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Copa AirlinesOverall score based on 12985 reviews
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Take a lot of time to check in and flight delay, I almost did not make to my flight connection.

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Take a lot of time to check in and flight delay, I almost did not make to my flight connection.

Pros: "It was an excellent trip, but the entertainment needs to be improved."
Cons: "More options on entertainment, needs variety."
Pros: "Crew was extremely kind and helpful. Plane was very clean. Food was excellent."
Cons: "Lost bag that arrived just as we were on our."
Pros: "Crew service was excellent"
Cons: "Make sure the customers have the right gate in the boarding pass, I almost missed the plane because of that thanks to a Copa'employee who gave me the wrong gate"
Pros: "Crew's service good, punctuality excelent"
Cons: "No Entertainment at all"
Cons: "I will never fly with Copa airline again"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Air flight attendant was rude and Had an attitude with some passengers"
Pros: "Crew was not friendly with our limited Spanish. It felt like they were angry with us that we asked some questions in English"
Cons: "Food options"
Pros: "Puntual Airline"
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "Crew lied , very unprofessional . Indecent happened. Air hostess was pushing the trolley and , it come and hot my , nee. It was so painful and I was screaming. Air hostess looking at me and was very upset that Im screaming in the flight ... Air hostess was sleeping and pushing the trolley"
Cons: "TRAINING , TRAINING , TRAINING .. That is what COPA needs. Also , when I said I want too X-ray my knee, whole staff get together and lied , and cheated , and downloaded me to a weal chair lady... Very un-professional .DONT FLY with this people , Even IF you get a FREE ticket ."
Pros: "A better flight experience than my MGA-PYT flight. Good entertainment system, simple, intuitive and best of all functional. Cabin crew was good about keeping passengers well hydrated without needing to remind them. Did provide sufficient food. Service was attentive,"
Cons: "Since I sat at the extreme back, by the time meal service arrived at my location they had run out of the chicken option. Food was mediocre."
Cons: "Good crew, food was all right, didn't appreciate check-in and priority process. I had to go to the counter to check in as the mobile and machines wouldn't allow me, then couldn't select my usual window seat."
Cons: "When boarding from Panama City, the airline security crew at the gate screening insisted on taking my empty water bottle, I assume based on US regulations, even though it was clearly empty. When I pointed out that in the US, there is no problem with empty water bottles-- and the extra security is due to US standards-- they said 'this is Panama' and refused to return the water bottle. The rest of the crew was pleasant onboard the flight."
Pros: "Crew was great and boarding easy"
Cons: "Copa Airlines has the worse entertainment system. I flew business and the food was pathetic. If you are sitting at the last two rows (out of four), they might run out of options for dinner and you are left without choices. I feel sorry for the crew that have to come to you and say "I only have left chicken ". Very cheap airline overall. I can't believe this is Star Alliance."
Pros: "Very good bording service"
Cons: "Regular. Service"
Cons: "Boarding change of gates waited 2 hours"
Pros: "Inflight service and time Was impacable"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Food was really good, also I like the service."
Cons: "The desk of my seat was dirty and they didn't have enough for all the clients."
Pros: "I had a very comfortable space for my legs."
Pros: "They go the extra mile with the customers. Great staff at the mco counter."
Pros: "Entretenimento, tripulação cordial e malas chegaram corretamente."
Cons: "O raio-x antes do embarque foi muito tumultuado. A comida não estava muito boa e como sentamos no final só sobrou uma opção. Não tinha cobertor para todos e nem travesseiro."
Cons: "Crew members were rude. Refused to help me with my carry on and were rude about me needing to learn how to take my own stuff down from the overhead bin (i am a short person, so naturally i cannot reach the overhead bin and pull out my bag). Complained among each other (in front of the rest of the passengers) about people asking thrm for help."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Crew manners is poor"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No TV on plane"
Cons: "Zero entertainment. Pitiful business class."
Pros: "Tv's and that there were 2 open seats next to me."
Cons: "Food is atrocious."
Pros: "bags arrived on time snacks served"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "You really couldnt do a lot of stuff on the plane. The seats couldn't be put back, your hand bags had to be on the floor."
Pros: "LOVED the individual TV's on each seat"
Pros: "Duration of flight."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Me encanto la atención de los aeromosos"
Pros: "Excelente !10.0 un placer viajar con Copa"
Cons: "Do to Irma in Florida I had to evacuate 2 days before my flight. I call to re schedule my flight from Tampa and they were not flexible at all charging me an ridiculous fee!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing. This airline is trying to appear as a big, powerful company. I choose them because there was direct flight from Chicago to Panama City. Big mistake. Take any American or European Airline. Worst experience ever!"
Cons: "Flights not on time, always late, lying employees and crew. They show a flight to Boston signs on the flight to Chicago, no airconditioning working. Bunch of idiots and incopetent people playing airline with passagers lifes. Never use them, you will thank for this advise someday."
Cons: "Ustedes cambiaron las fechas de nuestra reserva. Se hizo para el 9 de agosto. Y nosotros la pedimos para el 9 de julio. Cuando llamamos a cambiarla, salía más caro que comprar otro tiquete ida y vuelta. Yo tuve que comprar un tiquete por otra aerolínea para regresar de Nueva York a Medellín."
Pros: "Like the fact they still give you food and drinks on board. Nice surprise."
Pros: "Everything went well, very nice and good."
Cons: "The seats could be a little uncomfortable when sleeping, and I'm vegan so eating anything was difficult."
Pros: "Comfortable leg room Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Very limited food options, International flights have poor entertainment options Very old seats and covers gave a very dull impression"
Cons: "Filthy seats, specially the table had a sticky part. Got into my clothes and arm. No entertainment, NADA! Food sucked,"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "El abordaje"
Pros: "Excellent job of a couple of girls"
Cons: "Again, lay over and food"
Pros: "Great customer service."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I like that my seat was comfortable and I had movies to watch"
Cons: "It was not clear on leaving the plain where to collect luggage"
Pros: "My flight from mde Pty jfk was excellent, on the first leg we have a medical emergency, flight attendants were really calm and on a 55 minute flight they provide us with a full service and help the passenger in need, on the second meg, the service was ojtstanding, Copa is and will be one of the top choices to go home."
Cons: "I've flown Copa many times before and it's generally good for low-cost price but this time was horrible, probably because our first time with new baby. First, there was unexpected shock of having to pay $300 at gate for ticket for the baby, even though she is 4 months and sat on my lap the whole time. Never heard of charging for that and we had to pay % of roundtrip ticket cost right there and then. Second, they don't allow early boarding for families with small children. Third, and finally, on the trip back they also suddenly announced a "no checking boxes policy" which I had also never heard of. We had to take a baby swing out of its box, dismantle it, and carry on a large part of it. A total hassle and crew was not very understanding. Definitely think twice about flying Copa if you have kids."
Cons: "Transfer time un Panamá was Too short"
Pros: "The internal crew at the airplane."
Cons: "I bought a duty-free bag at the Colombian airport specifically for storing liquids (namely two bottles of alcohol) and was told this was standard procedure. The bag was not to be opened until my final destination (Los Angeles). Long story short, when I arrive at the Panama airport they insist that they are going to have to throw the alcohol away despite the fact that I bought it in a duty-free zone at another airport and had not left said zone in this airport. It was also obvious the alcohol had not been tampered with as the bag I purchased was sealed tightly (some sort of glue). I had to take my son's personal carry-on (a backpack), take all of his things out of it, and check the bag as checked-in luggage. The Panaminian airport staff claimed I would still have issues in Los Angeles. They were completely wrong - no officer made any sort of comment about it since the alcohol was still in the sealed bag with a notice that said it would not be opened until the final destination. Incredibly unprofessional behavior."
Pros: "A fly attendant try to make up for me for forgetting our lunch."
Cons: "the disorganization of the other costumers who were changing seats almost make me lose my connection. The crew did not serve our lunch."
Cons: "We were delayed for a long time without much information given. I arrived 18 hours late to my destination and missed many important appointments."

The airplane had mechanical problems and they changed the airplane really quick.

I loved the snacks, the attention and kindness from the flight crew and the fact that during the flight there wasn't much turbulence. Also we arrived earlier.

Pros: "The crew members are friendly and efficient in getting people on and taking off. Even with flights being full in all segments, it was smooth and fast to get people on and sit down."
Cons: "Not repairing the engine of the aircraft while I’m on it. Not having to deplane due to the fact I felt unsafe."
Cons: "Taking off on time. But they did get another plane. We arrived about 5 hours late."
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "boarding and unloading are nightmares. They really should load the planes back to front and if someone has a connecting flight, they should be allowed to unload first."
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Everything was fine"
Pros: "Is ok"
Cons: "More space between seat and free food"
Cons: "50 minute wait for a gate to deplane. How could there not be a gate at 10:30 pm? It’s not like our arrival was a surprise!?"
Pros: "No"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "EVERYTHING! We were supposed to leave at 7:30 pm and we ended up departing at 9pm"
Pros: "The entertainment center in the headrests"
Cons: "Switch planes and make that the one that flies between Phoenix and Orlando...the entertainment cent on the shirt flight with 3 kids was better suited for the long flight"
Cons: "I didn’t like the food, worse I’ Ever taste"
Pros: "Everyone was super friendly. The plane was clean and comfortable and the food was great for airplane food."
Pros: "Latam would not transfer 1 medium baggage from LATAM to Avianca at Lima"
Pros: "Even though looked like I had selected a seat assignment they were not booked. On first leg of trip had to wait until a couple agreed to be bought off their seats before we could be boarded. Very misleading."
Cons: "Why go through security over again as a transit passenger? Especially, as Lima airport security appears poorly organized."
Pros: "Worst airline food in years."
Cons: "Food was bad on all 4 legs of trip"
Cons: "Remained on tarmac too long before allowed to disembark airplane in San Salvador. However, I did not miss my connection because of it. Did not offer enough water during flight! I was getting dehydrated."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "No complains"
Pros: "Relatively quick, friendly crew, on time (boarding, departure, arrival)"
Cons: "Hit a bit of turbulence, food was good, but can be improved"
Pros: "the flight was AVIANCA , not American Airlines"
Pros: "Boarding was easy, flight attendants very accommodating. Pilots made up flight time and arrived early, in spite of late departure."
Cons: "Leg room! Seems American has less space between seats and seemingly narrower seats than other airlines."
Pros: "On time boarding. However we had about an hour departure delay due to de-ice of the plane due to ice storm which just started but I am not complaining about that. I would rather the plane was completely safe for departure."
Cons: "We have to gate check roller bags due to size of plane. Also, little or no knee room. My knees were pressed into the seat back in front of me."
Cons: "Tiny airplane. We had a delay of 2 hours."
Pros: "777 plane was awesome in first class."
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Plane had mechanical issues. Say on plane for 50 minutes before taking off"
Pros: "Good food, kind staff, free booze"
Pros: "Good food!"
Pros: "Easy and smooth flight."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and accommodating to handling my wheelchair and helping me to my seat most uncomfortable seats I have ever used. My neck was sore before we even took off."
Pros: "Crew did their best!"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed over 3 hours. Other Advantage members have already received bonus miles for their inconvenience. I am also an Advantage member and have not received bonus points and am unable to get ahold of anyone."
Pros: "Great crew and on time"
Cons: "Arrival G14; Departure H18 with only 35 minute layover, a really loooong walk at speed. Need tunnel from G to H or moving walkways or a "train.""
Pros: "Early for arrival!! Love that!"
Pros: "one more bag"
Pros: "*finally* getting rebooked"
Cons: "The aircraft was downgraded, so there were 12 "overbooked" seats. The flight was delayed several times, with each new delay only being acknowledged after the previous departure time had already passed. Eventually, the flight was "delayed" to 3:15, but then it was bumped BACK to 2:45, so one woman ended up missing the flight because she had gone to the lounge based on the 3:15 departure. I accepted a voucher, but as the original flight kept getting delayed and I couldn't receive the voucher until the doors closed, I almost missed the flight I was rebooked on. If airlines would just communicate better (e.g., tell us there's a delay *before the departure time has passed*), people would be much more willing to deal with the hassle."
Pros: "Las aeromosas muy amables y profesionales."
Cons: "Los asientos incómodos que no funcionaban el cambio de posición. El pago de sobrepeso escandalozo; por 10 Libras $160 más extra fees...."
Pros: "It was comfortable, nice staff and had a meal as well"
Pros: "Flight from CLT to CDG was excellent surprising amount of room in economy, modern plane with usb power and good IFE. Service was excellent but plane was only half full."
Cons: "Flight from CDG to ORD was awful. Dated 767 that American Airlines should be embarrassed by. No Wifi, IFE was a few screens suspended from above, overhead compartments couldn't fit standard size roller board bag, which makes no sense."
Pros: "Nothing, worse customer service also"
Cons: "Everything, we lost our connections, they didn't help us out with our next flight"
Pros: "The flight was fast and good service"
Cons: "En El Salvador the person who check my luggage was rude And throw my medicines to the garbage and she told That I need a proscription from my Dr , never it happen before , I think she work for El Salvador airport but she was rude"
Pros: "Solo que a la 1:10pm le comunique al sobrecargo del vuelo Avianca #928 Lima _ salvador 1010 1: 20 pm hora local me di cuenta que se quedo el anillo de matrimonio en el paso de migración en la bandeja, el sobrecargo me di una instrucción que debía hablar con el encargado del Salvador la Srta Geaninia Gomez indica que como no es pérdida dentro del avión no se hacen responsables, lo que no estoy de acuerdo que me digan eso ya que es trayecto del vuelo que estaba realizando voy a tomar medidas para presentar un reclamo ya que es un valor sentimental ya que ni me dejaron ir a ver estando casi 40 minutos y sentí que no me ayudaron por los menos con una llamada en el departamento."
Pros: "good attention"
Cons: "Check in crew were awful. Told us that there was a sick passenger on the plane and asked if my friend and I would volunteer to take a flight out the next day, that star alliance would put us up in a hotel over night, pay for our evening meal and fly us business class in the morning, that all we had to do was wait at our departure gate And someone would call our name before boarding. We accepted, waited patiently, then we were scolded for having our checked bags with us and told multiple different conflicting stories about how we were to board our flight, that volunteers were no longer needed. I checked multiple times with check-in crew to confirm that the scenario was a go. They confirmed each time, so I canceled my accommodations for the evening in Lima. The change up at the gate left for a big mess to clean up. The gate crew kept arguing hat they never told us to cancel our Lima plans. But that was besides the point. The point was, they told us one thing, there was a major breakdown in communication among check in and gate crew as well as between all crew and me and no crew member took ownership or apologized for the flub up. And I'd like to point out, this was not a language barrier issue, all flight crew spoke English fluently. One crew member said all volunteers were obtained and they no longer needed us, another said that the sick person flying (the initial issue) was no longer flying, so no volunteers were needed. crew never owned that. they suggested that it was our issue that we canceled our plans. We were able to fix, but incredibly disappointing and frustrating experience."
Cons: "Movies broken has to change seat"
Pros: "Great food and headphones"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Pros: "The flight attendant was nice. That's all!"
Cons: "The value of first class in relation to how much more it costs is way out of proportion. It's not worth the extra money. Again, why even ask about entertainment? Over a four hour flight with no movie or music unless provided by yourself is complete and utter bullshit. Again, the available free wifi is bullshit."
Pros: "Nice crew on time pretty smooth flight"
Cons: "Middle seat"
Pros: "Fast trip to london. Even it was late by more than hours plot made up some lost time. Entertainment was very good both in quality and varieties."
Cons: "Throughout the trip it was very bumbby. The food was not nearly as good as other cross Atlantic airlines."

Seats were very small. The plane felt very cramped. Lots of turbulence. Horrible flight

I want my money back; You did not deliver me to my destination because of the flight delay, and I will lose a lot as a result. If you don't pay me back, I'll go to court

Cons: "Muy mal servicio, no dieron ni agua solo galletas vencidas ni una bebida, muy mala experiencia no recomiendo viajar en UNITED"
Pros: "Seats are too crowded."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "If flights was on time I would not have to miss connecting flight in Dulles I had to stay for 22 hours in Indianapolis to be rerouted"
Pros: "The crew went out of their way to ensure the comfort of passengers."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "In flight entertainment is provided through a screen in front of your seat. There are many different channels to browse."
Pros: "Nothing, worst experience I’ve ever had traveling. Up for nearly 2 days and with no help from the local airport staff."
Cons: "Everything, no customer service whatsoever"
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "On time arrival"
Cons: "No in-flight service"
Pros: "Accurate information"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing . It was ok"
Cons: "Excellent flight nice ground and flight crew"
Cons: "The tickets we purchased should have taken us from Indianapolis to San Diego with a 2 hour-ish layover in San Francisco. Instead, we got changed to Indianapolis to San Diego with a 15 minute layover in Chicago. Our plane landed in Chicago 20 minutes early, but then we sat out on the runway for 45 minutes waiting for a gate despite being able to see 3 or 4 open gates from our window. We didn't get to deplane until after our connecting flight was already boarding and both my fiance and I had to use the restroom really bad. Needless to say we had to literally run to catch our connecting flight."
Pros: "How the crew approach to me and my wife"
Pros: "Everything went well"
Pros: "The team did their best to get everyone boarded quickly and make up time for the delayed flight. Even the captain was doing what he could within safety limits."
Cons: "The TV would not change channels or turn off. It was very distracting on my night time flight. And maybe it's just when you're trying to sleep, but there just seemed to be less personal space than I remember on other recent flights."
Pros: "The flight was short."
Cons: "Felt cramped and"
Pros: "Service was excellent and was on time"
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant and concerned about my comfort. Great people!"
Pros: "Everything was good !"
Pros: "Quick"
Pros: "The staff all the way through were awesome. Facilities were clean and as expected."
Cons: "Policies about ultra economy tickets sucked. I'm certain I was warned multiple times in the fine print about the hazards of buying a cheap ticket. The fact I was forced to spend money to check a bag and given undo stress about whether or not I'd get bumped because you're not allowed advanced check-in or guaranteed seats with basic economy ticket is not right. Seems the price should simply be the cost to guarantee a basic flight (two carry-on's, guaranteed seat assignment, advanced check-in) so folks can opt out and go for a cheaper ticket on another airline that offer a cheaper fare for the above mentioned guaranteed basic flight options. Felt like a bait and switch."
Pros: "The airplane had ok legroom"
Cons: "Flight delayed, causing missing connection, causing overnight in airport with no explanation. No compension offered. I had to duck down enter plane I'm 6'1..."
Pros: "Seats, newness of the plane, service, food and boarding efficiency."
Cons: "The overhead lights from other seats are too bright and they bother passengers wanting to sleep."
Pros: "The crew was incredibly nice, and the plane was very clean."
Pros: "Crew was great. Very patient with a difficult situation."
Cons: "Issue with something in the bathroom. I was on the plane watching them decide what to do for 20 minutes or more. Then I had to de-plane (just my row) while they cleaned. Then they decided it was too wet. Everyone deplaned. They changed planes and we didn't leave for hours. Seems like they could have found the issue and changed planes before we boarded."
Pros: "easy boarding nice roomy uncrowded plane"
Pros: "The flight staff"
Cons: "Not telling us the delays in time"
Cons: "Tiny aisle, hard seats"
Pros: "We left on time, and arrived early."
Cons: "No down side."
Cons: "All of it. Pretty much everything."
Pros: "Movies on personal device"
Cons: "Surrounded by noisy babies"
Pros: "Very short flight seating was normal for what I expect as a guy my size"
Cons: "I couldnt figure out their wifi to check on my connecting flight. I could get other stuff to work on it but couldnt find flight information"
Pros: "The flight was smooth. Boarding went past fast. Flight attendance was great."
Cons: "The seats were a little small."
Pros: "I realy enjoy the flight"
Cons: "Wifi is wrong"
Cons: "Flight was delayed to 4 hours now I'm rushing all over to get to my connecting flights"
Pros: "Nothing terrible I've had better!"
Cons: "The 6 hour delay"
Pros: "On the way to Chicago I was pleased with the staff."
Cons: "I knew I had a layover in Chicago but what I didn't know was that I would have to sit on a plane for over an hour with no air conditioning. It was incredibly hot and because of this I missed my flight to LA which took off earlier than my ticket said."
Pros: "Loading was quick and easy with smiles and greetings from hostesses"
Cons: "No drink service on either flight, dumped on jetway and had to take bus to a gate and then navigate to our new gate. This made short layover time even shorter. I flew United down there and had drink service for that led of flight with them."
Pros: "Flight was not longer."
Cons: "No free entertainment. Didn't give out headphones until an hour into the flight. Tight seating. No meal service."
Cons: "Uncomfortable, and unsafe, seat - with the bottom sagging badly on the right side at the back. Narrowly avoided having to check my hand luggage through to Nice, France, which would have been the second time on a row! Why, oh, why can't they ENFORCE the carry-on rules that are supposed to limit the size and number, as they do in Europe?! If you're in group 5, forget carry-on."
Pros: "Courteous and friendly employees..helpful"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Very helpful and attentive from start to finish"
Cons: "Small seats I'm not obease but I am thick I was a lil cramped"
Pros: "No problems"
Cons: "Little bumpy but bad weather"
Cons: "our flight was a little delayed, the rest was wonderful"
Cons: "Rough landing, baggage got lost both times ive flown with united and still had to pay after being late over 2 days."
Cons: "My flight was cancelled. I was notified only a few hours before that my weekend plans were ruined."
Pros: "My seat, I paid extra and had seat with more leg room"

Flight was delayed an hour because someone didn’t put a full oxygen bottle up front in the Sturgis area. Just total negligence

Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Seats just a little bigger."
Cons: "Didn’t get to go"
Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late!! Just showing up on time would have made it better."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "More leg room."
Pros: "Terrible gate crew, very aggressive and rude for no reason whatsoever. Delayed boarding and takeoff on 4 flights in a row, uncomfortable seats and dirty everything. I will never ever fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Almost everything."
Pros: "The chicks were hot"
Cons: "Seats don’t recline and you have to pay for water"
Pros: "the price"
Cons: "punctuality"
Pros: "Terribles customer service."
Cons: "Poor customer service"
Pros: "Very good service , departure and arrival on time"
Cons: "No snacks and drinks for free"
Pros: "Overall ok flight."
Pros: "Got from point a to pount b cheaply and fast"
Cons: "Orlando is very busy and backed up"
Pros: "Eveting"
Cons: "I paid extra to pick my seat. My row was not full and before take off they put a rather large man in the middle seat of my row. I told the attendant why did she choose this row when there are so many open seats. She was rude and said - this is the seat I have chosen and that is final. The mad DID NOT pay like I did to pick his seat. He just banked on getting a randomly selected good seat or the attendant to help get a new seat. WHY DID I PAY EXTRA when other can just choose their own seat. This makes no sense and was the last straw for me for Spirit. They nickel and dime you - but it really doesn't matter."
Pros: "The seats on some Spirit planes are uncomfortable"
Cons: "Seats and there’s no entertainment"
Pros: "Quick and on time."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "my connecting flight was missed due to weather and the staff was incredibly rude to me about arranging a connection. I had to spend over 24 hours in the airport trying to fly out standby on another plane. I was misinformed on my ability to catch an evening flight and was given different answers from different attendants on what flights were available to me. No one seemed to know what they were talking about and my time and money was wasted. I missed my bus I had pre paid for at my destination and had to buy a new ticket. My trip was only one week and I spent almost half of it being treated like trash at the airport by Spirit airlines. I will never fly this airline again and I will make sure no one I know gives their money to this terrible company."
Cons: "I was promised a window seat sitting in the last row of the plane and there wasn't even a window it was just the wall. I switched my seat to the back of the plane for a window seat and I didn't receive one. I would love a discount considering I switched my seat to seat next to a window and there wasn't even a window it was just the wall."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything was so horrible! It had delayed from Los Angles to Chicago and from Chicago to Los Angles. They charged me twice for one check-in baggage. At the first I paid 112$ for baggage 2ways. Today I payed $30 more!!!! It was the first and last trip with Spirit."
Pros: "Friendly"
Cons: "Extra charges, seats dont recline"
Cons: "Flight sat on tarmac for 25 minutes after departure time all without any "ground air". Luckily we were packed in so tight you knew everyone else was sweating too"
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "Spirit airlines tries every way to get money out of people. The price adds up as the other airlines with all its hidden fees. The airline employees at the airport were very unpleasant and unhelpful. I will never fly spirit again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The delay, the rude flight staff screaming "Jesus Christ""
Pros: "Nothing to like about Spirit!!!"
Cons: "No guidance when you arrive and no assistance just wait in massive line until you miss your flight!"
Pros: "Courteous crew."
Cons: "Three-hour delay in departure, with multiple system failures!"
Pros: "The Flight attendants and the pilots were great,"
Cons: "The flight was aver an hour delayed. With all the mess from the original flight to Chicago, I will never fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. At first we were told to fly the next day or refund our money. Eventually we got on a flight with united and after a stop in Denver got back later that day."
Pros: "Crew members were nice."
Cons: "Fees for every single thing. Too much!"
Pros: "Plane was fairly new and well maintained"
Pros: "Resented everything!!"
Cons: "Service Flight was cancelled No rebooking information Call number and the. Was put on a flight 2 days later!!! Charge for baggage Charge for check in Technical issues"
Pros: "To have luggage included"
Cons: "No food , no luggage"
Pros: "Great 8.0"
Cons: "as this is a low budget flight, it guarantees price add-ons and web site is set up to include some ad-ons if one is not carful."
Pros: "Great price just hopping for better seats and complentary drink"
Cons: "Have to pay for snack or drink . Didn't have any by the way"
Cons: "Flight delayed 5 hours. No notification"
Pros: "flight price before bags"
Cons: "Seating the worst I have ever seen, husband 6'5" will never fly spirit, bags cost to much. I returned on Southwest and it was well worth the $50 more. I paid the same price on spirit when the bad fee was so expensive. I can get two free bags, leg room, drink and snack. Not worth it."
Pros: "Great flight attendant, very funny"
Cons: "Just after leaving the gate, pilot told passengers flight was delayed 45+ minutes, and suggested that it could be hours, and that we should purchase concessions to be safe. As soon as some passengers had made some purchases, the delay was cancelled, and we resumed our trip. Very disturbing business practice."
Pros: "Marvelous experience, i.e., staff professionalism, customer care & travel comfort. Overall experience can not be reduced to survey ratings because it is beyond numerical inventory rating scales. Because I have never had such an, totally amazing flight experience, endeavor during my travels."
Cons: "Dislikes not applicable because total package eliminated minor hiccups."
Pros: "Had all 3 seats to myself which was great because leg room is sketchy"
Cons: "Not great customer service from the attendants"
Pros: "The plane was new, the pilots did fine"
Cons: "Had problems from the start with the online check-in. Kept getting a strange error message so I had to call. The Customer service person was so rude and had no clue how to fix the error message. Instead she told me I should check-in at the airport and pay $10 a piece to print the tickets there. Um, no thanks. I finally got someone else on the phone who asked several times if I needed help resetting my, i just want to finish checking in. She finally resolved the issue but it took about an hour. The agents at the airport weren't any friendlier. Plus, Spirit's bag prices are ridiculous ($42+ per bag) and their weight limit is 40lbs instead of 50lbs like other airlines. By the time we paid the fees for our seats and bags it turned out to be the same price as the Southwest or Delta flights. There's no beverage or snack service or wifi on the flights either. Don't let the initial cheap price fool you!!! It's not worth it at all!!!!!"
Pros: "I was at. The. Air port and had to take public transport home long hard day"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Not very much I'm afraid. I like your whimsical advertising, but the experience was completely different. A good number of your employees seem to hate their jobs, and I sympathize."
Cons: "Having to pay for my cramped seat and my one bag the day before, when it was too late to go with someone else, really teed me off. My most uncomfortable flight ever. I suppose if I were shakled and handcuffed, it would have been worse, but I don't think I even saved any money!"
Pros: "It could be cheap. Short flights are good."
Cons: "Everything was al a carte. Print your boarding pass (+), carry on (+), soda (+)..."
Pros: "Seats were better than expected. Pilot did good job flying us through a storm. Kept us informed."
Cons: "Crew was a little pushy."
Cons: "Seats were not adjustable"
Pros: "I liked customer service over the phone."
Cons: "Someone else was also booked in my seat. I felt cramped and I couldn't even put my book in the pocket on the back of the seat without it falling through. Not to mention having the cabin crew say don't call us right now that they were busy at some point in mid flight."
Pros: "I liked the time of the flight and that it was a nonstop. It was delayed but I got updates by email telling me that."
Cons: "The carry-on policy is unnecessary. One carry-on and a personal item is the norm. As long as it fits under the seat or in the overhead compartment, why charge extra? It makes the airline seem chintzy rather than inexpensive."
Pros: "Planes were new and left ontime. Gave you the option to pay for exactly what you did or didn't want."
Cons: "Seats don't go back. Not much leg room. Crew doesn't talk to you directly at all actually quiet weird. one single time to take a order then after that they can't be bothered."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Indiana to San Salvador

Airlines flying from Indiana to San Salvador have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Indiana to San Salvador

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Indiana to San Salvador

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Indiana to San Salvador

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Indiana to San Salvador

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Indiana to San Salvador

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