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JetBlueOverall score based on 19438 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Delayed 4 hours"
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Cons: "Delayed 4 hours"
Pros: "Customer service."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Crew was nice and accommodating. Plenty of leg room in regular cabin. Good entertainment options.?"
Cons: "Couldn't check in online."
Pros: "flights on the DCA-BOS route are the 2x2 planes, so no bad seats. Seats are also nice amount of space compared to some airlines."
Cons: "Not really the airline's fault, but there was bad weather on our route so we sat on the plane for 3 hours before we even took off. So for a 1.5 hr flight we were on the plane for 5+ hours."
Cons: "Information on delays, accurate information on where our bags were, offer to help short missed connections"
Cons: "New plane...321? The controls for TV on arm rest need to be moved. When I rested my arm on arm rest, I kept mistakenly change the channel!"
Cons: "The flight left an hour late."
Pros: "The crew was great, I loved free WiFi."
Cons: "I got stuck in a middle seat, and my seat mate to the right wasn’t super courteous. Not the airline’s fault. I also wasn’t a fan of the turbulence, but also no fault of the airline."
Cons: "Arrived two hrs late. Now we're at the gate and they can't open the door. Have to taxie to another gate"
Cons: "Tv kept going off"
Pros: "I was in 6A, next to crew seat. Our guy was wonderful. Cheery, nice patter but not condesending."
Cons: "Nothing. Flight was on time, warm enough, good seats."
Cons: "It was way too hot in the plane."
Pros: "Amazing Crew !!"
Cons: "It was hot."
Pros: "The crew was great and polite."
Cons: "Crew"
Pros: "JetBlue voluntarily offered a credit for a <5 hr delay (minimum time that it is required). It was 4 hours and they didn’t HAVE to offer a credit but they did. Also they kept us informed throughout the delay, and boarded the redirected plane quickly when it did arrive."
Cons: "Didn’t appreciate the delay of 4 hours particularly during the holidays, but did appreciate how JetBlue stepped up in this situation."
Pros: "Crew was nice. legroom seemed a little better than other domestic flights."
Cons: "You have to pay extra to sit in the exit row and there was no one in the entire row. Isn’t that a safery issue? Also, what really made me mad, instead of printing our boarding passes at the kiosk we went to a person (husbend had questions about Precheck) and she made us buy return tickets right then, on JetBlue. We had not decided on our return and wanted to leave it open. Can she do that? If not, I would like my money back."
Pros: "The pilot came out and made an announcement. It was very nice to see a pilot out of the cockpit talking to us. We had a slightly delayed departure due to refueling issues, but all passengers seemed quite pleased that the captain was visible and communicating this information so clearly and directly,"
Pros: "Same coments as above,,except plane left on time."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On the trip from Boston to Nashville, I was really tired so I slept the entire way, by passing my good snacks."
Cons: "No comments."
Pros: "Flight attendants were great, and Carlos went above and beyond. Really helpful and friendly. Good flight. On time. Decent snack foods ."
Cons: "Flight over 3 hours late leaving. Flight attendants rude, and nothing comped for drinks or food to make up for it. Had to circle for 45 min due to weather. Sat on tarmac 30 mijn on other end."
Pros: "Normal good flight otherwise."
Cons: "Notification only 2 hrs or so before flight departure. Delayed 3hrs. Had to return rental car on time, so could not use to fill time during waiting period. Other fights to NY area already filled."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Opportunity for free self-serve snacks mid-flight."
Cons: "I fly Jetblue in large part for the robust entertainment system and seats which allow me to sleep. On this particular flight, my seat would not recline. Further, and more importantly, I had the only seat with a broken entertainment system on a 6 hour flight. Worse, the screen was on a loop, where every 30 seconds it would flash bright white light in my face, making it impossible for me to sleep or even rest. I would chalk it up to an aberration, however, my entertainment system was similarly broken on my last Jetblue flight. I am very disappointed. One last issue - we had to stand waiting in line to board for no apparent reason 35 extra minutes. Not a huge deal, but not ideal at the end of a long day."
Pros: "Free WiFi, snacks and friendly staff"
Pros: "Everything was great, on time, friendly crew, no complaints."
Pros: "I thought it will be like sprint barefoot stuff. But, the app is very convenience. I joined the JetBlue immediately."
Cons: "I like the entertainment as well as the water."
Pros: "The crew was courteous and friendly and did a good job of arriving at the destination on time."
Cons: "The flight left the gate 30 minutes late, but there was no notice of the delay beforehand. It's always nice to be notified if I'm going to be delayed and what the reason is behind the delay. Being left in the dark about delays is always discouraging...whether I'm at the doctor's office or at the airport. That being said, the crew hustled and got us to the gate for an on time arrival."
Pros: "Mother Nature gave us grief but the crew made the situation very tolerable. They were attentive and accommodating and were sincere when they apologized for the delay...that wasn’t even their fault!!"
Cons: "No WiFi or movies. Oh well...snacks were great."
Pros: "So many restrooms onboard, and even more free movies"
Cons: "The guy sitting next to me was rude to his gf so that kind of tainted the flight but that’s not JetBlue’s or kayak’s fault"
Cons: "Overhead light and recliner weren’t working"
Cons: "I didn't like being delayed 3.5 hrs"
Cons: "Bording pass didn't show the airport we'd arrive, only 'Houston', so I had to ask around wheather it was the George W. intcl airport or the Hobby airport"
Pros: "Everything about the flight was great, except..."
Cons: "It was way too cold. Get the heat turned up on that thing!"
Pros: "Everything was perfect. The tickets, the way I was treated and the seating was plenty of room and service on the plane.Very professional."
Pros: "The way their. Staff treated the customers."
Pros: "Overall a very good experience. Jet Blue is legitimately more comfortable than most other airlines and the boarding process was streamlined and effective."
Cons: "The only movie options were to stream your own via their in flight internet. Not a terrible thing, but other airlines offer more movie options, even on short flights."
Pros: "I liked nothing"
Cons: "I didn't like anything"
Pros: "Direct TV offered excellent list of channels."
Cons: "Movie list is outdated."
Pros: "Did not travel. The plane didn t takeoff."
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "The crew is courteous to us. We had a delay flight but theymade sure that we are all informed and guided."
Cons: "The tv reception was horrible and the ability to change stations miserable. The volume control didn't work either. Overall entertainment needed improvement."
Pros: "Good flight was treated well and felt welcome with refreshments and snacks. The way it should be!"
Pros: "Changed to 3 hour earlier flight WITHOUT extra "change fee". It was FREE !! Enjoyed in flight TV with FREE drinks and snacks. As United goes backwards in customer service and costs, JetBlue leaps forward. Good work JetBlue."
Cons: "More options in snack boxes and/or food items"
Pros: "Even in regular couch seats I found the leg room to be good."
Cons: "Flight crew was efficient but not particularly friendly. Could smile more."
Pros: "Comfortable seats."
Cons: "We ran into a problem at the check-in kiosk that was very aggravating. The Jet Blue system had both of our reservations and names but also had a notice that my wife did not have a seat, thus we were unable to get our boarding passes until we waited in line for a long time to get the error corrected."
Pros: "Flight attendants were excellent."
Cons: "Satisfied with flight. It was as expected."
Cons: "Nothing, really. Airlines unfortunately can’t make people patient or polite, & I can’t afford a private jet, so I’ll have to settle for an eye roll or twelve."
Pros: "Delayed boarding but made up for lost time in the air"
Cons: "Delayed boarding"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "No mechanical failures or delays would be nice"
Cons: "The inoperative TV screens should be repaired."
Cons: "Better flight scheduling."
Cons: "Wonderful"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew was jovial and very pleasant. Smiles all around. Flight attendant at the very beginning said, "Welcome to flight --- to Bahamas. . . just kidding." It made people chuckle."
Cons: "Crew didn’t serve drinks/snacks; otherwise nice and short flight"
Pros: "The crew was nice, the flight was so short, there was little interaction with them."
Cons: "Boarding was a disaster, people didn’t have seats which caused a delay in boarding. It was a mess. The seats were uncomfortable and too small. I know it’s a short flight but it was just too tight in there. The flight was delayed and the communication was all over; the time was constantly changin"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "An hour and a half late, terrible communication about scheduling"
Pros: "The crew was so lovely and accommodating, flight was smooth, and I was impressed with the meal service. I travel a lot and this was one of my best experiences. I will definitely favor Delta in the future."
Pros: "room and services"
Cons: "can't think of anything"
Cons: "Even the baggage was quick (highly unusual for Columbus, Ohio)! Everything went smoothly."
Pros: "nice crew"
Cons: "terrible seat comfort, late departure due to airline’s booking problems"
Pros: "Lisa @ the Boston Delta check-in counter is AMAZING! She's super helpful and essentially saved our vacation! Her coworkers say she's the best and I couldn't agree more! Delta is very lucky to have someone like Lisa on their team!"
Cons: "Nothing to complain about! If I really head to be picky maybe the in-flight meals were smaller than I expected. But again, nothing that bothered me"
Pros: "Arrived ahead of time"
Pros: "Early warning about little overhead compartment baggage space. Short flight made shorter in air."
Cons: "No enough carry on baggage space"
Cons: "they let someone get off the plane and it delayed the flight an hour and a half which caused me to miss my connecting flight. I now have to sit for a 5 hour layover"
Pros: "The staff are friendly and passengers quickly get on and off the plane."
Cons: "I travel this route (ATL - MGM) often and it seems like half the time I use Delta there is an issue with the plane including times when the flight has been cancelled. This time the plane left the gate and some fifteen minutes after sitting on the tarmac was taken back to the gate. The issue was said to be an element that keeps a sensor from freezing in extreme cold weather. The less than one hour flight took two hours to complete. This should have been dealt with as a maintenance issue but Delta doesn't seem to think so. The planes on this route make Delta a LOT of money as it is one of the most profitable routes in the US. You would think Delta could invest in keeping better maintained planes on the route."
Pros: "wonderfu crew... very helpul`"
Cons: ".."
Cons: "My sit changed last minute, noisy babies"
Pros: "The cheese bites were amazing!"
Cons: "The heat on the plane was turned up so high! We were roasting on there! I mentioned it to the flight attendant and he didn't seem to do anything. Everyone was sweating to death."
Cons: "My luggage is lost."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was horrible"
Pros: "Good service. And good features. Enough space in seats in first class."
Pros: "Got to London on-time (early, actually) and safely. The in flight meal was okay. The leg room in comfort plus was great, the mobile app was awesome, and the staff (check-in, gate, cabin and flight deck) were professional and friendly all around."
Cons: "The leg room was great, but as a broad-shouldered guy, the width of the seat was miserable. Unfortunately, the Delta 767 doesn't offer any upgrade for a wider seat beyond Delta One, and my employer won't spring for that. Too bad there isn't a premium economy option. Also, the entertainment unit in the seat next to mine malfunctioned, which you wouldn't think would impact me that much except that because it was "seeing" touches randomly throughout the flight, the screen would turn on, off, brighter, dimmer, play random stuff, and just generally be as annoying as possible to everyone nearby throughout an overnight flight."
Cons: "Flight delayed by 2 hours- was just sitting in the plane for couple hours before it took away"
Pros: "A3A"
Cons: "Ĺ"
Pros: "Super nice flight attendant. Really made all of us (business travelers, retired military folks, family with little kids heading to a wedding) feel welcomed and happy. Great experience."
Pros: "Everything except the time of arrival."
Cons: "It was SO late; like 3 hours late."
Cons: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Pros: "We were in the plane for 3 hours before we could depart. No one offered us a drink or snack."
Pros: "Great service throughout. Friendly attendants and easy boarding/deboarding processes. Would fly international with them again in a heart beat."
Pros: "The selection of movies to watch was very good."
Cons: "No snacks passed out"
Pros: "All the staff and flight crew we're really great and thoughtful. Helpful with finding overhead compartments on a full flight."
Cons: "Seats could be bigger, with more leg room. But we know that's not gonna happen."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable and cold. Wasn’t space didn’t serve anything no WiFi or tv like other flight"
Pros: "We didn’t order food and there was no online entertainment"
Cons: "Delayed for 4 hours due to mechanical difficulties"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Late flight without any compensation for our trouble"
Pros: "Nice people. Very helpful."
Cons: "LOST MY BAG IN BOSTON BEFORE EVEN TAKING OFF!!!! Did not make it, and then won't deliver it when it makes it to Kathmandu! This is most distressing."
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Not supplying headphones Crew not to helpful, one unpolite Refreshments ridiculous"
Cons: "I'm not sure what to say about Delta and their maintenance program. On a three part trip, Delta cancelled two of the flights giving maintenance as the reason. So it appears they are flying planes until they breakdown. Besides making me not trust the flight worthiness, the cancelations turned my 8 and a half hour trip into a 25 hour trip forcing me to spend the night in the MEX airport."
Cons: "Jet airways sucks"
Cons: "The flight crew and staff were all great!"
Pros: "The only positive of this leg is that it was less infuriating than the flight from RDU to Boston"
Cons: "Delta's partnership with Go Jet seriously compromises the legacy carrier's reputation. I am a Delta fan - although flexible enough to use other choices when necessary. I will no longer fly a Go Jet operated leg when other choices are available. For my trips to Boston, that means Jet Blue. Sorry Delta. I'll see you back on a true Delta route."
Pros: "Entertainment offered, USB charging options."
Cons: "Too much food offered."
Cons: "Not having a seat assignment until arriving at the gate."
Pros: "Easy no hassle check in and board."
Cons: "Absolutely nothing. Thank you!"
Pros: "Great Crew"
Cons: "Was a great flight"
Pros: "Crew was nice. Boarding and deplaning was quick. Flight was on time"
Cons: "WiFi was super slow"
Cons: "plane was very cold"
Cons: "Flight got delayed by 2 hours without specifying the reason. Weather was fine. Happened 2 hours delayed. From DC to Boston too when I took flight on 12th. Will avoid AA flights in future"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "No idea. I thought everything was good."
Cons: "PHX airport baggage claim was a mess. I had to wait 40 min to pick up the luggages."
Cons: "The gate attendant was very hard to understand and so I couldn’t hear what she was saying."
Pros: "Smooth boarding, polite & effective crew, functional aircraft, nice weather"
Cons: "The flight from Boston was extremely delayed,but miraculasly, the boarding to conecting FinnAir flight 6, took extra 10 minutes, which gave me a chance not to catch it. Though, me and the AA rep., had to cross-run about a mile up and down the escalators at terminal 8 , my baggage was left behind and did not make a transfer to FinnAir 6. At final destination I was asked to file a lost baggage claim. If not the initial flight from Logan, everything should go smoother."
Pros: "Coffee"
Cons: "Only snacks available at 5am"
Pros: "Good pilot/ crew to passenger interection. Great movie and entertainment selections."
Cons: "Turbulence but airline / pilot can't control that."
Pros: "Very comfortable, fast, nice staff"
Cons: "They didn’t offer a snack!"
Cons: "4 hour mechanical delay and shitty communication"
Pros: "Early arrival, plane not crowded"
Cons: "Onboard wifi not working so no inflight entertainment"
Pros: "Boarded early and landed early."
Cons: "Flight got delayed by 2 hours"
Cons: "Too cold"
Cons: "The delay"
Pros: "Crew was nice and kept us updated."
Cons: "Flight arrived 20 minutes early and we still deboarded 20 minutes LATE. Wifi on flight is ten dollars instead of being free and they use plastic cups for the drinks which I am sure is not recycled."
Cons: "Disorderly boarding. Oversold flight."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "On time, kept informed."
Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "None."
Pros: "Newer seating configuration on A321. Decent leg room."
Cons: "Crew claimed turbulence prevented in-flight service. Also couldn’t use GoGo WiFi from either of my iPhones. Disappointing, unremarkable flight."
Cons: "Terrible turbulence"
Cons: "We sat in Charlotte on the runway and had to run to our connection. The airport seems too small for the amount of traffic. We usually try to avoid Charlotte, but it was the only way to use frequent flyer miles"
Cons: "Too many delays as usual"
Pros: "strategic boarding to avoid standing in the cold"
Pros: "Friendly attendants, plenty of coffee. Great service."
Cons: "Very crowded, rude passengers"
Cons: "Delayed by nearly 2 hours, missed connecting flight"
Pros: "Everything great. Rate food and entertainment moderate because there was no dinner, which we did not require, and we went to sleep so didn't pay attention to entertainment."
Pros: "The flight crew was professional, friendly and competent. They served the dinner as early in the flight as possible."
Cons: "This was a plane with central screens along the aisle, and the airline chose to broadcast a sci-fi action movie with almost constant flashing blue light, and violent action scenes. This was first of all a movie that many people, including me, would never choose to watch, but since it was on the aisle screens there was no getting away from it. It was also unsuitable for children, even without sound. But mainly, I object to the showing of any film in that situation - only aisle screens available, and on a night flight where most of the passengers are trying to sleep. I was awakened several times by the flashing lights. Other things: one of the bathrooms was not very clean, and the plane felt like the usual cattlecar, with just 3 seats on each side of the aisle, which is unusual and unpleasant for a transatlantic flight."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Terrible entertainment. A 1980s common screen. Horrible movies nobody wanted to watch and no choice was available given the common screen,"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Got to watch movies"
Cons: "Need more leg room"
Pros: "Plane was on time, everything proceeded like clockwork."
Cons: "Paying for luggage or food."
Pros: "Good service from crew members"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 2 hours"
Pros: "Good crew Lucky to get better seats!"
Cons: "Poor Selection of entertainment not enough screen"
Pros: "The crew seemed to be as frustrated as we were."
Cons: "The flight was delayed, then we had technical difficulties, the cabin was 90 degrees. It was awful."
Cons: "American Airlines made me check my carry-on luggage, despite there being many open overhead compartments visible on the plane."
Pros: "smooth disembarking"
Cons: "30 mins delay"
Pros: "Flight crew somehow noticed that we had someone in our party who could use some extra consideration. They pre boarded us as a result! They were also extra considerate during the flight."
Pros: "There's nothing good about AA"
Cons: "One of the few things SouthWest, Alaska & United did was the proper queuing of people to get into the plane. AA is a free for all - those who follow regulations will fall behind. In this flight from Boston to LAX - I heard there were 80 Priority checking - are you kidding me. Group 1 does not help if I have 80 Priority seating and one family took 12 people in with one elderly. It's good to place Elderly and Military up front first - but to take the Whole entire family - that's not fair - you have 8 able bodies who should be in line with the rest of the crowd. Also who heard of 80 Priority check ins - normally, that's Group 1. Never flying AA unless I a desperate."
Pros: "All good - with every aspect of the trip."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Great entertainment system."
Cons: "Over an hour late."
Pros: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding."
Cons: "Difficult to recline chair. Limited snack options. Landing was a bit rough."
Pros: "The plane was not full"
Cons: "Booked Brittish Air, got American. Plane delayed, no wifi, TV screen could not be seen from seat. No control of TV. Plane seats old & uncomfortable. Paid a premium price for a sub par experience."
Cons: "Food could have been provided"
Cons: "Serving something substantial to eat would be nice."
Pros: "The flight was smooth and the crew was nice."
Cons: "Everything was good."
Pros: "The crew was attentive, professional, and courteous"
Cons: "5 hour delay"
Pros: "very friendly crew"
Cons: "the food"
Cons: "They made me put my carry on under the plane."
Pros: "Water and snacks offered when flight was delayed over an hour! Crew."
Cons: "Flight delayed over an hour."
Pros: "Non stop . Wife and I were given side by side seats"
Cons: "Last row"
Pros: "We like to have our carry-on available under the seat so I thought I was planning ahead by getting the second row. Turns out the front row puts their carry-on under their seat and the second row gets screwed. All my extra leg room was lost with my bag taking up the space because it could not fit under the seat. They shouldn't charge extra money for that seat and I felt cheated."
Cons: "No space for carry-on under seat in second row for upgraded leg room seat."
Cons: "Really expensive internet"
Pros: "We had issues in that there was no crew! But the United people were great and got us on another flight going to Newark and we were still able to make our connection to Aruba!"
Pros: "Left on time"
Cons: "No screens nor outlets for charging. Outlets available only for higher tier tickets (for additional price). Surprised they dod not charge for air based on ticket price, but they might have for all I know. Sitting on the runway waiting for a gate, our section was filled with exhaust from the engines, which feeled like assisted suicide, almost lost consciousness."
Pros: "Didn’t have any food, so there should be an NA option. It was a smooth trip from start to finish with very helpful ground and in flight staffs."
Cons: "Long delay."
Cons: "It was quite late"
Cons: "Flight was super delayed scheduled to leave at 6:30 left at almost 9. Small updates with not much information. Entertainment system not functioning. Had to get a tow to the gate after landing??"
Pros: "The plane left on time and smooth transition on and off the plane."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Did not take this flight. Had to drive to Newark because of delay I would have missed my connection."
Pros: "Everything !"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The flights were late and annoying"
Pros: "New plane, great service."
Cons: "The hot meal was gross, but that's too be expected these days. It was nice to even get one, honestly. In flight wifi didn't work but the crew was great about helping us get in touch with customer service about it."
Pros: "Only thing that was good about this flight was that We had help getting from one terminal to the next with a "Pusher" fir my mother who uses a wheelchair as her jnees lock up when sitting fir long periods if time. All pushers throught the trip were very friendly. I did have a hard time keeping up with ine gentlman with linger strides than myself."
Cons: "I could have driven faster than the overall delays!! For a round trip that should have only taken 6 hours, we were delayed after delayed and put on another flight because we would have missed connecting--we waited 25 hours---one full day for a three day weekend wedding trip!!"
Cons: "Rude crew, departed three hours late, and not permitted to bring carry-on luggage. Awful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Kinda bumpy"
Pros: "I originally self checked in for my delayed flight from Boston to Newark, but forgot to add TSA pre check. I went to ask an agent if she could add it, which she very kindly did. She also offered and put me on an earlier flight, which made my day! Thank you!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They would not let me travel with one carry-on and one smaller item. They made me check one item. This has never happened to me on a flight before. During the flight and in between during the layover all staff members were very rude. I will never fly with united again."
Pros: "Willing to drive to Charlottesville. Difficulty finding one way rental"
Cons: "Above"
Cons: "Crabby flight attendants"
Pros: "Eazy flight"
Pros: "I always fly United! I always have the best flight experience!"
Cons: "Both of my flights either did not have a working faucet or water to wash your hands in the restroom. On my outbound flight, no water would come out of the faucet. On my return flight, there was a large sticky note on the faucet indicating that it dd not work and a few sani-wipes in a box in the sink. Very disappointing."
Cons: "My flight was super late and due to delays I missed my second flight"
Cons: "no room very tight"
Pros: "The staff was very friendly and accommodating"
Cons: "There was some sort of mix up with seat assignments two guys had the same seat assignment. The very nice gentleman who was sitting in my seat due this stood and allowed me to have my seat as it was on the isle and I was in boarding group 5 and my seat was all the way at the end by the bathrooms and needed to be able to stretch my legs into the isle. There was absolutely no leg room what so ever. The dude next to me spent the entire trip jabbing me in the side with his elbow so that he could access what little space I did have. I was unable to move my legs because every two seconds the entire plane was trekking to the back to use the bathroom, because while there was a third bathroom on the plane towards the front, for whatever reason nobody seemed to be using it."
Pros: "better seats than in the past"
Cons: "flight attendants fighting with a passenger"
Pros: "Boarding was prompt"
Cons: "."
Pros: "delayed"
Pros: "We booked our trip on United and they were the most accommodating airlines for the deaf (3 deaf in our group of 6) by far. They made sure we were all set, came by our seats to ask if we needed anything, etc. I will definitely fly United every chance I get."
Cons: "I had to fly to San Francisco bcs maintenance and delays bullshit"
Pros: "It was a comfy plane ride."
Cons: "I liked everything."
Cons: "Unreliable wifi."
Cons: "Seats are too close together. I could barely fit my knees in, and I'm not an overweight person."
Cons: "Seating is just ridiculous these days. Even w/low expectations, I was disappointed. It isn't just the lack of space for my legs; it is nearly impossible to get to your things under the seat. Also, we couldn't hear the gate announcements in the terminal gate area."
Cons: "It was over 7 hours late. The second plane was old and in poor condition. The crew attitude des were awful."
Pros: "Everything was well done except for the United check in. Too many of us passengers were unfamiliar with using kiosks."
Cons: "A few more staff to help with kiosk check in. We have not flown in 10 plus years and consequently, the various check in requirements were unclear."
Pros: "Very satisfied."
Pros: "My dinner was delicious"
Pros: "I liked how the flight attendants treat people in this flight. Thank you all."
Cons: "I didn't like how long the flight was, but that is not up to anyone to decide. I liked my stayed in the airplane."
Cons: "My seat cushion was not in correctly and very uncomfortable. Movies were free on my last flight and coat money on this one."
Cons: "1 hour delay with minimal explanation, no water for hand washing in bathrooms, tea and coffee not available, not standard weight requirements for checked luggage. These are all significant inconveniences."
Pros: "The crew was good"
Cons: "A coupon for next flight would be nice as apologizing for flight that got delayed 3 hours or at least offer some free coffee or beverages"
Pros: "Flight was only slightly delayed - 30 minutes"
Cons: "$75 for one checked Bag, that is expensive. Seats are very small and do not recline. Overall, yes the tickets are less expensive, but when you add up all the true costs, they are no cheaper than the major airlines"
Cons: "Charges extra for bags over 40lbs not over 50 lbs like most airlines. My bag cost $80 it was more then I paid for the ticket. Also, very small plane. Won’t fly with Spirit again"
Pros: "Easy flight, quick boarding"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. My back kills ..:( When landed we had to wait another 40 minutes to get off the plane"
Pros: "Flight departed on schedule and arrived before scheduled. Attendants were courteous and helpful."
Cons: "Very cramped seating. Was OK for short flight, but would be very uncomfortable for longer flights. $3.00 for a drink of water!"
Pros: "Courteous crew"
Cons: "Delayed due to mechanical malfunction"
Cons: "Spirit airlines overbooked the flight and did not compensate me when there was no space. Awful service and I can't believe how I was treated. I booked my ticket at the same time as my friends -- they actually made it onto the flight and it was then delayed! The boarding attendant was extremely rude and unhelpful despite my distress at Spirit airlines messing up"
Pros: "Convenient"
Cons: "I was doing the right thing by changing my flight due to the winter storm I didn't like the price of the modification fee which was actually more than my actual original ticket"
Cons: "need more people at the bag check in. Took a long time."
Pros: "Not much leg room. And other than an email was never notified of the delay.. crew was funny and nice."
Cons: "Being cramped. No communication for delay."
Cons: "I went to the airport 35 min before the flight left with no luggage. I was told that Airline policy is to cutoff at 45 minutes and so they did not give me a boarding pass. I asked for alternative arrangements. They said that they can give me a ticket for a flight 48 hours later. They also said that they do not partner with other airlines so they cannot help. I purchased a ticket with another airline and left a few hours later. The staff told me that this is an everyday occurrence. Policies are fine but the staff should provide alternate solutions."
Pros: "on time, staff"
Cons: "plane uncomfortable, small seating. no beverages or snack included. extra cost for luggage that put price point over the top when comparing to other airlines"
Pros: "Price, but know what to expect."
Cons: "Spirit charges even for water."
Pros: "I"
Cons: "i"
Pros: "10 minutes before departure the captain notified us that the battery was dead and the spare was missing. They had to contact all the other airlines to find a spare. The flight was delayed 2.5 hours. But the big question safe are we when they clearly lack attention to detail?!! I hope whoever made the error is held accountable. Never flying them again for my own safety."
Pros: "I was assigned a seat that leaned back. Much better than the molded plastic seats on my trip to Boston."
Pros: "I upgraded to one of the larger seats and so glad I did. The others looked really tight"
Cons: "The Spirit terminal at Logan shows just how bad the airport infrastructure in this country is now. Not enough seats in the terminal, especially since every flight is delayed, so you have groups of people just sitting on the floor everywhere. There isn't even a water fountain. My flight has been delayed by 2+ hours each time I take Spirit from Logan to BWI and the ground crew is always incredibly rude -- they don't even give an update, they just keep pushing the time back. Half the time there isn't even anyone sitting at the desk to give an update. When it does dawn upon them that maybe they should let people know what the hell is going on, they screech into the loudspeaker at a dangerous decibel level. It's so loud you can't even understand what they're saying, which totally defeats the purpose! Then you just have 300 angry, uninformed people crowded in a tiny terminal, all sitting on the floor like a bunch of first graders -- for HOURS. It's like the Spirit folks genuinely take pleasure in making your trip the worst experience possible. Add on top of that the baggage fees and fees just to pick a seat (any seat! like, is this a joke!!) and it's just not worth the cheap upfront ticket cost. Spirit won't get a single red cent from me ever again; you people are evil!"
Cons: "The charge for my one checked bag was $52. I am part of the Spirit Club but was charged anyway!"
Cons: "The flight delayed for about 4hrs"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Upon check-in, notification was NOT provided the flight was delayed. Reader boards were not available and when obtaining a new ticket the flight agent failed to tell me the flight was delayed. Overall, the communication was VERY POOR."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice and accommodating"
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "I liked the easy boarding process. The crew was very polite. It was an easy, smooth flight."
Cons: "I am 5'3 and I only had a few inches between my knees and the back of the seat in front of me. Not super comfortable but my flight was only 2 hours so it was manageable."
Cons: "Their pilots had been on strike for days. They kept us waiting at the airport on my return flight for three hours before telling us the flight was cancelled. They should have started rebooking us on other flights as soon as we got there. By the time they cancelled the flight all the other airlines at the airport were closed. They told us they couldn't help us and we would have to call their 800 number. I was on the phone for 3-1/2 hours on my outgoing flight and didn't have that much time for this flight. They didn't care at all about their customers. In the end it cost them more because they put us up at a hotel for the night and gave us a meal voucher."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed by over 2 hours. There was no staff at the gate to provide any updates, monitors were not working. Email notification about delay was sent as we were boarding. I will not be flying Spirit Airlines anytime in the future!"
Cons: "Flight delayed twice, then cancelled by time I arrived at airport. (In Boston, from Maine, and via train.) I had to buy ticket on another airline. Spirit did refund my money."
Cons: "They always have a delay because of crew..Taken Spirit several times and NEVER departs on time. Seats are crowded with no room to move. Feel like a sardine...costs for seats is high and baggage."
Pros: "The crew,flight attendants and staffs before boarding were all awesome"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The seats were awful you would need to bring your own cushion and then you now have to pay for a carry on bag $45 if you do it online, $55 if you do it at airport desk and if you do it going onto the plane they charge you $100. So it is not a savings at all by the time you add all the fees. Next time we'll fly out of our own airport 20 minutes away and pay the price of the flight. We know what we are paying right away"
Cons: "Signed up for text notifications, did not receive any about flight cancellations. No hotel voucher. No flights out for two days."
Pros: "While my bag was left in Boston, they eventually delivered it to my door on New Year's Eve."
Cons: "Both flights were delayed, yet the airline still managed to leave my bag in Boston. When it didn't arrive in Oakland, they couldn't tell me if they had left it in Boston or in Las Vegas, and it was only through how long it took the bag to arrive that I figured it out. They were responsive at the ticket counter, and gave me the number of the baggage office to call to figure out where my bag was. The baggage office, however, never answered their phone nor did they return my first 2 messages. When I called the main customer service line, they could tell me nothing beyond the phone number for the Oakland baggage office, which I already had, and was not returning my phone calls. Eventually, my bag was delivered to my house, but it took about 48 hours from when I landed for me to get my bag back."
Pros: "They charge for everything from one bag over *40* pounds and not paying the baggage charge online first (?!) to... water??? Water is a human right on a 6 hour $375 flight last I heard. A single bottle is $3. They wound up charging me almost a third of the cost of the flight for baggage fees. I almost didn't get on the plane it felt so wrong. Even the employees at check in agreed with me about the company. Unbelievable. And most agonizingly uncomfortable seats and unfriendly flight attendants ever. And zero leg room at all. My knees at 5'9" were forced against the seat in front of me. For 6 hours. I will never subject myself to them again. And that is the only time I have ever had this much of an issue with an airline in my life having flown *a lot*."
Pros: "I'll probably never fly spirit again"
Pros: "This flight has been delayed 4 times. Personnel told use the plane was 2 minutes away but that they changed their minds about which destination would board. Terminal is a zoo. All staff were rude, unhelpful, and yelled at customers."
Pros: "The comfort of the seats"
Cons: "The fess upon fees upon fees. From baggage, to carry on to drinks (non-alcoholic)."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Seating is terrible; nickel and dimes for everything. Will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Reached my destination."
Cons: "The $55 charge for a carry on is absolutely absurd. No one should have to pay for their carry on; Spirit is the only airline that does this. Kayak couldn't even warn us about this, I hope they do so in the future. If this was the only problem, then I wouldn't be so dissatisfied. The seating in the plane was very tight and uncomfortable. The boarding gate area was packed, and there was no place to sit and even stand to wait for the plane. I also found it astounding how there were no complementary beverages or snacks on the flight, and I had to pay for a drink of water. Every other airline on the dozens of flights I have been on gave us beverages and snacks for free. Also, there was no entertainment on the flight whatsoever. Not even a magazine or anything. Overall a terrible experience, and I will never fly Spirit again if possible, and will certainly not recommend it to anyone I know but will instead spread the word of the horrible airline company that Spirit is."
Cons: "Kayak should post baggage fees and the fact that you have to buy your seat if you want a confirmed seat, so you and traveling companion can sit together. Seats we're most uncomfortable seats I've ever flew on. Plus on checked bags anything over 40 not 50 is considered overweight and costs more. I know problems happen but being delayed 2 hours didn't help experience at all. No free beverage or snack must pay for everything."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Smooth take off n landing"
Cons: "No free water or beverages but it was a small flight"
Pros: "Dreadful. 24 hours later I finally got home (the flight should have been an hour and a half)"
Cons: "The experience was bad exept the crew. Everything possible went wrong apart from the plane arriving safely on the ground."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Delayed 5 hours and rough flight. I felt like I was on a roller coaster."
Pros: "The flight attendants! They were funny and very helpful."
Cons: "The plane smelled like someone had defecated in their own pants for the entire ride. To purchase a soft drink and pay for a carry on are fees I was not prepared for. It would have been cheaper for me to fly with another airline. It was very cramped as well, felt like the person next to me and in front of me were on top of me."
Pros: "Flight was on time. Price was excellent. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Next time I will bring some reading material."
Pros: "The person who did the announcements on the planes PA system needs to speak better English, not garbelled and more clearly, no matter what nationality they are. Staff not friendly. Most of all plane was extremely dirty and those boarding were giving the flight attendants bottles and garbage left by previous passengers. Boarded the plane at 4:30, they announced we would be leaving earlier than expected. At the same time I am getting notification thru flight tracker that we wouldn't be leaving until 5:30. Five minutes later they came on the pa to tell us we wouldn't be leaving until 5:30. Didn't leave until 6:20."
Cons: "See above. Can't believe it cost me $4 extra dollars just to have a seat and had a 2" plank to put my water bottle on that kept sliding off. No seat pocket to put my stuff in so I wouldn't have to keep reaching for my bag. Most of all, we made sure we adhered to the airlines rules of personal items and checkin bags. People were bringing on the plane larger bags than they were supposed to so obviously spirit isn't adhering to their baggage policy which cost me money in the end because I realistically didn't have to check my bag. Could have carried it on like everyone else."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled."
Pros: "Quick board"
Cons: "Delays both ways and no reason given. return flight there was an additional delay after the plane was already an hour late because a bathroom repair needed to be made. We weren't told why the plane was an hour late in the first place. Delays began 4 hours before we were to board so plenty of time to rethink the day, but why all the delays?????"
Pros: "The best and funniest flight announcement ever! Also, we got upgraded to first class seat!! Amazing."

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