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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Bakersfield to Anywhere for the following prices or less: to Denver $358 one-way - $423 round-trip, to Dallas/Fort Worth $1,184 one-way - $674 round-trip
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly from Bakersfield is August.
  • Morning departure is around 34% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47703 reviews
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I made it to gate right before they closed the gates and still got put on the next available flight BUT let two other people go in who were behind me on the line. So disappointed.

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I made it to gate right before they closed the gates and still got put on the next available flight BUT let two other people go in who were behind me on the line. So disappointed.

Cons: "There are too many announcements on the screen before you can start watching entertainment. It takes about 15 minutes."
Cons: "Short flight, would have appreciated if when asking for pretzels the flaggt attendant didn't hand me the spare bag of his pockets."
Pros: "Really enjoy flying first class."
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "Good entertainment choices."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seat with insufficient legroom wouldn't recline. Inadequate overhead storage (full flight)"
Cons: "The seat went back three inches. I was about to spasm after 4 hours. No movement whatsoever. The flight crew could have moved me but I suppose they were told not to as I had a cheap ticket."
Cons: "It was a quick and perfect flight."
Pros: "It was standard AA service"
Cons: "After flying in Delta Comfort+, American’s forward economy section is just nothing."
Pros: "Crew was tight, friendly, flight comfortable & painless."
Cons: "Sat waiting for gate for 30 min"
Cons: "There was literally no entertainment for over three hour flight and our flight was delayed an hour while we were on the plane."
Cons: "Flight got delayed. We paid for assigned seating for our almost 85 yo mom. And the change in flight no one asked for to get seated in the front of plane. Instead she was seated all the way in the back. It was physically exhausting for her."
Pros: "The crew was polite and professional"
Cons: "At Miami check in, American had 40-60 automated terminals available for self check, but only had EIGHT open for use. Caused a needless bottleneck and the transition from there to the bag drop was also poorly laid out and did not provide a logical nor efficient route from one to the other. fix it!"
Pros: "On time flight. We were even a little early."
Cons: "Those seats are just crammed in there aren’t they?"
Pros: "The notifications regarding my connection and baggage claim."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Absolutely no accommodation for seat assignments and the lady at the gate was so rude for even just asking to sit next to my fiancé even though there were tons of single people on the flight."
Pros: "The flight itself was fine."
Cons: "The gate change was not announced on my phone app (changed from E7 to D49). I hate leaving out of Terminal E at MIA. There is no point to having TSA Pre-Check if you have to stand in line with people who don't have it. I have to remove my liquids and laptop. It's such a shabby, run-down terminal."
Pros: "Crew was good, flight was on time"
Cons: "Old plane, no TVs"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Not enough leg room. They did a gate change and I almost missed the flight because nothing was announced and when I looked at my phone app it had the previous gate."
Cons: "Flight was delayed so had to drive to connecting city just to make it home."
Cons: "My bags were not checked all the way to my destination, I had to get them re-tagged and checked for this part of the trip and the American Agent was EXTREMELY rude and made us pay oversized bagge fees even though our baggage was within the Qantas allowance, the main carrier for our flight."
Pros: "The plane looks like new. Great seats, phone and tablet holders at the seat back, USB outlet and a smooth flight."
Cons: "The WiFi did not work and so no entertainment for a flight of almost 4 hours."
Cons: "The sound on the entertainment system in my seat didn't work well. Also, the flight was really late getting in to Denver."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Tight seating leg room non existent."
Pros: "Fine for a domestic flight. Normally, American Airlines offer a small snack to go with the drinks. But on this particular flight, they went the United way and offered nothing but drinks. Crew was pleasant enough during the flight, although they didn't greet half of the passengers entering or exiting the plane."
Cons: "Flight was a little late taking off and therefore getting to Denver. But there was no announcement about it. There was one announcement from the captain, but it was so soft that I couldn't hear anything. Upon landing and arriving at the gate, we stood there for a while with no lights on and seatbelt sign on, but no explanation of what was going on. There was no welcome to Denver message either. Maybe their announcement system was down."
Pros: "Landing and deplaning"
Cons: "Literally everything else"
Pros: "Our plane was given to another group going to Orlando so we were delayed almost 4 hours. This after a 5 hour layover."
Cons: "Gate lady was funny about being pissed about the delay."
Pros: "Great service in first class"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Seats were too tight and too close together."
Pros: "Movie and tv selection was good. Boarding was a cinch, we took off exactly on time, seats were comfortable, too."
Cons: "Airline misplaced my boyfriend's checked back with our duty free Portuguese wine in it. It still hasn't been delivered to him the next day. They had three hours to get the bag on the flight."
Pros: "Nothing in particular"
Cons: "Outlet did not work"
Cons: "Flight crew was late and didn’t try and make things move faster to make up time. Kept saying they wanted to go Puerto Rico and that’s where they should have been going."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 90 minutes because the incflight mint flight was late"
Cons: "3rd flight in two weeks suck sitting next to a morbidly obese person. They should be forced to purchase two seats."
Cons: "the drink service came through pretty late in the flight. i asked for hot tea. a few minutes later i was provided with extremely hot tea. about 10 minutes later it was a temperature i could tolerate drinking. about 1/3 through the drink i was required to throw away my drink because we were preparing for landing. i understand that, fine. bad timing. it’s just a drink. what was unsatisfactory is that the attendant rudely commented “you have to give us your drink. it’s not that long of a flight.” the comment made me feel like i had done something wrong even though i had just been drinking my tea as soon as it was at a drinkable temperature. i was not impressed with the attendant. also, there weren’t any biscotti cookies."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "The first leg had awesome pasta.Then, on the 2nd leg, Philly to Denver, they had a "pay for meal" option for turkey with Chutney sandwich - again, delicious. I should add that the service was very good as well."
Pros: "Staff was great!"
Cons: "Seats were really uncomfortable up and reclined. Overhead baggage was full by the time I boarded and there was no enforcement of the carry-on baggage sizes... This needs to be addressed and contributed to our lack of comfort, noting this was the last leg of an 18 hour journey. My body still hurts today after a good nights sleep."
Pros: "The onboard entertainment selection was excellent; great movie selection, wifi connection, and flight details. A winner! So much so that I chose to binge watch movies and not sleep!!"
Cons: "Long delay"
Cons: "Watched a very weird interaction between Muslim (with a hajib) women with a kiddo and desk crew. She wanted to sit next to her child on the flight and needed to switch seats to be able to. Woman was very gracious and understanding that she was asking for an accommodation. Ends up her flight to Philly had been moved to a different gate after they had found a volunteer to switch seats. Volunteer was totally unfazed but Desk crew made it seem as tho the Muslim mom was at fault for the time and trouble they had had to go through to accommodate her. She apologized profusely and was very appreciative for the trouble evernote had gone to for her. . As she walked away the crew looked at each other and shook their heads. Pretty crummy way to treat customers!"
Cons: "I can't rate it because they canceled my entire itinerary without so much as an email. I did not take my flight to Wilmington via my original flight. I had to book another flight because the change fees were too expensive. I did not know that my return flight to Denver had been canceled until I was checking in a few hours before my flight. I was told my ticket had no value. Awesome! It really stings that I then had to book a new return flight, and because I am a teacher who makes about $23,000 a year, I had to book the cheapest flight, which was with American. I do not plan on giving them any of my hard-earned money in the future if I can help it."
Pros: "No excuse on a night flight does the temperature to be 80 plus degrees on the plane."
Cons: "The plastic seats and extreme temperature was brutal. They shut the AC off of down somehow."
Pros: "Entertainment."
Cons: "We sat on the runway for 3.5 hours while the crew cleaned up a fuel spill and we waited for a different co-pilot."
Pros: "I fly this route with American pretty often. The cabin crew was good. Everything else seemed sub par."
Cons: "Our take off was delayed, officially due to fueling the plane, but if the plane wasn't fueled ahead of time, someone failed to do their job properly. Also, while I'm starting to think that A320s just suck mechanically for landing (they always seem to land harder than a 737), this one seemed a little extra rough."
Cons: "Unexplained delay in leaving but only arrived about 10 min later than scheduled. Took an hour from pulling into the gate for bags to arrive though which caused me to miss my shuttle. Never had to wait more than 15 min for any other airline at DIA."
Cons: "They did not check the toilets before we left so we were diverted to St. Louis and I arrived in charlotte 3 hours late"
Pros: "Flight not entirely sold out. So they let my 14 month grandson have an empty seat between my daughter and I. That was a great gift since he doesn't sleep and is jumping and crawling all over the place. And I'm sure the other passengers were breathing sighs of relief!! Also super smooth landing and nice flight attendants."
Cons: "Flying with an active 14 month old toddler boy and of his "stuff" is nothing less than anxiety provoking. Not much the airline can do.."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Had to board three times, two different planes. I understand mechanical problems, but 3 hours later, and on another plane, the captain starts making stuff up, saying that the only reason we hadn't moved in the last hour was because people were using the bathroom, then something about having to deplane because the plane couldn't back up with us on it because of some sensor? And then, surprise ! All of the sudden they noticed there was an issue with his and some of the crews' hours and we had to wait till they could locate more crew. But they gave us each a 1/3 glass of water and later a $12 food voucher which didn't even cover a meal and beverage. Whoop-de-do. 7 hours later we finally boarded for the third and last time. The crew on the other hand stayed professional and friendly."
Cons: "When your on your honeymoon it sure would be nice to have a seat next to my husband like we requested."
Pros: "Yes"
Pros: "Cookies are delicious"
Cons: "I hate that United doesn’t let you get a boarding pass early if you don’t pay for for a bag. Hell, even Frontier lets you check in early. There was no one at the ticket counter till an hour before check in so I had to wait around outside security till I could get a boarding pass. It’s bullshit"
Pros: "Crew on both our flights were very nice and accommodating."
Pros: "United delays"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Arriving on time to make my connection!!!!!!"
Pros: "Plane wasn’t full, crew was great"
Cons: "They could have better food options for a 7 hours flight."
Pros: "Nice crew, good take off and landing"
Cons: "We were an hr late taking off."
Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "Seats are narrow. Not much shoulder space"
Pros: "Nothing, worst experience I’ve ever had traveling. Up for nearly 2 days and with no help from the local airport staff."
Cons: "Everything, no customer service whatsoever"
Pros: "Short sweet, hard to beat!"
Pros: "Everybody was wonderful. All the staff were friendly and the flight was great."
Cons: "I volunteered to gate check my instruments (which I NEVER do because it’s not my hobby, it’s my livelihood). When I did, I made very clear that I’ll ONLY do it if it’s handed to me at the gate when I arrive. It CANNOT go into baggage claim because it’s 2 $3000, left handed, vintage Paul McCartney basses packed in one bag. The gentleman assured me that I’d have it handed to me upon arrival. It isn’t designed to go through the rough handling of people I’ve never met or trusted. So I got to Denver and waited at the gate until someone told me, “oh no that’s gonna be down in baggage claim” Needless to say, I’m scared to death and I don’t even know where $6000 worth of instruments of mine, is right now. I wish people would communicate when they promise things."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable, we were in first class. United provided a good selection of recent movies."
Cons: "United stewardesses have little to no interest in their duties. Questions were clearly an annoyance to them. The leg of flight from Denver to Des Moines was very uncomfortable, seats much to tigh, no leg room. Gate staff in Denver were exceptional. United needs to revisit their time for loading. We preloaded, I had a broken leg, I was traveling with a special needs woman. We just reached our seats when other passengers were prodding us to sit so they could board no time to settle. Not impressed"
Cons: "Lost bags and every time I called to find out where they were I would get a different story. I was told it would be on the next flight for the next 5 flights."
Pros: "The flight attendants were so nice, and although our flight was delayed and hour and fifteen minutes and our layover was an hour and fifteen minutes, we were able to make our connection! Since our connection to Portland in Denver was the last flight of the night, they were able to hold it for us. This was wonderful because there weren’t many flights out that weren’t booked solid for the next day. The attendants on this flight were great about updating us with information for the connections and telling us when we would land in Denver."
Cons: "The plane was delayed over an hour for cleaning. It was frustrating to say the least."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "This was a smaller plane (4 seats across). Knowing this, they didn't bring enough luggage carts, so they only brought some of the luggage to the baggage claim and didn't tell us this. 5-6 of us waited and waited and finally asked someone who told us that they had to go back to the plane to get the rest of the luggage. Those of us still waiting got to wait another half hour for our luggage. Talk all they want, United just can't seem to get it right. PS: those of us who had to wait were the ones who got to the San Antonio airport the earliest and thus our luggage was on the plane first."
Cons: "Seats to small. But I am 6'3"" and my son traveling with me is 6'5"."
Pros: "The leg from Denver to vegas was awesome"
Cons: "The first leg didn't have any snacks and a cold continental breakfast. American and Delta's breakfast is much nicer. But worth the price for that portion of the leg."
Pros: "Crew was nice and efficient it"
Cons: "It was late"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The plane was freezing. I needed to put on socks--really wished I had packed wool ones. The seats were cramped and mine did not recline."
Pros: "free movies on the flight with the united app"
Cons: "The flight attendant was late delaying boarding 20 minutes. Once they started, people were lining up to board. This is a normal behavior however, there employee decided to stop boarding because she said people were crowding. she stop boarding for another 20 minutes. Now, this was a large flight and there wasn't enough room for everyone to stand off to the side. She was rude and there was no reason for this especially when the flight attendant was already late. The plane was delayed 45 minutes due to this"
Pros: "I was sat in an exit seat."
Cons: "The lady in the seat next to me was so overweight that I couldn't sit comfortably for the entire flight - I had to lean out and it hurt my back!"
Pros: "Nothing I won't be flying united again!"
Cons: "The lady at the gate when boarding was not friendly and was not willing to help us get seats together. I was traveling with my mother, husband and two infant children. And it was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her. She did not even tell us we could board early to get situated on plane! I also called earlier that morning and spoke with a man on he phone at united who told me he put us all in the same row. That was a lie bc when we checked in at the gate to get our seats the lady said no one was sitting next to each other! That lady was rude and short tempered! Awful experience will never fly again!!"
Cons: "The default on the browser defaulted to April 9 when I was actually booking the ticket for April 2. So I had to forfeit the $317 ticket. I use kayak a lot - can anything be down ?"
Pros: "Food was edible, nothing special"
Cons: "Boarding was very slow, as was cabin staff. Not very attentive. Made a big deal about letting passengers with connections off first, although we arrived. We waited, as requested. Finally got up,after realizing everyone in the 20'rows behind us was gone."
Pros: "fast"
Cons: "n/a"
Cons: "Flight was delayed to 4 hours now I'm rushing all over to get to my connecting flights"
Pros: "Small airport, comfortable seating, polite crew"
Cons: "Snack wasn't my style"
Cons: "Unable to pre-check online. Unable to check at the check in machines--had to go up and check in at the counter, long wait because there was only one clerk. We were then given a ticket just to get through security and had to check in a second time when we get to the gate for seat assignment, which is ridiculous. Why couldn't that be done at the 1st check-in? The clerk told me she will call me when she has the seat assignment/ boarding ticket but she never did and I had to go back up to ask for them when it was getting close to boarding time. At the last moment minutes, volunteers could check in their carry on for free....It would have been nice (and less hassle) to have that option at the 1st check-in."
Pros: "Quick and easy boarding, friendly staff, On time/early to arrival"
Cons: "Not a lot of space for passengers- even someone small like me at 5'2 and 120 lbs. Flight was also a bit turbulent"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm usually a patient person, but my flight was supposed to leave at 525am and didn't leave until 730. This was the first flight in the morning. We boarded, waiting 30 minutes on the plane, they told us to get off because there were computer issues. Why wasn't that checked before everybody was boarded? Once we got on the plane we had to wait another 30 minutes for the crew to get someone's luggage from under the plane. Why wasn't that done while the computer was getting fixed? I didn't get to Denver until 1040am missed my flight and didn't get to get on my connection until 500pm. In the meantime I called to get on a different flight at 1, but the guy on the phone didn't actually book me a seat. The gate people weren't very nice."
Cons: "The flight attendants were disrespectful to not only me but to other passengers. They were not attentive! The plane was dirty."
Pros: "Boarding was very fast and efficient. Seats were as expected on an airplane. The flight was only 45 minutes so there was no entertainment or food to really be able to rate them on it."
Cons: "The one flight attendant spoke super fast so it was a little hard to hear her clearly."
Cons: "A la ahora de irnos hubo muchos contratiempo por el tiempo pero por el vuelo después que nos fuimos fue excelente"
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful staff."
Cons: "The fact that we had a connecting flight to minot from Denver. Arrived late to Denver because of weather, but my stroller that I had left on the jetway in Seattle was never put on the plane which I didn't know until I got to minot. I was going to wait for it in denver, but I would have missed my flight to minot had I waited 5 more minutes. We arrived to minot only to find out that our 3 suitcases, one stroller and 2 car seats were never in the flight. Awful! And my connecting flight was even delayed an extra 55 min so I don't quite know where my things are."
Pros: "Crew were fine."
Cons: "Seats are narrower and make for a lot of discomfort when stuck in the middle seat. I do not like other stranger's bodies touching mine. That is just wrong."
Pros: "The staff was very helpful"
Cons: "Turbulence was horrid. Had to re route the landing causing me to miss my connecting flight. united had no other options for 23 hours. Therefore I chose to return to my starting destination. I still had to spend the night at the airport, and missed a 10 hour day of work due to no other flight options. All I received was a verbal apology. Glad I paid for a flight to a one night stay at Denver airport and back."
Pros: "This was for my in-laws and they were very happy and great full for all the help"
Cons: "One strange thing happened on my United airlines flight. The crew announced before we boarded that there wasn't enough overhead space for rolling bags and encouraged us to check them in. Upon boarding they announced that all overhead space in the back was full. I sat in the back and noticed that the crew closed the overhead compartments even though they were mostly empty. Another passenger opened an empty one and the crew came over and closed it right away, though many people were still boarding. What's going on?"
Cons: "The airplane was freezing, and I'm 23 years old and very used to flying."
Cons: "Additional fees for extra space were 1/3 the cost of my flight"
Cons: "My flight was scheduled to leave at 4:51 pm. I arrived at the airport 2 and a half hours before my flight was to leave and I read the departure board to see that the flight was delayed due to maintenance. Then I saw that it was delayed again because we were waiting for a flight coming in from the Bahamas. Well my flight didn't take off until about 7:30 pm. I arrived in Denver around 10:00 pm which made me miss my shuttle to the Springs. I am a diabetic and was in need of my medication so I needed to get home. I spent extra money to take a bus to downtown Denver and a grayhound bus to the springs and a cab to my home. So my trip cost my an extra $55.00 dollars I didn't have. I have always taken United but after this experience, I will never again take United."
Pros: "The crew is AMAZING!!! Personal, professionals, they go above and beyond my personal standard of customer service. Very comfortable atmosphere. Not to be mistaken with the uncomfortable seats. I like to think United doesn't overlook the work ethic their employees represent the company with on a day to day basis."
Cons: "I travel for work from Grand Junction, Colorado to Dickinson, North Dakota every 4 to 6 weeks. I always fly United. On one occasion I met family in Colorado Springs, so I bought a round trip ticket from Dickinson to Colorado Springs. I missed the second half of my round trip flight from Colorado Springs to Dickinson. I had to pay my own cab fare from Colorado Springs to Denver to catch my flight, because your plane, that i paid for a flight on, had mechanical issues and didn't make it to Colorado Springs. Second, my flight in Denver was cancelled 3 times and almost a fourth. I all but got down on my knees and begged to catch the fourth flight they tried to cancel. Third, I didn't even get to fly into Dickinson. So instead of somebody coming and picking me up in Dickinson which is a 30-minute drive from where I work, somebody had to drive 3 hours to Williston where you guys ended up getting me. Which cost me 3 hours of gas money to get picked up, instead of 30 min of gas money. I didn't get either of the flights back to North Dakota that I paid for. I've asked for the reasonable request that I be refunded 50% of the cost of the airfare and the $235 it cost for cab fare. When I contacted United about this I got the runaround from everybody. At this point I've pretty much accepted the loss, and the financial hit. I'll continue to fly United only because it's pretty much my only option. Just make sure you keep the crew around. They're great. I'd hate for the experience to go from unsatisfying, to miserable."
Pros: "Economy plus was nice."
Pros: "they gave us the whole can to drink on the flight for drinks"
Cons: "the stupid old white man at baggage check in in New YOrk who was EXTREMELY rude and made me HATE flying with UNited"
Pros: "My flight started off with getting to the airport only to find my flight had been canceled in the morning and rescheduled at an earlier time while I was at work. I don't check my phone or email while at work. Fortunately, your staff was quickly able to put me on a flight that left an hour and a half after my original flight, but would put me on a connecting flight with American Airlines in Chicago. The AA flight had engine trouble so it turned around and we borded another plane after we landed. The original flight would have had me to my destination by 9:30 pm. Instead I arrived at 1:08 am the next day. I am frustrated that my flight was canceled so close to my departure. It was a great inconvenience to those picking me up at the airport. It added to my stress. It made it much less likely that I will fly United again. Maybe you had good reason to cancel my flight at such short notice, but it severely tainted my experience and opinion of United and American Airlines which had been fairly positive until now."
Cons: "The inconsideration for my schedule. The last minute change."
Pros: "Punctual flight, lack of major issues. Friendly staff helps on a long flight. Handled minor issues in the cabin well."
Cons: "Boarding the 747 was a bit disorganized, using doors on both sides of the gate desk led to confusion."
Pros: "Not only do I get the best price. The fact that you told me what carousel to get my bag from was new to me. I alway check kyak first but now I love u guys. I know my travel site and its kayak"
Cons: "My flight was many hours delayed due to bad weather in Denver. Then my flight from Denver to LAX was eventually cancelled so I took a direct flight from Phl to LAX on American. That flight was fine."
Pros: "I flew during the Thanksgiving holiday and all of my flights arrived early."
Cons: "Our plane was a turboprop, and due to the weather worsening from light freezing rain to medium freezing rain, we were delayed 3 WHOLE HOURS. This caused me to miss my connection to San Francisco."
Pros: "Excellent ground and aircraft staff."
Cons: "1 hr delay waiting for pilot to get through customs while sitting on plane"
Cons: "191 minute delay due to swapped equipment and change in crew. Would have been faster to drive!"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, great crew"
Cons: "Not only famous for being late but why even bother to give a reason or keeping the passengers informed"
Cons: "WiFi was poor. In and out. Fat guy next to me."
Cons: "Departed on time, but then returned to the airport with maintenance issues. Took about 90 minutes to find another plane and depart again. United did offer a $50 certificate for future flights (good for one year) due to the maintenance issue."
Pros: "An adequate flight with few issues but nothing outstanding about the service."
Cons: "Wish there was more leg room and rest rooms in the cabin. Checking in was quick but there were no smiles and minimal assistance from crew."
Pros: "The short flight"
Cons: "No entertainment but it wasn’t a big deal on such a short flight."
Pros: "Speedy!"
Pros: "Going through security was a breeze. We were sent to precheck,which is like being upgraded."
Cons: "The plane is so small and the aisles are very tight,"
Pros: "How easy boarding is with the United app and electronic boarding pass"
Cons: "very tight fit"
Cons: "Second time between EVV and ORD. First time going to Vegas through these airports, the flight had to be cancelled due to maintance issues. Delayed for over 7 hours to get to Vegas, sucked tremendously bad. Flight back home, same thing . This time they had an alternative plane to give us but delayed for over an hour until they declared the original plane dead and another one given. So FML. I just want to get there and back without maintenance problems, not weather, not nothing, plane broke twice on the same trip."
Pros: "Seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed I was forced to have to drive down to DFW to make connecting flight when I tried to have my flight changed with the ticket agent at the lawton airport agent the employee tried to charge me a change fee which was ridiculous. I had to walk away and call an agent on the phone to correct this. I will probably never fly with America airlines agains"
Cons: "Turbulent the entire time."
Pros: "Fist leg of the flight from Quebec City to Atlanta was delayed. The layover in Newark was horrible. United knew we were at the airport trying to make the connection because they made us claim our bag in Newark and then re-check Igor the second leg. We had to exit the secure area of the terminal and then go through the security check again. United didn't help us with expediting the second security check. We ran to the gate of the second leg once we cleared security in Newark. The door was closed with no agents at the gate. The plane hadn't departed yet. We stood at the gate for 10 minutes with more united passengers standing behind us. A United flight attendant noticed us and tried to get someone to open the door of the gate but was unsuccessful. Finally, the door opened and the United gate agent appeared. We explained that we were making a connection and the fist leg was delayed and we got to the gate as quickly as we could. The United gate agent refused to board us even though the plane was still at the gate. I insisted she call her supervisor. She reluctantly did after five minutes of arguing with me, telling me she was doing me a favor by calling her supervisor. The supervisor told her NOT to board us. The plane departed the gate with our luggage on board on time, while we were stranded in Newark. United put us on the next flight to Atlanta to depart four hours later. The flight ended up being delayed for several hours. United didn't offer us compensation for meals or anything. When we boarded that flight we found out that they put us on the last row next to the bathroom. The row doesn't recline. The flight was not ful, but they stuck us to the most uncomfortable row. Probably because I made the gate agent call her supervisor earlier. We got to our house in Atlanta at 2 AM, whereas we were supposed to get home by 8:00 PM. We were traveling with a 7-year-old child, who was exhausted. We were exhausted too, but also angry at United for such outrageous attitude to us. I will never fly United again. NEVER. As an aside, our flight from Atlanta to Quebec City on Air. Abadan was wonderful. Air Canada didn't make us claim our bag in Toronto and then re-check it for the second leg to Wuebec City. Our bag was checked in all the way through. Canadians seem to be able to figure out how to let people clear passport control at the point of layover and clear customs at the destination. Americans (or United) apparently cannot. Needless to say flying our luggage on a plane while refusing to board us very plates all security guidelines. Next time I will only fly Air Canada from Atlanta to Quebec City and I will be making a connecting flight in a Canadian airport. Out northern neighbors (both the Canadian border and customs officials) as well as Air Canada treat their American guests with much more respect than our own government and our own airlines treat us - the American citizens."
Cons: "We didn't like the entire experience flying United"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Weather delay for 1 day. This by itself was not a problem. United did not communicate to us whatnext steps the passengers should be doing. It took 4 hours in a line to find out that they will not give us lodging, pick your flights by calling their 1-800 number. United could have made a simple announcement to the effect that everyone is on their own - which is fine."
Cons: "For the second time in four months, my luggage did not show up at my final destination, leaving me without anything."
Pros: "Onboard flight crew courteous, helpful."
Cons: "Gate agents, ground crew not helpful or knowledgeable. First, they didn't inform us of delays until the very last moment. I had an alert from Kayak informing me of flight delays 45 minutes before the gate agents told us. We asked gate agents if our small rollerboard would fit on plane, and they said yes. As I entered the plane, the flight crew told me togate check. I had to get on my hands and knees on the jetway to open my bag and remove prescription meds and valuables before handing it over Lastly, the flight was nearly an hour late, yet the ground crew made no effort to hustle to return our gate check items. All passengers had deplaned, and it was another 10-15 minutes to get our bags. I felt sorry for anyone with a tight connection. Plane interior was in dismal shape. Worn, cracked, dirty leather seats"
Cons: "The flight was nice but it was 3 hours late!!!!"
Cons: "My flight was delayed 2 hours due to snow. Therefore, I arrived to the airport 1.5 hours before my new schedule time of departure. Because I only checked in 40 minutes before the original flight (which was changed 12 hours ago without an email alert) they refused to let me check in to the flight."
Cons: "An hour late"
Pros: "A trending very nice"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable No inflight entertainment. You say that all will have but it has been a year and you still don't have."
Pros: "Thank God for safe flight.Pilot did his best."
Cons: "Safety."
Pros: "Convenient and close to home only a 35 minute drive to get home."
Cons: "Seats don't recline."
Pros: "We had a great flight attendant name Rosie! She was fun an engaging. She loves her job and it shows!! Need better snacks@"
Cons: "The snacks!! A better variety please."
Cons: "The cost of a one-year-old great from BWI to Denver plus $169. The cost of an upgrade for this flight from Houston to BWY was $589. Please explain that United. This is one and a half times the original cost of my ticket."
Cons: "Due to weather (not your fault) we couldn't land right away at Newark. However, I found it crazy we didn't have enough gas to circle the airport for the 25 minutes planes weren't landing. After being landed at Allentown airport we sat on the runway for over an hour before deboarding because of a technical issue. I ended up paying $125 to get an Uber from Allentown to Manhattan. So in the end, this flight did not get me home."
Pros: "On time. Not crowded. Efficient and pleasant crew."
Cons: "The snack was an interesting Dutch cookie. Would be nice to have a different non sugar option."
Cons: "Your airline....simply the worst"
Pros: "I had an awesome trip on all my flights. The flight was on time and arrived on time. The crew was very friendly and nice as well."
Cons: "There was nothing that I did not like during my flight."
Cons: "Man to big for the seat took half of mind i had to move to a available seat which was in the back of the plane not fair when you pay for a whole seat and you get half make over large people buy two seats"
Cons: "A lot of us ask for the air to be turn down but it was not I got sick coming home."
Pros: "Everything went well."
Cons: "No fault of United, just traveling through heavy clouds into Chicago was a little scary and bumpy."
Cons: "Connecting flight was late"
Cons: "That I had to pay extra for a bag!!!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seats very close together in a regional flight- really packed in tight, worse than ever."
Pros: "On time, uneventful."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Everything!"
Pros: "Once we got in the air, it was fast. Loved how short the flight was."
Cons: "No Internet"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendant"
Pros: "Plane left on time, boarding didn't take long, arrived to destination 20 mins early."
Cons: "Of course it was uncomfortable, but then again every flight I've been on has been really uncomfortable. But they did land 20 mins faster then expected, so it was nice to avoid any extra time staying uncomfortable."
Pros: "Efficient boarding"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, lumpy cushions."
Pros: "no me gustó nada el avion estaba sucio y con mal olor."
Cons: "Me and my 1 year old sone were bumped from our flight. We were told that our seat was sold to other people as well and they checked in before us. I was forced to spend 8 hours in the Syracuse airport with a toddler!"
Pros: "It was a quick flight."
Cons: "The flight attendant acted like he hated his job so much. The plane was tiny, no room at all to even breathe. We were supposed to get notifications if our gate changed twice within 5 minutes. The second time we didn't get a notification, we just happened to hear the other people say it changed."
Pros: "Plain was efficiently loaded, stowed, and sent off. Attendant was cheerful and pleasant."
Cons: "There was neither food service nor entertainment on the express flight."
Pros: "Crew very professional."
Cons: "Flight cancelled just a couple hours prior to departure - no email or text notification."
Pros: "I made it home safely"
Cons: "The flight was delayed and we didn't know until after we were supposed to board the plane. There weren't any weather issues so we weren't sure what the problem was. Instead of getting home before midnight we didn't get home until after 2am. Worse flight I've ever been on."
Cons: "Witi didn't work and the little bag of snacks isn't sufficient for a 4 hour flight"
Pros: "Flight attends were polite"
Cons: "My flight was delayed which caused me to miss my connecting flight I did not reach my destination until 5 hours later only to find out my luggage did not arrive and would not arrive for another 2 hours and will be "delivered" to me some time tomorrow but my training class starts at 8am. I did not land in Denver until 12:20am I was suppose to be here by 7:15pm. This has been the worst flight experience I have ever had and will not utilize this airline again."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Bakersfield

Airlines flying from Bakersfield have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Bakersfield

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bakersfield

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Bakersfield

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Bakersfield

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Bakersfield

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