminals too far apart for reasonable transfer"
Pros: "Also united forced me to check my bags because I got a basic economy flight will never use them again it cost an extra 50 dollars."
Cons: "Also united forced me to check my bags because I got a basic economy flight will never use them again it cost an extra 50 dollars. The one guy on board was creepy Newark airports eating system made me go to 3 different iPads one for food one for drink and one to pay. Just let me pay when I order!!! Also bad signage"
Pros: "The flight was excellent"
Cons: "Didn't make this flight either. Still in Dallas"
Pros: "Comfortable seats for economy"
Cons: "Computers were down in Akron Ohio. Flight was delayed an hour. Chicago was delayed 2 hours. There was an earlier flight i should have been booked on."
Pros: "Everything for this flight was as expected for my ticket purchase."
Cons: "I had no problems with this flight."
Pros: "Boarded on time."
Cons: "Houston had a 40 minute wait on the runway"
Cons: "Over an hr late departing :-("
Pros: "I love THe. cak airport. ANd I am flying United again tomorrow"
Cons: "My carry on. Didn't fit. Had to check it after I boarded. Front desk said it was good. I bought it For THaT purpose.. The retailer advertises it as tsa approved carry oOn?"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "No leg room."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Snacks - coffee and stroopwaffle were MUCH better than what is typically available without cost."
Cons: "Engine noise made safety instruction and pilots commentary incomprehensible. Plane was equipped with wifi, BUT you needed to download an app to get access - which is a catch 22. Couldn't download the app because I needed wifi access, which I couldn't get without the app!"
Pros: "First time flying united. It was a little rough landing back in Memphis though. I'm not sure what that was all about."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The flight attendants were great and took the time to care for passengers. One guy was suffering from a migraine and the flight attendants did all they could to assist the gentleman with his issues."
Pros: "Going home"
Cons: "Late"
Pros: "Smooth takeoff and landing. Luckily no turblance. Crew members were helpful and courteous, and added a little humor to their jobs. Good job!"
Pros: "Crew were fine."
Cons: "Twelve hours of horrible delays, missed connections, and running through airports due to poor aircraft maintenance and mechanical problems. Will never fly United again if I have a choice."
Pros: "On time, good service"
Pros: "Fast flight home"
Cons: "The 3 hr layover in Houston"
Cons: "My name is Elizabeth and everything was OK"
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "That I arrived to Memphis on time!"
Cons: "That the air isn't on until its time to board, instead of being a lil before its time to board."
Pros: "Great people"
Pros: "The struf waffles"
Cons: "Every thing went well"
Pros: "From Akron to Cleveland it was a great trip"
Pros: "More comfortable"
Cons: "Lots of turbulence"
Pros: "On time and even early"
Cons: "Return flight wouldn't allow overhead cartons but made it up by bringing carry on to us"
Pros: "Crew were great"
Pros: "The staff was wonderful."
Cons: "The return flight was delayed several hours however there were several emails updating the status of the flight."
Pros: "crew was friendly"
Pros: "It was good"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew was good."
Cons: "First time flying Express...plane was really small and seat was uncomfortable even on a less than 2 hour flight"
Pros: "Check-staff was very gracious."
Pros: "I was incredibly disappointed that my luggage got sent on an earlier flight to Memphis from Chicago. When I arrived in Memphis after 24 hours of flying, I found my luggage locked up and no representative to be found. Exhausted, frustrated, and seeing my luggage through the glass door and not being able to retreave it, I was incredibly frustrated with United. If you are going to send luggage on a different flight, be there and available to let travelers claim their luggage. My entire flight had gotten their bags from baggage claim before I even found someone available to open the door. I had to get an American Airlines representative to call them to the area twice before they arrived. If you are going to do this, offer the traveler to be on the earlier flight too. I was very disappointed, especially after my flight was delayed by 45 minutes on top of it."
Cons: "The poor customer service."
Cons: "My TSA wasn't tagged to my ticket"
Pros: "Employees were very nice Very easy to board/check in"
Pros: "The seat was uncomfortable did not adjust. Staff were amazing in spite of a medical situation on the plane."
Cons: "The flight really was not as inexpensive as advertised. Seats cost more, at least $16 each. Checked bags $45/ea, carryon $50. I should have paid more and got comfortable seats and free juice and coffee."
Cons: "Announcing boarding zones did not occur"
Pros: "Left early."
Cons: "Free beer"
Pros: "Boarding was fine, though flight was delayed"
Cons: "I sat in the last row and found it extremely annoying that the flight attendants were talking VERY loudly the entire flight."
Pros: "Very fast and efficient"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Is it even legal to withhold water from someone stuck on an airplane for hours? Pieces of sh*t wanted 3 dollars for water. Guess I'll just die of dehydration then."
Cons: "Snacks and drinks are extra"
Pros: "The friendly crew members. Very polite and professional"
Cons: "Just how crammed it was and the seats wasn’t comfortable this time but overall great airlines and staff"
Pros: "Crew is nice."
Cons: "Seats don’t recline- none of them. Pay extra for everything- every bag-even carry on- picking a seat, even water! Ends up costing the same and it’s uncomfortable."
Pros: "Went smoothly."
Cons: "There was no entertainment on the 4 hour flight."
Pros: "Great price, great crew"
Cons: "Long delay at baggage claim"
Pros: "Everything was fine"
Cons: "Seats didn't recline, the nickel & dime pricing."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "After 5 hours of delays due to Spirit not having the correct number of flight attendants to fly, they canceled our flight back to Orlando on Tuesday and would not let us fly home until Saturday. Everyone was trying to get home to deal with post hurricane Irma damage and get to love ones. They did nothing for us. Terrible service and I'll never fly Spirit again!!"
Pros: "It was on time, great seating, entertaining and smooth."
Pros: "Flight left on time and we even arrived to our destination early"
Cons: "Having to pay to pick your seat and paying for a carry on bag is complete bullshit. For that alone I will never fly with Spirit ever again. My flight cost twice as much as it should have and pretty much ruined my vacation because I was broke before I even got there!"
Pros: "Na"
Cons: "They cancelled my flight. Ruined my plans with my family that day. Costed me time and money and inconvenience. I won't even use the flight credit they gave their service is horrible Return flight was delayed. Never again"
Pros: "Inexpensive fare."
Cons: "The flight's departure from CAK was delayed by an hour without any stated reason. We didn't find out why until during the flight to MYR. The flight attendants could at least give the pretense of being happy. Some are downright crusty. The Spirit Airlines website is a mess. I didn't pay ahead of time for a seat reservation and when checking the day before the flight, I was randomly assigned one near the back of the plane. At that time, it was showing that all other seats were reserved. I then added a carry-on piece of luggage and paid for it online. Then when I printed my boarding pass, I was assigned a different seat more near to the front. How was this other seat available when just before the site was showing that all other seats on the plane were reserved. The website is slow and it lacks transparency (honesty)."
Pros: "It was very good. The weather was great which means a very smooth flight. All went well."
Pros: "The flight attendants were very attentive and helpful!"
Cons: "Charged me $52 for luggage when Spitit website says $21. Guy said that's only if I book online. He told me to call & have it added on my return trip for $21. When I called girl said she cannot override the $52. That adds $104 to my $302 flight so is no cheaper than anyone else."
Pros: "Great flight and great staff"
Pros: "On time flight and really friendly service along with the best part, low fares !!!"
Cons: "Check in line needs more people to speed that process up"
Pros: "They were on time and vary professional but personable. From the people doing boarding passes to the flight attendants."
Pros: "Very friendly. On time. No troubles."
Cons: "I have no complaints."
Pros: "Price and convenience to airport"
Pros: "The crew was pleasant, flight was on time, and I was comfortable."
Pros: "1st time flying Spirit. Everyone warned and advised against . I liked the fact it was direct and non stop so I took a chance. Pleasantly surprised. Plane was newer and very clean Crew was very professional , friendly , and cleanly dressed. Seat legroom in regular seats was more than two other majors I flew in recent weeks. Food service and drink service could have been better but I didn't expect much going in."
Pros: "Flight attendants were friendly"
Cons: "The flight was delayed. It took 20 minutes to check our bags and that was after we got to the front desk. They charged us 50 dollars for a bag by mistake and 5 minutes later figured out they messed up and charged us 10 more."
Pros: "Good humored flight attendants."
Cons: "Due. To "security issues", flight left 90 min late"
Pros: "Cheap flight. Nice seats. Charming staff."
Cons: "Prices for food a little high."
Cons: "They said one of my bags did not make the flight. Have a 25 dollar credit on my next flight, even though that doesn't even cover the checked baggage fee. Left to get a rental car when they miraculously found my bag. Had to return to the airport and spend 30 minutes retrieving it. Flight was early and should have reached my hotel by 8:30 instead got there at midnight .... not happy!"
Pros: "Nice smooth landing. Flight was right on time."
Cons: "Didn't like how high the baggage was. At least the check on should of been free."
Pros: "CAK airport. Easy security and boarding"
Cons: "The seats didn't recline. The seat backs had no padding. My flight got cancelled so I had to reschedule and leave a day earlier. I hit a credit voucher but have to fly in the next 2 months."
Pros: "The crew was very good. We were kept up to date with what was happening and were able to deplane after one hour waiting on the tarmac."
Cons: "two hour delay due to problem with hydraulic system . I understand how essential this is to the operation of the aircraft, but wonder if it indicates problem with routine maintenance."
Pros: "Very friendly and responsive crew! Smooth flight."
Cons: "The seats don't recline! A little uncomfortable for long trips. I feel the baggage fee is really high. When I booked the flight through priceline I thought I bought the 30$ baggage but when I checked in, it was not on my ticket. Had to pay the 50$."
Pros: "The staff was very friendly and funny. Our flight got delayed by two hours but boarding was very quick and we ended up taking off at least a half hour sooner than expected."
Cons: "The seats are uncomfortable but you get what you pay for."
Pros: "I had very low expectation from a budget airline, but everything went well. The free carry-on size bag was larger than I anticipated, as I crammed all of my things in to a backpack."
Cons: "Seats didn't recline. If needing to check bags, would probably get pretty expensive as their fees are very high."
Pros: "Arrived early in Orlando. Friendly flight attendants. helpful staff at AKC Airport"
Pros: "We had an hour delay for a mechanical issue, but once we took off everything was great!"
Pros: "Nice crew, quick smooth flight."
Cons: "VERY uncomfortable seats, and other passengers were taking up the very little space that I did have. People behind me kicking the seats. I knew that bare fare would be tight, but other airlines that were less expensive (Frontier) were more comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was delayed three hours. I was told that the flight to Ft. Lauderdale the day before was cancelled."
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Nice easy landing. Friendly flight attendants."
Cons: "Having my original flight from Akron cancelled 1.2 hrs before departure and having to get a ride to Cleveland to get home later the same day. Missed a day of work. No reason given for why the flight was cancelled."
Pros: "Reservations were easy. Check in was easy. Staff at the airport and on the plane the crew were great. The seats were way too small and personal space was Zero. It felt claustrophobic. We left a couple minutes early and arrived a couple minutes early. The crew handled a medical issue that arose with one of the passengers with professionalism. Everything was good except the seats and the space in front of them was too small.price was good"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable... more leg room than most which is important to my 6'4 husband."
Pros: "The pilot's did/do a great job of flying and landing. Wonderful."
Cons: "No entertainment. You may want to consider adding some forms of entertainment. Movies, music, etc... something would be a step above the rest."
Cons: "Seats were to small to be comfortable."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Akron to Tennessee

Airlines flying from Akron to Tennessee have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Akron to Tennessee

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Akron to Tennessee

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Akron to Tennessee

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Akron to Tennessee

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Akron to Tennessee

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