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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46332 reviews

Pros: The crew member who is close to my seat did not even offer to help with my luggage which was very unprofessional.
Cons: The crew members needs to be helpful, and customer service to their passengers!

Pros: Very good

Cons: The entertainment center at my seat was malfunctioning. Movies were starting passed the beginning and the system was crashing.

Pros: Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable. Only negative is out of your control - bad weather in DFW held up departure 5-6 hours. Much of that was on the plane, but crew kept us notified. We had to return to the gate and wait another couple of hours. Awful trip, but not your fault. What I was surprised by was no comp hotel, and the discounts were not rally good discounts.
Cons: Most of my issues were ATC problems, not AA. The AA personnel kept us informed, etc. The one thing you can control is hotels if delayed to the point of missing all connection until the next afternoon. I understand not compi9ng BUT, when google maps shows better rates at local hotels than your "discount" program, that's sad.

Pros: The flight was much awesome
Cons: The Frodo add more food please

Pros: Free entertainment and snack. Customer service was great with my bags and had options for picking up and delivering
Cons: My bags were not there when I landed

Pros: Kind crew.

Pros: The crew for the rear of the plane for this flight was fantastic.
Cons: More Woodford reserve. Was only 1 available.

Cons: Crew service; food and general customer service

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: The crew, comfort, flight itself

Pros: Crew was nice and I was comfortable
Cons: Well on the way to Florida I had an entertainment screen that froze and in this flight the screen was blue needing maintenance so it was out of service too.

Pros: Not too much delay/ wait between flights
Cons: snacks ?

Pros: Seats were roomy and comfortable.

Pros: Crew did a great job!
Cons: Not much everything was smooth.

Pros: Great flying great time
Cons: Great flying great time

Pros: Crew was outstanding.
Cons: I had to check my carry on.

Cons: Food options

Cons: Bag check fee is steep for students.

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Delayed flight again. The American Airlines norm now. Seats are small. I ended up sharing part of mine with the man next to me. No food or snacks No entertainment. Not even a skymall magazine to keep me amused.

Cons: Small, cramped seating

Pros: American Airlines staff from checking to departation were very friendly.
Cons: Sat behind a couple with a small dog that was very stressed and barked at anyone that walked by. It was a late flight and I could have used a few winks.

Pros: Smooth sailing
Cons: N/a

Pros: Complimentary wine and beer but no food! Entertainment pretty good.
Cons: No food even for sale and no internet

Pros: Trip overall was great until getting baggage at baggage claim.
Cons: We waited 1 hr or more for our baggage to arrive at baggage claim and no one from AA told us anything until about 50 minutes into our wait that there was a weather delay so baggage crew couldn't work in the conditions. When we landed, the weather was fine so no one knew! Many people missed connections or had to run through the airport by time they got their bags. Better communication would have been easy to do to keep us informed.

Pros: The fact that they re-booked without me having to contact customer service.
Cons: The connecting flight was cancelled while boarding was in progress at the start of the journey.

Pros: The crew made up for almost of the terrible things about the flight.
Cons: The outdated plane had no plug in capability. No Gogo or individual in flight entertainment. The food was most inedible, the vegetarian snack was a hard baguette with old sliced tomatoes and wilted lettuce. I couldn’t eat most of what was served because it was so terrible.

Pros: Friendly staff.
Cons: Typically claustrophobic conditions. No in-flight entertainment.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Comfort

Pros: planes were on time, good flight

Cons: The plane was older and seat room was pretty bad. Under the seats was more open though.

Cons: Potable water was down so no coffee, tea, or more important... water to wash hands. Then they didn’t have my second choice of beverages after coffee either.

Pros: Considerate flight attendants. Turned lights down for evening flight, so we could get some rest.
Cons: Flight was not on time. Time was changed a day prior with no reason explained. No in flight entertainment on this flight.

Pros: Every thing. I am not rating it as excellent only for the 'Maxim' : "There is always scope for Improvement"
Cons: Nil. No complaints what so ever.

Pros: Great flight. Nice airplanes and friendly hostesses.

Cons: see review headline above

Pros: Appreciated the extra legroom and food and drink service, even on a short flight. Crew seemed very friendly.
Cons: It was way too cold. We shouldn't all be bundling up in scarves and jackets. I've noticed that European airlines manage nut to freeze the passengers, so three must be a way to adjust the standard temperature on planes a but more.

Cons: Both flights delayed. A six and a half hour drive took nine and a half hours by air.

Pros: There was an air traffic back-up for a few minutes, and instead of just letting us sit there wondering what was going on, the pilot gave us periodic updates on what was happening, which made the process much easier. Also, the flight attendants were friendly, which makes a big difference.

Pros: we had all the necessary conditions for work, rest, sleep and eating. The level of service has increased
Cons: Nothing

Pros: I had lots of space to my self

Cons: Sticking me in the middle row

Pros: Everything went well. No problems.

Pros: The plane crew were quite kind and efficient
Cons: When we bought our tickets we asked about how much time to allow between the London flight and our connection to Knoxville. We booked expecting to take the early connection if we could get thru customs early enough. We did, asked for boarding passes and were told it would cost $150.00 to take the earlier we sat for more than 3 hours waiting for our connection, after buying over $2,000 in airfare, traveling for 24 hours and seeing a partly empty plane leave Charlotte for Knoxville. We were the given the back two non reclining seats on the flight, even though we had booked weeks in no we felt very let down at the end of a difficult trip.

Pros: Overall very good
Cons: Nothing specific

Cons: Movies was good.

Pros: On time. Good crew and nicer flight.
Cons: Actually no complaints.

Pros: Please put n/a as an option. There was no entertainment for a flight lasting a little over an hour.

Pros: All

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Complementary waters atleast and boarding on time

Pros: Exceptional crew, easy boarding and flight
Cons: Everything was great

Pros: Everything (except the minimal seats)
Cons: Cushioned seats

Cons: I don't think any sanitization took place in between the people who rushed off the plane and when my flight boarded.

Pros: Great crew.
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Pop and pretzels

Cons: The ticket lady was rude just nasty and upset for no reason.

Pros: Florida was amazing. The people were very friendly.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Friendly crew.

Pros: This flight itself met all expectations and I am very pleased with Allegiant.
Cons: Communication & Technology @ check-in. I was never able to check in using the Allegiant phone app. Reason never communicated. Unable to check in online. Finally after a long hold over the phone I reached an agent who explained the system was updating. Bad set up. Could have been communicated!

Cons: Free cokes, water, and peanuts would be great.

Cons: Bad turbulence throughout the entire flight. Hot temperature during majority of flight.

Pros: We finally got to our destination
Cons: Uhh not boarding and then the pilot coming on and saying "whoops we have to deplane since the weather is bad." Really? Why not just delay boarding instead of putting everyone through that. Terrible experience

Cons: Unfriendly Flight attendants

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Super rude personelle

Pros: Boarding is always a pleasure out of Provo, with no security wait and a pleasant crew. The plane we took was a newer model, and is similar to many Fronteir and economy Delta planes. Unfortunately that means that even a short one-hour flight leaves pains.
Cons: Our ride was very turbulent, whether that’s due to weather or pioloting I’m not sure. Either way it would have been wonderful to have a free cup of water. Sat for de-icing for about 20 minutes before takeoff.

Pros: The staff were friendly and helpful and boarded us in an orderly manner.
Cons: Staff are part time employees and do not arrive to check in counter until 1.5 hours before flight. When flying out of this airport you do not need to arrive 2 hours early.

Pros: The staff was great
Cons: Seats were way to small for tall people with long legs...........

Pros: Cost of flight
Cons: Extra charges for everything! Couldn’t even get a cup of water.

Pros: Flight left early and was at destination 30 minutes earlier!
Cons: On the return trip, I had to wait 30 minutes for my luggage.

Cons: Flight delayed when we ere told it was early. Waited and waited.

Pros: People in my row.

Pros: It was exceervice

Pros: Great airfare, great staff, etc. Cant help that the passengers are idiots ! Love this place.

Pros: Keep the free snacks and drinks, NA or soda, I really just miss the legroom (nearly 6’ tall) and cushions, a chair that can ease back a bit. All airlines do this but you are worse than frontier, the major carriers have skimped but not like this.
Cons: 3 hour torture chamber. When she said it was their goal to make us comfortable, but more importantly to keep us safe I snorted laughter. It was a bit better and a lot shorter than the dark passage

Pros: Priority check-in and boarding were pleasant.
Cons: Very tight seats, even for a small person. No recline. Screaming children throughout the cabin.

Pros: The crew, from start to finish were great. From gate to gate The plane was nice and clean. The phone app was pretty well done also.
Cons: I know you have to make a buck but damn. Peddling food, drink all the charges and the credit card offer during the flight.

Pros: The friendly staff made our daughters 21 to Vegas absolutely perfect

Pros: Great service and very clean plane. Staff did everything to accommodate everyone's needs.
Cons: There was a lot more turnulance than expected which could have made for our shaky landing but the pilot did a great job regardless.

Pros: Very nice flight attendants.
Cons: 45 minute delay my 1st flight and a 2 hour delay on the 2nd. It's become so late so consistently that I don't even bother to arrive early anymore.

Pros: While I enjoy the fact that Allegiant offers direct flights to Laredo at an affordable price, the planes really need to be updated.
Cons: We really disliked that we boarded the plane and just before taking off they made us get off again and never did confirm the real reason. The planes really need better maintenance since this is the second time in two weeks we have to change planes due to problems.

Pros: Best flight for its Price. It was on time.

Pros: I am handicapped and was given the best possible service

Pros: The price of the flight was cheap, but i know why. You ended up paying for your carry on luggage, ypu pay for seat assignment if you want to guarentee sitting with you party, you pay for soda. My flight was 1.5 hours late, due to mechanical problem. Plane was janky and it felt like it STILL needed repairs.
Cons: Low airfare.

Pros: Easy boarding, smooth flight, quick cart service, fast flying
Cons: Seats are so small I was window seat with two men who were jammed up so uncomfortably in their seats I felt bad. I was cramped cause they had no choice but to spill over in my seat. I understand safety is important but unless the plane is in middle of taking off or landing, or horrible turbulence anyone should be able to use the bathroom. We had landed and were just sitting and waiting on a gate to open. My fellow travler happened to be on her period n was told No she could not use the bathroom. After the 3rd time of her being sent back I got up with her and a tampon in hand n told the staff they had no choice she was using that bathroom. Of course they had to phone the captain and ask for permission which he ok it, but seriously , what are we supposed to do just sit in our blood. That was not cool.

Cons: No complaints.

Cons: No leg room!

Cons: Arrival in Ft Lauderdale... Bags took an hour to get to carrousel. Never were posted on the information. Flight were, as expected, uncomfortable.

Pros: The price
Cons: Everything

Pros: direct flight to where i wanted to go was great initial fare was very low, add-ons added up though.
Cons: flight out was handled by Miami Air, lost the money i spent on a seat. everything costs extra, including printing a boarding pass. the app wouldn't let me check in so i had to go to the desk. i had to show the person that the app told me to go the desk then she printed the pass for free.

Pros: Airline was great. Told us right away they were only going to do one drink service so we could order two. Left on time and had no issues. Would definitely fly with them again. Even though you have to pay to check a bag, it's still a better deal than any other airline out there. People need to stop complaining about the extra fees, do you want cheap or not.
Cons: Nothing. Was exactly what I expected for a $35.00 flight.

Pros: It's a cheap direct flight. Seats don't recline, so if you're tall, you won't have anyone leaning into your knees.
Cons: The seats are really packed in, and people kept slamming into my elbow as they walked down the aisle. De-planing was a bit chaotic, I don't think many of these people fly regularly, and were having some serious heebie-jeebies at their bags being in an overhead compartment not immediately above their head. So before anyone was mobile or doors were open, there were large pieces of luggage being passed around through really crowded spaces. Chill, people. The baggage carousel at the new terminal was poorly designed, shutting down when people went to pick up their bags. It took awhile to get our bags, and we were scolded by the staff for tripping some sensor. I don't know what universe y'all live in, but in this one, you have to move close to the carousel to lift your bag. So the sensor tripped like three times and people were unhappy.

Cons: The flight from Las Vegas was changed twice

Pros: pleasant flight got there and back safely

Pros: Excellent direct flight at good price
Cons: Flight 339 not listed on TV monitors at Boise airport

Cons: Flight departure delayed two hours

Pros: Friendly crew. Flight on time
Cons: Felt like sardine in coach. Everything costs $$$

Cons: They found a grenade

Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: Flight attendant said there was no where to hang my suit, and the plane was soooo hot!

Cons: Hire people that don’t hate the job .

Pros: On time & well organized
Cons: All good. Average service, or lack thereof, for American carrier

Cons: Cleanliness of airplane. Vents and tray tables were very dirty

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delays, bumpy ride, narrow seats, no drinks.

Pros: The crew was really nice
Cons: Nothinh

Pros: Flight was canceled.

Pros: The crew was very nice
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Seats were uncomfortable and badly maintained. Seatback stowage netting was detached and useless. There was an equipment change (new larger aircraft) I had a B (aisle seat) on the original aircraft and on the new plane my "B" seat became a middle seat. This was completely unsatisfactory.
Cons: Lack of communication from flight deck or cabin crew as to engine shutdown and takeoff delay at MSO. Just plain irritating and completely unnecessary

Pros: It was a pretty good flight. Everything was great other than I felt very rushed and felt like I bothered the flight attendant when I asked for sugar with my tea. I tried to ask for a stir stick with my sugar but she had already moved on. The flight was also very cold.
Cons: The temperature could have been warmer (i had pants and 4 shirts on and still felt cold). I also felt like I was rushed and unable to get all the items I needed with my tea from the female flight attendant.

Cons: Plane was over four hours late to depart! United did keep me up-dated but the reason for the delays kept changing!

Cons: Pilot was late

Cons: Seats are not very big.

Pros: I had an excellent sandwich on the flight from Germany. The Coach cabin crew were very good.
Cons: Good price for money paid.

Cons: flight delayed by 3 hours. no reason given- effected subsequent schedule...

Cons: In flight entertainment was very spotty and would almost be better if it wasn't available.

Pros: Friendliness of Crew
Cons: Seat handles would not go all the way up. Did not make for enough room with an empty seat righ beside me.

Pros: Departed early for an early arrival which was pleasant.
Cons: It was fine, roomie since I had my own seat section to myself

Pros: Friendly crew.
Cons: Had a mechanical issue we were told didn't need fixed to fly the plane. Took 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete safety checklist so we could take off. We missed our connecting flight to Cancun.

Pros: The flight was fast, quiet, and had a friendly crew
Cons: We were delayed almost an hour because there was no crew. But, who needs to leave on time when the pilot floors it and gets you there almost on time?

Pros: My seat and space was good. The plane boarded on time and left on time.
Cons: The stewardess Susan Schultz was rude at the end of the flight.

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Late departure not good with wheelchair disability services

Cons: Lines

Pros: The flight was very pleasant!
Cons: The landing was pretty brutal!

Pros: Polite
Cons: Wait in Houston. Delayed flights. Not united fault

Pros: No entertainment due to short flight

Cons: Mechanical problems caused a delay in departure. United Airlines put us on another TWO flights to get us to our destination. Arrived almost eight hours after originally scheduled. Traveled across the ocean to witness and perform my niece's wedding ceremony. I am the priest who is marrying them and conducting the ceremony and the whole wedding was missed and ruined. All this travel for nothing. Very upset and dissatisfied that United airlines did not put us on a different airlines in order to ensure my timely arrival. No attempt was made to rectify the situation. This was not the itinerary I paid for! In my original schedule, I would have had plenty of time to arrive in Dublin, pick up my rental car, proceed to the hotel, get dressed, drive to the wedding site, and perform the ceremony. Because of my absence, the ceremony could not take place and everything is ruined. United Airlines could have at least offered some kind of monetary compensation or travel voucher to apologize for their mistakes. Will not travel with them again. Very very dissatisfied. Will make sure everyone knows how their issues affected my travel and tell others not to travel on United. What a terrible way to start our journey. This confirms the horrible reputation that United has earned in recent weeks in the media.

Pros: The plane was newer and reasonably clean looking.
Cons: I was on the last row in a window seat. Throughout the entire flight tiny ice pellets kept flying out of the vent system above my head. When I mentioned it to the flight attendant, she just shrugged and said "it's just the air conditioner ", like tough luck. That was the only time I saw the attendant. No drinks, no snacks. I guess she didn't have time for the last 4 rows of seats, although the flight was 1 1/2 hours long.

Cons: Delays, delays, delays. Total of 4 hours delayed.

Pros: The young ladies who booked hotel after flight was cancelled and worked to get ne on a different flight closer to my interview was great.
Cons: 3-4 delays. Boarded the flight and then told we did not make the cut off time and pilot could not legally fly!!!!!! The stewards was NOT nice at all. The way she scolded a man for changing seats was embarrassing. I was utterly disgusted. Tgeybdud not explain the sense of urgency needed when boarding. Passengers would have moved faster.

Pros: We finally arrived safely.
Cons: The plane was filthy and crew was not very helpful.

Pros: Even though this was a smaller plane, the seats were roomier

Pros: Courteous attendant. Light snack provided were enjoyable.
Cons: N/A

Pros: the fact that I could pay for more comfort with an upgrade
Cons: When the crew moved a baby, Mom, and Dad to the upgraded seats for free...And the baby cried the entire flight. Not the baby or parents fault...The crew member did take paying upgrades into consideration. I should get my money bac

Cons: Didn't get in until 3am

Pros: Excellent personnel, friendly and efficient.
Cons: I was sitting in the boarding area and it was a quiet space, but I didn't hear the boarding announcement. I did get up when I saw that others were but meanwhile still didn't hear continuing announcements. Thank goodness for the excellent boarding sign which noted what zone was boarding.

Pros: The crew and flight staff were friendly and professional.
Cons: The seats are very narrow and crowded and the seat backs do not go back far enough to provide any additional comfort. The 1.5 hr flight only had peanuts or pretzels for a snack

Cons: Due to the delay of the flight from Palm Springs to Denver, our layover was much longer in Denver, and the flight to Louisville was delayed numerous times.

Cons: This airline is so beyond awful. American has the most janky planes, uncomfortable seats, and worst service on the plane. I had to beg the flight attendant to get me a wine because I was asleep when they came by and missed them by not even a half hour... She acted like it was so hard and it took asking 4 times and finally just asking another person. I was so annoyed. They also have shitty food selections per usual. Who chooses those snack items?! They clearly have no taste. I was miserable the whole flight. I usually am not a miserable traveler so this isn't just me being negative, I seriously may write one review every few months, only if something is really good or really bad. The fact that I'm even taking the time to write this says a lot!!!

Pros: Will never fly United Airlines!!
Cons: Customer Service was terrible!!

Cons: No entertainment provided

Pros: Everything went fine no problems and it was XMAS eve

Pros: It was a great flight

Pros: Flight left and arrived on time. Good service on board.
Cons: For boarding at the gate, attendant scanned boarding passes at one terminal and asked passengers to board next to another terminal across the room. Anyone could have walked onto the plane without a boarding pass, which seems to be a security concern. It felt as if I was seated over the rear wheels of the plane. During taxi and takeoff, there was an irregular bump that made a noise and vibrated the plane every second or so, and sped up as the plane sped up. I was concerned that something was the matter with the tire or wheel.

Pros: Crew service,food was excellent, entertain was ok except the audio no music selection to cannot choose individual music cannot forward or playback songs but overall it was an excellent flight especially Shanghai to Sfo trip

Pros: Arrived to destination early
Cons: Asked to be moved to an empty row. Was told "no" by the stewardess, she then offered that same row to another passenger 5 minutes later.

Cons: •Security was very weird and aggressive towards me. I was "acting suspiciously" was my first flight alone and I was confused on where to go •Sat on runway for 30 mins after we landed •Super small plane, barely any room to walk on/off plane

Cons: It was delayed

Pros: Ticket agent got us on a Delta flight.
Cons: Flight was cancelled.

Pros: No delay! Earlier then expected.
Cons: Not to comfy.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Kentucky to Louisville

Airlines flying from Kentucky to Louisville have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Kentucky to Louisville

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Kentucky to Louisville

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Kentucky to Louisville

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Kentucky to Louisville

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Kentucky to Louisville

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