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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 29832 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: I had a safe flight and enjoyed the movies available to me.
Cons: Better care of luggage and better customer service

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Pros: I had a safe flight and enjoyed the movies available to me.
Cons: Better care of luggage and better customer service

Pros: Everything was great. Seats, service, flight, crew.
Cons: N/A

Cons: Not a thing!

Pros: Leg room
Cons: Not sitting in an airplane without AC for 30 minutes after everyone loaded

Pros: Cabin crew was great. Was told they don’t feel they can do a good job of serving 48 passengers in Premium Select with 2 crew.
Cons: Image recognition step slowed boarding down a lot. Food and amenities on Delta Premium Select seem to be getting worse

Pros: The plane arrived in Atlanta ahead of time and thus we were able to start boarding earlier than usual. The gate agent kept the process in order and moved the boarding process along nicely. The pilots also got us to Baton Rouge 28 minutes ahead of schedule which was appreciated. Nice flight.
Cons: Same issue with getting passengers seated once on the aircraft and then getting their luggage stowed takes too much time.

Pros: Fast service and precise timing

Pros: Good on flight entertainment
Cons: Tried to select my seat 2 weeks out from flight. Was told by multiple delta employees I can only change at the gate. Was unable to change seat and ended up getting downgraded to middle seat middle row. Rude flight staff that barked at the passengers

Pros: Great comfortable seats
Cons: Crowds in airport

Pros: Comfort is excellent
Cons: When traveling with the pet, personally always travel to Puerto Rico, we take our cat, I would like Delta to have the option of making the reservation online until paying for it, although you should always call to confirm, that would be super excellent.

Pros: Boarding was efficient. came through often for water, coffee etc
Cons: Rotten attitude of most flight attendants (especially boarding door attendant for ATL-LAX portion and first class attendant for LAX-OGG portion). Some of the worst I've experienced in a while.

Pros: Boarded nearly on time - doesn't always happen
Cons: As usual, someone boarding the plane before I did had jammed my overhead compartment with their carry on luggage.

Pros: Clean plane. On time

Cons: They have to improve the boarding process a bit.

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Ticket printed out incorrect gate information

Pros: Smooth ride
Cons: Seating

Pros: Flights were both timely
Cons: WiFi on flight from Atl to Tallahassee wasn’t working at first

Pros: Amazing service from crew

Pros: The entertainment
Cons: Space between

Pros: I missed my flight and you guys helped me catch the next one :D I was able to still make it yo my final destination within the same day

Pros: On flight entertainment was very good. Flight was smooth and ran ahead of schedule.
Cons: They were out of vegetarian meal options. Really poor for a six hour flight. Also, the family behind us was atrocious, but that’s not Delta’s fault.

Cons: Was refused to use the 1st clas restrooms but 10 minutes layer the flight attendant allowed an older gentleman and a lady to use them. I was in 10A with my service dog

Cons: Bigger personal space

Cons: No room to move very cramped

Pros: The staff was very nice and helpful.
Cons: My husband and I could not fit in the seats without our shoulders being on top of each other. My shoulder was in the aisle way. I am 5’8 and my knees were up againstthe seat in front of me. Our flight from CVG to DFW had none of these problems.

Pros: Very friendly crew with a clean plane!
Cons: N/A

Pros: Excelent flight excelent service..
Cons: The entrance in the gate to the plane always disorganized

Pros: My flight from STX was delayed some 30 minutes. That made a dent in the 57 minutes I had to catch my Delta flight. Naturally we landed at gate A2 and Delta was boarding at Terminal 2 gate B9. Me with my knee replacement can’t run and my wheelchair was not in sight. Thank goodness I had a carryon with wheels. I was out of breath when I got to Delta and the last passengers were boarding. I started panicking and interrupted the ground steward who asked me to wait with a smile. I waited . So when I told them I was standby they waved me on after showing my passport. I couldn’t find my boarding pass. I was pleasantly surprised to get a seat in first class. I was so thankful. My first time. Good things come to those who wait! Thank you Delta.

Cons: Entertainment system wasn’t working

Pros: I like the fact that entertainment and technology is always good.
Cons: Boarding is always a horrible experience. I never know what zone is boarding. Your agents at the gates are overwhelmed with so many things.

Pros: Service was great, crew was responsive, snacks were good per usual.
Cons: The AC was blasting at an all time high, felt frozen to my seat, even asked for a blanket but “ they didn’t have any more “, had to tuck in my arms into my layered shirt. this was a morning flight and no breakfast was served ... they didn’t even have food available for purchase.

Cons: N!A

Pros: Flew into bad weather event with thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes. The flight was relatively turbulence free, flt had only one attendant in the cabin however she was able to serve beverages and snacks asks made sure everyone was comfortable. Can't thank Delta enough for the professionalism of their crew, great service and communication, and for getting us home safely. Thank you!
Cons: Made us pink tag carry on bags on flight deck. Had to retrieve bag from baggage claim after flight. My bag landed on the belt completely open, clothes and laptop hanging out bag onto belt, bag was damaged, zipper broken with holes in the fabric, bag was soaking wet! No one at airport able to assist with a damaged bag claim. Very disappointed in the Baton Rouge airport and lack of available staff to handle baggage issue.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight delay 5+ hours poor Service

Cons: The bulkhead sears had no electrical outlet

Pros: Crew was wonderful, fine flight, very prompt
Cons: Was unable to board an earlier flight without paying $75. If there are seats it shouldn't be so difficult to be moved.

Cons: Cancel my flight at 7:50 am to 1:50pm

Pros: Everything. I really loved that I could track where my checked luggage was, so when I arrived to my final destination I knew my bag was going to be there. The individual TV for my seat, so I could watch what I wanted. Having an USB port to charge my devices.
Cons: Liked everything.

Pros: No hubo retraso y salió todo el vuelo a tiempo. El personal fue atento.
Cons: El espacio entre asientos es mínimo y es súper incómodo. La experiencia fue de incomodidad.

Pros: Comfort and boarding
Cons: Delay and food

Pros: In flight entertainment interface and options were great!
Cons: Very uncomfortable!! Spent the entire flight with my knees pressed against the seat pocket. One flight attendant was somewhat rude and unpleasant.

Cons: I don't know why delta's service has deteriorated so much in the last few years. Last two times that I flew the service and attitude at the gate has been horrible. Seat assignment has become a dread. Upgrade options are over priced. I guess I will be looking for a new airline.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Headphones suck

Pros: Worst experience ever.
Cons: While my experience with Virgin Australia was good, I will not book with them due to the co-share with Delta Airlines. I missed my connecting flight from LAX to JFK due to additional security screening. As such I was advised to head to the Delta terminal to be booked onto the next available flight to NYC. After waiting over an hour in line to be seen by a staff member, I was told that they couldn't change my ticket as it was a Virgin flight. The same staff member didn't seem to even understand the concept of 'co-share', and also told me that because I booked through Kayak and not Delta that they could not help me. This makes me think that booking through a third party is a risky move. I was told there was absolutely nothing she could do, and that I would have go to a Virgin Australia Counter. This involved taking all of my luggage from Terminal 5 - all the way to Terminal 3. I was assisted by Virgin Australia, where they apologized for my experience, and confirmed that it was Delta's responsibility (and that they were capable) of rebooking my flight. Virgin booked me onto a later flight, but I still had to walk back to Terminal 5 (Delta) to give them my checked luggage. I was once again told that I didn't have the right ticket (details listed Virgin and Delta flight number - so this was way too confusing for them). Finally they printed my a boarding card and took my bags. I then ran through security and to gate in time for my flight. Flight was fully booked, due to a many people no doubt experiencing the same thing. Food was awful. Was a big step down from the Virgin flight in every aspect. There was not a single Delta Staff member who would even try to understand or be helpful. I will never fly with Delta again.

Pros: The plane was surprisingly comfortable. The seats had USB ports. The touch screens were clear and responsive. Most importantly, the service of the flight attendants was excellent. I was quite happy.

Cons: Flight extremely late. Was not provided with a drink during flight.

Pros: The onboard entertainment system was awesome.seats were comfortable.
Cons: Flight was a bit bumpy.

Pros: The gate agent was very helpful.
Cons: The seat was very tight because the person who was next to me leaked over the arm rest into my space. I had a window seat. Also I had a torn ACL and requested a seat with more leg room and it was not assugned.

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Computer glitch at boarding

Pros: Professionals
Cons: I want real Foodservice for the prices that we pay. Don't give me the covid-19 excuse

Pros: Organized boarding
Cons: Headrest lcd didnt worked for entertainment Couldnt stretch my legs cause they told me to put the back pack on the floor instead of overhead compartment

Pros: Very nice crew.

Pros: Everything was great. But the American Airlines can improve on not letting non-first class passengers use the restroom up front.
Cons: The food! Bring back real food please

Cons: Free WiFi

Cons: Free WiFi

Pros: Fast transportation
Cons: It could be better if the pandemic was over, I think everything could be better.

Pros: Everything was clean and new feeling
Cons: Food on offer was uninspiring.

Pros: Flight on time!!
Cons: Cramped space, no leg room. Seat 17A won’t recline

Cons: Personal monitors. Free food.

Pros: The crew was friendly, the seats were comfortable, no complaints about the flight.
Cons: We got to the gate and I had to use the bathroom, we waited for the jet bridge to be place but there was a malfunction. I had to get up despite the plane not parked at the gate.

Pros: the crew was amazing and the seats were awesome
Cons: on this trip nothing

Cons: Normal los azafato tienen que estar más pendiente ala tripulación que anda con nenes chiquitos los papas se se duermen y los salvajitos se creen que están en un campamento de verano.y quieren romper el avión más pendiente a eso

Pros: Super comfortable
Cons: Excellent

Pros: It left on time and arrived on time
Cons: Service, comfort and food as I would rate these below 0 if there was that option.

Pros: Yes

Cons: Delayed was terrible. I arrived 7 hours later than expected.

Pros: Desde PR comenzó todo mal por supuesto desperfecto y los de servicio al cliente su solución fue que no podía hacer nada, cuando llegara a Miami resolviera lo de mi próximo vuelo. Fue un pésimo servicio
Cons: Pudo haber sido resolver para no perder la conexión a mi destino final.

Pros: Safe flight
Cons: On time departure and arrival.

Cons: It was OK, no big issues or concerns.

Cons: Flight delayed because the crew arrived late the night before. This created a chain of events that got me to Newark 7 hrs later than scheduled.

Pros: SJU counter crew, in flight crew and flight was SUPER on time!!!
Cons: Nothing wrong.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delayed for 3 hours in SJU, no notice until after departure time had passed. Missed my connection , offered only option if 4 hours lay over. waist of time x whole day

Pros: Our seats were booked by a cruise line and were not together on this flight. When my husband asked, the gate agent was able to seat us in at least the same row.

Pros: On time
Cons: Flight attendant had some attitude as if they were not enjoying their work.

Pros: New onboard entertainment

Cons: Rude crew

Cons: My screen was not responsive most of the time

Pros: Í like al the fligth .

Pros: The un seat entertainment

Pros: Arrived 30 minutes early
Cons: We had to wait 40 minutes in the runway before parking at the gate.

Pros: I like it was fast and smooth
Cons: Not too much space in the plane

Pros: That I arrived at my destination
Cons: Everything

Pros: Ok time flight
Cons: Entertainment system did not work in all stops

Pros: He crew. They were helpful and friendly
Cons: The delay and the plane was old

Pros: I have traveled first class with other US airline, and in comparison, American First Class in this trip was just ok. Is like they work right on the below line on Customer Service for First Class passengers.
Cons: No entertainment, food selection very limited.

Pros: The Crew was nice .
Cons: They displayed for three hours something on TV, but the entire plane had no sound. When asked the crew will tell you to listen on channel 13 or 14. I told them there was no sound. I was sitting in First Class and went to check with a friend that was way back in Economy, same thing. So i told the that to the crewmember who just told me, sorry nothing I can do about. Which I can understand. What I don't understand is why they continued displaying a mute TV set for three hours. Why not just shut it off? BTW, my daughter flew from LA to Boston that same day and exactly the same thing happened on her plane.

Pros: On time departure
Cons: Please use the A330 for the return trip...

Cons: Had 2 plane tickets to Puerto Rico for my mom funeral But all the sudden my dad passed away one week before the date Iso a have to change the date They did charge me $200 and the other ticket was for my friend was my support he couldn't go cause he's job So I call and they said yes that they gonna help me with the refund all I need is a dead certificate so I send it the papers by email Now they telling me that they can't gave me the refund All my brothers and sisters didn't have no problem with South west air line and other airlines they understood the problem And they did everything without problems Worst service ever Not flying with them ever again

Cons: I traveled with this carry on for numerous flights and for the last three legs of this trip w/of having to check it. For some reason they made me check it. because I had to spend time at the baggage claim carousels I almost missed the last train of the night back home. Fortunately all is fine, but it caused unnecessary stress.

Pros: Is AA ever slightly embarrassed by the fact that their planes look like they're from the 80?
Cons: Shared TV?!!

Cons: They got us off the plane to get on a another plane there for we were delayed

Pros: Todo muy bueno

Pros: More confortable seats.

Cons: Taking 48 hours to get home and it would have taken longer if I didn't insist on being put on standby. Being told it was probably "god's will" that my flightless canceled.

Pros: It was great.
Cons: Everything was good.

Pros: The flight to Miami was changed to Chicago but it was still comfortable. The seats were nice and having overhead tv was still nice.

Cons: Video entertainment did not work properly. Stewardess reset it but audio was totally garbled. I tried it with three different sets of earphones.

Pros: Small aircraft, not crowded. The single window seat on the left side of the plane allowed me to stretch my legs.

Pros: Boarding process was easy
Cons: Would've like more entertainment options, like screens at each seat or plug outlets

Cons: The plane was not stocked appropriately- ran out of mist drinks.

Pros: Seats were comfortable
Cons: Flight was delayed almost 2 hours. Maintenance - While I understand that these things happen to tell the passengers that maintenance crew "can't find a screw" to fix some panelling on the plane seems rediculous. Then further delay the flight because the wrong luggage was loaded?

Pros: Fast boarding process.

Pros: Staff somewhat friendly
Cons: See above comment regarding no beverage but gave pretzels.

Pros: Boeing 787 was great.

Pros: The entertainment can stream a large library of movies to your device
Cons: Seats only marginally comfortable, weather delays caused us to leave very late (although I made my connections, many did not).

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Both outbound and invound flights were delayed 3 hours and no reason was every given. The staff at the gate and on the plane in both directions were not friendly or helpful at all.

Pros: Short flight, quick boarding once aircraft arrived
Cons: Flight was late

Pros: Friendly crew, smooth flight
Cons: Snacks are never good. No TV.

Pros: Politeness of the crew, not cramped

Cons: The flight was delayed for a half hour. No one announced anything about the delay until we were almost leaving. It would have been nice to at least share what was happening and when we could expect to leave. Delays are always frustrating but especially so late at night and when no information is given.

Cons: My United connecting flight was delayed. I rushed to arrive at the gate prior to the departure time to be told the plane had left early and I had been rescheduled to the next morning at 7am. However, there were no vouchers available for me to stay in a hotel or get food. So, I was able to get a flight on American that got me home the same night. By the way, the American flight was delaying takeoff to wait for passengers who had been delayed on their connecting flights.

Cons: Flight was delayed for 3 hours without any explanation. They squeezed 2 flights into one to save their money disregarding the comforting of the passengers.

Pros: Simple boarding process, fantastic friendly staff and smooth ride!

Pros: Kudos to the gate attendant for enforcing the carry on size limit! She required a passenger with a large bag to check it instead of hauling the oversize suitcase onboard. I wish more agents would be this diligent!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Poor customer service.Flight was delayed and the employees at the counter where not helpful at almost missed my connection if the crew in Jersey weren't waiting for our flight to arrive.Since then I try my best not using United to flight

Pros: Aguadilla airport is crazy at 2:00 am. I never really heard them call for me to get on the plane to Newark so if I wasn't really paying attention I might have missed my flight
Cons: It was late and getting there was even worse. I was told I wouldn't make my connecting flight in Newark on the way there so I had to go home and come back the next day. Of course it was weather related so you can't control that.

Pros: the United app
Cons: the bag of mix

Pros: Smooth boarding. Arrived at designated time
Cons: Really only a snack pack and water.

Cons: It was more of a United experience....they canceled the flight 30 minutes before take off and scheduled me for the morning. It seemed they knew the that this flight would not take off because they sent my bags ahead on the earlier flight but left me waiting for 5 hours. before the cancellation. This was not a Kayak issue but a United

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: Left on time,arrived on time, crew was polite

Pros: The crew was polite
Cons: It took pass our departure time to get people onto the plane, the plane was super delayed 8:25 turned into a little over 10, and I was super uncomfortable the whole flight. Spent the majority of my day in the airport just waiting on this flight.

Pros: It's was on time.
Cons: The airplaine smells bad.

Pros: The flight attendants were courteous, despite the screw-ups caused by the computer system.
Cons: The computer system issued the same seat number to my wife and two other people, and two me and one other person. Other people had duplicate seat assignments as well. Worse, for an overnight flight, my seat would not recline.

Pros: All flights were professional mostly smooth. On time great experience.

Cons: One of the fight attendants answered no to moving to an empty seat saying it was an Economy Plus seat but in less than 3 minutes another passenger freely occupied that seat. Really?

Pros: Everything was good I can't complain thanks for everything.

Pros: Perfec

Cons: It seems that United is always overbooked and does not have space for carry-on's (obligating you to place carry-on's with regular baggage).

Cons: Cost too much.

Pros: Every one including the crew was very nice and polite
Cons: We left late and my seat was very uncomfortable

Pros: The crew was very nice
Cons: Having to go from one end of the airport to the other to get my luggage. I will never fly united again

Pros: The stewardess at the back on the plane was very friendly.

Pros: On time
Cons: To close

Pros: They give me a opportunity to check my bags it also was overweight and they give me a chance to flight my bags and paid the extra

Pros: Getting off the plane
Cons: The drink and snack cart taking forever and causing a line ahead or behind it for the restroom.

Pros: Ticket agent got us on a Delta flight.
Cons: Flight was cancelled.

Cons: The plane got changed so I lost my seat then later that evening (hours before leaving for the airport) my flight got cancelled.

Pros: AMAZING SERVICE AND FOOD!! I would definitely fly again! And plenty of entartainment for the long flight. Great experience.

Pros: Crew and facilities were great. I will travel with you again.
Cons: Again the seats were a little hard.

Cons: El vuelo se atraso

Pros: Nothing to eat... For the price of the ticket, this is shameful!!

Pros: I liked: Fellow passengers were quiet and sane. Professional and friendly crew who didn't spill drinks or crash the plane.
Cons: I didn't like: The fact that my final destination was Omaha. Thank God it's only temporary.

Cons: I upgraded to first class but when I went to the airport, they made me wait in a line and tended coach passengers first. When I got to Newark, some of my luggage came out first but the rest came out after coach. I think for what I paid, service was lousy.

Pros: As good as it could reasonably be for a red eye in economy. Seats were a little cramped and didn't recline too much but that is what I expected.

Pros: The boarding was pretty quick considering we boarded from outside and used 2 different enterances depending where on the place you are sitting. We arrived early which is always nice.
Cons: No snacks just beverage for a 4 hour flight. Wifi was terrible and seats need some cushion.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

Airlines flying from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Caribbean Islands to Baton Rouge

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