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Fri 5/24
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AzulOverall score based on 978 reviews
Airline reviews

Tight and not so comfortable business class seats . Crew below average. Very formal, no smiles, and kind of confused when serving meals. AZUL used to be much better on all above subjects. That's is what monopoly does to its customers.

6.0 GoodIsrael, Apr 2024VCP - FLL
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Tight and not so comfortable business class seats . Crew below average. Very formal, no smiles, and kind of confused when serving meals. AZUL used to be much better on all above subjects. That's is what monopoly does to its customers.

When you buy your ticket, there is a message for a free cabin luggage and a bag. While boarding, they push you to dispatch you hand luggage. When you enter in the plane, you realize that the place to accommodate the hand luggage is empty. In the arriving, you take a long time waiting for your hand luggage which should fly in the cabin.

No entertainment available on this flight. Only crackers and juice were served too.

Pontualidade continua sendo o ponto forte da Azul. Quando ela não desmarca o vôo, é claro. Na ida foi tudo bonitinho: tv, wi-fi... Na volta eqtos não funcionavam. Importante é chegar bem.

Por cinco minutos (55 min antes da decolagem) fui impedido de entregar a bagagem pois o check-in estava "finalizado ". Tive que ir de Viracopos para Congonhas. Após embarcar aguardamos por mais de uma hora de atraso para decolar, ao inves de chegar às 9h, cheguei às 16h no RJ, perdendo o evento que era às 15h.

Não teve viagem alguma, a 123 milhas faliu e eu desisti da viagem.

Um vôo de mais de 4 horas e não tem nada de entretenimento

I was surprised that someone of the crew can speak French, my mother tongue

All the service was very good. The only thing was that the flight was delayed. We didn't miss the connection, but other passangers were about to.

We only had 1hr connecting in Ft Lauderdale. Kayak should not have allowed this short a connection time, as FLL requires a change of terminal (exit the airport and get on a bus), so we missed our connecting flight home to San Diego.

Everything was as you would expect in coach - fine. Flight was close to on time.

No air in the middle rows. Had a hard time breathing. Was dying of heat.

Horrific checkin procedure with neither Delta nor Latam figuring out how to check me in. 4 hrs on customer support with both and both airlines pointing to each other who should do checking. I was not checked in until morning of flight, which for international flight is concerning.

It was a good experience, the flight was a little too long & the food was ok

the flight from Boston to Curitiba was on time actually 30 minutes earlier. latam was not able to unload the luggage for custom checkup in Sao Paulo ii took two and half hours . i missed the flight to Curitiba spend the night in hotel and then flying in the morning to Curitiba

Tough flight with turbulence… I was told by a fellow passenger that it is common. Nonetheless, very stressful. Cordial staff.

Very unprofessional staff in the checking and boarding. There was no space for my carry-on bag, which is understandable for a full flight. However, the rudeness in answering my questions about my bag were unnecessary. Shaming and threatening a passenger to be left behind was something I had never experienced (I am 57 years old and a Skymiles member) before. At a minimum, the boarding staff (Krystal Mejia and her manager Dee) should undergo further training on cultural sensitivity and professional skills on speaking with passengers. Krystal, just because I have dark hair and “look Latina” does not mean I can speak Spanish. Your assumption and threatening words until the very ending of my boarding (door of the airplane) were not only unnecessary and stressful but something that a passenger should not experience before boarding.

The flight was overbooked and the solution gave was unrespctful. I arrived 4 hour in advance in the airport and only after 2hous was possible suggest a different ticket with another company LATAM, I have accepted, but when I was checking in at LATAM the tickets was issued without luggage, what it is absurd since I have bought my tickets including it since the beginning. Due to the timing for the next flight was not possible return to Avianca to claim due to the distance between Both companies Avianca and Latam since were located in different terminals. I have insiste to the crew of Latam to call Avianca to solve it, but they could help they were alleging that only paying a thousand pesos Mexicans ($1,000 MXN) to dispatch my luggage would be accepted and I have no money at all. So I had to beg for others passagens, it was an humiliating to exchange luggage with who was platinum in order to return back the luggage in the connection airport in Brazil (GRU). I have no clue that a judicial process would be taken from my side due the lots of stress in sequence by the non professional treatment with a passenger that was just following everything said by Avianca.. Long hours of waiting until next flight and only arrive at final destine in 6hs later..

The flight from PDX to New York was cancelled, and I got rebooked one day later. Because of this I missed a meeting at my final destination, EZE. I now need to stay longer in Argentina, and was told the tariff difference was $780 plus $150 penalty! I am not using my return ticket, and have purchased a one way ticket EZE-PDX for $606 with another airline. SHAMEFUL

Cons: "The flight was full and all seats were taken. It means it was impossible to maintain the required and necessary social distancing."

Very bad. Boarding was a caos and pick up luggage took more than an hour. There was no entertainment on board.

La aeronave estaba averiada, 4 horas adentro con diferentes problemas técnicos pero igual querían volar.

Evifente que o melhor seria a Hol cumprir com ssua parte! Vendeu voo dirto Caxias do Sul a Florianópolis e depois alterou, fizemos voo Cxs. Congonhas, com conexão, alem de um atrazo, mais de 1:20 min. Está errado e isso é vender uma coisa e entregar outra...

The plane was fine and the crew was very nice. Even though we bought our tickets eight months in advance and had seats reserved, they changed our seats. Instead of being in seats 7E and 7F, we were separated and put in two middle seats away from each other. When checking in, the attendant put us in an exit row together, but 10 rows back from where we had reserved. But you have to be younger than 60 to be in an exit row. So when everyone else boarded we were moved to last row 33, right next to bathrooms.

Fiquei de pé um tempão para embarcar. Apesar de ser grupo 1 e ter prioridade e cadeira premium.Ficamos retidoa e os outros grupos entraram antes... Vai entender este método uruguaio de embarque. Voo sem internet e tv. Voo em aviões mais velhos da gol que tem esta facilodade. Economia??? Pior foi o desembarque. De ônibus e vários fingers libres, vai entender

Alimentação mto escassa. Pelo menos deveria dar a opção de comprar e o Wi-Fi pago.

A Gol precisa aprender comfazer desembarque. Está anos luz atrás em organização. Os comissários são muito atrapalhados.

Os passageiros ainda não estão habituados a respeitar o embarque por grupos, que é a melhor maneira de embarque, na minha opinião. Então faltou pulso para impor a regra de embarque e desembarque às pessoas.

Kiwi service was terrible they actually didnt make the reservation and their system showed that the reservation eas complete so I had to buy a ticket in the front desk at the moment at and exorbitant price.

A Gol melhorou muito desde a última viagem que fiz, muito bom, aeronaves bem conservadas, tripulação cordial. Gostei.

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