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Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. The flight got in slightly early. Baggage was swiftly delivered after our arrival."
Cons: "Very little legroom. I would have appreciated a small lunch item, beyond a tiny bag of almonds or two small cookies. But this is where we are these days with air travel."
Pros: "Easy boarding. Good entertainment. Didn’t bother me too much."
Cons: "Better good. More comfortable seats"
Pros: "Fast/ efficient"
Cons: "The little plane is always brutal. I'm not a small guy and sat next to an offensive lineman. It was tight for sure!"
Pros: "Comfort, efficiency and entertainment were great."
Cons: "Crew was a little sassy and sour. Maybe one gal was in a happy mood."
Pros: "The gate agents and flight crew were very accommodating."
Cons: "I was extremely annoyed that TSA Pre-Check was unavailable at Terminal 2 at 8:15am. This is unacceptable and not the TSA's fault. I fault the airline for this oversight. Delta needs to communicate better to the passengers if there is a possibility of this service being unavailable at an airport."
Cons: "Too cold"
Pros: "Helpful crew. Arrived early."
Cons: "Plane was cold. Entertainment system didn't navigate very easily and choices seemed fairly limited on this (older?) plane."
Pros: "The flight was 90 minutes late"
Cons: "On time performance"
Pros: "Very helpful flight crew."
Cons: "A little unexpectedly bumpy."
Pros: "Nice comfort plus seat. Nice host staff"
Cons: "Timeliness"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Friendly crew."
Cons: "A bit bumpy"
Pros: "Having the whole center three seats to myself. The food and beverages were really good as well."
Cons: "Both flights were significantly late to depart. Also the WiFi on the transatlantic flight was out."
Cons: "Even the baggage was quick (highly unusual for Columbus, Ohio)! Everything went smoothly."
Cons: "It was too cold on the feet during the night. The blanket was not enough. The food lacked good vegetables. The asparagus was too tough. If you wanted to avoid sugar, you could not eat breakfast."
Pros: "Although the weather was sketchy and the flight was delayed about 2 hours, the actual flight was much smoother than forecasted."
Cons: "First time I've experienced a boarding procedure that seemed disorganized."
Pros: "Departed on time. Very courteous crew."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "It is good to be able to go straight to Paris without connecting."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow."
Pros: "Immagration was fast and organized didn't take long to move through customs. Quick and smooth"
Cons: "It was a late flight and didn't see the flight crew much at all"
Pros: "The crew was awesome and helped out tremendously when anything was needed!"
Pros: "The pilot was extremely informative The stewardesses were helpful It was a delayed flight and they made it relax"
Cons: "Bad weather at LGA"
Pros: "Excellent crew, snacks and coffee, comfortable economy seats. Plane landed 15 min early. Bags beat me to the carousel."
Pros: "Generally, Delta is cleaner, their terminals are much nicer, and the experience is better than one with American and United. I wish they had more direct flights to my normal destinations--I'd fly with them more!"
Cons: "Someone unloaded a lot of crumbs on my tray table and they all got smooshed on the back of the seat between the tray table and chair. It was pretty nasty. (The tray table was clean, the back of the seat wasn't. Please be nasty.)"
Pros: "Upgrade to ComfortPlus. Movie."
Pros: "Gate Agent was extremely helpful and compassionate regarding making sure our family (traveling with adolescent children)was accommodated ."
Pros: "Smooth travel and good service."
Cons: "Bad boarding area in SLC."
Cons: "The leg from Atlanta to Pointe de Pitre had no wifi or even old style entertainment. Bring a book!"
Pros: "Very comfortable and didn't feel cramped. Quick flight."
Cons: "No choice in snack and I couldn't eat what I was given. Staff appeared checked out and not bothered. No entertainment but it was a quick flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Before was better no now"
Pros: "Female flight attendant was incredibly personable and had a bubbly personality. Definitely made you want to smile"
Pros: "Very comfortable seat and nice boarding and exit."
Cons: "Not clear at all on what was complimentary, etc. Had a very large man next to me, practically sharing my seat so getting any needed work done was out of the question unfortunately."
Cons: "Flight attendant from IND to Minneapolis must have had a rough evening or bad morning. Service in airplane is usually poor but this one was worse. Bumping most of the passenger when passing, handing drinks behind his back, not smiling."
Cons: "Not enough room. Could have better technology and better food choices."
Pros: "The initial boarding process was quick, smooth flight"
Cons: "I've never had a flight wait over 30 minutes past departure got other people to make a connection and get on to this flight. Seems beyond normal and wrong to those that were there in time and on the flight to support an on time departure"
Pros: "Ind-atl flight was absolutely amazing i couldn’t find really anything wrong with the flight besides spacing for seats"
Cons: "Spacing with seats"
Cons: "For the second consecutive Delta flight, one at LGA, one at JFK, (it’s never happened on any other airline) TSA pre-check was closed and over a dozen agents trying to upsell the CLEAR program were working hard to get people to spend $175 not to wait in the resulting one hour long line."
Pros: "Had tv & movies available but kept losing signal"
Cons: "Terrible turbulence. Very rough landing. No beverage service. Late taking off."
Pros: "Loved that they had access to connecting info on board"
Pros: "I was going for weekend trip and because of delays I would've been there less than 20 hours. But Delta was terrific in giving me a refund and essy to work with via Twitter. 2 hour phone delay but they called me back to complete refund."
Cons: "Chaos at gates. Changed gate 3 times. No real updates."
Cons: "Delayed flight, mechanical"
Pros: "Excellent. Smooth staff. Lots of humor and smiles"
Cons: "No entertainment except paid WiFi."
Pros: "Got on earlier flight as standby."
Pros: "Cookies"
Cons: "Late"
Pros: "This doesn't really have to do with Delta Airlines however it does affect my experience. I had a very rude TSA agent speak to me na very degrading tone prior to boarding the plane. This experience affected my travel experience with Delta. I realize this person is not a Delta employee however the rudeness that I experienced affected my travel experience."
Pros: "Nice entertainment offerings on the Indy to MSP flight"
Cons: "None."
Cons: "My original flight from IND to LGA was cancelled due to weather and I was rebooked for the next day. I was forced to spend a night in a hotel near the airport. Then my flight the next day kept being delayed, first 5 min, then 20, then 40, etc until 2.5 hrs. Since the delays kept increasing, I decided to rebook on another flight with a very tight connection in Detroit--the only other option. When my flight arrived, the other fight was already boarding and I ran to make it. Luckily I got to the gate in time, just before the door closed. The original flight ended up with a 3.5 hr delay!!! That is unacceptable."
Cons: "Paid for Comfort+ at the Kiosk. My app said I had a Comfort+ seat, but at boarding found out I had two (yes, two) non Comfort+ seats assigned to me. Had to call and tweet to get my payment for Comfort+ back. All in all a very poor showing for Delta's seat assignment and reservation system."
Cons: "Did not know they made planes with so little room inside. It was made for people under 5 foot tall with no carry on luggage. Crew took up over head luggage storage."
Cons: "If they can’t serve beverages. Can we be allowed o e water bottle through security?"
Cons: "Both flights were overbooked. Social distancing doesn’t apply to American Airlines."
Cons: "The crew was rude, we left over an hour late due to human error, there was no food for sale and the internet was down"
Cons: "i was on a commuter jet for 2 1/2 hours which was cramped and uncomfortable. no wifi or any entertainment. we sat on the tarmac when we landed for approximately 10 minutes even though we were not early."
Pros: "Flight was mostly empty and it’s a short trip."
Cons: "The flight sat on the ground well over an hour after landing. No gate was available. Many missed their connections. Miserable."
Cons: "Super hot inside the cabin and little we could do to lower the temp"
Pros: "The 2 flight attendants who continued to work this flight were amazing. The gate agent in Phoenix was also great."
Cons: "7 hour delay initially because of a mechanical problem, but massively exacerbated by an inability to find crew. Disappointing...."
Cons: "My seat was disgusting when I went to sit in it. Then I discovered the seat was broken. 24A"
Cons: "The crew could not have been any less accommodating for a nursing mother flying without my baby and needing to pump. I will be writing and submitting an official complaint to American Airlines ."
Pros: "flight took off exactly on time & arrived on time"
Pros: "Arrived on time"
Cons: "Plane was too warm during flight. Aisle is narrow, seats are semi-hard. Lav needed attention (ran out of towels)."
Pros: "Early arrival!"
Pros: "Very nice new plane."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Getting through security at O'Hare was horrible. My plane seat was too upright and felt like it was not bolted to the floor properly."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Quick flight, great crew, orderly boarding. Updates to gate were clearly communicated"
Cons: "Very annoyed at "Basic Economy" being a thing. Annoying way to get more $ for the same seat. Avoiding any airline with this status."
Cons: "British Airways/American Airlines lost/delayed luggage again! Then send an email in the middle of night with a link to schedule home delivery of the luggage that was valid for 4 hours only. It is clearly an attempt to cheat out of their responsibility of home delivery of the luggage that was delayed the second time. Poor, poor service by American Airlines."
Cons: "The crew was very disappointing!!!!!!"
Cons: "No overhead space"
Pros: "Flight attendant was beyond excellent, Yaniel, who smiled and greeted me helping me to my singular seat on the right side of the plane. He was very professional and kind, with a very well appearance and a fantastic attitude. He was quick with delivering my snack and coffee. Very pleased!!!! First flight attendant to ever make the trip as exceptional as possible. Thank you Yaniel very much."
Cons: "Unbelievable wait times at LGA. Late arrival of plane, extremely late departure at over an hour passed original departure time. Waste of money choosing that ticket and time frame when it was clearly not a concern of American Airlines that I was missing my rides, late getting to CMH etc."
Cons: "Waited an extra 30 minutes for luggage to be loaded. Every American ( British airways partner) flight we took was delayed."
Cons: "I guess I was lucky to get a seat at all, since this last leg of my itinerary was deleted from my ticket when I got to the airport. So my bag couldn't be checked through, and they wanted to charge me for it even though it was a connection to the international flight I had just taken. A truly dreadful experience."
Pros: "DCA based AA gate agents were awesome. We were booked on a flight that was delayed, turned out there was a flight about to depart (it had been delayed 2.5hrs due to weather), but was departing prior to our reg scheduled flight so they put us on standby. No doubt the crew was also columbus based and eager to get they did. Couldn’t be more pleased to get home"
Cons: "Seats are cramped"
Pros: "40 minute flight, on time, no complaints."
Pros: "see above"
Cons: "see above"
Pros: "Smooth takeoff and landing. The seats were comfortable for a 3 hour flight."
Cons: "Stuffy on the plane. This might not be the airline’s problem but it was hot and the air vent didn’t cool me down."
Pros: "As usual, the Cathay Pacific staff were awesome and very professional. Never hesitated to serve the passengers with infants/kids and elderly people. My overall experience was great!! Thank you to all staff!!"
Cons: "Connection was late and missed boarding by 25 seconds. The plane wasn't gone, but the door was locked. 25 seconds. Now sleeping in the airport."
Cons: "The crew waited until we where onboard about to leave to defrost the wings, making us 50 min late. Half of the plane missed their connecting flights"
Pros: "Flight attendants were attentive and pleasant"
Cons: "No IFE, bug not a big deal I had my own."
Cons: "Have to pay for wifi use. Entertainment used to be included in flights and was apart of your airfare."
Pros: "The plane was very comfortable. The steward as very helpful - just a cup of coffee when I entered the plane - but after nearly missing connections, it was very welcome."
Cons: "The flight was perfect."
Pros: "Poor attitude. Seemed as though they were doing us a favor serving us. Did not pick up garbage for at least an hour. Absolutely zero personality"
Cons: "I do not like flying American. Still sitting and waiting on my flight to Waco"
Pros: "Fast boarding."
Cons: "Slow on return of gate checked bags. A little late in getting off the ground."
Pros: "Bridget was managing the cancellation lines with finesse, compassion, and urgency. She was a star! The rebooked flight was fast, comfortable, and landed early."
Cons: "Previous flight was canceled and forced us to stay in DC an extra day. Watched flights continue to arrive and depart from our hotel room. Rebooked using the mobile app but could not check in on mobile or at the kiosk. Waited in line for almost 2 hours for AA to simply check us in and print passes. The flight did not get catering refreshed after landing in DC so no refreshments or snacks were offered during the flight home."
Cons: "I'm pregnant, and didn't have time before my connecting flight to get food at the airport. I was sitting near the back of the plane, and was ready to purchase food. By the time the cart reached my row, all the food options were literally sold out. I ate the free cookie and had some apple juice, but wanted something with some protein. I guess I'll remember to pack more snacks next time."
Pros: "Awesome crew. On time."
Pros: "worst experience. Airplane people not so good"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "The seats were so old, I didn't have a screen to watch movies on and it was really really cold"
Pros: "It was a fairly routine flight. Could use a more substantial snack for a four hour flight."
Cons: "While waiting for our baggage in Phoenix, we noticed a few random bags with tears, rips and clothes hanging out. Then we saw our suitcase. The zipper was torn away from the lining so that it no longer closes all the way. There items hanging out of the gap. What was happening in the basement that caused at least 4 damaged bags?"
Pros: "the plane, a 380, had comfortable seats, fewer occupants, more and easier access to bathrooms, did not like the larger plane I flew on going to Australia, it held 700 persons could physically reach the lights and when on, they didn't disturb anyone vegetarian food was delicious and nutritionally sound and varied love the soft blankets"
Cons: "not a very good choice of current movies"
Cons: "Old Equipment"
Pros: "That I arrived safely"
Cons: "I did not like the departure delay from 6:05 to about 9:50. Why did have to wait so long for a pilot to come, and then further wait for a flight attendant to arrive"
Cons: "Unprofessional, rude, unorganized, & just ridiculous!!!!"
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "I have no complaints"
Cons: "No entertainment, ran out of meals by the time they got to the back of the plane."

Flight was delayed an hour because someone didn’t put a full oxygen bottle up front in the Sturgis area. Just total negligence

The planes are too small for 5 foot 11 people and taller. From the small seats and cramped spaces.

Cons: "At least 3 travelers were not wearing masks. I felt unsafe"
Cons: "Water"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Seats just a little bigger."
Pros: "The short trip."
Cons: "The loud passengers"
Cons: "Didn’t get to go"
Cons: "They will hound you to spend more and treat you like cattle."
Pros: "The time"
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and friendly."
Cons: "The seats were too compact. No snacks no seat selection without some form of payment.. extremely turbulent flight."
Pros: "Row 1 had a lot of leg room."
Cons: "Delays, crew wasn’t friendly"
Pros: "The ticket price"
Cons: "A glass of water would have made a difference!"
Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late!! Just showing up on time would have made it better."
Pros: "Terrible gate crew, very aggressive and rude for no reason whatsoever. Delayed boarding and takeoff on 4 flights in a row, uncomfortable seats and dirty everything. I will never ever fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Almost everything."
Cons: "We tried to leave on Thursday the flight was cancelled another flight was on Friday but it was full so we didn’t even get to take a flight...Hopefully I can get my refund for my tickets so I can take another vacation."
Pros: "The chicks were hot"
Cons: "Seats don’t recline and you have to pay for water"
Cons: "More staff. Plane delayed. Line to get bag tag was not clearly marked, self tagging did not save me anytime. Security agent was rude. No place to sit in gate area. No snacks or beverages. Seats very uncomfortable. Luggage too a long time to arrive."
Cons: "Awful!!!!"
Cons: "The flight was filled with crying children Im"
Pros: "Price only when you don’t need to pack a bag."
Cons: "Chairs. Extremely uncomfortable to the point of prohibiting future consideration"
Pros: "Got on the plane in a good time due to staff in mco"
Cons: "Flight attendants rushed to board and airport workers were still picking up trash so it held up a line and one of attendants was rude and had a smirky attitude but overall it was a good flight."
Cons: "Delayed for 2hrs and 35 min."
Pros: "That I didn't die."
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Chairs don’t have foot recline no blankets or pillows offered ... late flight compared to the time advertised"
Pros: "Awesome flight ✈️ etc. never have flown Spirit and pleasantly surprised!!!"
Pros: "Efficient boarding and friendly staff"
Cons: "Seats could have been more comfortable for sleeping"
Pros: "Boarding was quick and easy"
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to air traffic control not Spirits fault seats are uncomfortable very little legroom. Would only be able to deal with leg room for a very short flight. Everything cost extra I thought you could at least have a carry on but no had to pay $45 for each carry on and there were three of us and that was for each way and then pay more to reserve a seat so all in all not a bargain in the least"
Pros: "I didn’t die."
Cons: "Flight delayed over an hour because of a “technical issue” Communication surrounding that was poor. Bathroom sink was leaking."
Cons: "For a red eye, this was miserable and a terrible experience. I thought I was paying $99 only to find out I had to pay for my bag (carry on) and my seat. Terrible experience."
Cons: "Flight canceled due to weather. Not able to book on another carrier. Had to miss my niece’s graduation."
Cons: "No organized loading. A free for all. Gate changes close to time due to another flights delayed arrival."
Pros: "Friendliness of the crew. Clean plane."
Pros: "The customer service stands out for Spirit Airlines."
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "The airline was on time and teams was great."
Pros: "I was scared because the lines were longer than I’ve ever seen. 10 minutes into waiting they called for any Columbus people to come up front !!! Then to my surprise when we got on the plane we were in first class !!!"
Cons: "$80 fee for 1 bag"
Cons: "Crew from Ft Lauderdale was very unprofessional and were hanging out as a group, laughing nearly the entire flight; they could not even get through an announcement without busting up."
Pros: "I made it home safely."
Cons: "The seats were very uncomfortable."
Pros: "I payed $50 for luggage. Frontier took over an hour to get the luggage to the conveyor belt. I was late for our Easter dinner because of this!"
Cons: "I was delayed 3 hours which seems to be a common occurance at Spirit. $50 is a little astronomical for a checked bag but still less than a carryon."
Cons: "Scam. Hidden fees. Cost nearly $500 to change flights."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Needless to say, price was a plus. Comparable prices on JetBlue and Avianca on the same CTG to FLL flights were US$300-$400 more at the time of booking. Arrived just in time at the airport for the cutoff provided in the online check-in paperwork and the line was full with all the other passengers for that flight there being processed. I thought surely it would be a long wait and soon the flight would be closed, but we actually moved very swiftly as they had 3 agents tending to the counter. They were all courteous and quick. At the gate, an announcement was made that the flight was overbooked and they offered a couple of volunteers a $500 credit towards Spirit flights as well as being re-booked for next days flight. Once on board, the three flight attendants were also courteous. WI was assigned seat 2F on their A320 v1. Best seat by far I've had assigned without paying for reserving one with Spirit. While it did not recline, I did not find the standard angle detrimental and I had TONS of legroom even when the upgraded row 1 seats ahead were reclined. The flight itself was smooth and quick. We left right on schedule to the T, and parked at our gate about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Being one of the first out allowed me to zip through immigration without any waits and was out of the airport before our scheduled arrival time! For sure God was blessing me this day. But could it also be that Spirit's new CEO is really turning things around? Lets wait and see how the return flight goes. Stay tuned... AF."
Cons: "One of the gate attendants was a bit on the rude side, screaming and demanding that all passengers get in one line or we would not board... even after I explained that her co-worker did not call to board by zone. He had explained the boarding process, but failed to start calling by zone. He at least used the proper equipment (microphone & overhead system). But this young lady was screaming... seriously? They could've avoided by: 1. Following protocol, and 2. Being consistent in using the designated communication equipment. Additional training is needed here for sure."
Cons: "Your app notified me that the flight was delayed more than an hour. When I arrived at the airport I was informed that the flight was on time and that they were not allowing anyone else to board. I will not be booking with kayak or spirit airlines ever again. Thanks for nothing"
Cons: "they were rude and uncooperative. They have no type of customer service. If you ask them a question they are short and direct. If you try to work out to find a solution...they just are plain rude and do not make an effort whatsoever to accommodate their customers. They abide by their ridiculous rules and plainly will not work with you. Besides that they started to charge for separate baggage fees. So you'll but a ticket for "cheap" but then they will charge you double for baggage both ways. My boyfriend purchased a ticket and wanted to make changes...they wanted to charge him $100 to change flight info. RIDICULOUS. He ended buying another ticket....Spirit took $200 in fees extra from us."
Pros: "Aweful airline. At least the flight one way was only delayed 2 hours. The return was flat out cancelled with no prior notice."
Cons: ""Computers were down" in addition to 7 flight crews not showing up for work, so hours of waiting for new flights to be arranged."
Pros: "I was able to change my seat to aisle and the staff on ticket counter and flight were wonderful"
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that the flight did not happen because of a crew scheduling conflict, forcing me to pay out of pocket for a motel room, and switching me from a five hour direct flight to a twelve hour, two stops flight."
Pros: "Cheap, on time."
Pros: "Great flight from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale. Very comfortable & spacious seating. The crew were great as well, very nice!"
Cons: "I was shocked when I had to pay $55 just for a carry on bag, which I think is redicilous. So I will never fly Spirit again because of that & also, they don't even offer you water, coffee or soda, you literally have to pay for everything, even water."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Indiana to Columbus

Airlines flying from Indiana to Columbus have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Indiana to Columbus

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Indiana to Columbus

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Indiana to Columbus

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Indiana to Columbus

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