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MEM — New Mexico
Sep 10 — Sep 171
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 9/10
Sat 9/17

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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to New Mexico is January.
  • Morning departure is around 19% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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DeltaOverall score based on 31186 reviews
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everything was great, delta FA are great

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everything was great, delta FA are great

Passengers behaved and wore masks. Pilot communicative. Flight crew nice.

Pros: "Seats were good"
Cons: "Flight was delayed on both ends"
Cons: "We didn't really have social distancing on board but it was as good as could. be expected"
Pros: "Short flight and no problems."
Cons: "Temperature control. Information about the delay"
Pros: "The flight was comfortable"
Cons: "It got delayed multiple times."
Pros: "Very pleasant crew. Very helpful And always smiling"
Pros: "Friendly crew. Landed early."
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "Air conditioning was very loud"
Pros: "I got home alive."
Cons: "The crew was surly. The flight was delayed. We received little information about the delays."
Cons: "We were already very delayed, the flight crew was not nice"
Cons: "I booked a business class ticket through klm, but it was a delta code share flight. Delta was unable to locate me in their system, and I had to contact klm myself to straighten it out."
Cons: "No ear buds were offered, i had to ask and then FA forgot!!?? Snack basket was just awful choices. Captain was great I really appreciated the constant updates as our flight was 1. Hour delay on depart and also delay landing at jfk, very smooth trip"
Pros: "Even in the absolute freezing (-40F) the plane landed an hour early into Minneapolis. Was only delayed 20 minutes leaving. Crew did amazing to get the plane going."
Cons: "Delayed 3 hours"
Pros: "First Class. Cabin service. Frendiliness of staff. Plane arrived early."
Cons: "Breakfast was not served in First Class"
Pros: "."
Pros: "Perfectly fine first class trip"
Cons: "Breakfast meal was awful"
Pros: "How friendly and easy it was to board. The pilots were very friendly and even gave my daughter wings. The crew made us very welcomed and put our booster in the closet till we landed."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Speedy flight"
Pros: "gate agents were friendly and efficient boarding. FA were fine and quickly served beverages and reurned two more times offering snacks and more drinks. comfort class seats were comfortable. all in all perfectly fine"
Cons: "i was not able to use my RU cert even after applying it over one month before and having diamond status.... makes me think why bother with status"
Pros: "Great service!"
Pros: "Safely made it from Florida to LAX on time with no incidents"
Cons: "Consumer beware - you will be lied to by people at every level. They can mess up your reservation and then not let you fly. Good luck they are big companies and you are just one person and they won’t answer a call or email you. You will lose!"
Pros: "Movie selection was great!"
Pros: "Direct flight, on time, friendly crew, smooth flight"
Cons: "Some of the flight attendants were rude and not very welcoming at all."
Pros: "The gate agents were gruff, but helpful. Stewards were super friendly."
Cons: "Even though I had picked out two seats together, they had us separated. Very thankfully they put us back together after the fact - that was wonderful & appreciated. But entertainment system also didn’t work, and as always, seats are disgustingly uncomfortable. Also odd that they made us check bags with so many empty overhead bins."
Pros: "Ind-atl flight was absolutely amazing i couldn’t find really anything wrong with the flight besides spacing for seats"
Cons: "Spacing with seats"
Pros: "Every thing went well"
Pros: "I Love flying on Delta especially since I'm often upgraded to Comfort or first class."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Too cold Not friendly boarding agent"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived early. Good boarding experience. Seating had access to electrical plugs for charging my phone."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "They say us together (we had seats apart -- even though it stated our children are 4 & 1). They gave them wings and each an extra little snack. I felt they were supportive of us."
Cons: "Paying to check our bags!! We were forced to... too much stuff traveling with kids. It sucked to have to pay $50 when Alaska airlines saw we were struggling, they checked our carry one for free to ease our time in the airport!"
Pros: "Flights were both on time and boarded quickly. Crew was wonderful!"
Pros: "NONE"
Cons: "The service was terrible. Also a ripped off base on I was expecting to be treated as if I was on Virgin nothing compares to it . Delta plane making a loud noise we can even heard anything when pilot does announcement. I want my money back or I should be reinbuise some how."
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Delayed 4 hours, but due to weather. Not the airline's fault. They got us here sooner than I thought we could arrive. Plane was tiny"
Cons: "According to the website and documentation a card holder is supposed to get the first bag free when using this card. I did not, so I will be cancelling the card."
Pros: "It was only 1.5 hr flight."
Cons: "Apparently Delta has decided even if you have a qualified KTN, they can arbitrary decide not to honor do you cannot precheck thru TSA. No way to input KTN at purchase on website and couldn't get it done at ticket counter. Thanks Delta"
Cons: "Food choices"
Cons: "No seat assignment prior to arriving at the gate"
Pros: "The crew chief"
Cons: "Water not to top; towel holder broken. 20 minutes for wheel chair to arrive"
Cons: "1- 2 hour delay in Atlanta, 2- Missed my RJA international connection from JFK, 3- My luggage was not delivered to me by Delta in New York. 4- Had to spend one night in a NY hotel, and pay $185 for it, and I was told that Delta doesn't pay for the hotel because the delay was caused by New York Air Traffic Control. 5- After Delta re-booked me on Air France the next day, I made it to Amman, Jordan a day late without my luggage; which arrived another day late."
Pros: "Great crew, smooth flight"
Cons: "Waiting for luggage in Peoria"
Pros: "Was able to get on a flight after ours was cancelled. Delta was in scramble mode and their gate staff worked hard ot deal with a frustrated flying populaiton"
Cons: "After paying for first class round trip airfare, we were given seats in coach in the rear of the plane, in spite of empty seats (plenty of them) in first class and economy comfort."
Pros: "Boarding was good only thanks to sky priority."
Cons: "No changing table in restroom made it hard to change infant."
Pros: "On time smooth flight."
Cons: "Small plane."
Pros: "The crew was courtesious and the flight arrived early."

Crew members were not very friendly. The flight felt rushed with not much communication from the cockpit. One of the bins was left open during take off. No food or drinks were served supposedly due to turbulence but the turbulence was not that bad.

The AA flight attendant’s attitude could have been better. She should take lessons from the fantastic JAL crew.

Pros: "Not a single thing. Worse experience every flying with an airline"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Short, quick and no hassles"
Cons: "In-flight snacks"
Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "I would like the formal return of beverages and snacks. I understand the lack thereof is due to the virus. I think the airlines are doing a good job of staying within safety recommendations."
Pros: "Crew was lazy. Poor service and on their phones the entire time."
Cons: "Flying Delta instead."
Cons: "My charger port wasn't working for my phone, and the movie in wanted to watch wasn't working either."
Pros: "Lisa I. was one of the best flight attendants I have ever observed. She enjoys being on the airplane with people who need help, comfort, to complain about anything. She was all over the airplane and refused a tip when I tried to insist she accept it. She said, “I have been doing this for a long time, I am tipped by seeing passengers having a pleasant flight.” I had goosebumps and the two women to my left and right were also impressed by her professionalism. I pray that Lisa is working on my flight home!"
Cons: "Absolutely nothing, even with 30 to 45 MPH winds, the plane was gentle. The passenger next to me was scared. Lisa said to let her know if she needed anything, the woman was fine the whole flight. Lisa came by with extra snacks and she smiled and said she was doing well!"
Cons: "Better organization of when a flight gets delayed at another airport due to weather."
Pros: "The staff were incredibly nice and accomodating, plane was newer, clean, comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing, all was great"
Pros: "Crew was nice, polite, and fairly accommodating. Would prefer to be given the full can of soda, instead of a glass which is 1/2 can and need to ask for more. Xtra leg room seat was ok."
Cons: "Boarding wasn't great. Long lines. Deask lady gave my extra leg room seat, that I had bought and paid for, away to another person which made my boarding pass invalid. Made my boarding longer. Then no overhead space avail when I did get on and I was in bulkhead seat. I got my seat back.. But it was annoying, unnecessary, and uncalled for. And the woman who did it did not apologize."
Pros: "Everyone was very friendly."
Cons: "More room."
Pros: "It was on time!"
Pros: "Crew was extremely nice."
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable"
Pros: "The atención"
Cons: "Leave on time. My round trip had 3 legs to it and 3 of the 4 flights were late!!!"
Pros: "The crew is good and attention"
Cons: "They need to prevent to inconvenience or un conformity towards to the people or customers becouse they don't give information in time"
Pros: "The plane was nice and clean...had just been renovated"
Cons: "I can’t believe therebwere no flights from MIA to RDU from 11:30 to 4:30 :(. (Original flight was a 3.5 hour layover and that was bad emough)...and then it was changed to this flight:("
Cons: "WiFi was not working on the aircraft."
Pros: "Took an hour extra to get in the air but we arrived safe, and that is always 5 stars"
Pros: "Everything in order and on time."
Cons: "-"
Cons: "Overhead bins were full before my seat, so bag had to go in one behind me and it was a disaster trying to get it when it was time to get off the plane"
Pros: "The direct flight was great and made up for the rescheduled flight time in Memphis."
Cons: "Original Flight did not depart on time."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Poor ratings for food Is result of not eating any food. No entertainment."
Cons: "I arrived at the airport and had already checked in and had m boarding passes. For some reason they could not find me when I went to check my bag. After 30 minutes they saw that my seat assignment had been changed and that is why my boarding passes that I had printed at home did not match what their computer showed. I booked this reservation in May and had a seat chosen fairly toward the front. I am 73 years old and the closer to the front I can be helps. When I finally got on the plane to my surprise my seat was the very last seat on the plane across from the restroom. People continued to leave the door open after using the restroom so had to get up and continue to close the door or look at the restroom the whole flight. There was never any explanation as to why they did this. As a result, being lst off the plane, I almost missed my connection as I had to go two terminals over for my connection. At my age I cannot run so I arrived as the last people were getting on the plane. I will never fly American Airlines again."
Cons: "The flight was over an hour late and we were not given an update until we started boarding. No alternatives were offered to those with tight connections."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our connecting flight to New Orleans was cancelled and we had to rent a car or wait until the next flight out which was 5pm the next day. We opted to rent a car and Had to cancel our return flight home to be refunded. American Airlines cancelled multiple flights and were in total disarray. Still waiting to see if they will honor the refund"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Issues with times changing for departure"
Pros: "It was ok"
Cons: "headphone jack defective but more importantly the SFO arrival gate not available for over 45 minutes...."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed for 3 hours in SJU, no notice until after departure time had passed. Missed my connection , offered only option if 4 hours lay over. waist of time x whole day"
Cons: "i never LEFT!"
Cons: "Delayed several hours. Poor communication."
Pros: "Everything good. Flight on time, crew was pleasant!"
Cons: "All good!"
Pros: "Went without a hitch"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "Could not get to Santa Fe! Had to fly to Albuquerque & arrange transport to Santa Fe! No luggage til next day!"
Cons: "Long time sitting in the plane without any updates from the crew. Very inefficient process in re-booking passengers and switching planes. Maintenance issues are are a trend at American Airlines."
Cons: "American Airlines won't let you buy emergency row exit seats (or bulk head) because the 'code share' prevents them from advance seat sales. I was told I could do it at check in in Los Angeles. But those seats were sold out long before we even got to LA! I contacted American Airlines Customer Relations about 1 month prior to my flight. I completed their online form detailing the problem and asked if there is any way I could buy extra leg room seats. But they never even bothered to respond. I got the automated email acknowledging receipt of my complaint and assuring me I would be contacted soon. NOT!!"
Cons: "Seats very narrow. Not enough legroom."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "Everything about the flight was awful. Food pathetic, my monitor didn’t work, smooshed between 2 overweight passengers. Flight crew lacked simple etiquette."
Cons: "We waited for seven hours while our flight kept getting delayed. We finally switched to another flight and I don’t even know if our original flight ever got off the ground. Frustrating, irritating, disappointing. American Airlines was a huge disappointment"
Cons: "Rude crew"
Cons: "delayed on the plane"
Pros: "Got to my destination without any delays"
Cons: "I booked a window seat and sat by a wall instead with no window. Seats were very cramped."
Pros: "Seats were better padded than that of the previous flight. There was sufficient leg room for a short flight. Seats actually allowed for passengers to adjust back of seats."
Cons: "Space is very limited between neighborning seats."
Pros: "Timeliness of departure and quality customer service"
Pros: "Timeliness of the flight and the crew were excellent."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats and couldn't find streaming entertainment options that were mentioned."
Cons: "Sitting on the runway after landing because the gate is occupied."
Pros: "Power outlets and WiFi"
Cons: "Too crowded"
Pros: "Smooth travels"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "Uncomfortable"
Pros: "Crew was great. The landing in Memphis was exceptionally smooth."
Cons: "The seat was ridiculously tight, and I am a very small person. There was no room for my carry on above the seat, and under the seat made it so there was no room for my legs. Also, we sat on the runway for an hour on the return flight before taking off."
Pros: "What did I like? Nothing. It was United Airlines, and it has been a long time since there was ANYTHING to like about United. Usually, the best one can hope for is that there is plenty to TOLERATE. Unfortunately, this trip did not rise to that standard."
Cons: "UA to Denver cancelled due to maint, issue. Re-booked thru LAX on Delta. Arrived 12 AM vs. planned 6 PM (w/ 7 AM meeting the next day). Delta is 6-block walk outdoors from United at LAX. TSA pre-check didn't show on the Delta ticket issued by United, leading to another hassle at Security."
Cons: "2 hour delay."
Pros: "It was a short flight"
Cons: "The persons sitting next to me"
Pros: "I don’t believe I will be a United customer for much longer"
Cons: "I missed my flight due to not being able to get off the plane after landing Flight attendants did not care to help Gate agent was rude Customer service did not want to provide a hotel room because they said the reason I missed my flight is weather relate"
Cons: "Shrinking the knee room is a mistake"
Pros: "Great crew!"
Cons: "Not the airline’s fault. Bumpy ride."
Pros: "On time & courteous. & On board service was excellent"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Great service!"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "The customer service was good. Smooth flight, no delays!"
Cons: "A couple planes I got on were old and very small. The WiFi was difficult to use."
Pros: "The ar very friendly"
Pros: "Good progress info in-flight from cockpit"
Cons: "TSA lines at SFO Terminal 3 are a zoo, precheck included. United gates had no facilities available to plug in a charger. C'mon folks, it's 2017, one wall outlet with two kids sprawled on the carpet next to it isn't enough. The 'grab a snack' box had one crumpled cellophane package of peanut butter crackers. Yum."
Cons: "I appreciate the in-flight entertainment idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired."
Pros: "Crew turned around plane and boarded earlier than scheduled. This was an attempt to avoid poor weather on trip to Chicago."
Cons: "Seats should not recline. It makes space horrible. The charge for checked baggage is without an improvement in overhead storage is ridiculous."
Cons: "Personal entertainment did not work. Most first and business class airlines have a screen to see the movies."
Pros: "Flight was late"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!"
Cons: "Scheduled to arrive in Honolulu @ 7p on 10/7 but won’t arrive until 10/6 @ 11:26a. My only daughter re-enlisted in the military and I was due to attend the ceremony but because of United Airlines that didn’t happen. So disappointed as she is also. Overall such a horrible experience!"
Cons: "Thirty minute delay with pushback in San Francisco"
Pros: "The attendants tried to be cheerful in a difficult situation."
Cons: "Once we were boarded we waited for a long time in a crowded stifling hot plane. Requests to the crew were met with helplessness on their part!"
Pros: "We arrived on time and I had no problems ."
Cons: "Everything was ok."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Left on time."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly and as planned."
Cons: "nothing to complain about on this flight."
Pros: "From check In to arrival everyone was friendly and helpful. Enjoyedvthe flight."
Cons: "The seats are way too cramped"
Pros: "Seats do not decline and make it difficult to nap, generally not much room. Staff was fine."
Cons: "No snacks at all, not even for purchase."
Pros: "The newer express jets (4 seat rows) had more leg room for Economy seating! Free wifi and movies."
Pros: "Only good thing was the flight was fast and on flight staff friendly."
Cons: "Flight to Denver was supposed to leave from Albuquerque at 9:55. Screen said flight was on time. No rep at desk and screen changes to Houston and only way we found out our flight was delayed because the plane was diverted to Durango is because another passenger called United. Finally at a quarter till 11am the screen at the gate changed back to Denver but still said 9:55am departure flight on time but united's website stated flight delayed till 11:55am. Upon return to Albuquerque from Denver bag was not on my flight so I had to hang out in Albuquerque although, I live an hour away because I have prescription meds in my checked bag I need to take 4 times daily. Would not fly United again"
Pros: "Courteous perdonality"
Pros: "On time both ways"
Cons: "The noisy children"
Pros: "We were diverted to Austin due to weather. We had to refuel and we were stuck on the Tarmac for over an hour. While all of this was miserable, the Crew stayed active answering questions. The Captain gave several updates and walked the aisle. They even let people off the plane who were trying to get to Austin. For a bad situation this crew made it so much better!"
Cons: "Weather, but what can you do about that?"
Pros: "Staff was nice and attentive"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Even though we were delayed, I still made it to the island within the 9pm hour."
Cons: "Flight was slightly delayed, causing me to miss my connection"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Your crew and service atrocious"
Pros: "Okay crew."
Cons: "Cramped, uncomfortable seating. Departure time and gate changes."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "When traveling with a service animal, it's kind of a given that I would be seated where there would be room for my dog. My dog is 70 pounds. There was no room for him to sit in front of me. The flight attendant just says "he can't sit in the isle". I asked her where would you like him to go? She says "not in the isle". A 2nd attendant was able to move me to a front row where there was space for him to sit on the floor in front of me."
Pros: "The crew was very nice, the food was good and boarding was quick."
Cons: "The seats were terribly uncomfortable, and the WiFi was expensive. Plus, when I got to my destination, my suitcase has been damaged and a few items were missing."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Bad comfort no entertainment and no power outlets"
Pros: "Pricing and services were excellent!! Top rated experience for me!"
Cons: "Nothing at all was lacking"
Pros: "No problem flight"
Cons: "Announcements from cockpit inaudible"
Pros: "The boarding process was smooth, the crew was courteous."
Cons: "I want able to select my seat and ended up being separated from my sister. We had a 3 hr lay over due to problems with the plane. By the time we got to our destination we almost didn't get a rental car. There was some turbulence on the flight, which is expected. Landing was very rough, came in too fast and hit the breaks so hard I thought I was going to end up in the back of the seat in front of me."
Pros: "My first trip as a handicapped traveler. All airline staff made me feel comfortable and welcome."
Cons: "In the Denver airport one of the wheelchair pushers let me stranded. The airline staff came to my rescue and got me to the restrooms and down the ramp to the airplane to Albuquerque."
Cons: "Delays"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to pilot and crew never showing up. Customer service didn't offer a hotel or any type of compensation for wasting time and money. Instead they put me on a flight another day which I incurred cost on parking, hotel, food and etc."
Cons: "Small plane, it was hot. Delayed, missed connecting flight."
Cons: "United double charged me for the same flight! When I called customer service I was left on hold for a long time and received no explanation or refund. Such a terrible airline experience."
Pros: "Still deciding"
Cons: "All flights were late."

Announced final boarding 40 minutes before take off

Horrible! I want a refund!!!!

Cons: "Everything. Horrible service"
Cons: "plane delays"
Pros: "My trip went perfect! I was nervous about not being able to bring a carry on.. before we got on the plane the lady helped me and it was not a problem at all.. Then once I got on the plane.. the flight attendants moved around people to make everyone more comfortable so I ended up getting a whole row to myself.. Everyone was super friendly.. I usually fly on Southwest, but I was very impressed with Spirit and will deffenifty fly again with Spirit"
Cons: "I would have loved a free little snack or peanuts.. But other then that it was perfect!"
Pros: "The plane was new"
Cons: "Everything else than the plane... And the lady who had the patience to assistme thru the check in process.."
Cons: "Worth the extra money to fly with other companies. Felt like Spirit was trying to nickel and dime me at every corner."
Pros: "Meh"
Cons: "That they charge $55 to check or carry on luggage. Insane. The price of the luggage equaled the price of my ticket."
Pros: "Planes and crew seemed neeer and ready to serve."
Cons: "Interior seats were no better than slightly padded folding chairk. Although promoted as base fare airline. Y the time you add everything that other airlines include, it's the same or higher priced. I would choose Spirit only as a last resort."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "You think you are getting great fair but they charge an additional 100.00 for luggage. The seats don't go back, they don't offer music or even wifi"
Pros: "Good flight."
Pros: "Nothing worst airline ever"
Cons: "Didn't like anything I wish there was option for 0 star for this crappy airline"
Cons: "Have you been screwed over by Spirit airlines? Have you noted how a carry-on costs over $40? Have you noticed that you can't check in on the internet without signing up for their website and giving them all your personal information? Have they suddenly and at the last hour delayed your flight by 4 hours without letting you know, and then claimed that they emailed you, when they didn't? Have you noticed that they don't allowed comments to be posted to their facebook page (because they'd get nothing but bad comments). On top of that, when I got to the front counter, where I was told that my flight was delayed 3 hrs (thanks for not texting ir emailing me about it), I asked the guy at the counter to check and see if I was still on the flight. He confirmed that I was. But when we started boarding, my ticket no longer worked and he could not find me on the flight list! Wtf??? I almost got left out of th plane because of what???"
Cons: "Poor Service"
Pros: "My mom is on a walker and they were very sweet and helpful."
Pros: "The chack in agent was very nice"
Cons: "The seats are the worst I've ever experienced. They were hard as a rock and don't recline. How do you expect people to sleep on a red eye flight sitting bolt upright."
Cons: "We were 2 1/2 hours late! Legroom seemed much less than other airlines."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My first time flying with Spirit and my 5pm flight was delayed 4 hrs first thing in the morning so i canceled this flight and rebooked last minute with southwest. The only reason they would delay a flight 4 hrs at 9am is to combine it with the next flight because it wasnt close to being full. This is just not caring about the customers needs. I will never choose Spirit again. They lost the business of this frequent flyer"
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "High baggage fees. 2 checked bags (minimum weight) cost 1.3 times the cost of the seat, more than doubling the overall cost."
Pros: "The price of the ticket was cheap, the boarding process was quick and easy, everyone was very friendly and courteous, while the seats didn't recline or were overly luxurious, I still had plenty of space to not feel cramped in my seat and I'm 6 feet tall. I don't need many frills. A great flight to get you and yourself there."
Cons: "The snacks are not free (though I knew this going into it) and horribly overpriced. If you don't do your research you will come to be surprised by the fact Spirit charges you for everything - your carry on, your checked baggage, being able to choose your seat, a fee to print your boarding pass at the airport (CHECK IN ONLINE), etc."
Pros: "Honestly, there was nothing to like."
Cons: "I can't give it a rating because they cancelled the flight and had nothing to book us on. Waited over 3hrs before they finally found me something. Gave me a hotel voucher but when I finally got to the hotel, they had no rooms. The transportation to the hotel cost a fortune because the hotel shuttle would not pick up the phone. They finally put me in a room with someone else from my flight. I got 60 min of sleep before having to return to airport. I'm a 49 yr old woman that flies often and this was by far the worst flight/airline experience that I've ever had. And, the lady at the hotel kept my food vouchers so I didn't even get to eat the next day."
Cons: "I didn't like that the website stated weight for checked-in luggage was 50 pounds, but when I got to the airport the weight limit was 40 pounds. My luggage was slightly over 50 pounds & I could have removed a few items to meet the weight limit on the website, but not the weight limit when I got to the airport - message should be consistent."
Pros: "The ticket price is better than most of the other options."
Cons: "The return flight was cancelled and I had to wait in line for an hour to book another return flight, which included a stop-over. It could have been worse. The carry-on bag fees are excessive."
Pros: "Crew was wonderful, very helpful and caring."
Cons: "seats were very close, but we were lucky because it was a light flight and no one sat in the third seat."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "$58 per bag. &$ food charged at 10$,,,,Ripped off"
Pros: "Arrived 40 minutes early!"
Cons: "I found the agents at the check in desk on all our encounters, both in Mpls and Orlando were bordering on rude. I really think you could improve on your service by encouraging them to be warm and friendly! It would go a long way toward improving a customers view of your company and having a positive traveling experience."
Cons: "Everything is as add on including luggage, seat assignment, etc. this nickel and dime ends up costing more than a regular flight."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Ridiculous extra fees for everything. Potential $100 for carry on! Kiosk instrctions not clear. Pay for any seat other than middle seat. Never again!"
Pros: "Boarding process was fine. Fast and effective."
Cons: "The spirit staff always has attitude. Whether it's about questions I had about boarding, tickets, anything. They just do not have the customer service attitude! This did not happen to me - I overheard a man trying to explain that he did pay for a check in bag but I guess it didn't appear on his boarding pass. Instead of looking it up or being helpful, the woman at the front desk was talking down to the poor guy and kept saying you have to pay. It just wasnt nice and honestly, rude."
Pros: "poor experience of how Spirit the weather impacted their flights."
Cons: "The constant message was that the cancellation was due to weather and hence nothing Spirit was accountable for; anything they did was out of goodwill. The option provided us were: 1) Take another flight to ATL; the next flight that day was fully book and we couldn't get on it. Next flight from Tampa was Wed and next flight from Ft. Lauderdale was Mon; 2) Take a Spirit expensed bus to Ft. Lauderale later that afternoon; yeah didn't really help us since it was a connnection in the first place. At the counter the clerk offered to submit a request for a reimbursement the cancelled Ft. Lauderdale->ATL flight. Later that day I got an email from Spirit indicated they were giving me a travel voucher of $50 a piece for our two tickets. Ermmm....not really helpful; I'm not too keen on travelling with them again if this is the best they can manage issues in their flights. Not to mention they didn't take into account additional expenses I had to take on to get myself home. In the end we rented a car and drove ourselves home, 6 hours away. I think we were lucky...other's had final destinations much further away."
Cons: "Two delays then finally a cancellation."
Pros: "Fairly straight forward and run-of-the-mill as far as air travel goes. Flight itself was fine. Crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "They charge for EVERYTHING. Picking your seats, carry on bags, water during the flight, you name it, you will be paying for it. I will be flying other airlines, even if it does cost a bit more overall, for the fact I know exactly what I'm getting for my money. Also, seats DO NOT recline at all. They are about as cheap as you will ever see while flying."
Pros: "Love that you can bare fare. Get there for less."
Cons: "Ugh! Mass confusion at the airport. Rude check in having to pay for bags in advance without the advantage of curbside. Also, checking in online can be cumbersome and buggy."
Pros: "Chose Spirit because of price and received what I paid for, a safe trip to Las Vegas. Nothing more nothing less. Flight was in time."
Cons: "Should not complain because price was prime consideration but the legroom was minimal (I'm barely 6ft tall), and the seats were hard."
Cons: "our flight took off and landed 40 minutes late because the pilot lost his cellphone prior to boarding, so we had to wait for it to be retrieved. every. single. standard. thing. comes with a cost. no temperature control (everyone was freezing) no seats, despite paying $35 extra, recline speaker volume is uncontrollable and incredibly loud"
Pros: "Baggage came out quick. Check- in was quick and smooth"
Pros: "Great price, simple and fast."
Cons: "I did not like having to print the boarding pass. I would have preferred to have the boarding pass sent to my phone."
Pros: "Only thing that I liked about this flight was the price I paid but after the last minute purchase of my carry on, it came to what I'd pay on another airline with more accommodations, comfortable seats that recline & no charge"
Cons: "Seats were extremely uncomfortable & tight without any recline. Charged for just a glass of water which is ridiculous ."
Pros: "I liked how friendly the staff was, how smooth the take-off/landing was, how the flight was fairly short, how the lights were dimmed in order for the passengers to sleep on such a late night flight, and how short the flight seemed."
Cons: "I didn't like the baggage policy of just one personal item. I like when airlines give you one free carry-on and one personal item so you can have you purse or laptop bag or whatever separate from your luggage. I also didn't like how you had to pay for refreshments. It is always nice to have to option of 1 free beverage and maybe some pretzels when you're flying. Also, the seats are pretty uncomfortable, but that is not really something that can be fixed."
Pros: "Had empty seat next to me which I haven't seen in many years. My first experience with this airline was unpleasant, however - this time was a lot better. my biggest complaints are with the airport and gate locations. To have 100 people waiting at a gate with 5 chairs is still something I'm trying to understand."
Cons: "No free drinks - not even soda, flight delayed 30min, very few chairs in gate area at airport"
Cons: "There was over a 3 hour delay with only a minimal time notice. We were stuck at the gate after all restaurants had closed and received no compensation for time lost, connections lost and a general sense of Spirit airlines not caring about the concerns of their customers. I will likely never fly with this airline again, and would recommend to anyone who asked to fly a different airline."
Pros: "It didn't feel unsafe"
Cons: "No entertainment whatsoever - no complimentary water service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delays, customer service at check-in and overall it is the worst airline around."
Pros: "The Holy Spirit experience kind of sucks. Their website is really terrible and hard to navigate when you're trying to check in. Also all the up charge for everything is really lame. The only thing worse would be if they charge for air that you breathe."
Cons: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "3 hour delay and customer service"
Pros: "x"
Cons: "3hr delay. railroaded the people on once flight arrived... upleasant experience all around starting with the $45 charge for carry on luggage and extra cost for printing boarding ticket. you get what you pay for..."
Pros: "How fast it was to get in and out"
Cons: "It's pretty squishy"
Pros: "Ease of boarding"
Cons: "Late flights. Our trip from Minneapolis was over 3-1/2 hours late. Our trip to Minneapolis was over an hour late. All flights around us from Spirit ere late! One was at least 8 hours late (rescheduled)!"

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