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  • KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Montana to Estonia.

  • KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Estonia from Montana is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

  • Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly to Estonia with an airline and back to Montana with another airline.

  • Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Estonia from Montana up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Top airlines flying from Montana to Estonia

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
LufthansaOverall score based on 27952 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight was cancelled and never got money back

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Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight was cancelled and never got money back

Pros: The crew was friendly and willing to serve.
Cons: Seat could have been more comfortable (it is thin) and more space/pitch between the rows of seats.

Cons: I could not check in because the system cannot link my flight legs and as such it considered that I’m going to Europe although I’m just transiting in Europe. So it required a visa which I don’t have.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Every thing, from the crew attitude to the food to the entertainment and comfort.

Cons: Lufthansa changed my flight last minute but was sending me updates for the old booking- it made no sense!!! Never again!

Pros: Food and crew were good
Cons: The seats recline back so far that it really intrudes into the space of the person behind you. At one point the guy in front of me reclined back so far and fast it slammed my eReader and spilled my coffee. Also the touch screen media app does not work well on Lufthansa.

Pros: Airbus 330 from Manchester to SFO was new, spacious and very comfortable. One of the best flights we’ve had across the pond.
Cons: Transiting at Manchester between our Frankfurt to SFO flights was dreadful. They made us go through security and the inspectors were so incompetent they caused a huge back-up. Took an hour to get through. Avoid Manchester. Then they lost my luggage...still missing after a week.

Cons: Perdieron nuestras maletas, de prácticamente todos los pasajeros.

Cons: Great

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: Seats, entertainment, crew attitude

Pros: Crew very nice
Cons: Connecting flight time was half hour and at other side if airport- not fun at all. Barely made flight home

Pros: The flight attendants were wonderful.
Cons: You take a bus to reach the plane and the seats are uncomfortable without any entertainment systems. Thankfully the flight was only 1.5 hours.

Pros: The flight was on time.
Cons: One of the flight attendance made hand gestures indicating eating when I asked him to repeat the dinner choices. That was very rude.

Pros: The boarding was simple and easy. The crew was polite.
Cons: The entertainment touchscreen is right in the headrest and everytine the person behind me wanted to do anything I could feel it. It was very irritating especially when I was able to fall asleep.

Pros: Service
Cons: Boarding

Pros: Timely departure and arrival. Friendly and effect I’ve staff. Despite close connection in Frankfurt, luggage made it with me to Atlanta.
Cons: Classical music selection was extremely limited. Complementary headphones were inferior to the point of being useless. I could understand only a small amount of the dialogue until I switched to my own earphones.

Pros: Very attentive flight attendants. Two meals served and liquid refreshments offerred multiple times. Entertainment options were great! And patient fellow passengers who listened to a kid scream for most of 9 hours.
Cons: Paid for Wifi. Marginal performance at best.

Pros: The willingness of crew to accommodate passengers, comfortable seats very little of turbulance
Cons: Everything was OK

Pros: Courteous staff. Great movies. Good food.

Pros: The crew was excellent and always there to help. They managed a 15min boarding due to being well organized.
Cons: I’m 5’7 and my knees were touching the seat in front of me- there is no way to be comfortable. You pay an extravagant amount of money and get squished in there like sardines. It’s disappointing.

Cons: I couldn’t eat the food

Pros: Short trip

Pros: All is was okey

Pros: I am 6’3”. But I am also cheap. So I like being able to fit in an economy seat with more room than other airlines. Believe me, an inch or two makes all the difference.

Pros: Great service, and plenty of refreshments.

Pros: ground services
Cons: seats with little leg room

Pros: Comfortable seats. On-time flight.
Cons: Entertainment system difficult to use. Vegetarian food was mediocre at best.

Cons: Over 30 minute delay for an hour flight! Frustrating.

Cons: It was delayed and they didn't let me know till I got to San Francisco airport and they changed my flight with 2 stops

Cons: No leg room! At all! My knees started hurting from touching the seat in front of me. Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pros: Usual good service for economy class on this airline

Pros: Wine was good.
Cons: Food was tasteless - of very questionable quality, too much sugar and fat, unhealthy. Space between seats very tight, very uncomfortable. Music sound poor

Pros: Service was very good, flight was very smooth

Pros: I used to travel on Lufthansa almost exclusively until I had a very disturbing incident in Munich with a flight attendant. I refused to fly Lufthansa for quite a few years after that. That being said, the crew were attentive to passengers and the meals were reasonable. The seats were more comfortable than on LOT and Austrian. There were quite a few decent choices among the media during the flight.
Cons: During my flight, my cell phone turned on at some point and downloaded some emails using the airplane's data connection. I will be needlessly charged for this. Once I noted that I was logged on, I tried to see if I could do other stuff before quickly logging off. It seems like it was totally worthless.

Pros: The crew was excellent. Attentive and respectful of people (which did notified on the Lufthansa leaving US for Munich). The crew has a tough job at all hours of the day, but passengers as clients are just people cramped for 8 hrs and trying to enjoy their time as well,and this crew from Munich to US seemed to get that.
Cons: The seats in economy are extremely close (front to back) for short people leg room is fine, for general height (5'4" women; 5' 10" men) and above it is unhealthy for a 6 -8 hr flight.

Cons: To change the gates takes about 45 minutes.

Cons: They misplaced my oversized luggage even after I paid the overpriced $100 fee (87 euro cash only) for a 2nd checked bag. It was not defined by weight or size, but a straight fee of $100 for any kind of extra bag

Pros: More leg room than the A330-300 we took to fly from Charlotte to Munich.
Cons: The ground crew. One young employee checking the boarding passes in Munich was rude and condescending.

Pros: Service was excellent. Planes were very nice and food was very good for airplane food. I would highly recommend flying Lufthansa. Staff was excellent.
Cons: Service was excellent. Planes were very nice and food was very good for airplane food. I would highly recommend flying Lufthansa. Staff was excellent.

Cons: The business class seats is exactly like the economy seats

Pros: Boarding was smooth.
Cons: Flight was delayed then we were told it would leave at 4 but then they boarded at 230 then we sat on the plane for 3 hours after already being delayed we stayed on the plane when they knew that we wouldn't be taking off for hours but they didn't income us of this

Pros: The friendly crew were good.
Cons: Insufficient legroom, limited drink options and dirty toilets. The flight was booked completely and hence the toilets were always occupied and unclean.

Pros: Food and beverage service was excellent on these Star Allisnce international flights booked by United but operated by Lufthansa.
Cons: Leg room in economy is inadequate for international flights. Seats had no cushion left in seat bottoms. It was like sitting on cement.

Pros: Operated by Lufthansa. Attentive flight attendant. Comfortable seats.

Pros: I appreciated the advance boarding for families traveling with younger children. Plenty of time to settle in with the kiddos.

Pros: Extra legroom, pillows, headphones, and blanket provided. I liked that I had my own screen. Snacks and drinks were offered in between meals. Water constantly available which is important for hydration on such a long flight.

Pros: The fight left on time and got us to Frankfurt

Pros: everything excellent overall
Cons: I didn't like the service in the moroccan airport form the security and also the crew at the check in, they are very bad

Pros: Overall good flt crew.....and service. Good food & selection. Clean airy plane

Pros: Lufthansa always has good service and amenities
Cons: I believe it is Lufthansa's responsibility to move my seat if I am seated next to someone who is taking up more than half of my seat for an 11 hour flight

Pros: Thanks for bringing us water when my husband needed to take some medication, some airlines won’t do that.
Cons: Excessively busy at DIA, seemed under staffed, lines stretching across the airport.

Pros: Boarded quickly and got into air fast.
Cons: Way behind schedule and virtually no snacks or drinks.

Pros: the seat was tight and doesn't recline if the person behind you is leaning on it. wouldn't let us board because it wasn't the right group yet forcing us to stand on the side for 30 minutes until they started calling our group again.

Pros: Super sweet and helpful crew, comfortable seats, fast boarding.
Cons: My overhead light was broken. I didn’t need to use it so it was no problem at all, but that’s the only thing I could think of

Pros: Very pleasant and accommodating.

Cons: Better communication regarding flight delays and missed connecting flights

Pros: First class is amazing
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Crew, pilot were courteous
Cons: Inexcusable legroom In future will stick with JetBlue or Southwest

Cons: Nothing, The flight left with 45 minutes of delay, for a trip of 6 h they only gave a juice and a biscuit.

Pros: Everything was fine and normal except the crew.
Cons: My flight was a later one in the evening but all the crew showed was that they were ready to go home.

Cons: When to Newark airport to check in, crew were very disorganized and very rude. Nobody was willing to help us and everybody tried to avoid people who looked like they needed help. Worst airport ever.

Pros: We were unable to board our flight because my passport was not within the 6 month expiration date required by Italy. We were offered no credit regarding the missed flight and told that our return flight was also void. Given that we entered our passport info to originally book the tickets, we should have been notified that the expiration date was not valid. A the very least our return. flight should have been valid.

Pros: Comfortable and on time!
Cons: Plane was equipped with Direct TV but the TVs were not powered on and that was very disappointing.

Pros: Entertainment and the crew

Cons: Didn’t have a requested wheel chair on arrival. Mother (93) had to be helped to walk up ramp..them asked for help

Pros: Overall I am so disappointed
Cons: Deleyed flight in Huston, my baggage’s stayed behind

Pros: Check-in Staff were friendly and efficient. Undersold flight, so they reseated several people to give them an adjacent vacant seat, so I got to sleep curled up. Great on an 9 hour early morning flight (7am check-in, up at 3:30). Boarding and flight staff were great too.

Pros: Food was great.
Cons: The WiFi was horrible. The provided movies to watch would constantly buffer.

Pros: Crews were great, customer service was great! Rescheduled several times due to weather.
Cons: Sitting on the ground at the wrong airport for fuel to wait out the fog in Denver.

Pros: TSA pre check, window seat.
Cons: Only 1 snack offered.

Cons: Late

Cons: The food was terrible.

Pros: The attendants tried to be cheerful in a difficult situation.
Cons: Once we were boarded we waited for a long time in a crowded stifling hot plane. Requests to the crew were met with helplessness on their part!

Pros: Simple and easy,

Pros: the personnel were polite and personable and eager to help

Pros: The crew was great
Cons: In a decade of travel I've had three lost bags. Two of which were Air Canada. So I'm going to avoid them.

Cons: Very late

Cons: It was so freezing we had down jackets on None of the sound on the screens worked. Disaster

Pros: Staff & crew very friendly.

Pros: Crew at counter n on plane were great. Perfect. Couldn't ask for more.

Pros: Nice food, good crew


Pros: The flight had no delays and boarding and flight went smoothly.
Cons: The crew were not very polite and in some instances rude.

Pros: Despite weather delay, the flight crew was very energetic and in a positive mood.

Cons: Was given a seat in the last row of the plane, which didn't recline. There was not enough room for my carryon cuggage and I had the lowest priority boarding. The option to upgrade was $99 each way

Pros: Zero
Cons: The weather in SF delayed is so very long while the airport staff were rather rude at both airports. And after all that, my bag did not make it on my connecting flight- or maybe it did but you guys texted me it didn't via your little app- and I had to go back for it mysef the next day becuase you would not deliver it or help me find it. wanted to be compensated for my long and horrible ordeal.

Cons: Due to the delay of the flight from Palm Springs to Denver, our layover was much longer in Denver, and the flight to Louisville was delayed numerous times.

Pros: Automatically rebooked flight was changed free-of-charge to a different destination.
Cons: Original flight was delayed, which was understandable due to inclement weather. Connecting flight, which was also United Airlines, was either uninformed of the delay, or indifferent. Myself and two other passengers arrived 2 minutes before the flight left, were told we could not board, and watched the plane undock from the gate and fly away.

Pros: Boarding went smooth
Cons: No leg room, no wifi

Pros: Loved the TVs. Made the flight go by faster. Pilot was pleasant and informative at beginning of flight . Very pleasant personnel.

Pros: Flight departed on time and arrived a few minutes early.
Cons: The plane didn't have direct tv.

Cons: I had to cancel the flight I didn't make it

Pros: Every thing went smooth and everyone was great to me.
Cons: Nothing this trip. Why didn't I get a survey about that ? It was through Kayak also. That was the trip from HELL!

Cons: The flight from Newark was delayed and caused me to miss my flight from SFO to TPE. The gate staff on arrival did nothing to help ensure that I would make the flight. I chose United because i expected reliable service, instead I got the worst ever experience with an airline.

Pros: in flight entertainment
Cons: No where to charge devices

Pros: I liked the snacks and I liked how I got to volunteer check my bag
Cons: The seating room was extremely uncomfortable

Pros: I liked all of the notifications.
Cons: Everything.

Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: Bad comfort no entertainment and no power outlets

Pros: Not much to like
Cons: Delays , staff was rude no communication between staff and passengers

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Montana to Estonia

Airlines flying from Montana to Estonia have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Montana to Estonia

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Montana to Estonia

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Montana to Estonia

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Montana to Estonia

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Montana to Estonia

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