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The seats were uncomfortable. They didn't have much variety in entertainment. All old movies.

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The seats were uncomfortable. They didn't have much variety in entertainment. All old movies.

Good Food. Entertainment not enough choices

General upkeep of the flight could have been better. One of the toilet in economy class stopped working within 3 hours of the flight. Selection of movies in regional language is not adequate. The monitor was not functioning properly. Map feature not working.

Pros: "Crew OK. Non functional remotes, usb ports...Outdated entertainmennt content...below average catering needs.....even hot towelrolls were not provided. I flew Singapore Airlines and Emirates....excellent passenger care. Air India operating an international route should choose better craft and services ....imperative"
Cons: "How about rendering the airline private, perhaps then, to survive, they would improve services. Now they are over-indulged public sector"
Pros: "We didn't like anything. We booked the ticket in advance, and they didn't inform us about the time change (plane departed 2 hours earlier than the mentioned time in the ticket). On top of that, the staffs were rude and blamed us for missing flight. After a lengthy discussion, they booked for the next flight. For the next flight (1 am), we waited for the wheelchair after getting the ticket to get to the TSA clearance area before boarding the aircraft. After 2 hours wait, one of the airport staff asked to walk to the security area (several senior passengers had difficulty walking) because it was too close to the boarding time, and no one came with the wheelchair. Very disappointing experience with Air India!"
Cons: "Everything from the basic! The staff surely needs a prompt training in customer service and teach them how to communicate courteously with customers. Need more training to handle issues similar to what we faced, learn how to escalate to their supervisors rather than standing and smiling, and saying that "we cannot do anything at this time." Teach them how to offer free upgrades in this situation, even for the next flight or future flights."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and easy, wasn't a rush. Lots of empty seats."
Cons: "Plane felt old and dirty. Everything was gross and/or broken. Screens didn't work for many people, headphone ports were damaged. Even things like the handle on the doorknob, during the course of the flight, became bent and broken, as if somebody didn't know how to use it and manhandled it instead."
Pros: "Food and service was good"
Cons: "Entertainment must be improved besides seat and washroom upkeep"
Pros: "Passengers were so cool. I mean indian passengers were so warm and cool"
Cons: "Entertainment was old and broken. Could have been updated to latest."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Consol provided with my seat 18C on 30th November 18 and 18 d on 6th Feb 19 I.e more than 2 months was no operational . Due to this no entertainment facilities was available during my to and fro journey. Such inefficiency is not tolerable. Pl take note of this."
Pros: "Timely take off and landing"
Cons: "Very old plane. Entertainment did not work so I sat for 16 hours on the flight with nothing to watch. Crew not responsive. Dirty. Seats uncomfortable with not enough padding"
Cons: "Entertainment system was not working at all."
Cons: "The flight had technical issues and we were in the plane for 2.5hrs and suffocating. The pilot didn’t have the courtesy to give updates. The in flight entertainment systems didn’t work and the overall experience was bad"
Pros: "Shorter duration and prompt departure/arrival"
Cons: "Outdated aircraft and lax crew."
Pros: "The fact that we landdd from San Francisco to Delhi in 15 hours was the best part of the travel."
Cons: "Poor entertainment equipment, unhelpful crew, average food and overall unclean flight. These have become trademarks of Air India."
Cons: "I paid fee for preferred seating but airline did not allott the seating that I selected."
Pros: "What's not to like about a $826 round trip flight from SFO to BLR, bought at a week's notice? The flight was on time, the crew was courteous, the legroom was more generous than most airlines."
Cons: "Most of the USB ports on the entertainment units don't work."
Pros: "No turbulence. Great flying experience."
Cons: "I disliked nothing."
Pros: "Empty seats next to me"
Cons: "Crew was rough"
Pros: "Spacious seats, short duration."
Cons: "Food can be better."
Pros: "The flight time"
Cons: "Air India gate in San Francisco was dirty. The aircraft looked old and was dirty. The bathrooms were dirty. The service was mediocre."
Pros: "Food and service was good."
Cons: "Entertainment system was not good."
Pros: "On time. Great service, luggage came early."
Cons: "No information on transfers. And when I missed the connecting Bangalore flight , I had to go through one person to the other to get a ticket to the next flight. Like a ping pong ball. When someone has missed a connecting flight it should not have to be this hard to help find the next flight. I was also barraged to pay for my next flight. But finally one person helped and I got into the m de flight. But I had to go through 5 people and about 2 hours to get this."
Pros: "Nothing to like .save your money fly with any other airline but not air India. They did not even serve water without asking .plane is old no entertainment options like movies music. Crew was rude and unprofessional. For some reason they change there uniform for street clothes then they switched back to uniform ."
Cons: "Nothing to like .I will never never fly again with air India and I will make sure that everyone I know they do not book with air India."
Cons: "Old plane, dirty toilets, not working properly, The entertainment was not working throughout the flight to India, and the staff couldn’t fix it. I will not travel again by Air India"
Cons: "Would like better food choices for vegetarian. It was mostly rice for all the meals, which is not so good for people with diabetes."
Pros: "Food was ok. Crew was ok."
Cons: "A second time experience with AI and this is bad too. - Bad Entertainment facility. Not able to interface with any of the thing as none is working fine. - Even the charging point is not working to keep myself entertained in one way or other for such a long journey. - The screen monitor power buttons not working, continuously flashing the light on my eye which is not allowing me to sleep peacefully. - Toilets are not clean and not up to the basic standards which at least found in domestic flights"
Cons: "Pathetic service, unprofessional crew , delayed in flights, not organised, very bad restrooms and very ordinary food. I am very disappointed with airindia international flight"
Pros: "That it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Food was terrible"
Cons: "Entertainment section doesn't seem to get update frequently. There were not any new movies. Food was not upto the mark. Given the fact that it s international flight for 12 hrs there was no toiletry or blanket provided. Seats could have seen better life then what they were in. There was no leg room if I keep water bottle in the front seat pocket."
Cons: "No snacks or tea in between meals, crew did not come for assistance, tv and reading lights not working. Horrible experience, will never suggest anyone to travel with Indian airlines."
Pros: "Travel schedule & landing before time."
Cons: "Display screens didn’t work properly and one had to Press on random points on the screen to get the movie screen going"
Pros: "I really liked the spacious seat"
Cons: "they are not serving water or any drinks other than during meal times, i have to go and ask for water eveytime. its good if they can sever water in between that may every 2 hours"
Pros: "Food, plenty"
Cons: "No entertainment at all"
Cons: "Entertainment system was down for 90% of the passengers. The aircraft was very old and some of the seats were held together by duct tape !! The staff was polite but quite inept at hospitality. Will not be flying air India"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. The cabin crew were rude to the max and never came to serve whenever required. It was the shittiest 17 hours ever"
Pros: "Boarding process was excellent."
Cons: "Broken seats everywhere"
Pros: "The flight is direct is the only good thing. The legroom is good, but that's due to the plane being extremely old."
Cons: "There are so many things that I have jotted down a list. 1. Plane is really old 2. Entertainment on most of the seats are broken. 3. Remotes don't work either. 4. Crew is extremely unprofessional. (Domestic Air India crew is more professional than international) 5. Crew is incompetent as well. They couldn't figure out how to organize over head space. I had to help them out. Eventually someone from the airport had to come and help as they wanted our flight to depart on time. 6. All the plane announcements from the hostess and the pilot was crass. 7. There was just enough food, but no extras or snacks. 8. One of the meals out of three was inedible because it was super spicy."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Tv not at all working changed seats twice but tv is not working anywhere Without entertainment traveling for 16 hrs is hell. Many passéngers travelled with me are very disappointed Crew suggested to drink a glass of wine and sleep which is very mean Didn’t even apologize for inconvenience Getting scared of taking the return flight Boeing 777 Please fix the screens and provide good service I never write reviews for the first time feeling very unpleasant"
Cons: "there is no respect to customers."
Pros: "Good food, smooth flight, great movies/shows and only 13-hours!"
Pros: "The schedule of the flight. Good legroom compared to other international airlines. Better elbow space."
Cons: "1. Very bad entertainment system. Unable to use entertainment system with remote or by direct finger clicks. The delay between clicks and the action response on screen is too huge...these look like systems from last century...please upgrade !!!! 2. Crew members are not courteous. They ignore requests made by passengers. Looks like they just hate all passengers in their hearts."
Pros: "Enough legroom, decent food, .."
Cons: "No bread, too long of break between meals/snack; no announcement for food left for self-service between meals, if any."
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "Food quantity was less When u clck bell for crew attention, NO Crew member bothers"
Pros: "Great flight for anyone looking to get to India in one straight shot!"
Cons: "Food was mediocre. Service was just about ok. After meals only tea or coffee was served-no soft drinks or alcohol. Entertainment wise-movies were pretty aged with not many options. The software was a little corrupt with the flight path showing an error screen. Crew was ok, need improvement on communication style of the crew. Restrooms were ok until the first 6-7 hours of the flight."
Cons: "dirty flight bad service as usual"
Pros: "I liked the newer 777 flight from Delhi to Hyd"
Cons: "The flight was in a really poor condition, not clean, monitors were broken, the headphones did not work well. But the flight from Delhi was great and no complaints there at all"
Cons: "The flight was 2 hour late to start with; because of this I missed my train for my onward journey Then half of the tv screens weren't working. Either audio or video problem The staff was rude and food mediocre."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from California to Guwahati

Airlines flying from California to Guwahati have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from California to Guwahati

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from California to Guwahati

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from California to Guwahati

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from California to Guwahati

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from California to Guwahati

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