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CZX — California
Dec 30 — Jan 61
1 adult
0 bags
Fri 12/30
Fri 1/6

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China SouthernOverall score based on 5528 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Professional"
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Pros: "Professional"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and no one new what to do. Took me 48 hours to get home"
Cons: "I was traveling with friends who's flight kept getting canceled without any notifications, only found out till check in. I had an added layover that I didn't know about. My friends and I will avoid China Southern airlines in the future"
Pros: "Great crews, food was okay, overall pretty good. Definitely will travel again"
Cons: "Choice of entertainment and food could be been better."
Cons: "Seats were very small and uncomfortable. Checking in to the flight was horrible and took a very long time."
Pros: "Crew was good and seats were ok."
Cons: "More room but we all know space is limited. Food can be improved though"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "fast boarding time Premium Economy"
Cons: "entertainment system keeps crashing even after hard reset, Premium Economy class seat limited space not worth that upgrade. They're switch back to Boeing 777-ER from the new Boeing 787."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Our flight fr Mnl to China was delayed and missed out flight going to SFO. Have to stay ivernight didn’t get to the hotel untill 1am and flight is 10 am and the flight have a stop at a different China city and have to change plane again. Travel was so long and inconvenient."
Cons: "Hidden stop in Wuhan and a problem with the plane had the crew scrambled and confused. They didnt know what to do next, they followed orders from someone over the walkies. First they wanted to move all pax to hotels with buses, but plane got fixed while preparing the buses. Organization of re-entry and reboarding was very frantic and confused. During all this time, crew never gave any announcements in english language, so foreign tourists had to get information from other passengers who could translate..."
Cons: "Tea coffee not not good...average service"
Pros: "and clean aircraft. I ordered LFML and will again. Well done. Inflight staff was efficient but not friendly."
Cons: "On the 77W - CZ657 CAN SFO, the economy aisle seat 57G is a normal economy seat but the overhead luggage bin does not open."
Pros: "The entertainment on board"
Cons: "They don't let you use your phone for whatever reason and they make a big deal about battery packs"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "crummy seats. cheap"
Pros: "The staff was wonderful and very friendly."
Cons: "My seat screen wasnt working, it would freeze every time I tried to change to something else."
Pros: "not much"
Cons: "were told that flight was full, many rows actually empty could not check in online"
Cons: "Most food was non-vegetarian only. Was tricky to get vegetarian food. But the flight staff have us their own vegetarian lunch. Which was way more than I expected of them, but would have preferred of the flight just had that as an option."
Pros: "First, crew and service were wonderful. Business class food was very good. BUT on the SF/Guangzhou route, both ways, business class seat 14K did not work! These are 14 and 12 hour overnight flights and seat wouldn't even recline, forget laying flat! On the outbound flight I didn't realize until we took off. The crew tried to fix it and couldn't but gave me one of the crew seats in the back of business class. Not great to be separated from my husband for most of the flight, but I could sleep and was otherwise comfortable. Returning Guangzhou to SF, had the same seat. Checked it as soon as I boarded and it didn't work, again! This time they got ground crew to fix it before take off. It worked most of the flight, but once I put it up after laying flat for 8 hours, it stopped working. Would not move from a straight upright position. Ridiculous! SO check to make sure your seats work before you take off!!"
Pros: "Other than it not crashing, Nothing."
Cons: "We had 4 flights with them due to connections. On the longest flight back to the states they wouldn't let anyone use their phone or tablets even though they did on the other flights. There was barely any movies or shows to watch. The crew weren't very polite and spoke very limited english. You couldn't understand anything they announced on the intercom system because is was so distorted. The chicken dinner was disgusting. It looked like chicken in brown jello. The omelet was watery. The rice porridge had no flavor. The bathroom ran out of toilet paper within a couple hours."
Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "The airline doesn’t have their airplanes right by the gate. The airplane was 25 minuets bus ride away!!! Every one waited in the rain for the bus to be full, then the bus drove off to some obscure locations- most of the riders are chinese, but I did hear someone said in English:”are we going to another airport?”... I was pretty close to the driver, and saw he didn’t slowdown for another vehicle coming through... sure enough, he slammed on the breaks really hard, the whole bus was full of standing passengers and everyone fell on top of each other... I hand held some artwork and of course it got smashed... finally we got to the airplane, everyone got off, hundreds of people were in the rain, rushing to get on the stairs up to the airplane gate, but there was only one gate and could only take one person at a time... it was a mad scene, with hundreds of people rushing, pushing, struggling in the rain and strong wind... it was close to midnight. I injured my foot on that day, my hands were full holding the carry on, artwork, I moved quite slowly... at the beginning I was hoping someone can help me to bring on my stuff because of my injury, but in a mad scenario like that, it looked pretty scary, the flight screw were busy trying to get people going in the gate... forget that... sigh, that was the most dramatic in the entire trip."
Pros: "Every seat on the New 777 has a TV and the fight to/from China to/fron San Francisco included two meals and a transit hotel in China. At first we expected to be stuck in the airport for hours on end but the airline goes above and beyond to help that not happen!!!"
Cons: "People in China."
Cons: "The boarding was pailful, we were toured by bus around the airport, and then has to go to a isolated island and going two floor narrow stairs by carrying luggage"
Pros: "They got me home to the States. China Southern representatives were a little more helpful and organized about directing passengers from flight coming into Wuhan to flight going out to San Francisco in the right direction and through departing immigration. It went smoothly and felt as if they were better prepared to continue "us" on our journey to San Francisco. We even got green stickers with "SFO" showing we were part of the group and a new boarding pass with the right gate number. When asking for a glass of wine, they poured what they had and came back with more. It was a newer plane with entertainment systems. Headphones were provided, if needed."
Cons: "Flight was delayed from Wuhan to San Francisco. The reason given, while sitting on the plane (after boarding), air traffic. When looking out the window, the airport taxis and runways looked desolate. If my flight from San Francisco to home (Seattle) hadn't be delayed, I possibly would have missed my last flight home. Mobile devices that can be used as a cell phone are not allowed to be on or used while on board the flight. This includes mobile phones in flight mode (China Southern explained to me that this is Chinese law), so you are forced to use their entertainment system and not be able to listen to your own music."
Pros: "Nice flight in business class. Good food, good entertainment. No complaints there."
Cons: "The long layover in Wuhan was a drag. China Southern couldn't check me through from Bangkok to San Francisco so I had to claim luggage and wait 7 hours at Wuhan Airport without access to a lounge or anything else for that matter."
Pros: "Great crew and excellent entertainment onboard."
Cons: "The flights was delayed."
Pros: "It was on time even thought there was a storm."
Cons: "Ok I really don't understand this. I'm from Guangzhou and CAN is home airport and China Southern Airline is pretty much my hometown airline. So basically CAN is their hub and they should have certain privileges at CAN. But every time I went to CAN to take a China Southern airline I had to take a shuttle to board the flight. Even for a huge flight like 787 you still have to take the shuttle to board. Can't they request a gate for big air crafts like this? And then the food is really bad. If you don't have to land in CAN, I would consider flying to HKG instead with Cathay Pacific."
Pros: "The staff were always very helpful and courteous."
Cons: "My television screen kept malfunctioning. It didn't prohibit entertainment, but it was annoying. It was a bit too cold on the flight."
Pros: "The crew was not attentive. I asked some water to take my meds n never get bank to me. I have to asked them 3x."
Cons: "I had to climb 3 sets of stair during the plane change and the flight got delayed."
Pros: "Don't really like having to take the bus ride from the terminal to the aircraft to board in Guangzhou."
Pros: "The in flight entertainment was good, great selections and helped to pass the time."
Cons: "The seats in economy are alright, but my seat wouldn't stay reclined all the way."
Cons: "It should be zero stars. We never made this flight because of excessive delays. We also had to wait more than 2 days for the next available flight. The airline tried to put us in a very dirty and dumpy hotel 35 minutes away from the airport. We paid out of our own pocket for a hotel at the airport. Worst 15 hours of airline experience I've ever had."
Pros: "My seat (first row in the compartment) was comfortable and I slept almost 6h, when I woke up, it surprised me totally that it was only 4 h left to the destination. It took only 11 h 50 min (ahead of schedule) from Guangzhou to San Francisco and it was no delay."
Cons: "Food (fish and rice) was not hot enough."
Pros: "We departed 50 minutes late but still arrived on time. Great entertainment options made the flight go by quickly (also, slept for the first half). It's not super comfortable in economy, but it's completely fine for economy and you get what you pay for. Attendants were also reasonably nice, nothing that stands out good or bad. We got the Asian vegetarian meal and it was pretty good for airplane food -- two Indian-style meals served at either end of the flight."
Cons: "Not much to complain about. I think people forget that if you're paying $700 for an economy roundtrip to a Tier 2 city in China (SFO - CKG), this is a great deal and a very decent delivery overall."
Pros: "Courteous staff and punctuality of the flight."
Cons: "Entertainment system was not working in our seat. The vegetarian food not available unless booked in advance."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "No fresh fruits were given. They should keep some apples or some other fruit for those who miss their lunch schedules"
Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the cabin crew helpful. The entertainment options were pretty varied and there were lots of options either in English or with English subtitles."
Cons: "The food was pretty bad. I was assigned a center seat even though the aisle seat next to me was vacant, so I took that one anyway. The bathroom situation was the worst part. I don't think there were enough on the plane, and other passengers were taking way too long in the bathroom. When one passenger decided economy class passengers weren't allowed to use one of the toilets, the staff did nothing. That was frustrating. :/"
Pros: "good quality airplane (787 dreamliner)"
Cons: "can't use my iPhone even in airplane mode. That makes a big difference for any flight. A stupid policy to be sure"
Pros: "The service staff were very friendly throughout the boarding and flight. The seats were fairly comfortable with a decent amount of legroom."
Cons: "The boarding area at the Wuhan airport is miserable. There was one tiny shop to buy some snacks, and nothing else. There was a completely empty Duty Free store, and no available food options - even though it was in the middle of the day. My flight departed from Gate 2, International Terminal. The entertainment options in the flight were plenty, however, the sound on my system did not work. Therefore, I was not able to use the system throughout the entire 14 hour flight."
Pros: "Got to destination pretty much on time."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable & crunched - elbow to elbow and leg to leg with neighbor passenger."
Pros: "China southern was unable to fulfill a special meal request I submitted by both phone and email. I additionally conformed at check in and was told it went through. Once on board, however, there was no record of it. I was asserted an extra veg meal at the end, aftet all other passengers were served and ate. Additionally, you are not allowed to use a phone, even in flight mode, for the entire flight."
Cons: "poor service.i had a fever and they did not provide me with a simple medication like asprin"
Pros: "Stewardesses we're extremely courteous & responsive. I was impressed with online streaming system. I was blown away by the free transfer to a layover hotel in downtown Wuhan - we were shuttled like first class. Many of were prepared to sleep at the airport for 8 hrs so this was very thoughtful!"
Cons: "Planes did not pull up to the gate - sometimes shuttle times were exceedly long. Meal quality inconsistent - meals from Wuhan to Bangkok were not appetizing at all!"
Pros: "Wide selection of movies and other entertainment."
Cons: "Leg room cramped for tall (6 ft 2 in) person on an 11 hour flight."
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "The planes are new."
Cons: "They don't allow cell phone use in airplane mode at anytime during the flight. China has a law against cellphone use on planes and they enforce it in international airspace and over other countries's airspace as well. This is a violation of passengers' rights."
Pros: "price point"
Cons: "They changed my flight hours before I was due to leave to another flight the arrived later then my connecting flight left. They offered to change the flight to one that would cause a 23 hour layover in Ghangzhou. They refused to pay for accommodation or even upgrade me for the inconvenience. The customer service representatives were rude and not helpful. I ended up having to get a refund. I flew with Korean Airlines and had a great experience. I'll never consider using them again."
Pros: "Getting off the plane!!"
Cons: "Every minute of the flight!!"
Pros: "The staff was very kind and professional"
Cons: "The Boarding process was not organized. A long bus ride, seemed excessive to board the plane Lack of instructions at departure after checking in and the departure counter they did not call by row numbers to Load the back of the plane first , everyone pushing and shoving. Very disorganized will Fly another carrier from past experience"
Cons: "Long process to board including taking a bus from one terminal to another terminal. Food was just average"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "."
Pros: "na"
Cons: "Couldn't reach airline by phone to change my flight. After several attempts and an hour on hold they disconnected. Website won't help. Air China isn't a reliable airline."
Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "Food ! Tasteless and bald.."
Pros: "Nothing. Domestic flights are better than this"
Cons: "1 meal in 8 hour flight No beverages"
Pros: "Boarding was streamlined, planes took off on time and made it to destination before time. Entertainment options were decent."
Cons: "Food isn't the best (had Hindu meal for my flights) not sure if there is a better option. There isn't much in terms of snacks, outside the set meals. Some of the crew members do struggle with communicating in English, but I always found someone to work with."
Pros: "Nice food and great crews!"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See abovr"
Pros: "This flight served my needs well. I wanted a layover in Beijing on my way to and from Bangkok, and this flight accomplished that. Nice crew, good service, good entertainment system. A very decent flight."
Pros: "Air China is a good solid performer...with modern planes and decent staff. Clean, On-time, safe. Our 748-8 had a modern entertainments system. Seats a bit tight for a 5'10 guy...but fine for my 5'1" wife."
Cons: "PEK boarding ramps really rundown at PEK. Signage for Immigration misleading. Range of local overnight hotels is more aimed at smoking business travelers from China....not some must Americans and Europeans. Transfers to and from airport can be unreliable...especially for very early or late flights. Coris hotel is a safe but expensive choice...with excellent staff and transit vans."
Pros: "The flight attendants where excellent."
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "Pleasant flight"
Cons: "Delay"
Cons: "So bad customer service"
Pros: "same as above"
Cons: "Same as above."
Pros: "I assume that everything will be alright but instead of landing in San Francisco, I am still stuck in Beijing waiting for my flight."
Cons: "Well, I could take the flight because our flight was delayed. So I need to wait at the airport until tomorrow for my next flight."
Cons: "The plane was dirty. Entertainment system at my seat was broken. Food is nearly inedible. They are still flying outdated 747s that are literally falling apart and show their age. The plane is overdue for new paint and a refurbishment or just retirement. This is the typical experience with Air China. Fly Korean Air, ANA, JAL, or China Airlines for a better experience."
Pros: "Transit time"
Cons: "Food, entertainment"
Pros: "There were personal movie screens with movies I liked."
Cons: "The food was pretty bad. The bottom seat cushion was quite hard so I couldn't sleep because I was shifting my weight every hour. We were told at the boarding gate that the flight was full when we asked about upgrades, but the economy plus section was almost empty once we were on. I don't understand the reasoning for lying about the flight being full. If you won't sell us an upgrade, just say so."
Cons: "I will never fly Air China again in my life. Absolute worst customer service. They lost my bags for 5 days and didn't do anything to try and make amends for it. The staff is extremely rude. No one speaks English except for "hello" and "goodbye". The meals are dog food. The seats are absolutely claustrophobic. Worst decision to try and save money by going through Air China. SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE. All four flights with them were consistently terrible. Stay away. It's not worth it....."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "i give 0 star"
Pros: "In flight movies."
Cons: "Long delay - forced to sit in plane at gate. Very little cabin air. Stuffy and very hot!"
Pros: "I arrived safely and had no issues with luggage. The staff were pretty good about going through the plane to offer water (especially important, since a second screening at the entrance to the plane confiscated all water, including bottles purchased passed the initial security check!)."
Cons: "That there was no worry of the water confiscation-only second security check. To not be allowed to bring any drinking fluids on an 11-hour flights poses a pretty serious risk of dehydration unless plane crew are significantly committed to ensuring passenger hydration. On the food front, my eggs were kind of dry."
Pros: "Good leg room."
Cons: "Got food poisoning"
Cons: "Extremely poor food. Totally tasteless rubbish. Not at all what we ordered : Pure veg Indian food."
Pros: "It's good to have 2 checked bag allowance"
Cons: "Food was not so good. Some of the flight attendant has attitude."
Cons: "Airline didn't make an effort to hold the connecting flight. Also tried to book passengers two to a room for the 24 hour delay. Delay did not come through on vayama/kayak systems so when I called vayama they couldn't help because they thought the flight had departed on time."
Pros: "The crew was pretty responsive."
Cons: "Not a great selection of in-flight movies."
Cons: "Terrible ticket change process"
Pros: "Beautiful and helpful staffs"
Cons: "Their English level too low"
Pros: "Flight was fine, some delays but Ok"
Cons: "Air China lost my bags, and never once helped me in retrieving my lost luggage. Got my bags back 1 hour before my return flight 10 days later. Thanks in no part to Air China, about 3 hours of long lines and frustration trying to find my lost luggage."
Pros: "Foot rest at your seat."
Cons: "They don't allow you to board with a bottled water and wont give you one on board. Therefore on a 12 hr flight if you want to sleep (who doesn't) and you would like water, you have to have a little cup without a top to be on your tray table or in the easily hit with your knee cupholder. I ended up drinking my small amount of water quickly so I wouldn't end up with an accidental spill onto my feet. Not good foresight by a major airline."
Pros: "Flight and Crew were good but entertainment wan't as they had old selections in Entertainment."
Cons: "I had booked "Hindu-vegetarian" meal (it's completely different than Chinese Veg or other Veg) and they often had Chinese Veg in the flight. If they can't offer "Hindu-Vegetarian" then they should remove this option from their list of meal."
Pros: "entertainmanet was pretty good. crew was kind and give us enough pillows and blankets."
Cons: "around middle of flight, bathroom condition became too smelly and was difficult to use."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "Without asking or choice, I got stuck at the back of the plane, which was noisy, bumpy, & somewhat smelly."
Pros: "Great Service Great Flight."
Pros: "I liked the foot rest, seat space, food, and entertainment on the flight. The flight crew was quite helpful and friendly."
Cons: "The boarding was a mess that the staffs did not enforce the boarding in a orderly manner that caused blocking in flight for seating."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and they let you get drinks when ever you wanted."
Cons: "For the price, no complaints."
Pros: "The flight was full in economy so they upgraded me to economy plus. The extra space was great and I appreciated getting the space that I could not afford otherwise. Thanks, Air China"
Pros: "The attendant tried very hard to help me fix the broken headphone jack, and when it didn't work, she gave me another seat that had a working jack and way more legroom."
Cons: "Every time the entertainment was paused for an announcement, it turned the volume WAY up, so loud that it hurt my ears and every time i had to tear the earphones off. I understand not wanting to let people mute the announcements, but minimum volume should be around 30-40%, not 70%"
Pros: "I liked that it was cheap and one of the video games would have been really fun had it worked."
Cons: "My touch screen was broken on two of the flights. I was starving because there was no Vegan food. My knees were so bruised that I couldn't walk after the flight because they were so jammed and the person in front of me kept attempting to for the seat back when there was no space. The flight attendants didn't speak enough english to communicate. My baggage was lost. The customer service at baggage claim was rude, and it was a very confusing process finding the bag."
Pros: "So much space for the legs!"
Cons: "plane was late to start boarding and there was no communication about that. After boarding we had to wait about 1 hour for the plane to depart from Beijing causing to land extra late in SFO."
Pros: "I like the small screens for tv, games, and movies."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable, bad food, and way too many interruptions about turbulence. They could have just said this once, but they would repeat the message in Mandarin and English 3 or 4 times in the span of 5 minutes. We get it. Just say, "Please stay seated" and leave it alone"
Pros: "Good choice of food, both American and Chinese."
Cons: "The crew seem to be a bit more kindly to people who speak Chinese and less so to English speakers."
Pros: "I can't really think of anything really. I guess just having my own tv screen with movies that are false advertise in the booklet."
Cons: "Boarding was all over the place, so as the crew. The food distribution was chaotic. Food was a basic typical airplane food. Nothing really special. Entertainment has different shows/movies than the ones in the book."
Pros: "staff, food, attention, cleanliness"
Cons: "crowding, no space to put incidentals during the flight, movie choices. Flying over, we went economy plus. Much more comfortable. Later found out that seats were not what we thought so took economy seats. Big difference in terms of space. (Don't think I got my money refunded either, for their booking mistake.)"
Cons: "Wouldn't let us bring liquids on the plane and didn't go around enough with water."
Pros: "Really enjoy the individual video for each seat and the footrest for this long flight."
Cons: "People opening the shade during the flight and not enforced by the crew. Food quality was horrible!! Did not like the bus ride out to the airplane."
Pros: "I didn't like any part."
Cons: "I hated how they expressed the flight was full and there's was son many available seats. They place me in the emergency exit after I expressed I didn't want to be placed there. I will not be flying air China ever again."

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