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Find cheap flights from Chengdu to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Chengdu (CTU)
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
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Low season

June Best time to beat the crowds with an average 22% drop in price.

High season

January Most popular time to fly with an average 35% increase in price.

Average price of a round-trip

$243 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal for a round-trip

$277 or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $170 or less.
  • The cheapest flight from Chengdu to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport was found 85 days before departure, on average.
  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be December, January and February. The cheapest month to fly is June.

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Top 4 airlines serving Chengdu to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Thai Airways
Overall score based on 2,361 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "I was assured of Bulk head ffom BKk to ZRH . Howrver in Manila they told to ask for Thai Reptentative. The head of Boarding crew told before the flight they would ask for a volunteer to exchange seat. They never did A German speaking Thai Disablef persons are not in Bulkhead. I am partially deaf.all the bulk head sits were given to Thai. The food were unpalatable.The worst I had.No tooth brushes no snacks in between. I will never fly this horrible airlines."

Pros: "Food ok"
Cons: "Old plane, entertainment system didn't worked half of flight, gate in BKK at end of airport (long walk)"

Pros: "Food served is nice especially the croissants"

Pros: "Just like on previous domestic flight experience, I love how Thai Airways is able to promote and provide for customer comfort and service on such short flights - something that US airlines are so incapable of providing. Not only was the A350 comfortable and spacious, the fact that they also served a meal on such a short flight is so much appreciated."

Pros: "They had good movie choices"
Cons: "The stewardesses, for the most part were rude, almost because they were lazy. I had one get pissed because I asked for oolong tea when she was offering coffee or hot tea. Well the cabin was so hot during the whole flight, I didn't want anything hot. She made it seem like she had to go out her way to get it for me. It was on her cart!!! They rarely walked around the cabin to make sure they couldn't get something for you or even take your trash. I held an empty cup during almost an entire movie. When I finally got up to toss it, I gave it to a stewardess who was standing right there by the closes curtain who acted like that it was beneath him to do so. They would rush up and down the isle and pretty much shove your meal on you. Ugh they were just rude. None of want to be there either, especially when it's so hot in the cabin and the seats were so narrow!!"

Pros: "The movie"
Cons: "Late again byt not much"

Pros: "The staff were extremely helpful boarding me even when my previous domestic flight arrived late and I was able to board and check in my luggage half hour before take off time"

Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Seat is too narrow and the recline is not ergonomically designed, i.e., uncomfortable. The entertainment portal is not user friendly. Food quality and variety seem to have declined."

Cons: "The flight was an hour late therefore I was worried I’d miss my next flight. The “kosher” meal I was given was just an apple! Hardly a meal... and the flight attendants were quite annoyed as if they were bothered. I don’t think I will fly with Thai Airways again."

Pros: "Quick loading"
Cons: "Late luggage to the carousel by over an hour"

Pros: "all"

Cons: "Customer service was great !"

Pros: "Nice Big plane"
Cons: "There was delay leaving kathamandu for no reason. I also asked coffee from the senior purser (dressed suggested that she was) and she took my mug and never came back."

Pros: "Overall flight experience is good. Wish they had more veggie options in Business class"
Cons: "Too much Thai. They switch off the entertianment 30 min before and then its all about thailand.."

Pros: "Flight staff friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Long wait at checkout in. Slow."

Pros: "شكرًا لكم كانت رحله جميله في الوقت المحدد والمعامله الطيبه التي وجدتها من بوكيت الى العاصمة بانكوك شكرًا لكم مرة ثانيه"
Cons: "كل شي كان ممتاز"

Cons: "Flight was over an hour late due to the logistical incompet nice of the Kathmandu airport. This is a chronic problem."

Cons: "Unfortunately, the flight has Chinese tour groups. They are noisy and no manner. BTW, cabin crew handle them very well."

Pros: "First class airline"
Cons: "decor inside plane looked a little dated"

Pros: "Cabin crew"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Liked their food, movies."
Cons: "I didnt like the way they were late each time, boarding gates were such a mess and they never started on time, seats were not as good as I thought they would be."

Pros: "Space and treatment like a human being."
Cons: "The plane was about 20-30 minutes late taking off. Fortunately, I still made my connecting flight."

Pros: "Food was good, stewardesses were really courteous."
Cons: "Seats were cramped. Boarding was a bit chaotic, flight boarded at 1am but they didn't dim cabin lights at all during the flight."

Pros: "Nice modern plane. Toilets kept clean by staff"
Cons: "Kosher meals very poor"

Pros: "Food was good. Seat ok and check-in done promptly."
Cons: "Crew, ground and air, could be a bit more friendly but it was acceptable. Arrival was later and baggage handling a bit slow too. Bag was well handled."

Pros: "did not use the entertainment, rested instead. Food was good. Only thing I would say -- they should not rush meals too much -- be a little more peaceful about it after they serve so we can enjoy properly. Crew are very good and polite. Seats are comfortable. Plane could be a little warmer. Always need to use a blanket. Wait too long in Bangkok - wish it were shorter."

Pros: "The flight was smooth, comfy, and relaxing. The chairs have everything you need with two pockets, USB, power outlet, and stereo headphone jacks (it looks like the old school dual mono with two prongs but just plug into the right one for stereo). The entertainment was superb with very recent films (although they were censored which sucks) and a responsive unit and nice remote."
Cons: "The only thing that was lame was the food. Absolutely terrible. You don't have many options at 40,000 ft but be prepared for sub dollar store quality. At least the booze was free."

Pros: "good service, good food"
Cons: "seats are getting older."

Pros: "Everything was fine once I was on the plane."
Cons: "Flight delayed."

Pros: "New A350 aircraft"
Cons: "The outside camera stopped working"

Pros: "Crew and aircraft was good."
Cons: "Flight was late."

Pros: "All in this airplane, company and staff was great. 10pts flight."

Pros: "Good service."

Pros: "Very nice crew. Clean seats and floor. Infotainment system is use and good to use."
Cons: "Seats were bad for the back, I had a sciatica flair up."

Cons: "Long baggage wait time"

Cons: "Phuket airport is disorganized, the lounge is crowded wifi did not work"

Pros: "Being offered menu from Business Class despite I am flying in Economy Class. However, just a minor complaint on the seat condition which is pretty hard and the front pocket is torn."

Pros: "Our trip from Delhi to Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai was easy and relaxing. Everyone was friendly, and knew what they needed to do to keep the process quick and efficient."
Cons: "Our monitor for movies didn't work, but we were just moved and were still able to sit together. No problems."

Cons: "Entertainment system was poor both technically and content wise. 80's system. Very disappointing."

Pros: "Fast boarding process and fast disembarking"
Cons: "Terrible food and very little water offered"

Pros: "Nothing specifically"
Cons: "Delay to transfer from airplane to terminal by bus"

Pros: "Very personable sevice, Willing to help And assist and proactive"
Cons: "Food is terrible even in business class"

Pros: "This is what I expect from an airline and consistently delivered by Thai. Comfortable flight and no hassles."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Very weird disembark procedure, not going through terminal, but via bus to Customs/Immigration."

Pros: "Very friendly staff, at the airport and on board. Comfortable, clean and safe planes. Good value. On time."
Cons: "The only complaint was that they served a meal on an overnight flight that was less than 4 hours... I would have rather been able to fully recline my seat and have the lights off for better sleep."

Cons: "There where no air vents on the A380 that I took"

Pros: "Friendly service from the checkin to the launch and through the crew on board."
Cons: "We had a short delay"

Cons: "Food was so so to enough movie choices"

Pros: "Flight staff very friendly and professional (as always)"
Cons: "What is going on with the lap AND shoulder belts in Business class; extremely uncomfortable and seemingly useless. Not provided in Economy so what does that say about TG's safety commitment to ALL its passengers? Donestic meal service is also going downhill; I prefer to snack in the lounge."

Pros: "The flight was short but comfortable. The flight also included lunch service that was also good. Overall, good value for money."

Pros: "Crew were great. Seating was comfortable."
Cons: "Boarding seems a bit of a crazy process."

Pros: "Reasonable price and not complicated"
Cons: "Cabin atmosphere, our seated very hot because air conditioning wasn't cold from Osaka until Hanoi even we have informed few staffs but nothing change."

Cons: "If a flight is delayed, they could inform us."

Cons: "Cabin temperature was too low, and that’s a typical problem when flying Vietnam airlines, they almost freeze you"

Pros: "Food, the entertainment selection"
Cons: "The crew"

Cons: "Cleanliness of plane interior can be improved."

Cons: "Allowing the boarding of business class passengers before economy class passengers."

Cons: "More chairs at boarding gate in Bangkok, please"

Cons: "Departing on time, boarding more organized fashion."

Pros: "Nuce crew and gentleness"
Cons: "Entertainment but we know it’s a plane restriction"

Cons: "Boarding was announced for gate 27, then 22 on th Board, then back to 27 so we ran around a bit."

Pros: "The crew was fabulous. The flight was not over booked/ loaded and therefore much more comfortable."

Pros: "Business Class flight was a smooth ride from Vietnam to Thailand."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Standard process"
Cons: "Informed gate personnel of a physical disability within our party. Instead of allowing us to board with another party utilizing the wheelchair service, they conveniently suggested that a line was also forming right before boarding the plane."

Cons: "At boarding, crew didn't allow me my preference for a front seat, and gave an excuse that it's chosen random. He booked both my seats at tge tail of the taxi whereas I requested front seat. In flight, I wasn't asked for my meal preference. They served me pork, whereas I eat a Hindu meal (No Beef and No Pork) They served the end part so late that by the time I could eat they were already descending, and they rushed me to eat. I couldn't eat it anyways except the fruits. No juice or water either was served."

Pros: "The plane was new and the food was fresh."

Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "No vegeterian meal (all options include meat); the staff spoke English poorly; no media system; pretty old airplane"

Pros: "Good service and good beverages on the flight. VN Airlines is always my preferred carrier to/from Vietnam."

Pros: "I can choose the seat"
Cons: "Boarding no advert, rush disorganized and unfair personal at the gate. In the plane no smiling, but i understand during the trip why. The staff got problem with the Vietnamese people who do not respect and listen the rules. Its really hard for them to work ."

Pros: "The guy who sat beside me was flying with a baby. The flight attendants were attentive to the needs of the baby, especially safety-wise."
Cons: "Boarding is very unorganized, and takes so much time. They could probably improve by assigning certain rows to use the front/rear door of the aircraft. For example: rows 1-15 use the front door, and 16-30 use the rear door. That way there’re not too much congestion and waiting on the aisle."

Pros: "We left late but arrived safely and close to being on time."
Cons: "Taking the bus to the plane is a nuisance."

Pros: "No delay, boarding smooth, crew excellent, leg room ok, nothing bad..."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "on time. no hassles."

Pros: "Overall, this is a short trip. Everything is ok."

Pros: "Good customer service. No baggage charge."

Cons: "Old plane. Mediocre food"

Pros: "The evening meal was far better than the mystery cold cuts and drowned slaw on the daytime flight out of Hanoi. Crew were pro -- if a little terse at times. Pilot launched and landed the aircraft successfully, always a big plus in my books."
Cons: "Seat was hard and somewhat uncomfortable. I wanted bottomless refills of white wine but the stewardesses had other ideas. Pours were on the skimpy side, too. Passengers were fiddling with their damned devices during takeoff and landing, and the crew shoulda laid down the law there."

Pros: "The crew were very welcoming."
Cons: "The flight from Ho Chi Min to Phu Quoc changed numerous times, even the day of."

Cons: "Uncomfortable airplane."

Pros: "There was a long line for the Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh flights but with multiple counters devoted to this route alone we were checking in not long after having been dropped off at the airport. We were offered seats on an earlier fight which we eagerly accepted. Knowing that this route is often cited as one of the busiest in the world it was no surprise to find ourselves on a wide-body jet, Airbus 330-200 even on this 2-hour flight. A small snack was served. The flight was uneventful."

Pros: "A glass of red wine"
Cons: "Broken seat would not recline"

Pros: "The crew was very attentive and nice"
Cons: "The seats are very close together. It's hard to get comfortable"

Pros: "service was great"
Cons: "Plane is a bit old"

Pros: "Bottled water and ample leg room pretty much sums up this short flight from Phu Quoc to SGN."
Cons: "Crew at check-in counter was not friendly or helpful. Even though our pregnancy was documented a week earlier by Vietnam Airlines, she made us go through the same process, though we showed her we had the same form already in our possession."

Pros: "The leg room is one of the best in economy class. At six feet tall, I was able to stretch my legs and not have my knees against the seat in front of us. The personal entertainment console worked perfectly with clear picture and sound, though the free headphones were uncomfortable. Boarding crew allowed us to cut in line since we had a 2 year old. Very appreciative for that, and appreciative for their sternness with those customers who were trying to slip in in front of us."
Cons: "Crew on board came across as a little unfriendly, though professional seriousness might have been mistaken as annoyance. The food was passable, but definitely not quality. Sufficient amount of beverage was served."

Pros: "Provided food for only a 3 hour flight"
Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow (still arrived on time)"

Pros: "Cabin crew are great. Vietnam based catering is always really good: excellent fruit and I enjoyed the Vietnamese beef stew."
Cons: "Equipment seems older, no entertainment system in economy class."

Pros: "Food: good recipes, shoved out hot"
Cons: "Ticketing desk chaotic with apathetic staff; no sense of first-come-first-serve; you have to be firm about people cutting in front of you and be sharp when they open or close the stations. On the plane, crew performs responsibility checklist, not a smidgeon more; no sense of hospitality or gratiousness; cattle car mentality. Blanket received not in a wrapper and smelled of another person. Plane from Singapore late. Bus transit instead of jetway. Bus late; long time standing on plane waiting to exit."

Pros: "Support at Taipei airport for missed connection flight was great. Very nice people, got us hotel. I think they were from Chine Airline"

Pros: "Staff were excellent. Plane was nice and clean. I would not hesitate to fly with then again."

Pros: "I cancelled this flight and went to Singapore instead on VietJet."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Small plane and very nice people. Short flight so no food or entertainment to judge. Just hard not to love the Cambodians."

Pros: "The flight had many open seats, the crew helped to board passengers efficiently, the food was plentiful and they even offered wine on a 3 hour flight. It was delightful."
Cons: "There weren't individual entertainment systems."

Cons: "$70USD fee for flights under 2 hours if you pay at the airport! Call their customer service and reserve a checked bag by phone a head of time!"

Cons: "One hour flight was almost 5 hours long."

Pros: "They deal very well with the handicapped. Very respectful and patient"

Pros: "Business class"

Pros: "Very professional in the way they approach the business. Everyone is well trained. The crews English is surprisingly good. As a handicapped passenger they have the whole wheelchair routine down pat. I like this airline. The food is marginal and on the 1.5 hour flight I would discontinue food service. I even like the exterior color of the aircraft."
Cons: "For a regional carrier. There is nothing to criticize"

Pros: "The flight attendants were excellent! The flight went smoothly and on time!"

Pros: "The dreamliner from JFK to China was a real pleasure the plane and crew were excellent food not really to my liking but ok,"

Pros: "Excellent sleeper seat in business class. Good food. Good service. On time departure and on time arrival."
Cons: "no suggestions"

Pros: "Pilot kept us well informed."
Cons: "Even though ground service was servicing the front of the plane, they were unable to service the rear of the aircraft for another hour. Don’t they know that every plane has a front AND a back. When we arrived at RDU, AA did not have someone available for nearly 20 min to get someone to us deplane"

Pros: "One person went out of his was to get me an emergency exit row seat. I was not able to pre-select a seat when buying my ticket. When I phoned and spike to someone, I got a vague response."
Cons: "The selection of in-flight movies was poor. My individual entertainment equipment was faulty. The crew was not helpful in fixing this. The dinner meal was heavy on the grease but snack sandwiches delicious. The cabin crew was not very attentive."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "good food ,"

Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Food was really plain. More drink selection would be better."

Pros: "Attentive crew, good breakfast in business class"
Cons: "Very warm, delay in boarding"

Pros: "Friendly staffs"
Cons: "Choice of movies"

Pros: "3 free meals."
Cons: "The flight attendants are dry and unhelpful to others not their own race."

Cons: "Flight attendants allow passengers to use their phones during the flight to play games and watch movies without headphones at very loud volume levels"

Pros: "They put us up in a hotel"
Cons: "We missed the connection due to airline delays. So the flight they're going to get us into Bangkok will happen the evening of the next day. If they can get us the ticket change."

Pros: "Excellent caring crew."
Cons: "Limited entertainment selection"

Pros: "I do get what some other reviewers are saying. The food was just fine, better than some airlines but no worse for sure. The crew was excellent and attentive, and i'm saying these things not having had the benefit of the CHEAP flight noted by the previous reviewer. I'll be flying with these guys again."
Cons: "The same gripes everyone has about airline experiences, it's cramped, x 15 hours."

Pros: "Chicken with noodles plate is great.."
Cons: "The communication is lacking.. we had a huge delay and were not told what was going on except weather issues.. twice this happened.. the second time the Chinese guy directing us at the airport was not giving everyone directions, only the Chinese nationals.. the rest of us he wouldn’t speak to.. Also not enough beverage services for a 14hr flight..2-3???"

Pros: "Crew was fine - nice enough."
Cons: "Oh my! So much body odor(!) on the airplane. It isn’t CHina Southern Air’s fault, but the plane smelled to high heaven - it was a terrible 2.5 hours. I’ll avoid this airline going forward due to the $150 luggage fees and smelly cabin."

Pros: "On Time departure, Attentive crews."
Cons: "It would be nice to see a smiley faces from all the cabin crews while providing services."

Cons: "They gave me a regular seat when I paid for extra comfort."

Cons: "My bag didn’t make it to the final destination. I was one of many people in the same situation who made the same journey originating in SF and ending in Bangkok. We had an almost 3 hour layover in Guangzhou, so I doubt that there wasn’t enough time to make the bag transfer."

Cons: "My luggage went missing. It’s very disappointing. I was ensured that my luggage would not be affected by the delay of the previous flight. This ruined my first day in Bangkok."

Pros: "Very professional and friendly staff. Prompt response to call button"
Cons: "Same as nearly every airline....;why not board from the rear. it would be so much more efficient.."

Cons: "First and Business not VIP immigration or luggage!?! Multiple crying babies with toddlers running the isles all night with no parental control or Flight attendant(s) intervention, even after being asked by multiple passengers. Woooh... movie/IFE selection drastically cut back! why? Food, worst in 7yrs. Guangzhou layover, lounge(s) not prepared, minimal pre packaged snacks no hot food, showers not working or rather not cleaned from night before would take "hours" for them to be cleaned and available. Will probably be last flight with Southern China, has dropped considerably and is no longer a "worthy" airline."

Cons: "of course they didn’t transfer our meal requests to the new flight. all the staff were grumpy."

Pros: "The entire experience was amazing!"

Pros: "The aircraft was new and very well kept. The crew was very attentive and highly professional. Will fly them again!"
Cons: "Boarding process was chaotic on all flights. The Premium passenger was supposed to be separated and was not."

Pros: "Everything went well except for my comments to the right."
Cons: "Check in in person . The lady that issues boarding passes. She never smiled and I was scared to ask her anything. She sure did not volunteer any info concerning our flight from Chengdu to LAX via CAN. Never asked if we preferred isle or window seats. I remember her and will avoid her next time."

Pros: "On time..Great!"

Pros: "Good food and very comfortable!"
Cons: "They didn't have individual TV's onr the flight."

Cons: "The flight CZ3517 was delayed by more than 2 hours."

Pros: "Crew very helpful and friendly. Offered a warmed, *fabric* refreshment "towelette" before serving the "big" meal (rather than a paper towel, not heated)."
Cons: "Plastic "tableware" (knives, forks, spoons)"

Pros: "Flight left on time. Direct flight."
Cons: "Food is horrible. Aircraft cabin smells old and dirty. Staff not very friendly"

Pros: "Everything went smooth"

Cons: "The food was very Chinese which makes sense it just wasn't to my taste."

Pros: "Good wine"
Cons: "No sparkling water, no good meet"

Pros: "on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "unappetizing meals"

Pros: "The flight arrived on time. The cabin crew was reasonably polite."
Cons: "The service was underwhelming. While it wasn't bad, it felt like a domestic flight instead of an international flight. Boarding was a free-for-all."

Pros: "The crew was very helpful and friendly."
Cons: "I monitors for television and movies stoped working on our row halfway through the 15 hour flight."

Pros: "comfortable seat in economy comfort section friendly crew"
Cons: "We left late and arrived late and waited a long time to disembark, down the stairs, and into an extremely crowded (standing room only) bus that must have driven us for 10 minutes or more before we reached the terminal. Fortunately I had one of the small number of seats on the bus but I felt very sorry for all the people who had to stand."

Pros: "I dont understand how an airline can take people on a flight for so long amd not have anything cold to drink. there was no ice for drinks and the juice was left out. all they had to drink was warm jucie and warm flat soda. Ive never been on a flight that ling that didnt offer cocktails either which I thought was total bullshit. the food was horrible but thats common. the flightwasnt the only thing wrong either. the china southern airport was 45*F inside the terminal for my 7hr layover and I froze the entire time. I will never fly with china southern again"

Pros: "Stewardesses we're extremely courteous & responsive. I was impressed with online streaming system. I was blown away by the free transfer to a layover hotel in downtown Wuhan - we were shuttled like first class. Many of were prepared to sleep at the airport for 8 hrs so this was very thoughtful!"
Cons: "Planes did not pull up to the gate - sometimes shuttle times were exceedly long. Meal quality inconsistent - meals from Wuhan to Bangkok were not appetizing at all!"

Cons: "same as above"

Cons: "This is the worst airline ever!!! The flight attendants are nothing but rude and poorly train on customers. Gave everyone else (Chinese) snacks and blankets and skip me. Chinese are fake and rude."

Pros: "From check inn to arrival baggage all well I did not Expect was little nervous when I had booked . But all was good"
Cons: "Aircraft clean and new , staff from ground and air crew all Helpful"

Pros: "Arrived on time ."
Cons: "No western food selection"

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "On Sep 14th, I paid on your websites with the confirmation of three airline tickets from Chengdu China to Los Angeles. All the information I provide for each passengers are correct. However, due to the fact that you missed up three of the passengers information, they couldn't check in yesterday. The whole fight to LA was missed. As a result, we had to pay very high price to buy new tickets for the next available fight in order to complete the trip. I'v made four phone calls with your agent, with all records made. 1) The 1st agent confirmed that the information I provided were all correct for each passengers. So she believed there was nothing wrong and did nothing to help. 2) The 2nd agent realized the information were mixed up. But it was too late to let them check in. 3) The 3rd agent confirmed that the issue were caused by your system. He said only the supervisor could deal with this matter. He gave me a number which is not valid. 4) Finally, the 4th agent said you would contact me. No response by now. Still waiting for the response. Very disappointed after all."

Cons: "Lost my luggage"

Pros: "The crew are nice. Some have difficulties in dealing with Westerners. Awful food."
Cons: "Awful food"

Pros: "Ease of change of planes"
Cons: "Long walks through airport seemed endless Shuttle bus to gates steep stairs no ramp or elevator Exiting plane. Glad it wasn't raining"

Pros: "On a ime"
Cons: "Poor food and no entertainment"

Pros: "NOTHING!"
Cons: "Horrible customer service. Will never, ever use this airline again. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"

Pros: "The plane landing in Bangkok was the best part."
Cons: "I have been living in Guangzhou for 5 years and flyng with China Southern about 10 times per year and not once have they been on time. The customer service is terrible, the food is terrible, the pilots often smoke in the cockpit."

Cons: "Because the first flight was delayed, we had to run like mad men to our connecting flight or else we wouldve missed it."

Pros: "The seating was comfortable and the boarding process was easier in Beijing than SFO."
Cons: "There was delay for my flight by 2 - 3 hours that really messed up my travel plans"

Pros: "Good crew, fast boarding, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "boarding by section to avoid rushing, crowd and people moving in/out of seats"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and spoke English. Boarding was timely."
Cons: "The food was the same on the flight to and from. Also was warm, not hot."

Pros: "The crew we're very nice"
Cons: "I had to run through Beijing airport because I had 45 minutes for connecting flight-----gate was very far from arriving gate. I am at Bangkok airport now waiting on 2 pieces of lost luggage. Food was not good."

Pros: "Same as my first flight"
Cons: "Same as my first flight, but the delay this time did not cause me to miss a connection as my travel terminated in Bangkok."

Cons: "Everything is fine."

Pros: "The plane left much earlier than scheduled. They did not wait for the rest of the passengers to board. I had to catch a flight four hours later. I spent a total of 8 hours in the VERY COLD airport."

Pros: "The crew was very nice and the aircraft was decent. The pilots very good . All landings and takeoffs were very very smooth"
Cons: "Beijing airport and the Chinese customs system but of course that is not the fault of air China"

Cons: "No entertainment despite being a 5 hour flight. Terrible food. Airline split me and my wife's seats"

Pros: "My trip started off with airplane problems from the beginning. From my flight being delayed multiple times by air china to the overly packed united to the confusion of the non updated confirmation numbers or the e-ticket number. Even on the day I left upon arriving to the airport my confirmation number they had just given me after all the prior problems still didn't work. Air china had mediocre food with okay entertainment except my headset jack on the TV was broke and I couldn't watch anything. On the last air china flight from Bejing to Bangkok. I couldn't even charge my phone, watch any entertainment and basically was just stuck with no WiFi. Justfly wouldn't compensate for the changes on their end and said I myself would have to ask the airlines for compensation which the.the airlines directed me no where for compensation or even to upgrade my seat. Now I'm finally in Thailand but I'm scared of my return."

Pros: "Free upgrade to business class"

Cons: "Food was not tasty"

Cons: "No tv on this flight. Kinda sucked but hey, first world problems. Overall it was just fine"

Pros: "Flight attendants on the flight was very friendly and even made sure I didn't get wet when there was a slight leak above my head between the plastic."
Cons: "The check in process was terrible. I had paid extra to get an exit row seat since I have a very bad knee and I struggle sitting in my seat. My boarding pass printed with a regular window seat. When I went up to the counter to make sure I did indeed have an exit row seat, the woman at the counter told me the plane size had changed and my exit row seat was no longer available. I even gave her my printed confirmation from AirAsia stating I paid extra and she continued to tell me it wasn't an option. I said that the number of the seat didn't matter, I just wanted my exit row seat that I paid for. She visibly rolled her eyes and told another attendant to accommodate me. Except she did it in a way like I was inconveniencing her. It made me feel very insignificant."

Pros: "While not horrible like delta, United, or American- China Air could definetely step up their game eapecially in regard to hospitality and comfort."
Cons: "The veggie/vegan options were inedible overcooked plain veggies and an unflavored carbohydrate - thank god we brought some food. No entertainment system and the plane was definitely a decommissioned 757 from a 1990s 757."

Pros: "Excellent breakfast"
Cons: "No soap loaded in the bathroom dispenser"

Pros: "Average"
Cons: "Flight Crew member was very rude and un professional When we ask for his name he refuses so we can mankecformal complain And we ask other members for his name they said its in chineese and difficult for us to understand"

Pros: "Great service, comfortable seats."
Cons: "The food was aweful, but it's airplain food, usually it's aweful. There wasn't an entertainment system for each seat. Instead there was a bigger screen for every I don't know how many rows."

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "The flight waited which I'm sure is a complaint by others. This is due to the very inefficient transfer process in Beijing."
Cons: "Zero entertainment. I know it's only a 4-5 hour flight but still."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All our checked bags, all of them, never made it. We are still waiting. Very cramped on totally full flight."

Cons: "they should really do something about tight connections. If your first airline is only barely late, it becomes a frantic haste from hell to get thru security again and to your next airline. Security needs to inspect every element of your carryon in spite of the fact you were already screened on your previous flight. They will dump out your entire bag to inspect all contents. Extremely easy to lose important things. They confiscate all spare batteries if they only appear to be high power range regardless of what the actual voltage is."

Pros: "Sleeping"
Cons: "Sleeping"

Pros: "Food was decent."
Cons: "Overall air China service is quite poor."

Pros: "Everything went well and plane was held. Crew was good."

Pros: "Cabin crew always helpful."
Cons: "I'm not fussy with food, but what I chose was not served."

Pros: "Overall an ok flight."
Cons: "We did not depart on time."

Cons: "See above. Also stewardesses gave free rein to travel agent passengers, everyone else was instructed "sit down" while these travel agents roamed the aisles before boarding and were not told one thing. It seemed the stewardesses were afraid of them and this was a strange unfair favoritism."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."

Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "But slow to take off"

Pros: "Comfortable window seat. Food ok. Bag check and arrival went well. On time arrival. Good value for the money."
Cons: "Only recieved 20% of the actual miles flown. That mileage program offers nothing."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing. Flights were delayed and service was beyond terrible. Warning DO NOT FLY AIR CHINA. Spend the extra 20 bucks on another airline. I promise 20 dollars is not worth missing vacation days and headaches."

Pros: "Delayed 8 hours in Beijing with no info given on departure updates. Worst flight ever."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Staff is too touchy and short spoken with you. Small drink selection. No personal movies for you to select. Just watch what they have for you on the wall that is far away. Food was terrible!"

Pros: "I didn't know technology existed to put rows that close together."

Pros: "Look forward to my return trip"

Cons: "Flight delays and poor service"

Pros: "The crew was friendly and efficient. The breakfast served was better than what I'm used to in economy on flights. Can't say I had any complaints. I would use Air China again."

Pros: "Not being able to recline was terrible for long flight. Otherwise the flight was ok. Food and beverage was mediocre."

Pros: "Cool 747-8"
Cons: "Late from CTU, almost missed the PEK-SFO flight Lost my luggage Cabin service poor"

Pros: "The flight attendants were very helpful and eager to go out of their way to treat you special."

Cons: "Flight delayed for 2 hrs , saw the pilot coming after 2 hrs , why were the customers not informed"

Pros: "I honestly didn't like anything. Starting from beginning to end."
Cons: "1. Boarding was all over the place. 2. Crew, as always, is mean. 3. Seats are too closed together. We also requested for the aisle seats and we were told that it was but it wasn't. 4. Food was inedible. 5. Negative for the entertainment because there was none."

Pros: "Crew was attentive and accommodating"
Cons: "Seating not very comfortable, average for this age of plane"

Pros: "When we were waiting in the airport between the first and second flight attempt, Air China gave us a meal"
Cons: "We flew all the way to Zhangjiajie only to turn around due to weather. We flew out again a few hours later and were then able to land."

Pros: "Quick flight no complains"

Cons: "Really poor information updates re late take-off at Beijing... one security guard stole a twenty from a kid during search during transfer security screening"

Pros: "Just to be able to catch my next flight they were in time."
Cons: "Looks like China build there new airport to make money off of travelers, to catch your flight you will either have to walk really fast, run or pay the trolley guys to get to your gate where you will have to get a bus that wilk go to your plane. This is on early morning flights and when your bording time is 2hrs or less. So make sure you get it right the first time you you may miss your connection flight."

Pros: "Happy, polite flight attendents."
Cons: "Poor air conditioning"

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