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Turkish AirlinesOverall score based on 23300 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: i like the food and movie choices.
Cons: Crew was little bit rude. They didn’t help me to find the spot for my carry on luggage.

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Pros: i like the food and movie choices.
Cons: Crew was little bit rude. They didn’t help me to find the spot for my carry on luggage.

Cons: I bought the ticket thru kayak and they were no help when weather screwed up connections. Never buy that way again. I will only buy direct from the airlines. Kayak cost me $690. Thanks Mark

Pros: Comfortable for that sort of journey
Cons: N/a

Pros: The flight schedule was on time
Cons: N/A

Pros: 10hour flight tine
Cons: Poor coordination during boarding No snacks offered.

Pros: Service was fine, but we're of no help regarding late arrival and connecting flight status.

Cons: Air conditioning didn't work!!

Cons: Chairs spaces

Pros: no clear on when to go
Cons: check in delay

Pros: everything
Cons: i liked everything

Pros: I was lucky enough to have a whole row to myself. Otherwise, it would be the regular cramped seating arrangement that is on all airlines.

Cons: The crew on board was aloof, and somewhat rude. I was traveling with my 87 yr old mother and they did little to help, especially when we needed the restroom but they had the aisle blocked for most of the time, serving food. There was no way to get around to access the bathroom and the crew turned us away from the only available bathroom in the front. Really?! Not impressed at all. Also the flt was 30 minutes late making our connection tight. One of the young, gorgeous stewardesses was rude and dismissive of me when I asked about it.

Pros: The entertainment system (the movies, songs and ext) The food was good.
Cons: The seats MUST be updated.

Cons: We didn't get anywhere cause we didnt have visas.

Pros: Timeliness. Orderly boarding
Cons: Entertainment. Remote didn't work. Touch screen was painful to use.

Cons: Turkish airlines from Istanbul to Nairobi Announcement for medical personnel or doctor to come help. We pushed the button and the flight attendant came to our row. We unbuckled and we’re ready to get up and he said “ I have an elderly woman but first I need to see your license. In shock we said you need the license for us to be able to help? He said unfortunately that is our policy. I happen to have mine because I brought it along for the medical mission. I showed it to him then he gave some detail still not allowing us to see the person that needed attention:

Cons: the food is a bit tastless

Pros: Food was great.
Cons: Long waits, poor communication, either too warm or too cold

Pros: Crew
Cons: Boarding status changed straight from pre boarding to last call. No AC

Cons: Customer service

Pros: Food
Cons: Horrible seats, earphones hit or miss, cabin littered throughout, staff didn’t clean up from time to time, nor check that seats were up/belts fastened.

Pros: Great crew and food
Cons: Seat comfort/space

Pros: While my family and I were waiting for boarding in chairs in front of the gate, my little child falet down and had very minor cut with one blood sign and drop but first aid group came and made some tissue cleaning to the cut with detergent. They told me that medical report is required by the flight captain and this report will cost me 230 TL. I told them no need for their report but they told me that I may not travel and the male misbehaved againest my wife when she told him that no need for their medical assistant and he replied this is not your country. They sqwezed us at the last minute and my remaining family at the plane and they told me that I am not authorized to travel with my wife and small child. We are total of 9 passingers. We were only remaining at the lounge. I told them my remaining family are at plane and I must travel otherwize I am going to claime all charges againest Turkish airline. Finaly at last minute they let me board.

Pros: Excellent customer service.
Cons: Food was great but desserts were terrible. Rice pudding or almond pudding could be better choice.

Pros: Timing was perfect without any unnecessary delay in transfer. Crew is quite helpful and food was pretty good for Economy class as was the leg room and footrest. Entertainment was excellent.

Pros: Movie options and food
Cons: Not enough leg room

Pros: Happy staff

Pros: They run a quality airline, inexpensive and a lot of direct flights to a lot of locations.
Cons: This flight was a terrible experience and the longest day of my life!! That having been said, Turkish airlines had little control over most of it. I could tell the staff was just as tired of the long day as I was, but they held it together and performed adequately. I thought we were all going to die on the landing! I don't know what happened, but I was waiting any moment for the 777 to just roll and go up in flames! It took 1 hour and a half to get our checked bags. Don't know if there is a way to speed that up, but it was the icing on the cake after having spent 16 hours on the plane.

Pros: Quick boarding , the crew was awesome and very helpful. Great service all around
Cons: The flight was delayed but they couldn't tell us how late it was , but thanks to Kayak knew it was 40 mins delayed.

Pros: Great crew. Super nice to our 4 year old daughter. They were quick, extra polite and efficient. I'm usually quite picky but this leg was perfect.
Cons: It was all good(which I rarely get to say these days on any carrier)

Cons: i am allergic to cheese and there is no other food selection. Hostess skipped serving my husband meal through out the flight unless asking the hostess. We had 1hr 30 minutes to walk to transfer flight and pass through customs and checking points . we did not have enough time .most of the time we ran to catch up the flight

Pros: The flight was great and the service was wonderful. The plane was new and clean. A huge plus was the video entertainment in every seat along with headphones and USB Charging Port. They poured me a double Glenlivet scotch on the rocks at NO CHARGE!
Cons: I booked three round-trip tickets from LAX to Athens. Our daughter did not fly with us there but we checked with ticketing in LAX and they booked her seat anyway. The issue came when we tried to leave Athens the airlines then said that I had to purchase a one-way ticket! They informed me that the flight was cancelled for my daughter because she didn't fly to Athens. The ticket was almost $1,500.00 and I intend to get my money back but it was unfortunate that they had to charge me for it in the first place.

Pros: Free movies that are current, Free food/drinks/alcohol, Pillow, blanket, eye blinds, slippers, socks. The flight was 12+ hours long, and the ability to watch movies, tv shows, play games, listen to music on the large pad in each seat was pretty amazing. Free over the ear headphones... Very amazing flight
Cons: Bathrooms were a bit dirty...but there was a lot of people on the flight and they didn't start dirty.

Pros: Flight was very punctual (actually early enough to cause problems with being collected on arrival), despite being full, there was ample space. The food was very edible, brings service was sufficient and the crew were friendly and helpful.
Cons: The gate was a good 15-20 minutes walk from the main duty free area of the terminal with not much signage indicating this. The touch function on my inflight entertainment screen lagged a bit and there was no USB charging offered

Pros: A light meal.
Cons: Very crowded -- good for the company. Delay in taking off.

Pros: Food was good.
Cons: Seats where extremely uncomfortable. Flight attendants and aircraft staff were so rude and unfriendly at all.

Pros: Movie selections. Larger displays. Comfortable seats. FOOTREST.
Cons: When going from US to India, food was excellent. But when traveling from India to US, the food was not good at all. Seats had lesser room.

Cons: I was at the gate for my flight from Istanbul to Bucharest but 25 minutes before departure I noticed that passengers were lining up at a different gate so I asked what happened. I was told the flight had departed even though it was still 25 minutes before flight time. I then had to go to ticket sales where they charged me $425 dollars for the 80 minute flight to Bucharest. In the US, I would have been put on the next available flight fee of charge. I will never fly Turkish Airlines again.

Pros: N/A
Cons: Their boarding pass listed departure time for boarding time which confused me. The staff in Istanbul is extremely unprofessional and have caused me to missed my connecting flight. I had to get a visa and waited almost 2 hours in line in order just to be able to reschedule my flight.

Cons: Food

Pros: x
Cons: x

Pros: My seat was comfortable, the food and drink were good. In flight entertainment options were plentiful and satisfactory.
Cons: Boarding started on time, but took far longer than necessary. Plane took off an hour after schedule which caused us to have to sprint through the Istanbul airport to meet our connector. And once we arrived in final destination, our baggage never made it onto the connecting flight..

Pros: Seats are spaced further apart than many other carriers
Cons: There's always a problem with people trying to sit in different (e.g., my) seats, and people get up and try to exit the plane before it has even taxied off the runway.

Pros: Every thing. The overall service in economy is equal to business class on American carriers, with the obvious exception of the seat itself. A light breakfast meal on a 45 minute flight? Absolutely incredible. I've also experienced this with Lufthansa in the past, but they didn't have seat-back entertainment on short flights.
Cons: Nothing to dislike.

Pros: The fares were cheap and there was no mistaking we were in economy class: the seats were relatively uncomfortable, and the cabin seemed a bit out-of-date. BUT: for being economy class, legroom seemed above average. The food service was amazing, and cabin crew was incredibly attentive and friendly. I will absolutely look to fly Turkish Air in the future!
Cons: The worst part of the trip: other passengers. Some of them were pretty pushy and aggressive, while others had somewhat dubious standards of personal hygiene.

Pros: Food, crew

Cons: The air bus that we flew on from Rome to Istanbul was not as comfortable as the plane we were on for the leg from Istanbul to Chicago.

Pros: Private TVs and lots of movies! :-)
Cons: Little leg room and food was not good

Pros: The Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 was beautiful. And so was the cabin crew and the service they provided. Entertainment System was fantastic. TA puts U.S. airlines to shame.
Cons: My connections in Istanbul (which is huge) were a little chaotic and stressful. Most flights seem to be deplaned are boarded using transit busses - didn't really care for that - but the international terminal was pretty spectacular. Though there weren't enough places/outlets to recharge electronic devices and finding free WiFi was tricky - finally found some in a nice little cafe! Overall, I'd rate IST 4 Stars outta 5...

Pros: The food was good, as was the service.
Cons: Delays, both at Dulles, as well as in Istanbul.

Cons: Had unknown jump grade to much better seats No explanation given Too bad it wasn’t on a 6 hour flight

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: On time boarding and departure

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: Honestly everything.

Pros: Better food

Cons: Baggage handling at Wilmington is extremely slow and typically is.

Pros: Crew and service was amazing
Cons: Paid $28 for internet and it didn’t work

Pros: The entertainment
Cons: Departure times

Cons: We always board with Sky Priority but the agent took us off the line until Comfort Plus boarded. It was embarrassing to my husband and myself.

Cons: Delayed for an hour because of changing tire

Cons: Work on those delays

Pros: Flight cancelled
Cons: Flight not cancelled

Pros: Even though they were just serving water and coffee. The attendant took it upon himself to retrieve the Ginger Ale i requested!
Cons: The seats are tight. but hey its an airplane, what can i expect!

Pros: The crew was amazing. Especially the pilot and copilot
Cons: Boarding process.

Pros: Yes, everything was comfortable and the individual screens with current movies kept the kids occupied with minimal interruptions!
Cons: Honestly, while it would always be nice to have a little more leg room. I would like to fly a little more conveniently though as the back of the legs near the knees always gets pressure and cause swelling. Some form of foot rest with a stand might alleviate some of the pressure and ankle swelling.

Pros: great crew!
Cons: luggage. what a nightmare. I waited 30min for my luggage (after a delayed flight) only to be told by a fellow PASSENGER that some of our luggage was directed to a FRONTIER CAROUSEL. I then had to wait by that carousel till I found it. so much for "bags in 20min guaranteed"

Pros: Crew gave specific instructions on boarding as to wear to place bags (overhead vs under seat) so even though we boarded toward the end, there was still a place for my bag. I enjoyed the choice of snacks.

Pros: Great entertainment options!
Cons: The seats are still too small. I also wish there were hot options for food.

Pros: The efficiency of having my boarding pass on my phone (Apple Wallet). The Kayak and Delta apps streamlined perfectly and I was able to check in and pay for luggage through Kayak! I just need to do better at checking my phone due to both apps sending me updates about flight delays and luggage locations
Cons: Lack of space from being confined to the middle seat but the passengers next to me were nice and the plane ride was over before I realized it.

Pros: Extra leg room was great
Cons: Entertainment system was flickering

Cons: The flight was delayed over 5 hours.

Pros: When I arrived at Detroit I noticed there was an earlier flight going out to Amsterdam. The nice Delta rep gave me a new boarding pass for the earlier flight because there were empty seats on that plane.

Pros: Flight was good. Left on time. Crew was attentive.
Cons: Did not assign seat at check in. Had to go to gate and check in. Staff handled it well, but it was inefficient. Wasted time dealing with it.

Pros: The movies

Cons: Being late

Pros: The crew on this particular flight was probably the nicest I've ever encountered on Delta. Sadly, that is rarely the case.

Cons: Gate agent @ LAX calling every single passenger with a lot of noise around couldn't hear. I had to go and check myself a couple of times.

Pros: Food and nice crew
Cons: No tvs and bad WiFi

Pros: Flight attendants were excellent!

Pros: Customer service was great

Cons: The prices of the available snacks.

Pros: The crew was nice and friendly and the plane was half empty.
Cons: When are the Airlines going to start serving a decent coffee on board? It does not matter Delta is now serving Starbucks. Something they do that messes up the whole thing, probably overheat for too long.

Pros: Very efficient boarding; crew had the foresight to ask for travelers to gate-check their bags due to a full flight and that saved a lot of boarding time and hassle.
Cons: The seats on this aircraft looked like that had a 2-2 configuration; it's now 3-2 making it pretty cramped in Coach.

Pros: My wife’s and my headphone connections would not work.

Pros: I Love flying on Delta especially since I'm often upgraded to Comfort or first class.

Pros: Liked choice of Biscuit, almonds or pretzel
Cons: I used mobile checking and did not get seat assignment till Boarding started

Pros: Free pretzels and drink
Cons: Not enough overhead space for everyone's carry-on bags so I sat with mine down by my feet which left me little foot space. Was a bit uncomfortable

Pros: Crew was excellent everything served was of great quality, all the amenities were solid and flight was comfortable and on time.
Cons: The only complaint was the extreme use of air conditioning that made it a necessity to use many blankets to keep warm from freezing.

Pros: Quick, efficient boarding. Good crew. Comfortable seats. On schedule.

Pros: I liked the in-flight service and the complimentary snacks and drinks despite the short trip.
Cons: I did not like that there was not enough room for our 50L Osprey backpacks to be placed under the seats.

Pros: Everything was excellent.
Cons: Cant get used to cookies and drink service on long haul flight. Do not care for salable food choices so packed a sandwich.

Pros: Turbulence didn't allow the beverage cart to serve passengers

Pros: WiFi, good flight attendants
Cons: Would like to see Direct TV along with Delta Suite so can watch live TV

Pros: From the Ground crew to the Flight crew, you can feel the genuine care and thoughtfulness of everyone! They even remember you, if you fly often enough, and let you know how much they appreciate your business.

Cons: One of the men working the desk at the gate was rude & condescending to me. The other gate agent who was having us board (he was an ethnic man) was friendly & excellent.

Pros: The gate agent helped half a dozen people (not including those described below) understand they were boarding with the wrong group.
Cons: Fully one-quarter of the passengers boarded as disability or premium. This included a party of eight that boarded with one person in a wheelchair because "We're all together."

Cons: .

Pros: Flight attendants were competent.
Cons: Air conditioning was extremely noisy.

Pros: Great plane

Pros: Yes
Cons: Better food

Pros: Yes, seat good.
Cons: There were delays and not good food. No veggie option.

Pros: Never seen such a large streaming movie library. Never seen live stream at seat from cameras (3) outside the plane.
Cons: It was not clear this was a no-checked-baggage flight, seeing as I specifically searched with flights with luggage. I chose Lufthansa's flight counting on the fact that international flights always allow one checked bag. I had to pay on that way here. I"ll have to pay on the way home.

Cons: Airline canceled my flight with out refund or giving other options. Never will use them again.

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: Flight was delayed

Pros: Gate crew was friendly.
Cons: United. Not Lufthansa. The ability to change seats early with United and be a recognized flier and get credit was extremely difficult. Very poor service.

Pros: Crew looked after me after a family took up a whole row including my designated seat. I need up with the back row to myself so could put my feet up & chill after a less than pleasant 5+ hours wait at Munich!

Pros: Also a lovely and comfortable flight
Cons: No complaints

Pros: The flight was smooth and the flight attendants were very polite and helpful. It was a great experience
Cons: The bathroom was a bit smelly

Pros: flights were comfortable.
Cons: They lost my luggage both ways! I missed my connecting flight from FRA to TXL so I was given a train voucher from FRA to TXL instead of a flight. Luggage came 2 days later. Then they canceled my return flights TXL- FRA-MCO because "I didn't complete my journey". They rebooked me as wait list and then eventually I was confirmed. Luggage lost on return flight, no idea if/when I will receive.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: We missed our flight bc our luggage was stuck on the plane for 1.5 hours and we missed our connection. After running around the airport, waiting on the phone for over 2 hours and in line for 45 minutes, we are booked on a later flight and hope to get home tonight.

Cons: N/A

Cons: The connecting flight to Bremen from Munich was missed due to delayed flying from Munich. Then we had a reconnecting flight and 15 minutes prior to boarding it was cancelled. No more flights to Bremen so we then were redirected to a flight to Hamburg. We had to fly from Munich to Vienna and then from Vienna to Hamburg. The flight from Munich to Vienna was delayed by 40 minutes which made us lose the connecting flight. We had to wait until the next morning for a flight to Hamburg, where as we arrived our luggage was lost. The staff ensured us that our connecting flights were waiting for us, however the flights had left 20 minutes prior to our arrival. The staff was nice but the communication was poor.

Pros: flight was on time
Cons: The plane appears to have left with NO luggage on board. 3 days later, I am still without luggage. The promise to deliver the missing luggage within 24 hours was not honoured.

Pros: Staff was very polite, helpful, and attentive. Our flight left late due to a delay with the plane, and the flight attendants were very proactive about informing passengers about making connections and doing all they could to help.
Cons: All good.

Pros: Everything on the flight was very efficient and organized—the boarding process, the excellent and pleasant service, the food, and the entertainment selections. Thank you for making a long flight enjoyable.

Cons: LH had to switch planes at MUC due to mechanical problems on the 1st plane => flight left 3hrs late, causing me to miss connecting flight at IAD => had to switch airport to DCA and use DL to get to BNA via ATL on the next day. had to wait in line for several hrs to get rebooked - overall dismal performance by LH, my image of them is shattered

Pros: Great staff, amazing experience.
Cons: No vegetarian food

Pros: The hospitality crew that was at SFO gave us the location of a lounge to go to which closed at 8 pm. The time they gave the location was at 8.25 pm. She was uninformed and not very highly trained. Lounge was disgusting. Messy, crowded - seemed like a 2nd class waiting room in an Indian railway station. The boarding was very poorly managed by the same lady!
Cons: Lounge, crew, boarding area

Pros: People. Food.

Pros: Staff was consistently professional, courteous, and good-natured. The seats were fairly comfortable for economy. The food was perfectly fine. Movie selection was very good. Overall very comfortable flight that left and arrived on time!

Pros: Crew was excellent.
Cons: Food needs to be improved. Salad was old, and hot tea was lukewarm . It wasn't a Swiss quality for sure!

Pros: Crew helped us with connections
Cons: Choice of seat came with a cost. Very uncomfortable seating. Not enough room.

Pros: Nothing, really; the seats—even those in business class–have a no-frills design, with hardly any recline to speak of. Okay for flights as short in duration as this one (about 50 minutes).
Cons: The delay in boarding, much of which was due to the fact that the plane wasn't ready for boarding in time because the tech service was delayed. It would seem this was at least in part something within the sphere of factors the airline is able to control. Also, there was an irritating, rumbling noise, sounding almost like an old propeller engine, during much of the plane's ascent. You'd think there would be some maintenance necessary.

Cons: They supposed to check the visa for Europe from the depart airport and they failed to do that .At last in Munich they examined it so hard and had to leave and go back to the depart.

Pros: The crew was very helpful, attentive, and friendly.
Cons: The vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo) meal options were terrible, and the seats were fine, but not amazing.

Pros: Crew on board were excellent.
Cons: There was a 40 minute delay in the Athens airport, which precipitated a race to catch the connection in Munich to Boston. Also, the food was below par. Nothing you'd get from the old Lufthansa...

Pros: Attends were good.
Cons: Jain meal is not available which is available in all the flights like Emirates, United airlines, Turkish airlines etc

Pros: The food was pretty good. Entertainment selection was good!
Cons: Boarding was delayed for some reason. It seemed like every baby in the world was on the plane, and they all cried at the same time. Of course, Lufthansa can't help that. The on-flight entertainment system was painfully slow.

Cons: crew was not friendly

Cons: The seats were absolutely uncomfortable

Cons: MY TIME IS TOO EXPENSIVE to use time to explain

Pros: a good place e excellent crew
Cons: the plane is arrived over time and I less the fly to turin

Pros: Staff was very professional, the plain was new and clean. Food and drinks were also good.

Cons: Nothing

Pros: I liked when I thought I had my new booking.
Cons: When I found out that I was a week late for my flight. Argh! Stuck in the airport at the moment.

Pros: Same as above
Cons: Same as above

Pros: Legroom and arm room, good light overhead in premium economy. Bilingual crew friendly and efficient.

Cons: Kosher snacks were missing..

Pros: I was really surprise that the coach seats were comfortable and had plenty of space. Flight was on time and it was easy to check in luggage. I truly enjoyed my 12 hour flight. I will be booking my international flight with Lufthansa again.
Cons: The on plane entertainment wasn't up to par. Not a lot of selection for sitcoms, if they had a sitcom it was only 1 episode. 12 hour flight I didn't have much to watch after the first 6 hours. Food was ok.

Pros: They have some films with subtitles- perfect for Deaf people.
Cons: Wish all films have subtitles- there are millions of deaf people in the world, you know?

Cons: Food was not good. Seat leg room very uncomfortable

Pros: My flight from Frankfurt to Detroit on Lufthansa was very enjoyable. The crew were great. They were very friendly and attentive to the passengers. I would choose to fly on Lufthansa again in the future.

Pros: The crew was so pleasant, the seats reclined extremely comfortably, the TV and movie selection was great, the food service was prompt and I never felt like I was bugging them if you asked for something extra (not that you needed to ask cause they made frequent multiple trips down the aisles)

Pros: Fast boarding, on time
Cons: Too cold in plane, announcements too loud

Pros: Smooth flight. No complaints
Cons: No complaints.

Pros: Entertainment center was nice .
Cons: Didn't get the seat I booked / didn't get the food I ordered 2 weeks in advance .

Pros: The whole flight was very comfortable
Cons: all the food relied on bell pepper for flavor. Bell pepper is highly overrated

Pros: the staff and boarding service was good
Cons: The food was hard to eat and poor quality and flavorless

Pros: The whole flight was great. The flight attendants are so nice. Food is good. Free alcohol. Perfect international flight. Would be nice if you could get 2 free checked bags, but that is a small complaint.

Pros: The crew.
Cons: Fake marketing! They said it will be some snacks for economyXtra, and then 2 hours before the flight sending an email saying that the snakes will be charged! Disappointed!

Pros: Sleeping and being left alone
Cons: Food, Service by cabin crew because they never smiled

Pros: Price
Cons: Use jet bridge instead of bus gate

Pros: Efficient check in and polite crew.

Cons: flight was delayed by 3 hours; very rude and indifferent ground staff, almost impossible to rebook; no information/help was provided; barely made our next flight

Cons: When late, pls help passangers.with no helpfull people dont work

Pros: Kind staff. We were served a very healthy snack which was also delicious. Flight was delayed due to fog in Porto but oh well! No big problema.
Cons: No delays.

Pros: The only salvation was the entertainment choices. .
Cons: The planes need to upgrade the seats. When we were served food if the person push their seat back your food tray would flip like two did on our flight. Staff was jaded and sarcastic. I'm glad I had a discounted flight. I'd be angry if I paid full price. Poor staff, seat architecture, and poor food.

Cons: Organizing the boarding. The food was a disaster and the seats was a joke, the most uncomfortable plane I’ve ever been on.

Pros: Great food!

Cons: Checked bag fee was expensive at $120 per bag. For the two of us bags cost $240. The plane boarded late this departed and arrived late. Otherwise a very good flight. Very comfortable, all Amenities worked, the plane was clean and the staff accommodating.

Cons: The headphone situation was confusing and no charging ports Fairly comfortable for an older plane

Pros: Great crew. That’s about it.
Cons: Absolutely horrible business class on the A330-343. Honestly, they should be ashamed of flying this airplane. They have four of these from Singapore Airlines and of course on both flights I was unlucky enough to get stuck with it. The cabin looks horribly outdated, is worn out, and smells.

Cons: Not missing our connecting flight because if flight / airport delays.

Cons: There wasn't food or entertainment. Might want to add NA as an option in those categories

Cons: We didn't select our meal option for vegetarian because the last time we did we ended up with a horrible, horrible, hockey puck like dry food option. We assumed there would be a cheese pasta option, as there usually is, well we were completely wrong. Both options were meat, even the salad had meat in it. So we got a roll with butter, a tiny fruit, and a disgusting wet dessert. Even the breakfast was meat and cheese. I got online to select our meal option for our return trip, and the options are out of control. We have a lacto-ovo-vegetarian option, whatever that is

Pros: I am used to traveling continents with other companies. There has always been 2 check in bags allowed with no extra charge as long as you are under 23kg on each. I get to the airport with my 2 bags ready, TAP tells me on large holidays, they only allow 1 bag to be checked to my specific african destination until January 11. And that one bag will cost me $120. They will not let me have the second one. Who does that? How much sense is this supposed to have. I checked with others and they do not do that. Never again they will see me.
Cons: TAP's stupid rules against my destination. Not faire!

Pros: Overhead luggage space

Pros: Service was good and the food was better than average.
Cons: Paying extra for business class so you can sleep just isn't worth it with TAP. We had an older plane, showing its age, and the seats did not go completely flat. So, I kept slipping down and my feet jammed into the seat in front of me.

Cons: No entertainment, either video or audio.

Pros: Flight crew were nice plane arrived safely
Cons: They nickel and dime you. I paid for extra leg room and then on way over made me pay to check bag (which was supposed to be free) and way back switched planes so never got extra room and had to pay for bag as well and now have to fight for my money back. I don’t like the feeling of having to always pay. If you want people to not carry on so much stop charging (especially on international flights) to check bags.

Pros: Food was alright
Cons: No entertainment, no charging port beyond row 15.

Cons: Unruly boarding lines. Plane late .flight attendant less than friendly

Pros: The web page said that I did not have to pay for my baggage, but I had to pay an expensive price.
Cons: You have to add the price that we really going to pay, not a price to make the people think that it is a cheap price.

Cons: Not getting new business configuration

Cons: Two TAP flights today. Both flights delayed more than an hour.

Cons: Stuardes don't have a sense of what costumer service is.. 6 hour flights and their plain aren't equipt with monitors to watch and entertain yourself Thank God I understood portugués but their translation to English was poor Food was not amazing I've been traveling since I was 6yrs old and I never felt so strongly about an airline... Not even easy jet

Cons: Flight was late and made me miss the connecting flight

Cons: Flight was over an hour late, and they would not let us take our carry-on luggage on the flight even though there was plenty of room in the overhead compartments, which caused us to miss our return flight home overseas. No customer service desk at the airport. Ended up costing hundreds of dollars more to book another flight home.

Cons: This event refers to my TAP flight from Lisbon to Heathrow on 21-Jan-2018. We arrived to the airport nearly 2 hours before departure time, waited 35min in the security checks and my girlfriend was held 20min in the passport control. While she was queuing for the 2no police officers to check her passport, an airport assistant came to the queue and asked who was due to board in TP364 to Heathrow. She was made aware that my girlfriend was there due to board that flight. In the meantime I made my way to the gate to make the gate assistants aware that she was held in the passport checks and was already on her way to the gate. Having said that, the zealous assistants in the gate have closed the gate in front of me, 18min before scheduled departure time and - "very kindly" - told me that I wouldn't be boarding that flight anymore even though my girlfriend have arrived in the meantime. One can imagine the frustration I felt finding out that the flight departure was delayed and that the flight actually departed 40min late. At that time I was already suffering the extortion of the customer service from TAP, claiming from me circa 400Eur from each of us for a one way ticket in the next flight to London. Therefore... until I remember this... I AM NOT FLYING TAP ANYMORE... I am very proud of being Portuguese but in similar situations that occurred with me flying British Airways, Lufthansa or Air Italia, I have always been treated with much more respect and customer care!

Pros: There wasn't anything special to like compares to other good airlines. I would say crews attitudes and foods were alright.
Cons: Doesn't have a USB cable to charge the phone and there were no perfume or toothbrush for the long journey. Also no apple juice.

Pros: On time and waited for our connection from Miami without any fuss
Cons: Comfortable seats but very luttle legroom

Pros: The leg room
Cons: The lack of entertainment

Pros: The flight was uneventful.
Cons: The food was edible. The entertainment display was old. Not much leg room.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Staff at the check-in and boarding.

Pros: We were traveling with a 7 month old so boarding was made easy by the crew. Most of the crew were quite pleasant during the flight.
Cons: The entertainment system hand piece failed so you were unable to select channels, turn the over head light off or ever call for assistance. We had to get another passenger to do that for us. Ultimately the light bulb had to be removed from the fixture. During the flight, we asked for more refreshments and were told we could only have water by a flight attendant. Upon arrival at our destination with a child in hand, our stroller was not unloaded at the gate so we had to carry our child and all that travels with him to the baggage area. For anyone travelling internationally, you will know this is generally quite a distant from the gate in major airports. The strollers and car seats arrived in baggage 30 minutes after the main luggage. When staff were approached they were short and appeared very disinterested in helping. TAP failed on this flight home.

Cons: We had to postpone our first leg from London to Lisbon by a day and then they cancelled our return flight without telling us!!! So, we were trapped in Lisbon with no flight to return home. We called them and they said, "we cancelled your tickets and only have business class seats available for you and your toddler." We said no thank you. If we were going to spend 1k on a return flight, we were going to take British Airways. TAP, never again.

Pros: Seats were comfortable with plenty of room between you and the seat in front of you. Huge plane. Very nice.
Cons: My video screen did not have English available

Pros: Check in app
Cons: Non-reclining seats

Pros: Timeliness of check-in and the flight.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Friendly air hostesses
Cons: Too much security check at the airport due to the U S Homeland requirements

Pros: The flights was conducted safely and professionally.
Cons: Minimal legeoom on the Airbus A319; several inches less than on the next TAP leg to BCN.

Cons: the entertainment system was outdated and did not work. For such a long flight this in not acceptable

Cons: Food was a piece of bread with some ham.....why bother?????

Cons: Passenger attention not he best

Pros: The seats were comfortable, but could use a bit more padding for a long flight. The food was decent, and there was a good assortment of movies, music and TV shows.
Cons: The crew seemed unhappy to be there.

Pros: solid flight, efficient
Cons: staff kind of moody, not really smiley

Pros: Left on time. Served food and drinks. Friendly staff.
Cons: Served food and drinks. Orange "juice" tasted awlful. Bland sandwich. Seats did not recline.

Pros: The flight crew were efficient
Cons: Legroom was cramped

Pros: The crew was fine. Plane clean and comfortable. Would fly again.
Cons: Agent at the gate wouldn't let me do a medical pre-board. When I checked it, the ticket agent said it wouldn't be a problem, I should just ask at the gate. The agent there said there would be no reason to board early even though I have a doctor's note. She said I could board with everyone else and was extremely rude and dismissive. Thank goodness the ticket agent helped me out (by putting me in a seat where I'd be first to board), but if he hadn't, it would have been a terrible experience.

Pros: Movies I could plug in and go to sleep
Cons: Being woke up and asked if I want something to eat. I am sure others would disagree but I was exhausted and could not go back to sleep and I had already been up 30 hours.

Cons: The flight and crew were very good. An hour late taking off with not explanation. Frustrating on an hour flight.

Cons: I didn’t fly out of Philadelphia because the flight was 5 hrs late and I missed my connecting flight. Had to go get my luggage, go home and try to fly today! Terrible! All my plans screwed up!

Pros: The crew was very nice and helpful
Cons: I got charged for bags from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto than Toronto to Halifax

Cons: Lost my baggage even though I actually watched them transport it to the airplane from the airplane window. Brutal.

Pros: Nothing stood out as being particularly good.
Cons: A 6-hour international flight should provide food and entertainment. I flew Toronto to Port of Spain. No free food (not even pretzels), no inflight entertainment system, cramped seats with poor legroom, grumpy flight attendants, an hour delayed due to disorganized boarding process.

Pros: There were no hiccups and we arrived to the destination on time
Cons: Dirty seats, seemed like they had not been cleaned

Cons: I didn’t make it onto this flight because it was so delayed I needed to change flights while at the airport to make it onto the next one in time.

Cons: The flight was delayed 4 hours,

Pros: Issues caused by weather, otherwise flight was fine.

Pros: We liked the extra leg room of the economy plus seats but the seats were too narrow.
Cons: The bathroom were not cleaned during the flight by the end of the flight there was no toilet paper and the bath rooms were very unclean.

Pros: Great service, and no issues to report.

Pros: Service of staff
Cons: Lost my baggage and all of my flights where late causing me to miss one of my connections

Pros: I got upgraded to business. I was very happy, because my day in Atlanta was exhausting, and that made the whole thing excellent. Harry Giles

Pros: Very confusing. United personnel running Air Canada ground operations. Took 30 plus minutes to check one bag because there were not enough staff checking passengers in. Then flight was supposed to be delayed 90 minutes. This meant missing connections so automatic rebooking took place. Flight was then not delayed and had to rebook on original flight. Naturally bag didn't make the trip.

Pros: Our flight was cancelled. Rebooked for two days later, causing us to miss our cruise to Alaska! Never again with Air Canada.So disappointed in missing this trip we had planned for a long time.
Cons: No help in getting us to our cruise on time.

Pros: We did not make it to this flight since it was cancelled
Cons: We were rebooked on a flight with a short connection to London and they bumped us off that flight claiming that they could not get our bags in on time. Very poor customer service.

Pros: Nothing - I didn't end up going to Toronto.
Cons: The flight was overbooked and I was forced to take a different flight. Ruined my plans in Edmonton that day. Last time I use air Canada.

Pros: The food needs much improvement and needs to be healthy !!!

Cons: Did not reimburse new arrangements. Missed connection due to flight delays on Air Canada's behalf.

Pros: I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and friendliness of the AC information staff inside the gate area,especially when I was offered an earlier flight by almost two hours. The boarding process went smoothly. The flight crew was friendly, accommodating and efficient.

Cons: I had to delay my whole trip one day as the fight was late by 5 hours. I had made specific plans to reach delhi on April 21. Since I am a physician, it wasn't easy to arrange coverage so I could make it to delhi for a particular event. And this delay in flight was a major disappointment and made all the effort futile.

Pros: No problems.

Pros: I was able to be on standby for an earlier flight to Newark.

Pros: Seatroom
Cons: The 6 1/2 hour flight from Montréal CANADA to San Francisco, CA USA, is considered a "shared border flight," which means 1) you pay $25 for your first checked bag, $35 for the next, and $100 for subsequent bags. The food is horrible and the type you'd expect on a puddle jumper from NY to Boston. Clearly Air Canada executives are aware that Canada and the US are separate countries. This is just an attempt to gouge the consumer. Unfortunately Air Canada is the only Airline I can fly out of Montreal so I'm stuck with them. : (

Pros: Great Flight

Cons: not even peanuts included on a 6h flight is remarkable

Pros: the flight was quick and the plane was comfortable

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Small legroom, kinda hot inside the plane

Pros: We had to book our son on a flight from Phila to Toronto unexpectedly. We had lost our car keys in Canada and had no way to get new ones. (That's a long and complicated story.) our only option was to fly our son up with the spare key. Luckily he had just gotten his passport. He got a window seat and lived the adventure. The crew couldn't have been nicer.
Cons: The last minute price if $1000 plus!!

Pros: Entertainment was excellent. Water was offered.
Cons: Service was desultory at best. Eg. Had to pass by crew on East to bathroom and they barely moved out of the way and continued their chitchat as if I didn't exist.

Pros: Served edible food (not the best quality)
Cons: Uncomfortable; No source of entertainment; No functional charging ports; charges for snacks; some staff seemed rude

Cons: Delayed Sat on a parked plane for 4 hours in PHL before taking off Missed Connection in Toronto No compensation/help with food or hotel

Pros: Crew helpful friendly.
Cons: Delayed flight. Kept switching gates ~~frustrating.

Pros: It was ok.
Cons: Not clean aircraft. My luggage left behind in Toronto.No entertainment unless you knew by chance that you need to download an application and having your own device..

Pros: comfortable seating and nice staff
Cons: no entertainment on this flight(movies) and it was 9 hrs

Pros: Flight crew was great. Aircraft was great.
Cons: Food could have been a little better.

Cons: No entertainment system. Very slow boarding.

Pros: The crew treated me very well. I had reasonable leg room in economy class. The plane was beautiful, clean and super modern, one of the nicest aircraft that I have flown with in many years!
Cons: I ordered Asian vegan meals, but I was very disappointed with was presented to me. The food looked awful, tasted bland and insipid! I hope that that problem will be rectified on my return to the US.

Pros: Nice plane, decent seats.
Cons: Delayed flight. Luggage didn't make it on to the aircraft in Toronto. Only 4 agents working the counters with a line of about 80+ or so people trying to check in with no supervisor present to make things better or get more counters open. Security didn't stamp boarding pass so had to go back to security check point to get boarding pass stamped before boarding. And it is no longer "random selection" when you get "randomly" selected for extra screening every time you travel from Toronto!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: 1. Flight left late. 2. After landing sat on tarmac for 30 minutes waiting for gate. 3. After arriving at gate, had to wait 15 minutes to open door. 4. Poor service assisting me to get to connecting flight on other side of airport.

Pros: I thought the service was excellent.
Cons: There were some delays taking off, but I don't think it had to do with the airline

Pros: I haven't flown in a while and used the USB and 120V outlet with was supplied.
Cons: As the plane was changed, I needed to check my carryon bag as there wasn't enough space available.

Pros: Entertainment was good
Cons: We did have a 30 minute delay, not a big deal but a delay none the less. And boarding was a bit of a mess as announcements were hard to hear.

Pros: On time

Pros: Great crew. Gracious and helpful.
Cons: Kayak was a nightmare to work with.

Pros: Security and.boarding were pretty smooth. Flight was not full so extra seats were available. This flight was direct Toronto to Rome which was nice, previous flights stopped in JFK which meant additional security and immigration screening
Cons: One of the entertainment terminals wasn't working, switched seats

Pros: My flight was comfortable and without any issues. Good was great. The inflight entertainment should have more choices.

Pros: The flight is not packed, so rather comfortable

Pros: All services and most of all excellent customer services.

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