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Are there Phoenix travel restrictions currently due to Coronavirus?

Are there Phoenix travel restrictions currently due to Coronavirus?

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Pros: "The seat was not comfortable"

Cons: "The tray tables were absolutely filthy when we put them down for our drink service. They were sticky and there was crumbs stuck to the back of the seat where the tray table. One of the flight attendants was incredibly frantic from boarding to in-flight service. She counted passengers 4 times and kept putting up her finger when passengers tried to get her attention."

Pros: "The seat was super amazing"
Cons: "The service was amazing"

Pros: "It was an efficient and comfortable ride. The entertainment system work properly. I would have like if my chair could recline; however, outside of that, it was a good flight"
Cons: "The ability for my seat to recline would have made it a much more comfortable flight."

Pros: "Crew was nice, and pilot was helpful and got us there early."
Cons: "My screen for movies didn’t work, and the level of comfort was... almost none. I would’ve upgraded to more room, but for $55? When I’m already checking a bag for $30? On top of flight price? Too high, expected JetBlue to not jam pack all the seats like the exit aisle.... for long flights, not again."

Pros: "Love the little sleeping packet they provide you with earplugs and eyemask."
Cons: "No complaints here!"

Pros: "Mostly loved the on time departure and early arrival!"

Pros: "Great legroom."
Cons: "My headphone connection didn’t work."

Pros: "Spacious seats"
Cons: "Delayed flight, crew were not super friendly."

Pros: "Generally it was pleasant , crew were polite and friendly"
Cons: "It’s an absolute disgrace that the plane was kept at such a freezing temperature , even when asked for it to be made warmer, people were coughing and trying to keep warm. I will not fly jet blue again after this . Even the check in are was freezing. Why"

Pros: "Staff was nice"
Cons: "Plane was late Internet never worked Movies couldn’t be paused or started on my schedule"

Pros: "Because of the gov’t shutdown I arrived early fearing the worst of delays and to my delight there was ez pz entry into the airport getting through security was relatively easy and although there is no longer curbside check in it was not crowded few long lines and once I mastered the kiosk .. got my boarding pass and tag for a checked bag .... ez and no long line"
Cons: "I don’t like the fact that Jet Blue has nobody to help with getting your boarding pass and bag tags .. for seniors like myself who sometimes need digital Aylin .. no Personnel to help and if itvwasn’t For a delightful savvy young woman whom I asked for help I’d still be at that kiosk when I travelled Alaska sirlinescthey had people there to assist you"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delay for two hours"

Pros: "Quick efficient boarding was the only good thing about this flight"
Cons: "Flight delayed and were sent told why, in flight tv was broken chair didn't recline uncomfortable seats, flight attendants didn't come around much."

Cons: "My family and I decided to travel with JetBlue instead of cayman air because they had the tv’s for the kids entertainment. Was very disappointed when they didn’t work the entire flight home"

Cons: "Entertainment controller doesn’t work"

Pros: "Crew efficient, polite, & communicative. Array of tv channels allowed me to watch football while our departure was delayed."
Cons: "Mechanical problems delayed our departure."

Pros: "The Crew was most pleasant as I was the last to board."
Cons: "Food offering minimal"

Cons: "Inconvenient and uncomfortable"

Pros: "For such an inexpensive flight, I expected to be nickel-and-dimed, but I was pleasantly surprised! The seats were surprisingly comfortable and spacious, they offered complimentary drinks and snacks (cheaper airlines tend to charge for this), and free TV, movies, and wifi! I will absolutely use Jet Blue again!"

Pros: "comfortable and roomy seats. polite hosts. First trip on JetBlue but won't be my last. Thanks for a pleasant flight"

Pros: "JetBlue strives to give the clients a great flying experience, from check in to bag drops to flying, the food and drinks, exiting and pick up is just a pleasure, would for sure recommend Jet Blue!"

Cons: "No real food on the plan, no charging ports for cell phone device and also no free headphones especially when you have IPhone 7 and up"

Pros: "Completely exceeded our expectations! First time flying JetBlue across the country and we will definitely continue to use this airline as much as possible when taking these long flights. Everyone was friendly, the seats were comfortable and spacious, and it was just overall a great experience from beginning to end."
Cons: "When a flight is not full, it would be nice to be able to sit in one of the “even more space” seats without having to pay the full price."

Pros: "Leg room was great and bathrooms were kept clean and well stocked"
Cons: "Delayed departures on all flights of my itinerary, outdated airplane, and cabin crew member, Chris, did not smile or acknowledge requests throughout flight."

Pros: "Price of ticket is about it."
Cons: "From the time I got to the gate 90 minutes before flight to the time I got off it was terrable. Delays before boarding with no explanation then the same continued onboarding. First it was waiting for bags. Strange when there's a 2 hour+ delay that all the bags weren't there? Then waiting for paperwork followed by the part they needed was incorrect and a new one was on it's way from the hanger.. Finally departed 1 hour plus later. The plane was an old cattle car. Free TV didn't work right, so at did not recline (no it wasn't an exit row.). Most of the crew and gate attendants were rude and indifferent except for on flight attendant. The entire row of seats didn't recline at all. She was very apologetic and acknowledged it was uncomfortable especially on a 5+hour flight. She did offer us something to eat, blankets earbud. Still my back was killing me upon arrival at Phoenix. JEt Blue. Get your act together. This is unacceptable."

Pros: "Extra legroom was a bit expensive but excellent. Crew excellent as usual and seemed to like what they were doing."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and funny and offered many times for anyone to let them know if they needed anything."
Cons: "TV didn’t work. It was a long flight with no entertainment. The crew was aware there was a problem with about twenty TVs and tried a reboot but mine never worked."

Cons: "Tv’s did not work. Overall a good flight."

Pros: "Very kind to change my flight because weather on the other end cancelled that flight."
Cons: "Reception on tv went on and off a few times."

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Super friendly flight attendants. We also enjoyed that the pilot gave a thorough weather update :)"

Pros: "Smooth flight and flight attendants where curtious"
Cons: "Seat was a bit flimsy to recline"

Pros: "Waiting on the tarmac both leaving NYC and when landing in Phoenix was bad"

Pros: "The easy breezy"
Cons: "Nothing not to like"

Cons: "3.5 hour delay of flight!!!"

Pros: "Flight attendants were very friendly"
Cons: "Paid $70 for a ticket that provides a seat that had a broken TV. No power outlets as well is annoying."

Pros: "Leg space, free carry on, nice staff, good snacks"
Cons: "15 minute delay"

Pros: "Everyone seems to be complaining as the temperature inside the must be set to slow cook!"

Cons: "It was just a mechanical issue that forced our plane to turn around 2 hours already into the flight, return to JFK, and then wait another two hours to board a new flight to go to PHX. So a planned 10 pm arrival in PHX turned into 6 am. I'm not sure there's anything that could have been done other than checking for that situation before we departed originally (if possible), and maybe being able to land somewhere closer than having to return all the way to JFK. I know JetBlue doesn't have a ton of locations or planes yet, so our options may have been limited. We did receive a $100 credit, but it was a pretty painful flight, basically turning into a red eye after departing originally at 6 pm. Again, I'm not sure if there were any other options, just wanted to report my experience. My flights have typically been on time with JetBlue and I am a Mosaic member. It may have helped if there was better communication back at the JFK airport (knowing it would be two hours instead of thinking we were getting right back on the plane), maybe we could have relaxed in a restaurant or something. It was just exhausting waiting and getting later and later. There isn't an Admirals Club or anywhere relaxing for passengers to wait in a circumstance like that. Thanks."

Cons: "All the DELAYS! Seemed a bit unprepared"

Pros: "Boarded quickly and easily. Theee was a mix up with the catering staff and it was handled faster than expected."

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Inadequate food service. Bad entertainment options. No power supply."

Pros: "Flight/flight crew was great, and Javier was awesome! He truly is someone who enjoys his job! Don't let him go!"
Cons: "Nothing to complain about."

Pros: "A lot of seat space, abundance of complementary snacks & drinks, & personal television screens for coach. To top all off; in flight crew was wonderful."

Pros: "Not much. No room"
Cons: "C above"

Pros: "The legroom was great! Crew were fantastic and accommodating, boarding went smoothly, and I liked getting a bottle of water and snack. Excellent compared to airlines that I have flown."
Cons: "Entertainment was ok compared to delta. I'm used to more movie options and the screen quality could be better. But, the TV options were ok."

Pros: "The free wifi, snacks and service was awesome."
Cons: "I didn't like the food selection on the menu."

Pros: "I made it safely"
Cons: "Without any apparent reason flight was delayed for one hour, we were not informed of the delay. I requested a meal and then was informed it was not available in the flight,requested headphones they were never brought to me."

Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "I would like the formal return of beverages and snacks. I understand the lack thereof is due to the virus. I think the airlines are doing a good job of staying within safety recommendations."

Pros: "Everything is good"

Pros: "Crew members were all very pleasant and personable. A very special experience with the local ticket agent / boarding agent (double duty) in Guadalajara: Maria Hernandez (or perhaps Fernandez) who was pleasant, professional, helpful and even called us respectfully by name ("Mr. and Mrs. Petrusek") She is an outstanding representative of American Airlines! Gracias to her!!"
Cons: "Not a thing! We live in Mexico and we usually fly Volaris...I think AA just became our favorite airline!"

Pros: "Plenty of drink passes."
Cons: "The staff was rude. Over heard gossiping about other travelers. At end of flight overhead announcement that our section of airplane using wrong bathrooms. It was rudely stated. Should have directed this instruction earlier in the flight. Very rude"

Pros: "The crew was attentive and helpful."
Cons: "Our layover was originally supposed to be an hour and a half in Phoenix. As we were boarding the plane from Austin to Phoenix, we got a notification that our layover had been delayed an additional 5 hours due to construction at SFO. I’d have appreciated more of a heads up than as I’m boarding."

Pros: "I didn’t like anything at all"
Cons: "They have to add electronic devices or charge plug on it"

Pros: "Really disappointed as my bags was not check thru.It was rechecked at London and British airway charged me for my baggage. I want to make sure that my way back to Oslo London London San Diego has no charge . It is an international flight and I am allowed 23kg one checked bag ."

Pros: "Amazing Crew"

Pros: "great trip and crew"

Pros: "Would fly again- irritated at how does a flight manage to get overbooked"
Cons: "Flight was 3 seats overbooked, they had to wait until 3 people willingly took a later flight. Like a game of chicken between 100 people."

Pros: "Friendly staff and helpful"
Cons: "Did not fly out of Ontario, I was being led to fly out of LAX since there was a delay. Ended up flying out of John Wayne Airport."

Pros: "We missed out connecting flight. We landed at 730am our connecting flight was supposed to leave at 750 it actually left at 744am"
Cons: "Our connecting flight left early"

Cons: "I arrived at the airport and had already checked in and had m boarding passes. For some reason they could not find me when I went to check my bag. After 30 minutes they saw that my seat assignment had been changed and that is why my boarding passes that I had printed at home did not match what their computer showed. I booked this reservation in May and had a seat chosen fairly toward the front. I am 73 years old and the closer to the front I can be helps. When I finally got on the plane to my surprise my seat was the very last seat on the plane across from the restroom. People continued to leave the door open after using the restroom so had to get up and continue to close the door or look at the restroom the whole flight. There was never any explanation as to why they did this. As a result, being lst off the plane, I almost missed my connection as I had to go two terminals over for my connection. At my age I cannot run so I arrived as the last people were getting on the plane. I will never fly American Airlines again."

Pros: "great"

Cons: "The information that was given was awful. Why would AA send a broken plane to ABW?"

Pros: "Nice people to fly with"
Cons: "nothing"

Cons: "Flight was overbooked"

Cons: "Agent at gate said overhead compartments were all full and no more room for any bag. So I had to check in my carry on luggage . To my surprise, there had many open space when I walked in the plane. The worst thing was my brand new suitcase was torn. I told the luggage agent the incident and she said they had no liability what so ever."

Pros: "AA put us in a hotel and gave $12 (per person) food voucher for missed connection due to delay for maintenance."
Cons: "Our luggage was lost for 2.5 hrs in PHX airport, due to mix-up by service rep at customer service. AA attendant at gate at CLT was extremely rude and unprofessional when I accuse Left my boarding passes in seat pocket. Would not summon someone to retrieve it. Made me wait until entire plane was disembarked and cleaned, and made me wait some more after. She was super snarky, made rude comments, and almost made my family miss our connection to EWN. I will never, ever, fly AA again. Worst customer service and tons of issues with maintenance, luggage handling, and delays."

Pros: "loved having a movie to pass the time. Super friendly attendants."

Cons: "Ct for. R"

Pros: "Great crew!"

Pros: "The staff tried to help as much as possible."
Cons: "I called American Airlines as ssoon as I book my trip to set up and make sure my small dog could fly with me. They neglected to inform me their partner, jetstar, does not fly animals. My luggage did not arrive with me. Both of my suitcases were mangled and broken. Items in my suitcases were shattered and crushed even though they were well packed and protected. We got stuck on the terminal in MSP and missed our connecting flight. When we finally arrived the systems were down and could not get new flights or hotels. We were told we could not get hotels and had to argue for an hour. Even though it was a maintenance issue. I arrived a day late and had to take extra leave. The plane from LAX to Tokyo was horrific. I booked a window seat, was stuck in the very middle. There was no way to charge outlets devices. The screen did not work. And my new luggage was also damaged with even more items destroyed."

Pros: "The flight between WA D.C. And Phoenix went well. Very nice staff, orderly onboarding"
Cons: "Arrived in Phoenix and hurried to my next gate for the flight to Palm Springs only to discover a delay in the flight. No marguees were updated, no explanation just the plane had not arrived. Soon after we were told of a gate change, the marquee then said the flight would not arrive until 11 pm it is a one hour flight, so we actually arrived at 10 pm."

Cons: "all flights delayed"

Pros: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding."
Cons: "Difficult to recline chair. Limited snack options. Landing was a bit rough."

Cons: "This flight was added as they cancelled my flight directly to London then they dropped this flight and had just Phoenix to Lindon! It took many calls, one with over an hour wait, where were told different stories and expectations. I did not receive an actual ticket until the very morning if this flight!! It was very stressful!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that the flight was delayed and we would have missed our connecting flight to BOS. The next flight out was the following day. We took it upon ourselves to get re-booked on United Airlines. The American travel agent was pleasant but we would have been out of luck if we weren't proactive and frequent travelers trying every flight option available. Finally, after over an hour on the phone we resolved the issue through another carrier."

Cons: "Nearly being bumped off the flight. A tight, uncomfortable seating space."

Pros: "It wasn't as terrible as the 1st leg of the return flight"
Cons: "Bad enough the long part of my trip ove seas had no wifi but then the 4 hour domestic flight did not have it either. I had planned to put my flight time to good use and catch up on work so i did not go back to a mountain of work but that never happened. Also, I've never been to an airport where you exit the boarding doors in the terminal then head down stairs to the tarmac to board a bus that make a complete lap of the terminal going near every AA plane obviously trying to figure out which one they need to drop us off at. If can get this close to losing people I now understand how luggage gets lost so often."

Cons: "Ear headphone jack would not turn down, you could hear the show from three seats away and the flight attendant was rude when I asked her for some different headphone to see if it would help. She acted like I was stupid and said "well did you turn it down?" Of course I tried that. I was very taken back by how she acted."

Pros: "Well the captain got us there in 4 hours instead of 4 hours and 40 minutes."
Cons: "Level of comfort was terrible"

Cons: "Our plane ended up being delayed in Hermosillo for 2+ hours which caused us to miss our connections in Phoenix. The Mexican military gave American a very precise window in which they needed to take off from Hermosillo by, because of planned military maneuvers. The plan arrived on time but we missed our take-off window by 8 minutes. The ground crew and flt. crew showed no sense of urgency in getting the plane prepared to take off, the boarding of the plan etc. We could have easily taken off within the allotted window, except there was no sense of urgency or advance notice to any of the passengers. American in Phoenix made no attempt to accommodate us and we ended up having to buy tickets on Southwest in order to get home. Overall, a terrible experience."

Pros: "The gate attendants were professional and the flight attendants were very good. The flight itself was fine."
Cons: "i had my boarding pass and chose my seat some time ago, in row 4. When I checked in, the AA representative switched my boarding card and I was told that my seat was no longer available. When I got to the gate, I spoke to the gate attendant. There were several people also speaking to them about their seats. I did not have a seat assigned to my boarding pass, so I stood until the entire plane boarded and the gate attendants could sort things out. In the end, I was given a seat at the back of the plane, even though booked my seat some time ago and am a Sapphire member. When I boarded, there was no room for my carry-on luggage. The flight attendant already understood what happened. She immediately took my bag, and found a space at the front of the airplane. This is the second disappointing flight in a row in 2 weeks I have had with AA. I'm not sure if it's just bad luck, or has something to do with the company. I had flown with U.S. Airways for years and never experienced any major issues."

Pros: "4 hours late leaving El Paso causing us to miss flight out of Phx!!! So booked thru LAX and arriving 5 hours later !"

Pros: "The staff was very helpful and the in-flight movie was great!"
Cons: "A teenager sitting behind me kept putting her feet and knees at the back of my chair making it very uncomfortable for me the entire flight."

Pros: "On time and no issues"
Cons: "Seat comfort"

Pros: "Nice crew, plane was decent"
Cons: "Delayed waiting on a crew person to get to the airport to fly to Dallas. We had to wait an hour at the gate. They didn't tell us what the delay was for until we had been waiting 30m."

Pros: "No accountability -- just a recording telling me my flight was being rebooked and I would arrive 14 hours later than scheduled on New Year's Eve. Totally unacceptable, awful service."

Pros: "From start to finish the flight faced problems: unscheduled stop for refueling, change in planes for mechanical problems, emergency medical intervention, and more. Yet at every stage the flight crew and gate staff did an outstanding job communicating and seeking to alleviate passenger woes. With delays, we missed connections, and yet AA worked wonderfully to find alternatives. At the end of the day, we arrived at our destination, and even our luggage made the trip successfully! Wonderful courtesy, adaptability, and determination to serve. Thank you."

Pros: "Flight operated on time between PHL and PHX."
Cons: "Pilot provided no communication about the trip prior to takeoff; pilot provided minimal communication about the trip while in flight. Although her service was adequate, the first class flight attendant Marilyn never called any passenger by name. No pre-arrival mints were served."

Cons: "There was a snow delay in Chicago, but nobody offered assistance when we were on the ground. We felt abandoned by American Airlines because we asked three different people for assistance and they didn't seem to want to take on the problem. They were like Pontius Pilate, and "washed their hands" of us!!!"

Pros: "Good experience."

Pros: "On the way there, it was a newer plane in nicecondition, comfortable, entertainment was ok."
Cons: "AA IOS app - always problems getting the mobile boarding passes. This time is just like every other. Never a problem before with US Air or Southwest Food - There and back, sandwiches and non-snack items were sold out by the time crew could get to the rows in the back Plane on the way back was a certified POS. Seats were ancient and broken, Engine couldn't start - twice, and no entertainment"

Cons: "The scheduled departure time was moved forward, thus creating confusion and inconvenience."

Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early"

Pros: "The landing in Phoenix finally here!!"
Cons: "The 5 plus hour flight but had to endure to get to Phoenix!!"

Pros: "I don't usually complain, and I have never responded to this kind of rating request, but, the American Airlines flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix was too inept to ignore. Firstly, I wasn't assigned a seat when I booked the flight. Then, at the time I checked in, as no regularly priced seat was reserved for me, I was forced to pay for a premium seat, for both the outbound and inbound segments. Secondly, no snacks were offered on the outbound flight, because "the ground crew forgot to supply the plane". This didn't bother me, but it did infuriate some of the other passengers. Finally, I paid for the GoGo inflight internet, but the download speed was sooooo slow, I finally gave up."

Pros: "Crew was nice and professional. It was an early morning flight and I was given the right surroundings to sleep."
Cons: "There was no entertainment on the flight. I couldn't even find a headphone jack. The seats and aisle are too narrow. After landing early we had to wait 10-15 minutes on the taxing because the gate was occupied"

Pros: "Clean and comfortable, flight crew nice"
Cons: "No wifi once crossed into Mexico other airlines have"

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