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Top 3 airlines serving Louisiana to Panama City NW Florida Beaches

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 29844 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: I wouldn’t know t
Cons: To let me on the flight

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Pros: I wouldn’t know t
Cons: To let me on the flight

Pros: Crew was fantastic. Seats are narrow in space, but more comfortable than other airlines.
Cons: Drink and snack service, but captain was concerned about "bumps"

Pros: Ok
Cons: So uncomfortable with tiny seats

Pros: Good flight, got home early.

Cons: the food

Pros: Assertive
Cons: Hand out headphones, my phone doesn’t have compatibility.

Pros: price great; direct flight;
Cons: cramped

Cons: Flight delay

Pros: On time, comfortable flight. Great crew and service.
Cons: Nothing. Everything was great.

Pros: At the airport things were quite, security was fast. Boarding was fast and smooth. I’ve flown with delta a lot and also a lot of others (cheaper ones) and I’m always happy when I get a delta flight things are always calmer and less crowded!
Cons: N/a

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: I wish there was a way to access the delta movies in small planes that don’t have seat back entertainment

Pros: Crew was great as always. Friendly and professional
Cons: We had a delay that complicated our getting home but all ended up OK

Pros: Boarding was fast
Cons: The seats were incredibly uncomfortable. This was a Comfort + seat. Very hard, unbearable for an overnight flight.

Pros: Crew was amazing and super helpful.
Cons: Just the fumes of fuel inside the cabin was nauseating. Never had similar issue with air travel before.

Cons: Leg room was lacking.

Pros: New plane. Great movie selection. More stylish seats + bathroom. Overall very good and I think Delta has really made an effort to improve it's service. It's noticeable.
Cons: Plane felt very dry compared to others. The electrical plug outlet jams right at around your knee level. Bread was cold and rock hard (seriously, can we not come up with a good solution for this?).

Pros: Left ontime great breakfast. Good service No complaints
Cons: I loved the trip No negative comments.

Pros: Cabin service was decent
Cons: Food was cold. First class service could have been more attentive. While trying to sleep crew talked the entire time.

Pros: I liked that I was able to check my carry-on to for free
Cons: I hated the seat and zone that I was assigned. I was literally the last seat in the back and also the very last person to board and get off the plane. It was terrible. Please select better seats for customers

Pros: Great services ce.

Pros: The Gate Agents were excellent and very helpful with accommodating our family traveling with an infant and a six year old.
Cons: The flight attendant saw that we were confused about the seat map and did not offer any assistance.

Pros: Everything. Pilots and crew

Pros: Nice crew members always polite and courteous.maybe over polite if anything. Australians don't require subservient service deliverers. The constant "your very welcome" regardless of the service and response to that delivery is off-putting to me. But al in all pretty good in most areas.
Cons: ON ticketing at New Orleans I wasn't allocated a seat number. At the gate shortly prior to boarding I needed to attend the desk for that allocation. I was also not told which Terminal the plane would go to in LAX and which terminal the connecting flight would be leaving from. They were not sure! Consequently I floundered around at LAX wasting time and bothering people for information that should have been known to me. The security checks are over the top and inconsistent in the US.

Pros: I enjoyed the upholstery and comfort of the chairs.
Cons: I prefer to be made aware of delayed flights sooner than an hour before the flight. I would much rather wait in the comfort of home or a hotel over waiting in the airport.

Pros: I liked getting home
Cons: I didn’t like the delays without warning or any benefits at the end.

Pros: The crew was friendly and accommodating. Although the flight was several hours late the crew and staff were very professional and apologetic. The alerts were accurate and timely. Once we were in flight I was extremely please with the ride. Thanks to the captain and crew my granddaughter and I made it home safely.
Cons: The plane was delayed several hours.

Cons: The overhead bin did not stay down low enough so that I could place my bag in. It would lower then before I could place my bag raise slightly by a few inches. For someone of my height (5’5”) that was problematic. Fortunately another passenger saw my dilemma and held the bin lower to its full opening capacity. This also momentarily slowed down the boarding process.

Pros: Love the new in-cabin wi-fi, USB charging station, and menu of in-flight entertainment and resources on the individual flatscreens.

Cons: If some takes up two seats , then they should buy two seats. Very simple

Cons: There was no gluten free snack option.

Cons: The gate crew did not change seats for my family & I to sit together (spouse, baby & I, grand parents) The flight was late leaving as the troops returning home were late. That part was ok, but they could have changed their seats so my family and i could sit together. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have minded given they were all on their 4th flight if the day. It seemed that the gate crew was not budging. If my parents hadn’t had 2 seats together my daughter would have had to sit with a stranger. That’s not acceptable.

Cons: Extremely long queue

Pros: Friendly staff..
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Good service, on time, clean planes
Cons: The commuter Jets seats are really small unless you pay for Delta Comfort

Pros: Free pretzels and drink
Cons: Not enough overhead space for everyone's carry-on bags so I sat with mine down by my feet which left me little foot space. Was a bit uncomfortable

Cons: N/an/a

Pros: The fact that there were no delays!
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Left ontime, arrived 30minutes early.

Cons: Delay from Seattle to pasco.

Pros: Meg, our stewardess came out to tell us there would not be any coffee on a 6 AM flight and that we had time to get coffee, if needed. She kept us informed of flight delays, helpful with my bags.
Cons: There was nothing that could be done, but due to construction at the airport, waited on tarmac for an hour before we could get to a gate, then they had problems with the ramp and that had to be addressed. But pilot was very good about keeping us informed on delays and he was as frustrated as we were.

Pros: Very nice employees. Coke, peanuts good.
Cons: Outgoing plane had tv screens, large, with good movie choices, but was an hour late. Returning, if you brought a phone, you can get an app. My phone is about four inches. No good movies. Seats even smaller on this "new plane." Deboarding chaos. Everyone unhappy. Hour late again.

Cons: It was a great flight. We got there earlier then arrive time. Thank You

Pros: Quick and Easy
Cons: It would be nice to over drinks at least. I know its a short flight but coffee would have been nice.

Pros: The complimentary entertainment was great, made the flight enjoyable.
Cons: The con was the need for a connecting flight and the second plane didn't have the same perks.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I did not like the fact that I have been with Delta for years and their response to me about booking my flight and using the payment method was they are working on it and there is nothing they can do. They would not even offer to hold my flight for 24 hours in case they fixed the issue within that time frame. It was very disappointing.

Pros: It was actually a flight from new Orleans to Detroit. Seats were assigned at the gate for myself and many others. It seemed like the gate agent didn't care where she assigned guests who were travelling together as several people were not able to sit with their travel companion. Once I was on the plane I however switched with someone to allow them to sit next to their companion and put me closers to mine. Everything else went smoothly.

Cons: No entertainment available at all. There were empty seats available and passenger next to me in the aisle seat was not offered to move--she fell asleep with her legs crossed and kept kicking me in the middle seat--I was traveling with the window seat passenger.

Cons: The flight was delayed when the pilot's tablet failed and he had to run to operations to get another. Seemed odd. While this was going on they decided to fuel the plane. Seemed like an excuse because they didn't have their act together on the fueling. Tablets are pretty reliable, do they really rely upon an ipad to get us where we are going?

Pros: really close to a SkyClub - it seems like the connections to Panama City usually get stuck at the end of the concourse, so this was a pleasant change
Cons: Alaska seems to do a much better job in getting the people to stay out of the boarding area until their zone is boarding. At least they make it a point of emphasis.

Pros: Price
Cons: Had to cancel. Delta will not refund and makes it near impossible to book another flight!

Cons: Very friendly and safe staff

Pros: Quick Flight and nice crew.
Cons: The crew wasn't the problem at all. Some of the passengers were just being obnoxious and sitting next to their friends not what their seat numbers were. The BIGGEST problem are the packed planes with no social distance between passengers which is a HUGE concern for me.

Cons: More room on the aircraft. More shops open in DFW.

Pros: The crew for the rear of the plane for this flight was fantastic.
Cons: More Woodford reserve. Was only 1 available.

Cons: boarding, seating, entertainment

Cons: 2 1/2 hour delay; confusing messaging from staff about having to get a hotel because the delay caused us to miss our connection; but then we were told to hurry and get our connection anyway; there's no padding in the seats - very uncomfortable.

Pros: How fast we borad the airplane the sever was good and nice respectful
Cons: Just speed up little fast unload the airplane

Cons: They gate checked everyone's bags starting with group 5.

Pros: Crew was nice but flight was delayed due to maintenance so I’m still stuck at the airport here and no vouchers for anything.
Cons: Flight would’ve been on time

Cons: Not lost my bag!

Pros: nothing
Cons: the flight was delayed till the next day and we sat in tarmax 4 hours

Cons: Ticket agent was rude and 3 flights later found a super sweet ticket agent but 10 hours longer to get to my destination

Pros: It was fast
Cons: They could have offered headphones, the charging outlet didn’t work

Pros: The crew was fantastic. The food was excellent
Cons: seat room space

Pros: Crew was nice and made sure we were all comfortable before taken off :)
Cons: I was thirsty on the way back but we were not offered anything to drink so I waited till we landed to buy a drink, other then that was very enjoyable. Plan on using America airlines again

Cons: Didn’t fly

Pros: Very friendly crew
Cons: N/a

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: Crappy food, not even outlets for laptop chargers for those who need to work during a 5-hr flight. Barely stacks up to delta or JetBlue, won’t be flying American again anytime soon.

Pros: good

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Our honeymoon started off with American airlines delaying us by 3 hours in Miami causing us to miss our flight to Iceland and now we are stuck in Dallas paying out of pocket for everything because American does not reimburse anything. Just brutal.

Cons: We waited on the check - in line for 3 hours because only 2 customer service reps were there to check-in customers. In 3 hours, only 2 people were assisted, causing us to miss our flight. I was traveling with my infant daughter on her first flight, I wasn't able to nurse her or change her. What a terrible experience. Are you working with American Airlines to improve their customer service? Surely, because you offer their flights in your site you support their practices. I just wanted a comfortable and reliable flight for my family. It's been very frustrating so far...

Pros: I love your entertainment selection. also the comfort of seat and it's on time.

Pros: The touch down at MSP. Was sitting over the wing and barely felt it.
Cons: Was told carry on needed to be checked because there wasn't any more overhead room for my 9X14X16. So then I had to dig through it at the gate to remove lithium batteries and it took an additional 20+ minutes at MSP to get to baggage claim/wait/claim bag. There was plenty of room in overhead storage for my bag.

Cons: I was stranded at the airport for hours until getting a last minute flight to Palm Springs which was 2 hours further from where I was originally headed and had to have my ride drive all the way down there to pick me up, not happy!

Pros: The confort seat, and service

Pros: I was taking students and we had seats all over but they rearranged so my students could sit together. It was a nice flight with a friendly crew.

Cons: Not much leg room, seats are narrow.

Cons: flight delayed in Mazatlan 115 minutes, although told time would be made by pilot, not true.. No help in DFW, missed flight, had tickets in first and had to settle for coach 3 hrs. later.

Cons: For first class, I was expecting a meal which I was told was included. I only got snacks. There was inflight entertainment. However, I was not able to choose what I wanted to see and it's a shared screen. Only other option is to purchase WiFi in order to view something else on my phone or other electronic device. For first class, WiFi usage should be included in the package.

Cons: I am very disappointed that I was not sitting with my family. We did not pay to upgrade our seats and allowed AA to choose our seats. I am very surprised that they would not take families traveling together into consideration, especially when we booked all at the same time and far in advance. At the very least sit two together. My daughter sat between two straight, and was very uncomfortable. It made her ill. I will not fly long flights with American again.

Pros: Having it finished without losing my luggage. Nothing else went right.
Cons: Delay of one hour for missing crew member, delay of another hour sitting on runway waiting for revised takeoff queue, delay of another hour going back to gate due to equipment failure waiting in queue.

Pros: Flight on time .

Pros: On time, staff at gate and on plane friendly and courteous.
Cons: No plug for electronics. Seats crowded with heavy person next to me.

Pros: Easy boarding. Comfortable seating, congenial crew. Provided wheelchair service as requested with no glitches
Cons: Food was subpar for class of service

Pros: The movie selection was good, although it was in Italian. The drink selection was good. Thanks for the pillow and blanket.
Cons: I began flying when airline attendants were called airline stewardesses. Their personality plus attitudes and attention to detail reflected on the overall image of the airline, and did not make me feel like a second rate citizen in a second class seat. I've noticed over the last decade-plus that this has changed. I've been rudely spoken to for reaching for a napkin off the cart as I was not given one with my drink. My elbow was hit by the cart as it moved from back to front of isle, and no apology followed. The garbage was collected moving back to front, so I had to get the attention of the attendant after she flew by me. I thoroughly researched the size of the suitcase required prior to flying, and bought a new one to meet the requirements. My suitcase did not fit on American Airlines. Why am I bringing up American Airline? When getting to the airport in Milan, Italy, 2 1/2 hours prior to flight departure, I approached the British Airway counter. As no one was there, I proceeded to believe I was too early, so I had breakfast. I again approached the British Airway counter and still no one was there. On my way to the bathroom, I found the flight board and followed the directions. I searched for British airlines at the gate I was directed to, but was unable to find it. I asked an attendant, and I was directed to the American Airline gate. It was very confusing. It would have been nice if there was a sign at the British Airways counter directing its customers to American Airlines.

Cons: Check in at Paris took 2 hours to get through passport control and baggage pick up.

Pros: Although the flight was delayed from San Jose and Chicago yet they reached as per original schedule time

Pros: Got to watch movies
Cons: Couldn't eat the meal both had dairy no other choice

Pros: Once in the air things went well.
Cons: We spent more time on the tarmac than in the air. The plane was unusually noisy on landing. There was little room

Cons: Los asiento demasiados pegado. Y el snack muy pobre

Cons: There was no wifi

Cons: Seat broken tray table broken reading light did not work 15 total hours in the air and 7 of them the movie system did not work Paid for upgraded seat and did not get one - got moved to a standard seat.

Pros: It wasn't bad for an American based international flight, but also not wonderful. Crew was great. Snacks were good. The extensive entertainment options were great and enjoyed extensively.
Cons: The vegetarian options were AWFUL. Like, really really bad. Seats seemed smaller than previous flights.

Pros: Overall the flight was fine. There was plenty of room in the seats and leg room (economy). I'm 6'2" and never felt there wasn't enough leg room or hip room in the seat. There was good service throughout. There were good entertainment options. The food was very good. Arrived early. I checked to purchase this flight directly with AA but found it to be cheaper booking through Kayak choosing British Airlines. I will look here again to be sure.
Cons: Beware of sitting on the aisle. Those drink carts can get you. This is true with any airline that uses drink carts. Also, I was seated in the aisle seat that went from four seats in the middle to three seats in the middle as the airplane progressed toward the back galley. I was in the last 4 seat across and was bumped constantly by people coming up from behind, particularly by one flight attendant. I will be sure not to choose that seat in the future.

Pros: Good foot room.
Cons: The Crew were incredibly rude, and the pilot was unapologetic for being late coming back. They offered little to no comfort. They replied rudely to people when they asked them to repeat themselves because they couldn't hear. They were not very helpful and seemed annoyed and irritable. The plane was uncomfortable and the screens in front of me were useless because they were so low quality. The air craft has an option for fax but has no USB charger or port for a 10 hour flight. The aircraft I was on was not fit for that long of a distance.

Cons: When I got to the terminal there was no Iberia flight. Stuff from other flight company told me Iberia does not operate anymore. Shocked. I asked the stuff what to do, they called on the phone for me and told me their flights was transferred to American Airlines instead in another terminal. When I walked to the other terminal I was already too late. Paid $300 extra for rebooking. No one picked up the phone when I called service either. Never trusting this company again. Worst experience had.

Pros: I was in a seat in coach that was appalling. (28C?), one row behind the exit row seating. I am only 5' 8" but could not cross my legs. The guy to my left was KNITTING, so was constantly jogging my arm which I carefully had kept inside the armrest on my side. I will avoid flying in a BA 747 in future. Even Business is awful on those jets. I flew in Business once, and thought the head to tail layout was the worst I have experienced. I pulled down the joint divider and thought the person in the next bed was dead, he was lying there with his arms crossed over his chest! It's time to update the 747's or retire them.
Cons: The pathetic little 4.5" times 3.5" screen in the seatback was a joke in today's environment.

Pros: Everyone was so nice
Cons: They didn't give me a drink

Pros: Flights were on time if not early-Excellent
Cons: E tickets or even itinerary should have terminals listed on E ticket LGA-got off at Am terminal B to find out I was leaving from C Had to take shuttle to C. Return to NY same issue-had to ask what terminal I was at To notify my driver once I was off the plane.

Pros: Amazing crew!
Cons: Keep traveler's updated on delays.

Pros: Crew was helpful, both in the air and on the ground
Cons: Wasn’t able to do my pre-check via the airline due to a technical glitch on their end, but boarding staff was very helpful and should be commended. Their also wasn’t any inflight entertainment options, which for a 4 plus hour flight would be helpful

Pros: I booked business, so not too bad.
Cons: I don't know why United doesn't take the 8 hr flight to Honolulu as serious as they do international flights. The business class was like being in Priorty seats with food and reclining. I was in the middle seat of 4 seats. still a crowed feeling. I would not waste my money on business on that flight

Cons: Flight was good. Since flying is everyday anymore if you want perks you will just have to pay for something more.

Pros: All the kind staff from checking in to leaving the airport.!! All well maintained and experienced to cover all very professional,
Cons: The variety of food items or snacks on the plane would be so wonderful. Even for purchase.

Cons: Cabin felt quite warm

Cons: I upgraded to first class in order to have a couple adult beverages but the flight attendant decided to hide and eat her meal before serving the passengers. We were more then Hal way before she made her rounds with drinks. Not a pleasant experience at all.

Cons: Significant delay-no weather issues, didn't make sense.

Pros: Excellent customer service, flight attendants were responsive and attentive.

Cons: Both flights were delayed, i was stuck in the airport for hours, i missed my meeting because of the first flight. I understand one flight being delayed but two? Are all of your flights like this? Because if so, i cannot rely on united Airlines

Cons: Wasted a lot of time for boarding. Not smooth at all

Pros: Not many people on board. Had the 2 seat row to myself.
Cons: Bathroom was disgusting

Pros: It was on time
Cons: EVERYTHING. Cramped noosey and the tv wouldn’t power off so I couldn’t sleep for 4 hrs never again.

Pros: Everything.

Cons: They mentioned that the flight might be rough. It was not. I thought they might would offer us a to-go snack. They did not. Silly, I know, but I love air plane snacks!

Pros: On time. Friendly crew
Cons: Very tight. Not food except snack.

Cons: After 5 delays, 10 text alerts for boarding and gate chances flight cancelled with no rescheduling assistance. Did not have customer service representative tell us the flight was cancelled had to call 1-800 number. It was horrible.

Pros: Surprising amount of legroom, comfortable, the plane wasn't packed with people
Cons: Small plane

Pros: At least it wasn't the next day?
Cons: I booked A flight from in Oregon to Tucson Arizona but the layover in San Francisco . The flight from Oregon to California was delayed by an hour and a half which caused me to misconnect. United didn't offer me anything, not even a sorry. Terrible service.

Pros: It was very good for my first flight on a plane

Pros: Very puntual
Cons: On time

Pros: Comfortable..
Cons: The price. It was a little expensive

Pros: I was extremely late getting to the airport due to traffic accidents. The crew held the door open for me after security let them know I was there. I am truly thankfull!

Pros: Flight missed and now sitting here in an empty airport waiting for my next day flight at 650PM. Btw all local hotels are booked. Thank you United for stranding an active duty Soldier!
Cons: Flight missed and now sitting here in an empty airport waiting for my next day flight at 650PM. Btw all local hotels are booked. Thank you United for stranding an active duty Soldier!

Pros: The flight attendant was GREAT!!!!
Cons: Again with the pretzels

Pros: Easy check in, friendly crew, easy boarding procedure
Cons: I don't like being nickel and dimed for using the entertainment system on a 6 hour flight

Pros: Ot was a short flight.
Cons: Arriving in houston and having to walk in the rain on the tarmac, having a 3 hour lay over, Houston is in the opposite direction of florida from louisiana.

Cons: No tv or movies

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Crew was horrible. Seat was so tight that it shouldn't be legal!

Pros: Flights were on-time.
Cons: They made me checked the bag at the airplane gate and it took forever to get the luggage from the baggage claim once we landed.

Pros: Dinner was good, awesome entertainment options. Staff was really nice.
Cons: I don't know what it is about American-run airlines but they always make you feel like a sardine. The seats are so uncomfortable. My boyfriend and is butts were numb by 3 hours in. We did not have this experience when flying ANA to Tokyo. Also, not a fan of the breakfast options.

Pros: I didnt like anything. Once back in USA we were discriminated for talking about our distaste for Donald Trump. Someone was offended and we were kicked off. Unconstitutional.

Pros: It was a very good flight, everyone was happy, so no complaints!

Pros: The price was excellent considering it was a last minute purchase
Cons: There could be courtesy boarding for military members.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The price

Cons: Plane caused delay

Pros: Nothing it didn't happen.
Cons: The flight was cancelled and I was not helped with a hotel or car so now I am stuck for two more days until I can get home

Pros: The crew was friendly and helpful. The flight arrived early.

Cons: Entertainment options were subpar. Direct TV has a an extra charge, and free programming was just the same show repeated twice on a 4 hour flight.

Cons: Flight delayed.

Pros: Great flight. Everything was on time and went smoothly

Pros: There was more room on this flight. Comfortable. Staff was nice.
Cons: Gate change/delay

Cons: United is unorganized!!!

Pros: There is professional, courteous service from beginning of the flight to exit of one's final flight.
Cons: N/A

Pros: The services very nice
Cons: It's very good service

Pros: Direct tv in united codeshare flt

Cons: Plane was small with very loud engine

Cons: Flight was canceled completely. No email was send about the cancelation or explanation. Agents weren't helpful with readjusting flights

Pros: I was satisfied with the friendliness of the flight crew. The comfort of the flight was satisfactory also.
Cons: I was unhappy with the handing of my luggage when unloaded plane side in Houston. The unwillingness of the representatives of United to help was extremely dissapointing. My flight being delayed I guess was just the icing on the cake.

Pros: Direct cheap flight
Cons: Flight attendant was hard to understand over speaker.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Louisiana to Panama City

Airlines flying from Louisiana to Panama City have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Louisiana to Panama City

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Louisiana to Panama City

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Louisiana to Panama City

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Louisiana to Panama City

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Louisiana to Panama City

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