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SeptemberBest time to beat the crowds with an average 11% drop in price.

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JulyMost popular time to fly with an average 37% increase in price.

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$683(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$420or less

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$204or less

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Top airlines flying Minnesota to Shenzhen

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

United Airlines
Overall score based on 68,152 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "The usual-- lack of legroom, insufficient recline"

Pros: "I cant say nothing but can say everything was good"
Cons: "I cant say nothing but can say everything was good"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly. Though take off was delayed."
Cons: "Not much."

Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Great to always feel comfortable while traveling."

Cons: "The legroom is non-existent. I sure wish airlines didn't try to put so many seats in each aircraft."

Pros: "Service and respect very good"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Not much. The plane left ontimefrom SF,got toMplsontime."
Cons: "Bought a basic economy ticket: 3 emails warning about luggage restrictions - demeaning! Can't download boarding passes from own computer- must be done at airport under supervision of United staff: "have to check and see what bags you're bringing"!. Last to board! Seat assignments done at the gate; instructed to see gate attendant, who says, "Take a seat, we'll call you". Finally, in SF, gate person says,"You bought a restricted ticket, we have to watch you"! I didn't buy lousy customer service!"

Pros: "On time, friendly, overall great!"

Pros: "The friendliness of the crews."
Cons: "The landing was a little bumpy."

Pros: "The price of a ticket is slightly lower. It is not enough of a difference to make the plethora of inconveniences worth it. You are not a valued customer with this fare. If United values customers, they shouldn't offer this fare. That's why I don't fly the bargain airlines."
Cons: "You can't check in at the kiosk on basic economy without an employee badge swipe, and there were no employees available. I had to stop checking in, wait in line, and then the employee that I talked to didn't have the right kind of badge to swipe. So I waited again. Extremely inconvenient. Even after being forced to talk to a ticket agent at check in, they still won't issue a seat. So you have to go to the gate and wait in line again to get a seat. The system is built for maximum inefficiency. It doesn't cost less for them to make me talk to two separate people, it is only to inconvenience the flyer for buying a cheaper ticket. It seems like a punitive system. Boarding was organized and painless. The crew seemed polite. Regarding comfort, the "leg room" on the airbus is ridiculous. I am average height and felt claustrophobic. I can't imagine how a tall person feels. There was no " entertainment" on my flight, so one star for that. I didn't not receive any food and was not offered water, 1 star."

Pros: "I liked the savory snack mix."

Pros: "Private screening and movies available."
Cons: "No drink was offered due to descent sooner than planned. Very rough turbulance during descent."

Pros: "service is good."

Pros: "Very nice large roomy airplane"

Pros: "On time, no delays."

Cons: "Delays on delays"

Pros: "Being on time"

Pros: "It was as if everyone was a veteran flyer. No complainin, and everyone was courteous to one another."
Cons: "Stuck in the middle seat and to the very back of the plane."

Pros: "Room for my luggage"

Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "I have taken this fight many times. This was the first time there was not a drink Service available. Approximately 10 people had to get off the plane so five people to check their bag"

Pros: "Good service and on time"
Cons: "Not having a seat assignment before arriving to the airport."

Cons: "Would like atleast 1 or 2 options free on the tv"

Cons: "milk products in the snack bag, gross."

Cons: "Landing at dulles - we had to deplane from the outside. Would be nice to have it connected so we walk from plane to covered ramp inside to airport. Didn't serve a snack and they usually do."

Cons: "Cost too much."

Pros: "The flights were wonderful. Boarding process went smoothly."

Pros: "One of the best flights I have ever been on! Everything was right on time."

Cons: "Unable to pre-check online. Unable to check at the check in machines--had to go up and check in at the counter, long wait because there was only one clerk. We were then given a ticket just to get through security and had to check in a second time when we get to the gate for seat assignment, which is ridiculous. Why couldn't that be done at the 1st check-in? The clerk told me she will call me when she has the seat assignment/ boarding ticket but she never did and I had to go back up to ask for them when it was getting close to boarding time. At the last moment minutes, volunteers could check in their carry on for free....It would have been nice (and less hassle) to have that option at the 1st check-in."

Pros: "The lady helping me before boarding plan was awesome thanks enjoy your week"

Cons: "I'm 6'tall...NOT that tall and felt cramped the entire time."

Pros: "The staff was friendly"

Cons: "Can't rate a flight that was cancelled 2 1/2 hours before it was to take off. They cancelled my flight, re-routed me to three flights going through la. I talked with a gate agent who got me an earlier flight to L.A bit the layover was huge. Was supposed to be in sac at 11am got here at 5"

Pros: "Perfect"

Pros: "Speed and ease of our return home."
Cons: "We got in SO early, there was no gate ready for us at Newark, so we had to stay on board at least 30 min. Also they didnt allow even 1 person waiting in queue for bathroom, so if you sat down you'd lose your place."

Cons: "No movies to watch"

Pros: "friendly staff"
Cons: "first class seats not comfy. No wi-fi on the entire outbound. I had paid $149 to upgrade to first class. With no movies, no wi-fi, and being a vegetarian with 2 chicken entrees (chicken sandwich or chicken salad!) and no extra room, I decided to drink. I had 3 "free drinks" in first class, which was like paying $50 for a vodka tonic without a lime (3 times). Save you $$$"

Pros: "First leg had free streaming on your own device, which was awesome!"

Pros: "Love junction airport"
Cons: "DIA is always nice and kayak was a great service and price."

Pros: "When I got on the plane"
Cons: "Late by more then an hour and I missed my connection home. I had to stay the night in Denver and miss a day of work. This cost me an extra day and about $1000 worth of missed revenue."

Pros: "It was a good flight."
Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "Seat too tight couldn't move at all"
Cons: "Seat too tight couldn't move at all"

Pros: "We got here"
Cons: "Lost luggage"

Pros: "some airline don't have entertainment like tv and wifi is very poor"

Pros: "Organized, calm and considerate to travelers."

Pros: "Left on time, clean plane and polite flight attendants"

Pros: "Fast getting my seat assignment. The guy at the gate counter was nice and courteous."
Cons: "TSA line was ridiculously long. Only one checkpoint open for the entire terminal."

Cons: "Delayed three times"

Pros: "Actually probably should have given 5 stars"

Cons: "Checkin process was really cumbersome and required a text message to confirm, which I couldn't do when I was in Asia."

Cons: "There is no baggage transfer for international connecting flight. No hotel is provided from the airlines for international travelers, transit time is 12hours"

Pros: "Actually had enough leg room; boarding and flight were well-managed and we arrived an hour ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Food was palatable though not enjoyable."

Pros: "The crew was very polite and accommodating. The food was OK."
Cons: "The seat comfort was not so good - not much room and not soft. The WiFi did not work."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly, the plane was clean, the food was ok. The portions were great but the food selection was very ethnic and not neutral. The set was not y’all friendly. Couldn’t sleep all 14 hrs."
Cons: "Seat tailored to accommodate a taller customer. 6.2 Nanjing Airport was terrible (customs) more Shanghai connection."

Cons: "The crew except one were professional, food was afool, no one at the desk in China spoke Englight. No hotel was provided after flight transit hours had increased to 10. Never travel theough Vhina Eastern"

Cons: "They couldn’t find my reservation. I almost missed my flight."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Customer service"

Pros: "The service is phenomenal. They served so many meals i felt like a bear in hibernation, waking up, eating and going back to sleep."
Cons: "I don’t have anything bad to say. The service was really good."

Cons: "Very unorganized and dirty inside cabin"

Pros: "Business class includes limo service to the airport, a tremendous perk. Boarding was a snap, especially in Shanghai which included a private van for First and business class passengers. The food in business class was outstanding. There was plenty to eat during the meals and the quality was surprisingly good. You could also order snacks and drinks throughout the flight. A great selection of movies also."
Cons: "Surprisingly the seat on the 777 was not as comfortable as I expected it to be, though still more spacious than economy class."

Pros: "The flights were on time (including my transfer flight) and smooth. Food was mediocre but nothing worse than any other airlines."
Cons: "Not much maybe just the food but the flight attendants are very nice."

Pros: "Distance between the seats"
Cons: "Boarding via a bus"

Pros: "Seats were very comfortable and the crew was very kind!"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Gate changes. Lack of info on gate assignments. Quickly diffusing a group of passengers arguing over where to sit."

Pros: "Though it's delayed, but boarding was efficient."
Cons: "Food was a bit nah. And no IFE on this A330."

Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "None"

Cons: "A liter bottle of olive oil packed well with"

Pros: "I like that it boarded on time and the crew were nice in giving us their vegetarian food seeing we failed to book it ahead of time."
Cons: "It was a bit hot inside, their was not constant service, the entertainment has been the same for awhile no updated movies, tv show, games etc and the food was not all tasty, serving just pork and shrimp is poor."

Pros: "Service, people, food"

Cons: "Baggage lost/delayed"

Pros: "Service transport from the lounge to The aircraft"
Cons: "The line at the counter getting the boarding pass and the long walk and not clear directions at the transfer are. The worst feeling in the hole trip"

Pros: "The staff were always helpful and the flight was flawless."

Cons: "Our flight time was moved up by an hour, and we weren’t notified so needless to say we missed out flight and two night of hotel accommodations that were paid for and went unused as well as having to spend additional money to make new hotel accommodations."

Pros: "The crew, the food, the entertainment, all of the things onboarding are excellent. Very comfortable!"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Very comfortable seats, several meals served."
Cons: "China eastern is the absolute worst airline I've ever flown. They constantly chnage your flight. Which causes people to miss connecting flights. There was a whole group of us that were hauled off to a hotel for the night which had the worst heat everrrr. It was freezing! We slept in several layers of clothes. It was their fault we missed our connections. Our flight coming home got delayed again. Crew is rude and rarely even smile. Their ability to help you or explain things is poor. The plane is beautiful and actually comfortable though and they do feed you. The food was not bad."

Pros: "The crew and food was really good"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "the plane was new, fairly comfortable, crews could speak somewhat ok english"
Cons: "they changed the original departure time to earlier but then it was departed later than the updated time. food was on scary level"

Cons: "Delayed by 9 hours, horrible service, no one knows anything. No update, no announcement. China Eastern is the worst airline I have ever seen."

Pros: "Didn't fly to Sydney actually, we missed our connecting flight to Sydney and thought all was lost. Until the travel desk woman for Shanghai and China Eastern came to our aid! It was a lost cause, but 3 1/2 hrs after landing we found ourselves with a new and quicker way actually, to Melbourne and then to our destination of Christchurch! I wished I knew the woman's name at the desk, she was patient and looked for every way to help us, even with a language barrier present. Thank you again."
Cons: "Nothing nothinf"

Cons: "Wondering if I can as a n the right flight out of PVG - luckily yes..."

Pros: "Departures and arrivals always on time. Staff on the counters were very friendly and courteous. Staff on the flights, excellent customer service oriented, specially the master flight attendant whom will accommodate any especial need to fit any passenger aboard ."
Cons: "People taking advantage of the great services the airline provide."

Pros: "Very smooth boarding and in-flight service. Friendly attendants. Flight was not full, so we had a free seat between us."
Cons: "No entertainment available."

Cons: "Flight attendants were rude, pull earphones right out of socket without a word. Terrible manners"

Cons: "There was no pillow on our seat when we got on and we were told we could not get one. Which was a bummer since the seat cushion was so thin and wildly uncomfortable; I could feel the metal rail beneath it. The wine ran out by the time the cart got to us (which was weird because we saw half a bottle go in to the back.. we were the second to last row). They did offer beer which was 60% foam and warm/flat. We were borded and then told of 30 minute delay after we were told to shut our phone off.. only to realize we were getting emails about the delay sent to us while we were sitting there with phones off. Also No Vegetarian option and wasn't sure how to indicate that on my ticket. No drinks after food service. Also no entertainment for a 7hour flight that doesn't let you use electronics!"

Pros: "Was fast and smoothly landed . Desert was awesome, but meal was strange."
Cons: "Food,"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "8 hour delay, no updates. No schedules"

Pros: "We got snack and drink for a short flight with big smiles"

Pros: "Fantastic service!"

Pros: "There's only one type of red wine and they ran out."
Cons: "They have one tiny bar of soap in there restroom..."

Pros: "Plane was clean and fresh, crew was professional and courteous."
Cons: "First flight of the day, yet 3 hours late. Zero communication on status, reason, etc. We all just hung in limbo for hours wondering what was happening."

Cons: "The airport was diffulvt to menuvuer."

Pros: "Ummmm. Nothing?"

Pros: "Managed to get a seat in a good spot which more legs soace"
Cons: "Chinese regulation forbid the use of any cell phone during the entire flight... even in flight mode!!! This is utterly frustrating and annoying, especially when the flight is 15 hours long!!! Also food was meat only, no possibility to get fish or vegetarian"

Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Services"

Pros: "Getting out of Shanghai, after having to pay for flights, we had already paid for"
Cons: "We have no idea how to get a refund on our two paid for fist/business class tickets??? Help!!!"

Pros: "Almost nothing"
Cons: "Food in flight was bad Flight started late Walk to the boarding gate was 15 mins There were no food or other stalls near the gate"

Pros: "Not much to like"
Cons: "Long, confusing boarding process. Always get bused to the airplane instead of direct walk way. Unfriendly attendants. The foods are terrible. Essentially no entertainment system. Just a boring mediocre airline that I will try my best to avoid in the future. By the way, transiting process in any Chinese airport is a nightmare."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Minnesota to Shenzhen

Airlines flying from Minnesota to Shenzhen have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Minnesota to Shenzhen

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Minnesota to Shenzhen

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Minnesota to Shenzhen

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Minnesota to Shenzhen

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