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China Southern
Overall score based on 5,521 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "clean and new plane with enough rrom for decent comfortable foos was ok, fish dish was a bit too salty."

Pros: "The attendents work so fast, it was so amazing and they always have a smile on there face."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, totally understaffed, check-in kiosks do not work. Will avoid any carrier who uses them."

Pros: "Easy ride"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "the crew is impatient. The stewardess left before i even finish my sentence."

Pros: "The team was very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The movie selection was not the best for US movies."

Pros: "They assigned me the last seat abutting the bathroom in the back of the plane. It was the smallest seat with zero leg room. The seat itself had zero cushion. And because the back of the seat is against the wall of the bathroom it could not be leaned back either. The entertainment screen is so close to my face I could not look at it directly. I was probably the only Black guy in there. I wonder how they found me that seat. It was a Nonstop flight, I will fly China Southern every chance I get because I just want to get from point A to point B. But, I'll be asking more questions about my seat assignment before accepting it."

Pros: "Very good and attentive service. Best price on many of their routes compared to the other airlines."
Cons: "Website needs to be improved. Need better selection of entertainment."

Pros: "Excellent management, well cared & hospitality"
Cons: "Liked everything, keep it up for its prosperity."

Pros: "The crew was always on top of things. The bathrooms were kept extremely clean. Ontime departure and early arrival. I would definitely recommend China Southern. Many movie choices. Very pleasantly surprised!"

Pros: "The staff of China Southern made our trip a great experience. We have flown with this airlines several times, and will continue to do so in the future! Thank you!!"

Pros: "Arrived on time."

Cons: "The food was awful. I felt sick after eating it and still feel sick after many hours. Being on a 15 hour flight we don't have much choice but to eat some of it"

Pros: "Everyone was very professional and nice. I have zero complaints."

Cons: "We were put on a bus go round to another side of the terminal to walk up the staircase, where I can clearly see that the skybridge is actually attached to the plabe, why can't we go through boarding like normal people do?? Very bad arrangement from Baiyun Airport."

Pros: "Leg room, food, many opportunities for drinks throughout flight"

Pros: "Food was decent and the staff came through the cabin quite frequently to offer drinks"
Cons: "Media screen did not work. I could not select a language which in effect locked me out of any type of on board entertainment for 15 hrs. Good thing I was prepared with my laptop and tablet."

Cons: "More variety is needed."

Cons: "Food was horrible and entertainment center had to be reset 5 times."

Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "The plane is accessed by bus from the gate, and pretty far away. The stairs to the plane are not handicap accessible."

Pros: "none"
Cons: "whole trip was disaster"

Pros: "Everything."

Pros: "Comfy seats, really nice and friendly staff, and great selection of movies."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but I know that's not necessarily their fault."

Pros: "I had a long layover in China, was coming from Nepal and the airline provided me with a great hotel room, transportation back and forth to the airport, even a museum pass and city tour. Wow, that's a first!"

Pros: "Smooth and uneventful trip"

Pros: "Seating was comfortable with ample leg room in economy. Entertainment system had a large variety of options and popular movies and shows."
Cons: "Although our plane was at a gate and had the connector ramp attached, we were still required to "cram" into a bus for a 10 minute ride to the plane and entered by lots of stairs. You are not permitted use of phones even while in airplane mode with no explanation given. When we asked for water to be able to take necessary medications during the flight, we were told we had to wait a couple hours until the next beverage service but were offered tomato juice and another beverage. You are asked to prepare for landing 45 minutes prior to landing. I have never had to prepare for landing so early in a flight. Not necessarily a flight issue, but Guangzhou airport has a poor system for locating your connecting flights. There were 2 potential terminals and you had to walk to the beginning of either terminal to locate a flight information board. Then had to walk back to the other terminal if that was where your flight was located. Frustrating."

Pros: "Having flown internationally often, but never on China Southern, I was more than impressed and please with the complete experience."

Cons: "The crews were okay but not that friendly."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I wasn't allowed onto my flight home because I missed my flight from Guangzhou to Seoul. Ridiculous that it was "for security reasons," but I could pay more money (cost of an entirely different flight) to bypass the protocols. I ended up getting a ticket from United that cost less than what China Southern was asking me to pay to get onto the flight that I had already paid for... My takeaway from this is use websites like these to find airlines that are offering cheap flights and then just go to them directly to buy the tickets. Easier to deal with flight changes that way."

Cons: "see comments above"

Pros: "I flew China southern from New York to Guangzhou two years ago and feel they have made good overall improvements."

Cons: "Bizarre that I can't use my kindle (or others their ipad) during takeoff and landing- there isn't even any wifi, so no worries of interference. It's a totally pointless rule and left me bored for those approx 40 minutes."

Pros: "I had just suffered multiple breaks in my arm/shoulder and was returning to the States. I was in considerable pain and flying alone - this was the first flight out I could get. Everyone was AMAZING. From helping to rearrange seats, other passengers, and even upgrade to maximize comfort and minimize more damage to my arm to helping open any food packages so that I could eat with medication and checking in on me frequently, I couldn't have asked for better attention given the situation. I hadn't heard of this airline before but now highly recommend - they were amazing through two flight legs, two different airline crews, and 3 airports. Cannot thank the crew enough for their attention and care during a very difficult time. I am a frequent traveler and this is the best customer experience I've ever had."
Cons: "Nothing, they were amazing."

Pros: "I liked the extra leg room that I received with the upgraded seat due to my Skymiles affiliation. The crew far exceeded any American airliner. Food was good. Wasn't my favorite but it was a good meal considering what you would receive on other Airliners."
Cons: "My entertainment earphones jack was broken leaving me to play around with the earphone to get them to hear the audio of the entertainment that I was watching...until I moved my arm at which time I had to star the playing process all over again."

Pros: "Lacking internet connection, current movies and palatable food, the 5 and 15 hour flights were brutal as a passenger."

Cons: "TV screen was broken and looked really bad."

Pros: "Contact with the crew"
Cons: "One passenger claimed "he was not well" The procedure took 2 hours of the lives of 300 people. Impossible. The passenger looked okay, may be he had a phobia or may be he just wanted to get a better seat, which in the end he did. I did not have enough space in my seat 38A because the neighbor leaned constantly over to me. I moved away to a seat where there was no movie."

Pros: "I was worried about such a long night flight with an airline that I wasn't familiar with but they were extremely polite and helpful, the seats were comfortable and a great entertainment selection. To everyone who complained about the food... It was not bad, actually better than most airplane food I have had. And I didn't hear a single person have anything negative to say about it as they polished everything off!"

Pros: "- Nice modern 777. - Modern touch screen entertainment displays in each headrest. Movie choices were good. -Polite flight attendants that spoke good English."
Cons: "-Poor job ensuring passengers followed announcements and safety requirements. -Limited meal choices with poor quality ingredients. -Poor hub city. Guangzhou is not a great place to have a long layover."

Pros: "see above."
Cons: "n / a"

Pros: "The flight attendents were helpful when a few of us passengers required different seats due to varying circumstances. Even I had changed my seat once because two seats became available next to me and the seat I was in was quite crowded because of a very large passenger next to me. So I switched my seat. Later, the flight attendent asked me to go back to my original seat because they wanted to give those two seats to someone else who was also having an issue. Even though I didn't want to, the flight attendant was very kind and patient and considerate. It ended up being fixed well to the satisfaction of all passengers by a bit more switching around, and all were accomodated."

Cons: "Didn't even get to take this flight due to the airline moving departure forward FOUR HOURS and NEVER INFORMING US. Most miserable travel experience I've ever had."

Cons: "Lots of pork and beef"

Pros: "whem I arrived on the aircraft I requests two business class seats which was available and we got it, two other passengers came requesting up grades to business class and was told that no seats are available. This was when boarding was complete."
Cons: "When the aircraft took off, I saw air hostess taking turns to sleep in business class seats that was available. Their was three seats available which was kept back for the air hostess to use personally and passengers were refuse the up grade."

Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Online check in is not possible when not booking directly with airline. Airline does not have kiosks for expedited airport check-in when not documenting luggage. Seats are the most uncomfortable I have flown in, which is specially important on 13h+ flights. Personal electronic devices were not allowed anytime during the flight. Food was below air carrier average."

Pros: "The food was good, good choices in movies and comfortable but take your eye pillow and earplugs to sleep because the lights on the cabin will come on when serving food and wake you if you are sleeping."

Pros: "The food were very nice. The flight attendance were very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the whole flight."
Cons: "The restroom was dirty and smelly."

Cons: "They kept one of our luggages back in China... 'Security' reasons. They took my shells I picked from the beach. Who does that???!"

Cons: "I did not have a complete ticket until approximately 24-hours before departure and only after I called literally for weeks, and then finally told them I wanted to cancel. Then all legs of the trip were suddenly booked, but seats were not confirmed. I was charged a $450 cancellation fee despite the fact that they did not do their job because I was unable to trust anything they were doing, and subsequently booked my flight direct through Delta. Please keep in mind I purchased the ticket on July 3, 2016 and was unable to provide me a complete ticket until the night of August 16, 2016 with a August 17, 2016 departure date to China! I can honestly say this was the worst travel booking experience I've ever had."

Cons: "The food more options"

Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Movies could have more selection."

Cons: "Attendants very accommodating"

Cons: "Luggage didn’t make it to JFK. Expecting it will in the next 24-48 hours."

Pros: "Crew member helped me get extra space for injured leg by having a passenger next to me find a new seat."
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Comfortable seat."
Cons: "It's about time Air China improved its food. China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Air, Xiamen Air, etc., are much better."

Pros: "Very friendly services and on time flight"
Cons: "Need better entertainment system and movie options"

Pros: "Nothing amazing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for over an hour ,"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Food was horrible."

Pros: "Patient and helpful crew"
Cons: "A lot of the passengers from Beijing to New York had obviously never flown before. No gifts or toys for kids to quiet them down."

Pros: "Staff extremely courteous and helpful."
Cons: "Wanted vegetarian food - not available. Terrible food in economy. Ugh."

Cons: "The headphone jack was broken so listening to movies was hard. There wasn't a huge variety of food selections"

Pros: "Flight attendants were very courteous and responsive to requests. Overall, service was superb."

Cons: "My flight from Shanghai to Beijing was delayed more than 4 hours, which let to missing the connecting flight from Beijing to JFK. Then the nightmare started. It was after midnight when we arrived at Beijing airport. The staff offered no help with re-booking and hotels. I had to spend the night sitting on the cold floor, hungry and anxious till the ticket counter reopened in the morning. The morning staff were even worse than the night crew. They were extremely rude, unprofessional, they lied and insulted customers. Very disappointed with Air China. Will file an official complaint."

Cons: "no wifi entire flight! stuff force you to turn off device after take off, even phone in airplane mode and self entertaining and playing cards not allowed. very bad english makes comunication hard and almost impossible order food or drink... they just bring watever and arguing about results in ( sorry no engliss). film selection horrible, old movies and 90% chinese. flight attendand skipped warm food after salad. only after reminding food was given! 0 requests after take off or during food if want any drink. you need literally flag down attendant to get your drink. if ordered tea, attendant asking you milk and sugar, you respond yes, you get then only tea no sugar or milk. after that nobody comes! accent were made to chinise pasdengers, more food or snaks were given or more comfort provided."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was canceled but United and delta were still flying to New York. Air China was not working with them to help us. The earliest next flight was five days later...... their staff were extremely unprofessional. I asked to update to business class. One staff told me it was 1300usd, another one told me it was 3600usd, and one told me it was 10,000 usd???"

Pros: "Cheap ticket"
Cons: "Air China still doesn’t let you use your phone at all during a flight even on airplane mode which is problematic when all of your music, podcasts, and audiobooks are on your phone. The food was terrible and in a 13 hour flight we were offered no snacks between our two terrible lukewarm meals. The flight attendants were not very helpful or friendly. My boyfriend was having stomach issues and they wouldn’t let them sit in an empty seat next to the bathroom for a few hours. They also booked our tickets with only an hour to switch and had to be rushed through security."

Pros: "I requested a special meal which was very good. My flight was comfortable and on time."
Cons: "I would have liked to be able to check in earlier. I arrived at the airport 4 hours ahead and was only able to check in 3 hours ahead."

Cons: ""

Pros: "The screen was fault."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They tried to screw me over with my reservation from the beginning. No notifications of any changes to my flight or anything. Missed my initial flight going home. Paid another airline to catch my transfer flight and was denied the ability to board. Had to pay for a brand new ticket which I am currently going to dispute with my creditor. They are not American friendly at all. Felt targeted the entire time."

Cons: "Seat too tight"

Pros: "seat next to me is empty and my seat is close to the restroom"
Cons: "1. some passengers (2; one father and one kid) took 6 seats (flight attendant was nice to let them move to the middle row that has three 3 empty seats) in front of me and threw trash onto the floor constantly. 2. I did the over night stay in Beijing. There should be more directions for dealing (assisting) with the long layover, such as hotel options/in terminal service (where to get it); otherwise, the airport at Beijing is chaotic and you will spend lots of time trying to figure out where to stay (and might get ripped off??) 3. ."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Baggage delayed and no response after emails, and I had to buy few things as I was only carrying one bag and one laptop bag. Their baggage handling is done by third party and there is no response from either. How does one get their attention ?"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "they lost our baggage"

Pros: "If you want to have a pleasant trip to a city that is not Beijing, use another airline. Young people from Beijing are extremely cranky and unfriendly, especial when you get kids with you."

Pros: "The staff was well mannered and did their job well. The price was good so I wasn't expecting the best...`"
Cons: "The seats.They felt a little claustrophobic and the headrest pushed out so far that my head was down to an uncomfortable level.I know they offer better prices by getting more people on board, but the small seat space and laughable incline made the long journey a bit more uncomfortable than it should have been."

Cons: "No luggage for , 5h delay and a cancellation. Customer service awful"

Pros: "Nice plane. Appreciated priority boarding for my son and me. Also lost my phone right before boarding and someone was sent to look for it."
Cons: "Some members of crew were very helpful while others were straight up rude when I asked for assistance."

Cons: "Great"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The staff was always rude, no matter which flight I was on."

Pros: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."

Cons: "The seats uncomfortable and the crew was not attentive enough. Only offered me a beverage twice in 13 hours."

Pros: "Good legs room."
Cons: "As above , didn't know the seats and can't check-in."

Pros: "Its a nightmare!!!"

Cons: "They serve the same food for both meals, and on all other flights. I got sick of chicken and rice, pork and rice, and noodles. The seats are the most uncomfortable I've dealt with on an international flight. And my luggage didn't make the connection for my Beijing-NY flight, so I had to deal with lost luggage after waiting at the baggage claim for a long time. Luckily, I live in NY and could have my luggage delivered later that night. Other people were not so lucky and were told FedEx would get it to them 4 days later. However, having said all that, I feel like you get what you pay for, and I got an incredible deal on this round-trip flight."

Cons: "After missing our connecting flight from Beijing to JFK by about 5 minutes because of delays in Phuket, we had to wait in the dismal BKK airport for 5 hours. Our flight was then delayed again and we proceeded to sit on the tarmac for another 2 hours, prior to a 14 hour flight. What a miserable experience that I wish I could zap from my brain. Additionally, they basically serve mystery meat. Truly embarrassing for Airchina to accept this abysmal level of quality in the overall experience of flying with them from top to bottom. I'm in awe at how a company could be so BAD at their job. Truly baffling. I will NEVER fly Airchina again it was that horrific of an experience."

Pros: "overall experience was excellent, would book a flight with air china again, as well as recommend!"

Pros: "Crew members are very nice and kind"
Cons: "But it takes more just being nice to be a good service. I always flight business and occasionally first class within the Star Alliance system. I'm a Chinese and I love my people. By still keeping my Chinese citizenship after 27 years living in US may show that. But I have to say my dear Chinese crew members always miss some details on service. For instance, this time on my way back to JFK, they woke us up five hours before landing to serve us the light meal, that other Star Alliance airlines usually do around two hours ahead of landing. I took Air China four times in the past 10 months and they always did the same thing, even though I specifically requested that don't wake me up if I'm sleeping. They turned on the cabin lights and talked with passengers next to me very loud. I hope it's not the case that they serve the light meal so early in order to get their jobs done earlier ahead of landing. Other Star Alliance airlines never do this kind of thing."

Cons: "Delayed for a long time."

Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "My seat 46D was broke and it took several conversations with crew members during 6 hours before they finally moved me to an other seat."

Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "They lost my bag it had all my souvenirs from my Japan trip"

Pros: "The crew was friendly and served us on three different occasions : Drinks , Dinner and another meal before landing ."
Cons: "For the most part it was a great experience , not much I can really complain about ."

Pros: "Good service, price"
Cons: "Very sick person next to me coughing who gave me a cold. :("

Cons: "Check- in clerk was not very helpful"

Pros: "Loved the price. The seat back entertainement was good. They had a good selection of movies, shows, music and games."
Cons: "The seat back entertainment touch screens aren't the best quality and would freeze a lot. Even though there was a good selection of entertainment, it wasn't really enough for stuff for round trip (13+ hrs x 2). I would recommend a few more movies. The food was okay, but not great. They came around with carts with drinks but would only pour about 4oz at a time and maybe came 5 times. Not enough for a 13 hour flight. Also, Chinese got preferential treatment for sure, and rude to Americans. Had a connecting flight which we were late so tried to get a flight attendant help us off first. Nope, just said there wasn't enough time and we would miss it and would have to get a flight the next day. Thankfully there were enough people taking the connecting flight they delayed it and we made it, but they do not care..."

Cons: "Entertainment system stopped working, all available movies were at least 6-7 years old, food was terrible."

Pros: "Quick boarding, good service from flight crew"
Cons: "Limited entertainment offerings, quality of food can be improved."

Pros: "As the standard for the Asian airlines, the service was impeccable, the flight attendants were on call, and did their very best to make sure everyone was satisfied What really impressed me, before the flight and during check-in, my friends of 4 were all placed as close together while still upgrading our seats. I'm pretty sure we just asked if upgrades were available and the guy at the counter gave them to all four of us complementary. Outstanding way to get return customers. ."
Cons: "The food was par, it wasn't bad by any means, it just looks too much out of a box, however, I will not complain as the flight price, quality and service were beyond expected."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Qingdao to New York

Airlines flying from Qingdao to New York have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Qingdao to New York

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Qingdao to New York

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Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Qingdao to New York

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