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DeltaOverall score based on 29329 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Entertainment on flight."
Cons: "The boarding crew was not helpful and rude. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad"
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Pros: "Entertainment on flight."
Cons: "The boarding crew was not helpful and rude. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and helpful, I had a nice spot on the plane, and it went very smoothly, especially considering the circumstances. I was supposed to be flying to Seattle later on, but I had to change my flight last minute because of the virus. The whole Delta team was very understanding and considerate and it made the process much less stressful."
Cons: "My flight was cancelled and rescheduled for a later time the day before and there was a lot of changing of gates and running around, but I understand that everything has been hectic and I don’t blame that on you, I know you’re all doing your best."
Pros: "The crew was helpful."
Cons: "The comfort of the seat could be better."
Pros: "Crew was great, check in was fast. Overall great experience."
Pros: "Seat was comfortable, boarding was good"
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work, my tv didn’t work either"
Cons: "Nothing, really. Airlines unfortunately can’t make people patient or polite, & I can’t afford a private jet, so I’ll have to settle for an eye roll or twelve."
Pros: "The poor cabin stewardess was working the whole time as it was a short flight."
Cons: "This is a horrible route, they charge you more than flying to Europe and give you a one hour ride in a cramped plane where you can't even bring in a carry-on. The cost is insane but is one of the reasons Wall Street loves Delta as they are racking in the profits for very little service."
Pros: "We got earlier than expected to our destination"
Cons: "Perhaps educate passengers on the new Delta process of boarding. Too many passengers where disorganized; the crew tried very cars to direct people"
Pros: "the young man who was our flight attendant was just terrible. He could care less about his job. Name I think was Nathan."
Pros: "surprisingly spacious seats. plane felt brand new. on screen entertainment was great, and relieved to have charging inputs for my device in the seat."
Pros: "Crew was awesome. Very respectful and helpful"
Cons: "Food options"
Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "Explain why there’s over a 2 hour delay"
Cons: "Faster lines at check-in. More courteous security personnel"
Pros: "Comfortable Seating!"
Cons: "Flight delayed Quite a bit."
Pros: "Everything met my expectations"
Cons: "Refreshments"
Pros: "The seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Seats could be a couple of inches wider"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "The overhead didn’t fit my standard and I ask the gate attendant and she assured me or would. Otherwise excellent game"
Pros: "Quickly boarded and took off as well. It was a really smooth flight!"
Pros: "The flight was delay 3:45 and no compensation!!!!"
Cons: "The worst The flight was delay and no compensation!!!! 3:45"
Cons: "-"
Pros: "I was given an upgrade to a exit row seat so I could stretch out which nice since this was a connection from Sydney so I’d been flying for 14 hours already. The entertainment was excellent and the inflight messaging was wonderful. The staff was friendly and helpful. And the biscoff cookies are amazing."
Cons: "The seats need a cushion."
Pros: "My first perfect Delta flight. No issues. No delays. Excellent customer service. What more could you ask for"
Cons: "No problems"
Pros: "Late. Poor communication. Crying kids"
Pros: "The service and the seats"
Cons: "We spent more time than scheduled waiting to take off"
Cons: "The boarding process is quite confusing with all the different categories of people prior to the actual listed "zone" boarding. As an example, if you have a "Zone 2" boarding pass, you think you will be second to board when in reality that means you are second to last to board. After those who need extra time, those with small children, active military, premier, whatever.... all that covers about 2/3 of the passengers. Then of course there's all the stepping over those who already boarded which seems to slow the process overall. It would be better to ask these questions when making your reservation. Then, the zones would be appropriate based on how you made your reservation to begin with."
Cons: "It was a smaller airplane."
Pros: "Flight attendant gave me the can of Diet Coke and extra pretzels when requested. The entertainment was excellent, the TV screen in the the seats. Good choice of TV shows"
Cons: "Seats are miniscule"
Cons: "Took forever to board and get off the plan."
Pros: "I called ahead to get a seat assigned. I suffer from minor claustrophobia and the lady at the call center was kind enough to seat me somewhere spacious."
Cons: "Snacks could be better. Although the biscoff cookies are excellent and the crew was on their game making sure we had our snacks. I wish that for a flight as long as NY to MIA, they would offer more of a meal."
Pros: "Delta made the experience great"
Cons: "Flight was delayed almost two hours"
Cons: "flight ticket very expensive."
Cons: "Hurricane Irma, I was lucky enough to get a refund do to the natural disaster."
Pros: "Nice service , but flight was delayed , but that's not Delta dakut as it was weather related"
Cons: "Nice sercixe and crew and generous with snacks and water"
Pros: "Personnel were pleasant and welcomeing at the gate and onboard."
Cons: "Service overall and pleasant disposition of the crew."
Pros: "Service was exceptional, flights were on time and in some case, early, and communication throughout was clear!"
Cons: "Everything was on time, but we had to sit on tje runway for more that 30 mins which made us late all around. But aside from that everything feom Delta from dropping of bags to Landing in Miami was perfect."
Pros: "Clean & new plane, some of the stewards were fine, good pilot"
Cons: "head of the stewards was nasty with everybody, not polite and passive aggressive. Very poor food selection, even if you paid for it."
Pros: "Awful"
Pros: "They are very professional"
Cons: "I luv it"
Pros: "on time. easy no issues"
Pros: "On line customer service was very courteous and helpful."
Cons: "We waited overnight in the airport without even an offer of accommodations, toothbrushes, meal vouchers, etc."
Pros: "Smooth flight. On time. Satellite TV."
Cons: "One boarding agent for the whole plane and he was slow. Started boarding fairly early but didn't finish until 15 minutes after scheduled departure. Very cramped for 5 hour flight. Older model entertainment center. Paying for usual amenities. Crowded gate set up. Grumpy crew."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "The plane was changed so some people had new seat and some not. The crew assigned tickets quickly at the entrance. Arrived 20 min earlier, which is great!"
Cons: "The peanut bad is now contains 13 peanuts, I counted them :).Where is a good food for a 3.5 hours flight?"
Pros: "Very good boarding process and on time for out international flight."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Sandwiched between 2 big guys 1 of which should be made to buy 2 seats!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Smiley flight attendants"
Cons: "the passenger next to me was sick and shortly after takeoff projectile vomited in the seat. The flight attendant did not seem to think that it was a big deal and took his time attending to the sick passenger and relocating me."
Pros: "Flight 1751 Miami to Cleveland 1/11/21. Flight attendants did not enforce mask policy! Family of four sick sneezing, coughing, short of breath. The fathers mask was down the entire flight. Even when the flight attendants picked up the trash. They were informed after the flight they did not comply with CDC, Department of health, and state policies. Their response was “ I made announcements overhead. Didn’t you hear?”. Appalling endangering customers and disregarding Federal, State, and local policies."
Cons: "People promoting safety and doing their job."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "yes"
Cons: "nothing"
Cons: "Wifi"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "No"
Cons: "Of course. EMPATHY"
Cons: "The connection in Miami didn’t happen - the flights crew on the ORLANDO yo to Miami flight were rude and unhelpful - the plane sat in the tarmac waiting for a gate so flight arrived 15 minutes before planned departure - we inquired as to whether the plane would be held - response- despite having internet access was “ I don’t know “ you’ll have to check with gate agent - oh and by the way the flight attendant was virtually laying on the front seats - she as grossly obese and was so large as he walked the aisles she would hit passengers every time she turned around - we ran to the gate arriving 8 minutes before departure - gate was shut two gate agents were reading social media posts on their phones - we inquired about the flight - the gate agent said “ you missed the flight “ and then sat down and continued on her phone - the other one at least looked up and told us where to them go for assistance - eventually we were assisted and offferd 1 to wait u til the next day to go or to go through London - we took the London option. 1. I was informed by anAA employee they the connection is frequently missed due to similar problems. 2. Flight attendants and gate agents will bankrupt the airline with their horrible attitude. - they should be fired."
Cons: "No delays."
Cons: "excellent"
Pros: "Boarding crew was rude an unaccomadating"
Pros: "Boarding very well done."
Cons: "One of the crew was unhappy."
Cons: "Crew was not attentive. Temperature was cold."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful"
Pros: "The plane, Embrair 175 is very comfortable."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Great services"
Pros: "ontime easy boarding comfortable and quiet"
Cons: "no gluten/dairy free items"
Pros: "On time, clean airplane"
Cons: "Boarding system very odd"
Pros: "The plane was not busy so services took about 5 minutes, everyone had 2 seats minimum and generally quiet. Had it been busy, it would have been different in that seats were not very wide, aisles very small, if the seat in front reclines and you don't, you can't see your screen and not a lot of space in general."
Cons: "If you want to select your seat, be prepared to pay £175 per flight. This is ridiculous! Second meal was a very bare bbq beef pie or sweet potato pie... On their own with nothing else and it arrived 30 minutes before we landed so very rushed. On a 9.5hr flight the 2nd meal needed to be an actual meal and come sooner than it did."
Pros: "i arrived alive"
Cons: "My flight was delayed on the way to Puerto Plata on 9/9 which made me miss an entire day and I was billed for a stay at the resort. I was booked to a crappy room in MIA that I had to get changed to another hotel. THEN my departing flight from Puerto Plata back to the US was delayed 2 plus hours (as was the first flight) due to a flat tire that had to be replaced. I missed my connecting flight and had to be placed on the next flight to DCA which was the last flight. This experience was the worst. I do not have a favorable opinion of American, of which I have flown this airline for years."
Pros: "Flight crew were very apologetic"
Cons: "Missed connecting flight from Miami. Only one flight per day. Had to take a flight to an alternative location, drive for an hour down the coast and take a ferry to my final destination."
Pros: "I had to buy new clothes after lost bag and since bag had been lost twice during my trip, I was reluctant to check the bag. It was of size to cram into my carry on so I did that, but American staff demonstrated concern, had a sense of humor and helped me get a comfortable seat to sort of take some of the sting away. All that was great of them I was aware of being in an upgraded seat. No complaints, but it stung a little because I was deeply aware of the reinforcement of class. The small, extra comforts were wonderful and I wish everyone had them while risking their lives together over the ocean - especially the extra room At times, on the way over I felt a claustrophobic panic. But to stay positive, they were kiind, sympathetic, funny, sweet. I appreciate them."
Pros: "Every thing was find.."
Cons: "Seats harder than expected.."
Cons: "The seats are very tight."
Pros: "Lots of legroom in the exit row"
Cons: "Diverted and delayed. Got home 8 hours later then I should have."
Pros: "Wide seats"
Cons: "Mo food service"
Cons: "Good flight!"
Pros: "Entertainment, courtesy, flight attendants, and service"
Cons: "Just being confined. But that's the nature of that beast"
Cons: "No movies or other entertainment that I could find"
Pros: "Very friendly gate agents & Flight staff"
Pros: "Tiny airplane but single flght crew managed my and from what I could see fellow passengers needs commendably. Whilst I didn't like needing to hand in my carry on (without much warning so I didn't have time to pull out a magazine to read) on the plus side it was stored well as my suit carrier came out unscathed and you get your bags curb side as soon as the plane lands so you don't have to wait for the rest of the bags to unload."
Cons: "Because the airplane is so small there is not much room to move in the aisle (thankfully most people just sat down for the short flight), also you have to hand in your carry on baggage so that it is stored with the main bags."
Cons: "I paid premium price for comfort and to be treated at least nice! In the business cabinet! Other than the seat which by the way mine was broken so I couldn't get to the position I'm the most comfortable, everything else I could have gotten in the economy seat. Crew was not welcoming, the had big attitudes as they were doing me favors! Which they are not! And they didn't check at me at all. Fly got delayed more than 2 hours didn't offer more drinks or snacks! Food was horrible so I was very hungry since I couldn't eat it! And the snacks were available at the back much later but when I went to check it out almost everything was gone! Other airlines come to offer you snacks! AA did not and the make me feel like an intruder when I went to check the empty snacks trays! Only the package food was still available. Horrible service, mean big headed crew! It's is simple! Be nice and make an effort! Especially for the people that actually is there paying the premium!"
Pros: "Nice Jet."
Cons: "During boarding, we were pulled out of the line. The attendant that diverted us did not explain why he diverted us. Our boarding passes were printed by our hotel as were many others that we saw. We went to a desk where another individual started asking question about our life and where we were going. Still, no one thought it was necessary to explain what part of the process or what exactly is going on. The man that diverted us, I'll bet, does not have reasons or any idea why he diverted us. I hate to think that he did it because we were Black Americans."
Pros: "The staff was nice. The food was good."
Cons: "One hour and 30 minutes delay. I got my luggage the next day after landed."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Nothing great"
Cons: "[1] the "group system" boarding process arranges passengers in an aleatory way making the process totally chaotic. For instance last groups are the last ones to enter the aircraft and don't easily find space for the hand luggage. They have to accommodate bags under the front seat making the already uncomfortable trip more painful. Also this process may delay the departure time. [2] Food service is terrible. no options, specially for kids or people with food restrictions. Not even the payed ones offer healthy food alternatives. [3] No comfort at all for a flight that departs little before midnight and arrives at 7 am at its destination. They forgot about the pillows and blankets you find in other airlines. [4] at the end, when I collected my baggage I realized 1 wheel was missing from one of my suitcases. I informed the airline and 3 days later I receive an email saying that the airline is not responsible for damages that include wheels and other "baggage accessories" I did not rate the flight poor because at least it manages to arrive to its final destination..."
Pros: "honestly, all I can say is that I like that I arrived...? eventually? four and a half hours later than we were promised, despite the beautiful weather?"
Cons: "I didn't like that American Airlines had not staffed our flight, so we waited for 4.5 hours for a flight attendant who would be able to complete the flight crew so we could leave. They kept delaying the flight, 5 minutes at a time, for 4.5 hours. It flew out of LGA, it was a 9pm flight. The airport food sources were closed, and AA kept us until 1am-- no food, no internet, and, because LGA has terrible cell reception, no phone service. Once we got on the plane, everyone was really hungry, and the plane had no snacks. No entertainment because the TV system was broken. It was just a miserable experience. I regret trying to save $20 by booking that flight. I have had nothing but terrile experiences on American Airlines-- NEVER AGAIN."
Pros: "New regional jet Efficient boarding"
Pros: "Their customer service sucks."
Cons: "Their customer service sucks."
Pros: "Check in and boarding was quick"
Pros: "Landing at Logan and getting off American airlines"
Cons: "We arrived at St Stomas airport 85 minutes profile to our flights departure. The female manager, Latoya, at the desk was overly rude and completely out of line the way she was speaking to guests. Apparently American Airlines requests 90 minutes before departure to check you in, however their website does say they will try to accomadate customers that have arrived late. This employee refused 24 people access to the flight that we had booked and paid for. She related that she could put everyone on standby for the next and final flight out of Saint Thomas and standby for multiple connecting flights from Miami to many different parts of the country. This is because American Airlines over books their flights on purpose and has no problem leaving people stranded at an airport. Another employee related that it was easily accomplished to confirm is for the flight as we would have plenty of time prior to boarding since the aircraft had yet to arrive from its original location. American Airlines would not speak to any of the paid customers and would not look into other flights to see if there were other options to get customers home. When we boarded the plane there were still 4 customers that American Airlines stranded at the airport with no more flights out of the airport that day. This was an absolute disgrace and it was disgusting to see how the American Airlines staff were treating people. Their companies customer service has nothing to say other then sorry. I will never fly American Airlines again and now know why so many other people also feel this way."
Cons: "The weather was bad in Dallas preventing our landing. Our plane had to be diverted to be refueled which caused us to miss our connecting flight. There was no one at the counter to help us, but one of the crew told us to call the 800 number which told us our connecting flight was in the air. When we finally found someone to help us, they rescheduled us for the next flight out 11 hours later. When we asked about accommodations, we were told there would be none since it was weather related. Then we were told we could "look for a cot", but she didn't know where any cots were."
Pros: "The passengers"
Cons: "A/c was broken"
Cons: "They didn't let him to aboard, because of a mistake on the name. I called to ask for help to fix the name and the person who answer me asked me for a numeric code and I didn't know where to find it. He was very rude, didn't help at lot guiding me where I can find it, but instead he said " You have to call back when you find it" I asked him that I couldn't find it and he almost yelled at me saying DID YOU GOT a RESERVATION OR NOT?. I never found the numeric code he asked for. So I called again and fortunately somebody else answer my call and she was a litTle more helpful and didn't made me waste my time with a numeric code. She asked me for the Trip ID # and I found it right away. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I LOST 700 DOLLARS. I HAD TO BUY ANOTHER PLAIN TICKET!!!!!"
Pros: "Ricardo (flight attendant) was absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful."
Cons: "This was the second time this year I flew American Airlines And it wasn't satisfying. The first time (April) the crew was late which made me late to my connecting flight in which there were no more flights to my destination for the rest of the day (Jamaica) had to spend the night in Miami and miss a very important meeting. The second flight from Miami to NY 8/22 was delayed twice in which Im still not sure why but i had to deal with other angry passengers and they're rudeness which made my experience bad. I want American Airlines to be great. I just want to fly with them without a problem for once. JetBlue always gets it right"
Pros: "One crew member was very funny and helpful which unfortunately we forgot his name but he looks like Oscar from the Office if that helps. He was awesome! And the food was pretty good too."
Cons: "James. One of the crew members on our flight he was extremely rude and had no interest in helping you with putting your carry on away and if you have to put any effort he automatically says "you have to check this in" luckily my boyfriend got up and arrange the baggages easily and done. James was obnoxious, rude, and very unfriendly. The entertainment was absolutely terrible. It was a 10 hour flight the movie choices were slim to none. When I took a flight from New York to China and rode United Airlines we had every movie selection imaginable."
Cons: "Having to check my carry on bag. Brought only a carry on to avoid baggage claim, but was forced to check it anyway. There is NO organization to the boarding process, so in the free-for-all at boarding, people in any boarding group are let through with WAY MORE than 1 carry on and 1 personal item, leaving no room for my bag and I was in group 2 (not sure how many groups there are). Horrible disorganization at boarding. Board from back to front for goodness sake...its common sense."
Pros: "The flight attendant was nice"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. Then when we got on the plane we sat on the runway for over 2 hours. We weren't offered any food or beverage until after 2 hours of sitting on the runway. First class was given drinks before the plane even went to the runway. They were very inconsiderate of us in coach. First class was more important. All we got was a drink and crackers after 2 hours of sitting on the runway"
Pros: "Amazing crew!"
Cons: "Keep traveler's updated on delays."
Cons: "I’ll fly United anytime"
Pros: "Crew was fun. Didn't get to finish movie because no wifi from den to mtj"
Cons: "More leg room in economy"
Cons: "Bigger seats and warmer cabin"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Telling the truth"
Pros: "Ol"
Cons: "Oi"
Pros: "Nice quick flight staff great and very helpful!"
Cons: "Entertainment wasn’t free"
Pros: "The flight from BHM to DEN (my connection) was re-routed due to poor weather in DEN. What was supposed to be a 3-hr flight, turned into a 5-hr flight. Thank goodness my layover was originally 3.5 hrs, so that extra time in the air cut into that wait time at the airport, but at least waiting at the airport would allow me to move around and stretch my legs, and not be stuck in THE tiniest plane seat I've ever experienced."
Cons: "Being stuck on the plane for 2 hours longer than the original flight time of 3 hours made my legs ache. The seats were SO incredibly tiny, and there is very little room in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you. You can't fit a water bottle, and barely my tiny purse or e-reader device. Please do away with these super-tiny seats."
Pros: "We were actually a few minutes early. No complaints."
Cons: "Miserable seats. Inadequate overhead storage - I was forced to put my only carry on, a day pack, under my seat making the small seat and foot room even more uncomfortable."
Pros: "Comfortable and on time!"
Cons: "Plane was equipped with Direct TV but the TVs were not powered on and that was very disappointing."
Pros: "Kiosk help at Newark very annoyed to be helping me"
Pros: "I guess the flight was ok. The pilot knew where he was going"
Cons: "It can't be true that they have not even a small blanket for someone who kindly ask and then when the flight is over you see them every where and unopened in first class. Pretzels,... Seriously..???. These airlines are n need of a real policy that lets them know it is money we are expending when we take a flight. And taking the carry-on bag. AFTER YOU PAID TO HABE IT WITH YOU?? Unacceptable. And not seating people together after you call and re call and talk to 3 different persons... The last one just says: I will see what can be done and then ignores you... Not NICE. Please remember that many airlines have come and go. Those are some of the reasons."
Pros: "I didnt care for anything"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. There were no chargers at any seat in Coach."
Cons: "ok"
Pros: "Good on-phone customer service to make flight accommodations since we missed our connecting flight out of Denver"
Cons: "Insufficient and/or incomplete communication from pilot as to the nature of the delay (unhooked cable), how it was being addressed (the ONLY person that could hook the cable was still at home; then when he did arrive, he was assigned to fix another airplane before ours), and what we, as passengers, could do to help ourselves (United staff was reviewing connections, but then no one ever came back to relay information about that). We missed our connecting flight (we finally departed 15 minutes before our connecting flight left Denver); I had to call customer service while still sitting on the plane, and we were placed on a connecting flight out of Denver that left 4 hours AFTER we should have landed at our final destination. What should have been 9 hours of total travel time (including driving to and from airport, security checks, customs, etc.) turned into 20 hours, resulting in a lost 1st day of our trip."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2+ hours because of the crew. Wouldn't it make sense that if the flight was scheduled to depart at a certain time, 5 minutes before that, still no crew, let the passengers know then? No. Not if you're United. They told us to wait 20 minutes, then after 30 minutes told us about the delay and the New departure time. But when that time arrived, still no Captain. Finally, after another 15 minutes, we're on the way. Except not quite. Now, they can't get the weight and logistics of the flight worked out. C'mon United, get it together!!"
Pros: "The staff gave out free snacks and were friendly"
Cons: "Too loud and the delay was an inconvenience"
Pros: "Courtesy of crew."
Cons: "Left late. Arrived late. Bumpy flight."
Pros: "I am slow walking due to health issues. Coming from Kansas City to Chicago was a problem. My daughter who was with me is physically handicapped. There was no transportation to assist us to get from one terminal to another one when we arrived. Thank goodness we had a two and one-half hour overlay. Going home was a different story. Two wonderful gentleman met us as we disembarked and speedily got us to our flight. We only had 30 minutes and they made sure we were there. Issac and the other man are to be commended!"
Cons: "The fact that no one was there to assist us with transportation."
Pros: "That we arrived alive."
Cons: "We weren't allowed to put our carryons in the overhead. We were forced to put them under the seat in front of us because the plane was full. This left no place for our feet or stretching our legs. The seats were cramped so closely together, our knees touched the seat pocket in front of us. When putting down the tray table, it pressed against our stomachs. The landing was the worst and scariest one I've experienced in over 40 yrs of frequent flying. We hit so fast and hard that the plane teetered from one wheel to the other and fish tailed so hard that people's necks were hurt. If possible, I'll never fly United again."
Pros: "Great flight attendants!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "UNITED employees are very rude"
Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "The seats felt stiff"
Cons: "I do not like those head rests.. I wish the were detachable."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Didn't like the fact that you had to pay to watch movies"
Pros: "Very efficient boarding at the gate"
Cons: "Tight seats. Slow service on the flight."
Cons: "Paid for internet and stopped working for a long time"
Pros: "Flight attendants seemed happy we were aboard"
Pros: "Flawless. Staff was so nice and the seats were super comfy. We got there so quickly. Love it!"
Pros: "In these past six months my family and I have been back and forth on the same route and in four occations this flight as been delayed. My 70 year old aunt lost her other flight in Houston and had to wait 12 more hours overnight wihtout food because all the restaurants were already closed. In our case were a party of five and with 1hr 40min connection. We had to run to the other side of the airport to the international gates not knowing if we lost the flight because when we arrived to Houston the second flight was already boarding. Luckly the flight attendants let us out first before the other passengers and barely made it."
Pros: "fly with UA"
Cons: "the seat. no confortable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours from Manchester, which would have made me miss my connecting flight to MIA"
Pros: "Everything !"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours"
Pros: "It left on time and arrived earlt"
Cons: "I was seated in a window seat and another woman my size about 110 pounds was seated in the aisle however there was a 400+ pound man sitting in a middle seat which made it very difficult for me especially to even sit back because it was touching me the whole time when you have somebody of that size You should make sure they are on and I'll because then the find attendance would have some difficulty getting through instead of your passengers being inconvenienced either that or force people of that size to take two seats"
Cons: "The cabin was very hot"
Cons: "Tiny space, no access to electricity"
Pros: "We got there."
Cons: "Airport was horrible! Security line was 45 min. long and on the other side of the world. The plane was an hour late! No snow. No storms. Why? The crew, I guess tired, seemed bothered by the company of the passengers. The line to wait at the gate was very unorganized and confusing. No one knew which line was for which gate and people where cutting into lines everywhere. The airlines should provide better guidance for its passengers. I was connecting from Germany with Lufthansa and wow what a difference in customer service."
Pros: "Plane was clean. Attendants were very hospitable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight crew was friendly"
Cons: "Plane was too cramped. Passengers behind us were rude. Kept kicking backseat all flight (and there were no kids). Little uncomfortable for new plane"
Cons: "delayed 3 hours going there delayed 1 hour 40 minutes on the way back both done the same day. missed appointments the worst experience ever"
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "all the attention"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled. Couldn't reschedule a flight earlier than 4 days out. Had to fly standby."
Cons: "I was told I had a confirmed seat after a cancelled flight and showed up the next day to find out it was given to someone else. No help was giving took us three hours to finally get help"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delay on flight departure Bagage lost - three suitcases with all my clothes for the travel. The company does not provide any status on the provided telecoms/email."
Cons: "The seats could be a little bigger"
Cons: "Good"
Pros: "Spirit Airlines friendliness, ease of boarding. Drama free flight, that got us there ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Baggage overcharge but everything was great"
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Seats are horribly uncomfortable. Bag fees are exorbitant and unclear until you get there."
Pros: "Speed of boarding"
Cons: "The attitude of the stewardesses. The paucity of food options. The need to pay for everything."
Pros: "I had to cancel my flight because I did not want to miss my daughters baptism. I did not know the date of her baptism when I booked the flight. When I I tried to change the flight it would have cost twice as much. I’ve always loved flying with Spirit. Until this time. When I asked if I could get a travel voucher for a future date I was told it was a promotion so I could only get a $10 credit even though the price I paid was $120. I’m so sad."
Pros: "flight time was good."
Cons: "air plan was not clean windows has snot on them, cups on floor stans on seat. air plan smells like burned wire."
Cons: "paid for larger seats but they were not comfortable at all"
Pros: "The staff"
Cons: "Have to pay for pop and water."
Pros: "Everything moved along as planned and no delays."
Pros: "The crew was very pleasant and courteous!"
Cons: "Lack of communication. I could have planned better if I was given a heads up. Flight was delayed (I understand things happen) but was disappointed that no one sent out. Courtesy message stating this......"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "I was denied boarding. The crew was rude and did not know the procedures, They tried to confuse me and avoid paying the compensation. Only one person (out of 4) was helpful."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The customer service from the ticket agents and no room around seats"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "They charge for everything and gave us two 7 dollar vouchers for lunch and dinner. That does not but much. I was also delayed on the trip to Atlantic City. One hour delay because of no crew and then sat on the tarmac without air for one hour. I have no intention of using Spirit again."
Pros: "Polite crew."
Cons: "Well going to st thomas I found my very expensive suitcase have 2 broken wheels. After talking to customer service I was told, "well ma'am the fairs are cheap, you can buy another one". Now landing back into Fort Lauderdale and note a 4 hour delay I find my suitcase has now all broke. Wheels and the 2 prior ones broken now officially broke. Off. It's great if you wanna fly cheap but you literally get what you pay for."
Pros: "Flight crew was a great experience. Very fun."
Cons: "They charge for everything. Seat are made of plastic and metal. Very uncomfortable. Flight delayed almost 2 hours. No in flight entertainment."
Cons: "Too long!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Plane was downgraded at the last minute without notice causing an indecent number of people to not be able to travel. I had to pay 400$ to book another flight in order to get home due to the fact that I have to work the next day. NEVER FLY SPIRIT!!!"
Cons: "Flight delayed for 3 hrs then once on plane sat for 1 hr for pilot to come from the hotel.... crazy right"
Pros: "Flight departed on time and made it to destination safely"
Cons: "Spirit's seats are most uncomfortable - worse than folding metal chairs with no leg room"
Pros: "Fast flight. Great overall"
Cons: "Turbulence"
Pros: "The crew on the way to Jamaica was awesome"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for four hours. When I was on the phone with customer service when I miss my flight, they tried to make me cancel the whole entire transaction. Imagine if they would have done that, I would've been furious"
Pros: "This was my first time with Spirit and I am very pleased with my flights. On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "The online ticketing process is a joke. Right when you think you are getting a deal they charge you for every bag and every seat. The "online boarding pass" is not true. When you get to the gate you have to have your ticket printed. The worst airline."
Pros: "We had an uneventful flight. Departed and landed on time. Spirit employees were very helpful. I would fly again with Spirit"
Cons: "It was my first time to pay for a baggage, $90.00 . Because of this, I am not happy about Spirit Airlines! :("
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that they wouldn't just let me trade in my ticket for another time. I'm sure they could have given my seat to a standby passenger. I was way to sick to get on a plane and nobody would have wanted me on the plane either. So I paid for a ticket and it just got wasted. You should at least have a program where people can donate their seat. Just a suggestion"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sassy flight attendant making stupid jokes. Flight attendants over served 2 passengers. One was sitting next to us and was almost incoherent so I'm not sure why he was even let on."
Cons: "6'6" man, absolutely no legroom. Departure flight also delayed."
Pros: "Clean plane, spacious seat"
Cons: "Upselling of additional services that I didn't need"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Pros: "How quick and turbulence free the flight was."
Cons: "I didn't like the seating. I was in a middle seat with no armrest. I didn't like how the third party put the purchaser down for the flight instead of the actual person flying. However, Spirit fixed that with no problem. I didn't like not being able to take my very small luggage on the plane."
Cons: "Flight significantly delayed, rude counter staff, unprofessional flight attendants"
Pros: "The attendants and pilot were outstanding. I plan on flying Spirt all the time. Seats comfortable, lites good, bathrooms clean. The pilot I had going from Fort Lauderdale was cleaver , funny, and professional. You probably have a lifer. Andy Anderson, St Cloud, Mn320-339-6818. Bye"
Cons: "I was surprised to find out that the bag weight limit was only 40 lbs rather than the usual 50 lbs. I had to open up my back pack my carry on and my checked bag and reload everything at the check in counter. What a circus. The ridiculous part of this whole thing is that I still took the same amount of weight with me and all that was accomplished was to make me uncomfortable and make those behind me wait for the show to end. When I printed my boarding pass it said TSA PreCheck on it. I'm thinking, at least I get to take the short line and dont have to get the full TSA "treatment". Well the TSA lady tells me that Spirit doesn't do PreCheck. I pointed out to her that the boarding pass said I in fact did have a PreCheck pass. No go, had to leave that line and go get in the long line after discussing this with the TSA lady. Spirit, really? What a mess!!"
Cons: "Fee for baggage is ridiculous. Fee for baggage is ridiculous. Fee for baggage is ridiculous."
Pros: "Humor of the staff."
Cons: "I didn't like not being able to get water without a charge. I usually don't expect water to be a luxury I have to pay for. Even though rates are cheaper than other airlines, when you have to pay for even a carry-on, then the rates seem to be the same as other airlines. So, I'm not understanding how for those people that do have luggage or carry-ons, how is Spirit actually a better deal? Flight was delayed twice, but only the first delay was announced."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Horrible customer service and support. Dishonest and unknowledgeable staff. Offshore, unintelligible phone support."
Cons: "The hidden baggage fees."
Pros: "Pretty much nothing"
Cons: "The plane boarded about 90 minutes late. At the planned boarding time, the crew announced that there was a system-wide computer outage, so they would wait to board us until the computers got back online. Every 30 minutes after that they made a similar announcement. If they had just boarded us manually to begin with, which they eventually had to do, we would have been loaded ontime. Even when we were all on the plane, the pilot announced that they didn't have the correct FAA paperwork and we had to wait longer. We were only on a short flight, but if we had driven, we would have made it to our destination earlier (a 6.5 hour drive). Never flying Spirit again."
Pros: "Spacious"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything!"
Cons: "I was over booked and barley made the flight, the seats we terribly uncomfortable for an overnight flight"
Pros: "Delayed - No reason given"
Cons: "The flight was an hour delayed even though the plane had come in on time from the earlier flight. No information was ever given as to why we were delayed."
Cons: "They cancelled my flight day of. I had to rebook under another airline for the next day. Lost 300 dollars!"
Cons: "Not food and comfort"
Cons: "To pay $ 55.00 extra for you laguage is outrages. We paid for seats and laguage that makes over $250 + more for 1 couple per trip. We will never fly Spirit again. It sounds like a good price when you book but dont be fooled ."

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