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Aerolineas ArgentinasOverall score based on 2370 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Short flight with no service."
Cons: "N/A"
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Pros: "Short flight with no service."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Flight was on time; I had low expectations for that and was positively surprised! The Crew was polite and friendly."
Cons: "Coffee was not good at all."
Pros: "Took us to Iguazu Falls! Best in the world! Amazing."
Cons: "It’s just a commuter flight..."
Cons: "Deplaning"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed due to a pilot’s meeting. Check in time overall took 1 hour"
Cons: "I was charged us$29 for a checked in luggage (within weight limit) because I used kiwi.com . I don't think it's acceptable."
Pros: "Entertainment, crew and food"
Cons: "All ok"
Pros: "The crew excellent the seats too close to each other but comfortable The flight to Rosario excellent, crew and seats"
Cons: "A little more leg room"
Pros: "DELAYED 3 hours"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Luggage fees are exorbitantly high. No notice of baggage fees when we purchased tickets, and made to check luggage then sent to another counter to find out that 3 bags cost $160 (USD). terrible!!!"
Pros: "It was a short flight with no real problems. After bad weather, everyone was doing what they could to make the flight comfortable."
Cons: "We were delayed because of weather. The boarding process was very confusing and there were very few updates."
Pros: "The check-in was easy, no charges for baggage and everything was on time. The crew was friendly and the flight was comfortable"
Cons: "It was a good flight and I appreciated the efforts of the airline."
Pros: "On time arrival. Efficient from checking to baggage reclaim."
Pros: "seats are comfortable"
Cons: "not many options to watch for 9 hours flight for frequent flyer"
Pros: "The flight was o.k"
Cons: "A delay of 50 minutes was sent to me a week ago. Then another 50 minutes delay was due to weather conditions."
Cons: "Flight was booked through United and had 4 stops. The second two were handled by aerolineas. There was a 48 hour strike in affect when I landed in Buenos Aires. My connection was canceled but I was not notified by anyone. I got stranded in Buenos Aires for 2 days. Not a fun way to start my trip."
Pros: "Food was ok, plane was quiet and dark so could sleep, movies choice was good."
Cons: "Plane was delayed 1 1/2 hours. Seating is tight, especially if person in front of you reclines his seat."
Pros: "It got us to where we were going so we could have an awesome vacation."
Cons: "Don't forget to pick up your baggage in Buenos Aires and recheck it to your final destination if this is where you go through customs. We didn't and almost didn't have our cold weather gear for our Antarctic Cruise. Also, we had to leave the international terminal and walk a pretty long distance to the terminal for Ushuaia which was originally difficult to figure out as there wasn't a lot of signage"
Cons: "I didn't get to fly aerolinas Argentina I was shunted to a different airline"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "On time, efficient boarding, entertainment console."
Pros: "Good Service."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable sits, too small for normal people."
Pros: "Airline had us line up for pre-departure and then we waited 40 min. standing for plane to be cleaned. Otherwise uneventful."
Pros: "Not crowded. Seat pitch."
Cons: "No snacks or entertainment."
Pros: "on time departure and arrival. excellent service"
Cons: "No information about the due of check in. I missed the flight."
Pros: "Checkin, boarding and short flight all excellent as was service staff"
Pros: "Easy boarding. Made up time in the air for delay on runway."
Cons: "They need to stop serving ham and cheese on these flights. There are people that do not eat ham for religious reasons. Either have a vegetarian option or serve only vegetarian."
Pros: "Easy check in and clear directions for boarding, on time...and no problems with the flight."
Cons: "I needed to check my carry on bag because it was over 8 kg."
Pros: "Direct from BA to NYC"
Cons: "Very cramped seats. Limited entertainment selection."
Cons: "Change boarding gate three times, and delay"
Pros: "Good service and food flight on time"
Cons: "The tiny seat and no much inclination"
Pros: "Boarding was ok."
Cons: "Return flight from Trelew was cancelled. Luckily they were able to get me the last seat on another flight but going to another airport in Buenos Aires. I had to get a cab to go to the international airport to catch my flight. It was a harrowing experience."
Cons: "No food, only soft drinks. No entertainment No wifi"
Pros: "No lines, fast service, clean plane."
Cons: "45 minutes on plane before departure"
Pros: "All my avianca flights on this trip have been delayed. The last one was delayed several hours. There was no air conduction on the flight we were stuck on the track for over an hours."
Cons: "Lost in track, delayed, crew was dismissive."
Pros: "There was NOTHING to like."
Cons: "Long story short: I tried to check in the night before my flight and was told to check-in locally at the airport. I reached the airport 1hr and 45 min before my flight only to be told that while there was a reservation, no funds were transferred to the airline. As such, i would have to purchase another ticket. I tried to reach FlightNetwork USA (associated with the purchase) and their representatives were incompetent to say the least. I missed the flight. I was able to reach an agreement for a refund ONLY after the company pressured me to not notify my bank nor to file a claim as the only way to collect the funds they had taken from me. I will NEVER book through your company if you continue using FLIGHTNEWTWORK, which is a highly organized scam. Best, Sabienne"
Pros: "The flight itself was fine. However, it left at a much later time than scheduled and at a different airport in the city."
Cons: "Aerolineas Argentinas cancelled my morning fight the night before without explanation. There was very little information, and I was unable to call a representative because it was off-hours when I got my cancellation notice. When I arrived at the airport, they changed my flight to a much later time departing at a different airport in the city (although they did provide a free shuttle). If I have a choice in the future, I would avoid Aerolineas Argentinas."
Pros: "It never happened, so nothing."
Cons: "Being informed of flight cancellation 12 hours before flight and being offered a flight 15 hours later. Wasted day hanging around Ushuaia."
Pros: "The airplane was a newer one that was very comfortable."
Cons: "Aerolineas staff was very rude during airline strike"
Pros: "Boarding in BA was not organized, employees floating around without clear directions. I was an economy class passenger, so food and whatever else was appropriate. Landing was on time but a lot of precious time was lost before I could get out of plane making my connection really tight. Overall I was OK."
Pros: "Convinient domestic flights in and out of Aeroparque right downtown Buenos Aires. Planes were newer and more comfortable than expected."
Pros: "The cookies were great"
Pros: "They honored my SkyPriority status from Delta and that made everything smooth. New 737, newer than what Delta flies. Hope i'"" be as pleased on the return trip."
Pros: "Snacks"
Cons: "Window seat with no window Was delayed"
Pros: "mothing"
Cons: "Seats so close, I couldn't sit straight, knees against the sit in front of me. Had to sit almost sideways with knees sticking out into the aisle. I'm 6'1""
Pros: "I liked the size of the plane. It made boarding quick and easy and there was lots of space for carry-on luggage. I also liked the amount of space I had for my feet. I was surprised we got a little snack and I thought the crackers, chocolate cookie, and lemon cookie were great."
Cons: "I wish I had had a pillow to sleep with. There was also some extremely rough turbulence when leaving Buenos Aires heading south and it made me really nervous, and I normally never get nervous on flights."
Pros: "1. Very little line at check-in and boarding. 2. Airport security screening in Buenos Aires was relatively quick and painless. 3. Got a window seat. 4. Slept reasonably well for an airline seat."
Cons: "Food was average airline food."
Cons: "I left my computer Mac on the seat, I was one of the last to leave and they said that they didn't find it. They found it for sure and they stole it."
Pros: "Very efficiant crew"
Cons: "One of my bags got torn during transportation"
Cons: "Went to check in baggage and had my paid receipt and Aeromexico insisted luggage wasn’t paid for and we had to double pay at the airport so we didn’t miss our flight! RIDICULOUS! Wake up Aeromexico and KIWI booking!!!"
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "No delays. Had delays on both flights."
Pros: "The services and the comfort"
Cons: "Everything its good"
Cons: "Attendants were rude or looked at me like I was inconviniencing them. Not good service at all."
Pros: "Very friendly crew, plenty of drinks. Easy and organized boarding process"
Cons: "Free WiFi would be nice"
Pros: "The good customer service provided"
Cons: "The plane took off 30 minutes later than expected"
Cons: "I missed my connection because my flight was delayed 3 hrs, no one told me not no pick my suitcase because it was going straight to my final destination, there is not good communication and I had to stayed 9 extra hours in the airport."
Pros: "They provde fod and dinks"
Cons: "Baggage fees"
Pros: "I missed my connection flight. I couldn’t get my situation fixed and got stranded in Mexico City because of the most horrendous service I have experienced in my entire life."
Cons: "The organization for boarding. Communication and costumer service. I am really disappointed on this airline"
Cons: "I am assuming because it was a Delta airplane we didn’t have the option to watch movies. The Aeromexico planes always have monitors to watch them. I missed that on this flight."
Pros: "I liked how staright-forward the whole process was. No different if I was flying anywhere else. I didn't feel like I didn't know what was going on because I didn't speak Spanish."
Cons: "My personal hand bag was taking away from me. I couldn’t carry with me and it was open and stolen my new pair of Jordan shoes Thanks"
Pros: "Evrething"
Cons: "All"
Pros: "The. Flight was on time,I checked in online and that saved me alot of time at the airport."
Pros: "Great prices!"
Pros: "Amazing service, clean plane, complimentary food and drink included is a great perk. Too bad other airlines don't treat you this well! My first choice for all future flights to Mexico. Gracias AeroMexico."
Cons: "Ran out of fuel and had to make atop at St. Louis for about 1-1/2 hrs So got delayed needed to get to Chicago at 11 and ended up at 1:30"
Pros: "Everything was nice"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, good service."
Cons: "Entertainment system didnt work on the way to Mexico."
Pros: "Keep some muslim food"
Cons: "Must know that muslim people never eat any kind of pork meat. I was really hungray during the flight"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Charge for baggage"
Pros: "From checking in and the flight attendants are extremely friendly."
Cons: "That we are going for such a small time!!"
Pros: "Nothing I got charged for canceling my flight!!"
Cons: "I paid 242 dollars for my ticket and they charged my card 150 for canceling it!!! Will definitely not fly this airline ever again!"
Cons: "THE FOOd"
Pros: "free meal and free alcoholic beverage!"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "2 1/2 hour wait in line to check in. then had to rush to gate to make it 10 minutes before take off. Charged us $50 for I am not sure what. Only had 2 carry on bags Had reserved earlier seats but was not honored. Sat in last row on plane next to bathrooms. I will never take this f....n airlines again. Rather pay more or be inconvenienced than deal with this incompetent, greedy so called airlines."
Cons: "1) we lined up to board on time, and then were told one crew member was late- 2 hour delay. 2) because several dozen aeromexica employees were on the flight and boarded first with tons of carry on luggage, all passenger carryons had to be checked, 3) upon arrival at ord at 1am, over 2 hour wait for luggage, with no explanation by staff"
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "Was upgraded to 1st class, which made all the difference with respect to comfort, food, and service. All were top-notch."
Cons: "The poor profesionalism not having flys on timeline"
Pros: "Brand new plane. Lots of extra leg room coming from a guy of 6 ft."
Pros: "Staff on board was friendly and professional"
Cons: "Check in counter was closed more than an hour before flight even though electronic tickets weren't working!"
Pros: "The arraivile bean early than than a espect at :"
Cons: "Food :;("
Pros: "The smooth ride and the crew"
Cons: "Waiting for the luggage for so long even though I was flying class premier"
Pros: "That it took me to my destination"
Cons: "Aeromexico was mediocre with nothing I’d remember about. Food was pretty bad, service kind of rude. The planes were crammed and old. Entertaining also very outdated. The 5 hour layover in Mexico City added unnecessary stress to an already long trip from chicago to Buenos Aires."
Pros: "Punctuality fir boarding, service of crew"
Cons: "The over charge of the 2nd baggage"
Pros: "Flight was smooth"
Cons: "When I first bought the ticket two months ago they rescheduled my departure time. Then two days before my departure they rescheduled my departure time again then when I get to the airport the departure time went 3 hours behind."
Pros: "the worse airline"
Pros: "The flight was not packed and they serves lunch."
Pros: "Nothing it was a very bad experience"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Service is really good"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Checking in was fast and easy"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time, courteous service, great movie selection in English and Spanish! Actually served a warm breakfast!"
Cons: "No other open cafes at gate in OHare."
Cons: "Re scheduled 3 different times and flight still arrived 1 hour late."
Pros: "Good!"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "That we got delayed because of weather but that isn't anyone's fault"
Cons: "The flight details by the Captain. Came on at the end of the flight"
Pros: "Delayed for over an hour and a half"
Pros: "Late and made a 1 hour layover to a 10 hour layover."
Pros: "Flight staff excellent"
Cons: "Seating sucked"

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