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MBS — Southeast Asia
Oct 27 — Nov 31
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 10/27
Thu 11/3

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United AirlinesOverall score based on 70247 reviews
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On my 45 minute layover in Newark to Anchorage there was not enough time for me to connect to my Anchorage flight due to having to take the shuttle to gate C Not only was the shuttle driver chopping it up and laughing with another employees although the shuttle was already full with passenger's, if he would have left in a timely manner I do believe I would of been able to make m flight.

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On my 45 minute layover in Newark to Anchorage there was not enough time for me to connect to my Anchorage flight due to having to take the shuttle to gate C Not only was the shuttle driver chopping it up and laughing with another employees although the shuttle was already full with passenger's, if he would have left in a timely manner I do believe I would of been able to make m flight.

The employees were calm and pleasant.

Pros: "I love the economy plus section. The additional space between rows is much appreciated. The planes are great and the entertainment system is very good. The crew is very nice. The whole experience was very good."
Cons: "More movies variety would be great."
Pros: "The flight was on time!"
Cons: "Boarding and deplaning always takes a long time."
Pros: "The captain kept us informed about a delay."
Cons: "The seats are cramped"
Cons: "The economy seat do not accommodate anyone over 6 feet tall. I'm 6'5" and was cramped, sore and uncomfortable the entire way"
Pros: "Staff was super friendly and very helpful. They made boarding and the rest of the trip a wonderful experience."
Cons: "The small baby in my row had a hard time adjusting and cried a lot. Can small kids and their parents be seated in a separate area near the east of the plane where they're crying won't be so disruptive?"
Cons: "Like so many others, my flight was delayed. This was due to the scheduled pilot calling in."
Cons: "The seating and chance to keep my luggage"
Pros: "Airline crew was very friendly and energetic."
Cons: "Food was horrible."
Pros: "Nothing, The flight didn't happen"
Cons: "Waited for 6.5 hours for the flight to get cancelled and rescheduled for a week later."
Cons: "sat on tarmac at Ohare for 47 minutes causing us to miss our connecting flight"
Pros: "On time and friendly crew"
Cons: "Very limited movie selection"
Pros: "Food was okay"
Cons: "Agent took an hour trying to figure out how to check me due to the connecting flight being under a different carrier. This is clearly something I couldn’t do anything about. kayak allowed me to book a flight and expect that no matter the number of carriers, there should not be an issue tying the connection with the other flight at the time of check-in. Because of the delay, my husband and I sat apart on am 8 hour flight and because we both were assigned middle seats, no one wanted to sswitch with us. The check in staff was very unfriendly and seemed stressed and overworked. United needs to ramp up on resources quick. The flight crew were very unpleasant. It was just the worst of all flights."
Pros: "Free World Series viewing"
Cons: "No power outlets at seat"
Cons: "3 hrs delay"
Cons: "They don't know their guidelines or policies"
Pros: "8 hour international flight and no leg room but worse was no entertainment... a pathetically small back of seat screen with very limited programming supplemented with access via your iPad... should have been great but no access at all on both legs as you access via unitedwifi which is just not strong enough. Great staff and the rest of the flight was fine"
Cons: "The delay in my flight and that nothing was done to compensate that my entire schedule had to be redone to meet the needs of late air crafts, not enough fule and cargo doors not being able to shut."
Cons: "Internet service did not work as advertised."
Pros: "Can not think of anything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed and missed connection"
Pros: "Kept everyone informed of what was going on."
Cons: "Flight delayed 1.5 hours. Asked to check in carry on with plenty of space on board. Slow baggage claim."
Pros: "Was able to fly standby and get home earlier. Crew was nice and friendly."
Cons: "Slept most of the way, but this plane didn't have television screens, so limited entertainment options."
Pros: "On time boarding"
Cons: "Flight attendant asked if I wanted a drink so I asked for a water but then the water never came."
Pros: "For the most part the ride was nice."
Cons: "Seats were so small"
Cons: "Worst experience of my life's flies. United missed mine and my parents luggage, delivery after 5 days, made us to loose good part of our appointments. Very disappointed with United."
Pros: "Getting from A to B safely. Some of the crew were extremely helpful and sweet."
Pros: "Pilot did a great job tried to hit as little turbulence as possible. Smooth landing. Flight attendants were very nice from Norfolk to Newark"
Pros: "Flight attendant very personable."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "The crew was great. We were grounded for approximately four hours waiting for weather to clear in Jamestown, ND. They pushed to get us in the air and we're also very helpful once we landed in Denver."
Cons: "The delay....."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Lost my bag"
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "The temperature inside the plane was nice. The stewardists did well."
Cons: "Why are planes loaded so erratically it should go first class then back of the plane to front of the plane. I had to check my bag cause everyone is put on the plane randomly the over head compartment filled up and I had to check my bag. I specifically packed to only have a carry on not a check bag. Carley"
Cons: "Bad never want to travel with united again..."
Pros: "The crew were very pleasant & that was the only saving grace of the journey."
Cons: "Never been in a flight which has been so cramped in terms of space. United needs to upgrade their flights & stop using antiquated airlines. The turbulence for most of the duration of the flight was horrible, while I understand turbulence is beyond the airlines control, I am quite positive a newer airline would have ensured the effect is a lot lower (e.g. A380). The sky was very clear landing into Newark but I the entire journey to touchdown was so turbulent that I almost wanted to throw up, I don't understand the science of flying but I haven't seen an airline wobble so much on a clear day for landing. Overall, I definitely believe United needs to upgrade their airline & until such time, I am going to find a different carrier to fly."
Pros: "It was a normal flight."
Cons: "The flight was around 20 minutes late leaving, and when we got to San Francisco, there was a lot of fog, and we got delayed another 40 minutes."
Pros: "Direct TV on the flight was limited to the channels available. While I like The Lego Movie, I would also prefer more choices."
Cons: "I am 5'10" and my knees were pressed into the seat in front of me for the entire trip. Essentially, I didn't fit in the seats."
Pros: "it delay 9 hours."
Pros: "Overall everything on par."
Cons: "Thumbs up to ANA air. Comfy seat. Friendly and attentive crew. Personal touch screen LCD. Food was good if not great."
Cons: "incoming plane was delayed 3 hours and caused me to miss my connection. got transferred to another flight the next morning."
Cons: "A little bumpy"
Cons: "I paid the 25.00 for my small bag which could have easily been a carry on, but I had a purse and small carry bag. I felt that WAY too many folks had backpack and two small carry ones, but by bringing them to the gate - the announcement was made its a full flight so you can check your bag for FREE! Next time, I will not follow the rules and just simply check at gate?? That is message loud and clear from your gate folks."
Pros: "we got home on the same day without flight cancellation. delay was not updated on text notification reuglarly"
Cons: "significant delay... snack is a joke and purchase snack option??? really.. at least give us the full can of the beverage after a lengthy delay. cabin was too hot and temperature was not regulated.. start a special section for crying babies. the seats are too narrow for comfortable travel."
Cons: "the flight was 2.5 hours late. for no reason that couldn't be resolved much much sooner"
Pros: "Everything went off without a hitch."
Cons: "Great flight, and great entertainment. Too bad I was so tired that I slept for about half of the flight."
Cons: "They charge for everything! A $400 flight ended up costing me $540."
Pros: "We were in the Economy section and were pleasantly surprised with the leg room and quality of the seats. My husband is over 6ft tall and had plenty of space to stretch out. The crew was very friendly and helpful."
Pros: "The flight was smooth and no incidents. The plane was clean and the flight attendants courtesy at the higher level."
Cons: "Even if I had the app downloaded I couldn't watch anything...kind a boring. Hope that they can fix that for the future."
Pros: "I liked that my wife and I could sit together from Lafayette to Houston."

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