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— Kansas
Jun 18 — Jun 251
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Sat 6/18
Sat 6/25

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Delta does a great job. But im now looking for more direct flights in the future. My time is more valuable. I was in the airport/on a plane for 9 hours!

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Delta does a great job. But im now looking for more direct flights in the future. My time is more valuable. I was in the airport/on a plane for 9 hours!

Gate agents in Seattle were fabulous and extra observant. Thanks for doing a great job!

Our flight attendants from SEA to DTW were really amazing. Our flight was delayed significantly which resulted in a near miss of our connecting flight to BOS. As it became apparent that we might actually make our flight they were very kind to relay calls to the departing gate to hold the plane as long as possible. What could have become a very frustrating overnight in the airport turned into a welcome final destination home.

Timely boarding announcements, fairly roomy seating, and prompt snack delivery. Seats in the waiting area could have USB charging ports on both sides. Minor issue; I charged my phone on the flight.

Seats were surprisingly comfortable and sufficiently roomy. Flight attendants were helpful and courteous. Flight departed on time and arrived a little early. My wife and I both agreed this may have been the best flight we've ever had: a direct flight from Kansas City to Atlanta to visit my son and his family. Convenient, relatively inexpensive, and overall a great experience!

Pros: "The sanitizing of the aircraft was beyond expectations. The personal wipes were a plus so we could clean the areas around our seats to our satisfaction. The individual snack bags are a great idea to minimize handling."
Pros: "Helpful and attentive crew"
Pros: "Crew was super amazing and friendly! Very good service also!"
Cons: "No seat back entertainment.."
Pros: "The best other than the fact it was packed full lol but that’s not Deltas fault"
Pros: "Good entertainment options"
Cons: "Overall okay crew, but some very rude members"
Pros: "The flight itself was excellent. Friendly, helpful, kind — great attendants and crew."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 4 hours. We never found out why exactly. That was a little tough but staff was great"
Pros: "Boarding was very efficient. Flight attendants were helpful and kind and seemed to care."
Cons: "We booked basic seats knowing we might not sit together however we did not know they would separate children. They put my husband and I in an exit row and my daughter at the back of the plane with strangers. I was not comfortable with strangers being responsible for my child. I assumed they would seat children with at least one parent. We did ask to move at the gate and the accommodated us with the last row on the plane. No recline, no window, and right next to the bathrooms. We took it to be with our kid but this policy needs to be revised. Kids should always be seated with the adult responsible for them... who knows what kind of person might end up next to my child. Not to mention if she had needed something is the stranger gonna take care of it? It’s just a bad practice imo."
Pros: "Quick and easy boarding and departing. Wonderful and friendly staff."
Cons: "Honestly, everything was great. Food and entertainment were a little lacking but for a 3 hour flight it was more than acceptable."
Pros: "Great crew, prompt and courteous despite the short flight"
Cons: "Flight departed an hour past scheduled time due to a snafu with flight attendants: they were either absent or really late or a replacement crew. Unacceptable personnel management."
Pros: "Amazing crew"
Pros: "The crew was polite and pleasant unlike the crew from KC to Boston."
Cons: "Telling us to check bags before we get to our seat and find out there is no more room."
Cons: "Just a bunch of weather delays because of the bad storms. I did not like the selection of movies and tv shows on the delta flight. So I just listened to podcast in my phone. But other than that everything was great."
Pros: "Helpful crew."
Cons: "These planes are tiny. Our equipment was B717."
Pros: "the young man who was our flight attendant was just terrible. He could care less about his job. Name I think was Nathan."
Pros: "Small plane without bells and whistles and no middle seats."
Cons: "The internet would not work. I couldn’t use any of the inflight entertainment."
Pros: "We had the worst flight ever on Delta flight worst Attitude of the flight attendant she was very Rude i even told her she was"
Cons: "We didn't get served nothing to drink until 45 min to kc then by then i was so dehydrated i asked for a can of pop she said NO I SAID REALLY SHE SAID DELTAS NOT IN CHARGE OF STOCKING DRINKS & SNACKS SHE HAD MORE PEOPLE' TO SERVE REALLY EVERBODY IN FRONT OF US GOT WHAT THEY WANTED SO I HAD NOTHIN AT"
Cons: "2nd Delta flight on the same day that was delayed. This one only 44 min."
Pros: "Wonderful friendly crew. Comfy seat. Very pleasantly impressed with the comfort on a CRJ900 -- windows are large and closer to eye level, standing room is enough."
Pros: "The crew was helpful and seemed genuinely nice. The seats felt a little narrow"
Cons: "Never made it because of my originating flight"
Cons: "The airline cancelled the flight alluring weather conditions, when the reality was they did not wanted the plane to park in Kansas. The weather conditions were even worse on the flight I was moved to, and that flight was not cancelled. They absolutely did not care about the passengers"
Pros: "Overall good experience"
Cons: "Plane 1hr late taking off"
Pros: "Nice people"
Cons: "Waiting at gate in KC"
Pros: "Efficient and friendly"
Pros: "The movies kept my daughter busy."
Pros: "Professional, courteous, and responsive attendants and flight crew."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "I did not like anything all. But the to last agent to help me after I was send to different airlines"
Cons: "And when I get to US delta Airline ticketr did not even look at my ticket she just send to Virginia Australia make me walk all over. I know it supposed to be delta"
Pros: "The flight was nearly full, but I lucked out. One person in my row did not show up, so myself and the other lady in my row had the benefit of having an open seat in between us. The crew was cheerful and accommodating. They did the normal beverage service, but also brought complimentary water and coffee 3x during the rest of the flight. This was greatly appreciated, especially after 5 days of drinking and partying. My buddies and I spent two and a half days in Las Vegas for a bachelor party followed by two days in the LA area for a wedding (yes we did it Hangover style) :) Thank you Delta!"
Cons: "My only complaint was that the flight was delayed out of LAX by about 30 minutes due to the flight in-bound being delayed. However, the captain made up most of this time in the air so it ended up being a non-issue."
Cons: "We were on the tarmac for almost 2 hours. It's probably LaGuardia but the experience was very bad."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that I couldn't change flights on the day of travel"
Pros: "Good food, excellent service"
Cons: "Seats did not have enough storage."
Pros: "Everything was executed well. Flight attendants were lovey & attentive"
Cons: "Delta’s computer system was down. Long wait at the counter even though I did web check-in."
Pros: "Made the best of a overcrowded messy airport"
Pros: "Horrible seats. Scraped up my knees on a screwhead on the seat in front of me. Way too cramped."
Cons: "Flight delayed, nearly missed connecting flight"
Pros: "Love the TVs provided with recent movies and games"
Cons: "Security was a headache"
Pros: "Boarding was delayed, but flight crew & desk staff moved us quickly through & off we went. It was efficient & well managed."
Cons: "A bit cramped on board. Thinking of the discount carriers while smooshed in with my aisle mates."
Cons: "Delays. Ways late."
Pros: "The service and non stop smooth ride. Boarding was a new experiance taking a bus to the plane. Was quick and crew helpful storing my carryon. Everyone very helpful."
Pros: "Arrived."
Cons: "Late, slow, de-icing in Detroit took nearly an hour!"
Pros: "Crew was kind, entertainment and food were good"
Cons: "Seats are really tight"
Pros: "The quick flight was nice, the flight attendants were super sweet and kind and were willing to give me extra snacks when I requested for them. No screens on this flight, but understandable since it was such a short flight :)"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight attendant late arriving to his job causing a 30 minute delay in boarding. Desk staff at airport seemed more interested in their own conversations than helping passengers . Fight attendants seemed uninterested in their jobs and lacked warmth. 45 minutes late arriving in Kansas City no announcements from captain"
Pros: "The most humorous and professional flight attendants that I can remember on any flight. The ladies were friendly and efficient, but th male attendants were the same, but quite humorous! And at ten o'clock at night, after a long day, that made the flight relaxing and "fun.""
Cons: "Nothing, great ride!"

I will be very glad when this mask business is over.

Flight was delayed by one hour, then another 1/2 hour then cancelled and changed till the next day. We were not allowed to get our luggage & put up in a dirty hotel. I had cockroaches in the bathroom. When I finally arrived home…i noticed the airline had damaged the zipper on my suitcase. An awful awful trip thanks to American Airlines.

Pros: "Smooth flight, great service onboard"
Cons: "Your seats are too small, but we know the airline industry is not gonna do anything about it."
Pros: "Crew!"
Cons: "Food availability."
Pros: "So ridiculous airline didn’t though in costumer at all"
Cons: "Nathing"
Cons: "Debbie in Business Class made the trip even more special than ever! 1. Congratulated everyone on board for thanksgiving for those who follow that tradition 2. Spoke so kindly on the PA system in both English and fluent in Spanish 3. Kept my coffee hot fresh and always was smiling even those had to work on a holiday We will always fly AmericAn because of flight crew like Debbie..... 1000% super star for AA!!!"
Pros: "cabin attendant was excellent"
Cons: "terrible plane because overhead space is extremely limited and the curvature of the plane limits legroom for window seats."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Everything was fine"
Pros: "The boarding was fast."
Pros: "Responsive and helpful crew. Comfortable seating."
Cons: "More snacks; maybe coffee or a second round of refreshments. Not much, really; it was a great experience under the circumstances."
Cons: "Left very late with very poor communications that kept changing as well as the gate info!"
Pros: "Left on time"
Cons: "Customer service was bad"
Pros: "The flight was shorter than we expected! And after a long flight that was most appreciated."
Pros: "We left a few minutes early"
Pros: "plane had wifi"
Cons: "multiple gate changes multiple delays boarded and then sat on the plane never pushing back from gate"
Pros: "Love flying with AMERICAN AIRLINES."
Pros: "Thank God for the entertainment options in this flight since it is so long... seats recline a bit but the leg room is a bit small, so by the end everything hurts anyway. Had a nice dinner and several snacks. Not too bad. The crew was pretty friendly. I have no complaints at all about AA."
Cons: "Long delays"
Cons: "did not get my requested wheel chair service."
Pros: "They boarded quickly, left early, arrived 40 minutes ahead of schedule. The staff were very friendly and efficient."
Pros: "The trip was easy and the time very good set!"
Pros: "All good, on time, crew was pleasant!"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "That our pilot was giving us updates as to why we were slightly delayed."
Cons: "Our flight attendant didn’t know what food we were getting. When someone asked in front of me, she said “I’m not sure it could be either turkey or ham”. If you serve customers from all walks of life including Hindus, vegetarians, Islam, Judaism, it should be expected that the flight attendant know if that is turkey or ham. Another thing is that there was no final check by the flight attendant. We landed with tray tables down, seats recline, and people were still on their laptops."
Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "Food in general"
Pros: "Friendliness of gate staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight on time ."
Cons: "Delayed!!"
Pros: "Gate attendant kept us informed frequently as to the status of the flight"
Cons: "Rudeness/snappiness of the stewardesses"
Pros: "Everyone was quick"
Cons: "Small seats"
Cons: "I did not like that the airline would not give a seat on an earlier flight so that I would not have to spend so many hours in the Chicago O'Hare airport. I did not like that the airport only allowed me thirty minutes of access to the internet. As a result, I could not work while I had to wait for my flight. Finally, I did not like that the airline lost or delayed my bag."
Pros: "Boarding and debar king was quick."
Cons: "Attendant was surly, no coffee, no continental breakfast as indicated on the reservation. Very disappointed with in-flight service."
Pros: "No fees for carryon, like Republic charged on the way out"
Cons: "NO seats available on booking, without paying extra. Never could sit together, even though booked together. Greedy but stupid."
Pros: "On time departures. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "CR is awesome"
Cons: "AA is screwing up with the flight times, bring them back"
Pros: "Long wait for take off. Everything else was great."
Cons: "On my flight from San Jose to Arizona there were no t.v , so it made for a painful five hour flight."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Lot of movement"
Cons: "Because it was a day later!!!"
Pros: "Much better than the trip to chicago"
Cons: "Had to wait on the crew Short fight rushed service"
Pros: "The price is competitive. On boarding was ontime. Though the flight was redirected to Omaha due to bad weather in Kansas City, it was only an hour late than the scheduled arrival to Kansas City."
Cons: "The WiFi was not as expected. In flight entertainment is null. Snack would have been better."
Pros: "Nice plane when we finally boarded it. Crew was very professional."
Cons: "Endless advisories, the official explanation of the flight delay and estimated departure was constantly in flux."
Pros: "crew was good"
Pros: "very good no problems.."
Cons: "all good thanks much"
Pros: "Flight was delayed but boarding at DCA was very efficient and quick"
Cons: "Flight attendants seemed bothered by something and weren't very nice. They looked/seemed tired. Cabin lights were on the whole time for a ~3 hour flight which began at 830pm."
Pros: "Crew very courteous"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. I couldn't run my business that way!"
Pros: "I got to San Jose Costa Rica safely and on time."

Change airline

Happy to see coffee was served and the air hostesses were v.attentive. Thanks.

Pros: "Crew was terrific"
Cons: "Cabin was a little cool"
Pros: "Amazing crew and comfortable seats"
Cons: "Food, movies"
Cons: "food"
Cons: "Very very delayed. Made traveling home difficult on me and my family."
Cons: "The delay was horrible and the captain said it was because they needed extra sleep. I found this offensive as i was trying to complete a very long trip and was exhausted."
Cons: "Nothing. It was what you expect. Comfortable transportation and no crashes."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Very cramped and uncomfortable seats in Economy. 2 hours late arriving in KansasCity."
Pros: "Going home"
Pros: "The gate agent kept us well informed about our delayed flight - she kept calling to find out status of the flight and reported her findings to us after every call. United provided water and snacks in the gate area as we waited. Gate agent was pleasant and helpful to everyone during the delay."
Cons: "Got a call at 3:00 am saying our flight would be delayed an hour from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. and offered optional flights at no charge. Stayed with original flight since this was a direct flight. The flight ended up being 3 1/2 hours late. We had to wait for a ferried plane from Chicago. Just wondering if United knew at 3:00 am that they had problems, why did it take 13 hours for them to resolve it?"
Pros: "Everything was fast"
Cons: "emtertinment screens in the front Row couldn’t turn Iran’s it was a midnight flight."
Pros: "United is an OK airline, but their planes are old and not comfortable, entertainment is inexistent since it has old and bad screens and everything is paid, better to have your own tablet."
Cons: "Seats aren't comfortable, airplanes too old, food is bad, crew members don't have the service as Asian or Middle east airlines."
Pros: "Smooth landing."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No compensation, no manager available because they were dealing with the same issue at another gate. Where is the customer service?"
Pros: "The flight was full. I was upgraded to an exit row seat which was wonderful."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Comfortable, quick, and great service."
Cons: "No food."
Pros: "Was excellent i like thank you"
Cons: "Nothing al contrario all excellent"
Pros: "Smiling attendants."
Cons: "After buying alcohol in Guatemala, at the duty free shop, the workers at the shop taped the small boxed jars in bubble wrap - not, I discovered in an official duty free bag. So security stopped me in Houston, I went back to the United counter where they were going to charge me $15 to send it to Sacramento. I didn't spend the money. Dissapointing."
Pros: "No layover and the guy was nice to sit all 3 of us together."
Cons: "Unorganized for boarding, unorganized for check in, no snacks, no meals available on flight or at the airport due to it being a late flight."
Pros: "Nothing special"
Cons: "Seats very dirty sticky Not clean at all"
Pros: "The flight crew seemed worn and a bit surly. They ran out of two of the meals and the one I got was oddly seasoned but it was warm. We sat on the ground quite a while while they fixed the PA system with no water then there was a women they'd let on the flight even though she had a different destination - supposedly they spent an hour looking for her bag on the plane. Do you hold up a whole plane load of people that got on the right plane for the woman that didn't and how come when they checked her ticket - no one noticed?"
Cons: "I had to wait 16 hours, it was a serious delay"
Pros: "We toured the Boeing plant in Everett (Seatle.) I wish I had bought a T-shirt I saw in the gift shop. It read, "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going.""
Cons: "Except in the row right behind 1st Class, the seats are kinda crammed (in.) On a commercial on one flight, during the spiel about safety, the movie screen showed about 5 or 6 cabin attendants putting up their trays in prep for landing. Tey all leaned forward as far as they could to reach their trays. I looked around. I could reach my tray with my arms at my sides. If the actual airplane had had it'w seats spaced apart as in the movie, the plane would have been fully loaded with some 35 passengers. I forgot what airline it was, maybe yours?"
Pros: "We made it home alive, so that's the main thing."
Cons: "Three hour delay, which wasn't clearly explained. From others waiting with us, we gathered that flights were delayed fur to some travel plans for POTUS. Does that always happen? I can't imagine it does."
Pros: "That transportation was available in Chicago."
Cons: "No problems."
Cons: "Flight delayed"
Cons: "The gate in Newark was a dump and the boarding process was chaotic"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Not entertainment"
Pros: "on schedule even though ORD had some weather issues but yes good flight.."
Pros: "Smooth flight and on time"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "The free internet and movies"
Cons: "The delayed flight"
Pros: "Boarding and crew were good"
Cons: "No comfort at all. Plane was jam packed and I had no leg room, arm rests would not come up, no free wifi or free entertainment."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats with no leg room."
Pros: "easy boarding, helpful united employees"
Pros: "First class it was owsome"
Pros: "Employees need to understand that many people who don't fly often have an anxiety about the whole process. Being friendly and helpful goes a long way in making the experience less of a hassle. United seems to understand this and for the most part their employees were very friendly and helpful. I will choose united whenever possible."
Cons: "TSA employees need to lighten up. I think they can still do their job and be friendly at the same time. They all seem to hate their jobs"
Pros: "Flight delayed for a short time, explanation given- satisfying. Delayed flight info sent via text very helpful. Flight attendants and staff, very attentive, courteous, professional and informational. Over all satisfied with United airlines, thank you for my sucressful trip to Kansas City to celebrate my grandfathers 90th birthday!"
Cons: "Waited at the kiosk at the gate desk, took about 20 minutes for an agent to appear and help with customer service."
Pros: "Quick flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 40 minutes because of "paperwork" according to the pilot. We boarded the plane on time however had to sit on it during the delay. We were not informed of what was going on until we had already been waiting for 30 minutes. When they informed us of the delay they offered everyone free direct TV in flight to make up for the delay. Once we finally took off they announced that the direct TV was not actually working. The flight attendant making the announcements was not sincere and rather unprofessional. Luckily the pilot flew fast so we ended up arriving only 10 minutes late."
Cons: "Need to pay for movies. We need at least some free channels. Also would like to see the map of where the plane is, as it used to be few years ago"
Pros: "Cheaper"
Cons: "Long boarding and delayed flight, lots of walking"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by over 4 hours, there was no clarity on what was going on. They made us change aircrafts, the ground staff was mean at best. In spite of the 4 hour wait they didn't even bother serving food or made any announcement to handle passenger anxiety and concerns. Delays are sometimes unavoidable and I have had experiences in the past but none that was handled this unprofessionally"
Pros: "I made it to the airport safe and sound."
Cons: "It was a complete cluster as if no one knew what was going on. Once we were finally able to board we sat on the plane for an additional 30 minutes or so because the air conditioning went out on the plan and we all had to sit there in the scalding heat while they fixed it."
Pros: "Nothing to like"
Cons: "Did not like having my flight pushed back and back and back, to then be cancelled due to "air traffic control". Did not like my flight being rescheduled to 3 days later and that day being 4th of July. Did not like buying another flight for $300 so I could get to where I was going."
Cons: "When I boarded the plane, I noticed crumbs and grease marks on my seat and crackers all over the floor at my feet. Rather than clean my area, the stewardess handed me wet wipes."
Pros: "Planes are ok."
Cons: "No entertainment, food options, etc."
Pros: "Delayed in Denver"
Pros: "The professional services"
Cons: "Cramped leg space"
Pros: "On time clean and friendly staff"
Pros: "Good service and wonderful personnel"
Cons: "Nothing all was well"
Pros: "Flight attendants were both really nice"
Cons: "Seats too crammed."
Pros: "Crew was"
Pros: "Some but not all staff were friendly and apologetic and put forth effort to satisfy their customers."
Cons: "There were no wheelchairs available. A large amount of other flyers were in desperate need of wheelchair access including a blind women. My grandmother didn’t recieve a wheel chair but others who didn’t desperately need one where using them. A simple accommodation was denied, this is inexcusable."
Cons: "Spirit’ kiosk bag check is a waste of travelers’ time. Takes agent just as long to process—plus waiting in line a second time"
Cons: "Check-in line was long and late. Flight was delayed for that reason."
Pros: "I liked the cost of the tickets."
Cons: "It seems that they don’t really care about inconvenience to the customers."
Pros: "The flight was smooth and easy sailing"
Cons: "How crowded the plane was"
Pros: "Very funny and interesting attendants"
Cons: "That one has to buy water"
Pros: "I liked the low ticket price"
Cons: "The high fees charged for luggage, the high cost of the snacks and small portions of those, the tiny tables and the only thing in the seat pocket was the how-to card. No magazine, never mind if it was months old, and no barf bags, or is that why there was nothing in the seat back pouch?"
Pros: "Exit row seating most comfortable. Paying for everything up front. Perfect. Easy to navigate system from LAX."
Cons: "A Bird. Emotional support animals are taking over most places. I did not like having to travel from LAX to MCI with a squawking bird in a cage. Perhaps those things make everyone else on the flight emotionally fragile. If any of us were to say something, would we be thrown off? It is a delicate balance, but frustrating. Dogs, cats, iguanas, now birds. Never mind the screaming obnoxious kids, and the parents who apparently have given up on life, and expect the flight attendants to mind the children. You should pay your staff more to deal with this stuff."
Cons: "Web site was not user friendly, customer service on phone was poor, the people did not understand me and were difficult to understand, gave me poor info"
Pros: "I didn’t fly back on this flight."
Pros: "Staff was friendly and flight was easy. No issues."
Pros: "The seats are comfortable. Everyone was friendly. Plane was clean. And they stayed on time at the gate and the flight. I used to fly SouthWest all the time in the past, i will never fly SouthWest in the future. I was even happy when i had to call a representative about adding a window seat. They were friendly, helpful. I owned a business for 30 years, hardly ever do people give positive feedback. Well done"
Pros: "The flight was on time and baggage retrieval was quick."
Cons: "I didn't like having to buy my baggage and seat in addition to my ticket. That was a bit confusing to me."
Cons: "Spirit is cheap, but you pay for it in mediocre service and in very squeezed seating. I was lucky in that the plane was not full because it was a holiday. But when the plane is full, people are really jammed in."
Pros: "Very efficient boarding. Flight crew was incredibly polite. The plane was spotless."
Cons: "They have paper boarding passes. Supposedly they have an app but I couldn't find it. Kind of a pain to have to print the pass or get one before my flight. The seats are packed so close together my legs barely fit. The flight was packed with kids, probably because what parentI knew I'd have to pay for a carry on, but finding out it was an additional $50 each way was a surprise. I had tried to find the fees prior to purchase but couldn't find them. In retrospect, I could have flown another airline cheaper."
Pros: "The plane seemed to have more room per seat than other airlines I have travelled with."
Cons: "The check-in line was extremely long but the stay was working hard to get everyone through in a timely manner. Also pre-check-in was frustrating from the hotel, which may have been an internet connection problem. But when I called to ask a question it was very difficult and frustrating trying to get an actual person on the phone. Additionally he told me it would not cost extra to check-in at the airport but your website said otherwise. You might want tok get the staff and website on the same page."
Cons: "I couldn't make that flight and called ahead the airlines to let them know. But a day after found out my return flight has been canceled as well. Terrible terrible experience. Had to buy a return flight again."
Pros: "On one leg of our flight, the humor injected into the safety procedure instructions was wonderful. Thank you."
Pros: "arriving ahead of schedule"
Cons: "high baggage fee and starving customers by selling them foods and drinks"
Pros: "The flight was smooth all around."
Cons: "The boarding staff needs to communicate with customers when there is a delay or any issues going on. The late boarding could have been handled better."
Pros: "The stewardesses and captain were kind and approachable. The other passengers were kind. The seating and luggage compartments were spacious. Being 6'4" it was nice to have leg room even in a non emergency exit row."
Cons: "I didn't have any of the food or drink so I cannot comment on it."
Pros: "I like that we left on time and that the crew was friendly."
Cons: "I don't care for Spirit's "pay for everything most airlines include." You pay to sit with your companions, pay for all food, pay for luggage, etc. It winds up not being worth the cheap ticket unless you travel lightly and alone."
Cons: "It is are first time flying with this company me and my wife and it was a bad experience."
Pros: "Beautiful flight attendant, efficient boarding and deboarding."
Cons: "Unclear about baggage costs when making reservations and at the airport. Found getting checked in on my first Spirit flight unclear due to all the membership promotion on the same screen page."
Pros: "My flight from Detroit to Kansas City arrived 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. The day before on my flight from Kansas City to Detroit, we were 30 minutes early."
Pros: "The crew and stewardesses were nice and courteous, the flight was stable (not much turbulence) and timely."
Cons: "Hidden fees, i.e. individual bag fees, seat assignments, and $2 to print itinerary at airport if you don't have a printer."
Cons: "From Kansas City to los Angeles I have a delayed if 20 hrs"
Cons: "It has been delayed by 2 hours and again with out any intimation they have pre poned it by 1 hour."
Pros: "No amenities, but overall good flight. On time, short, fast lines at check-in and boarding. Emergency seat totally worth it for tall people! Smooth take off and landing. Flight times were a little inconvenient, would rather not fly overnight, but we made it work."
Pros: "Outstanding service"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "My sisters and I booked our recent trip with Spirit airlines. However, one of them booked the return flight for the wrong day. When we arrived at the airport to leave, she didn't have a flight home. The Spirit employee said "sorry, you don't have a flight." My sister showed her the confirmation information and the employee could not make sense of the situation and asked the desk employee next to her who said "I don't know" and didn't offer any other information. We asked to go standby and the employee said the flight was full. She asked that we step away so she could keep helping other people in line. We left and my sister had to book a flight with Southwest the next day, having to pay for a hotel for an additional night. Overall, your employee was confused about our situation. Did not offer any sort of solution. When we asked to go standby that wasn't an option. The three of us will never book with Spirit again because of the terrible customer service. We ask that my sister gets a refund for the poor service."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "Spirit charges for everything. Checked bags $50, carry on bags $50, in flight drinks including water are not free."
Pros: "boarding as quick and efficient"
Cons: "they gave us a menu and when we ordered they di not have what we ordered. Mind you their were 3 of us and everything we ordered they didn't have."
Pros: "I liked how friendly the staff was, how smooth the take-off/landing was, how the flight was fairly short, how the lights were dimmed in order for the passengers to sleep on such a late night flight, and how short the flight seemed."
Cons: "I didn't like the baggage policy of just one personal item. I like when airlines give you one free carry-on and one personal item so you can have you purse or laptop bag or whatever separate from your luggage. I also didn't like how you had to pay for refreshments. It is always nice to have to option of 1 free beverage and maybe some pretzels when you're flying. Also, the seats are pretty uncomfortable, but that is not really something that can be fixed."
Cons: "Spirit is a low cost, low class airline that works only in a situation where no other carriers can be used. The front desk staff are so-so and the internet website never works correctly. Their IT department needs fired and the website needs completely redone. Patience when working with this airline is very necessary as you encounter many frustrating roadblocks. Seats are so close together that the other passenger is all over you. If the adjoining seat has a larger passenger as in my case, this passenger will make your flight absolutely miserable."
Pros: "I appreciated the updates for flight and schedule changes. Unfortunately, my overall experience was not impressive."
Cons: "I ended up paying the exact for what I would have paid with another airline. I especially disliked the fact that a complimentary glass of water and snacks weren't provided. I also feel that you shouldn't have to compromise service for flying "cheap". Even though "cheap" overall wasn't any different from any of the other airlines I've flown. I like the concept and idea of Spirit but I feel that there is still a great deal of fine tuning."
Pros: "Flight attendants were fast and very friendly ."
Cons: "The people behind me let there baby keep crying and also baby hit me in my head and when I tryed to call customer service no one helped me !! Also when I got on board my seat was taken so they made me seat by the wing and emergency door!!"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Horrible customer service,"
Pros: "The boarding process was easy and the seats are comfortable."
Cons: "I didn't know that it cost money to bring a carry on until i got the email asking if I wanted to check in (I had bought my ticket on kayak). That was an unexpected cost that I did not appreciate."
Pros: "Nonstop flights from LAX to KC leaving and returning at reasonable times. I went to Ross and bought the largest bag I could find that met the personal item size restriction. Otherwise, all my ticket savings would have been used up by the small amount of luggage permitted. Feels like nickle and diming. I don't think this M.O. can last because people won't come back if they feel ripped off."
Cons: "The Spirit flight was delayed. No text or email from the airline though they had my info supposedly for that purpose. I found out by looking online right before we would have left to go to the airport. 1 1/2 hour delay. When I arrived at the airport, the monitors said the plane was now delayed 2 1/2 hours beyond initial departure time. Still no text or email. When I checked online, there was no update indicating the later departure time. Obviously, my time spent cooling my heels around the airport was of no concern to the airline. Also, led to me eating overpriced airport food rather than food at home when the delay pushed the flight into the dinner hour."
Cons: "At the gate I was charged $100 for a piece of carry-on luggage. I flew American to Las Vegas three days before and was able to put my luggage in the storage bin above the seats. I always take this piece of luggage when I want to carry on otherwise I take a much bigger suitcase. This particular piece of luggage did not fit in the luggage rack because the wheels on the suitcase were preventing it from doing so. This is a rip off and taking advantage of customers who intentionally use a particular piece of luggage because they know it will be accepted as carry on. I would like a full refund. t had plenty of room to fit in the bin. My name is Brad Beckman and my email address is"
Pros: "Did not like the time wasting"
Cons: "Spirit Airline is the worst airline to be on. I won't board this plane ever again. My first experience today is the worst . We were suppose to board at 1:20pm , we waited till 2:45pm to be on the plane . It's a 2 and half hr flight . We arrived at 7:51pm , we waited more than an hr to get out of the plane . They said a plane was un boarding so we had to wait till they were done. Very cheap plane don't try it. My first experience is the worst."
Cons: "First the plane delayed because of mechanical probs. which is understandable then we had to board a different plane after boarding we had to de-board because pilots had too many hours. Flight then cancelled. Ok so then we get to stay free at hotel to catch flight next day. Howard Johnsons was so dirty. Bathroom & beds. We slept in our clothes did not dare to shower. Slept with our coats over our pillows. Bad start to trip.... we were told our trip was extended 1 day because we lost a day. When we got to the airport on our new day to leave we were told we were NO SHOWS to the flight the previous day which was supposed to be changed for us. Thank heaven there was room on the flight and they quietly put us on it. We never made any kind of scene or had any harsh words with anyone.... but, DONE WITH SPIRIT AIRLINES!!!!"
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "Nobody assisted me with my child. Crew was unfriendly and un-attentive. seats are narrow and hard to maneuver. No entertainment provided at all."
Pros: "The help that I received as a handicapped passenger was outstanding . I understand that this is a Airbus plane I feel that the agent booking my ticket should have offered me the larger seat before I got on the flight at least giving me the information about the seat"
Cons: "The pilot had a smooth landing and I told him that I have to give him a 10 on the landing ! LOL"
Cons: "my flight was good but I'm very disappointed because they did not give me the $50 baggage discount that they promised to all the passengers on flight 620 that got delayed on the way to Los Angeles on December 12, 2015."
Pros: "flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "Flight talking off was late so arrival was late. Watch out for all the costs of all the extras. By the time you pay for bags, seats, and boarding the cost of the ticket is as much as an airlines that doesn't "nickle & dime" you to death!"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Central America to Kansas

Airlines flying from Central America to Kansas have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Central America to Kansas

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Central America to Kansas

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Central America to Kansas

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Central America to Kansas

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Central America to Kansas

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