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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 45,404 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Crew was friendly and nice"
Cons: "Absolutely no covid regulations in place, completely packed flight, boarding was horrendous everyone going in at once"

Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Seating sucked, did I say sucked. Greed never give the customers that pay your bills better comfort and leg room. Greed greed greed. Scumbags"

Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "No real headrests on the seats. Not very comfortable."

Cons: "The head phone jacks were loose so watching a movie was extremely difficult. The aisle is so small you can’t even walk down it without bumping people who are seated. It seemed like none of the crew wanted to be there."

Cons: "The flight attendants were friendly, watched a movie, thanks for the ear buds to listen to the movie. There was a lot of turbulence but I feel our pilot managed it very well bringing us in safely and smoothly as possible. I can't think of anything that could have been improved on."

Pros: "Nice stewards"
Cons: "Gate agents crabbie"

Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "The boarding process was terrible. The boarding time changed every 5 minutes"

Cons: "Inflight Wifi was spotty"

Pros: "plaту"
Cons: "boarding time, delayed for 3 hours"

Cons: "Need to have handheld device to watch entertainment. Terribly uncomfortable. Delay getting out of Dallas."

Cons: "No gogo WiFi"

Pros: "None"
Cons: "I had very bad emotions sickness from London to Dallas TX. After I got on the plane I asked one crew member if I have any chance to switch the seat to sit by the bathroom because I am very sick, but seems no one cares. They said there is nothing they can do and tell me to get back to my seat. The whole fight I was sick. It was a horrible no crews member were asked me how I felt. No crews member checked me if I were ok. I had fever and so sick. There were late. I never have any bad fight like this forever."

Pros: "Good service in-flight. Pretty comfortable seats and decent in-flight food/beverage options."
Cons: "Crew was slamming overhead compartments before take-off and would ignore questions from passengers. Late take-off, very late gate change and late arrival. No help from crew on the plan to get bags taken care of so boarding took forever."

Cons: "We still haven’t left Dayton."

Pros: "Crew was nice and professional."
Cons: "Freezing, one hour wait on the tarmac before takeoff meant one hour delayed arrival. No TVs in seats, no meals on six hour flight."

Cons: "Flight was late"

Cons: "Had terrible seats with no reclines and near the bathroom. They charge extra for better seats, they should offer something in return for below average seats."

Cons: "Nonoption for wireless headphones to connect via Bluetooth."

Pros: "The pilot was very apologetic about being delayed but we were able to catch the flight because it was delayed for about more than 2 hours."
Cons: "It was cold in the beginning of the flight. We were delayed at the first flight and when we got to the gate there were no one available at the gate to check us in. We had to go to customer service to get on board."

Pros: "Got to see The Shape of Water from DFW to PDX in advance of the Oscars! Nice clear image and sound. Thanks American, you've upped your game from a few years back!"

Cons: "My check in bag it’s lost got wrong boarding pass even when I told them I had electronic boarding pass on my phone. Really disappointed with this."

Pros: "Everything, crew, plane was clean, service was better than the previous international flight. Nont"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I liked the way the Pilot (Captain) addressed the passengers before and after the flight."
Cons: "The wait at the customer service counter in the terminal at LAX."

Pros: "All went well"

Pros: "I like how quick and efficient the boarding and check in process was."
Cons: "I just wish that if I paid a little more for seats I should get more comfortable and roomier seats is all. Don’t make the seats sit so upright."

Pros: "Nothing. Had a family emergency"
Cons: "I had a family emergency and had to buy a ticket to Pittsburgh to get home instead of going to Portland."

Cons: "American completely missed the mark. AA did not successfully change our reservation when the initial leg of our trip was delayed by an hour due to a fuel issue, which caused us to miss your connection in Chicago. Since American partners with Alaskan Airlines, American should have changed my reservations with regards to Alaska Airlines, but they failed to do that. I stood at the Alaskan Airlines counter as the plane left the gate with our empty seats because there was not a ticket. American Airlines did not change a reservation successfully and so although we had boarding passes with our names and seats and the flight number, the plane left without us. I was stranded and Seattle airport at midnight with a child and an infant with one diaper and one bottle left and it was a terrible experience with American Airlines. I do not recommend flying American they cannot get it together when problems happen with delays."

Pros: "We really enjoyed our flights with American Airlines. From the counter to the stop on the plane everyone was great to work with and very friendly"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The agent at the desk helped seat us together after our disastrous 1st flight. Crew was friendly & upbeat, great service."
Cons: "Old plane No entertainment No place to plug in/charge devices."

Pros: "I slept the entire duration."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed little by little up to two hours then finally we board the plane, everyone is seated and then they cancel the flight."

Pros: "Flight attendants were polite and friendly during beverage and snack service Seats were clean and recently reupholstered"
Cons: "Two people got removed from the flight for seemingly no particular reason prior to departure, and looked quite unhappy although there were no strong words. Very small seat pitch Long delays for maintenance and runway Annoying ads for AA credit card over the intercom prior to landing No USB ports"

Pros: "Comfortable first class seats for a regional airline, although no food or entertainment. Flight attendants were great, very friendly and they checked up on us often. On time departure and early arrival. American Airlines has always been great for me. Will be back"
Cons: "No food in first class, but it was only a 2 hr flight on a regional"

Pros: "Flight was moved from Philadelphia to problem"
Cons: "scanty food from Dallas to Porltand"

Pros: "The boarding was super fast as well as exiting, WOW!"

Pros: "Boarding was very quick, they called the groups quickly with no lag time in between."
Cons: "I think this was the most cramped airplane I have been on. It was so uncomfortable and I would think that they would take this into consideration since it was a red eye flight."

Pros: "I got there safe and there was some entertainment"
Cons: "seats small and not real comfortable."

Pros: "The trip was on time and with no issues flying. I really enjoyed the ability to watch a movie...this was AWESOME!"
Cons: "Wow, the seating was VERY tight and I was happy for the TV screen in front of me to keep me busy. All the inflight interruptions on the movie I was watching."

Pros: "All connections-smooth"

Cons: "Only airline we flew that didn’t have pre boarding for families with small children."

Pros: "We did not take this flight when its schedule was moved back, instead taking one LHR-SEA that would get us home at a reasonable hour."
Cons: "The change by British Air in flight departure/arrival times. The resulting adjustment was costly and we were unable to get "extra" seating on the long leg of the trip by the time we were notified of the changes."

Cons: "There is no legroom in coach. I am six foot seven and my knees cram against the seat in front of me to the point my legs go numb."

Pros: "Amazingly, the flight wasn't full and the stewardess let my wife, 2 month old son and me have the last row."
Cons: "Entertainment on AA is sub-par"

Pros: "On schedule and met all my expectations."
Cons: "No complaints."

Cons: "No complaints."

Cons: "Boarding seemed extremely unorganized. Crew skipped group 2 when calling groups to board, resulting in a mad rush."

Pros: "Nothing unexpected happened"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Booked flights together yet sat apart.. kid kicking back of away just uncomfortable"

Cons: "Terminal at LAX requires a bus."

Pros: "Thanks for bringing us water when my husband needed to take some medication, some airlines won’t do that."
Cons: "Excessively busy at DIA, seemed under staffed, lines stretching across the airport."

Pros: "lousy crew"

Cons: "The seat that don’t recline have a very poor posture to begin with. Flight was delayed and didn’t depart for a while."

Cons: "I miss the good old days where Captain X tells us what’s seeable out the window!"

Pros: "Delayed, rude staff"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no leg room, no outlets for charging, only two restrooms for economy and no aboard carry on. It was overall very uncomfortable and unenjoyable. Alaska is much better"

Pros: "Boarding, service, staff attitudes, on time and deplaning"

Pros: "Great attitude and a genuine love of their job made pass / crew interactions very pleasant"

Pros: "Good flight."

Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Everything but the easy boarding. Horrible comfort level to the point of wishing I could have hurled myself out of the plane."

Pros: "Flight left on time and landed early"
Cons: "A window alarm went off loudly for about 20 minutes during the flight. The crew seemed to be aware of it but made no attempts to stop it or to inform passengers what was going on."

Cons: "United didn’t allow on-line check-in, wasting my time and theirs, forcing Basic Economy passengers to be checked in by a person. Won’t be flying United again."

Pros: "Overall service"
Cons: "Couldn't sell us snack during regular service (we were at front of economy cabin) and had to wait to almost end of flight."

Pros: "Our flight was 20 minutes lite but the flight crew was Great at letting us know what was going on."

Pros: "Without letting me know to a bad one where I had no empty seat next to me I looked to my original seat was given to someone else"

Cons: "Hot cabin"

Cons: "That the flight was delayed."

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "We finally was able to get home after a long ordeal with customs, tsa and airlines."
Cons: "Why are schedules so tight and then late which we had to go through long long lines at customs and tsa then run and miss our flight. Plane was there but they weren't let us on. Lufthansa put us up for the night. How do old people make their connections ...ask for wheelchair assistance?"

Pros: "Great stuff, very friendly and attentive."
Cons: "When asked to be seated next to each other, my husband and myself, we weren't not helped at all."

Pros: "The staff, especially the male flight attendant, watery knowledgeable, professional, and went out of husband way to make everyone satisfied."
Cons: "The televisions breifly went out of service during my return trip from Denver to Des Moines. The issue was resolved promptly, but on such a short flight I was unable to use the service."

Pros: "N/A due to them rerouting my itinerary."
Cons: "N/A due to them rerouting my itinerary."

Pros: "The older planes of United Airlines could use some remodeling. The entertainment system with controls in the middle of the arm rest where the elbow rests is such a bad idea, didn't even bother with this crappy unintuitive system. It was annoying and flashy with bright advertisements or something popping up on a night time flight just sooooooo annoying, turning it off was not intuitive and had to ask the flight attendants how to turn it off during their very busy work of handing out packages with five miniature pretzels and drinks to the passengers, was happy to get a whole cab of juice to myself though."

Pros: "Clean comfortable, friendly service"

Pros: "The crew was courteous, the pilot was the best one out of the 4 flights I had taken that weekend."
Cons: "We used to get more for our money. 20 minutes isn't enough time to use the restroom and find and eat food after hauling from one terminal to another on the light rail. Then we are given a mystery snack mix and a drink, I remember we used to get meal service for flights that long. Boarding was very confusing for people in groups 3, 4, & 5 as we were all grouped in one line. Group 3 was called and 4 & 5 tried to board. A simple PA saying that group 3 should be in line first would help the confusion. The lady performing the boarding call was rude. Saying "I don't care I will just take thier bags and check them, they don't have a choice". That's a great way to start an argument. Then the seat pitch is awful, I'm not the only person flying that is over 6ft tall. My knees were directly impacting the meal tray arms of the seat in front of me the entire flight. Shorter flights weren't bad, but sitting on the ramp waiting for takeoff for at least 30 minutes plus the flight time was pretty painful."

Pros: "Direct flight"

Cons: "The boarding process is ridiculously slow. Why not load from the back row first? Then you wouldn't have 150 people behind one slowpoke. You could cut the boarding process time by 90%."

Pros: "The helpfulness of the representative at HNL."
Cons: "Last minute 17 hr "delay" Screwed out of an entire day in Hawaii. Dream vacation ruined. No car, no hotel, no time to see Honolulu. Awful."

Cons: "Legroom"

Pros: "Getting home."

Pros: "3 hous of waiting after our original departure time. Gave us free tv though so that's nice."

Pros: "Attendants were friendly."
Cons: "Much more cramped than other airlines."

Pros: "Things went great"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Seating next to the bathrooms is gross"

Cons: "Bad cancellation policy. I would've been charged over $200 to cancel a single leg of my journey (no other changes or add'l flight). Would not do business with United again."

Cons: "The plane was fully loaded and sitting at the gate before take off due to a paperwork issue. Finally departed about 30 minutes late. Upon arrival we were held on the plane for another 20 minutes with the fear of "tail tipping". Grateful that we didn't have a connection to make but really astounded. This is an airline, getting people around is what they do. These seem to be poor planning and execution issues (i.e.- not weather related) ."

Pros: "Dinner and our attendant were great"
Cons: "The movie channels were out in first. Pretty lame."

Pros: "Economy+ seats were very nice. Gates were close."
Cons: "Having content viewable on your app is fine, but finding out last minute that for some reason your device doesn't work with the system is annoying. There didn't seem to be any food or drink service, which was odd."

Pros: "Good communication and polite."
Cons: "Delays"

Pros: "Excellent as expected."

Pros: "At least it was largely empty"

Pros: "Overall okay everything was on time."
Cons: "There was no entertainment, no power outlet on one flight, they charge for access to there Internet. No Tvs on the back of the seats"

Pros: "Easy to print ticket, United employees readily available."

Pros: "Loved that the steward did everything possible to make sure that my service animal and I were completely comfortable for the flight."
Cons: "When I checked in the attendant tried to charge my service animal as a pet, even though I called in advance to let united know I was traveling with my service animal."

Pros: "On time and people nice"
Cons: "Everything. Very good"

Cons: "Our flight was delayed 3 hrs due to lack of maintenance of the plane and we had to all get off to wait for the next one. It was also overbooked."

Cons: "The refreshments should be better than a tiny packet of pretzels."

Pros: "We left on time and got in 40 min early, direct flight, crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats were smaller than usual flights, no window seats left when I checked in, under seat leg area small, the TV was repetitive and no music options, if there were plugins on the flught!, they were hard to find. No free WiFi for T-Mobile in flight texting, standing in line while waiting to board after walking all day...the boarding took ages and people kept cutting (first class, disabled?)'d be nice if the crew acknowledged why people were taken out of order like "okay, first class you're all set!" Or "thank you for your service" so we knew it wasn't 20 people randomly jumping the line."

Cons: "It was delayed by 3 hrs"

Pros: "Boarding, economy plus"

Pros: "We made it safely"
Cons: "Awful experience. Early in the day I received several updates about my flight being delayed. No details on why, but much appreciated. Upon arriving to the airport the flight was still showing 59 mins delayed. Oddly, with all of the early communxaruin, it suddenly ceased! No communication for at least 2 hrs before the flight. Even as the 'would be' boarding window, the line formed with people asking questions... yet there were no answers or updates to the proposed time of departure. Even when the 59 min late departure came and went, there was NO communication. Folks were in an uproar! Finally, with no announcement, the gate attendant just started checking boarding passes and letting people go through the gate. Huh? I have zone 1, yet he said, we're just boarding everybody.... and, on the 3+ hr flight, only 1 bathroom worked. AWFUL EXPERIENCE!!!"

Pros: "Quick, arrived early. Easy in and out"

Cons: "Cancelled after all the delays"

Pros: "All I can say it’s disappointment"
Cons: "Seat not comfortable overpriced not gonna fly again with spirit"

Cons: "No sense of urgency"

Cons: "Spirit is a horrible airline you should conduct business with a better company."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Uncomfortable"

Cons: "Delays in departing and receiving baggage"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The long delay"

Pros: "Smooth, no delays, arrived early."

Pros: "Desk person was helpful"
Cons: "Stressful. Spirit policies are flyer unfriendly."

Cons: "I couldnot take the snax when inwas slewping. Later i was nkt able to find any host/hostess to call to get a snax. I was hungry i cud hav had some snax."

Pros: "Great service for military"

Cons: "I thought the lady was a bit rude when I asked to go use the bathroom. And I also thought the crew was up and down the aisles way too much on this short flight."

Cons: "This airlines lures you in with a low price but does not reveal its crazy baggage policy until it's too late. If they deem your bag is too large for the overhead bin they charge you $100.00 per bag or miss your flight. The bag in question is the same bag that has fit in every other airlines overhead for years and I had used in my flight down with no problem. I will never fly with them again."

Pros: "Seriously! Delayed flight departure for one hour at LAX then, one hour before the original departure time they cancelled the flight. Not weather-related. Bad bad bad."

Pros: "Boarding went fine"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Fine print my eye. Paying for a carryon? Crazy. The way the crew spoke to people BEFORE boarding was appalling. As if we were a bunch of idiots. I will NEVER fly this airline again."

Cons: "Pretty much every aspect of my Spirit Air experience."

Cons: "Delayed without reason."

Pros: "Crew friendly. Ride smooth. Kept up to date on reason for delay."

Pros: "The entire venture was so pleasant!! Was very pleased!!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Surprise luggage fees and then they lost my bag"

Pros: "Low-cost ticket, flights right on time."

Pros: "None"
Cons: "The staff were so rude at the boarding gate."

Pros: "Everything except the baggage issue in the end was very good!"
Cons: "The baggage took 36 minutes to get to the baggage claim area in las vegas!"

Pros: "they dont give us any info we boarded and then were sent off the plane. no explanation no nothing. its ok to have problems. it is not ok to have staff who cant deliver an answer for whats going on."

Cons: "I fly 30-50 times a year and I will never use Spirit again. I am not a big guy and U could hardly move in the seat."

Pros: "Great speed getting the bags to the baggage claim area"
Cons: "I didn't like that once I paid for my boarding passes, Spirit nickeled and dimed me to death with fees! What does the initial pass pay for if you have to buy your seat, bags and pay for your boarding pass to be printed. Terrible experience I could have almost paid for an upgrade with all the dumb fees they charged me."

Pros: "Baggage charge was not as depicted as it was on your Website."


Pros: "seat more comfortable than most airlines"

Cons: "Added fees"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "5.5 hr delay to Vegas from pdx, 1 hr delay coming back from pdx"

Pros: "i got there"
Cons: "there deceptive bag policy. once the ticket was purchased everything else about spirit airlines process was so difficult and designed to trick the customer into spending more money, then they try to tell you how they are "saving" you money. this is a ploy and i will never fly spirit again. i will tell any and everyone i can about their scam."

Cons: "Paying for my seat at a separate transaction."

Cons: "No help on website or phone to rebook. Don't know if I can get fare refunded or not."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Prices"

Pros: "It was cheap."
Cons: "Pilot did not land the plane on the first try. Did not go on the intercom to explain himself either. Terrifying."

Cons: "In the plane for over an hour before taking off"

Pros: "Everything is good!"
Cons: "Nothing bad!"

Pros: "Getting from point a to b"
Cons: "It was hot on the plane on the Tarmac at Los Vegas. 40 mins."

Pros: "The crew was very considerable and humorous."

Pros: "Ticket price was very good."
Cons: "I am not a fan of Airbus. And an aviation professional, Boeing and Embraer are where it is at. They both are superior to Airbus. it is the airframes I have issue with. The CFM and Snmeca engines are just fine."

Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The service was awful, 3 of my flights were canceled over 4 days. They did not accommodate me at all and now I'm flying Southwest as I should have in the first place. They're the bomb!"

Pros: "I got back to Portland"
Cons: "That the crew Was less than friendly, they sat and glared at us the whole flight, snapped at people if they asked questions, I don't like all of the hidden fee's your airline changes, I don't know if I'll use you again, and I do plan on a lot of air travel this year."

Pros: "Friendly, timely, clean"
Cons: "Very small. No pillows, no food. No snacks"

Pros: "I Love it!!!"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Cartagena to Portland

Airlines flying from Cartagena to Portland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Cartagena to Portland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Cartagena to Portland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Cartagena to Portland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Cartagena to Portland

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