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MDE — Washington
Feb 23 — Mar 21
1 adult
0 bags
Wed 2/23
Wed 3/2

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AeromexicoOverall score based on 9858 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Fee alcohol on flight! Crew was also very nice and welcoming."
Cons: "Everything seemed fine."
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Pros: "Fee alcohol on flight! Crew was also very nice and welcoming."
Cons: "Everything seemed fine."
Pros: "Nobody bugged me"
Cons: "I like attention"
Pros: "Time and service were excellent."
Cons: "Food. I don’t mía be to pay"
Pros: "I wi not use aeromexico again"
Cons: "Everything, see prior notes"
Cons: "Need water"
Pros: "Crew was nice-"
Cons: "for a red eye they should turn the overhead screens off!"
Cons: "Was not allowed to board the plane, this causing me to miss my flight."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Wi-Fi never worked going both directions. Also the gate was changed twice. The last change was less than 30 mins before departure and I almost missed my flight!"
Pros: "We were given 100 different excuses for our overnight delay and processing all the passengers took much too long."
Cons: "Tell the truth and be prepared to resolve it quickly. We waited on the plane for more than an hour and then again in the airport to get our new tickets and vouchers that no restaurant would accept."
Cons: "I have nothing to complaint about Aeromexico is truly a good airline, friendly and. Has good customer service. We were very satisfied with our flight. Thank you"
Cons: "Just a bit more room for a person that's 6'2"."
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful crew"
Cons: "Getting seat assignments at front desk was confusing and a little hectic"
Pros: "very nice timely flight, overall great attention to safety and professionalism, also had plenty of space and great entertainment!"
Cons: "one more pass through cabin with a snack on the 5 hour flight would have been nice!"
Cons: "Delays!!"
Pros: "We were able to get emergency aisle seats. We are 6’2 and 6’4"
Cons: "Flight was supposed to depart at 11, didn’t depart until 3. No pillows, no blankets on overnight flight. Speakers on plane not working so couldn’t hear announcements. Landed 30 minutes later than was told. STILL sitting on runway 15 mins later waiting for a gate."
Cons: "Will not travel with this airline again"
Pros: "One of the meal options was vegetarian. When I asked the flight attendant about it (I’d forgotten to request a veggie meal) they mentioned there was an extra vegetarian meal and got me that instead, which was even cooler."
Cons: "My screen didn’t work / worked erratically. Luckily there was nobody in the middle seat next to me and I could use that one."
Cons: "No access to video No leg room"
Cons: "on the flight Bogotá-Mexico, in business, they offer for diner a sándwich and fried potatoes. The liquor quality was very por. on thr flight back, one of our suitcases was broken and the padlock was stoled"
Pros: "The food, space and movies!"
Pros: "Service was good! Didn’t have problem"
Cons: "Flight was on time nothing to say went bad"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Check in took more than 1.5 hrs. Traveling with two kids an a baby is challenging enough and adding all sorts of incompetente and lack of help makes traveling a nightmare Also crew allocated seating all in diferentes rows which is not acceptable when traveling with small kids. Once we went to the boarding gate we forgot a piece luggage and we ask Assistance after boarding still at the gate and crew told us they could not do anything as they are user of gate space not the owners #WTH"
Pros: "The crew was very nice helpful and always there in case of questions. We arrived earlier for about 18 minutes it was unexpected but good. Thank you."
Cons: "This time the flight had a no service bathroom in the back so because of that there was a huge line. I think in those situations the first class bathroom should be an option to use it was a little or more than that for some passengers because some times is hard to wait. But first time this happens and is not the crews fault. Thank you"
Pros: "Bumpy flight dirty plane hard to access terminal one for early connection. Train doesn’t open until 5 so you have to pay for a bus. Ridiculous"
Cons: "Let a dog on board that barked the entire flight."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "I have traveled all over the world. From China to Peru, name it and I’ve been there, and I have never been treated more poorly as consistently as I was by Aeromexico today. After forgetting the bottom of a piece of paper I was not told I needed to keep with me (it was given to me when I landed in Mexico), I was turned away from the gate minutes before boarding. I was told to exit the terminal (with no options as to what to do with my duty free purchases) and pay a 600 pesos fee for a new piece of paper. Ok, fair enough. When I get there, they don’t take credit cards. Aeromexico shrugs their shoulders yet again. I run across the airport to another terminal to get cash to pay for the silly paper, run back to get it, sprint across the airport (again, with ZERO help from the airline getting through security to make my flight) only to have the door closed in my face. Defeated I walk to the module in the terminal to ask for a new flight to be told I have to exit the terminal AGAIN. I ask what I do with my duty free purchases (bottles of tequila I cannot bring in again) and I’m told I should check them in with my luggage. After informing the agent I don’t have luggage (it was a short trip) i was told I would need to purchase luggage. THEN, I was told my rescheduling fee for the flight would be $720, a full priced fare. Never flying Aeromexico again. I’ll take 3 planes on American before a direct flight with them. Enjoy."
Pros: "We think the upgrade to AM Plus was worth it."
Cons: "Crew not attentive. Announcements in English were almost impossible to hear - need to be louder. Video screens were very limited: no games to play, no instructions on how to use it, and map of route was inflexible."
Pros: "Very friendly staff/crew, sufficient leg room even in a regular seat. Hot meal."
Cons: "Zero entertainment options available - the computer screens didn’t work at all, no movies, music, map. Also no functioning WiFi as advertised (on either flight) and the machine would only barely and intermittently charge my phone."
Pros: "Both international flights to and from Mexico City were exceptional. The staff was very nice and the plane was very comfortable. I will choose them again next time I fly to Mexico."
Pros: "I had plenty of leg room."
Pros: "I like that I and my luggage arrived at my destination."
Cons: "Flight Delays: It happens, BUT every flight, but 1 was severely delayed leaving, arriving, and then departing again. The only flight that left and arrived on time was Guatemala to Mexico City. Mis information from Flight Crew: Aero Mexico flight crew put everyone in a panic on flight from LAX to MEX and Guatemala to MEX by saying that everyone had to pick up their luggarge.. even if you were just in transit to another country. Once I went down and asked Information, they stated that I did not need to pick up my bags as they would in fact be transportated to my final destination. When I told AeroMexico about this.. they didn’t seem to care that they were saying something completely different to everyone on their planes. In the future I will avoid booking with Aero Mexico.. I felt vulnerable and that Mexico didn’t have its clients in their best interest. Additionally, their lack of WiFi is embarrassingly cheap of them. Guatemala has free wifi, I assumed everywhere provides wifi for its visitors. Mexico supposedly gives you 5 min free and they don’t make that easy to access."
Cons: "No wifi"
Pros: "Same as above."
Pros: "A long story short, I had to check my carry-on bag in order to get sealed duty free liquor through the Mexico city airport. I was able to eventually get the bag checked gratis due to the circumstances. It took half a dozen AeroMexico staff to get there, but I did."
Cons: "Flight was too hot, like they forgot to turn the AC on"
Pros: "Aeromexico was very accommodating even though I was late, got great seat and even food!"
Pros: "Everything was great. It was a red eye so only snacks and drinks were served but they were sufficient. The flight had plenty of room"
Cons: "There was nothing about the flight that I didn’t enjoy"
Pros: "Having a direct flight from Mexico City at a great price with excellent service, what's not to like about it!"
Pros: "The crew is great, and the comfort of the airplane was outstanding!! Really happy with the whole experience."
Pros: "Staff was very friendly and helpful."
Pros: "They offer food and entertainment its good. Also is amazing to flight none stop to Mexico City"
Cons: "Getting to Mexico or leaving Mexico is a hassle if you are in a wheelchair. They have a really poor service, I really struggle since I was flying by myself."
Pros: "Food and entertainment was good, everyone was profesional"
Cons: "The waiting time when boarding"
Cons: "I didn’t like the food"
Pros: "I like everything about, food was good, entertainment was good crew was good. They give you free beer or wine"
Pros: "Nothing they cancelled my connecting flight"
Cons: "First time flying with Aeromexico and it will be my last. The cancelled the flight just when we are about to board and have not responded or compensated me for my substitute flight to get home."
Pros: "Entertainment, food, service, it was awesome!!"
Cons: "Amazing flight"
Cons: "It was a horrible flight because the plane did not land in Mexico city due to fog. The plane was about 600 feet from the ground and then diverted to Acapulo. We sat on the plane for 3 hours then waited in line for an additional 4 hours to get another flight. Then when we got to Mexico city, our next flight was canceled after boarding the plane. Again their excuse was due to weather. All other airlines were landing and taking off just fine. Aeromexico did not compensate us and we ended up spending the night in the airport. We will never fly Aeromexico again!"
Pros: "Most everything was fine, on time, nice crew, good entertainment..."
Cons: "Avoid this food like the plague, disgusting."
Pros: "The crew it’s the best"
Pros: "Again, the seating is more than adequate. I discovered a person who couldn't read her ticket stub correctly had taken my seat, but instead of insisting that she move, I asked if I could have an emergency exit row seat and was told "Yes," I could. I had to whole row to myself. Those seats, while as comfortable as the rest, made the screen mounted on the back of the seat ahead of me a little hard to see because of the greater than usual distance between the seats. But there certainly was a lot of legroom!"
Cons: "The only thing I didn't like was an aspect not totally in Aeromexico's control - the disembarkation system and the ugly process of Mexican immigration. The plane was left parked on the tarmac somewhere in nowhere'sville, making a trip to the terminal by bus necessary. The bus waited and waited and waited for a wheelchair to arrive from the main terminal to allow two elderly passengers to be removed from the plane. All in all that process took more than a half-hour (making the two-hour connection time more anxiety producing). Then the bus sat outside the terminal for another 10 minutes with no explanation being provided to the passengers worried about making their connection. To top it off, once the bus doors opened the passengers were ushered into a large hall filled with hundreds of passengers all having to get through Mexican immigration - during lunch hour or something, for there were only six officials actually asking questions and several empty inquiry windows that could have been operational. I finally got to an immigration clerk just 15 minutes before my connecting flight was to take off - breezed through the interview and got the passport stamped, and then had to run to dump the luggage onto another conveyor belt leading I hoped to the connecting flight. An Aeromexico staff person asked me "Seattle?" and when I answered "YES!" was ushered to a waiting electric golf cart that whisked me close to the ramp to Gate 57. Without that additional help I'd never had made the flight. Mexico City is NOT a place to try to do a plane connection in less than 3 hours!"

Boarded late. Missed first landing attempt, landed almost an hour late and missed connecting flight.

Pros: "."
Cons: "Plane was too hot!! Ac nor working !"
Pros: "Meal provided was excellent"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "Yes!"
Cons: "No more comments!"
Cons: "We were delayed 3 hours for mechanical repairs."
Pros: "Friendly crew, good food and entertainment."
Cons: "Seat comfort and space aboard."
Pros: "I was moved up to seat 9E from 16E move leg room makes a difference"
Cons: "I had started a movie on the earlier flight but I could not finish it because it was not offered on this flight"
Pros: "My first time flying Alaska Airlines. Absolutely will be back. Comfortable, spacious seating. Staff was professional and friendly. Flight was seamless from beginning to end!"
Cons: "Excellent flight, no issues"
Cons: "The flight comfort was very bad. The plane was extremely warm and people we beginning to feel bad. Several mentioned it and asked multiple times to have the the cabin air conditioning turned down"
Pros: "The entertainment was good with WiFi that worked well"
Cons: "The flight delay was a hassle especially considering the estimated arrival was almost 1am. No information was provided as to why it was almost an hour late but it made for a super late night. Not to mention the seat was unbearably cramped making for an impossible inflight rest... wait, I just mentioned it"
Pros: "Nothing. I missed this flight because of a delay of my flight on Friday."
Pros: "Great Crew"
Cons: "More drinks"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "4 hour delay, downgraded equipment - AA is becoming a horror show"
Cons: "It was very hot on the plane."
Cons: "Everything. My first leg of this trip was the worst flight I had ever been on and this leg lived up to that standard"
Pros: "comfortable seats"
Cons: "food"
Cons: "Weather related, mostly, so not AA’s fault"
Cons: "One crew member is not particularly helpful when passengers needed assistance."
Pros: "- entertainment - smooth boarding"
Cons: "- very small airplane for a 6 hour flight - no comfort seats"
Pros: "Nothing, this was a miserable flight."
Cons: "Gate at Philadelphia was tiny with not enough space for everyone on the plane, it was a 6 hour flight and no snacks beyond pretzels were available-not even for purchase. I'd just come off an 8 hour international flight where I was provided lunch, ice cream, a pot pie snack and frequent beverage service. Somehow as soon as you are flying domestic on a slightly shorter flight American Airlines thinks its okay to treat customers like garbage-nothing but some sad pretzels and 2 rounds of drink service was provided for a 6 hour flight. The seats were super uncomfortable with no head rest, no personal entertainment devices were provided, and there was no general entertainment for the whole plane-seriously I've never been so bored. I would have fallen asleep from boredom but the seat was too uncomfortable so I couldn't even do that. The plane landed in Seattle but sat without unloading passengers for 20 minutes because the gate crew wasn't ready. We didn't get our checked baggage for over an hour after landing. When asked, customer service reps said that the S gate was far from baggage claim-seriously I'm not sure how that is a reasonable excuse. Other airlines arrive into S gates and have timely baggage claim service. American Airlines has no standard for timely baggage claim service like other airlines (Alaska) so there were no repercussions for such late baggage service. We left the airport with our luggage over 90 minutes after the plane landed. The entire experience is just another example of American Airlines of why the terrorists won't even fly American Airlines. I was seriously disappointed to find out that the British Airways flights we booked were operated by American instead of BA crews. I seriously will never select this option (or fly American) again if I can help it."
Pros: "Seats in general Economy ended up being fairly comfortable and headrests would bend enough to actually support my head while sleeping. Nice to have granual baggage tracking info in the AA app."
Cons: "Overhead entertainment video quality was horrible. Awful user interface for trying to figure out and use the personal device streaming entertainment. Did not order food on the flight, but options were very limited for a 5.5 hour night-time flight (8p EST -> 11p PST)"
Pros: "Both the departing and returning flights departed in schedule and arrived a solid half hour early. Staff was accommodating and friendly, and very helpful with me juggling luggage and a toddler by myself."
Cons: "The bathroom supplies were not replenished. In fact, the facial tissue was empty at beginning of flight. When the toilet paper ran out, I finally informed the attendant and they fixed everything. It seems that checking on that stuff was not part of their routine."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "it was not BA flight American Airlines. For a 6-hour cross-country flight, there was no entertainment of any kind. More than that, no blanket or a pillow was available which made the trip so much worse. Worst of all, the last 90 minutes of the flight all the toilets ran out of water so they can't even be flushed. First time I have ever come across such a problem. Absolutely terrible."
Pros: "The flight crew were amazing!"
Cons: "Gaye agent refused to let me take my medically necessary medical equipment and meds on board. She refused to look at my Dr note that TSA had no problems with after screening. It was humiliating and horrible!! I have a video ad well as statements on the flight from other passengers regarding how she treated me it was horrible!!"
Cons: "Left s half hour late because they had to shift cargo, then we taxied on the runway for what seemed like a half hour. My wife and I purchased our tickets in July but could never pick our seats and ended up 9 rows apart."
Pros: "Flight was great. Crew was very attentive and the flight was under booked giving my wife and I an empty middle seat. The entertainment was vast consisting of movies and TV shows to pass the time."
Cons: "n/a"
Cons: "No entertainment and no gate printed on my ticket. My flight to Dallas was delayed and I had to waste time figuring out what gate to take a train to."
Pros: "Left on time, relatively comfortable considering I had already spent almost 9 hours on a previous flight, landed 30 minutes early"
Cons: "Mixed feelings about the entertainment app, I was pleased that something was available at all, however had the person sitting next to me not mentioned I needed an app to watch the in flight entertainment moments before it would have been too late to use the internet to download it, I would not have been able to use it, unless paying for a limited time package from AA to use the internet to download the app. A better job of advertising of the gogo app is needed more than the booklet in the seat pocket. Also I was only able to watch one movie, after that the system kicked me out saying high usage was making it not work for me. The gate changed a couple of times which had me trawling up and down the H and K concourses, could have done without that after the 9 hour journey I had already taken."
Pros: "Comfortable, very friendly helpful staff"
Cons: "Nothing, well I miss the movies shown on their divides rather than my tablet"
Pros: "Everything was great, but they didn't serve ANY complementary food on a 5 hour flight. What happened to lunch?"
Cons: "Dry / borderline rude staff and hostess. Dated plane. Tiny seats. But that is pretty much the baseline of airlines in the US. When will carriers start to take note from International carriers..leaps and bounds ahead."
Pros: "It was not a full flight, so I was given an aisle instead of a middle seat...for which I was grateful."
Cons: "Flight was 6 hours...almost as much as my previous international flight, yet food and drink was only available for purchase. No entertainment options. Plus, wireless was $21! I needed to work and had to purchase, but that is really quite a rip off compared to other airlines."
Pros: "This flight was amazing! The crew was friendly and helped me when I had a panic attack from flying. It was very appreciated"
Pros: "Excellent crew."
Cons: "Obese people should have to declare their weight and pay for two seats."
Cons: "I never experienced the flight because I wasn't given a seat. The airline oversold the flight and I never got to go. I missed my once in a lifetime experience because the airline is greedy at my (and other people's) expense. I missed out on a priceless experience. Not only that, the bag that I checked did not make it off the flight so I remained in DC while my bag went to Medellin. I had to purchase new toiletries and had to make arrangements to get back to the airport. As of now, I do not plan on choosing American Airline nor LATAM for my future flights."
Pros: "He enjoyed everything about the flight it was comfortable the crew was excellent he met nice ppl thank you for the safety and class."
Cons: "Longer flights should have screens in the headrests"
Cons: "I asked the woman at the gate prior to boarding if there were electrical outlets on the plane. She looked it up and said, its an Airbus, yes they have outlets at each seat. I didn't worry too much about charging my devices at my layover because I knew I could charge them on the plane. When I got on it was clear that there was no outlets, no video on the backs of seats, no devices being handed out for purchase. Nothing. I'm definitely used to more updated planes, but I would have been ok without the misinformation. I ended up on a 4 hr flight bored out of my gourd—which could have been avoided."
Cons: "Despite arriving more than an hour ahead of time, I had to wait in a long line to get to the ticket counter and by the time I got there the assistant refused to check my bag. I then had the choice of catching another flight standby, possibly not even arriving on the same day, or changing my ticket for an obscene amount of money. I hope to never deal with AA again."
Cons: "As it was the continuation of an international flight, I believe I travelers like me deserved to be treated with free food and not just drink and water."
Pros: "Chairs were very comfy and wider than some airlines."
Cons: "Crew not overly friendly and not very attentive, and there were lots of empty seats so there wasn't much excuse. Also, I had an issue with the plane. I think no screens on a cross-country flight is not good business. Not everyone is savvy with go-go inflight. And if there are no screens, could there at least be outlets? I was so tired after my Paris flight and wanted to chill with some go-go entertainment, but my battery was low and there were no outlets. I know not all flights can have these luxuries, but if the flight is over five hours, I think it should be better equipped."
Pros: "I liked nothing."
Cons: "We boarded an hour early. It was at least 80° on the plane, and then everyone got on. The crew was very rude. They ignored everyone in coach."
Pros: "Free beverage"
Cons: "My bag was lost and it still hasn't showed up at the airport. Seems like I would get some kind of credit of some kind for this inconvenience."
Pros: "I was upgraded to the comfort economy after waiting 10 hours at DFW for my flight."
Cons: "After being in DFW airport for 10hrs all I wanted to do was watch a movie on board and sleep. Go figure, my TV didn't work. I called the attendant and she said she would reset them. The "resetting process" took a while. She attempted, and the other stewardess did as well. They said that the TV issue that *some* of the people were experiencing wasn't able to be fixed by them and only by the company that provides it's service. So there wasn't anything that could be done. I know that at least the two guys that were traveling next to me had issues with the tv monitors as well. It was just driving it home that I will never fly on American Airlines again. I don't ask for much these days while flying, it's not like it's a luxury anymore. But the saddest part is that customer satisfaction is completely out of the question. Just pay the extra money and fly another airline. -Deidre Fugate"
Pros: "I did not like have to stay in a hotel room when I could be sleeping in my room I'm on medication I don't even have my medicine with me because American Airlines had engine trouble in Dallas we went back to the Terminal 3 times before they ever got it fixed slit throat me late getting into Seattle and I missed the flight to Yakima I don't feel that this was my fault I didn't nothing to delay the airplanes and I walked as fast as I could to the terminal on in Seattle so I didn't have such a pleasure to little trip but your airline get put me up in a hotel but it's still not does not change the fact I have my blood pressure medicine and about 10 other medications but my blood pressure is the biggest and I will think twice before I fly Alaska Airlines again"
Pros: "I had my first experience in the Admiral's Lounge at O'Hare and enjoyed it very much."
Cons: "My traveling companion's tray table was disgusting when she folded it down for beverage service. She asked for a wet towel and the flight attendant was snarky but went to get one without even looking or asking to see what the problem was. Her entertainment console wasn't working so they reset it but instead it reset mine (two seats over) they did this again and I let them know it was resetting mine. I was told that I was not in the seat they were resetting for ...I inquired if perhaps they should try to reset mine and see if it would, in fact, fix did. When she slipped off her shoes the carpet was soaking wet. This was a really crummy, crummy flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "See above comments"
Cons: "Charlotte to Seattle flight: The food served in first class smelled awful. Seated in premium seating just behind first class was unfortunate due to the atrocious odor that lasted for 3+hours. There was no option for food service for the rest of the plane. Which was unfortunate as I was very hungry. Due to inconsistent notification that the plane was delayed / on-time (kept switching the notification) we opted to not get dinner in the airport..... To which the plane was was an hour late yet we were told to check in every ten minutes to see if we were boarding. There were no blankets. The plane was incredibly cold. The suggestion I received from the flight staff was to turn off the vent above my head (which I had already done.) I had brought a jacket and was wearing pants. On a 5.5 hour flight, the crew served beverages 45 minutes into the flight (per usual) and handed out a pretzel pack. They didn't come back through with water or beverages again. On other airlines, they promote water at least once an hour to keep swelling and dehydration down. Since I am a pretty frequent flier, I bring my own water. Still, coffee would have been nice. Suggestions: increase beverage service to at least twice / 5.5 hour flight and provide blankets upon request. Food choices and entertainment would also be good. Don't cook stinky dinners in first class and allow it to pollute the rest of the plane."
Cons: "Broken seat and terrible gogo video experience with an attendant crew that was dysfunctional together for food/beverage service. I prefer to not fly AA."


Pros: "Nitrogen/oxygen is free to breathe."
Cons: "if you can stuff everything in your one allotted carry on bag (that’s smaller than other airlines) then great! Otherwise be prepared to pay for everything. Taking your normal sized carry on? Pay. Luggage? Pay. Assigned seat? Pay. Food and drink? Pay. Reclining seat? Forget it. Tray table for food or drink? Keep dreaming. Leg room? Hahahaha! No. In flight entertainment? Entertain yourself. When all is said and done, fly a different airline if you want any of the above."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "First and LAST time flying Spirit. Once I had to pay the fee for having a carry on bag, the price came out closer to one of the airlines I should have used instead. The website address didn't even work from my phone, so I had to pay the $65 gate fee for the carry on. The seats weren't comfortable, didn't recline, no cushioning. No inflight entertainment of any kind. During the flight, I got up and went to the front to use the bathroom (which I KNEW was empty) and the staff directed me to use the ones in back. Why? And they never reduced the cabin pressure on the descent! The cabin was still completely pressurized for the higher altitudes well after we touched down. This feels like such an amateur mistake that simply isn't acceptable."
Cons: "They charge $50 for a carry on bag!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "We got delayed like 5 hours the crew was rude and the seats were uncomfortable"
Cons: "They threatened to charge if you didn't check in on line only to find out that you can't on international flights, then they threatened again to charge if you didn't get there unnecessarily early."
Pros: "We received an unexpected upgrade."
Cons: "We boarded the plane and had to wait an hour and a half before take off. Really strange and loud noises coming from the plane making the experience unsettling."
Pros: "Flying with spirit airline is like driving the cheapest, smallest und most unsafe car and hearing loud noises everytime you accelerate. It is by far the most uncomfortable flight (3.5 Hrs) I have ever been on !"
Cons: "The list is endless. Safety comes to mind ... Did not feel safe sitting in a lawn chair and the life jacket underneath my seat was tiny . Will not fly with this airline again. It is cutting too many corners to offer a cheap rate"
Pros: "Nothing... the passengers were nice."
Cons: "It was horrible! I won’t let any of my friends use Spirit air. I had to pay 55$ for a carry on. I wasn’t even carrying a purse. I was told after I paid 55$ and they took my bag I could have pre- checked my bag for less! I had to pay for my seat!!! There were no screens, no outlets, no WiFi, and no snacks without a charge. On my return The Spirit website did not indicate gate changes as the gate changes. I prechecked this time, 3 hours early and the plane departed 40 min before departure. The screens at kiosk did not indicate changes to flight time or gate change. I wasn’t even called!!! I missed my flight. The staff gave no help for hotel or shuttle. I was to sleep 12 hours for n Next plane and my bag was on first plane. My original flight of $249 to Vegas was $349. Plus hotel 129 plus $40 for extra night stay and Uber."
Pros: "Good customer service"
Cons: "My plane was 2 hours late"
Pros: "Nothing AT ALL besides maybe the flight attendants !"
Cons: "Small seats, you guys charge way to much for bags so people might as well pay for another airline because you pay for your bucks worth I purchased tickets for my mother a month in advance, & on her way back home too Seattle she sat in a airport for 5 hours because YOSu guys didn’t have a pilot I will never buy or fly spirit airlines again ! You guys did nothing to satisfy the customer besides getting them on another tight flight . A comp, or free baggage, refund of course would have been great ."
Pros: "The staff's attitude was very positive"
Pros: "That they were upfront with the fact that they charge for everything"
Cons: "NEVER AGAIN! My fight was canceled 6 hours before my departure, due to “air craft congestion” (whatever that means). They were unable to get me on a new flight until two and a half days later. I ended up booking with another (more reliable) airline because it was cheaper than taking 2 days off of work, staying in a hotel, eating out, rearranging child care, paying for extra parking at the airport... SO DISSAPOINTING. It put a huge black spot on my otherwise awesome weekend, among me have to scramble to get everything worked out while trying to get home."
Cons: "55.00 for a carry on bag?? Are you kidding me? If I had known that when I bought the tickets of course I wouldn't have bought the tickets. For another hundred dollars I could have bought a ticket From Alaska flown in comfort and had free water !!! Instead I had to use that 100.00 for carry on bags! I hate you guys! You're the biggest rip off. I fly an average 3 times a year. I will never fly Spirit and I will tell everyone on all social media not to fly with spirit unless they enjoy getting raped!!!"
Pros: "low fare?"
Cons: "astronomical baggage fees, tight seats, pouch on the back of the seat in front of me was broken and pushing against my leg."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!"
Cons: "This is the worst airline. Extremely chaotic boarding, it seemed like I was in a third-world country. Nothing about this airline is good. They lure you in with cheap airfare though when you begin to add costs for everything they charge separately it's cheaper to fly AA or United or Southwest. The charge for WATER on the plane. The list of everything I don't like is too long for me to waste my time on this most substandard of the substandard airlines."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Kayak doesn't make it clear while booking that this airline doesn't include a carry on bag , snacks, seat assignments, or beverages in the ticket price. My flight was 3 hours late due to a series of mistakes on their part. They don't even offer water for free. And we had to listen to a long and loud commercial for their credit card. I'm never flying with them again."
Pros: "The plane had wings and a tail and the engines did turn. That's about it."
Cons: "The plane was delayed for hours. We were originally scheduled to land in Seattle at 12:59 am but didn't get to our destination until 2:30 am. They did give us a voucher for 50 dollars if we fly them again. Not likely at this time. The pre paid baggage fees for the first bag was 39 dollars and this is cheaper than buying it at the ticket counter which the price goes up to over 50 dollars. They are a low fair airline if you don't have luggage, want peanuts or a cookie, a drink or care if you get to your destination on time. The return trip was this one. The original flight took us 6 hours to go from Seattle to Vegas. That was a real bad flight."
Cons: "First flight was delayed to wait for connecting passengers, connecting flight was not. Had to leave the terminal and wait in line with people checking bags to get another flight which made me I miss multiple alternative flights I could have caught if they had a desk inside the terminal. What was left was an 11 hour set of connecting flights the next morning instead of the original 4 hour direct flight. Speaking with the person rescheduling me, she admitted that no one had informed them that our flight was running late, which could have been to blame for why the connecting flight was not held a few minutes. Icing on the cake: my missed connecting flight landed 30 minutes early."
Pros: "They boarded quickly, the flight left and landed on time. The crew were friendly. I was glad that I had paid extra for a front seat, which was very comfortable."
Cons: "It is difficult to tell what is in the snacks on the menu, the nut mix contained pretzels and sesame crackers which was not what I had expected."
Pros: "No fee for baggage I didn't have"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable and small , customer service agent was not helpful and gave me wrong Information , worst ride I've ever been on , the plane staff was not friendly. Never flying spirit again due to how customer service agent handled my needs."
Pros: "we had a safe flight, no major issues, and were able to get off the plane quickly."
Cons: "I had to pay $97 to check my bag...kinda defeats the purpose of booking a cheap flight. This was by far the smallest seating space I've ever had...I'm 5'9 so normally I don't have an issue with this but my knees were about an inch away from the seat in front of me and I had no space to move around. The headrests were hard as a rock, and I could feel a metal bar in the middle of the seat poking out at my back. The seats don't go back, there was no entertainment whatsoever, not even a magazine to read. The main lights were left on during the 4.5 hour nighttime flight. There was not even a complimentary cup of water...$3 for water. It was also freezing in the plane and there was a 2 hour delay for no apparent reason. Look up the fees they charge for everything before you book with Spirit."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "They delayed the flight on purpose such that they would not have to rebook on other airlines. As soon as the last flight to the destination left on another airline, they cancelled the flight and refused to rebook on any other airline. I got rebooked 2 days later. The cancellation was due to a lack of a crew."
Pros: "The only redeeming thing about our trip was that it was a nonstop flight."
Cons: "Ridiculously tight seating. Even water costs extra. We'll never use Spirit Airlines again."
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "Lack of customer service and attempt to charge for every little thing possible."
Pros: "The crew and captain acknowledged the plane was late. Cheapest plane tickets ever. But read below to see the result of cheap plane tickets."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. Then after boarding the sink ceased working. The plane seemed to come from a developing country. There were way more noises than I have ever heard on a plane. Multiple unusual clunks as the landing gear was being deployed. Then on the land I heard unusual stress on the wings. I have been flying 2-3 times a year for the past 10 years, and this was the worst plane experience. The seats were terribly uncomfortable. I felt like I was strapped to a set of bricks, flying on the wright brothers plane."
Cons: "Even though the flight was delayed, they did not tell us that at the gate. The gate had changed since we checked in, and we came to know just because we were trying to look for it. Even though the flight has space for the cabin luggage, unlike other airlines, they charge you for it. And it's not like they are very cheaper than the other airlines. The boarding process was ok. The crew was ok. They kept banging things in the back. The seat selection costs 9$ per seat online. So we decided not to select any. That's why we got seats in the back. The seats were so uncomfortable that even for the short flight of 2 hrs, me and my wife got a back ache. Although it looks cheap to fly with spirit, it would cost you so much more if you want to fly comfortably. I would not be travelling with spirit anymore."
Pros: "The plane"
Cons: "The personnel and the way they handle people"
Pros: "We boarded about 39 minutes late, but once the boarding process started we moved quickly and took off within a pretty reasonable time frame."
Cons: "Flying Spirit airlines you know the extra charges are around every corner. We may have saved slightly on the price of the flight, but easily made up the deficit in the cost of bringing a bag in the flight. While paying the $55 to carry on a bag the kiosk informed me that I could have saved money if I had done this online earlier. I had actually tried to do this earlier, but after 4 failed attempts to create an online profile (required) to check into your flight, I gave up. This airline also doesn't email you check in information as every other airline will. The plane itself, while successfully and safely flying us home, was old, very noisy and very bare bones as if it was a hand me down from another airline. Not knowing I'd have to pay an additional fee for something as simple as water, I sat through the flight without a beverage, which isn't horrible just annoying when the airline's main selling point is that it is less expensive than its competitors. in the future I'd rather pay more from the start."
Cons: "I spoke with a customer service rep and requested to cancel round trip from Seattle to Las Vegas; I was told that they had to be cancelled separately, so I did this and was told that both were cancelled and because I had called in a timely manner I would not be charged. This transaction was friendly and helpful; however, apparently not completed accurately. Three weeks later: Only my one trip TO Vegas was cancelled; my return flight home was not. When I again called Spirit, Jenki (sp?) answered the phone and told me I hadn't cancelled in enough time and would be charged for the trip and could not cancel the return leg home. I protested and was told they would review my phone conversation. They did not call me back, but I will be calling again later today to see if I can get credit (although I don't want to use them again in any case). Very disappointed with the service."
Pros: "I like the man that was talking on the airplane tell to the people to stand up to stretch."
Cons: "I don't like because they want a lot money for each suitcase small or big, that is to much, and the service is very bad after 50 dollars por my small suitcase they don't send now I need to wait till tonight o tomorrow!! And I need the thing that I have in my suitcase, that is no good.. I don't want to fly again with that aerline."
Cons: "My 6am flight was canceled and I never received any notification of that. Woke up at 330 am took a $55.00 uber to the airport just to come back home again. An email would have been appreciated."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "This is by far the worst airline to fly with they charge you for everything the staff is very in professional and rude! The are low staffed and the same people that check you in are the ones helping load the plans. The Kiosk doesn't work! The seats are so uncomfortable.they don't even offer you water, they charge FOR A CARRY-ON even tho everyone else puts there luggage on top of the seats!! Do not fly with this airline YES ITS CHEAP BUT YOU END UP PAYING MORE THAN YOU WOULD AT ANY OTHER AIRLINE!!!"
Pros: "Medellin flight attendants were no where to be found. The lack of urgency was remarkable. The counter staff in Fort Lauderdale was so horrible. The supervisor said my friend was being dishonest, about his extremely serious diabetes and the presitent of him needing to get back to his medications as soon as possible was demeening. He left his staff to handle all the upset, tired travels -alone. I travel often and do booking for bands that your globally. We will never used spirit... I'm so disappointed that you can even call yourselves an airline. The last thing anyone would want is for a company to fail but I truly don't know how spirit is still in business."
Cons: "Stated above."
Cons: "My flight was delayed both going to and coming back from Las Vegas. I was told to go to the wrong terminal, and was not told there was a delay until I got to the correct terminal on my way to Vegas, then on my way back, even the flight board didn't list the delay. I found out when I got to the terminal that the flight was delayed."
Pros: "This is the second time I made the mistake of choosing spirit airlines. They are so disorganized and have terrible customer service. We bought two tickets and the boarding pass showed the tickets to be in completely different parts of the plane. When we asked the agent to fix this issue she said she can't do anything about it. When we got to our gate we asked the agent if she could do something about it and when she checked the random seats that were given to us she noticed that those seats were already taken. She was able to give us two seats all the way on the back of the plane. Also our flight is delayed. AND just because the tickets are cheap you end up getting screwed over with luggage fees. Wtf airline charges you $55 for a carry on??? I am so frustrated. I am traveling with my husband and we are newlyweds recently got married this weekend and this is the BS we have to deal with. Awesome. Never ever flying with them again and will NEVER recommend this airline to anyone."
Pros: "We did eventually arrive at the destination, so that is something I guess."
Cons: "The overall fares were the same as other airlines, not "bare fare" like they advertise. But they charge $10 to check in, $50 for carry on each way ($100 if you don't know and have to pay at the gate), $20+ to get a non middle seat, and who knows what else. What a huge scam. The gate and baggage employees clearly do not care about their jobs. The flight attendants were fine, but the plane was bare bones and the seats were so small my knees were touching the seat in front of me. I am 5'9". Thank god they don't recline."
Pros: "I have been traveling for business and pleasure for past 18 years and I have never been on anything worst than Spirit airlines. Definitely going to write them up on my washington post blog. Kayak should disassociate themselves from them."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "It was a nice flight it was very few people so we were able to move to where we wanted to sit once we reached a certain altitude they just wanted you to pay for all the snacks like water but other than that it was fine"
Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Had never flown Spirit before. First AND LAST experience. Don't care that they call themselves no frills. Their customer service is pathetic. Had to wait at the airport for 25 minutes for any Spirit employee to show up at the ticket counter to check my bag. By that time there were about 50 people waiting for help. Even other airline employees and TSA employees didn't know why they weren't there. Also called customer service to have my KTN (pre-check #) added because I couldn't put it in when I booked the flight. Even though he told me he would put it in- he didn't. So NO precheck for me. The seats in the plane are beyond uncomfortable. Like sitting on a hard straight chair -no padding. Charging for carry ons? Really? Checking my bag was cheaper than carrying it on and it's a SMALL suitcase seriously. Do NOT be fooled by the low prices listed. They are deceiving!!! Just trying to give a real review here folks. Not being overly dramatic."
Pros: "The crew was very nice and polite."
Cons: "My flight was delayed both ways. The seats are small and the plane made a terrible noise both taking off and landing. There was no entertainment at all and the carry on fee is ridiculous."
Cons: "Hidden fees galore. Chairs don't recline. Can't even get a glass of water on a 3 hour flight without them trying to nickel and dime you. I will never fly Spirit Airlines again."
Cons: "Worst airline I've ever flown with period. The tickets are priced low just to get you on a 50$ bag fee! Really? Not only that, they try charging you 60$ for your carry on at the gate, oh and if you don't pay they have the nerve to say at the gate before entering the plane they'll charge you 100$. Never ever again will I fly with them..."
Pros: "Liked: That we arrived alive and the plane didn't crash."
Cons: "Disliked: The horrible onboarding customer service staff at the LAs Vegas airport. The plane was delayed over 3 hours and there were no notifications to us as to why. We boarded our plane, left the terminal, and then went right back and waiting around, on the floor, of the airport for over 3 hours. Their compensation? Water, and a Biscoff. What a slap in the face! Also their shady business model: cram as many people as possible into uncomfortable seats and don't feed or water them for the duration of the flight. Oh wait, $3 sodas, $4 baggie of snack. Wow...."
Pros: "My flights were pretty punctual.any delays were easily attributed to weather, and we actually arrived 10 minutes early I in my first flight"
Cons: "I was a little shocked at their over the top fee for carry-on luggage. It ended up almost doubling the cost of my flight to bring an extra 20lbsof clothing. and supplies for 5 days away. Once we arrived at the gate and had completely stopped many passengers began to stand-up to stretch and get ready to disembark, we were quickly scolded to wait for the Seatbelt light to turn off, which it did seconds after we sat back down. If you are looking for a quick flight for an overnight adventure, you might like Spirit, but if you think you might need more than one change of clothes, choose someone else."
Cons: "Alaska would've been a much better and more economical choice. Had no idea Spirit charges for bags until after I bought the ticket through Khyak. They might've said something! Also, Alaska has free carryons, diet cokes and peanuts. Spirit won't be around long."
Cons: "The delay for the flight from LA to Seattle was terrible! I am typically a very patient person but we were not told until we boarded the plane why a 2 hr delay turned into a 5 hour delay. That's not ok."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Medellín to Washington

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Heightened sanitation

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