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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47668 reviews
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Boarded and departed on time, arrived early. Due to covid the plane was a widebody (787) so lots of upgrade options available for those that qualify for that sort of thing. Good food, happy cabin crew, good experience.

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Boarded and departed on time, arrived early. Due to covid the plane was a widebody (787) so lots of upgrade options available for those that qualify for that sort of thing. Good food, happy cabin crew, good experience.

Great flight and crew. Left on time arrived early. Couldn’t ask for more.

Delayed for 2.5 hours, ending up awitching planes. As we left Charlotte at 0035, no services were offered. It was not a full flight.

Pros: "The plane was super comfortable"
Cons: "The crew of boarding was very rude"
Pros: "I did not take the flight, I stopped in Miami instead."
Cons: "Don’t know because I did not take this flight."
Pros: "Loved the individual monitors"
Pros: "Confortable seats"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Having to go to a different line to pay for a heavy bag"
Cons: "Lack of entertainment and snacks for a 3 hr flight"
Cons: "Use another airline"
Cons: "Good value"
Pros: "The pilot did great job.brought us before time."
Cons: "Pay extra for bag :( No video screen No food The check in area was mooved without notice."
Pros: "Aubrie and Claire"
Cons: "Engine could have started. It didn’t."
Pros: "The plane was very quiet"
Cons: "I don’t like the stand to put your own iPads on. Just give us the screens. Seems cheap for a 5+ hour flight. Come on american."
Pros: "Arrived 5 minutes early which was great on a very late night."
Cons: "Landing was rough."
Pros: "Friendly crew, comfortable and ON-TIME!!"
Pros: "Some crew members were really nice"
Cons: "First plane broken; they got another one that came in...with electrical problems!!! Arrived over three hours late and nearly missed my cruise. No excuse! AA could check their aircraft the night before, mine was the first flight out. #AAwful flight."
Pros: "Thankfully they gave out ear buds on the plane"
Cons: "The flight was over booked, at the point of boarding there was no room left on the flight for any carry on’s so they wanted everyone to check bags one particular lady at the gate snatched my husbands boarding pass out of his had and threw it back at him so it landed on the floor. She came back with a checked bag ticket, this bag could have fit under the seat. We would have preferred not to check the bag because it had everything in it we needed access to like medication, ear buds, book, tablet, it also contained my Jewlery and various other things. The lady was extremely rude when I told her I prefer not to check the bag, she said we could take everything out of the bag we needed but that would have been 70 % of what was in the bag, where was I supposed to put all this stuff? My small purse was already full. my husband was upset at her treatment and said something to her and she told us we where welcome to book another flight. I paid a hell of a lot of money on this flight alone plus upgraded our seats with extra legroom. Once on the plane the seating was so crammed, uncomfortable and no legroom. My seat reclined but my husbands did not. I will never fly American Airlines again."
Pros: "Pero AA Me conectaron de inmediato al proximo vuelo y logre llegar a mi Cena de Navidad con mi familia.. Gracias"
Cons: "que las distancias dentro de los gates del aeropuerto es muy larga y como no camino rapido perdi mi vuelo..."
Cons: "The flight is delayed for 5 hours without any compensation"
Pros: "Smooth ride and early arrival"
Pros: "Crew was very professional and communicated well. Boarding was very efficient."
Cons: "WiFi did not work. AA going through a transition to new carrier and hard to know what services to prepay for as it is not on the flight"
Pros: "Easy. Efficient. Crew follows regulations and applies rules fairly and firmly."
Cons: "Signage unclear no ticket less check-in cpfisong announcers are rude in person and inaudible over PA system."
Pros: "Nothing exceptional"
Pros: "We were on a new plane and each seat had power."
Cons: "I was in the window seat near the back and there was a steel box (guessing for the electricity to the seat-back) that took up a third of the width for my feet."
Cons: "On the first flight my husband and I each had a personal item and carry on that we carried on fine! We stopped in Charlotte for a lay over and we went to board the plane they told us our carry on was to big and had to be checked. This was very frustrating because we were just able to carry on this bag. We feel the planes are the same it shouldn't change from plane to plane."
Pros: "We were 40 minutes delayed but received good communication and had an uneventful flight otherwise."
Cons: "Horribly made me cancel flight because of 1min after 30 min cut off for boarding pass. Sat at the front desk for 29 minute arguing until my plane left."
Cons: "System resets & bright light bursts in our faces over and over. Also when cabin lights dimmed the blue lights on seats were not enough to light the way."
Pros: "Time in air was quicker since we left so late"
Cons: "We spent 45 minutes on the ground in miami waiting for rake off in a hot airplane with no real air. Babies were crying because of the heat and everyone was sweating and complaining."
Pros: "Having it finished without losing my luggage. Nothing else went right."
Cons: "Delay of one hour for missing crew member, delay of another hour sitting on runway waiting for revised takeoff queue, delay of another hour going back to gate due to equipment failure waiting in queue."
Cons: "Change of gate without notice because of this I lost my flight and I had to stay at the airport overnight the next flight was seven next day and the person out of content wass not nice at all she was so rude that didn’t make it easier for me !!"
Pros: "Aircraft was cool"
Cons: "Small children"
Cons: "The flight was delayed more times than I can count, we got a different reason each time. Weather I can understand, but telling us we are waiting on a specific crew to arrive and then announcing that crew is not for our flight was just terrible communication. No one seemed apologetic. The only thing they did was bring a snack cart over for us, and that got raided by children so many people didn't get anything. We had arranged transport from Orlando to Tampa for that evening, and our rides had to cancel because instead of 7pm we were now arriving at 130am. Your airline's mistakes put everyone at an inconvenience and we weren't offered assistance to fix it. My husband went to ask for help in arranging new transport home, but he couldn't even get to the front of the line. The customer service was terrible. We really enjoyed our first leg of the flight home with American Airlines, but after the second leg and all of the problems we had... we will not fly with American Airlines in the future."
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant & professional"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Great service and convenient flight."
Pros: "Full flight which is to be expected flying in to Orlando. Badly done seating, I think every group was separated from at least one person in their party. Several people weren't given seat assignments until time to board, even if other people in their party were assignments seats when checking in. No ecplanaation of why. In flight entertainment was an older movie. No options, and no sound if you forgot your own headphones."
Cons: "The seating assignments of lack thereof."
Pros: "Staff for the airline was very good!"
Cons: "I had to check a second bag on my return. I entered Mexico with a skateboard carry on. When I went to leave, the airport would let me pass through with it. I was forced to check a second bag and it really bothered me."
Pros: "The free cookies were very good and the service was great the flight was smooth and quick"
Pros: "Poor for BIG Airline like that chips chips"
Cons: "NOT GOOD the is 2 MUCH for CHIPS"
Pros: "Nice pilot, one of the flight attendants were nice. The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "This airline always has delays! There is no in-flight entertainment (music, tv, movies, etc.); thus, the flight was terribly boring! Also, only peanuts and a small cup of soda was offered to us. Other airlines give cookies and biscotti! The seats don't recline and they need more legroom. The majority of the airline crew largely ignored us and showed mediocre customer service."
Cons: "Great"
Pros: "Everything was on time"
Cons: "The lack of organization at he moment of boarding generates problems with the passengers .. A lady started to get angry when group 3 was boarding and she was group 2. She was waiting were group 3 was in line .. It would be better to have it like united that they have lines for all groups."
Pros: "Crew was very nice ."
Pros: "excellent. on time. smooth flight & easy check in"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Engaged with customers no matter the seat preference"
Cons: "Boarding system not good !"
Pros: "Affordable first class seat - very unusual for AA"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "All aspects of flight were perfect. Couldn't ask for anything more."
Cons: "Everything was perfect."

We booked our flights via Expedia. We received several communications via email from Bahamasair to update us on our booking including flight changes. We responded to the Bahamasair email to check in on 7/16/2021 (the day before our flight) and experienced challenges with the website. I called Bahamasair call center and they attempted to help us but said that they couldn't but we could check in fine from the airport. I asked to speak with a manager and the woman told me the managers were gone for the day. I begged her to assist so that we wouldn't have hassles at the airport. She assured us that everything was fine and that we could check in at the airport. When I protested she hung up on me. When we attempted to check in today at the attendant said that we couldn't check in because our flights were not ticketed (not paid for by expedia). After much debate (after showing proof of ticketing and payment) I was forced to pay nearly $500 for flights that we already booked and paid for just so we could get home. My wife and I lost over an hour of our vacation trying to check in as prompted a day before our flight only to be totally humiliated in front of other people at the airport. I have spent countless hours going back and forth with Bahamasair and Expedia only to be out HOURS of my time, an additional $500! My wife and I work hard and this was not the way to finish a well deserved vacation. AVOID BAHAMASAIR at all COST!!!

Cons: "Bahamasair did not keep passengers updated regarding flight delays"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "7 hour delay due to weather. Rebooked everyone on later flight. Despite the weather, they kept everyone informed, boarding was fast and bag arrival was fast."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No excuse to be the first flight of a day to be delayed. Then they wasted more time by loading the people into different seats. We were told the flight wasnt full so the capt wanted us all to the back??? Well, the flight was pretty freaken full anyway, sooo more wasted time."
Pros: "It was my 1st ride in a turbo prop in many years. It was smooth and surprisingly quiet. I have about 3 million miles, mostly crossing oceans, so this was a treat for sure. Crew was professional. The peanuts were awesome!"
Cons: "Bahamasair flight delayed 2 hours. why are they always late?? terrible set of steps up to plane to load passengers. Person in front of me had to help older person with limp and broken arm."
Pros: "There was no food as it was a very short flight. Beverages and snacks were offered"
Cons: "Loved it all"
Pros: "On time Friendly crew"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything about the late arrival and the late departure"
Pros: "The flight attendants were very polite and tried to be as accommodating as possible."
Cons: "Flight delay due to mechanical issues. Airline attendant over the loud speaker said that the delay was due to mechanical malfunction, if they could get it up and running they would let us know in an hour. If not the next flight would be in 4-5 hours if they could make it at all and if they couldn’t no other flights would be available until Wednesday,( our flight was on Sunday). The hours passed without updates from the staff. When they did give information it was incorrect but above all there attitudes were appalling. The airport had basically closed, no food/restaurants were available. We weren’t able to leave because customs had already left for the day so reentery was impossible. When asked how they planned on eventually getting us home there was no response. When asked what we should do for food since there were many small children on the flight, they simply shrugged their shoulders. We ended up being delayed 4 hours only to be boarded onto a plane with no air conditioning (which was the original problem as to why we didn’t leave earlier) that still wasn’t fixed. Then sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes for another unknown delay. It wasn’t to wait on another plane because we were the only plane in the entire airport. Delays happen but Bahamasair handled the entire situation poorly and without any care or compassion for their passengers. The staff seemed to have a huge chip on their shoulders from the beginning."
Pros: "2nd time this summer that I travelled with Bahamasair and the boardiGN was early and doors closed on time. The flight attendants are always beautiful. The announcements were on point and the ride was amazingly smooth. Thank you. Proud of my airline today. They are riding to the top."
Cons: "No food service but that’s normal for a short flight."
Cons: "They pulled out are perfectly packed fishing poles and Spears. They where in a PVC pipe capped off at the ends. They jammed 3 fishing poles back in there broke 1 150 lb rod tip four inches off, also completely tore the eye off one other and the eye of the other pole in half. We were not able to fish for six days we were there too fish. They also broke one of the Barbs off our three prong Speers so only one of us could Spearfish at a time. Besides being in the Bahamas with my family they completely screwed our whole trip up. There was absolutely no reason for it. We pack them awesome to wear all they had to do was pull them out and put them back in they just didn't want to care at all and broke our stuff."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed a half an hour only to get on the plane and sit there for another half an hour with no air sweating."
Pros: "Great airline! Bad reviews are so unfair. Bahamasair is better than a lot of US carriers."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Leaving on time, good snacks, nice flight attendants and smooth landing!"
Cons: "They did not give us the immigration papers to fill out on the plane"
Pros: "Pleasant staff and on time flight."
Pros: "Comfortable seat even though small plane"
Cons: "Boarding was confusing free for all"
Cons: "Fees for baggage because our connection was the next day add $70 USD fee for pets add $80 USD no change on Sky Bahamas for pets"
Pros: "Comfortable seats."
Cons: "Trite apology. Only announced in the same sentence when announcing boarding. No explanation given, and had to ask Jet Blue staff for updates because Bahamasair staff kept disappearing."
Cons: "Plane was four hours late...companions missed connecting flight in west palm...charged 150. To pick up changed flight on jet blue arriving midnight. Bahamasair never offered any explanation."
Cons: "After waiting at the carousel for almost an hour, I was shocked to learn (accidentally!!!) that 20+ passengers bags were left behind in Nassau because of plane dynamic. I just still do not understand how is it possible to do this without saying a word or warning us in advance that this could happen so we shall pack accordingly - because I suppose this was not the first time, neither the last. We felt extremely uncomfortable and very disrespected. And of course we were offered no compensation whatsoever. I will never fly with Bahamasair again!"
Pros: "It left on time, smooth and most of all it got me to my destination safe."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Friedly staff, safe and on time flight."
Cons: "Still delayed hours later engine problems"
Cons: "I flew from ca to Orlando to join my son who was hosting a college tennis competition in the Bahamas. The event was cancelled for fear of the effects of the hurricane and knowing also that the conditions whether or not the hurricane arrived would not be suitable for competition. We never used the flight. I was on a break from my chemotherapeutic treatments. I will not be coming to the bahamas via Orlando again...not possible at all! We are hoping to get a refund for my $300 ticket. Never had a vacation and it cost me that amount of money. We are completing a request for a refund form, but airlines is not giving me any hope. The event which was cancelled was called the Albany college tennis invitational from Thursday to Saturday September 21-23' 2017. You can confirm this online by seeing the cancelled event. I will be happy to discuss this with you. 818 634-4949. Helen amritraj"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew lost my bag. Very rude"
Pros: "Was on time and service was good.. This is not usually the case, but it was good this time"
Pros: "Relaxing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Pilots were great"
Pros: "Everything was on time and smooth"
Cons: "Only chips to eat"
Pros: "i will always trust Bahamas Airline I feel safe with them"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Could not locate ticket for a party in my group"
Pros: "Stewardesses were pleasant."
Pros: "Very nice stewardesses"
Cons: "The plane had a mechanical failure just as we were taking off. flight aborted."
Pros: "That time the flight was on time going to the Bahamas and coming back that was a blessing within it self"
Pros: "How fast we got there"
Cons: "No cookies"
Pros: "Wonderful ! Thanks! Great check in! Everyone kind & friendly."
Cons: "Would have liked water when we got on the plane."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "On the wat to Bahamas we waited a hour for one person to board and ended up leaving over an hour behind schedule."
Pros: "The staff was friendly."
Cons: "The seats were very narrow."
Cons: "When I tried to check in for my 2 consecutive fits. I was unable to do it on line and at the airport. I had short connection and this added unnecessary stress to my trip as first floor was delayed."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very friendly and appearance was professional"
Cons: "Plane was older and did not offer in-flight entertainment"
Pros: "Professional crew, on time, nice new plane, clean"
Cons: "Seats were a little firm"
Pros: "The crew should be aware passengers had different immigration status. I experience longer delay due to the fact I did not fill out the immigration form."
Cons: "Immigration forms were not made available"
Pros: "Very nice employees, from the ticket and gate agents to the flight attendants."
Cons: "Both flights were late, with very few updates as to what was going on. And there is no beverage service on this route."
Cons: "Slow and very small seats"
Pros: "Everything from start to finish. Flight was on time and everytging."
Cons: "Just a flight attendant departing NAS was not couteous at all."
Cons: "Late departure on return trip 2 hours"
Pros: "Quick flight with an accommodating crew."
Cons: "Unfortunately, short of a private jet, there aren't many options for flying good equipment on such a short flight and these planes really aren't something to boast about."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Never left on time !!"
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