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Nov 5 — Nov 121
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Sat 11/5
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American AirlinesOverall score based on 48832 reviews
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Wifi to wick to connect or hold connection

Just one bad / lazy crew member ruined the experience… she struck my knee with the cart while I was sleeping and kept rolling about without any acknowledgment or apology. I get that you may be tired of your job, but I doubt that kind of blasé behavior would fly in any service industry.

Like the available movies, but boarding could be better, it was just a big close crowd. Food can also be improved. Seats were uncomfortable.

Bad new first class seats. No service

…sat in a window seat with a window that was either dirty or fogged over and couldn’t see out. …the flight was delayed and late for unspecified reasons.

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "More seat room"
Pros: "Everything except the rental agreement"
Cons: "Service and media"
Pros: "Yes everything was great"
Cons: "Nothing everything was great"
Cons: "No food or beverage service while in COVID mood. Pilates and flight crews were inconsistent with using masks. However overhead announcements by AA constantly stated that face mask were required and that the could prevent you from traveling with AA."
Pros: "The crew was great if bored out of their minds with little to do."
Cons: "Could have been on time."
Pros: "On time, main cabin extra was great, crew was nice, entertainment was great."
Cons: "No criticism"
Cons: "The American Airlines staff seemed like they were in a bad mood, not very friendly. Nothing outrageous though."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Yes"
Pros: "The pilot did great job.brought us before time."
Cons: "Pay extra for bag :( No video screen No food The check in area was mooved without notice."
Pros: "The entertainment options"
Cons: "The flight was delayed because of another flight before ours and there was poor communication."
Pros: "On time despite ground hold"
Cons: "Having flight attendants board with 4 bags and taking most storage"
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "4.5 hour flight to international destination and no meal provided. As usual, if you want a snack pay more. Slow chaotic boarding."
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "No entertainment or WiFi at all"
Pros: "Everything was great on the AA flight"
Cons: "A delay in take off"
Cons: "Even though we pay exorbinant prices: The poorest selection of non-meat vegetarian food."
Pros: "The flight crew"
Cons: "Small space. Old plane. Tight seats."
Pros: "Attentive and caring flight crew. Speedy and efficient boarding."
Cons: "Food was not that great. Entertainment Monitor kept freezing which was a bit annoying."
Pros: "I appreciated that they were interested in the general welfare of the whole craft in the midst of storms."
Cons: "The long delays, the cancellation near midnight, the long lines to what I thought was going to be some type of reimbursement for all the inconvenience at now having to find lodging for the evening, spend an entire day back at the airport, and transport myself from the NEW airport they made available for me from the original airport I had chosen. Absolutely NO compensation or reimbursement due to "weather." While I understand they can't control the weather, this is literally one of the greatest elements in their company. They should have provisions FOR it. Running out of airlines I could trust and rely on, and thought American would deliver. But No, not even this one. Extremely disappointed and staying away from AA."
Pros: "Good legroom, nice crew, temperature was comfortable, arrived ahead of schedule even though we sat on the departure tarmac for at least 30 min after we left the gate."
Cons: "Sitting on the tarmac and no individual screens on one flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing was good! Horrible horrible airline!"
Pros: "All"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Staff did good jobn"
Cons: "No movie screens on overseas flight. I called day before departure and they couldn’t even tell me yes or no on that question."
Pros: "Best fligh I had in some time. Left on time, arrived early very attentitive crew (with smiles as they worked through the rear cabin - wish I had their names to give recognition for/to). Food rating should have had a ‘NA’ as I nor partner did not consume any food."
Cons: "Can’t think of one thing - unless a flying saucer could have delivered me like in about 5 minutes to Cabo! Ok - maybe one thing: charging for a checked bag on international flight seems rediculous (you asked)."
Cons: "The food options on the brochure were not available, flight attendants had bad attitude and negative vibe"
Cons: "Just never enough leg room❗️"
Pros: "Friendliness of gate staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Got to pick my seat. Got food. Spacious. Timely. Friendly. And best of all.. the middle seat was open and I got some extra leg room!"
Cons: "Hey for airplane food I can't complain. Especially since I didn't even know I'd be getting any. (For free!). The chicken and mashed potatoes were a little funky but still ate and enjoyed it."
Cons: "Check in at Paris took 2 hours to get through passport control and baggage pick up."
Pros: "Smooth flight and on time."
Cons: "Small plane. Even small carry-ons had to be gate checked"
Pros: "Very nice flight. Nothing unexpected."
Pros: "Great service and Manchester is way better than flying to Boston"
Cons: "Your rating app doesn't have a N/A option"
Cons: "Carry on luggage does not fit for the whole plane. We had to check and wait for it to be unloaded in the jetway."
Pros: "I think they were holding the plane for a connection flight arrival."
Cons: "I did not fly I lost my flight they had a problem with the airplane on my flight from brasilia to sao paulo so I arrived late lost the connection to my other flight from Sao Paulo to LAX. Also they lost my luggage. LATAM and American Air Lines doesnt know where my luggage is. I arrived at my LAX 12 hours after. They still dont know where my luggage is"
Pros: "Everything was very pleasant for myself and my four year old grandson. Have never had any problems flying with American Airlines. Thank you"
Pros: "My two Grandchildren and Daughter and Son in Law were bumped from first class due to change in equipment. There was no refund or other compensation offered at the gate. Agent said to contact AA customer service."
Pros: "Boarded on time and was easy"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "No delays, went smoothly. Had to check my bag at the gate but no big deal."
Cons: "None"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "It was BLAH!"
Pros: "No food served. Late take off. Seats cramped. Forced to carry on bags, then asked to check for free, if they don't fit. That forces everyone to fight to get on the plane, to get the best place for their luggage. Why not remove the $25 fee on the checking the first bag?"
Cons: "Movies was good."

Flew United Airlines. Was planning to get some work done on the flight. Had to use the flashlight on my smartphone because the overhead light for my seat would only stay on for a couple seconds before turning off. Just another example of United not maintaining their planes like they used to.

Cons: "They lost one of our parties luggage. How do two bags make it to the destination, and one not??"
Cons: "I wish the WiFi worked better and did not break down."
Pros: "Everything was great. On time, great room, pleasant staff!!!"
Pros: "Made a 50 minute connection (from Milano) flawlessly. We were going to SFO and the LAX connection was even closer, but United/Lufthansa helped those passengers with expedited transport. Impressive. In contrast, we missed a SFO-Frankfurt-Nairobi connection a few months ago due to VERY sloppily organized security clearance there (and no help from Lufthansa). Moral: Don't try for transfer times less than 2+ hours in Frankfurt when coming from the States no matter what United/Lufthansa says!"
Pros: "Easy short flight."
Cons: "Plane was pretty compact and crowded."
Cons: "Couldn't connect to the onboard entertainment system through my laptop."
Pros: "Finally got home"
Cons: "Arrived at gate at1:15 boarded at 6:25 4 hours waiting for plane to arrive"
Pros: "Good. Seating. Not too crowded"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "Nothing..."
Cons: "50 characters isn’t enough to describe the pain I went through. United airlines screwed me. Canceled flight and didn’t compensate me only with a flight to Chicago and a 15 hour wait for the next flight... no hotel or food... no transportation."
Pros: "Flight was on time, even a little early. Bags came out quickly at destination."
Cons: "Crowded seats. Too many people bringing huge bags on board even when crew kept asking them to check them. Customs was very long in DC. It would have been nice to been made aware of dowloading customs app before deplaning. It would have saved a huge amount of time."
Pros: "The flight actually left."
Cons: "Poor communication. Flight originally at 11:35, then 12:05, then 12:15... At 11:55, they said they would start boarding in 20 min. How can you do that and still take off at 12:15? Answer: you can't. Just be honest and keep us informed. Bonus: United sent me an email saying that connection had already left (it hadn't - thanks United! - awesome service as always!)"
Cons: "The tickets we purchased should have taken us from Indianapolis to San Diego with a 2 hour-ish layover in San Francisco. Instead, we got changed to Indianapolis to San Diego with a 15 minute layover in Chicago. Our plane landed in Chicago 20 minutes early, but then we sat out on the runway for 45 minutes waiting for a gate despite being able to see 3 or 4 open gates from our window. We didn't get to deplane until after our connecting flight was already boarding and both my fiance and I had to use the restroom really bad. Needless to say we had to literally run to catch our connecting flight."
Pros: "Seats were quite comfortable. Service pretty great."
Cons: "The only issue was checking my bag at MHT. The guy at the desk had no idea what he was doing, and it made me really nervous."
Pros: "Ended up requesting a refund. Received zero compensation and zero empathy from anyone at United. Left the airport infuriated and drove to my destination instead."
Cons: "Ended up requesting a refund. Received zero compensation and zero empathy from anyone at United. Left the airport infuriated and drove to my destination instead."
Pros: "I like how orderly and quick the boarding process was."
Cons: "I wish my plane was on time and we didn't have to board twice! I wish you would refund my missed train ticket and $100 taxi ride that occurred because of the delay!"
Pros: "I didnt know I could only bring one item on board that had to be checked UNDERNEATH the seat in front of me. I didnt have the "right" ticket for over head storage. I had to buy a box for $15 to put my purse in and THEN pay $35 to check my PURSE in! I couldnt check in early. I had to go to the gate to get a seat assignment and then even though my assigned seat was in the 10th row, I then had to line up in groups like Southwest and I guess my punishment for sitting in economy was to wait to board last. I felt like third class boarder on the Titanic. United has become less than a Greyhound bus. They will NEVER be my first choice again! It was HORRIFIC I will go to ANY other airlines before them. P.S. the service at the Houston counter were rude and awful except for Ms. Edwards"
Cons: "Ok"
Cons: "Everything good"
Pros: "Love the cookie! Good crew."
Pros: "Frequently​ offered drinks, including a bottle of very much appreciated water. Professional flight crew with cheerful, smiling disposition."
Cons: "Tightness of seating."
Pros: "Trip too short for anything"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No wifi"
Pros: "Everything!"
Cons: "Chair spacing, being 6 foot and two inches, it was hard for my legs."
Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "Delay 8 hours with short notice I had 2 take Uber 90$ 2 Boston airport"
Cons: "was supposed to originally leave on Friday April 21st at 7:00 pm, was delayed until 10:45 pm, so I decided to take Saturday April 22nd at 10 AM, and even that was delayed until 11 AM. very crappy"
Pros: "Quick flight."
Pros: "Nothing. Never again"
Cons: "Rude and unhelpful. No empathy or concern. Erik"
Cons: "They kept delaying the flight. Finally, I decided to drive 6:30 hours."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and initial Customer Service Representative was not helpful at all."
Cons: "How I was notified last minute and had to figure out"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours from Manchester, which would have made me miss my connecting flight to MIA"
Pros: "Very comfortable seats, movies & TV for streaming without having to pay $8. Friendly staff."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "It was a small prop plane but the flight was amazingly smooth."
Cons: "United has a problem with its seat assignments. We were not given one on our connecting flight in Houston. That caused us to miss our flight. We were not given seat assignments on returning flights either, even though we we checked in 24 hours in advance. United 's terminal in Houston is very poor. I would not recommend it to anyone."
Pros: "The staff was pleasant"
Cons: "We were delayed several times and deboarding came with a delay. Missed work and missed school."
Cons: "The movie I was watching ended 20mins before the end.."
Pros: "Easiest boarding process I've ever had. Terrific!"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment, small cramped"
Cons: "I paid for the internet access and it says all flight, but that's not true, it doesn't cover the whole flight."
Pros: "The staff did fine but that's about it."
Cons: "I can't believe that a free meal isn't served on 6 hour flight and I also had to pay for the movies after paying over $2000 dollars for two tickets. It was just an extremely long domestic flight that should have been treated more like an international flight with free movies and a meal server."
Pros: "It was timely, and the flight attendant was wonderful!"
Pros: "Plenty of leg room but I had the very back seat so it doesn't lean back"
Cons: "The very last seat doesn't lean back because of thewall."
Pros: "Crew friendly and concerned"
Cons: "no magazines; no food choices toward the end of the flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "There was a delayed my flight, arrived late, delayed in the plane getting off, nothing but delays."
Cons: "Both flights were delayed by 20 mins which made it hard for the connecting flights"
Pros: "The seating was surprisingly comfortable. There was plenty of leg room."
Cons: "Nowhere to store one's belongings in the seat I was assigned. It was difficult to get anything needed during the flight that was stored in the overhead (3 seats back)."
Pros: "Service and crew were excellent. Seats had extra legroom built in."
Cons: "Terrible internet service for the $8.99 I paid. Also the early departure of passengers who have to catch connecting flights doesn't work when those passengers are in window seats. Just get people off the plane and keep passengers from starting conversations with the crew while exiting"
Cons: "Did not like the delay that happened and we arrived 2 hours later. I was suppose to arrive 10:30 and I arrived 12:30. I wasn't able to go to work for that reason."
Pros: "Flights were on time, and arrived early at each destination"

Our crew, Alexus and Javi were awesome! They were so nice... warm, caring, and had fun with the passengers. My first flight with Spirit and it was fun! A plane full of people headed to Cancun...lots of birthdays on the flight so everyone was in a great mood!

Flight canceled

Seats were on the small side but flight was on time and will fly Spirit again…

Awesome flight. Smooth landing, minimal turbulence and lots of room.

Pros: "Crew was funny, cohesive and welcoming. My big front seat was very comfortable for myself and my lap infant."
Pros: "Clean"
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Crew was great."
Cons: "Maintenance issues. Had to return back to airport after being in the air for over an hour. Had to switch planes. Get to final destination, no gate available because of our delay. Had to sit on plane for additional 30 min before they found a gate the could unload us. Extremely poor execution. Hours late to my destination."
Cons: "Our flight/plane had to turn around after we were already well on our way to our destination. We returned to point of origin airport, de-boarded, re-boarded a different plane, eventually made it. We could have just as easily carried on to our original destination! Instead of turning back!"
Pros: "The crew was very energetic."
Cons: "Spirit does not offer a complimentary cup of water, that should be changed."
Pros: "Crew did just the minimum. We're not bad or good."
Cons: "They want to charge even for water."
Pros: "Crew was nice. Flight was on time."
Cons: "Don’t expect comfort or amenities. I was looking for this flight time, so I booked this flight. Prices were not better, so go with a better airlines. You’ll be happy you did."
Pros: "Nice crew. Easy flight"
Pros: "The crew was extremely rude"
Cons: "Better training for the crew"
Cons: "It seems very strange to pay for soft drinks, but I guess this keeps the costs down."
Pros: "I liked the time of the flight"
Cons: "The check in was horrible. The spirit kiosk need updated"
Cons: "Hidden fees everywhere..."
Pros: "Boarding and take off was on time"
Cons: "Everything honestly. The clarity of communication was absolutely terrible. We were strung along for 6 hours about a delay they knew was not going to be short. They led us to believe it would be a few hours even though they knew the had no crew to fly the inbound flight. Boarding process was amateur."
Cons: "Free snack"
Pros: "Crew amazing but seat definitely no room.. my first time flying overall ok"
Cons: "Wider seats"
Pros: "Wide aisle for easy passing."
Cons: "When I bought seats I was not given what I asked for"
Pros: "Everything was fine"
Cons: "Nothing wrong"
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and polite"
Cons: "The passengers were loud and rude, kept slamming the tray tables, my 6 year old son and I weren’t even offered a drink of water the seat was uncomfortable, no where to charge phones on the plane. Ridiculous baggage fee charge of $55.00 though it still fit in the over head compartment and there were two people traveling worst experience ever!"
Pros: "I was offered an exit row seat"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The airline is no thrill Airline so the only thing good about the airline is the cost..."
Cons: "They don’t offer water..."
Pros: "friendly staff, punctual,"
Cons: "the trip ended up costing $120 USD more cause they charge $65 for carry ons and $65 for documented bags"
Pros: "Awesome flight price! Crew was very kind. Seats are spacious. Trip was on time."
Cons: "The only thing to be careful about is paying for luggage (checked suitcases and carry on) in advance and watch weight limits."
Pros: "The crew was absolutely wonderfull. They were polite, helpfull and one women had us laughing all the time. (flight 705)"
Cons: "Not a variety to eat-Luggage prices high"
Pros: "Quick flight that’s it"
Cons: "We came 2 h before boarding time, we stayed in first line to just get in then second line to have a boarding pass. We could not get the boarding passes so we have to stay in the 3 rd line to see the agent.. it took 1h 15 min just to get the boring passes !!! Then 40 lb only for 50$ it’s rediculous!!! Carry on 55$ !! Seats not reclining!! We almost missed out flight !! I hate Spirit airlines!! They are not cheap but service is poor and very cheap!! Even airplanes are made cheap .. but it’s quick flight into some destinations and customers just force to take it"
Cons: "I had to pay $55.00 just for a small bag, I don't like it"
Pros: "the flight transported me safely to my destination."
Cons: "several ( Mostly 2) male passengers were yelling out to a female passenger sitting several rows in front of him. One made repeated & loud sexually suggestive comments,, including explicit sexual profanities.. It was very disturbing & I was a bit shocked the flight crew did nothing to address this extremely inappropriate behavior.."
Pros: "Not that many passengers so many of us got our own row! All the extra fees though? Just fly on a nicer airline, cost ends up being the same with better service."
Cons: "Crew was loud and ubnoxious while we waited to board. On the unprofessional side. Flight attendants were going on about their social lives and my kids didn’t need to hear all that adult stuff. Fees?! Oh smack. Get ready! Take lots of extra $$"
Cons: "I spent a lot of of $$ to get to Cancun and I imagine your company is making a lot of $$ charging what they do for anything!! The most uncomfortable seating I have EVER experienced!"
Pros: "Just great! Pay for things you need only."
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "The services are not per general low cost airlines"
Cons: "They charge you for everything! Its a low cost but at the end you pay more than if you travell with a bigger company."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nothing to like in this flight. Charge for everything including carry on bags. No onboard snacks at al"
Cons: "Nothing to like. My flight was delayed by 1 hour"
Cons: "Told agents that my wife is Russian, but is a permanent resident, so they told me to put the resident card number on her reservation, but did not mention anything about her Russian passport being needed. So once we discovered that we needed my wife's passport, I contacted Uber to pick me up. take me home, so I could get her passport, but, since her reservation was in her married name, the agent had to redo her reservation to her maiden name and we missed our flight. Also, since I had already checked in with one bag, the bag made the flight without us, as it was not in the Houston airport."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The seats, the plane, and the lack of free drinks and snacks really made this a horrible airline."
Cons: "No one did anything to help me in my horrible situation. Evryone kept refering to ither companies and shifting the responsibility."
Pros: "Fast flight. Great overall"
Cons: "Turbulence"
Pros: "The pilot are excellent to drive."
Cons: "Landing"
Pros: "Boarding was efficient"
Cons: "The planes were alarmingly old. They were not comfortable and while I'm sure they do safety checks, there was so much flexing, rattling, and groaning that it did not feel safe. On our way out of the country - they did not have pens to fill out the customs forms, and told us that if we made a mistake we were out of luck because they didn't have extras. It should be more clear (before purchase) that the price for any bag (even a carry on) is so high - it raises the price of the ticket $100 which is significant On arrival in US they NEVER told us what carousel our bags were on, it was not posted, even on the carousel... it took us forever to find them"
Pros: "On time smooth bording"
Cons: ""Hidden" fees of $55 for a carry on, and $50 to check a bag. Ridiculous!! Never again. Read the fine print people! Charged for water on the flight!!!!! A bar in my back (inside the seat), which didn't even recline!!!!! Horrible."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I thought I got a bargain on the flight to Cancun, but this flight ended up costing me nearly double when they charged me $80 for a checked bag that weighed 51 lbs. Every other airline is 50lbs and they are only 40. Then the flight attendants let the back of the plane passengers use all the front luggage bins and I had to fight backwards while deplaning to try and get my carry on. After my layover they straight up took my bag and I was forced to check it at the gate. Seems like a bargain until they nickel and dime you for anything they can."
Cons: "I Didn't like the fact that their online checkin program was a complete disaster. I spent near 2 hours trying to check in and get my boarding pass. During this time I also made three telephone call to their help line which generated no help. I was surprised and disappointed by how little weight wise the checked in baggage was and horrified by the cots of carry one. While the upfront cost of the flight looked the time I had paid for baggage and carry one I would have been better off with another airline My advise to all 'NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES'"
Cons: "Needs adjustable seats, small snack with a drink for couple of dollars more"
Pros: "That i got in a flight"
Cons: "That it was late once again. I ive flown alot this year. And i havent had a flight that was in time yet. Its annoying bevause it delays everything just wait on you guys. Meaning that there is always a downsize in planes or we are ways waiting for the pilot"

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