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MDW — Colombia
Feb 22 — Mar 11
1 adult
0 bags
Tue 2/22
Tue 3/1

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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Colombia is August.
  • Morning departure is around 8% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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Pros: "Crew was great and seats were totally perfect and comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing could have been better, except steak and lobster 🦞😃 Thank you very much for your ability to make customers welcome and comfortable."
Pros: "It was great, friendly staff"
Pros: "Seats were good"
Cons: "Flight was delayed on both ends"
Cons: "It was the most mediocre flight I've taken in a long time. And I still had to pay $100 for an exit row instead of a regular seat. Really? $100 for no recline, no underseat storage, and nothing more than cliff bars and goldfish crackers? Delta.... You can do way better"
Pros: "Good service amazing crew clean airplane good cleaning protocols"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Quick and painless, and so appreciate Delta’s respect for social distancing while other flagship carriers have returned to booking full flights"
Cons: "I think all was very good"
Pros: "Good entertainment options"
Cons: "Overall okay crew, but some very rude members"
Cons: "Temperature inside airplane extremely hot."
Pros: "Great crew great pilot great entertainment"
Cons: "The way we board feels very classist."
Pros: "Almost 3 hours of delayed"
Cons: "Almost"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worse experience ever, flight delayed, lost connection, many hours in phone trying to fixed and anyway lost the flight, spent so many time at the airport with the front desk so disappointed"
Cons: "More leg room and seat width. I don’t like having other passengers pressed against me."
Pros: "On time arrival is always appreciated."
Cons: "Overhead compartment jammed with someone else's carry on. We paid for "comfort seating" and I frankly didn't see any difference - if there was more room on those seats, it was small enough I couldn't SEE it."
Cons: "In the last months I have travel 3 times , this is the first with Delta. I can say it has been the best experience I had. Good entertainment, the access to texting and the variety of snacks make superior this airline."
Cons: "Great flight. On time and friendly staff."
Pros: "Sat in the Key West airport for five hours because of delays. Somehow the other airlines managed to get their people on and off the island. Although they say they can’t land in a 25 mph crosswind we were watching the weather. It mostly stayed below 20 mph for hours before departure"
Cons: "At least one hour late"
Pros: "I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 75 min because the plane wouldnt start. A differernt aircraft was needed to resume ops."
Pros: "Movies selection were good, snacks were pretty good"
Cons: "Why make someone pay for an upgraded seat that doesn’t recline? Terrible. Also delayed the flight by an hour, no explanation, and no idea if connections would be made or not. Had to run to my connection and they almost didn’t let me on. Smh"
Pros: "Liked the food, the crew were cheerful and helpful. Service was great."
Cons: "KLM staff at the AMS airport were not helpful. She insisted that our luggage weigh exactly 23kg. At 23.7, she had us go back to take things out with only 45 minutes to boarding. She was rude and unprofessional. Taking off and landing was a little rough. Entertainment on the plane was limited and a little outdated."
Pros: "Nothing cause it didn't happen"
Cons: "The fact that my flight was delayed so it didn't matter because the flught was delayed all the way til the next day."
Pros: "crew kept a great attitude throughout"
Cons: "Having to find my boarding pass to deplane"
Pros: "The crew at the airport was very courteous and helpful."
Cons: "No food; not even offered water; I asked a Delta employee about our seats and she was very unprofessional (mind you I'm traveling with kids and my boarding pass said that seats were to be assigned at the gate)."
Pros: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos, please reimburse on the credit card"
Cons: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"
Pros: "They were quick and efficient."
Cons: "Small seater aircraft was cramped"
Pros: "The flights were on time and they did two drink and snack services. Great crew!"
Pros: "Everything was great, flight attendants were awesome"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Good customer service"
Pros: "Everything was fine other then seating assignment"
Cons: "I was traveling with wife but was not able to seat with her. I was stuck in the middle of 2 of the worlds biggest plus sized people. Armrest was a constant struggle. Willing to pay more next time to avoid hassle."
Pros: "Friendly cabin crew"
Pros: "Crew was very attentive and curtious. Boarding was a bit more chaotic than usual and the gate agent made no announcement about boarding procedure, which certainly contributed to the scrum resulting. I arrived from the Skyclub several minutes prior to boarding time and was unable to find a path through to the Priority Boarding Lane. As boarding began she had to redirect at least seventy-five percent of those in front of me as they were not in First Class. Had she made one or more clear announcements about boarding procedure I rather doubt such a misunderstanding would have occurred with so many."
Cons: "For the third Delta flight in a row (all First Class) the crew did not make any effort to keep economy class cuctomers form storing bags in the First Class overhead or using the only First Class laveratory during flight. This flight I was unable to utilize the laveratory even once due to this excessive and continuous useage. Trying to do my bit to reduce our carbon footprint, yet I am sorely tempted to return to charter service when disrespect of the airlines own basic service class rules gets piled on top of TSA hassles."
Pros: "Friendliness, spirit, organization of crew."
Cons: "The obvious- no leg room, no food"
Cons: "1 hour flight delay"
Pros: "Smooth, easy, still long"
Cons: "Still long"
Pros: "Delta did a great job - you absolutely can not complain about the food/drink service as they are seemingly constantly walking through the aisles to offer more food and drinks. The coffee is kind of lousy, but I'm sure it is a tremendous challenge to serve good coffee on an airplane."
Cons: "My entertainment system was essentially broken - one of the crew members was very helpful in helping me try to fix it and then giving a voucher for what I thought was a reasonable amount."
Pros: "For a short-haul flight on a small CRJ, it was the most pleasing and comfortable flight. No delays and everyone was pleasant from ground staff to flight crew."
Pros: "The crew addressed me by name"
Cons: "Wasn't lonng eough"
Pros: "Individual screens and earbuds for sale."
Pros: "Chicken kale salad was inedible. I did not know chicken had gristle!"
Pros: "Left reasonably on time, arrived a bit early, able to find overhead storage for my roll-on, even boarding in Zone 3"
Cons: "Very tightly packed; minimal comfort for the flight."
Pros: "The crew & my seat"
Cons: "The movie offerings & the snack offerings."
Pros: "The crew was nice. It was a pretty smooth flight."
Cons: "The entertainment system didn't work. Very long flight to not have entertainment. No plugs for personal devices. It looked like an older plane."
Pros: "The flight actually took off."
Cons: "No forewarning of weather impacting flights 3 days later, allowing passengers to potentially change flights. Two hour delay became a four delay which became a five hour delay. Delta reps entirely unhelpful when I asked if anything could be done, "Atlanta is a disaster right now." I get that these things happen from time to time, but Delta is handling this very poorly. I'm actually waiting for my flight out of Atlanta and it's also been delayed, luckily only for 30 minute this time."
Pros: "They had some weather in atlanta. So they drove us out to the runway and then we sat for 45 minutes with the engines off waiting to leave. I guess it is nice that they want to keep you safe. After missing our connector - they did put us up in a hotel overnignt. However we still had to pay extra for taxi back, parking an extra day at the airport, and extra meals. Oh - and the extra trip to detroit..."
Cons: "So after waiting 45 minutes on the tarmac - we left and headed to Atlanta. There we landed and waited because they had no gate for us. Then we finally got off the pane and ran to our connector which left without us. We were told they don't hold the plane for less than ten people. So the four of us don't matter. We sat and sat waiting...and then lost another day due to travel."
Cons: "In a 6h flight, they only served drinks once. I saw the crew member once with a tray of glasses with water, but he ran out before getting to our seat and never came back. I was glad I hadn't finished a bottled water I had purchased earlier at the airport."
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get my luggage with me when I arrived to casablanca as I lived 4 hours away from the casablanca. I have to come back the next day to get my luggage. I was very mad about I noticed one of my luggage has been damaged so now I have to buy another one because I can t use it. It was disgusting."
Pros: "No drink because didn’t open de bottle. No one care about it."
Cons: "Almost 2 hours of delay"
Pros: "Flight went well. Glad it was on time. Almost missed it due to other flight not being able to land initially"
Cons: "Screen malfunctioned and kept asking for language during movie"
Pros: "The crew was good, the seats are too close to the other one which make them not very confortable."
Cons: "The seats."
Pros: "Nice sandwhich"
Cons: "Better organization with the boarding, and the waiting room at Panama was really bad."
Cons: "My bag was destroyed in my Quito to NY flight. But prior to this, my nag was delayed from Panaman to Quito. I am disaappinted"
Cons: "None entertainment system"
Pros: "The crew was amazing and all super confortable"
Cons: "All is good"
Pros: "On time!"
Cons: "Everything was ok"
Pros: "in this particular flight, nothing! I'm a Copa fan and always flight Copa while travelling within LatinAmerica but this last time was bad"
Cons: "1st of all get new planes, it is inadmissible not having individual screens on every seat. Plane was extremely cold, and there were no blankets!! and the crew did nothing to get a better temperature. Boarding was soooooo slow, OMG. Crew is totally useless, did not offer help with the sitting/luggage"
Cons: "I lost one of my suitcases!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Bad bad “ breakfast “ They promised me a boucher of $300 for the delay in Miami but I still whaiting for the response of the email more than a month"
Pros: "Customer service"
Pros: "The space between the seats"
Cons: "The food and de the movies, too old"
Cons: "Crowded and disorganized Panama gate and boarding. No tvs or entertainment. Bus shuttle in Panama and in Bogota"
Cons: "More of the same. Because of all the initial buffonery when we get to the gate for the connecting flight they us that my wife didnt have a seat and the flight was full."
Cons: "Checking in at Miami was very slow"
Cons: "No seat assignment, over booked flight, lost my baggage"
Pros: "Overall is a good experience"
Cons: "Old airplane"
Pros: "The seat had extra leg room, BUT..."
Cons: "The seat's cushion was pulled out from the backrest, making it a very uncomfortable seat & giving me Backpain. (This was the seat next to the window, not the middle seat.)"
Pros: "I wish I could give more feedback but I was unable to get to my connecting flight."
Cons: "I was unable to reach my final destination after being denied entry into Panama City, even though it was just a layover. I'm very upset as I have to reach Quito, Ecuador by March 21st to propose to my girlfriend. Any help would be greatly appreciated."
Pros: "The seats were better than the last flight"
Cons: "Improve entertainment"
Pros: "The arrival time was very convenient."
Pros: "Flight crew and service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Is almost on time"
Cons: "Servicio is bad, seats very uncomfortable and the airplanes are super old"
Pros: "the plane and the service"
Cons: "the airport don't have a good court"
Cons: "This flight was not Wingo but Copa operated by Aerorepublica but the crew and planes were Copa."
Pros: "Short flight, nice snack."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "It was nice and fast."
Cons: "Seating."
Cons: "After reporting that things were stolen...Copa deny my claimed."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My connection flight arrive extremelly far from the bogot flight gate, there was no onborad entertainment, some of the crew were rude to other passengers, poor comfort I wouldnt recommend copa to anyone"
Cons: "The crew was unfriendly"
Pros: "Comfprt"
Cons: "??"
Pros: "Excelente !10.0 un placer viajar con Copa"
Pros: "Service and on time."
Cons: "Service and being on tine."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Long delay living PTY"
Pros: "it was nice to actually get a meal. that doesnt happen in the us anymore. i was able to check a bag without a ridiculous $50 charge. the first time i had checked in years and it was very convenient. reminded me of how flying used to be before they all became buses in the sky, and for a very reasonable price. the staff were all very friendly from the gate agent to the flight attendants. also, a free drink is a lovely touch. would definitely fly this airline again."
Cons: "i had no problems honestly. my most pleasant flightin a while and i fly frequently"
Pros: "Smooth Flight great drinks and food"
Cons: "On my return flight home, they wouldn't accommodate adjusting my itinerary because I wasn't feeling well. I was willing to pay change fee for 1 layover instead of the 2 layovers on my original itinerary. They wanted to charge me $700 which was greater than my original ticket. So I flew on the original itinerary at started my travels @ 7am on Monday. Flight from Bogotá to Barranquilla w/Avianca airlines was great. In Barranquilla I had a 4 hr layover, checked in w/Copa agent and he said my bag was on plane. In Panama, there was a 1.5 hr layover so I assumed no issues getting my luggage to the correct connection. The flight from Panama was delayed by 40 mins w/no explanation. We just sat on plane. They only played one older movie, plane was old and they did 1 beverage service w/meal for a 5.5 hour flight. I finally arrived back to ORD @ 12:15 am Tuesday. I waited for my luggage in baggage claim for 35 mins. It doesn't arrive and I ask attendant, who brushes me off and says this is the claim for Copa. She disappears for 30-40 mins. I finally see her walking back into international baggage claim (over an hour has passed that I've been in baggage claim) and tell her my luggage did not arrive. She asks me for my claim ticket then proceeds to say "oh yes, I was informed your bag did not make it." I'm upset because it's 1:40am and she could have saved me an hour if she would have helped me when I first asked. I also am curious how an airline loses my bag twice."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Cabin crew based in South American countries don't speak a word of English."
Pros: "Good food"
Pros: "La atención"
Cons: "La comida"
Pros: "This is not the first time flying this itinerary. So , my review counts for many trips. The good: crew, on time, short connection time"
Cons: "Always the worst food. Sometimes, unedible. A bowl of pasta with one tablespoon of tomato sauce. Another choice was tough beef. I mean, really hard to chew beef."
Pros: "Clean, well run airline"
Pros: "So much turbulence! Plus the flight attendant wasn't very friendly."
Cons: "no vegetarian options"
Cons: "The flight attendant was rude."
Pros: "Flight on time."
Cons: "No blankets available, ac extremely cold. Even people with leather jackets and pants were shivering and covering up with what they could find."
Pros: "Again, went very smoothly."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "No priority boarding for check in, Albright places were available I was put in almost the last row for my 3 flights that included short connections."

Ease of boarding Would benefit from more bilingual crew members

Nos cambiaron el vuelo unas horas antes, salíamos a las 6 de la tarde y lo adelantaron 10 horas !! Éramos 7 pasajeros y solo le avisaron a uno, de milagro nos enteramos, pero eso fue a las 11 de la noche del día anterior, fue muy complicado llegar al vuelo. Para rematar, antes de abordar del mostrador nos anunciaron que pasáramos al baño del aeropuerto por que los baños del avión no servían, lo cual era mentira por que durante el vuelo si se usaron, no se cual fue el motivo de ese comentario. No vuelvo a volar con Volaris nunca más, lo evitaré a menos que sea la única opción.

Pros: "Everything inside this airline is wrong!"
Cons: "They are canceling flights all the times Check in is a nightmare Worst customer service ever No one knows anything and they are avoiding you or ignoring you all the time"
Cons: "Comfort of seats and when checking in being checked in with your party not scattered around."
Cons: "It was a little too warm"
Cons: "Have electric outlets, seats too tight, have beverage service"
Pros: "The seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Better training with the crew"
Cons: "No more delayed because i flight every month and volaris delay"
Pros: "The passengers sitting by me were very helpful. They put my carryon on the overhead rack for departure and arrival. The handicapped attendant was excellent when I arrived in Cancun and stayed with me until my transfer was found."
Cons: "I have traveled several times annually with Volaris for at last 13 years and this is the first time the service was so bad, virtually no service was offered at any time. Everything seemed disorganized. No food was offered or even a glass of water. I am 86 years old and travel handicapped all over the world with excellent service. I was shocked that I as dumped in a seat at the Volaris gate from the wheel chair by the attendant; and, who never returned to help me board the plane. I made the mistake of tipping him well. No ramp was available and I had to beg for help with my carryon as I have to hold on with both hands to go up the stairs. Cancun’s attendant for handicapped was much better and truly helped me and stayed with me until my transfer was found. Tijuana’s airport service was horrible."
Pros: "The trip was for my mom , she couldn’t aboard the plane because the need a confirmation number not just with her name ,she lost the flight"
Pros: "the price"
Cons: "Volaris's system apparently was malfunctioning that prevented anyone from checking in online or through any app which caused stress the day before travel. Even worse, they couldnt even check in at the gate and had to fill out forms by hand, which caused a 2 hours delay!"
Pros: "nothing"
Pros: "I love Mexico the people the food"
Cons: "Everything. The plane was disgusting, garbage from the last flight. We were delayed too."
Pros: "Seat was comfortable, plane was quiet!"
Cons: "Terrible boarding process, with buses from the terminal to the flight ..."
Pros: "The arriving time was the only good thing"
Cons: "Better food option, the seats are really small, checking documentation and boarding pass several times is ridiculous, charging 10.00 dollars for boarding pass and having to pay for a seat is a slap in the face"
Pros: "The flight was in time"
Pros: "Nothing. This is like the 3rd time I fly with this airline and it’s always something."
Cons: "Not having us sitting for 40 minutes because they arrived early and we couldn’t get out. If they get there early it should be something good for everyone but it’s actually the worst."
Pros: "Efficient boarding"
Cons: "More comfortable seats"
Cons: "It was an overnight flight so I would have appreciated if the crew members refrain from super loud conversations right next to my seat (I was obviously trying to sleep as everyone else on the flight."
Cons: "Give the drinks at least for free"
Pros: "The seat was awful! No cushion at all. Very old like you are sitting on a piece of hard wood for 3 hours. Causes unnecessary back pain. No leg room or arm room. Won’t travel Volaris again."
Cons: "Seating"
Cons: "This schedule is not for me , is too late and is not even direct , I almost miss my connection to Mexico City ."
Pros: "Nothing Volaris made us miss our flight and they charged us to be on the next flight tomorrow."
Cons: "Everything could be better."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Baggage limits"
Pros: "New plane"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Pros: "Nothing to like. Crew was unprofessional, rude, and no comfort in the flight."
Cons: "Everything could be better. At least offer compliments coffee/sodas instead of charging for every little thing."
Cons: "You need more service options . Your flight was cancelled last minute. You could have informed us early."
Pros: "On time, clean and fairly new aircraft"
Cons: "Entertainment, food choices on board, boarding staff"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Had to pay extra for a suitcase that was a couple of pounds above the 10 Kgs, and a small tube where I bring my fishing pole (paid as much as a large suitcasewhen it only weighted 1.2 lbs). In the previous flight they also charged us for printing the boarding passes (we we unable to do it online),"
Cons: "This flight was cancelled. They sent me an email asking me to call a phone number to get re-booked, but the number was unavailable for the two hours after the email was sent, and then when I finally got through later in the evening, I waited on hold for an hour, nobody picked up, and I eventually needed to move on with my life."
Cons: "The thing that I don't like is that you guys don't offer good food just snacks, and seriously that is no enough for the prise that the costumers pay for. This is just a comment, I hope you guys do something about it."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "All the mosquitos that entered the plane upon boarding."
Pros: "I liked nothing, literally nothing."
Cons: "Between almost making us miss the flight because they couldn’t identify or scan the boarding passes THEY printed out (which were just little stickers on the back of our passports with no information), the flight was over 45 mins late! Additionally, the pilot said it was flight 911 to Los Angeles and then laughed and corrected himself to flight 900 - are you serious? Not a joke."
Pros: "The price for flight"
Cons: "Once your there you ticket doesn’t say if your luggage was included, so I had to pay upfront there and on the way back which costed more for luggage. And they also charge extra because I didn’t have a boarding pass . Only the info that was sent to me on the phone. I wasn’t able to download any boarding pass through the website. Wasent to happy with that part. The flight was ok it was fast, but very small seating leg room"
Cons: "I had to pay an extra $ 26.00 for my only carrying on bag. Which states on my purchase One bag free."
Pros: "The Valaris staff were most helpful and courteous. The flight crew was professional and the airplane appeared be just fine."
Cons: "The lack of a check-in machine and the long lines at the check-in counter were annoying. Also the legroom in the plane was minimal."
Cons: "Only snack options during my flight, was hoping to buy a meal."
Cons: "It was very delayed and they gave very inaqurate information about it"
Cons: "People were rude and inconsiderate of our age and ability to move on our own. Being threaten to tip or our tickets would be cancelled is bullshit!"
Pros: "Puntuales."
Cons: "El procedimiento de abordaje es un relajo."
Pros: "I only liked the price, the rest was awful"
Cons: "The system to check your baggage in wasn’t working and they had us standing in line for 40 min and when it finally started working, they couldn’t cope with so many (angry) customers."
Pros: "Left on time and arrived early."
Cons: "Was not offered water or snacks. Good thing i brought my own."
Cons: "They checked us in, at the 2:00am boarding time they told us there was something wrong with the plane and they had fix it. Finally, at 6:00am they canceled the flight. We won’t be booking volaris again."
Cons: "The bad is the rules on the baggage"
Cons: "Volaris is now weighting handcarry bags at the gate and charging if it is more than 10 Kilograms. Mine was ok. But a new rule enforced when boarding. Several passenger had to stop, weight and pay. Another bad thing on Volaris."
Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "The baggage never arrived and the customer service is beyond terrible"
Cons: "Nos mandaron a una terminal alterna, tuvimos que llegar a ella en un autobús, complicado el movimiento con niños."
Pros: "Checkin, app and crew"
Cons: "Seats are just terrible!!! So uncomfortable. No food and no entertainment are offered"
Pros: "Crew rude"
Cons: "Bad service"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Your policy for missing a flight!"
Pros: "Crew was pretty helpful and courteous."
Cons: "A problem with the plane was found after we'd boarded and the bags had been loaded onto it. We had to get off, change terminal and gate and then board the new plane, which was quite cumbersome. Still better than to have a problem after take-off."
Pros: "The crew were the highlight of the trip."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines required a return-flight from Colombia prior to allowing me to board, even though I will not be returning for many months (or perhaps even years). I purchased a return flight just so I could board the plane and not lose my flight. Upon arrival to Colombia, (review reached word-limit)"
Pros: "Flight was ontime"
Cons: "Inflight enterteaintment"
Pros: "Nothing. We didn’t make the connecting flight."
Cons: "There could have been communication between flights. Had Spirit cleared a gate for our plane in a timely manner and contacted the connecting plane to wait 5 mins we could’ve gotten onboard. Absolute catastrophe. Will be leaving terrible reviews for customer service too."
Pros: "The flight was good"
Cons: "The checkin process was a mess, no body knew where to go. The machines were failing. Lines crossed each other. Just a mess"
Pros: "The personnel were polite and helpful. Plane was clean, basic but OKo."
Cons: "Baggage charges: $280 for 2 checked and one carry-on round trip."
Pros: "Boarded flight quickly, flight left on time, flight was comfortable, landed very smoothly."
Cons: "There was nothing i didn't like about the flight."
Pros: "New planes. Friendly staff"
Cons: "Seats did not recline. Seats were very hard. Baggage fees were just so high. 45$ for a carry on."
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "No legg room"
Pros: "The flight was two hours delayed."
Pros: "It was a really cheap flight. The crew was great!"
Cons: "The seats, they are super uncomfortable!"
Pros: "Was on time and trip was smooth."
Cons: "For some reason my TSA pre-check didn't show on the boarding pass"
Pros: "On time!"
Pros: "Great boarding process. This team was very nice. Plane was clean and there was no confusion anywhere. Small emergency on the plane during flight with passenger and the crew was professional and quick to help."
Cons: "It is ridiculous to charge for carry on bags. Especially such a high fee."
Pros: "The flight attendants were funny"
Cons: "The lack of preparation and service to costumers."
Pros: "The crew was friendly, nice and also funny. Loved that they did trivia during the flight."
Pros: "Price was Excellent"
Cons: "The seat was crowded and it felt like sitting on a bench"
Pros: "It was cancelled"
Cons: "It was cancelled"
Pros: "The price was unbeatable. One of the flight attendants was very comedic in her intercom speeches."
Cons: "At the airport check in, over 100 of us stood in line to drop off bags for TWO HOURS with no Spirit staff in sight. When the staff did arrive, they were slow about helping us, laughed and joked with each other ignoring us, and not even apologetic. Once they began taking bags, they weren't friendly or even very attentive. The flight attendants paid little attention to the customers...stayed all up front eating, talking to each other, or on their electronic devices. The seats are very cramped, uncomfortable, and had no pocket or way to recline (unless you paid extra). There was no complimentary snack/beverage options...not even water...and this was for a 3 hour flight. The overall staff was not friendly or inclined to be helpful."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "The crew was inconsiderate and rude. They were carrying on loudly and woke me up and when I asked them to be quiet - I and another passenger were sleeping - they said too bad, they could talk if they wanted to."
Pros: "Flight crew was very helpful, kept schedules for connecting flight,"
Pros: "Good service and on time."
Pros: "Took off on time"
Cons: "Carry on cost was expensive."
Pros: "Counter agent was not helpful not customer service oriented, on the contrary it seems that she hated being there"
Cons: "Ask for suggestion on how they manage thecarry on and she gave no assistance"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "They delayed my flight twice and gave me no notification. Then they canceled my flight for 2 days. Very unreasonable. AND ONCE AGAIN THERE WAS NO NOTIFICATION!!"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly at a very reasonable $200 less than others"
Cons: "The seat cannot decline. Lol i'm glad that they have direct flight."
Pros: "I loved the entertaining co-pilot. He was hilarious!"
Cons: "It's not anyones fault....I had a larger gentleman next to me and it was hard to get comfortable with the pinched nerve in my neck. I can't really rate the food, didn't purchase anything."
Pros: "Departure time was convenient, price fit my budget"
Pros: "Flight attendants were helpful."
Cons: "Terribly small seat. Random seat unless you pay. Must pay in advance for bags or ridiculously expensive at airport. It's a trap for those unfamiliar. You pay to print boarding pass. Never again for me."
Cons: "check-in bad experience. Ability for check-I spirit employees to help was terrible. We blame spirit not employee"
Cons: "Baggage claim deplorable.waited 50 minutes"
Pros: "Muy malo"
Pros: "Great first experience. Travels went off with any problems or unexpected snafu's."
Cons: "My checked bag arrived with a hole in the side 40 hours after my direct flight. All they offered was $75 in vouchers for spirit (checking my bag cost $90). Nightmare getting customer service on phone. After an hour of talking to them on the phone, they offered no solution or help. Miserable experience."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "customer service"
Cons: "Seats dont recline!"
Pros: "Both flights, Denver - San Diego and San Diego - Denver left and arrived ON TIME! Very happy"
Cons: "For a 98$ flight including insurance I guess the only thing I can complain about is the 50$ checked bag fee. But still was a decent deal."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats. Annoying mileage credit card marketing. Overall lousy experience."
Pros: "That you took me from place A to B"
Cons: "You charge for carry ons like they are regular luggage. Even for water! I don't know if I choose it again"
Cons: "Extra commentary from the flight attendant. I was there to fly home. Not to listen to the flight attendant practice his stand up act."
Pros: "The tickets where cheap"
Cons: "The attendants where rude and unprofessional. The gate desk staff was rude and unprofessional. I will never fly this airline again"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Their website is broken. I wanted to precheck my bag online, but the freaking website is broken. It took me half an hour with multiple browsers to get it to work. That saved me $50 thank god."
Pros: "Already running late from laguardiA, which is common. Then we miss our connection, employees from spirit telling us plane has left when we can see it there. Sundelly doors open we get in then entire plane is evacuated with two excuses, one was AC not working then capitan says there is an engine issue. We all get off the plane, then they tell us that the next plane is smaller and we are all selected by sequence numbers. We all felt like the hunger games. My boyfriend and I only got in because we checked in early at laguardiA. Finally when we get into smaller plane, which is first come first serve, no Sits assigned... Flight attend announces that we need to write down our new seats on ticket and get off the plane again because someone complained that plane was too hot. Now everyone is screaming and shouting that temperature is fine, please get us there, but it's all in vane. Off the plane again, I asked spirit attendant if we would get any complimentary food or water after hours in the plane and he pointed to the store. They couldn't even give us water after flying all day. Finally when we get to the last plane, we arrive in San Jose at 6:45 pm, and by the time we get our car there is zero light outside. My boyfriend and I were exhausted, hungry, angry, and lost in the rain forest because the only places serves food until 9pm. Extremely upsetting and disappointing, never again."
Cons: "How can you charge for water? Why don't you tell people the truth instead of playing games. Flight attendants were extremely rude to people next to me and I took it personal. What happen to lovely flight attendants, not ghetto people screaming a people for trying to use the toilet when plane is taxing for an hour"
Cons: "Baggage restrictions are ridiculous. Especially that your checked bag can't be more than 50 lbs, and that before I booked a spirit flight I called to make sure that my checked baggage would be free of charge, as I am a military spouse. I was told it would be, but then during online check in I was told that it was not. I would not have booked with spirit if I had known this in advance."
Pros: "It was cheap. On time."
Cons: "They broke my luggage. Made me pay for my backpack which wasnt a suitcase and dont even offer a bevrage complimentary. There was no kind of entertainment to rate. Nor food to rate."
Pros: "Love the low cost"
Cons: "wish I could use the TSA pre-screen and get one free carry-on"
Pros: "I liked that I knew this would be my first and last time traveling with Spirit. I was fooled the first time and know now that it's over."
Cons: "I was lied to about coat for checking bags and carry on luggage. The customer service representative quoted me the wrong price, once I got to the airport the prices had increased. I told the rep about it, he didn't offer to correct the discrepancy. They decided to continue the journey through poor weather conditions. I'd rather wait on land for conditions to clear up, then hang out in the air until conditions improve. It was a mess. Over priced "snacks" you can't call it food. No entertainment, freezing on the airbus."
Pros: "Crew was real nuce"
Cons: "Close quarters. Seats have no room."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

Airlines flying from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Chicago Midway Airport to Colombia

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